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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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al jazeera. ♪ . >> hello, and welcome to the news hour. in doe ha, the top stories right now. the deal on syria's chemical weapons we have reaction from beijing and the streets of syria. the patients the israeli army won't talk about, why syrians are being treated in israelin't hows. >> reporting from southern philippines where philippine government forces continue to battle it out, with more national liberation front
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fighters. and why raising the costa concordia is going to cost a fortune. we will go life. >> first he sealed it now he has to sell it. u.s. secretary of state is going to israel from the deal to get syria to give up its chemical arsenal is going to be discussed. calming fears that the plan will do more harm than good. syria must submit a formal list of its chemical weapons stocks and locations within one week, international inspectors must be allowed to begin that work inside syria by knot. the goal is to have eliminated all of the chemical weapons by the middle of 2014.
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while channa is among the latest to welcome the man, china has blocked attempts to sanction them for their part in the war. the chinese foreign minister met his counter part in beijing. france also supports this deal. >> we still remember that several days ago, the syrian government was still denying that they owned chemical weapons. and they used them. >> i don't thinkny welcomes the frame work agreement reached between russia and the u.s. and geneva. we believe lit ease the current tense situation, that may be triggered at any moment, and creates new prospects for resolving the issue through peaceful means. >> when isle iran a quo
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ally. the seeker of iran's parliament said we are hopeful that american politicians have some rationality so they avoided extremist behavior, in the event of the last few days and the decisions that have been taken indicate this rational. while the deputy prime minister said the new situations mean, in fact, that any pretext for the united states in certain countries to engage in military action has been removed. now, as we mentioned john kerry the u.s. secretary of state has left and is on his way to israel. israel has major concerns about the fighting just across its border. simon mcgregor wood is in jerusalem. france, u. k., u. n., and nato among those expressing satisfaction with the agreement, any reaction yet from israel, they have not ratified the convention have they? where do they stand?
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>> well, they are starting to talk about it. they are on the record from various events this morning, politicians ranging from the prime minister, benjamin will meet in a very short space of time, saying he welcomes the deal, be uh is cautious, it will work, he says as an event commemorating the i am kip purr war. it will work only if every single last weapon is destroyed. so some short skepticism, cautious welcome. the president in paris says this is okay, we should use the same level of assertiveness on iran when it comes to their nuclear program as we have just seen the americans use against the syrians. a number of other officials and well known politicians have made the same link, saying let's see how this goes.
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perhaps we should use this when it comes to deterring iran. from pursuing it's nuclear program. >> simon, i believe this is a two tracker visit for john kerry, with the peace talks between israel and palestine also expected to feature. >> yes i think they will be removed gaited from second place. this is something that john kerry won't let be brushed under the carpet 27 it is something he has put a huge amount of effort to get going. he has flown here six times. they have done, they have been meeting in secret over the last few weeks the palestinians have been leaking saying they haven't been well, the
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israelis have been leaking that they are upset with the palestinian leaks. so it is not clear whether these talks are progressing as the americans want them to, in other words, it isn't clear yet whether secretary of state has to bang heads together or come here for a progress report. >> all right, thank you. live from jerusalem. now, some are skeptical, disappointed and even angry over the u.s. and russian plan. turkey remains cautious. failed to move the urgent necessity, and warned against the agreement being exploit bid syrian government. the opposition free syrian army has rejected it saying it ignores the massacres that have occurred and the national council wants the international community to go further and enforce a ban on asaad using air power against rebels.
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the syrians are tired of all this, because there is more to the game between america and russia, which only aims to protect the regime. it is a game to mace the chemical weapons in the hands of the islamist, the muslim brotherhood and the s.s.a. >> god willing there won't be a military attack, they would not attack any foreign power or country. >> after this agreement, we have great hope to get rid of the terrorism and this problem, which the syrian people have nothing to do with. we hope problem will be solved. the agreement will be for the syrian people. president putin is imposed his will. >> what can i tell you, the chemical weapons deal is a lie, everybody is making deals on the back of the syrian people.
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even if asaad gives away chemical weapons he clearlile bos our country. >> that's something we didn't expect. that chemical weapons would be used and it would become such a big global story, and yet the day will just turn a blind eye to it. a series of attacks have kills at least 35 people and injured almost 100. in baghdad, the head of the provincial council killed four people. the worst explosion was in hila where two car bombs went off near a market. that south of the egyptian border town of r actionba, air strikes have been taking place for the past few weeks against what the military has described as terrorist hot bets.
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our correspondent and joins us on the line. we aren't naming her for security reasons. who is expected to be at this meeting and who will not be there? well, it's a number of different political parties. including the ultra conservative al knot party, as well as various movements such as -- now this is the group that really kick started the june 30th mass protest against the deposed president mo hamed morsy. what is significant about this, bringing all of these parties together, it is the first time that the interim president, will have met with any of these groups and parties because up until now, he is an advisor of spokesman has been doing the talks and negotiations.
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finding out the position of these parties so now the president will be taking over this himself, and as you said, they will be talking about other sorts of things but particularly the road map. this is the process to move egypt towards elections. it is quite a long process already. started working on rewriting it. now the muslim brotherhood, i understand will not be taking part though in this meeting? that's right and we aren't really surprised about that with what has been going on in egypt. mass arepresentations and detentions they have not been invited to attend,
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and even if they were, they say this interim government is illegitimate, they don't support the process, and many of them still say they want mo hamed morsy returned to power. they want the old institution to stay in place, and it's a long time since those early days the days after july 30 when the military coupe happened. at that stage, the muslim brotherhood was still being invited to meet the presidency, to be involved in talks but we don't see that happening now. 27 miners in afghanistan have died after a main collapsed. that's northwest of the capital.
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all right, we don't have that update. a roadside bomb in pakistan has killed an army general and another officer. the explosion took place in the upper deer district on the border with afghanistan. attacks by pakistani fighters are common, but it's rare for officers of such a high rank to be killed. thousands of cambodians have ignored a government threat of imprisonment by protesting against july's election results. two opposition said there was widespread election fraud. they won the election with 68 seats to the oppositions 55. two people have been killed in grenade attacks. one grenade exploded in a busy marketplace, killing one person and wounding 14.
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the attacks happened ahead of parliamentary elections to be held on monday. philippine troops are reportedly closing in on rebel positions in an attempt to end a week long stand off in the southern city. fighters from the morrow national liberation front are still holding a number of hostages. the troops are trying to retake villages are the hostages are being held. what is the latest on the fighting that has been raging on for seven days now? >> nothing seemed to have changed since it began monday morning. we have seen more and more soldiers arriving as the fight intense fie into the night. a lot of human rights workers are becoming concern as to whether the tip mean government is in charge of the situation.
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at least 80,000 now have been forced to leave their homes. and it's becoming increasingly difficult for government resources to provide for almost 10% of the city's population that have been forced to leave their homes. it's unsure exactly whether even negotiations are underway. the president still has marching odder es to call on the philippine military to get the fors and make them responsible for the atrocity they say have been committed here. so no negotiations underway, it seems they have closed and unsure exactly how many hostages are inside, and what the situation is like for those hostages and those families trapped in the fighting. >> request you explain the background that is happening. signed a peace agreement back in 1996, why are they still fighting now? >> well, the fighters that are here, they are
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demanding that peace should be fully implemented. that failed simply because that peace aimed to address the grievances of the people here in the southern philippines. those include the problem of corruption, the problem of injustice, the problem of mar januaryalization. however, the leader and founder has seemed to have failed to implement those reforms. and so these fighters were supposed to have been commissioned supposed to have better jobs. it has not happened at all. in fact, they have managed to mobilize again and recruit new fighters to come. they are also opposing on going peace talks with another break away group. they say that these are not inclusive and does not address the needs of the people, so these are the issues they have been raising and these so far are the issues that the government has not fully addressed.
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live for us in the southern philippines. still to come here, washed out in the western united states. hundreds of people are missing, and the worst flooding in decades, plus. >> i'm nick spicer, and i will be looking at why support is so strong here for the party in the upcoming election. >> and coming up, in sports all the latest including floyd may weather jr. lives up to his nickname, money, with a record breaking fight. it began when israel captured the golden
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heights during a so called six day war, in 1970 war, the syrian army tried and fails to regain the territory, but as simon mcgregor wood, injured syrians are finding help. >> the army brings them to a hospital 40-kilometers from syrian territory, most too badly hurt to know where they are. but 96 have been here in the northern israeli city this year. the army won't say how or where their journey starts. >> in recent months many children have been brought here, this boy is 15. we cannot show his face, one day he may return to syria. he has a head wound and shrapnel to the stop imagine. he is not fully conscious, they don't even know his name, his pain is obvious. >> some people could say why we have to do it, okay, a few people can say something like this. when you see the kids and
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the people are innocent, they are injured, i think that it doesn't make any sense where they come from. >> some patients are men of fighting age, but no questions are asked. the doctors here will admit this is a very unusual circumstances. they have no quited where they go to next. >> some syrians are shocked to learn they are in israel, but most are happy to receive the treatment, and trust grows slowly. good, nothing could be better. >> this is from an unknown syrian doctor he will probably never meet. it is a referral stained with blood. many patients will need years of treatment,
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doctors have saved this girl's leg, but she will need more surgeries. they don't know if she will get them when she leaved. the staff donate everything from toothbrushes to clothes. and when their patients are well enough, the israeli army takes them, they won't tell us where. >> a brief stay, when all that matters was making them better ends. is an uncertain future begins. >> director of the islam institute for public policy. first, why do you think israel is doing this? helping injured syrians in their hospitals? >> well, there a esa
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history of this kind of situation all around israel and the borders of lebanon, and syria. perhaps the israelis have several reasons why they would do this, one is just propaganda purposes. they would like to show the world that they are humanitarians and they will treat anybody who needs treatment to make them look good. second reason is they would like to send a gesture to the syrians saying look, we want to have a peace treaty, we want normal relations and they have done this with jordanian and lebanese. third reason is they may be trying to cultivate friendly relations with people that could be informers or spies for them. p pas some of these already were working with the israelis. there's a long history of this lebanon, and palestine, and all over the region.
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where arab citizens for 1078 reason or another have been working for the israelis and therefore they will take -- there may be situations also their cross border relationships among many of the people in that area. and by the way, it happens in other situations. in 2009, where you had palestinian doctors in israel who are treating israelis while those palestinian doctors own children in gaza were killed by israel. so these are some of the business czar contradictions that happen in warfare, but some of them are also deliberately plans. >> does israel win any points in the rare rabb world for helping syrian
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refugees? >> perhaps only among those that get help. those that do get treated appreciate it. i think whether this has wider implications absolutely not. also includes occupied syrian, some help these, so the problems are very deep, and they cannot possibly be evaded by public relations like this or they cannot be overcome by these type of gestures. so the israelis have been doing this, and will keep doing it for sure. >> after the israelis have been treated and they recover from their injuries what happens to them? do they get to stay in israel, or are they sent back from what you are hearing? >> they must go back to syria. i doubt they would stay in israel, unless they
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are work with the israelis and wanted to stay. this is the situation in lebanon where the israelis occupy south lebanon for many years for about 18 years there was lebanese in the south who were armed and trained and bays by the israelis and when the israelis were thrown out of lebanon in 2000, many of those went into israel and lived there and some of them still do today. they found refuge there, because they were working with the enemy, they were traitors to their country, they were agents of the foreign hostile power, and they stayed in israel. so it is possible that some of them may stay there, if they have those kinds of security links with the israelis. there's no evidence of that, i should say. we can't rule that out, was i would imagine the majority of them go back to syria. >> thank you for speaking to us, once again, director of the islam institute for public
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policy, and international affairs at beirut. let's get the latest weather now with stephon, i believe storms are hitting japan and mexico. a lot of range in lots of places. >> we will start with japan. take a look at the satellite picture, we can see one system that is crossing us, and then the other one as it gradually gallops its way towards the north. it is gradually edging its way towards the shores. you can see the bright white area of clouds just making its way towards the southern part. it has certainly given us very heavy downpours. tokyo has already seen 60, so that means the ground is already saturated. we will then see this storm work its way across that southeast.
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it is going to take a while. during that time, we will see more heavy downpours that will give us a problem with flooding and also likely to cause a problem with mudslides as well. fortunately by the time we get to tuesday, things should be quieter for us, so at least it's only 18 hour event or so. as we head across towards mexico, we have far more problems. here are pictures thanks to a tropical storm that is now just about making land fall, you can see the problem it has already caused and these pictures were taken around ten hours ago, when it was still daylight in mexico. you can see the clouds gradually working its way towards the north. and the other one is a hurricane, and the two of them together are joining forces.
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well, salvagee crews are preparing to raise the wrecked costa concordia cruise ship. killing shirt two people. our reporter charley angela joins us from the island. off the coast. charley, how well they be trying to raise the ship? what are they going to be doing? testing the tension on the cables that are attached to those machines behind me. they will be doing the pulling from on top of the cruise ship to bring it upright. at the same time those white boxes which look a little bit like storage containers they will be filled with water. it is a very complex operation, but it has never been done on a scale like this before. it is 300 meters long, it
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weighs 140,000 tons. and so this is going to be a very complex operation, which will take up to 12 hours and it all depends on the weather. the moment should happen at dawn tomorrow morning, but we will hear an announcement in two hours and it could be delayed. no guarantee, i'm guessing that it will work. >> no, the salvage experts here have been running computer model programs for about ten months. to work out the tensions and see how this is going to work, and they say they have one shot at this, it has to work, because once they start putting the tension on the cables they can't stop. now, the problem that this hull of the ship has been rusting in these for the last 20 months. when you put the tension on it it could break up.
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the luggage of the passengers who thought they were in a nice cruise. lavish buffets for a week, some of it is rotten. but if the hull leaks out, that would be a disaster. they are putting measures in place to prevent that, and crews say the real priority is finding the bodies of the two victim whose are still missing. they could be pinned under the ship, or inside a cabin that the divers couldn't access. so hopefully this will be an opportunity for the loved ones to finally get closure and have answers. >> charley, thanks very much. still ahead on this news hour, we track the aid sent to somalia after a devastating famine, and find out if the money has reached those who need it.
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plus, a severe cold snap in the andies help finally arrives for the mountain people of peru. and in sports drama at the it 8th race of the america's cup, could team new zealand survive this scare? details later.
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welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories. the u.s. secretary of
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state john kerry is send costa concordia cruise out to make his case. he has arrived in israel, and will go from there to paris. soldiers are reportedly closing in on rebel positions. the week long stand off with rebels has forced thousands of people to flee their homes. bent seven afghan miners after died after a coal mine collapse. it happened in abo rock camine. 20 other people were injured. a political columnist that's the only english daily newspaper in turkey, he joins us from istanbul, welcome to al jazeera. now, the tushish government very cautious about the deal, but also warning about possible exploitation by the regime. >> correct.
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it was caw but it was rapid reaction. unexpectedly rapid, actually. and it was clear from the statement by the tush irk foreign office that the welcoming part was very clear from the side regarding the deal. and if cautious feeling filled with some warnings as it said the ultimate goal in syria must be to end the crimes against humanity. by the regime over three years to fulfill the demands op the population, and to enable the people of syria to have a legitimate administration. so i think the line is clear, but it is somewhat undressed from the harsh rhetoric that was marking it for months. so it is a new faze. i think there is a clear
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intent to synchronize itself with the russian american deal. >> now, the prime minister has support of those possibility u.s. military strikes against syria. how much of a set back was it for him for the turkish government that those strikes have now been put on hold it has always been the case regarding the major issues of turkey. but it is very cheer that this deal has somewhat caught turkey and kut actionr, even france unprepared, and this means that they will field sidelines.
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but they are also joining the rest of the world about the skepticism about what asaad can or cannot do. so i think it's over time, all the parts including turkey will wait and see, and it will only be according to seen as an extension of the bloody syria. so i think this regardless of the set back sentimentses or -- feelings sidelined, i think the main mechanisms main elements of the syrian game is still out there. and there are deep divisions even between the united states and russia about the implementation of it. so i think all sides will have to wait and see the jut come. >> how is it going down there at home in turkey?
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the turkish government i understand has had to defend its position. the turkish government being accused of pushing for war. >> problems bake twofold so to speak. just on this issue. when turkish government also felt at odds with cairo, calling ambassadors etc., i think this was becoming more and more clear for turkey, that it was losing its leverage, it's tooth for ship, soft power, intentions and aspirations by losing the main leading role in syria, and also by losing relations by cooling relations with egypt. so i think there's a new phase very clearly as i said, to synchronize its
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foreign policy with the main west, the nato, and the united states. so i think more focus may be expected from now on more intense mobilization on the humanitarian aid side, and that i think will be a way to develop, again, the image that turkey has lost. >> thank you very much for speaking to us. he is with us today's -- the only english newspaper in turkey. well, a large scale rescue operation is underway in the u.s. states of colorado. severe flooding there has left five people dead and hundreds missing. thousands more have been force to evacuate. floodwaters are now subsiding but more rain has been forecast. al jazeera reports from one of the worst effected areas.
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rescue efforts are in full force. is roads are not just blocked but gone. people dying 9-1-1, entire communities we couldn't reach. very very very frustrating situation for our first responders and all of our staff. >> woulder municipal airport has become the command center. there's been a steady flow coming in and out of this airstrip, much of the efforts are focusing on rescuing stranded residents, and searching for those still unaccounted for. >> a team of at least 400 has assembled here to carry out search and rescue, about a dozen black hawk helicopters are taking to the sky, to airlift residents to safer ground. >> the bottom line, the process works we get a call, we go out, and get them with our aircraft
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and our resources here. in some areas hit the hardest, there is no electric or cell phone, making it hard to account for dozens of people. whole mountain communities have been cut off. witness an hour, houses were just crumbling off of the mountain side. and people's entire lives, everything that they owned just fell off of a mountain into a river. and down. >> others who escaped with the heck of rescue workers are hoping to be reunited with family members who had already gotten out. >> our family and friends have been worried sick, it just makes me realize how fragile life can be, and you never know if you will be given a tomorrow. >> and more rain is coming. forecasts indicate at least another day of rainfall. officials say it could be days before the operations are completed and months before people can return to rebuild. al jazeera, boulder
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colorado. >> well, peru's government has declared a state of emergency. it's been hit with the coldest temperatures in a decade. mariano sanchez reports. >> santos is waiting for a change in the weather, it has been so cold more than a meter of snow has fallen in the mountains. like him, many have lost their flocks. 20 degrees below zero, is killing them off. >> the alpacas have died, ten of mine died, sheep too, and alpacas are also aborting because of the cold. >> help has come late to this remote village, 5,000 meters above sea level. >> civil defense authorities have asked them to come down from the mountains.
6:40 am
authorities are delivering blankets and packed food to 1500 families in this region, people are desperate for hem, but they are more worried for their animals. the sacks of oat they brought is not enough. >> i have been given a small sack, that is nothing. that's why we are demanding more, our animals haven't eaten for days. >> the government has fully declared 60 days of state of emergency. the help is not reaching everyone. >> it is hard for us to give help to every family, more than 4,000 have been effected. we are helping the ones in a critical state. >> the cold spell has also effected the homes of people living more than 3500 feet above sea level, the government says the region has suffered over $1 million in damages. and they are still in
6:41 am
danger. imma peru. >> now, as the united nations tried to raise billions of dollars in aid for the syrian people, we have been looking at how international done nations have been spent in other crisis in the past. the famine killed more than a quarter of a million people, mo hamed looks at how money raised for famine relief was spent. >> two years after -- no let up in the stream of hungry people. is one of the new arifles. she fled from the town 700-kilometers southwest. >> i came here in sedge of food. we have no livestock, no energy to grow our own food, like many of our neighbors we were forced to flee.
6:42 am
they are joining accounts already goaf flowing displaced by the 2011 famine. according to u. n. they replaced 500 camps for displaced people in and around the capitol. they say they are not receiving help. >> we have not seen any agency coming to assist us here. big, or international. they told us that we live in a shabab territory, and they fear coming to our catches. >> it's also the scene of one of is worst humanitarian crisis and efforts to get help to those who need it most remains hampered by the violence. >> in a statement, the united nations told al jazeera, that the support following the famine helps millions.
6:43 am
while almost another $400 million to raise outside. fishes doubt whether all the funds have been put to proper use. >> from my experience, not all the funds raised for this country get used for their intended purposes. we are now working on a policy to make sure that aid is monitors. >> smallians and foreigners tolerate or manufacture crisis in order to benefit from foreign aid. aid agencies spoke of gate keepers. vulnerable populations who are essentially kept hostage, by people and organizations who are taking a exist from the assistance they receives.
6:44 am
while 2.3 million others require continued emergency assistance. it seems unlikely that the cycling of hunger will end, as long as the country remains in turmoil. al jazeera, somalia. >> all the sports news is coming up, it's gara to the rescue. new spanish clubs out of a really tricky situation. here with all the details. ç]
6:45 am
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suggests the trend is likely to continue. it asks germans how they would vote once they are of legal age, and more than a third said they would voight for christian democratic. and followed by the green party with 18%, the far left party and the business friendly free democrats got four and 3% respectively. how receives are likely to fair. >> we are traveling in a bmw, a car made here, and a shining example of this regions thrill might. the various wealth helps explain why so many voters hooker support the upcoming election. but there's more to it
6:47 am
than that. by most accounts it is germany's most tradition minded region. strongly catholic, population is proud of the old ways, the old dances, is traditional music. >> and voting for conservative parties since the end of the second world war. we are of course connected to our homeland. it is the strongest voice, pushing for the respective values and for taking a tough stance on european bail outs. >> and it is also does the most, say company boss, for the small and medium size companies that make up a big part of germany's exporting success. >> this company makes
6:48 am
hi-tech tubing that can be drawn through and repair a damaged pipe, there by safing millions in construction costs. and building on the various strengths. >> the advantage is a business location is beginning to employ local people. these people stay loyal to us, that's how we are. they stay put. >> the conservative block is not expected to win a outright majority, but the expectation is that it will form whatever coalition government is created after the vote. and take the lead in making policy. which would mean staying the course for germany. given the country's role in the recent economic and banking crisis in europe as well. >> and now we are driving off to the region to look at supporters of the german green party. >> as knicks mentioned
6:49 am
you can watch it right here on al jazeera, on monday. s actionna is here now, it is time for all the sports news. >> thank you. floyd mayweather jr. has reason to claim the wbc and wba light middle weight title. in what was billed as one of the biggest fights in boxing history, the contest didn't quite live up to the hype, well, money may weather as he is known, did live up to the nickname by focusing a guaranteed purse of $41.5 million. the american dominated the match up and won on majority decision, after one of the three judges scored the fight as a draw. he is now unbeaten in 45 fights. >> i am shocked but i am not the judge. my judge is to go out there, fight, and leave the judging in their hands. things happen, we bumped
6:50 am
arms i don't know what round, it could have been the fifth, i hurt my elbow so i stopped using my jabs but me being a true champion, i had continue to to use my jab. >> move on to football and spanish champion. pushed all the way in the premier on saturday. $130 million prize came to his rescue. >> after all the talking and the hype, the world's most expensive play finally made his debut. as they took on villarreal. playing at home, it was a yellow submarines that started off. grabbing the lead, 21 minutes in. $132 million the equalizer just before half time. not to be outdone, the man replaced at the top of the charts. made it 2-1, just after
6:51 am
the hour mark. madrid's advantage didn't last long, with mexican international leveling on 70 minutes to spoil the party. final score, 2-2. madrid's fierce rivals barcelona were also in action, champions hosted and got off to a good start. 20 minutes into the second period, they looks to be cruising toward victory. they were not about to roll over, ivan pulled the goal back from them on eight minutes. that set up an unlikely come back this the final minutes. horse hay looks to knock the fizz out of barcelona. and deep into injury time, the game again took a dramatic twist, alexis sanchez braced.
6:52 am
they won 3-2, to maintain tape the start to the season. one of the farmer stars also had a good day. as they run out 4-2 to maintain their perfect start for the season. they beat sutherland with $66 million sign, impressing on the debut, when he sets up to open the scoring. but two goals helped arsenal seal a 3-1 win. definitely compared to one year ago. you know, what he has achieved is fantastic. seven other games in the premier league, their respective matches with
6:53 am
man city drawing. the jump set of the day, where he picked up his first victory, with a 1-nil win against chelsea. >> we had chances and chances, and we didn't score. people with experience, me, you, even the spectators. we all know this happened. week after week, in football, in football stadiums, you don't score, what -- you create means nothing. and you don't create, you score a goal, extra points and do it again. score -- i think it is a similar story. >> in syria, champions event in the league having drawn one with intermilan, it was a huge day for inner city rifles they faced with caka
6:54 am
making his dramatic return. but it looks like the from scalians dream come back was turning into a nightmare. scoring twice in the second half, but the late strike by monitory, and the final minute penalty safed the day final score 2-all. australian police have arrested ten people in a match fixing scandal in mel bound. the multimillion dollars betting ring was centered around the second tier victorian premier football league. the nine players and one coach arrested were all have the southern stars club, according to the football federation of australia, they could also face ten years in prison if found guilty. >> from the ffi point of view, we will initiate proceedings under our own codes of conduct. you can be sure that we will throw the book at these perpetrators.
6:55 am
that means life bans on a worldwide basis. >> jim furyk followed up his low scoring round at the bmw champion with another solid performance on saturday, to take the sole lead at the evend. he could repeat his fireworks from 24 hours before, but short a third round 69 to take a one stroke lead. he is chasing his first win since the 2010 tour champion, shot the day on saturday, came from mahan at the par three hole. his hole in one taken him to seven under. world number one tiger woods is still in with a shout -- he finished just four shots back on nine under par. >> you know i made a big
6:56 am
bomb there at seven, which was nice. and then i got hot from there. birdies six out of seven on that little stretch there, so that was nice, even though at 9 i had a flip in there, and then missed a par, but i had a nice little run to at least get myself in to where i will have a chance tomorrow. >> defending champions team u.s.a. have won the second race of the thirty-fourth america's cup in san francisco. in which team new zealand began the 8th match with a lead over oracle. in a manu, skipper dean briefly lost control when the boat god stuck, and the cat that ma ran nearly cap sized. the winner of six races can take the title or three more wins in the best of the series.
6:57 am
the reigning champions the czech republic are through to this year's final, after beating arch deena. they beat carlos to end -- in straight sets 63-6-46-2, to secure an unfailble lead. number two canada looks most likely to make it. they beat serbia 2-1, when the final two singles matches will be played. and there's more on our website, you can check out, there's also details there on how to get in touch with our team, using twitter. and facebook. that's it for me. >> thank you. we will see you later. right there's a lot more ahead, do stay with us here on al jazeera.
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good morning, this is al jazeera. these are some of the stories that we are following. a stern warning for residents of colorado thinking about sticking it out - don't. the president signs an emergency declaration for parts of that state. after sealing a deal with russia on syria's chemical wepans, john kerry heads to jerusalem. >> after two years off the tus can coast of giglio island, the "costa cordia" will be raised from the rocks. it's a little bug, but c


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