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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> >> good morning. these are some of the stories we are following at this hour. after reaching a deal on syria's chemical weapons, secretary of state john kerry makes his way to jerusalem to brief israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu. more help headed to colorado where president obama declares a disaster for the flooded area. the national guard warns people to get out before it's too late. >> i'm reporting from the philippines, jamela alingogan, where government forces continue to battle it out with the
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liberation fighters. >> secretary of state john kerry has landed in jerusalem ahead of a meeting with the israeli prime minister. among other thinks kerry and benyamin netanyahu will discuss the deal with russia to destroy syria's chemical weapons stockpile. the agreement was lashed out with sergei lavrov, and israel's president and prime minister expressed cautious optimism about the deal, but said leaders should have a backup plan for a military response. we go live to jerusalem. simon, thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure. as i understand, you understand that the meeting between
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secretary of state kerry and benyamin netanyahu has begun. i spoke to one of benyamin netanyahu's senior officials. he told me that the phrase i have been using cautious welcome to this u.s.-russian plan is possibly too enthusiastic. the israelis are suspicious of the syrian regime - no surprises there. >> they like the idea of assad signing up to the chemical weapons convention, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. it will be about implementation and checking the implementation. i think john kerry will get hard questions from the israelis on that. >> the u.s. and russia have been asking israel to ratify the chemical weapons treaty. it hasn't happened. how likely is it that kerry will use today to ask israel again? >> well, there are some in the
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israeli press saying that some israeli officials may be having sleepless nights on the issue. you are right, the israelis signed the chemical weapons convention in 1993 but they have failed to ratify it. every time someone says, "oi why haven't you ratified it?" they say, "look at the syrians, they are not good neighbours, and what do they have?", if you are interested in making the regime chemmial weapons free, if you can inties the syrians -- entice the syrians to give up the weapons, the syrians won't have that excuse. it's an idea that is clearly being discussed. >> you mentioned enticing the syrians. now that the chemical weapons deal has been agreed pon - what comes next?
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>> well, from the israeli perspective, they want everything on the table as the detailed plan that john kerry and his counterpart sergei lavrov mentioned in geneva. the israelis in jerusalem, you can guarantee will be looking at the results of each of these time line deadlines that have been set by the plan. they have, for example, mentioned that they'd be interested to see what the syrians declare they have. they have a good idea what they do have. if that falls short on what the syrians declare, the israelis will say, "listen, they are playing fast and loose with this." one last point on the benyamin netanyahu and kerry meeting - the same israeli official told me john kerry can expect a lecture from benyamin netanyahu about the use of force or the use of the threat of force. he and other israeli government officials talked for literally years about iran and its nuclear program.
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they have asked the united states to wave a big stick at the irainians, they don't think they will do anything. he'll tell john kerry show the syrians a genuine threat of force, you have to do the same with the iranians. >> a lecture coming kerry's way. >> thank you. >> to get more on the deal and reaction, joining us now via skype is charles delfer a former chief chemical weapons disappear and the top cia officer leading the search for weapons of mass destruction under hussain. >> you led the u.s. search for weapons of mass destruction in iraq. are there any strategies that worked with sad am that might
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apply to alice springs ard. >>. >> the agreements between kerry and sergei lavrov has a key fundamental point. the burden to move the equipment, aggregate the weapons has been placed on syria. that's a fundamental point as it appears that everyone is agreed on. they center to keep the burden on syria, not on the weapons inspectors. the weapons inspectors are meant to verify what syria has done. >> let's get to the nitty-gritty. the international community has different ideas on how many weapons assad has. when inspectors go in, do they have a number in mind? >> they do. we won't get an idea early on until syria makes its declaration. that's the first step. they have to declare what is in their inventory. sergei lavrov and john kerry said that the two sides came to
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close agreement on what their assessments were of syria's inventory. that's remarkable. the intelligence community of russia and the united states are coming close to an assessment on what syria has. what syria presents is different, and we'll know something is up. >> let's focus on the assessment. practically how do you dismantle a chemical weapon, do they need to be removed to be dismantled. >> they have two things in mind - first for syria to bring the weapons into places designated by the un community. once they are placed in a secure location under a lock and key and sealed, they'll consider whether to destroy the weapons in syria by creating small plants, insinerators and hyde role sis plants, or remove them to another country for
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destruction there. that'll be worked out over the next few months. >> the big question is removing chemical weapons more effective than a military strike? >> if you accept the goals stated by president obama for the military strike, which was to deter and degrade bashar al-assad's chemical weapons capability, you can't predict how effective a military strike will be. it could make it worse. it could turn the weapons into industrial waste and remove the command and control. you have a far higher prob im-- probability of receiving the weapons if it's under the un community. >> speaking of a burden of control, who will be in charge of the weapons inspectors going into syria in november - could it be you? >> no, i'm an american and of
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the last person they want is an american. you have touched on a key point. there's a lot of details yet to be worked out in this so-called framework agreement. the rules of, you know, which organisations will do watch. there's an organisation that implements the chem can weapons convention. there's members. p 5, permanent members of the security council. putting someone in charge will be a key next step. there are many details. roles and missions are unclear. >> thank you charles defer, form you un chief of chemical weapons. >> emergency crews are getting the last thing they want to see in colorado - and that is rain. more communities are cut off. a fifth person is dead after her house washed away.
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1200 have been rescued by air and land. >> jim hooley joins us. >> is it raining there now? >> no we are catching a break. it rained all night. we are in aurora east of denver. this is what we are dealing with. 2 feet of water sitting in this area that's normally bone dry. the rescues continue in the foothills. it has been an incredible sight. as of this morning 1700 people were rescued yesterday and are safe thanks to the colorado national guard. they got into towns, towns that were cut off. those people are in evacuation centres. >> in boulder colorado we have 200 people missing, unaccounted for. lama county, we have 350 people
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missing and unaccounted for. again, the search efforts mr continue for all of those people. as we said, the rain is predicted to come back today. we are expecting another half inch, perhaps an inch later on throughout the day. as we said earlier. that is the last thing this area needs right now on a sunday morning. >> jim hooley live in colorado. thank you. >> the big wildcard in colorado is the weather, our metrologist is here. >> i'll take you back a couple. weeks, why did this happen. in the mon soon season in the gulf of california there was a tropical disturbance. what happened with that is it slowly made its way up towards the north-east. in parts of arizona, california, nevada. that system made its way up here towards colorado.
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you combine that with the mon soonal moisture and it was in the wrong location, coming down on top of the foothills, and then it got funnelled and we saw the flash flooding. we saw record breaking - river stages have been record setting in this area. there is a break in the weather. there it is there. as the heating of the day goes on, we'll see more showers effect. we have flood catches and warnings in there. there's the dark green saying flood watches and effect as well as to the south-western part of south colorado. america is experiencing some of the event. it will go on today and tomorrow. we are expected to see one, two and localised areas, possibly up to 3 inches of rain. it will be a major factor on rivers that are very high and saturated ground. what is happening towards mexico? i mentioned two storms.
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one in the pacific and one in the gulf of mexico. this one made landfall as a tropical storm. the area, aceh pull coe, flooding will be a problem. ingrid is the hurricane, and that is it expected to make landfall tomorrow. crews are bringing up to 20 inches of rain. >> we'll bring you more on this later. >> thank you so much. in the southern philippines government troops are pushing deep into rebel-held territory to end a week of violence and are cracking down on a security concern for the president of the country. >> there seems to be no sign that the clashes between the philippine government and the moro national liberation fighters will be resolved soon. more and more are questioning whether the philippine military is in control of the situation. seven days since fighting began. the number of hostages up to now
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is undetermined. so, too, are the number of advisors believed to be holed up in zamboagna city. the philippine government puts the number of evacuees at 70,000, 10% of the city's population. the mlf demands that the philippine government implements the peace agreement. it is opposing ongoing peace talks with another break away group, the moro islamic liberation front saying the peace talks are not inclusive or representing the needs of the moro people in the philippines. >> a huge undertaking off the coast of italy. crews will try to sit the "costa cordia" right side up, more than a year after it toppled over. a record on two hills, a story behind a weird-looking bysicle
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and the guy behind it. i'm jith - -- john henry smith, heights of sport later.
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>> at least 35 people were injured after a greyhound bus drove off an ohio interstate. the detroit bound bus overturned in a corn field. six passengers had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital. it's not clear exactly what caused the crash. >> the grounded coast crewship has been lying on its side for well over a year. a team is about to attempt to put it right-side up.
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a team of 500 people will start to roll over the massive ship. the process has never been tried on a ship this large. it will take 12 hours to upright the 100,000 tonne vessel. the operation will cost an estimated $800 million. >> 32 decide when the liner grounded along the coast in january 2012. >> i'm john henry smith. it was fight knight in las vegas, he is a bomb bastic polarising figure. with each fight he's making a fight for best fighter ever. 36-year-old floyd mayweather took on 22-year-old saul canelo alvarez saturday night in a fight they called the one. they should have called it the clinic, because that's what floyd mayweather put on at the expense of his young opponent.
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floyd mayweather landed 332 punches compared to 117 for saul canelo alvarez. floyd mayweather was undefeated. asked who judges considered the 12-round decision, one judge scored them 114-draw, something floyd mayweather struggles to understand afterwards. >> i thought it was a joke. i was kind of shocked. i'm not the judge. my job is to go out there fight and leave the fight in the judge's hands. i wanted to get the knock out. me and saul canelo alvarez bumped arms, could have been the fifth. i hurt my elbow, i stopped using my jab for a couple of rounds, being a true champion i had to continue to use it. >> a fight that came closer to living up to the hype was alabama taking on texas a & m.
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johnny manziel had his coming out parties leading the aggies to a lead. saturday he put texas a & m up over the crimson tide, bringing them to two touch downs. it was about that time that nicky saven decided that enough was enoughment the coach went deep into the playbook coming up withway flicker that worked aj mccarron scored. alabama scored 35 and withstood a johnny manziel. alabama avenged the loss beating the aggies 49-42. off a big win to not re dame, akron was supposed to take it easy. terel had the zip and had them up by 3. michigan's offence discovered. they move up forward. akron up
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to the task, a poll forcing a pass, over shooting the mark michigan escapes with a win. >> baseball dash dacial reversible fort ups a year after the dodgers played spoiler to giants, the spikes are on the other foot in 2013. pab lose and his men came in knowing the damager's magic number was four. the g men put up magic numbers. 22 as in 22 base hits. seven as in seven rbi, for on a fifth innings grand slam. the last is 19 - the most runs the dodgers gave up. the giants did it, beating damager 19-3. >> week 2 of nfl features games that may be a little more competitive. an early game features the
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chargesers taking on the high octane philadelphia, and two match-ups, the battle of the manning brothers, the new york giants. then the 49ers take the field in seattle - two teams with a lot of bad blood. >> that is your look at morning sports. >> floyd mayweather again. if saul canelo alvarez can't do it, who can beat floyd. >> saul canelo alvarez has the best name, it means sin mon. >> he does. thank you so much. speaking of sports, former scottish cycling champion grant o'bree set a record, riding head first. o'bree is inside that contraption. the 48-year-old known as the flies scotsman reached a record speed of nearly 57 miles per hour in the nevada desert. lat week -- last week o'bree bit
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the bike and has his head, his chin less than an inch from the front wheel. lawmakers in quebec are trying to prevent government workers wearing religious head covings. the workers and supporters are fighting back. >> a proposal to get rid of syria's chemical weapons comes days after diplomatic scrambling. we'll take a look at how it came together.
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>> the government wants to ban government employees in koubek from wearing head scarves. it would apply to police officers and other government employees. opponents came out to protest. thousands marched through montreal calling on party leaders to put an end to politics of division. the protest drew mus -- muslims, sikhs and those with no reliage ace affiliation.
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>> president obama will kick off a week of economic talks with a speech from the rose garden. he'll mark five years since the collapse of lehmann brothers and the star of the financial crisis. the president is expected to urge congress to hept strengthen the middle class. the schedule this week includes an appearance with the business roundtable made up of ceos from some of the biggest companies. a week ago u.s. officials appear to have given up on reaching an agreement with russia. after days of behind the scenes negotiations they figured out how to agree. we look at how it went down. >> a flurry of global diplomatic activity was prompted by these comments by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry on a troip to london. >> sure he can turn ever every bit of his chemical weapons, in the next week, tonne it over, all of it, and allow a fuel and
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total accounting for it. he isn't about to do it, it can't be done obviously. >> the state department says kerry's ultimatum was a rhetorical flourish but was picked up by sergei lavrov, announcing a change in moscow's position. >> translation: john kerry made an announcement stating that the attacks on syria could be avoided if damascus hands to the un its chemical weapons. we don't know it syria will agree to that. if they do russia will work with damascus to achieve that. >> sergei lavrov earlier attended a joint news conference with the syrian foreign minister. he reported the russian proposal, but it is far from clear whether that means the assad regime will agree to the new plan. the next in a fast-moving chain of events occurred in new york. the russian plan became an un
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one, with support from the secretary-general. >> i'm considering urging the security council to arrange for the transfer of chemical weapons and stocks to places inside syria, where they can be safely stored and destroyed. >> if syria says yes to transferring its chemical stocks to international control, how quickly an the un take control of those stocks. what is the time frame? >> the proper way for syria to dra -- agree to the proposals. then the international community will have a safe action. syria, first and foremost, must agree positively to this. the un secretary-general makes it sound simple. if syria hands over its chemical weapons, there's major hurdles
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ahead. no one knows exactly how many chemical weapons the assad regime possesses, and there's no inventory of the vs and mustard gas stocks. the experience of u.s. weapons teams in iraq is worth recalling. saddam hussein played cat and mouse with the un. many will believe assad may try to use the transfer of his chemical weapons as a stalling tactic, a way to put off u.s. bombing for months on end. >> suzuki is recalling 200,000 cars and suvs because of a problem with an air bag senn sore. the recall includes the grand vitara and the sx 4. sedan. suzuki says no injury has been reported and the recall is precautionary. that will go it for al jazeera
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news. ali velshi is next with real money. and news at the top of every single hour. thank you for watching. >> tent towns are popping up - at what cost. we go to a west virginia city taking drastic measures to pay its pensions. what is it like living in the middle of distress in detroit. i'm very well , this is real -- i'm ali velshi, and this is real money. >> welcome to real money, you are the most important part of our show. tell me what you think by t


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