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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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... >> this is al jazeera. >> hello. welcome to the newshour. live from al jazeera news center in doha and london. the u.s. sykes to bolster international sport. john kerry warns military action is not off the table. at least 28 people killed in a string of car bomb attacks in iraq. from lordon, i am barbara sara with the news from europe, including voters in bovaria
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backed angela merkels conservatives before parlorpal e richens. the biggest marine salvage operation. final preparations are underway for the refloating. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, has warned the syrian government that while diplomacy is the preferred path, the threat of military action is on the table if it does not comply. he made the comments with bingman netanyahu in jerusalem. this follows saturday's agreement between russia and the u.s. on a 6-point plan to rid the assad government of its arsenal of chemical weapons. >> our overall objective is to find a political solution through diplomacy. that needs to happen at the negotiating table and we will stay engaged with a sense of
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urgency. and i say to the syrian opposition and all of those in syria who recognize that just removing the chemical weapons doesn't do the job. we understand that, and that is not all we are going to seek to do. but it is one step forward and eliminates that weapon from the arsenal of the man who has proven willing to do anything to his own people to hold on to power. >> what the past few days have showed us is something i have been saying for quite some time: that if diplomacy has any chance to work, it must be coupled with a credible military threat. what is true of iran or what is true of syria is true of iran, and by the way, vice versa. let's go live now to jane meserve. everyone is calling this a diplomatic coup for the russians. what's the feeling there in washington?
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>> reporter: there is very much a mixed feeling. president obama gave an interview this morning to abc's this week. he responded to critics who say that he's been all over the map on this issue of syria. he says he is not in this for style points. he is trying to get things right. he believes he has and that things have come a remarkable distance in a couple of weeks. he did say he believes the russian president vladimir putin was protecting the syrian government, bashar al assad but he said he appreciated the russian president's cooperation with this framework on eliminating syrian chemical weapons. in his word, this is not the cold war. however, there were differences of opinion on that most charlotte from senator john mccain, a republican. >> i think it's a loser because i think it gave russia a position in the middle east which they haven't had since 1970. we are now depending on the goodwill of the russian people
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if bashar al-assad violates this agreement, and i am of the firm belief given his record that is a very, very big gamble. >> this is a diplomatic breakthrough that is full of opportunity and fraught with danger. the opportunity is that we actually end up in a better place than we envisioned with the use of force, which is the elimination of all of assad's chemical weapons, closing down the factories of death. the fraught part is that, in fact, assad who has not said he would sign on this -- signed on to this agreement, if he begins to move forward with some of the beginning elements doesn't fulfill elements of the agreement as we move along. >> jean, we've heard the political reactions there. but what about the public reaction? most americans have been uneasy with this identify of military action in syria. do they feel now that the u.s. is following the right course of action, even if the russians
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seem to be taking the lead on this? >> well, we don't have any polling that would tell us what the reaction is to this deal that's been struck. as you mentioned, the problematic issue for the american public has been the possibility of using american force in some way. i should say that even though there has been a step back from that, the secretary of state, john kerry, and the president, made it very clear today that the threat of force is operational. they believe that's what spurs the negotiations at this point. they believe they have to lay it out there in order to get the desired result. >> that's compliance with this framework agreement. >> gina, as you say, the obama administration -- and we heard john kerry say this in jerusalem that the threat of military action is not off of the agenda. but what do they make of that in washington on capital hill? what do lawmakers make of that? >> well, lawmakers are, many of
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them are endorsing the current stat of affairs. there were many, as you know, who did not support military action. they are breathing a sigh of relief believing that isn't front and center right now. there are several members of both parties who are agreeing with the administration's line that the threat, of course, was what forced these negotiations and that it should still be on the table. there has been a lot of talk about iran and how iran may be interpreting events with syria and the president said in the interview he conducted today that he hopes that iran draws from this, that diplomacy does have potential but he said a nuclear iran is even closer to u.s. interests than chemical weapons in syria, and he hopes that the iranians don't draw the conclusion that just because the u.s. did not use force against syria, it will not use force against them. >> jean, thank you very much, jeanne meserve.
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it's not just the enter the national community that has an opinion on this deal. syrian refugees have been reacting. here is what they have to say. tra >> translator: the chemical weapons deal is alive. if assad gives away his chemical weapons, he bombs our country. >> translator: that's something we didn't expect, that chemical weapons would be used and it would be such a big global story and the world will turn a blind eye to it. >> now to world news, egypt's military says it hazard more than 300 people since july as part of a major operation in the sinai pennsylvania pennsylvania pennsylvania. the military says they were seed from what it calls terrorists in the region. >> you s >> translator: one of the main targets is to restore security. in order to start the
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developments of these airs were the cooperation of the armed forces. >> let's speak to our correspondent in cairo who we are not naming for security reasons. from the military's press conference, did it sound as though they were winning against these armed groups in the sinai >> reporter: they are trying to make it sound as though or look as though they are succeeded and they are winning. >> that's why we saw them give this very detailed press conference. we saw a lot of video pictures and evidence that they said that showed that they were succeeding against these groups in the sinai. the military really wants this campaign to have the support of the egyptian public and in july, just to remind people, the military actually called for people to go on to the streets and to give them a man date to support them so they could carry outed this campaign toward what they called terrorism as such. the interim government needs to
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demonstrate that there is a reason to continue the state of emergency all of this is reasons we are seeing the military come out and give this press conference and before the press conference, they had a long video showing a lot of footage of weapons of houses being searched and their operations in the sinia. >> the president president has made a statement. did anything come out of that? >> nothing incredibly significant. but it was of note that this was the first time that he had met these political parties. they have included the ultra conservative al nor party. it has taken him awhile to get around to meeting them effectively. it has been his presidential advisor who has handled these meetings, getting briefings from him. a press conference was given afterwards. during that conference, they
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talked about this panel that's working on rewriting the constitution. apparently there was a lot of debate about whether presidential or parliamentary elections, which one would be held first. but that's not going to happen until this constitution is written. many egyptians are waiting to see how this process goes. they are also waiting to see a date set for the elections so that the countries can move forward rather than relying on this interim that's in place at the moment. >> thank you very much for that update. our correspondent on the line there from cairo. in egypt, a journalist has and in court for allegedly spreading lies about the military being questioned about the statements on the ongoing offensive well islamists. in support, he was detanged nearly two weeks ago after posting on facebook that airstrikes aimed at rebels had
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hit civilian areas. >> i would like to present to you some of the charges against akmedruba, and that the armed forces targeted women and children during the military action in sinai. also, he intentionally reported locally and internationally rumors and lies about the current situation in sinai and egypt and false reports on the military operation in the north of sinai. >> we demand that the armed forces release our colleague because he is not a terrorist. he is a journalist. >> two of al jazeera's staff are being held by authorities in egypt. correspondent abdula alshani and adair. al jazeera is calling for their release as and has started legal
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proceedings. >> a high ranking pakistani general has been assassinated. sanal lakan is one of the most senior soldiers to be killed and his death could jeopardize peace talks 27 afghan miners have died. 20 others were injured. it happened at the abukurak mind northwest of kabul. in iraq, 28 people have been killed in a succession of car bomb explosions. violence across the country has claimed the lives of more than 500 people so far this month. dominique king reports >> reporter: a day of bombs and blood shed in iraq. these chaotic scenes are the aftermath of a blast in assyria. they are part of explosions across the country on sunday.
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the worst incident was in hillah where bombs in two parked cars exploded simultaneously during a busy market and a third blew up near a vehicle repair workshop. twlfings no point in having a police vehicle over. let them put two policemen right here searching vehicles as they drive into the work shovp. what did these people do to be killed? this was the scene in bassara, after another similar explosion. the wrecked cars and food stores are evidence of the carnage that was caused. gl again, an industrial area was targeted and the device was detonated close to a car repair workshop. again, people were killed. >> it's a terrorist attack by a car bomb that has killed people. the industrial area was crowded with people.
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the explosion in bassara was one of the series of strikingly series on sunday. as here in the holy city, in baghdad, an explosive device as the deputy head of the city's proce provincial council was driving past. it's understood ridad alibad survived but civilians were killed. no group has claimed it carried out these explosions. they formed part of a wave of violence across iraq that has already killed more than 500 people this month, alone. dominique cain, al jazeera. >> still ahead, the hostage crisis in the philippines continues. >> we are poor but we used to live in peace. why did they do this to us? >> we meet a woman released by separatist fighters, her son is being held as the army tries to
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root out the rebels. >> the poles, in rwanda. earplugs is there. ronaldo will be real madrid man for a lot longer. all of the details coming up in sports. >> a large scale operation is underway in the u.s. state of colorado. hundreds of people are missing, and five are dead after severe flooding. thousands more have been forced to evacuate. al jazeera's al shar quershi reports >> reporter: rescue efforts are info full force. local state and federal agencies have been coordinating intensified efforts to save people who have been trapped for days. the roads are not just blocked but gone. >> people dialling 911, people calling for help. entire communities that we couldn't reach.
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very, very, very frustrating situation for our first responders and all of our staff. the bolder municipal airport has become the command center tofor air revenge use. >> there has been a steady flow. much of the efforts are focused on rescuing standard residents. and searching for those still una unaccounted for a team of at least 400 has assembled here tore carry out search and rescue operations. about a dozen chinook heblingdz are taking to the sky. >>helicopters are taking to the sky. >>. the process works. we get a call and get them with our aircraft and our resources here. >> in some of the areas hit the hardest, there is no electricity and no cell phone service making it hard to account for dozens of people. whole mountain communities have been cut off by rushing water. >> within an hour, houses were just crumbling off of the mountain side.
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people's entire lives, everything they owned fell off of a mountain into a river and down. >> others who esc aid with the help of rescue workers are hoping to be reunited with family members. >> our family and friends are worried sick. i want to give them the biggest hug in the world. it makes you realize, like, how fragile life can be. you never know if you are going to be given a tomorrow. >> more rain is coming. forecasts kit at least another day of rainfall that could once again limit these critical aerial operations. officials say it could be days before the rescue operations are completed and months before people can return to rebuild. a ashi quereshi. >> soldiers in the philippines say they are talking about rebel-held territory but fighters from the front are still holding a number of hostages >> reporter: this is the worst of times fors merciditas and her
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family. a few days ago, fighters from the front released her and her daughters after they were held hostage for four days. but her husband and son are still being held. we live a simple life. we are poor but we used to live in peace. why did they do this to us? >> she said the fighters tied them up and used them as human shields against government forces. her daughter remembers her brother's last words to her: please don't run, he said. don't run, or they will shoot you. just obey and walk on. and so i did. >> they say they still hold on to hope that they may still be alive. but it's been a week since the crisis began. they are holding an undetermined number of civilian hostage in the southern philippines. they are demanding the implementation of a 1996 peace
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agreement it signed with the philippine government. the deal was never fully implemented. the separatist rebels opposed government peace talks with another break away group of islamic fighters now underway. the philippine government says it is doing the best it can to secure the lives of those who have been taken hostage. more and more human rights observers are becoming skeptical. it remains unknown whether negotiations are even underway. human rights observers are saying the situation is getting worse. at least 70,000 people have been displaced. >> that's 10% of the city's population. the little kids would inherent violent prejudices and biases. and you can feel that. no matter how people tried to cover up. >> thet it used to be a peaceful and thriving community but now the impact of this conflict may affect many of the peoples here long after the last bullet is
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fired. al jazeera, southern philippines. germany's angela merkel has won a vote of confidence. with that and the rest of the day's news >> reporter: the conservatives have won a crucial victory in backaria's state -- bavaria's state election. there was never much down merkel's allies would win. according to exit polls, the christian social union are on course to win 49% of the vote. the main opposition, social democrats are expected today secure 21%. the greens are down to 8.5%. our correspondent is live for us now in munich, nick spicer. i always thought they would do well but perhaps better than expected >> reporter: well, they now have
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an suit majority in parliament which means the christian social union will be able to govern without a coalition party which is what it has been doing with the three democrats here in bavaria. now, the other big news out of munich tonight has to do with the free democrats, a small par party but with national significan significance. the free democrats are the coalition partners of angela merkel in berlin who must be looking at these results with some concern because she wants to govern with them in the upcoming federal election in one weekses time. to help me understand what has happened to the free democrats, i am joined by an outgoing free democrat. can you help me understand just what happened to your party in this race? >> we don't really know. we had a very, very good coalition during the last five years, and the liberals were
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very important for the conservatives. so we don't really know because all that we did from sort of energy and correct responsives and things like that, we said we don't understand because the big party of it christian democratic, they used to be involved in everything in the country in bavaria. so they always said, we did it. we did it. they never used to say the coalition did it. >> they have been running this. >> running the efforts we did for themselves. >> so you think they stole the glory. help me understand, though: what national significance could this have for thefree democrats to have a low score. angela merkel, is she in
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trouble. >> i think bavaria is something special within the 16 countries in the federal republic. there will be a difference in the wake, in a week's time so that the normal citizens, very, very important in the federal republic to have the liberals in a coalition because of civil rights and all of these important fields. >> will your setback here mobilize the free democrats and members of angela merkel's party >> they will do that. i think lots of people will say in berlin there is a big need for free strataic. ism very shoe. >> thank you very much. out going member defendant bavarian regional here saying that the setback in bavaria
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might mobile sings. that is the hope of angela merkel and the people in her party in berlin. >> thank you. it will be interesting to see what happens in the national e elections coming up. as the results of the election in bavaria, if that wasn't a sur prize, this was, a camera drone that had been taking pictures of her election rally crashed in front of her after police ordered it down. the sfrafr operating it was briefly arrested but later released. britain and iran's foreign ministers are to meet later this month in what's being described in a positive step toward restoring diplomatic relations after protesters attacked the embassy. the election of iran's new president has led to improved relations between the two
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countries. the spanish region of catalonia is going to go ahead well self determination despite the refusal of the prime minister to back it. hundreds formed a human chanin. the spanish premier says any breakaway would be unacceptable. now it will be the largest and most expensive salvage of a single ship in maritime history at 6:00 a.m. local time on monday morning, the massive operation, the uprising of the concordia cruise ship will begin. the massive vessel which is more than twice as heavy as the titanic has been partially submerged for 20 months since striking rocks in january, last year e charlie angela is at the scene for us >> reporter: 114,000 tongs and the length of three football
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fields, moving the concordia is an i am mention task. it has to be in one piecemmense it has to be in one piece. salvage workers will try to right this wreck. right now, the ship is rest okayrocks held in place by computer controlled steal cables. workers have built a platform which will shoulder the ship'sbase. they have attached to the hull. the cables will tighten and the slip will slowly be pulled up right helped by the weight of the tanks. >> this delicate operation will take up to 12 hours and involve some 500 workers. they have just one chance to rotate the ship as there is no plan b. on t cost, the most ambitious, $800 million. if the tension causes the slip to black-up, a flood of rotten food and passenger's luggage
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could flow out into pristine waters. the environmentalists have taken measures they hope will prevent that. >> it will of course have an impact on tourism if something goes wrong. we are exxon if i had ent since a lot of assessments have been done especially on the water inside the wreck. >> once up right, the focus will be on finding the bodies of two victims still missing. they were among 32 people who died the night of the disaster. amid the chaos and confusion, they could have fallen overboard and been pinned under the ship as it rolled. people on the tiny island have given their blessing to the operation but will still have to litch with the wreck until its towed away next summer. charlie angela, algezeria. barbara, there is lots more ahead on this newshour. have you got your ticket? we will report on a new site on the street of havanna.
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plus why many greek homeowners say they are being forced to bear the brunt of the national debt. drama at the 8th race of america's cup, could team new zealand survive this? details with robb and coming up. the most important money stories of thest important money stories
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold.
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>> al jazeera america, there's more to it. >> welcome back. you are watching the al jazeera newshour. a remind he of our main stories: the u.s. secretary of state has reminded syria of the first step in the diplomatic process. john kerry speaking after a meeting with the prime minister. he script says it seized counterfit passports from what it calls terrorists in the sinai. rescue teams have been grounded as weather conditions deteriorate in the u.s. state of colorado. authorities have warned of for flash flooding. five people have been killed. hundreds of missing. back now to our stop story and the crisis in syria. earlier, my colleague, adrienne
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finnegan spoke to the stoke home international peace institute and explained whether the joint agreement on syria can work. >> can it work to do what is the big question. i think it will work in controlling chemical weapons. there is a chance this will succeed. at the same time t will not achieve regime change. that is something the west had contemplated. from that point of view, it's not an am beneficial goal. >> what does it tell us about russia's place in the world? this is a huge success for russian diplomacy. correct? >> yes. it's a huge success for russian diplomacy indeed. without them, this wouldn't have happened. it establishes there is no progress on syria without russia. russia has secured a place at the top table so to speak. on t on the other hand, we knew that. we haven't made any progress
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because of the russians but now for t for the first time, we are starting them to work together with the western powers. >> that's a very important development because in the end, this does open at least the possibility of diplomatic actions on the part of syria. >> does this mean it will be more involved in many of the world's trouble spots >> i think it's too early to say that because the syrian war is, of course, the most significant violent conflict ongoing at the moment. a lot of attention has focused on it especially since the chemical weapons have been alleged to have been used. so this is really sort of the primary attention and focus. whether this means the russians will shift their positive or through it to work in other crises like north korea or iran remains to be seen. it confirms the americans can work with the russians and if only we think of the rhetoric of
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two weeks ago, say, that wasn't clear. from that point of view to step forward. >> sounding a cynical note, to what extent is russia acting only in russia's interests here? >> what's 7 cal about that, of course, they are acting in russia's interests. everybody else acting in their own interests. it's important to recognize that. if you don't recognize that, you will not get much progress. so russia wants to be a big player. and putin wants to be a big player, and so, this has allowed them to play the world stage. >> that's important to them. if they don't get that place at the top table, then they will obvio obstruct and sometimes, of course, it's easy to obstruct them and for anybody else to move ahead constructively. so i think for the west and for russia to have aligned on the issue of chemical weapons is very significant, but it doesn't mean there is an agreement on how to deal with the rest of the war in syria. >> staying with syria, thousands of displaced children cannot go to school. many live in poverty in a
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makeshift camp on the border with turkey. as reported, few aid agencies are willing to risk going there. >> this is atma. the camp is home to thousands of syrians who have left their homes to escape the fighting. living here is a struggle against misery. for these children, it's their second year without school. >> we lived in a village and then our school was bombarded. we had to leave. but here, there is no school. >> every morning, children line up, but not to get into their classrooms. instead, they queue for food rations. this is the only classroom in the camp, a volunteer teaches math. there are no books, no chairs and no black boards. >> it's a cat strocatastrophe.
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we are trying to help them have proper education but we have no means to do that. it's a catastrophfee that goes well beyond one camp. the u.n. estimates almost two million kids dropped out of school last year. back along the border with turkey, atma remains poorly equipped. in winter, the temperature drops blow freezing and the few aid agencies that have visited the camp have described it as a hoomanitarian disaster. hashima al jazeera. >> rwanda will go to the poles mond monday. peter grest reports from there. >> the closing campaign rally for the rwandan pat tree on theic front had the relaxed feel
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of inevdoabilityty about it. the rpf will win this election and win it overwhelmingly. it's critics say that's because it is a one-party state in all but name. the rpf crushes its opposition. the party says that's not true it points to a constitution that guarantees democracy. >> this one person yes, freedom of expression. >> the social democratic party is the closest rwanda has. it won 14% in the last election and hopes to do better this time around. it's leader says the party has the space to campaign but intimidation is not an issue. this is democracy rwandan style. he says their role is not to
2:38 pm
oppose. democra democracy, we are bringing a program. bringing forward ideas and this position of ideas is good. >> the critics arrived but they are complaining the space has narrowed drastically. there are examples that badly need investigating. he complains about the failure adverse sally politics is missing the point. it turned out badly. the genocide museum recalls shocking consequences after political system that divided the country along ethnic lines that used the veneer of democracy to hide an ultimately bloody tribunal contest for political power. >> from that time, that we need to think deeper. in most of the cases when you have e elections, you have violence. why? because democratic expressions have been hijacked by ethnic
2:39 pm
discriminatory expression. >> so the ruling party supporters celebrate an election that will keep the status yeah. for the most part, rwandans seem ready to continue their ex perment on the politics of consensus. peter gresta. al jazeera. it's been five years since lehman brothers collapsed triggering the worst global financial crisis in decades. millions of people are suffering the effects of the recession but not the banks. cat turner reports from new york >> reporter: september 15, 2008, the once mighty investment firm, lehman brothers files for bankruptcy leaving 25,000 employees without a job. >> it's terrible. people are grabbing their stuff. >> companies' collapse set off a domino effect and sent the global economy into freefall. >> about 43%. >> what in the world is happening on wall street? >> note yields, from 190 to 166
2:40 pm
in the blink of an eye. >> the u.s. housing market imploded. holmes were foreclosed. unemployment numbers soared as businesses laid off millions of workers. president obama signed off on a $700 billion bail out for banks and companies and vowed to overhaul financial regulation. >> we did not choose how this crisis began. but we do have a choice in the legacy this crisis leaves behind. >> so what does that legacy look like five years later? >> washington and the wall street bankers are in the pockets of each other. >> he had war wycoff williams was an investment banker. >> it's not just wall street that we have to hold to account. it's our elected leaders, and then, even the judges who allow this kind of thing to remain so deeply imbedded in the culture. >> lehman brothers and bear stearns are gone. >> merrill lynch was absorbed by
2:41 pm
bank of america. j.p. morgan made $61,000,000,000 profit in the second quarter of this year, up 32% from the previous year. wells fargo reported a profit of $52,000,000,000 in the same period, up 20%. also, posting huge gains was citi-group which receivedtentions of billions of dollars in taxpayer bail-out money. it made 4.18 billion, up 42%. the economy is undoubtedly improving, but millions of americans are struggling. >> there were other people who are continuing to rely on debt, consumer debt, credit cards and other debt to pay basic living expenses and relying on food stamps and medicaid and other kinds of benefits. and this includes workers who were working full-time in many cases. >> the question now: september, 2008, could it happen again? >>. >> banks are actually reducing the amount of catch that they are holding in order to protect against another crash. that basically is a recipe for disaster.
2:42 pm
>> the big apple will always be one of the biggest most important cities in the world. the 2008 economic meltdown, explosive systems fueled by corporate agreed and the federal government unable or unwilling to rein it in. network. the financial crisis had a big impact around the world. one of the worst affected kuntz trees has been greece let's go back to barbara for more >> reporter: the crisis had a massive impact on greeks with the country struggling with big debts. the government has raised new taxes to increase revenue. the introduction of a new property tax has led to a rush to sell by homeowners. that has led to accusations that private property owners are being left to pay off the national debt. here is john serrapolus reports. >> selling an island that has been in his family for 130 years. his grandparents eked out a
2:43 pm
living here. the island of rams lies two hours' sailing. today, wild rabbit did and crickets are the inhabitants. >> we are selling the island because it doesn't benefit us anymore. people trespass here we were merchant seamen. now we have moved in to tourim. our ancestors used to live off of the land but who will come and pick olives here? >> the tourism business in this small hotel built on a nearby island and he and his family work hard to keep it afloat. >> it's a good time to buy property in greece prices have fallen an average of 11 percent. in athens almost 40% over six years. the government is offering residentts permits for purchase of $330,000 or more. the news is less good if you are on the celling side. >> like millions of greek property owners te he will face taxes on his land next year.
2:44 pm
>> that's when the government will tax unbuilt land for the first time to help service a crushing national debt of $430,000,000,000. the prospect of that tax is now triggering an unprecedented sell-off. adding to that would be thousands of apartments whose occupant cannot pay mortgages. the government is reviewing a band on bank repossessions of primary residences so many families are likely to lose their homes. agrees's homeowner's association warns that private property owners cannot become scapegoats to pay the national debt. >> if we go on with this looting system among property owners which we have today, then we have the whole society exploding and destroying the whole economy because the property is the most important asset of the greek people and the greek family. >> the government could instead try to sell some of the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of land it owns but selling public assets hurts national pride and is politically fraught so the
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money will come from invest orders in land like this or the dwindling numbers of greeks who can pay tax to preserve the property they hope to pass on to their children. on the eye land of prevonici in the seronic gulf. >> the king of sweeden is marking 40 years on the throne. he celebrated with queen sylvia among dancing crowds who were gathered outside of has palace in stockholm. earlier the royal family and heads of state from the rest of scandinavia attended a service at the palace church. the 67-year-old says he continues to -- plans to continue as king as long as et cetera health. >> those are the main stories making news in europe. now let's go back to doha. >> on the news hour, floyd mayweather, jr., lives up to his nickname money with a recordbreaking fight. all of the sports in just a minute. do stay with us.
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[[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country.
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>> one in five americans live in places where there aren't enough doctors. >> that's only going to get worse n january when people become eligible for free healthcare coverage. in mississippi, there are only $63 for every 100,000 people. robert gray reports >> reporter: four months? you are hungry. >> sister ann brooks is a doctor in the mississippi delta town of
2:48 pm
tutweiler. in a75, she worries who will tae her place >> if 74% of my patients can't pay me, how am i going to earn enough money to pay the salary of another doctor? it gets to be very sticky. >> sister brooks is one of just three primary care physicians in her poor rural county. >> you are there when grandma dies, when the baby's coming. you know, you are just with the family and they become part of you. >> just breathe in and out. >> it's a nationwide problem. the american association of medical colleges predicts a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians by the end of this decade. >> here in hattiesburg mississippi, this medical college was started as a solution to the shortage of primary care physicians in the gulf. >> that's true. >> dr. james turner is dean of william kerry college of osteopathic medicine. he predicts the situation will be worse because millions of americans without health insurance will suddenly become
2:49 pm
eligible. >> adding any burden to that system is only going to make it worse. >> 24 new million schools opened in the u.s. since 2008. turner says that's only part of the answer. >> what we are about to see is a back log where all of these new students are getting to a point where they won't be able to go into practice and actuallisu solve the problem because they won't have the opportunity to have post-graduate training. his school is trying to set up residency programs like where sister brooks is but with only so many doctors, even people who have healthcare coverage today may soon find it tough to get an appointment. >> there are not number doctors and nurses to patients. it's just going to be increasingly difficult to get in to see a primary care physician with the present shortage. >> there you go. people here will have no choice but to keep relying on sister ann brooks. >> i think you are going to be a doctor when you get big.
2:50 pm
yeah. you are. >> okay. robert ray, al jazeera, tutwiler, mississippi. >> to cuba where for the first time in decades, people are able to travel in clean and safe buses. explain from havana, it's part of a nationwide upgrade process. >> a new sight on the streets of havana. these buses are part of the new move by the cuban government to modernize the economy and the transport system. drivers here used to be state employees that drove government-owned buses but now, they are part of a cooperative. >> translator: this is a new model because of the situation in the transport system. the buses were old but we remodeled them. now, we all earn more because the money we earn goes to the cooperative and we distribute it after paying the costs. >> the buses are clean, safer and have a rare luxury here.
2:51 pm
air conditioning. since 2008, the government has passed a series of economic reforms to reduce the state's influence in cuba's sophia yet style economy. they legalized private businesses, gave state land to farmers and authorized over 120 cooperatives to boost the economy. this port is a major problem. >> that's why the government is trying to make it more efficient. now there are cooperatives but people that work independently and try to make a living in whatever way thing. >> garcia works as a taxi driver in havana. he told me that the government move has helped people like him. >> it's go to be working independently because now, we earn more but it's difficult because the costs are high. >> in spite of the reforms there are many challenges ahead. people say they have to wait for
2:52 pm
hours for state buses to arrive and that the new ones don't have enough space. >> it's disres spemepectful. we have to be seated. 50 years of an economic model that is slowly being reformed on the streets of havan a, many claim that those reforms are not coming fast enough. teresa wolfe, havana. here is robb and >> we will stop the ball. a new contract with real madrid which could finish his career. it was due to expire in 2015. he has extended htable. he will be earning $22 million a year making him the highest paid
2:53 pm
footballer in the world. >> this is my home. my family is here. and i am really happy here but i respect all of the clubs. i respect the clubs to ask something about me, but they always know that my decisions and the president know, too, that my only goal is always to be here and to play in this club for maybe until the end of my career. >> takesing place, in action. right now, the home side is reporting a crushing win setting up mulligan for a 5-nil victory. it should boost confidence in the side. only manage one point from their last three matches. >> a couple of other results to tell you about. he is panol meet granada and
2:54 pm
hete hetefi in the early fixtures. the match between betis and valencia is about to kick off. sport news now, a victory at the san mer dean 0 motor gp, the world champion started from second of madrid took the lead. throughout the race, 49th career wind championship, mark marquez finished second and pedrosa, third. >> it was an important win. we just very long five more points. but anyway, we are very happy with this victory because we actuallied so much. turn attention. the first home winner for the kml open since 2003. the dutchman enjoyed a 1-shot
2:55 pm
lead. the final round and to beat spain's yemenis in a play-off on the european tour this season. >> i don't think i will -- i will -- i understand it yet. it's been so fresh now. but it's unbelievable. it's been unbelievable. as of this play, once in your career. now, already, just unbelievable. >> one of the most talked about boxing bouts, floyd mayweather has beaten alvarez to claim the middleweight titles much what was billed as one of the biggest fights in boxing history. the contest didn't seem to live up to all of the height. mayweather, money mayweather, pocketing a guaranteed first of $41.5 million. the american dominated the match-up and won on a majority decision after one of the three
2:56 pm
judges scored the fight as a draw. he is unbeaten in 45 fights. >> i was kind of shocked, you know, but i am not the judge. my job is to go out there, fight, and leave the fight in the judge's hands. i wanted to get the knock out. you know, things happen. we bumped arms. i don't know what round. it could have been 5th. we bumped arms. i hurt my elbow so stopped using my jab for a couple of rounds. me being a true champion i had to continue to use my jab and i came out victorious tonight. >> police have invested -- arrested 10 people in a match-fixing scandal, the multi-million dollar betting ring was senterred around the football league. nine players and one coach from the southern style's club according to the football federation. they could face 10 years in prison if found guilty. >> from the ffa's point of view, we will initiate proceedings under our own codes of conduct.
2:57 pm
you can be sure that we will throw the book at these perpetrators. that means life bands on a worldwide basis. >> defending champions article team u.s.a. have won their second race of the 34th america's cup in san francisco. em rat's team new zealand began the match with a lead of oracle. in a maneuver, barker lost ceo when his boat's wing sail got stuck and the catamaran nearly capsized. they need nine more wins for the trophy because of a two-race penalty while new zealand, the winner of six races can take the title with three more wins. robb and, thank you very much indeed. >> that's it for this news hour on al jazeera from the whole team here in doha, thanks for watching. i hope you do stay with us.
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>> welcome to al jazeera. i am thomas drayton. in colorado, rain added insult to injury. rain fell much of the night and is expected to continue through the late afternoon. in the path, the flood zone has extended each of the rockie mountains. a 5th person is now confirmed dead after her house was watched away. rescue workers are issuing a stern warning to those in the flood zone: get out now or face the possibility of being trapped for weeks with no water or electricity. 1200 people have been rescued so far by air, boat and land. hundreds of people still haven't been heard from. the governor toward the flood zone on


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