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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> so you're watching the news hour live from our news center in doha. chemical weapons have been used and on a large scale. the findings of an investigation from syria made public, we're live at the united nations. at least seven people are dead after a shooting at a naval complex in washington, d.c. people work and living in the area are told to stay indoors. >> and we hear pop pop pop pop pop and i said oh that doesn't
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sound good, somebody's shooting, it stopped for three seconds and after that it was pop pop pop pop pop. >> in london with the latest from europe including so far, so good. engineers happy with their progress as they slowly lift the costa concordia from its rocky resting place. war crime aimed and counter vengs of international law. that's how secretary o seark gen ki-moon has characterized, chemical weapons were used on a relative large scale, also said serin gas was used. james, we have this report and we've heard from the u.n. secretary general. tell us more what is in the report and what ban ki-moon has
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to say. >> it's a very testify words from ban ki-moon today talking about this report, a very detailed report into what happened on the 21st of august. saying that serin was used but it was delivered by surface to surface rockets that landed in the algutha area. what ban ki-moon said was a war crime. >> the mission has provided the world with an impartial and independent account. the results are overwhelming. and indisputable. 85% of the blood samples tested positive for serin. a majority of the environmental samples conformed the -- confirmed the use of serin. a majority of the rocket or rocket fragments recovered were found to be carrying serin. the findings are beyond doubt
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and beyond the pale. this is a war crime and grave violation of the 1925 protocol, and other rules of international law.customary international law. it is the most significant confirmed use of chemical weapons against the civilians sense saddam hussein used them in halabja in 1988. >> so some very strong words there from ban ki-moon, james. i notice that he was asked a question during the press conference of who he thought was responsible for the attack. a question which he dodged. but is there any way to know in the report given what's in the report where the blame lies? >> well, that of course is the big question. the question of accountability. we have all of the details in this report, of a crime, very, very detailed evidence of a war crime, as ban ki-moon describes
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it. but no detail on who they think was the culprit, which side was responsible. clearly, they are saying that this was serin delivered by rockets, suggesting a sort -- a kind of sophisticated crime that took place here. and some already, certainly the opposition is saying, that it's evidence that the assad government was responsible. how do you find out who was responsible? well, you need an investigation into that. you need some sort of case to take place. well, ban ki-moon doesn't have the power to order that. he can't refer this report to the international criminal court. he doesn't have the power. the people who have the power to do that are the u.n. security council. as you know on this and so many other issues relating to syria they are deeply divided. >> james, what is the next step then of the united nations, i understand a resolution is in the works. now that the report is it.
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>> well, it's not on this to report, it's on the other important developments we've seen in the last few days. that deal between the u.s. and russia for syria to hand over all of its chemical weapons, that deal was done in geneva by those two governments, the u.s. and russia. now they want to put that deal in the form of a resolution at the security council, russia is very concerned that a resolution is no different from the agreement that they've already made. they don't want anything added to that deal. in fact sergey lavrov the russian minister said he doesn't want anything more than that. that could wreck the deal. the other thing we are looking forward to in 12 days in new york ask a meeting between the russians and the americans and the u.n. trying to get the idea of an overall peace conference on syria, to get all parties
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around the table. the problem is we heard from the syrian opposition and their representative to the u.s. and the u.n. he told me earlier the syrian delegation wouldn't be that they would go to the u.n. unless president assad would stand down. >> james at u.n. headquarters. while three of the most important u.n. nations, said syria must be held responsible for the use of chemical weapons, syria would face consequence is if it lets go of its stock piles. lawrence lee reports. >> diplomatic chess game, syria had to start playing to their rules on the disposal of chemical weapons or else. >> now russia did agree in geneva that chapter 7 is
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mentioned specifically as the root for compliance, if there is noncompliance, or any use of chemical weapons by anyone in syria. >> if such is the rush to look if there's progress, there was disagreement over timing reached in geneva. russians said they weren't completely aware that the deadline had begun. what's enormously sketchy is the aspiration of chemical weapons. >> that has used them repeatedly against the syrian people. so the pressure is on them to comply with this agreement in full. the world must be prepared to hold them to account. if they don't, and our three countries are certainly determined to do so. >> this was overwhelmingly an attempt by the three most hawkish western powers over syria to look as if they are
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back on the front foot, to seem to be leading events rather than being led by them. and all the talk of enforcement and accountability designed to apiece criticism in john kerry's backyard in united states and indeed appease the syrian opposition as well. but the big balancing act is this. too much talk of threats to easily drive the russians further away even from where they are now. indeed no sooner had they ended their press conference that mr. lavrov added the opinion that too much muscle-flexing could derail the process. >> i'll say it again first of all a decision has to be made by the organization of deterrent of chemical weapons. no chapter 7 is involved in it. >> so the new diplomatic situation begins. might sound good to domestic audiences but there's no guarantee any of it will work
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better than moving slowly. lawrence lee al jazeera paris. >> all right let's take you live to the united states in another big developing story there where at least 12 people are now reported to have been killed in a shooting at a naval complex in washington, d.c, in southeast d.c. let's listen in to kathy linea, d.c.'s chief of police. >> military uniform consistent with naval uniform and a beret type hat. black mean between the ages of 40 and 50 and olive military style uniform he is approximately 5'10", 180 pounds, medium complexion with graying side burns. we have no indication of any motivate at thi --motive at thi. we are updaylighting and asking for family members, we know a --
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updating and asking for family members, we know you have cell phones and contacting family members inside the navy yard, ncis has established a phone number 202-433-6151. a secondary number 202-433-9713. right now, we have an impact to the area obviously large part of the area is still on lock down we're still asking residents to stay out of the area and remain in your home. we do feel like the area is safe. we do still have an tiff search for potentially dangerous suspects, we are asking people to stay in their homes and out of the agency. there are multiple agencies here, we have gotten support from the other regions, maryland and virginia and washington, d.c. there are very, very few questions that we can answer at this point. still a lot of information to come. we will be doing another update in two hours. i think at this point we would take a limited number of
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questions. we would ask please for your patience. and then we'll go from there. over here. >> who should stay home? >> we have asked people to stay out of the area, in the navy yard. we have sent texts to residents and asked them to stay out of the area until we send out an additional follow-up. >> why do you believe there are two additional potential shooters, did they engage the officers or seen or how did this happen? >> the question was why do we believe there is two additional suspects. right now we have multiple pieces of information that would suggest that there were at least two other individuals seen with firearms. we know both of those individuals were wearing military style request uniforms. we do not know if these were military people but involved in some way and trying to locate those individuals. >> what can you tell us about the shooter who is dead? >> i can't tell you anything at
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this point. i can't comment to anything related to evidence on the scene right now. i'll take two more questions. >> does that come from eyewitness or video footings? >> i can't answer that question. we need to talk to these people. >> did you find victims in other buildings as well? >> i will say this, we are still doing an extensive search. this is a large base, multiple agencies and multiple teams. the search could take another couple of hours. we are not going to comment on the location of evidence or anything like that but i say in the next two hours we do our next update, twonlt i street for -- 200 i street, we are not in the middle of the street. next update will be in two hours, 200 i street, we will answer more questions then. thank you. >> navy yard, d.c. police and the mayor now confirming that 12
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people have been killed in that shooting. at the naval installation in the u.s. capital. this is in southeast d.c. the washington navy yard is the u.s. navy's oldest shore installation. it opened early in the last century and at least 12 people dead in this mass shooting. police also confirming that two shooters, two additional potential shooters are still at large. they are dressed in military fatigues. the shooters, one shooter has been killed, two still at large. let's now take a look at the latest developments. here is ross jordan's report of today in d.c. >> at least one shooter started firing at people at a building in the washington navy yard at 8:20 local time on monday. the number rose quickly, first two shot then three then more, including a local police officer
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and a base security guard. >> as he came around the corner he aimed his gun at us and took at least three shots. >> i was standing between you and i, one guy got shot, i didn't. >> hundreds of people flooded the navy yard and multiple neighborhoods to look for the shooter then this from the d.c. police chief. >> we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located at this point. >> the 3,000 on base as well as local businesses and school's were told to hide for their excavate. president obama and chuck hagel received many updates. >> we don't know all the details but we know some people have been shot and some killed. so we are confronting yet another mass shooting. and today it happened on a military installation. in our nation's capital.
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>> some of those injured were taken to local hospitals, we are told to expect more victims. >> we have three virdz and we are told to expect more. >> the question has been raised who is hin the shootings at this key military facility and why? >> and rosin, roz started off with four victims then seven and now 12. >> that's right. and the death count in this shooting has climbed rather quickly. and that's probably because, as they are trying to find these other two men, carrying firearms, the investigators have been able to get inside as it were and to try to assess just what did happen when the shooting started at 8:20 a.m. local time, 12:20 gmt in washington. that's been just about six hours ago.
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this is something that has essentially shut down a big part of official washington because the washington navy yard sits not far from other several federal agencies and from the u.s. and somewhat near the u.s. capitol. so it has really shut down that part of the city for most of the day. and it's probably going to be that way for several more hours, as investigators not only try to find these two men that we heard the police chief kathy lanier describe just before this report butter also try to collect evidence to try ofigure out exactly why this shooting did hatch today. -- did happen today. >> i had just got finished paying for my breakfast and i had a girlfriend standing beside me, she was getting ready to pay for hers, and we heard pop pop pop pop. i said that didn't sound good, stopped three seconded pop pop
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pop pop -- section, pop pop pop pop pop we all started panicking, figuring out which weigh way we were going to run. we went to the side door. there was security there, she told us to run as far as we could. >> eyewitnesses are coming forward to give their account of what happened. rosalyn, still an unfolding story, developing situation. just give us an idea rosalyn, the location of this navy yard. d.c. is a small city. most people don't know this very densely populated city. this navy yard is not far from capitol hill, not far from the white house either. >> that's right, maybe four kilometers or so from the u.s. capitol due east of reagan national airport. perhaps six kilometers as you're driving and if you were able to take a boat across the river, as it were it would be an even shorter ride to get there.
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if it's another four or six kilometers from the u.s. capitol, add another kilometer or so, to the white house. very, very close. and as you said, a very densely populated area. the city itself is just under 600,000 people. that's it. when you think of london, when you think of rio de janero, paris, you're talking in the neighborhood of eight to 12 million people. this is a very small city however the population of the city does swell to a couple of million or so during the workday because so many people come into the district to work either for the federal government or for one of the many businesses that do business with the federal government. so you have many people in a very small geographic area, we don't have many highways here, so it's very, very difficult for people to get in and out of the city very quickly. when you have an incident such as this you -- essentially
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you're going to have gridlock and that is certainly the least of people's concerns today. >> all right, roz, thank you, in washington, d.c. bureau, now kimberly hawkett at the scene joining us live from southwest d.c. tell us what you've been hearing, you've been on this story for about four hours or so. what more have you been able to learn? >> well within the last hour there has been a bit of a lull of police activity. there are still some helicopters that are circle overhead with the sides of their helicopters open and armed police officers leaning out, presumably continuing to maintain security around this perimeter of the navy yard. as the swat teams comb building by building, continuing to search for those two shooters that remain on the large. we have had an opportunity to
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speak to witnesses that escaped from the navy yard as this was unfolding. they report there was quite an hysterical scene, panicking, fire alarms going off, they heard people saying to shelter, many people fled from the area and now hang around the edges as they continue to wait to find out about the safety of their co-workers. >> kimberly, the washington navy yard is of course a fortress in southwest d.c. the question many are asking is how a gunman, two or three gunmen were able to enter, have access to this military installation. how easy is it to get in there? >> it wouldn't be easy for a civilian like myself to just walk into the navy yard. it would require some sort of government-issued i.d. an appointment somebody's name that is expecting you. this isn't the type of facility where someone can just walk in off the street. having said that, it's right
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next to civilian facilities all surrounding it. so the question now is whether or not these alleged shooters were able to breach security in some way or if they have already had some sort of i.d. card that allowed them to get onto the inside. but a number of eyewitnesses who work inside the building or have worked in the building in the past say this is not the type of building that you could just enter because you just felt like it and decided to walk on in. there would be some level of security, it wouldn't be as rigorous perhaps as say trying enter the pentagon. but there still is thorough security. there is just one gate we are told, one entry point, one exit point. but some of the co-workers we have spoken to say, if you brought a backpack or a briefcase you could certainly bring it in without being searched. >> d.c. security saying just in the last half hour two additional shooters are at large in military garb, kimberly. what sort of means are being put
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in place to try to get these two men? >> well, there is and was very large response, a number of assets. the local police, a number of federal agencies all responding en masse. whether it be fire trucks, police vehicles, swat teams. when we're talking about these responses we're talking about the multiple units that are not just converged outside the navy yard but are inside. now i have to describe for you. the navy yard facility itself is a heritage building, or buildings. it is almost like a campus there are a number of very medium sized blts that have many floors but also many stairwells. a lot of places where if you are searching for someone it would take many hours to try to clear. in addition to that, we have many, many employees here, 3,000 potentially. some have been leaving some with their hands in the air because
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there is an active policing response. they have to treat every potential person they discover as a potential suspect. it's going to take hours, and at this point very anxious for the family members, staging, they said they have had little information, very anxious and we know as the number of dead continues to rise that some of these people will not be reunited with their loved ones. >> two additional shooters. kimberly give us a sense of what sort of security is there there, and have they been able to evacuate the people working in the area? is this basically now a no gsh o zone for d.c. residents? >> it is absolutely a no go zone for d.c. residents. the problem is so many people
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already live here, hundreds of people living in apartment buildings and town houses, two schools one that happens to be located a block down on the same street. some people are already here and have been told that they have to stay in place. i can tell you in terms of some of the eyewitness accounts the reports given really concur in terms of the d.c. police, in terms of these shooters that remain at large, one eyewitness he saw firing was in army fatigue and carrying a weapon and this is exactly what the police say as well. >> when an incident happens like this, there might be something more than we know, there's the t word, terrorism, which no one has mentioned until now. treating this as an isolated incident right now? >> that is what we are hearing right now. but i can tell you in washington, they treat
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everything kind of in a standard response. post-september 11th attacks. they always assume there can be more than an isolated incident taking place. because of the proximity of the navy facility, even though it's several kilometers away, they always assume there's some sort of coordinated attack. at this point we are being told that's a standard response, that is not the impression the police are getting, the limited briefings, this is an isolated incident but again this is an ongoing situation. it's still unfolding barely into the investigation stage. so until those shooters are apprehended the police can't get to that situation yet. >> in the wake of 9/11, there is a heightened sense of security at military base and installations, there was also
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the fort hood shooting in texas a while back. but this is very rare to have such an incident on a military installation in the united states. >> indeed, it's very unusual. i mean there are just you know dozens and dozens and hundreds really of military type facilities. this particular facility of course had a very large civilian presence as well. so there are varying degrees of security and varying levels of security. obviously though any government building post9/11 does have a heightened sense of security. >> so tell us about what exactly happens at the navy yard, kimberly. we keep talking about the washington navy yard. for international audience what sort of work happens at the navy yard? how many people work in this installation? >> well, there are 3,000 people we know. it's like a campus that has a number of buildings. but at the same time, this is a -- it is very much an
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administrative aspect to the naval operations. this is where shipbuilding would be overseen, where a lot of you know administrative type work takes place. well you know there's the demand and many of the policy decisions of course are at the pentagon which is a number of kilometers away. this would have a mix of both defense staff as well as civilian staff. some have been trained in sort of military procedures but some people are trained on working on a computer and really not prepared for these types of situations. >> all right, kimberly for the moment thank you so much, kimberly holcutt at the scene of the washington navy military yard, at least 12 people are known to have died. we'll take a break at this time. and al jazeera live will be back in a moment.
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>> welcome back. this is al jazeera and these are the stories making headlines. at least 12 people are dead and many others injured after a mass shooting in washington, d.c. one of the shooters is dead two
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still at large, a massive man hunt is underway to track them down. a u.n. inspectors report, says that chemical weapons were used last month in syria. chemical weapons expert. he joins us live from london. thank you very much for being on al jazeera hamish. a very detailed report, confirmation that serin gas was used. did anything jump out at you from the report something you weren't expecting perhaps? >> i think there is. the unequivocal use of serin gas, we all suspected that, those that had been looking at it very quickly. the beings circumstantial
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evidence, that's a huge amount of chemical weapons. and actually, if we believe secretary kerry who only said two weeks ago, 21 rockets were used, that's potentially a thousand liters of serin. the key indication is the azimuth of the trajectory of these rockets, coming out of the key locations of azbuta, very firmly points to the regime being responsible. >> the objective of the u.n. inspectors was not to assign blame. but there's no doubt that the assad government was behind this attack. >> absolutely. that's what i take on it, being an expert. i know that the mandate was purely to identify what chemical weapons was used and they've done that in great detail that it was serin. but i think the other evidence
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put together points very directly at the regime being -- responsible and that gives us more impetus in getting these weapons off the syrian battle fields and preventing proliferation to the wider community. >> after the u.s.-russia brokered deal. what are we looking at to dismantle the syrian arsenal? is it feasible? >> first of all it is feasible, but nobody should be under the impression of how easy it is going to be. assad gave the evident of what he has and he should have that without detail. it shouldn't are the question of the u.n. teams going to exactly what is there and how much is
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there and plan on removing them from the syrian battle field. i personally believe the only way to do it is to move them out of syria to somewhere else, and then the international community can secure them outside syria and destroy them. to destroy them in place i think is not achievable. >> it is very challenging. how far hamish do you think the assad regime can be trusted? that he doesn't have more chemical weapons that he says he has, or do we know how much he has anyway? >> we have a pretty fair idea. i think the russians and the americans and others have stated about 1200 tons of chemical weapons. so if we don't find pretty close to 1200 tons we'll be suspicious. but he should have all that detail there. now there may have been a smaller bout of proliferation, we need possibly to hezbollah,
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that al nusra activates have been charged in turkey at the moment for potentially holding serin and that looks feasible. if it's not 1200 tons it will be suspicious. this is the only option in town and hopefully as kerry and others have said this might lead for the opportunity of a much wider peace deal. but i think globally the thing is to get these chemical weapons out of syria destroyed before any proliferation which could well happen around the world which will have a huge security and potentially terrorist threat to those outside in the region and outside the region around the globe. >> hamish, are thank you ha hamh debriton gordon. syrian aircraft after it was hit. opposition groups said the helicopter crashed in lakakia
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province. more from antakia in turkey. >> a statement from the deputy prime minister confirmed that a helicopter after scroilting turkish air space, and being warned repettedly was engaged by turkish fighter jets and shot down. the crash happening in mountainous area of turkey, the southern most tip of where turkey dips into syria if you're looking at the map of hattai province. it is definitely an escalation of hostilities between two countries and perhaps reflects the heightened am of readiness, after possibly are arming themselves for military action he. there was a syrian air strike on
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the border crossing between babal howar, coming very close to turkey, hitting a refugee convoy, leaving 50 injured. turkey did not retaliate after that. october of 2012 there was a turkish -- an incident on the turkish side where syrian shells crossed the border. the turks retaliated with shelling. quite a degree of escalation involved in this incident. in other news, the painstaking process of roofing the costa concordia from the ocean on the coast of italy. >> the enormous wreck has been lifted up from the rock shelf where it's been stuck since
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capsizing in january of last year. reporting from the island of gilio. >> after 20 months of lying on the waters of gilio ielt the costa concordia is slowly coming upright. there were no guarantees of success. but the line of rust and scum proves that the most ambitious salvage operation is on course. from inside the control room the salvage chief operates a series of cables and pulleys. it will eventually rest the 100,000 ton liner onto a platform. spilling out thousands of liters of water. housing more than 4,000 people for a week, engineers say they are well prepared. >> at the moment, i honestly don't see anything to worry us. at the moment. naturally? we're keeping a close eye on the
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situation. we're ready in case anything happens. but at the moment i don't see any point of concern. >> while this is an impressive feat of engineering it is also the sight of a tragic accident. 32 people died when the costa concordia hit rocks and two victims still not been found. one of them an indian waiter last seen giving his life jacket to another passenger. body could be pinned under the ship and finding them will be a priority. for the people of gilio who have lived in the wreck's shadow for so long about operation is a relief. >> it is like giving birth to a child. it is an immense happiness but also a moment where you feel a great sense of responsibility. >> but they won't be rid of the costa concordia yet. towing it away in winter is considered too risky. it will be stabilized and partly refloated before final breakup next summer.
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are al jazeera, gilio. >> three people have been killed by a car bomb in chechnia. there has been a fire on board a russian nuclear submarine. the fire was quickly put out with foam. greek police have fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protestors, john siropolus explains from athens. a strike could drag on for weeks. >> well, this strike is really marking a nonstarter for greek school year. it's going to be renewed not one day at a time but one week at a time. we suspect that it will be renewed for all of next week
2:41 pm
indefinitely. what it will do for student curriculum you can imagine. the list of grievances is quite long. 16,000 of these teachers have gone during the crisis. the number of hours they are teaching has gone down. the same teachers are being asked to cover a variety of subjects some of which they say they are not qualified to cover. and of course some of the technical and professional hootion, those that take children out of the academic track and direct them towards vocational situations, what you say is a crumbling of the public work sector. the teachers claim however that their primary concern is not their own livelihood, but ultimately the quality of teaching will suffer and more and more students are being forced to spend more and more hours of 45th tuition to to
2:42 pm
succeed and enter university. financial boost to somalia, as somalia's president met donors in brussels. long term investment will be crucial for somalia to properly recover from years of civil war. >> but it gives us a plan. it gives us a set of commitments that will enable us to be focused on what we do. and if our commitment is firm, we cannot fail. >> and a british judge has told a muslim woman, she can, forcing her to take off her veil would breach her religious freedom. the judge offered her a screen to shield her from public view but she must be seen by the
2:43 pm
jury. the woman is due to be tried later this year with accusations that she intimidated a witness. all right you're up to date from the latest news from here in europe. now back to poly in doha. we'll have the latest from washington, d.c. on that massive shooting. find out why a footballer formerly worth $90 million, no longer wants to be paid.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera.
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a reminder of the mass shooting in the united states. police confirm that 12 people have now been killed at a naval complex in washington, d.c. a police officer is among the dead. shots were fired around 8:15 local times. three shooters were involved. one is dead, two are at large. one ask a white man who is wearing a khaki uniform, the other is a black man wearing combat fatigues. not felt to be members of u.s. military. rosalyn jordan joins us live from washington, d.c. we are watching live pictures from the scene of the shooting. still a lot of police vehicles and people on the scene. do you get a sense that the situation is under control or not? >> well, as long as the other two men that authorities are trying to find are still on the loose, the situation is not, quote, under control. they do have a better sense of who has been injured and who was
2:46 pm
killed in this incident. a number of people were taken to hospital for treatment. and one of those who was taken for treatment is apparently one of those who did die. there are conflicting reports about whether or not anyone from law enforcement is among the victims. authorities are going to be briefing in about 90 minutes time, with what they hope will be more information. but even though this took place more than six hours ago, this is really just getting underway, the investigation, that is. there are people who are still in lock down as it were, at the navy yard. people who are not able to leave. there are also people at nearby businesses or nearby homes who are also not allowed to leave for their safety. and that's because there are still hundreds of police officers and federal investigators, combing the navy yard complex trying to, one, see if they can find these two other suspects and, two, to try to
2:47 pm
start putting together, try to reconstruct what led up to today's shooting. if they were able to find these two men, it is assumed that they could possibly face charges in connection with this case. but that's of course assuming this they indeed did take part in this. >> roz, thank you so much for that update. that is rosalyn jordan live in washington, d.c. we'll be going back to you as soon as there are any other developments in washington, d.c. australia's conservative prime minister is facing are accusations of sexism. in the past tony abbott was labeled as a mis misogynist. >> allegations of widespread abuse in religious and state run institutions. officials from across the united states are meeting to discuss the best ways to keep children safe.
2:48 pm
although child sex trafficking is sometimes thought of as a developing world problem. thousands of children are prostituted in the u.s. every year. >> for emma life got rough fast. >> my mother gave me up when i was the age of 2. she was a heroin addict. >> feelings of worthlessness a life of drugs and prostitution. >> the only way i could think of was to save as much money from what i was doing, to stop doing it. when i look at girls who are 12 years old or 13 it just boggles my mind that that can happen to them at such a young age. >> child sex trafficking is a developing world problem but the u.s. department of justice says that up to 300,000 children are being prostituted here in the united states.
2:49 pm
the average age, 13 to 14. the fbi sting saved 105 children's, trapped in sex slavery. >> 108 that were reported missing were likely child sex trafficking victims. this is a problem in the united states with american children. >> many sold at strip clubs motels and massage parlors by boyfriends gangs and even husbands don't fully realize they are being trafficked. >> i see women who have been pimped by their fathers, you can resell a child over and over and over again. >> the u.s. justice department says a pimp can make 150 to $200,000 a year per child. the average pimp has four to six prostitutes. emma caped to the -- escaped to
2:50 pm
the chicago drea degree center. >> it's hard when you think nobody cares and what is happening, what did i do? >> there is hope and life after prostitution, emma says, she is studying to become a hairstylist but it is a story she tells far too often. john he hendren al jazeera chic. more than 1200 people from colorado floods are unaccounted for. emergency workers are helping to allow them to be evacuated. >> we are hoping we will be able to fly our aircraft can a, yesterday we had significant weather that prevented us from being able to fly, we are doing ground transportation and
2:51 pm
evacuated around 500 members yesterday but due to the weather we need to have some of our vehicles, which are high clearance vehicles can go through around three feet of water, they even got stranded in a flood area because they weren't able with all the weather they weren't able to get back out. so we got a couple aircraft out yesterday and were able to pick up about half of the people who were stranded. >> thousands of people in mexico have had to leave their homes as storms hit both sides of the country. tropical storm manuel has already killed at least 21 people on the pacific coast. and on the gulf coast hurricane ingrid has made landfall. our time to catch up on all the sports. here's andy. >> english premier league game between liver poop and swansea. brendan rogers named manager of the month for august.
2:52 pm
>> very much a collective effort here. first of all, the players have been outstanding. you know since they've came back that first day of preseason, reclaimed the mentality very quickly from last year. and right away through preseason and into the beginning of the season they've been outstanding. >> egypt will face ghana with a place for the world cup. highest profile tie to come out of monday's african qualifying draw. in cairo ten countries involved with all paff winners, egypt the only side to have a perfect record in qualifying. >> they're a very strong team. i believe we're a strong team also. so to get to the world cup you'll be tested. inand in this case i think we'll be tested and i think ghana will be tested and whoever comes through will represent african in a great way. >> let's have a look at that draw in full, first leg taking
2:53 pm
place, ivory coast versus senegal, tunisia facing cape verde. akin nafassa facing algeria their first ever world cup appearance. >> we are very young, up and coming nation, and we are on the way to you know to get experience from what we are doing. >> asinalin kaka has asked not to be paid, his first game, cost royal madrid a total of $90 million four years ago, but transfer in the close season after a series of injury problems over in spain. >> i decided that i don't want
2:54 pm
anything from mil milan until im fully fit and ready to play again. for this reason i've decided to suspend my pay for the duration of this period. the only thing i ask is for the support and help to recover properly. >> suspended for nine months, inadvertently ingested a bound substance. while taking a glucose tablet. the form he are champion will return in february. chris horn he also involved in a doping controversy. officials just went to the wrong hotel, riders must tell testers where they are for one hour each day. missing three tests in one year will trigger an investigation.
2:55 pm
for the second time peyton manning got the better of his brother eli. >> circumstances, good win, good team win but yes y, i don't know how it's kind of hard to you know, just a unique situation. not many other players have to go through it so you don't really know. you can't ask for too many people for advice on it so -- but good team win for us and good road win. >> we had our opportunities. i think that's where we did some very good things. we didn't get touchdowns, had to settle for field goals, second half had a weird intervention off of the foot. tried to fight back, when you get down a couple scores and start trying press, it can go either way. you can make some plays hopefully but you also give
2:56 pm
opportunities to make some mistakes. >> and the small group of native american protesters were at green bay's game against washington, they say the name is an offense. redskins, daniel schneider has rejected the cause. the new york yankees have been eliminated for the race for the american league east after their latest lost to the boston red sox, they are the first team in 37 years to beat the yankees 13 times in a season. not perhaps the way yankees pitcher mariana rivera, before his retirement, the future hall of famer was honored by the red sox by a pregame ceremony there. and the tampa bay rays are full on behind in the american league wild card race. rookie yasimmo pinto recorded a
2:57 pm
6-4 victory. one day international series, a big century from shane watson who looks to put australia in a good position to win. right now england 61 for 2 off 14 overs. and team new zealand are just two races away, oracle did win the first race yesterday but team kiwi could secure the trophy on tuesday with a further two races scheduled then. on our website, check that out al jazeera forward slash sports. okay, plenty more from me later but that's the sports for now. >> that's it for this news hour on al jazeera, do stay with us, we've got world news coming up
2:58 pm
very shortly.
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>> welcome to al jazeera, i'm tony harris. hear are the headlines. 12 people are dead after gunmen opened fire at a u.s. military yard in washington, d.c. several are dead, 3,000 people are work in the naval yards where the shooting took place. u.n. inspectors say there is clear and convincing evidence that syria used chemical weapons to kill hundreds much people. the first confirmation by scientists that chemical weapons were used. u.n. secretary ban ki-moon say the evidence is indisputabl


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