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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to alabama, i'm tony harris in new york. our top stories . . . >> i feel very lucky to be alive, another guy next to me got shot. i didn't. >> gunfire in the washington navy yard. at least 12 people are dead. ♪ >> the nation is reeling after yet another mass shooting. investigators say a gunman walked into building 197 at the navy yard in washington, d.c. and opened fire. at least 12 people were killed.
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the man who was in the building when a gunman opened fire describes what happened. >> as we were exiting the back door, we noticed him down the hall, he heard shots, and then he aimed his gun at us and fired two or three shots. >> it was a day filled with harrowing sening. hours after the shooting took place, dozens of employees walked out of the facility with their hands above their heads. just after they left a s.w.a.t. team moved in. here is what we know so far, d.c. police say at least 12 people were killed, what if that number is expected to grow. officials say at least four people including a d.c. police officer was wounded three of them critically, and one gunman was killed. investigators were still
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searching for another possible gunman. tonight's
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[ technical difficulties ] >> earlier today, they have now handed over the invest gieigatio the fbi. but she talked about two suspects still at large dressed in military fatigues. still an active investigation. the associated press is reporting that one of those is in tan fatigues and bearing a beret hat has now been taken off of the list. one thing of interest here in building 197, where apparently all of the attack did take place. many witnesses told us while there is high security, as you might expect, there is no metal
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detector that individuals have to walk through to get on to the grounds. they do have to show id however. toni? >> mike, you might have been talking about a possible second gunman. is that still the story that police are looking for a possible second gunman? >> here is what we have been told by authorities. at the outset of the day and as the course of the afternoon wore on, we were given to understand that there were three possible gunmen. one individual was dead. there were two that the police chief issued a be on the look out for one that she described as a white male wearing tan military-style fatigues and a beret hat. that individual has now been taken off the list. nothing yet on the third
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suspect, a black male between the ages of 30 and 50 who was reported to have been carrying a, quote unquote, long gun. many of the police are now leaving the area. it has been like this all day. you talked about the helicopters that have been hovering. the ripple effect security wise being felt all over washington, the president remarked on this. clearly a major event with 12 dead at a major u.s. military operation right in though heart of washington. >> we should tell you that moments ago doctors at med star washington hospital updated us. let's have a listen. >> good afternoon, my name is ray mavis, i'm secretary of the navy, with me is admiral john greenart, and assistant
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secretary of the navy, shawn stackly. [ inaudible ] navy systems command where this attack took place reports through both of these people. the navy family today suffered a horrific attack. and we are a family. the civilians that work in navy, and do the critical work that has to be done suffered just a stunning and horrific blow today. i have been here at the hospital about -- seeing about the three victims who were brought in here. two of those were navy employees. the third a metropolitan police officer, and when i'm finished, a doctor will give you a detailed medical briefing.
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i got to meet -- we got to meet one of the victims, a young woman and her family. she is under the circumstances doing very well. we also got to talk to the husband of a second victim who is in surgery right now, but none of the injuries are expected to be life threatening. i want to thank two groups very specifically. the first responders who got their so quickly from all sorts of different agencies, all sorts of military organizations. federal local organizations from this area, and second is to thank the team here at the hospital. the victims have been receiving absolutely excellent care, and they were brought to a great place. we immediately upon hearing about the shooting put in motion
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contingency plans for things like this, including things like just getting people out of the navy yard, getting people home tonight because most of them will not have access to their vehicles, figuring out about their personal belongings, because it is a crime scene to i have made every victim a secretary of the navy designee, so if they need specialized care they can go to walter reid bethesda. we have some specialized care that is not available anywhere else, they can go as my designee. third is to arrange for grief counseling to make sure that the
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trauma associated with this will be dealt with appropriately, and finally if you have a loved one that was at the navy yard there are two phone numbers you can call 202-433-6151 or 202-433-9713. when you call, we will not be able to give you a -- a status report. we'll have to check and call back. we -- we have taken a muster as you do in these situations, but because people are scattered, because they are scattered, one, from the event, but, two, just in normal day-to-day business, there are some that are scattered, it normally takes between 24 and 36 hours to -- to make a complete muster and to
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find out the status of everyone. so again to the doctors, to all of the medical and personnel, and to all of our first responders, thank you so much. >> reporter: can you talk about the situation about the gunman? >> i'm the chief medical officer at med star washington hospital center. i'm here to give you an update regarding the three individuals who were brought to the hospital center. the -- the first individual as you know is a metropolitan police officer. that gentlemen is currently in surgery. he has been in surgery for several hours. we expect that surgery to continue. he is the gentlemen who has gunshot wounds to his lower
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extremities. so he is in surgery right now. he is doing well. he is expected to make a good recovery. the two other individuals, first one i'll tell you about is an individual who has a shoulder wound. she is in surgery right now. expect her to be in surgery for a couple of hours. we actually spoke with her beforehand. she's in very, very good spirits. she actually was ordering the doctors and nurses around, and we told her that we were in charge here. so joking with her about how she was doing. she is in good spirits, in surgery right now, and i expect her to have a full recovery. the third individual will not have surgery. she is a very, very lucky young lady. she has injury to her hand and head, but the bullet did not pen straight the skull, meaning, it
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did not penetrate the bone. so she obviously has suffered a significant wound, but she will recover without surgery, and we have done a couple of procedures to take care of her hand and head. she is in very good spirits. her parents are with her and she is doing well. we have three victims of the navy yard shootings who are with us. we expect all three of them to make a full recovery. i would be happy to take questions. >> reporter: do you expect more patients? >> we have been in contact with the individuals at the navy, and although i would tell you there is always a possibility as they are going through the building floor by floor, it does not appear at this time, because there has been so many hours in between, it does not appear that there will be getting anymore
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individuals who lived through this devastating gun shooting. >> reporter: were any of the fatalities brought here to the medical center? >> no, they weren't. >> reporter: providers seeing challengers from the officer recovering -- >> the question was do we see challenges with the officer walking? we are quite concerned about that. we have to wait 24 hours and do a complete assessment. >> reporter: how unusual is it to be hit multiple times by semiautomatic weapon and make a full recovery. >> well, we see a significant number of gunshot victims here at the hospital center, and between working with our partners that are the first responders who a are excellent
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at initial stabilization, we are very, very successful in having people live through these multiple gunshot wounds. not always, there are a number of victims, but we're very good, very highly trained here, and i will tell you we have an excellent record in recovery, so we do see this. the other thing i would mention to you is we have a very close relationship with military physicians, and it's not unusual that we have army physicians who are rotating through the hospital center. they work with us. they work in our trauma bay, and it's an opportunity for them to keep their skills up when they are in a non-combat situation. so we have a close and multi-year relationship with the military, so unfortunately, we have providing care to some of their colleagues right now, but it -- it is a group that we are used to working with. >> reporter: can you give us
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some ideas of the hospital's preparedness? are you always prepared for this sort of thing? >> the question is talk about a little bit about our preparedness. let me just start by saying we are prepared 24/7, 365 days a year. we are repaired. for trauma, burn, and multiple other medical services. i can tell you a little bit about our preparedness. we have a trauma team that is on-site, always available, and they were hear today obviously. and we keep two rooms that are open in rotating fashion. we have a room that is open for general trauma, and then a room that is open for orthopedic trauma. and we have all of the other
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socialities that you would need. for the young woman that had injury to her head, we had neurosurgeons immediately available. we expected and had hoped -- not because you hope that anyone is injured, but you hope that people survived, we had hoped to take care of many more people. >> reporter: have any of the conditions changed? >> i will tell you they are stable. two of the three are going through surgery, but they are in stable condition, and we have had time to assess their injuries and what their state and medical condition is, and i will tell you they are all stable. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> the metropolitan police officer for privacy, i don't want to go into too much detail, but i can tell you that there are multiple surgeons who are
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involved because there are injuries to the blood vessels as well as the bones, so it's a complex surgery to repair his legs. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] with investigators? >> i will tell you that all three of the victims came in talking. they came in, they were speaking from the get-go. i have personally talked to all three of them. the police officer when he came in, he was most concerned about being able to talk to his mother and wanted to make sure that he was able to speak to her before he went into surgery. you always have to take care of mom, and the -- second -- >> what is his name? >> -- individual very worried that we got ahold of her husband. her husband is her. i have spoken to the two of them. and the third individual, her father went to the navy yard. i don't know where from, but he
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went to the navy yard. >> okay. we want to break away to the presser at the department and get you to d.c.'s mayor, major grey. >> this is a horrific tragedy, certainly one of the worst in recent memory. i certainly never anything like this here in the city. these kinds of things have happened in other cities in america, but nothing like this here in the district of columbia b . my heart and the end tire administration goes out to the families. those two left home to go to work this morning, thinking they were going to work on behalf of our nation, working at the nav i have yard, working for the navy, only to have something horrific like this to occur.
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secondly, i want to thank all of the first responders, all of the law enforcement agencies, and all of the dozens, the hundreds of people that have done such a sterling job today to deal with this horrific tragedy. i'll be followed by chief lanier, and then valley parlave, chief chambers if she chooses to speak and then congresswoman norton. we talked about the possibility of there being two other suspects. one of those has been ruled out. that gentlemen has been identified and is no longer a suspect. there's no reason to continue any views that he may have been involved in this. there is still, yet another person who was identified earlier. that was a person in the video who was wearing a -- a drab olive uniform, around 50 years
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of age, around 5'10", african american man, and we are continuing to look for him to determine what if any involvement he may have had. there are many people who have asked us whether we think there is terrorism involved in this. we don't know what the motive is at this stage. obviously we'll continue to seek information about what the motive is. but we don't have any reason at this stage to suspect terrorism. but certainly it has not been ruled out. we now have a total of 13 fatalities, including the shooter. we had one initial since we last convened that -- one of the victims who died at a as a result of the wounds that he -- he suffered. we have not -- we don't even know -- most of us ours the identities of the victims at
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this stage, so we have no information to offer about that. and of course we would not do that until we have been able to assure that their families, their loved ones have been notified. so those who may have questions about the identity of the victims there's nothing we can offer at this point. two other pieces of information, and then i'll ask chief lanier to come up. we want to urge once again the people who live in this area to stay out of the area. there is absolutely no reason to come down here, especially since we continue to seek information about the person that i mentioned earlier to try to rule in or rule out his involvement in this horrific incident. and then finally for those -- many have asked us about the washington national's baseball game this evening, that has been postponed and rescheduled for 1:00 tomorrow. i guess they'll play a
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doubleheader. 1:00 and then 7:05 tomorrow evening. so with that information as an update, let me ask chief lanier to provide additional input. >> thank you. as the mayor indicated this is still a very active law enforcement scene. we do realize that we still have to move people through and around the city. it is now rush hour -- approaching rush hour. as of right now, i can say in terms of traffic flow. we want to keep people obviously as far away from the area where we're investigating as possible, but we have opened 295, 395, and 695. we're asking people to avoid the area around the nats park. and m street will be closed to 11th street southeast. this is still an ongoing investigation. we are continuing to ask our
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residents -- [ technical difficulties ] -- and avoid the areas mentioned until we finish doing what we have to do. we are hoping in the next couple of hours to have information one way or another on whether or not we can conclusively say we have all expects or persons involved in this accounted for. there are some additional updates that have been going out in terms of the person that has been identified as a shooter in this case. that information will be shared by the fbi. we are still asking for any information from the public. we have given contact information, which i'm sure the fbi will repeat, but anybody who has information to pass on, please continue to pass that along to the fbi in this case. so with that said, i'll turn it over to val. >> valley parlave, i'm the
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assistant director in charge of the washington director of the fbi. p-a-r-l-a-v-e. the shooter has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort worth, texas. we ask anyone with information about him to contact us at 1-80-call-fbi. no piece of information is too small. we are looking to learn everything we can about his recent movements, his contacts, and associates. this remains a very active investigation. we have our evidence response team moving in to process the scenes where the shootings took place. we will also continue to run down every lead and continue to work together on this investigation with our law enforcement partners. again, we ask the public to look
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at the photos of the deceased shooter and contact the fbi with any and all information. thank you. >> reporter: is there any indication -- >> can you hold the questions until we get to the end. thank you. chief. >> thank you for the opportunity just to say that what you are seeing here is the team work that goes into every law enforcement and public safety enterprise here in the d.c. area every day, and yet as you will learn over the days the heroism of a number of different entities and their officers did make a difference in today's outcome, and as we learn more we'll be able to share more with you. thank you. >> i have just come from the house of representatives. it is not on lockdown. the senate is in lock down. of course the house is not in session today. when the house reconvened
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tomorrow, i will lead a moment of silence for yet another -- heart break. we take an attack on a federal facility in our city personally. an attack not just on the facility, it's an attack on our city and our country. i do want to say that the facility itself is one of the most secure facilities in the district of columbia. we have a long relationship with the naval sea systems command, since we work to bring it to its present location which started the revival of the entire m street corridor, which is now a thriving corridor. we hope once the investigation
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is done and once we get back to normal, that the navvy yard will be run as it has been run. very secure facility and yet it has an event center and the organizations in the district of columbia and region have events there, almost every evening, so they have been able to learn to live with the district, and yet be a secure facility. mean while i ask everyone to withhold judgment on what happened. this is really a revolving event, and i want to congratulate and thank the mayor and federal officials for keeping us as informed as they could. >> questions. >> all right. we'll take a break. david shuster will be joining me here on set. we have guests lined up as well.
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we'll take a break and come back and work through all of the information we have learned on this horrible day in washington, d.c. all of the information we have learned in the last half hour. you are watching al jazeera. ♪ real money. victoria azarenko
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♪ >> welcome back everyone, let's recap our top story, washington, d.c. police say at least 13 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the washington navy yard. police say one gunman was killed and they are looking for possible second suspect. we can tell you the name of the suspected gunman who was killed 34-year-old aaron alexis from fort worth, texas. jim is a fellow at the truman national project. jim, welcome, and with me here on set is my colleague, david shuster. and david you worked there in -- boy, in d.c. for a number of years. >> yeah, 18. >> 18 years. which means you know that navy yard. you know the area around the
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navy yard particularly well. how would you describe it? >> with the navy yard it's 65 acres, sort of a sprawling complex, but about a mile and a half from the u.s. capitol building. the police are literally just blocks away, and that's why they were able to respond to quickly. it's the largest onshore navy installation. this area sat empty for many years. once upon a time it has been a torpedo research center, and then it largely sat empty, and then in the late 1990s, they moved the command headquarterers to that particular facility. and what that means is the administrative offices of the u.s. navy, the people involved with procuring ships and doing a lot of the administrative work,
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their headquarters became this particular naval yard. there are some 3,000 personnel that work there. and this particular building, 197, that is the cafeteria. it is also of course one of the sort of main meeting places for this naval sea headquarterers in terms of management. so anybody who would want to take issue with their superiors that would be the building to go. >> and jim, we would benefit from your knowledge of building 197. you are working essentially across the street from the building for a while, and you have been inside? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. many times. i used to eat lunch in the cafeteria, probably twice a week. >> jim let me stop you for just
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a second. i believe we have been able to get to the fbi website, and we can show everyone watching the picture of the suspected shooter, there he is. aaron alexis. 34 years old of fort worth, texas. he was the man that police believe was responsible for the shooting. he was killed, and there he is, his picture, as you see deceased. 34-year-old aaron alexis, and he served in the navy reserves for a number of years. but jim, back to you, tell us about building 197. >> well, as has been mentioned several times it is the headquarterers for the naval seas commander. he houses a couple thousand emees. i would go in there probably twice a week. it's relatively unguarded. i have not worked on the
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facility since 2007, but from what i remember, you didn't even have to do so much as swipe your badge, or maybe that was it. but everybody would have access to at least the common areas of 197. the "washington post" reported that an employee on the fourth floor of naval sea systems command, noticed the shooter outside of his office, and there is a large interior atrium within that building, so the halways go around this open space in the center of the building, and the eyewitness observed the shooter on approximately the fourth floor shooting down into the atrium, so that's a kevy vantage point. the shooting started approximately 8:20 this morning. think about everything you know about the culture of the
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united states military. i had to be at my desk and working by 7:30 in the morning. i was one of the later ones to get into because i liked to sleep in. some of my colleagues had been there since 5:30 in the morning. these are not people who show up to work late. they are there and working usually by 7:30 in the morning, so there would have been a full house at approximately 8:20. >> jim, describe again the security arrangement at that building. if i heard you correctly, what you said a moment ago was a bit stunning to me. >> yeah, as far as i remember there were kiosks going into the building, and all you had to do was swipe your badge. i would imagine, though i don't know for sure that to get up into the more sensitive areas of the building there were probably additional security checks, and you would have to be in that
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specific area of the specific facility, because there is a lot of highly available information. they mentioned engineering, people who procure ships and review designs of ships. that was always what nav c was for when i was there. so to get farther beyond the cafeteria or the main atrium, there were probably additional layers of security, but to basically access the building, all you had to do was swipe your badge id. >> to jim's point most of the employees were civilians who worked for the navvy, and they have a particular badge. and maybe the most secure buildings of the inner sanctum. but if you have one of these passes you are considered to have passed through enough background checks to be able to work in the building.
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>> true. and to access the washington navy yard either as a pedestrian or a motorist, i have done both. i took the metro there quite frequently, i also drove. you didn't have to swipe your badge. you simply had to show your badge to the guard in the guard house. to get on a motorist, your vehicle had to be registered and there had to be a department of defense sticker on the left-hand side by the steering wheel. so it was not easy, but there was no extra machine or anything like that as you were accessing the facility. >> jim, i don't know how long you have you on this satellite window, but i would like to have you stick around as long as possible. david shuster is here as well. and we're joined by don andrews who was on his way to work when the shooting broke out.
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don good to talk to you, what can you tell us about your day, how it started and when you first noticed that there was something very much awry here. >> sure, i work in the capitol building, i live in the building just a parking lot away from the navy yard complex, and as i went to work, i went into the lobby, and i noticed a large crowd of what looked like civil employees. i went outside and asked a couple of questions, and folks were saying they think there was an active shooter -- >> don, can i stop you for just a second, and we'll pick up from your story again, but let me just sort of update folks on what they are watching here. we are watching pictures that you took from the scene as you were on your way to work, correct? >> that's correct. >> so these are your photographs? >> right. there are a couple of photos
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that my communications director tweeted out. >> let's have you start the story from the top with the context be that these are the pictures that you shot from your camera. so start your story again, please. >> sure, so leaving late to work, i noticed a lot of navy civilian officers outside of my building, asked them what was going on. they said there was an active shooter, so i got in my car and headed to the capitol. i noticed there were police around the anacostia river. there was general panic, and i think word of mouth was getting around. and a lot of folks looking a little frenzied and a little bit nervous. and that's when i saw a lot of police cars and first responders
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bearing down towards the complex. i saw police pull over, and beckon people to step away from the man laying on the corner. all i know is the man seemed generally lifeless when they were tending to him. and that's when i drove by and snapped those shots. >> yeah. david let me bring you back in here. let's widen this out, that corner related to the navy yard, related to the bigger area, and some of the buildings around that navy yard. >> the key right there is m street that you heard our guests mention. the navvy yard is on m street. so you are only talking about perhaps a block across the street, depending on the cross street, so it is quite possible this way have been somebody who was injured and collapsed
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outside. there is a metro stop there, so the panic of people running around or hearing that something is going on, it could be somebody who was overcome by that pandemonium or chaos and collapsed, but i think the one thing to be careful with this particular image is given most of the fatalities that we understand happened within building 197, i imagine this is a spillover because of what was going on. >> don, anything else of note that you would want to share with us, what you saw, the events, and maybe even the response as you were heading to work? >> that's all i think it is. it seemed like an organized evacuation from the knavevy folks. there was a lot of attention in the air. the capitol police had all of
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their guns drawn and weapons out. and that remains the case still. >> tony unfortunately since 9/11 that is standard operating procedure, when there is a major mass shooting or anything in d.c., they go through this essential lockdown both at the white house, buildings at the capitol and federal buildings because of the fear that maybe this is part of some coordinated attack. >> don if you are still on the line with us, thank you very much. and we will use the photos obviously in telling the context of this broader story. before addressing the economy today, president obama spoke about the shootings at the washington navy yard, calling the shooters, we know now the shooter, could wardly. >> we are confronting yet another mass shooting, and today
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it hand on a military installation in our nation's capitol. it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work doing their job, protecting all of us. they are patriots, and they know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they faced the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. >> so we'll take a break and come back and continue to work through all of the information that we're learning now about this horrendous event that happened in washington, d.c., a mass shooting that has taken 13 lives and a number of people injured as well. the suspected shooter is dead, deceased. and we can show you his picture now. 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort worth, texas. david shuster is here with us,
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and jim, acaduos is here with us from washington, d.c.
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welcome back to al jazeera. let's update our top story now.
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13 people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a u.s. nayvy yard in washington, d.c. the suspected shooter is dead, he is identified at 34-year-old aaron alex -- alexis from fort worth, texas. jim, let me draw a fine distinction here, can i walk into that navvy yard into that building, 197? is that something i can do without special credentials? >> well, you can go as a civilian -- you can go to the visitor's center, which is at the -- one of the main entrances at the washington navy yard and state your business, and you would need a point of contact at
4:47 pm
whatever office you were going to visit and official con official -- confirmation from that office. you cannot just walk off of the street and say, hi, my name is tony, i would really like to get into any nav c building. however, there is a navy and marine corps museum on the facility. so if you say you are going to the navy and marine corps museum, i can't remember the specific procedure, but that would be an easier, more plausible excuse to get on the facility, but you would not be able to get in the nav c building walking off the street. >> and this is a pretty popular tourist stop, given that in addition to the museum there is
4:48 pm
also a navy destroyer which sits there for people to look at. there are all sorts of ceremonial events that happen there, and there are a number of receptions that the navy throws there. >> that's interesting. not surprising that it is the washington navy yard, so not surprising that there would be weapons and personnel with weapons in that building? >> no, not necessarily. i mean as we have said several times, it is a very -- [ technical difficulties ] -- procurement, things of that nature, also i -- i was formally employed by the naval criminal investigative service which is the navy's internal law
4:49 pm
enforcement agency, and now a popular show, but their headquarters used to be on that facility. it has since moved, but they maintain a field office on the washington navy yard, and i would estimate there are probably 25 special law enforcement agents who are authorized to carry weapons, and there are several navy and marine corps guards. so yes, many people out there as part of an active military installation. >> to get to your point, if this aaron alexis has he has been identified had an appointment or a pass or some reason to be there, there would be no effort to check his bags to see what is in that duffel bag. particularly if it's somebody who is already expected to be
4:50 pm
on-site, because the theory is they have already gone through the background checks and it wouldn't be that difficult to bring in the weaponry on the facility and then put it together and open fire. >> so to both of you, and jim, you first, this screaming there needs to be a security review? >> sure. as i have described it's not terribly difficult to enter the navvy yard. if you are a visitor, it's more difficult, and there are procedures that you have to go through, but in the post 9/11 context, it would not be surprising if there were a broader security review for both the navy yard and around the region.
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>> jim, good to talk to you. thanks for your time. and david as also thank you. to other news you. in colorado seven people are confirmed dead and 19,000 homes damaged or destroyed from flooding. rescue flights are back in the air. the pictures continue to just be amazing. communications are slowly coming back up, and people who had been unaccounted for are getting threw to state authorities. tamara banks is at the boulder county airport. tamara what is the late est? >> reporter: tony a couple of things after a week of underen shall rains, number one the sun, and number two, helicopters
4:52 pm
about a thousand rescue personnel, rescuing people who have been stranded over the past few days. now in larimer county about 1200 people have expected to be air lifted sometime today and possibly even by tomorrow. now i can tell you that a little bit more than 700 people are still unaccounted for. now they are not expecting over 700 more deaths or fatalities, but a lot of these folks just don't have power. cell phones and internet are not working. speaking of deaths and fatalities, we have seven people dead now. fema is sending two, 80-person search and rescue teams to help in the efforts. boulder alone, get this, had almost 18 inches of rain last week. that started a week ago today.
4:53 pm
and statewide 18,000 homes have been damaged and 1500 homes have been destroyed. once these folks are rescued and brought out of the dangerous flood water area, it may be a question as to whether they end up next. >> tamara, that's kind of the next question here. you talk about the number of homes and people living in those homes and those homes are damaged or destroyed, i would imagine that the shelters are filling up and maybe finding additional space is becoming a bit of a problem. >> reporter: that's exactly what is on the minds of the red cross officials today. we have about 24 shelters -- red cross shelters in the 15 counties that have been damaged and effected by the flooding, and the big concern is where are all of these people going to go. in the coming days or maybe weeks, these folks will have to find out someplace to go, because the churches and hotels
4:54 pm
are starting to fill up. so that is next on the list for the red cross. >> all right. tamara appreciate. thank you. let's get the latest on the weather now. >> actually the sun has come out across portions of colorado in denver. we have been dealing with several days of torrential downpours. we do have breaks in the clouds, and i don't think anymore rain is on the way, but we are still dealing with the flood threat. the north platte river receivered so much rain in the last week or so, that water is going to continue to stream across the south. we could see that flood, the river really continue to rise, up to nine feet.
4:55 pm
but no rain in the immediate area, and i think mostly cloudily, overcast skies are going to be really what we were reminiscent of last week. and temperatures are expected to climb into the 80s across portions of denver, right around boulder, into tomorrow i think towards wednesday and thursdays, temperatures will fall back into the 70s, but no more rain is on the way at least for this week. tony back to you. >> thank you. we want to get one other story in, and that's the reporting from the un. the un has released its much anticipated report on a chemical weapons attack. general ban ki-moon briefed members before releasing the report to the public. the deadly gas sarin was found
4:56 pm
in 85% of the victim's bodies. and it is the worst chemical weapons attack since saddam hussein gassed thousands in 1988. >> the international community has a responsibility to ensure that chemical weapons never reemerge as an instrument of war fair. i also welcome the agreement to be reached over the weekend between the russian federation and the united states on a framework for eliminate syria's chemical weapons. >> and once again, let's give you a sweep of the pictures coming out of washington, d.c. on a horrendous day right now. the washington navy yard was the site of a mass shooting. 13 people confirmed dead. the nation is still very much reeling after this shooting. investigators say a gunman who has been identified now as aaron
4:57 pm
alexis, 34 years old, of fort worth, texas, opened fire in the building there at the washington navy yard. again, 13 people confirmed dead. we heard from the washington hospital a little earlier in this news hour, three of the victims were taken there, and they are all suffering from various injuries, but all expected to make a full recovery. one a metropolitan police officer. we will continue to cover this story. you are watching al jazeera.
4:58 pm
sachin asked the indian media not to put too much pleasure pressure on the teenager. >> my son started his career. it's a humble request if he can live his life like a normal 14-year-old without thinking of anything other than falling in love with the sport. (applause) >> some footsteps to follow in. more on the website. check it out. all the details. get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. plenty more from me later, but that is the sport for now. >> thank you.
4:59 pm
stay with us on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is ahead with julie mcdonald, who will be in london for us. for now, goodbye.
5:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. here are the headlines. 13 people are dead after begunmen opened fire at -- gu gunmen oopped fire. one of the shooters is dead but authorities say they are searching for at least one other person of interest. at least 3,000 people work where the shooting took place. u.n. inspectors say there's clear and convincing evidence that syria used chemical weapo weapons, secretary ban ki-moon says the results are quhoam whon and indisputable


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