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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: we now rejoin the program already in progress. >> where in the report of u.n. it's sad, there were no precedents from 1948. it's a serious thing. and all the countries stated that it's necessary to prevent and shift from using chemical weapons against their people and possibly against their neighbors and we think that is a tough start and it's useful and also the russian put forward and
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grateful to russia for this because thanks to this toughness of russia initiative now the syrian regime agreed to liquidate chemical weapons and it's a significant change. and to be precise i would like to say that on the second of september bashir assad said in the interview and the newspaper we never spoke about it, we have chemical weapons. it was the second or 7th of september he made foreign affairs mr. morlem said we are ready to say where the chemical weapons are and to start manufacturing it. you see, that the five days the position had changed which shows that the part of russian
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initiative are extremely useful, beneficial. now what we will do now. syria assumed obligations to join the convention of the prohibition of chemical weapons and under taken some measures by the competent bodies and taking the resolution of u.n. security council and all this should be organized to establish that and we should be vigilant and i'm not talking about that we need to just start fighting russia. we should be vigilant. it's necessary. it's necessary to syria that they observe the obligation. these are the main elements. what concerns bashir's question to me, i would say syria probably is not unique with concerns for a long time, it
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wasn't responded to the questions if they have or not, it's at the end and finally they acknowledge and recognize the presence of this and that unconditionally they join the convention of the chemical weapons and more than unconditional which the convention would be valid in 30 days syria asked immediately to start to use the convention and expressed the readiness to do obligations and we welcome this and it's the main thing and an example as i have said or within the context of the task which was set three years ago in the interventional community and areas of the zone free from the mass destruction of weapons. i'm also convinced that the dynamics which took shape as a result of the agreement is
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dynamics will improve the atmosphere so that we implement all the initiatives of the geneva conference so that fully commanded agreements which had been concluded in geneva communicate in 2012, we in geneva met with john kerry and we have joined understanding with france, we don't have any discrepancies with france or conductor of the conference. i would say in june of this year when it was discussed the syrian topic, mr. alan suggested the g 8 push over the initiative of the date of the conference in this way to have pressure for potential participants so they stop just dodging from this event. mr. putin supported this
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proposal. mr. alan and g 8 and we are ready to declare the date today or tomorrow or tomorrow or the date because we are sure that the government has already declared about a readiness to send the delegation. it announced the delegation and he is supporting the opposition party. he doesn't say support for us. we value the efforts under taken by american partners and colleagues in region and europe which have decisive influence on the national coalition which they consider to be the main or the only opposition at the moment but so far the efforts, no proof national coalition is very opposed to the russian, american proposal. on liquidation of chemical
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weapons in syria, the mechanism of the convention is because they hope that this problem will be solved by way of military intervention and disappointed. >> reporter: live press conference ongoing in moscow there. you are watching sergai speaking on screen, the france's foreign minister is asking about carrying the threat of sport but russia, syria's most powerful ally is resisting military action, 24 hours ago the u.n. confirmed the weapons inspector had found evidence of a poison gas attack on the outskirts of damascus. let's look at what the russian and french foreign ministers have been saying in moscow just a short time ago. >> translator: we discussed the situation in detail regarding syria and we don't have discrepancies regarding the end goal which we would like to see
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for the syrian people and overcome blood shed and peace on integrity of the country and ensuring the rights and liberties of all ethnic groups and the goal is shared by moscow and paris and there are differences on how to achieve it. >> what was not able to be applied in geneva one can now be prepared for geneva two. and the best thing would be that on this side of the regime on the one hand are not on that of the opposition on the other, that they meet up and work in this direction and the sooner the better because it is only then that we will be able to stop the syrian tragedy. you must bear in mind and it was emphasized by the russians, in a few day's time we will find
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ourselves in a situation which is very difficult to understand because on the one hand there is prohibition of chemical weapons and on the other hand the frightening goes on. even if it has to be confirmed, it's very important, the problem of chemical weapons. and its prohibition just as important to put an end to the syrian tragedy which requires a meeting of geneva two in the coming days. >> reporter: well, we have a correspondent in moscow and they
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had a common goal in syria but differences in how to achieve it. >> sure, well, they are on the same page about the need to liquidate chemical weapons in syria to follow through on that plan. and there is also an emerging consensus it seems that they need to go right into a larger peace conference type of framework with i they call geneva two which would bring the assad rebels would be brought to the table by they western and arab sponsors and perhaps some regional countries like turkey and saudia arabia to have a larger role in the war and agree on that. where they disagree is really clear, one is that they do not and they both in their own way
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made it clear they do not agree on including some kind of stick besides the carrot in the u.n. resolution that they are talking about, they are trying to shape right now. france certainly believes along with most western countries theres that to be a credible threat of force aagainst assad to keep him working on and fulfilling his obligations. the russians say, no, that the threat of force is a deal breaker and a disincentive. the other thing they do and did quite explicitly disagree on is that whether this u.n. report yesterday proves that the syrian regime was behind the august 21st attack. he said we still think it's a provocation and not satisfied with the evidence and we would like to see previous, three previous uses of chemical
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weapons in syria fully investigated because the russians do believe there is better evidence that the rebels were behind those. >> reporter: fred, thanks very much indeed for that. let's cross to paris and get the view there. from jackie roland and clearly the vision on whether any resolution will carry with it the threat of force, why is france so set on this? >> well, the french share the views of the americans in particular and also to an extent the british, that is the only reason that so much progress has been achieved up until now in terms of the syrians acknowledging that they do have chemical weapons and agreeing to enter into the framework governed by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. it's precisely because there has up until now been a credible
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threat of force. whenever you are using, whenever countries are using the threat of military action as a kind of leveler at the same time as using a political and diplomatic process, in order for the diplomatic process, in order for the political negotiations to be tough and to move forward, that threat of force needs to be credible. if it isn't credible and clearly it's not going to be a very effective lever and that is the argument of the french and an argument we have seen reported a few moments ago who says the only reason we have made as much progress up until now was because the americans and the french maid -- made it clear they were carrying out action and maintains without a continuing threat quite explicit of sanctions or other enforcement mechanisms then the syrian regime risks back sliding
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at a time when up until now progress has been achieved. >> reporter: jackie thanks very much indeed for that. and jackie roland in paris and fred weir in moscow. let's take a step back and take a look at the u.n. inspector's report released on monday and it says objectively that chemical weapons were used. it describes the type of weapons and the path they took and says the rockets contained sarin and 85% of blood samples tested positive for the nerve gas but inspectors were not asked to determine which side carried out the attacks so the report doesn't blame anyone. and we have this report from the u.n. >> the u.n. secretary general came to speak to reporters after presenting the security council with what he said was evidence of a war crime. as he spoke he was frank by the head of his weapons inspection
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team, professor selstrum who wrote the report, 38 pages of scientific and forensic details. >> the report makes for chilling reading. the team gathered testimony from survivors, medical personnel and first responders. the findings are beyond doubt and beyond the pain. this is a war crime and grave violation of the 1925 protocol and other rules of international law. >> reporter: what is the reaction of the security council? and it's divided. some ambassadors claiming the detail in the report is a clear indication of who carried out the attack. >> we have associated one ammunition cited in the report, 122 millimeter rockets with previous regime attacks and reviewed thousands of open
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source videos related to the current conflict in syria and have not observed the opposition manufacturing or using this style of rocket. >> i think statements to the effect that the opposition could not have done certain things i think they are not really as scientific as grounded on reality as the actual situation could be. >> reporter: in the coming days attention around the security council table will turn to drafting and then voting on a resolution to set up a mission to go into syria with the aim of dismantling a chemical arsenal. and the u.s., russian deal at geneva is in place, they are wrangling over the wording of the u.n. security council resolution. diplomates tell me they hope something will be in place by the end of this week. next week world leaders gather here in new york for the u.n. general assembly. james with al jazeera of the united nations.
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>> reporter: now after working all night off the coast of italy engineers say they completed their complex operation to refloat the costa concordia. it's a major feet, the biggest salvage effort in history, we go to giglio in italy and nothing like this has been attempted on this scale before. is everyone celebrating? >> yes. everyone, engineers and islanders are incredibly relieved this operation has been successful. there was no guaranty it was going to work, only a computer model said that it would. nothing on this scale has ever been done before. this ship some 300 meters long, twice the size of the titanic and the 500 salvage workers have been working on the project for the last year almost at times out numbered the islanders so they have really been celebrating together and getting a heros welcome.
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now, you can probably see the extent of the damage that is now visible that was done to the cruise liner, part that were welds to the ground and they pull it off in the early hours of this morning. so this is just the first phase in an operation to findly remove the ship from this island. >> reporter: large parts of it are badly damaged. what happens that it's up right, what happens next? >> well, slightly grizzly task and looking for the two victims whose bodies were never found, 32 people died in the accident in january 2012 and those two bodies were never recovered and divers will go in parts of the ship that were previously inaccessible and then they are going to be going through the 1500 rooms and going through belongings when they abandoned
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the ship. after that the ship will be stabilized and stay here the rest of the winter because the weather is just too precarious to take it out of the waters. then in the summer it will be partially refloated, that is another 30 meters we cannot see that is still under water and then it will be towed to one of three ports in italy and have not decided which one yet and who gets the contract it will be lucrative so they will break it up and sell the parts and they have to make sure it's big enough to take a ship of this size. >> reporter: charlie thanks for that and we are in giglio there. and the f.b.i. has identified the man they believe shot dead 12 people in washington on monday. he is a 34-year-old defense contractor aaron alexis and we have spoken to his friends and we will have the story in a moment but first kimberly in washington d.c. reports on the investigation.
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>> reporter: after hours waiting for police to clear their buildings the first of more than 3,000 people who work at what is known as the washington navy yard were finally free to go. they describe their terror as the first bullets were fired. >> very lucky to be alive and standing between you and i and the guy next to me was shot, i didn't. >> reporter: it was a mass shooting that began at 8:20 in the morning and in the midst of the monday rush hour as thousands of navy employees and civilians were preparing for work. >> i was at a conference room on the third floor building of 197 and heard gunfire close by and looked up because we were on the floor and a couple of bullet holes in the wall of the conference room. >> reporter: f.b.i. confirms a dozen people are dead including one gunman, 34-year-old aaron alexis, he enlisted in the navy in 2007 and had received two metals for his service. in 2011 he was discharged and working at the navy yard as a civilian computer contractor.
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>> within 7 minutes we had active shooter teams inside the building moving through the building, there was multiple engagements with the suspect that was eventually deceased. >> reporter: meantime many of the shooting victims were air-lifted to a nearby hospital, recovering from serious injuries. >> i will tell you the most common question that i've heard from them is how their colleagues are doing. they have specific concerns and ask about different individuals and very worried about their colleagues. >> reporter: the massive police response to the shooting left the nation's capital in chaos for a brief period and frights were grounded at the nearby national airport and local schools and the u.s. senate in partial lock down for hours. a federal investigation continues as law enforcement tries to figure out exactly what happened. and piece together what might have motivated at least one gunman to commit such a violent attack. kimberly with al jazeera
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washington. >> reporter: friends of 34-year-old aaron alexis describe him as a quiet person and an admirer of world cultures and a member of the fort worth buddhist temporal in 2010 where he meditated and ran errands and he met his friend who describes him as his best friend and he owns this thai restaurant just down the street from the temple. alexis was a delivery man here. >> unbelievable, all the people know aaron, this is my customer and know aaron a long time and he is nice person. >> reporter: and he says alexis lived with him for three years. that was after alexis had been kicked out of his own apartment for having shot a bullet into the unit above him. alexis told police at the time it was an accident. he was never charged.
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and he says alexis carried a gun with him at all times even while at work. >> we try to get something from the top you know and lift up a little bit i see his gun and i say you have to keep your gun in the car or at the house but not here. >> reporter: other friends say alexis had an obsession with violent video games and he left his house about five months ago when a new job with a military contractor took him to japan. but michael says alexis returned home upset, complaining the contractor wasn't paying him. >> he really felt like they should have paid him when they took him to tokyo. it was you know he loves to be able to travel but when he came back he talked about how they didn't give him the money they said. >> reporter: that was one of the last conversations he had with alexis. it wasn't until monday morning that he saw the news and he has
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been in disbelief since. heidi zhou-castro fort worth, texas. >> fighters in the philippines and zamboanga have taken the police in hostage and this is from the liberation front and it rescued 80 hostages on monday and recaptured 70% of the area and killed at least 18 fighters and we have the latest from zamboanga. >> it seems some of our exact things really are unclear on the ground although there are not as many reports of clashes between the liberation front and forces. the news that the zamboanga police chief is hostage with other police comes as a surprise as people expect here on the ground there will be, in fact, a slow down of the clash. now, for those the government has announced that there were
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100 hostages have already been freed but unnon-how many are under the custody of mnlf and it was a question of many human service here, from the start of the clash all they ever wanted was also a channel directly with the national liberation frontage at least initially and rescue those who have been trapped and now having spoken to the mnlf commander yesterday he said basically that negotiations are too late now and doesn't believe what the philippine government is sincere in finding a resolution to the crisis. everything right now remains unsure and we are not exactly sure whether the government is going to continue the assault or whether mnlf fighters are still held up there following reports that some of them may have already escaped. >> reporter: a strike is called by bangladesh party after one of the senior leaders was sentenced
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to death and he had originally been jailed for life but the government appealed and arguing the sentence was too lenient and the sixth leader convicted this year for atrocitys from the liberation army in 1971. and we have the latest reaction and says protests against the verdict are expected later on. >> we spoke to the defense counsel and they say they will file for plea of review of the case with the supreme court. they went on to say that they accept the verdict because it's the highest court of the country and they will accept it and honor the court but they will plea for a review which is part of the constitutional right of the defendant. however, the government supreme court and attorney general went on to say there is no such scope. only thing he can do is file for a clemency from the president of the country. and the latest we got is there is clashes in port city, the second biggest city in the
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country and clashes on the student wing with demonstrators and one police vehicle was burned. we don't know if any physical casualty or anybody got hurt yet. by evening you will see this across the country and right now the capitol city and we don't know anything yet but we expect some disturbances that is for sure. >> reporter: let's look at the weather and starting with the philippines and here is steph. >> we start with the philippines and the reason is that elsewhere the weather is calming down and over japan the storm passed and over mexico the storms there are disintegrating but all eyes are to the east of the philippines and here is why, we had the huge area of cloud with us over the past few days and now it does appear to be developing into a tropical depression and it's gradually running its way toward the northwest and the winds are not too strong around 55 kilometers per hour and not moving too fast either but work
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its way to the northwest and over the next few days it really is expected to strengthen and for the whole region we can expect to see a lot of heavy downpours and that is the track of the storm it's not the only place we will see wet and windy weather. so as we head through the next few days and wednesday it looks very wet for some of us and the heavy rain is off shore for the time being but into thursday it tracks its way to the northwest and we see more cloud and rain over the northwest and parts of louisville and it's moving slowly it could well cause us quite a few problems over the next few days. heading to the west we have an area of cloud here that we are watching very closely as well. see the bright white area of cloud off shore of vietnam, this one is giving us heavy downpours on the eastern coast and could develop into another storm as we head through the next few days. certainly in the western parts
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of vietnam really it's going to be quite wet although obviously our charts show darkness and therefore therefore it is night. and europe and it's turning now. we have a huge blanket of clouds and heavy downpours and behind it it's cooler and unsettled and lots of showers and some heavy and we are expecting plenty more wet and cool weather over the next few days julie. >> thanks for that. we will have lots of news from africa next including a look at the new parliament plus. >> i'm tim friend in the netherlands where the dutch are about to get a taste of their own economic medicine, more austerity. >> reporter: american johnson takes a step closer to a $10 million jackpot. and we will have the details in sport.
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♪ welcome back, you are watching al jazeera and the top stories the french and russian foreign ministers admit they still have differences on u.n. resolution on syria and they are in moscow looking for backing for the resolution that carries the threat of force. the russia is resisting resisting military action. they have identified aaron alexis as the gunman who killed 12 people in the u.s. capitol and they trying to find the motive behind the attack. the head of police in the
6:31 am
southern philippines of zamboanga has been taken hostage by fighters and 18 hostages held for nine days were freed. and the dutch government plans to increase taxes and cut spending to help recover the netherlands struggling economy but they said the deficit will worsen next year even if measures are pushed through and tim has this report from amsterdam. >> it's fresh and unique, the attributes of this new healthy fast-food grocery store are exactly those that many experts say the dutch government will do well to follow to boost the economy. instead there is likely to be cuts and tax increases but many fear will stifle recovery. >> very nice if the government would support entrepreneurship and start ups.
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it helps the economy and for us specifically it will help us. >> there is a lot of limitations and restrictions to get the loan and fortunately we didn't have that problem but we know from other people they have a harder time getting the necessary finances to start their business. >> reporter: the netherlands out spoken advocate of fiscal pain is a cure for euro zone ills found itself in unwelcome economy as the economic recovery have a handful of people still in recession. no one is suggesting the netherlands will need anything like a bail out but of course the fiscal figures generally are much better than the southern euro zone partners but it's difficult to preach financial rectitude to others, less
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austerity and more growth would help the pain. >> it was our signal to the rest of the world, we can't start doing the 3% deficit rule because we don't want others to do it as well. i think now it would have been helpful had we all been a bit more lenient and taken more time before reducing the budgets. >> reporter: outside the capitol business school students are pessimistic. >> in a couple years when i finish my study it will be hard for me. i think i have to cutback even more because a lot of people suffer from the cutbacks. >> reporter: it seems the recipe for the country's economic success still has to be cooked up. tim friend al jazeera amsterdam. >> reporter: well let's get news from africa now in a couple minutes we are off to rwanda for elections and the president is expected to win and could change the constitution to allow him to run for a third term.
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and in zimbabwe apparelment opened and kenya and william rooto is giving testimony to the international criminal court in the hague. and her identity has been concealed for her safety. more than a thousand people were killed and 600,000 others displaced in the violence after elections in late 2007, kenya's president also faces charges at the hague. we are joined live from nirobee and the first witness taking the stand and what is happening today? >> you are right, the first witness is still on the dock. she is a victim of the killing, where 35 people were burned
6:35 am
alive in the charge of 2008 and she will be giving details of exactly what happened. we understand beyond that she was also a cook where they attended some of the meetings, planning meet ings and we don't know what she has to say but they have a letter from the politician that is crediting the events. after her there is going to be another witness, an expert witness who is going to put in context the historical perspective of that violence and the three weeks that the first session is going to be there will be ten witnesses the prosecution will present. >> reporter: but kathryn there is a lot of concern over witnesses and witness tampering and several witnesses withdrew over the weekend, what are you hearing about that? >> yes, this is very concerning.
6:36 am
the prosecution is very worried about this. a total of 33 witnesses we are told have been withdrawing since march and the three victims who withdraw on sunday i think are crucial witnesses who are to sort of build the case that the prosecution is trying to bring out, that the killing was premeditated. now, the prosecution insists prosecutor insists that some of witnesses have been bribed, some of them are being intimated, extended families back home are being harassed and they is why they are withdrawing. and some of them are too scared to testify against that high profile individuals. but the defense says that the witness is just signs of a crumbling case that this witness has been coached and that has been going around and that
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witnesses have been coached and why they have been withdrawing. >> reporter: okay, thanks for that. and the movement for democratic election was rigged and has the largest legislators since it won the first election in 1980, we will go there and the parliament being opened, what is the feeling there because there are a lot of allegations that this election was fraudulent? >> yes, some people still believe but they have to move on with their lives and move forward. the main concern is the economy and the opening of parliament and behind me it's a colorful and guard of honor and the biggest in history and people want to know where the money
6:38 am
will come from to pay for it. and for example the benefit and the government is struggling to provide water to households and public schools and public hospitals and struggling to create jobs and people are struggling to put food on the table and that is saying the money is sent and what is the government going to do to help the people trying to make end meet. >> reporter: what about the main opposition and morgan himself, what now for them? >> some of them, to be honest they are still trying to find their way about things and trying to move forward as positive and boycotted parliament and they are talking about a shadow cabinet for example and trying to hold the president accountable. but now people want to know what is the way forward and they held a rally and the party turned 14
6:39 am
years old and they held a rally and promised people the world and promised he will keep fighting and take over the country as president. but again these are all words, people heard this all before and people wait to see what the next move will be. right now a lot of people are not sure which way the fighting is going to go. >> reporter: thanks very much indeed for that and we are at the river. and the patriotic front will have an atlanta slide victory in parliamentary elections, the commission said they won 76% of the vote with 3 quarters of the ballots now counted and this is the third parliamentary election since the 1994 genicide and our east africa correspondent is watching this from the capitol. >> they understand security. this is the third parliamentary election since the genicide and although that was almost 20 years ago the legacy still lies
6:40 am
at the heart of politics here. that's why the party that controlled the government since the blood letting ended is almost certain to win an overwhelmingly majority. a relaxed president cast his vote, his job wasn't up for election but much of the ruanda popularity depends on his leadership. >> a win is a win, and that is a win. >> reporter: the efforts has one of africa's dynamic economies and a dominant force that parties complain there is almost no space for opposition. and he thinks it's more sinister than that and party leaders in prison for promoting genicide ideology, an excuse to silence genuine opposition and said other parties are in bed with
6:41 am
the rpf. >> place in the political position but they are not really political opposition parties, they are the working for ipf. >> reporter: still this closely monitored election seems to have been relatively trouble free. observers reported no incidents of violence or attempts to interfere with the poll at the ballot boxes or during the campaign. the count is relatively simple. voters simply choose between party lists, not individual candidates. the feature designed to avoid potentially violent struggles of power. >> this vote count is not the end of the matter, there is 24 seats reserved specifically for women, two for youth and one for disabled and those are decided in separate elections over the next few days. we won't know the final makeup of parliament until the end of the week. >> reporter: but the rpf will
6:42 am
win the election. they took 78% of the vote the last time around and there is nothing to suggest the supporter, eroded. 40 people killed after two severe storms hit mexico. rescuers evacuated thousands of people effected by the worst floods in decades and we report. >> reporter: these are manuel and ingrid storms hitting mexico from to separate end and ingrid had rainfall and landslides and dozens of lives were lost and thousands of homes destroyed or damaged. >> translator: we are waiting for boats to take us across and waiting since last night and there is no sign of help from the authorities. >> reporter: a state of emergency is in place as hef
6:43 am
rains are still hampering rescue workers and 20 highways and a dozen bridges were badly damaged and major roads blocked and travel disrupted. >> translator: these events one on the pacific and the other atlantic ocean and effected two thirds of the nation and three states not effected geraro, vera cruz worst hit and providing food and shelter as best they can but for 3 dozen people man man defenses were no match for the extreme weather phenomenon. and the deaths of loved ones and dozens are still missing. warning of flash floods and land slides are still in place. the government fears the death toll may rise as more drownings
6:44 am
and accidents come in, al jazeera. >> reporter: coming up, on al jazeera we will have all sport plus ♪ we are professionals and know the score. grand theft auto hits the market and could bring in a billion dollars. ♪
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♪ welcome back, now some of the successful games series of all time but it's also one of the most controversial, grand theft auto five has launched today. the 18 rated game takes gamers
6:46 am
in a world of guns, prostitution and drug dealing and expected to generate over a billion dollars in the first year. it cost $265 million to make it. and that is more expensive than the blockbuster film avitar, since released in 1997 it sold 135 million units worldwide and more sales than the top five albums of all time. and jennifer london has more on an industry that is redefining entertainment. >> reporter: watch the official trailer for grand theft auto five and you might think you are watching the trailer for a hollywood blockbuster film and you would be wrong. >> the lines are blurred between what a movie and video game looks like and it's like high definition and cgi and very life like in the representation of people, places and things in the video games and starting to rival movies as far as the look
6:47 am
and feel. it's quite amazing. >> reporter: it's not just the look and feel of the video games, it's the money. grand theft auto four released in 2008 cost a reported $100 million to produce. fast forward five years the budget for grand theft auto 5 roughly $265 million. making it not only the most expensive video game ever made but one that has a bigger budget than nearly all hollywood films. and the rewards are huge. in 2012 video game sales made more money than the box office. with domestic earnings well over $14 billion compared to the $11 billion brought in by the movie stud studios and the game like grant theft auto does not generate buzz that a major motion picture does and because the industry has faithful fans gambling expert justin calvert says
6:48 am
gamers can take a different marketing approach. >> rock star on the other hand generally take less is more approach where press is concerned. and so the release of a single rock star trailer or even a few screen shots from a game almost becomes an event and it's a huge deal because they keep the audience really hungry. >> reporter: with a price of $60 or more for each game the industry is on the fast track to break even more records. as it continues to try and keep hollywood in the rearview mirror. jennifer london al jazeera hollywood, california. >> amazing graphics on there. let's speak to guy in london, writer and broadcaster specializing in video games and good to have you with us. the hype over the game is phenomenal. i mean, apparently there are reports of people cueing around the block from midnight to get their hands on it, what is the appeal of this game? >> well, i think there are a
6:49 am
number of elements of the grand theft auto series and the one for me the guys at rock star create epic worlds, this huge recreation of the city of los angeles and surrounding area you can explore and take part in missions and play tennis or golf, so much to do in the world and captures the imagination of gamers who really just want to engage in loads of different activities and live through the game. and i think in this particular game and i should say it's my favorite grand theft auto and it's fantastic production and a great game over all but the real key to it is an element of three different characters you play, the writing and voice acting and facial animation is so good it rivals hollywood movies. >> the way the gaming world is going, look at the graphics and they are not far off from a h d hollywood movie and costs more to produce them than a hollywood movie. >> yeah, i mean graphics are
6:50 am
getting better and better. this particular game comes at the end of the life cycle of the current generation of consoles so x-box 360 and playstation are 7-8 years old which is a lifetime in console ages and the new one will launch four and x-box one this november so this is a swan for this particular generation. >> reporter: is there worry that you know there is a lot of controversy over the game because you say the part of being a criminal in the world that you are a part of is not exactly a savory world. is there a concern that morally it shouldn't really be produced for younger people for example? >> yeah, i think there is a general miss conception that video games are for children and the industries that been around for 30 years now and longer if you go back to early games. and i think that people have to remember this is a 18 rated game. if you are a parent and watching this i would strongly sufficient you look at the game and don't
6:51 am
let your kids play it. it's mature and violence is an expect and swearing in the game. but there is more to it i think than that. and for a generation of people such as myself the quality of these games and amount of investment that goes in there and the artistic vision of the creators it parallels with hollywood productions and a culturally significant event and i understand the argument and violent and shouldn't be shown to minors it is a very important and culturally significant event for people of my age. >> reporter: it's a far cry from pacman and space innovators. and games of a different sort and here is sport. >> thank you, europes top clubs will be in action on tuesday as it gets underway and madrid will begin the quest at the title awaited for the turkish side and expected to line up a few days after scoring on his interview.
6:52 am
>> i think my opener is the most important competition in the world and excited because it's the first game, my first game at madrid and everyone knows that madrid has a fantastic objective to reach and to win the champion number ten. >> reporter: and they will begin the title of defense at home to csk moscow and undefeated in the german league for the season but performance is labeled as motionless by club sport. and david takes charge of the first game as a manager as a host and they will be looking to make full use of home advantage with his side set on a full title and he is facing a dilemma over the fitness of striker rooney and he faces the rookie
6:53 am
in the competition and he is in his 30s and in charge of this. >> i'm looking forward to it as well so it's not just one, but i have been arranging and in the league for a long time, 12, 15 years around the league and managing and always wanted to get to the champion's league and try to make it out and we may win it, that is the key. >> i think david is an experienced manager and some -- i think that everyone should give him a little bit more time to get things running and hopefully it doesn't happen tomorrow that they get things running but hopefully we can give them enough problems.
6:54 am
>> reporter: and there are 8 matches played on tuesday, event facing fc and psg and on the way to the champions. liver pool is back to the top of the english league and swanzie shelby was involved in all four goals and ahead two minutes with the former club and gave it away for liver pool and netted the fourth of the season and victor moses scored on the debut and the second half from mitchell to top shelby and liver pool for the fourth straight win. >> back to the top again and keeps momentum going from january really and run and form has been excellent and the next couple weeks we have one of the best coming back into the group. so now we are progressing quite
6:55 am
well, and i repeat we have a lot of improvements we -- i still think we need to make. >> reporter: this is how the table is looking, liver pool a point clear and next up for liver pool is home game against south hamilton and sunday sees the first match of the season. and in spain we continued the strong start to the season with a win over the eagles and won three of opening four matches with only defeat coming to madrid and won't this game 3-2. and we asked not to be paid while he recovers from the latest injury setback and he hurt his thigh during his first game back at the club and expected to be out for a month. and he has a world record $90 million four years ago but returned to milan on a free transfer in the season after
6:56 am
problems in spain with injuries. >> i decided that i don't want anything from the land except love and support until i'm better, until i'm fully fit and ready to play again. for this reason i've decided to suspend my pay for the duration of the period and i ask for the help to recover properly. >> reporter: and he has indicated that he will appeal a nine-month doping band and number 24 tested positive for a band stimulate in april and he claims he was unaware that he consumed the substance while taking glucose tablet and punishment is backdated to may and the former world nine will return to action in february. americans sac johnson had a round of 65 to win the bmw championship in 2007 champion had 16 under par and won by two
6:57 am
strokes and this is the event of the fedex cup playoffs where the top 30 players advancing to the tour championship in atlanta. the la dodgers suffered a setback in major league baseball, two run homer for paul smith and helped the diamond bax 2-1 in phoenix and dodgers need to win four games to clinch the rest. now a british and irish rug by player apologized for playing a prank on david cameron, and he made a bunny ears gesture behind the leader's head posing for a team photo during a visit and this is not the first time he has been in trouble. he was fine after jumping from a ferry in new zeeland. that is it. >> thanks indeed for that. and we will be here straight after the break and i will see you a little later on.
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>> details about his checkered past and how he carried out a massacre. >> as the floodwaters recede, the death toll continues to climb. nearly two dozen helicopters searches for the san


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