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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello, and welcome to al jazeera. i'm richelle carey live from new york city. here are some of the stories we're following for you. look into security measures and the navy yard shooting. the russian government claims to have evidence that rebels used chemical weapons in syria, and they plan on showing it to the public. thousands of people in colorado now begin the daunting task of moving forward. ♪ the defense department is promising, to quote, review
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everything in the wake of the shooting at the washington navy yard. aaron alexis was cleared to work on the military base despite his history of behavior suggesting mental illness. today chuck hagel announced a top to bottom review of all facilities. >> i directed a review of physical security and access procedures at all dod installations worldwide. the highest responsibility leaders have is to take care of their people, and our people deserve safe and secure workplaces wherever they are. >> for more we are joined now by randall pinkston in washington. randall? >> law enforcement officers are still on the ground collecting evidence. but even as the investigation continues navy officials are preparing to return the yard to operations.
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as we know there has been the use of only essential personnel for the past few years. we have the captain of the washington yard. thank you for joining us. tell us exactly what instructions have you given to the employees about when they come back and when operations will resume as normally as they can, given the circumstances? >> okay. let me begin with our thoughts and prayers continue with the families of those lost and to all of the employees that were affected by monday's events. today is our period of transition and healing. for the transition piece we have opened our 9th straight gate and o street gate, and allowing people to come back and collect their personal equipment that was left here, their cars, and as long as we have the healing here for all of those affects, we have set up counselors here at the washington navy yard.
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we also have additional sites at our point base anacostia bowling, we have a site set up there. >> reporter: what about returning to work? and when will that begin? >> today, again, we're in that transition period. and we're making preparations to begin normal operation tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow. so will everybody be coming back to the base? >> nav c will be setting up complete depreciations and the other co other co other come -- commands will be setting up systems here. >> nav c will they just stand down until the investigation is complete? >> i'm sorry i don't have all of
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the information for that piece. >> reporter: and given that this happened on your base, your washington navy yard, how are you coping with this horrible crime that has happened here? >> i am surrounded by very professional people, and we as a team are working together to continue with this period of transition and healing for the families. we are focussed to make sure the employees and those family members get what they need individually. >> reporter: thank you for your service, sir, and thank you for your time. commanding officer of washington navy yard, and good luck as you return to as much of a full operation as you can. thank you sir. so we also heard earlier today that chuck hagel is ordering that there be a full-scale review of the procedures used in connection with background checks here at the washington
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navy yard and around the country and world. >> deputy secretary carter will lead a review of dod's practices and procedures for granting and renewing security clearances including those held by contractors. this review will be closely court nated with other federal agencies, including the dni and omb. i have also directed that an independent panel be established. it will conduct its own assessment of security at dod facilities. the panel's work will strengthen secretary carters efforts and provide their findings directly to me. >> reporter: secretary of defense hagel is also being joined by other officials who will play a role in those
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background checks. another development in monday's shooting is the mother of aaron alexis has said that she feels very sorry about what has happened, what her son did, and she is expressing sympathy to the victims, to the familiar list of the victims. richelle? >> randall thank you so much. we're learning more about aaron alexis and more about the 12 victims. roxanne that has that angle. >> reporter: many victims of month's attack spent years and some decades serving their country. michael arnold was a 29 year navy veteran. his mother says he was a wonderful son, husband, and father. >> it's just not possible. it's not possible that they shot him, just for no reason. he loved his country and the navy. >> reporter: martin was a navy officer who loved hockey and the boston bruins.
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richard worked as a security officer, and this man worked as a marine engineer. >> this is all -- extremely difficult thing to process. i know for myself, it's going to take me years to really come to terms with it. >> reporter: arthur daniels a grandfather of nine was shot in the back. ken thet worked as a foreman at the navy yard. 51-year-old mary knight of virginia was also killed, so were 58 year gerald read of virginia, frank kohler, and sylv sylvia frazier. have >> he is going to remember dad just for being the incredible father and man that he was. >> our heart go out to folks and we'll go back to work when the base is open again, and do what
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we do each day to the best of our ability. >> reporter: in honor of the victims flags will fly at half staff at the white house until friday. russia says it has new evidence from syria implicating rebels in the chemical weapons attack. russian's deputy foreign minister is in damascus meeting with syrian authorities. russian has dismissed the un report saying it is one-sided and politicized. let's go now live to paul who joins us from moscow. paul how credible is this evidence? >> very difficult to judge the credibility at the moment because nobody apart from the syrians and the russian deputy foreign minister have seen it. it was presented yesterday, tuesday, while he was in damascus. he also happened to meet the
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syrian president today, but hasn't transmitted as far as we're aware the new syrian evidence back here to moscow. so there's a big question mark as to what exactly it contains. we have heard from the russian foreign minister today, he spoke to reporters and said that the evidence, although he hadn't seen it, his understanding was that it contained evidence that it was rebelled who had launched the chemical weapons attack, which took place on august the 21st. and indeed , the rebels had used chemical weapons in other incidents in the syrian conflict as well. but as i say, you must remember the syrian regime is of course trying to prove to the world that is it not using chemical weapons, and therefore, some may question the impartiality of the syrian regime when it comes to evidence gathering methods.
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the russians say they will prevent the evidence to the un security council later this week. >> paul thank you so much. canadian officials are now saying six are dead, 31 injured after a train collided with a double-decker bus in ottawa this morning. it ripped the front end off of the bus. the bus crashed through the guardrail and into the train. train safety has been under scrutiny in canada after an accident left 47 dead. crews are trying to stop a pickup truck from falling off of a bridge in new jersey. it was towing a camper and somehow flipped over and broke apart, luckily no one was hurt, but crews are trying to get this truck off of the bridge there. in colorado good weather is helping emergency crews access
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towns cut off by torrential rains. the death toll has dropped to 6, but there are still more than 100 people unaccounted for. jim hooley is live in lyons telling us more. jim, the numbers have changed drastically that is certainly a good thing. tell us more about the change in picture with the numbers. >> well, you know, that number dropped down from eight to six because they thought they had a confirmation of those two additional people that died, but they have dropped it down to six and put them in the missing and unaccounted for category. we're on the east side of the town of lyons. this is a national guard check point here. they are checking people's ids and passes as they go back into the town of lyons today. they are allowing some of the businesses and worker and some of the people who live there, but not everybody. the people who live in the
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downtown area can't go back just yet. that area has been wiped out by the heavy rains and flooding. and those people have had to stay with friends and family, stay in hotels and apartments over the last week or so. those people living in the downtown section, they will be allowed to go back tomorrow at some point, but will have to have a special pass to do that. and when they go back they have been told they will not be able to use the water unless they boil it. and there is a no-flush order in place, simply because the sewers, the infrastructure -- [ technical difficulties ] -- this is what you might call the golden ticket for some of the workers and people living in lyons today. this is the pass they have to get from the boulder county sheriff's department. they have to show their id and prove they live up there.
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that's what the national guard is checking for today. if you don't have this, it's a no go for you in the town of lyons. richelle? >> jim what are people telling you as they are coming and going? i would imagine they are having a lot of anxiety, because they don't know what they are returning to. >> that's just the point. they don't know what their property and neighborhood will look like. i just one to tell you one quick story. a couple of moments ago we saw a man come down here. he had a heavy pack on his back, and he has three mules he was pulling in back of him. he is going back home, and he just had incredible graduate for everybody that has helped out here in colorado. >> it's amazing he is able to feel that way. jim, thank you so much. flooding is also causing major problems in mexico. parts of the country are
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underwater. more than 50 people have died. the beach resort town of acapulco also is cut off. nicole has more on the weather system. >> ingrid moved inland, and dissipated after causing a lot of problems, but manuel has reformed into a tropical storm. so that's one issue, and then we have a disturbance that could track in a similar direction as ingrid and cause more problems to the areas that have already had flooding. you can see this eventually turning out a little bit more towards the west and then i could impact places like cabo san lucas. so watch that one. now the other disturbance i was
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watching. this isn't even a tropical system yet -- [ technical difficulties ] -- so they might even be doing reconnaissance on this today to see if it is gaining low-level circulation. we don't know exactly where it will go with the wind flow, but even if it doesn't hit mexico, some of that moisture could rehit in the flooded areas. thanks nicole. president obama is putting the blame squarely on congress for the fight over the debt ceiling. >> the problem we have right now is that, again, that same faction in congress, is no longer talking about debt and deficits when it comes to resolving the budget. initially this was an argument about how much we spend on discretionary and defense, you could sit down across the table and try to negotiate numbers.
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that's no longer the argument. what we now have is an idealogical fight that has been mounted that says we won't pass a budget and we will threaten a government shutdown, unless we repeal the affordable care act. it's decision day for the federal reserve. they are looking to wean the world off of stimulus dollars. what that means to you coming up. and a new york city high-rise in a prime location could be seized by the government find out why ahead on al jazeera.
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later today we may find out when the federal reserve plans to scale back its $85 billion a month effort to lift up the economy. patricia tells us what impact it could have on you. >> reporter: roughly $3 trillion and counting that's how much the federal reserve has pumped into the economy since the financial crisis struck in 2008. the fed buys mortgage debt to keep costs down. it has been buying debt at the rate of $85 billion a month. but ben bernanke signaled the central bank is looking to take its foot off of the gas. >> we will ease the pressure on the accelerator by gradually decreasing the purchases. >> reporter: the dow takened more than 200 points on the day of the announcement.
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and mortgage rates jumped more than a point since may. according to mark williams when the fed starts to reign in its bond buying, rates could climb as much as half a percentage point higher. >> the average consumer is someone who is going to finance their mortgage or refinance their mortgage. >> reporter: most analysts expect the fed to start reducing its bond buying by around $10 billion a month. >> i see quantitative easing in the tapering process to take years, not months. >> reporter: how quickly the fed winds down will ultimately depend on how the economy reacts. with tepid job growth and increasing number of unemployed losing hope and dropping out of the work force, the government will have a tough battle ahead. >> the fed makes its
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announcement at 2:00 pm eastern. we'll have the latest analysis of that on al jazeera america. the u.s. government could soon takenership of a piece of real estate because its owners may have ties to iran. prosecutors claim the owners partnered with an iranian-owned bank to avoid real estate taxes. and the major push to shift the loan star state from a republican strong hold to democratic rule.
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♪ the defense department is reviewing security clearance policies after monday's shooting at the washington navy yard. aaron alexis was cleared to work at military basis despite a history of behavior suggesting mental illness. drier weather is helping emergency crews gets to towns cut off from a week of torrential rain. a hearing is underway in the house focusing on last year's attack on the consulate in
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benghazi libya. house republicans have strongly criticized the review board. the key witness at today's hear willing be the undersecretary for management, patrick kennedy. grass roots organizations in texas are trying to swing the state from republican red to democrat blue. the group called battleground texas was founded in february by veterans of the obama campaign. hyde -- heidi zhou-castro has the story. >> reporter: battleground texas says the crowd it's playing to . . . isn't as tough as it seems. ♪ >> would you like to do it? >> yes, sure. >> so we think that texas is -- is not a red state. we think there are just a lot of
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texans who don't vote. >> reporter: battlegrounds leader, jen brown helped obama win ohio in 2012. >> in more texans are involved in the process we'll see more competitive texans. >> reporter: less than 40% of eligible hispanics vote. battleground plans on changing that with 3,000 volunteers statewide who are registering new voters. >> so we feel if we can get more people to vote, we can actually get a government that is representative of the people of texas. >> reporter: democrats hope that might be wendy davis who energized the party this summer with a dramatic 13-hour filibuster against an anti
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abortion bill. some think she one at the war, becoming the brightest gubernatorial hope democrats have had in decades. >> they are still too liberal to communicate to moderate voters in texas. >> reporter: battleground wants davis to run against greg abbott who declared battleground texas more dangerous than nuclear weapons in north korea. texans for greg abbott has raised almost $5 million compared to $1.1 million for battleground texas, but expect those numbers to swell if and when davis enters the race for governor. >> you should get a voter card back sometime in the next 30 days. >> thank you. >> thank you. have a good night.
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i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell let's get you out to what will be a lovely afternoon for a lot of places, including colorado. you can see a couple of showers earlier in the day, places like aspen reporting some light rape, but just really light stuff. so much sunshine and warmer temperatures make things a little warm for the workers, but warm temperatures helps evaporate some of a that moisture. but to the northwest we have a pressure boundary going through with a pretty distinct cold and warm front associated with it. i'll get to that in just a second, but in the meantime there is the one part of the country you can see a little bit of a spiral, but places from utah up to montana could see some stronger storms, wind and hail would be the primary threat with that. in fact we had some of those
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reports for this same area yesterday. look at billings on the backside of that front, 64, impact places a little more interior, like mazula stuck in the 50s today. but you get ahead of that minneapolis, at 82. denver is at 89 degrees. very dramatic one side of this to the other, and almost more dramatic if you get into the morning hours. ahead of this the warm air is funneling into the midwest. minneapolis is going to be at 71 degrees not for the high, that's for the low. as we continue toward the south, that is going to be our kind of one other unsettled area for today. not long the stronger storms that we might see in the
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northern plains, but just enough of a boundary that you could see a little bit more of that rain activity. a lot of this will be minor, but if you get right under one of those thunderstorms you could be washing for a little bit of a wash out at times. a lot of the rest of the south stays under dry skies for today with the exception of those couple of showers that we have out there. one of the nice days of fall. fall starts officially this sunday, and we're already getting a taste of it in some parts of the country. one of america's largest homes has been sold at auction for $41.5 million. it features a gold-inlaid pool because everyone needs one. the former owner was shot on the steps in front of that mansion in 1997. thanks for watching al jazeera.
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i'm richelle carey. do keep it here and check our website as well, ♪ ♪ when one bank came apart it shook banking to the core and changed the industry forever. the lessons of lehman brothers tonight. from washington. ♪ >> hello, i'm libby casey. when the huge wall street firm lehman brothers collapsed five years ago this week, it was only the beginning of a crisis in the bank industry from which the american economy is still recoverying from. we'll talk tonight about what has happened to the banks, and the new rules under which they operate. but first some background. >> some of the largest investment banks in the world failed, banks stopped lending to businesses. >> it has five years since the upheaval, so powerful we will still feeling the reverberation. >> it was a perfect storm that would rob millions of americans of jobs and homes and savings they spent a lifetime building. >> weak banking regular laces and bad housing loans caught up with the u.s. housing system. fannie mae and freddy mac pushed for a sale, and let lehman brothers collapse. the bush administration established tarp. which allowed the u.s. treasury to buy or insure up to $700 million. >> i'm convinced this bold approach will cost american families far less than the alternative. frozen credit markets unable to fund economic expansion. >> cascading out from wall street came a recession that saw millions of home foreclosures, massive job losses and wage stagnation that still remains today. by the end of 2008, the housing market has plunged by 18% compared to the previous year, well. >> by our determination to act together we cannot only inject the confidence that is necessary in the world economy, but also build anew e


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