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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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there's more to it. >> and a warm welcome, david foster for this al jazeera news hour. this is what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. we'll show you the evidence says russia that syria's president did not carry out the chemical attack that killed 1400 people. no. mexico floods and torrential rains, more bad weather on the way. >> news from europe including
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anger in greece as member of the far right is arrested for stabbing a left wing activist dead. and berlusconi waves goodbye to his senate seat. as he awaits his fate. >> well, russia is claiming it now has proof that the syrian government did not launch a deadly chemicals weapons attack, and it said it will soon show this to the u.n. security council. it said that it already has the evidence but decided to leave it out of the u.n. inspectors weapons report. a visit in which syrian president bashar al-assad praised his apply for helping to create what he calls a new
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global balance. the exact nature of the syrian evidence has not yet been disclosed but russian said this new information may challenge the u.n. findings, and must be treated with the utmost seriesness. seriousness. >> we are disappointed that there is no due attention paid to this evidence in the report which the group presented in new york earlier this week. >> reporter: this new information alleged evidence from the assad regime has the potential to be a complicating factor for the five permanent members of the u.n. security council continue to discuss in new york potential resolutions against the syrian regime. but the central question is how well and how quickly this new evidence can be independently
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verified. france and spain join the consensus to blame president assad for the attack. >> the evidence from the report clearly points to the fact the assad regime was responsible for breaking this taboo. the reports supports our belief that only assad regime could carry out an attack of this size. >> reporter: russia is taking a big respect by continually rejecting findings in favor of untested data. >> syria poses an interesting party to say the least. and of course syria would go to any length to prove that it is not the syrian government that used the chemical weapons. it has the interest, and the u.n. inspector's team does not. the credibility of the u.n.
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inspector team is much higher than that of the syrian government. >> reporter: the russian government has not said how it will check the syrian evidence nor the time needed to do it. just saying that it exists may have the desired effect of creating uncertainty. al jazeera, moscow. >> even though the u.n. report on the august 21st attack did not say who carried it out, it was very detailed. human rights watch says that information can be used now to show who fired the rockets that carried the sarin gasp two of the rockets hit areas of damascus. the u.n. documenting the angles in which the rocks landed. based on that information human rights watch say the rockets' flight path can be calculated, it suggests that they were fired from the base of a syrian republic guard 104th begay less
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than 10 kilometers away. we will gather to the author of that report and emergency director human rights watch. >> you need to look at the holistic nature of the evidence. rockets were used which are only known to be in the possession of the syrian government. the amount of sarin gas is in the hundreds of kilo grams used in this attack and all of the launching areas could have come from the trajectories recorded by the u.n. experts themselves point directly to the syrian government. i any now at this stage there is very little doubt by any credible observers familiar with the evidence that the syrian government was responsible for this attack. we have investigated various claims that opposition forces were responsible for this attack, and they're not credible. russia talks about the evidence
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that it has, but it has not revealed what the evidence is. instead they are relying on dubious sources of information. one of the sources cited by lavrov is a syrian nun who was nowhere near the site of the attack. her monastery is a hundred kilometers away. >> president obama has told the iranian president hasan rouhani that they will find a stalemate over its nuclear program. it has exchanged letters discussing ways to resolve the dispute. it is accused of building nuclear weapons, something that it denies.
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>> we're ready to talk bilaterally with iran if iran is willing to engage substantively on this matter. >> the u.s. justice department said it's getting ready to take control of the a manhattan building because it's owned by the iranian government. federal judge ruled the ownership violated sanctions against iran. iran is reported to have freed eight political prisoners including a prominent human rights lawyer. she was arrested in 2010 and jailed for six years on charge of acting against national security. president rouhani took presidency last month. taliban gunmen killed senior election official in afghanistan. he was shot after leaving home
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after just days campaigning for next year's election. we have more from kabul. >> reporter: he was gunned down on his way to work early on wednesday morning. the taliban have taken responsibility. now he was the most senior electoral official in kunduz province in north of the country heading up the afghanistan electoral committee. it really sends a strong message to the government in kabul and anyone involved in the 2014 elections that the taliban will target them. they have spoken to al jazeera and reiterated that point saying the election procedures and those involved with them will continue to be targeted. afghan president hamid karzai has condemned the attacks and he himself addressed a dialogue and answering questions about whether or not security issues will allow the 2014 elections to
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go ahead. he pushed the point that having no elections would be more dangerous for afghanistan than having elections affected by security issues. >> egypt has reopened the wrath of border crossing with gaza after it was closed for a week. it will be open for four hours on wednesday and thursday and for emergency cases. the egyptian military has been limiting the number of people allowed to cross the broader. 1200 people used to cross the border every day until egyptian president mohammed morsi was deposed. in the baghdad, three people dead and another explosion in the same area which killed one person, wounded five. nobody has yet said they were behind the attacks. iraq's prime minister appeal in the fight against possible perpetrators. in canada a passenger train
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and a commuter bus collide. six people were killed. it was during the morning rush hour. witnesses reportedly saw the double decker bus go lowered rail barriers. separatests in the philippine seem to be a losing ground to the government. >> reporter: after ten days of fighting philippine government troops are confident they have the upper hand. they reclaimed most of the areas taken by rebels by the mora national liberation front and have what is left the finders surrounded. >> they are not fighting as much as they used to. that's indication that they're saving ammunition. that sign alone shows they are no longer in position of strength. >> therthe entire city has beend
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hostage while the battle continues in the area hyped me. it has been cordoned off and no one is allowed in. shops and offices remain closed and 100,000 people have had to flee in their homes seeking shelter in evacuation centers like this one. >> because of them lives are destroyed. our livelihood, all because of their war. >> a war that was meant to be over when the leader of the mora national liberation front signed a peace deal with the government in 1996. but it's implementation was problematic, and it's movement has splintered into several armed factions. until those factions find an unified voice many here worry about the possibility of the incident of the siege of zamboanga. >> people of mexico are getting ready for more terrible weather
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after i.a million people have bn affected. >> reporter: at least a dozen people were buried under in mountain of mud. just one of many landslides in mexico after although storms lash from the two coasts. >> the volunteers were cleaning the highway when there was little mud. they were dragged by the mudslide. >> reporter: streets turned into rivers as two-thirds of the country tries to recover from the worst storm season it has seen in many decades. more than a million people have been affected by heavy rain, flash floods and swollen rivers. aid agencies and government are struggling to provide for tens of thousands of people in emergency shelters.
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>> the federal government is accepting out its best effort to have adequate coordination with state authorities to provide necessary support to families who unfortunately are being affected. >> reporter: in the resort city of acapulco, jetskis had to be used to rescue san franciscoed people but many had to wade through deep water and zip lines to reach safety. >> we're desperate because we cannot return to our city or jobs. our time at the hotel is up. we'll see how they support us. >> at least 40,000 people were trapped at the acapulco airport when the storms hit. and many had to be airlifted to the capital in military planes. there were also i wants of looting. some said they had to steal food because they had nothing to eat for days. with more rains forecast for the coming days and warnings of flash floods and landslides for
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thousands of people it may be some time yet before they can think about returning to a normal life. >> well, let's talk to adam rainy in people are still arri arriving, have you had a chance to talk to some of them and what they've gone through. >> it's mainly tourists and the people we're speaking to are mexican tourists. which spoke to a young man whose grandparents live there and they were having a family reunion. he said their apartment was destroyed, and all they could do was save a couple of t.v.'s in the house and his grandparents will have to find a new place to live. it's covered in water right now. behind me several airplanes, hundreds more people are arriving as we speak. we've seen planeloads of people coming in, and we're expecting
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more people airlifted from acapulco to mexico city. it's only a 30 minute to 40 minute flight but it's bringing people to safety out of those floodwaters. >> what about areas where there are ba bad scenes and people arn trouble. what is happening there. >> ingrid was a hurricane until it almost made lapped fall, but it ended up weakening. even though it was a stronger storm it didn't leave rain in its weak. there have been landslides, but what we're seeing the military go there and not find as much damage as they're finding on the west coast. for instance, just moments ago we earth that eight people were stranded. and in landslide killed more people there. >> more to come, adam raney live
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in mexico city. coming up in this news, north korea calling for talks on its nuclear program. but with a catch. and in sport there is a first for barcelona's team and coach in the champions league, and we will plain that and the rest of the sports if you stay with us. you. >> time to get news from europe now. let's start in greece where the death of left wing hip-hop artist has brought protests. police say that a man understood to be a member of the far right party has confessed to the murder. [ protesters ]
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this demonstration came out after a 34-year-old greek rapper and anti-fascist campaigner known as killer p died in hospital. he was stabbed by a man allegedly under arrest. >> ththese people have shown thy don't want democracy. they undermine it. they don't just disagree with their political opponents. they execute them. we must isolate them. >> reporter: there have been renewed calls fo, of the governt giving dialogue in legislation. >> we need to stand together in the face of victory and if these groups are similar to the former groups of italy and germany.
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>> reporter: the party was quick to condemn the action. >> all of new here are against us. you're all lying. golden dawn has nothing at all and i will shout it out loud. nothing to do with this unfortunate event that happened. nothing whatsoever. >> reporter: golden dawn supporters have been accused not only of using neo-nazi imagery but attacking immigrants. but whatever action the politicians take or don't take the tension on the streets is unlikely to disappear. al jazeera. >> wallets speak to john siropolous. a shocking i want. is it symptomatic of increasing tensions in greek society right now? >> well, it is symptomatic of
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the increasing tensions in greek society right now. the neighborhood you were talking about in the report just there is one in which there has been violence political swings during the course of this crisis. the rate of unemployment roughly 50%, the local mayor tells me, across the economy, and that has partly been responsible for a very violent swing to the right in terms of local politics there. but that does not mean that the other extreme doesn't also remaiist don't remain.the anarcy fighting a gorillfight gueril l.
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we were able to see two banks and an government office were attacked. these anarchists are picking areas of authority, and they were bent on revenge, as you rightly implied before for the stabbing death of this center left supporter at the hands of an alleged far right winger. the primary target, after a very large crowd of 10,000 people first visited the place of the stabbing. the next target was the local police precinct. the police successfully defended that but then sent a thousand police into the area from all the neighborhoods in athens to forestall more violence, which is what has ensued.
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>> john. thank you. just more from greece where demonstration over job cuts are also taking place. we see those pictures now from athens. the civil servants from protesting, schools and hospital versus been forced to close, and went on a 48 hour strike. greece is at risk of losing bailout funds until it continues tough austerity measures. >> let's go to another country hit by crisis. italy where a special senate committee are discussing whether former prime minister berlosconi should be stripped of his seat. he was convicted of massive tax fraud last month by italy's highest courts. his allies have threatened to
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bring the government down if essex medicalled. he is expelled. >> berlusconi is no longer one of them. italy's employment had to undergo the ultimate humiliation, but as far as he's concerned this matter is far from over. >> i have not committed any crime. i'm not guilty of anything. i am innocent. absolutely innocent. >> experts have been divided. the resignation coming. could this be a career relaunch in the end it was neither. this is berlusconi saying he's still here and still fighting to keep his senate seat. this as a vote is being held to decide if he should remain there. >> one can always practice politics. it's not the saturda seat that e leader but support.
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popular support, i'm sure i'm not lacking either. >> reporter: the rules are being bent to get him out. >> someone has decided to get rid of mr. berlusconi not through democratic elections but forcing the rules and going against our constitution. >> berlusconi is one of italy's richest men, but his own fortunates took a negative turn when a conviction for tax fraud was upheld. a year's imprisonment likely to be under house arrest and banned from political office the price. supporters are threatened to bring down coalition government if berlusconi is banned for good. a man who spent his life living in front of the cameras and in front of the courts he was convicted of paying this underage girl for sex, and the
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court decided that berlusconi's family must pay $670 million in damages to a media rifle in bribing a judge more than 20 years ago. so fighting allegations, fighting competitors now berlusconi's biggest political fight is underway. if there is one thing that is almost certain it is this, with berlusconi at the heart of it, it will not an quiet affair. >> professor james wolfson joins us, he specializes in italian politics. first of allwelcome. first of all, berlusconi, very used to being on tv, what did you make of him in that video? how did he seem to you? >> he seemed very tired. the actual substance of the
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message was similar to the same message in which he gave out in 1994. he wants to liberalize italy. he has emphasized the whole judicial aspect, which he didn't do then, but he's very much talking about bureaucracy and lowering taxes. this is rich from a man who the last two years has been a leader in the coalition supporting the government. he has been very much in control, and the narrative he's putting forward still has traction for some members, some people in italy. a large portion, 20%, but he has not been able to persuade the majority. it sounds like a swansong or a
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pre-swansong. he's not going to go easily but he is on his way out. >> there have been threats that if he goes then the government would fall. do you think that's likely to happen? >> well, his supporters have been playing good cop-bad cop. there have been some divided by the italian media into hawks and doves. and the hawks have been saying if berlusconi is removed from the senate, then we'll withdraw support from the government. and the doves particularly the ministers in government have been saying, well, let's wait and see. there are a number of reasons why they shouldn't. he has very much interest in maintaining the stability of the italian economy. you pointed out he's one of the richest men in the country. if the economy does not come out of recession, if it continues to
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slide then his massive empire does not do very well. he has economic reasons and other reasons. >> and if italy's economy does badly that's a worry for the entire euro zone. when we talk about italy, it seems that we end you will talking about berlusconi. what about the prime minister, have they been able to take care of all the issues they have to deal with in the midst of this political act of mr. berlusconi's? >> in six months it's very difficult in any government, even if you have a big majority to achieve anything concrete. what we can say is that they have been moving through man tof the reforms. he has shown a great deal of skill to maneuver between the very different points of view from the center right who support him.
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so in this sense he has succeeded. he succeeded in getting support of all the european institutions. he spent more time looking after the european side of italian politiciapolitics than the the . it will. >> it will be interesting to see in two hour's time when that senate committee votes. it's a pleasure to speak with you, thank you. let's go back to david in doha. >> we have more coverage of the syrian war coming up in just a moment. by recommendin refugees in egypy they no longer feel welcome there. the domesti
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this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. it could change costs, coverage, and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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>> for the al jazeera news we'll run through the top stories. russia said that u.n. inspectors ignore evidence suggesting that syrian rebels launched the sarin gas attack. the u.n. has defended it's report. the philippines army says it has taken 80% of the area seized by the separatists in the south. mexico is bracing for yet another storm, which is expected to bring more rain to hard hit areas such as acapulco. almost 50 people were killed in
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floodings, and thousands have been left homeless. of those syrian refugees who have made it to egypt are now complaining of a campaign of persecution and harassment. they said they were welcomed until the deposition of mohamed morsi. >> back home he and his family were comfortable until they fled the war he sold cars. now he's a refugee in a lapped where he no longer feels welcome. >> i feel like leaving this country, to be honest. i'm afraid. >> reporter: he and his sons were fired from their jobs a month ago. no one wants to hire syrians any more, and they get he at a haran the streets. they are too afraid to go out. >> we didn't do anything wrong.
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the problem is that they think the syrians support morsi. this is utterly false. now the syrians are being punished for something they didn't do. >> reporter: on egyptian television a number of popular presenters have accused syrian refugees for siding with separatests saying they have 48 hours to leave the muslim brotherhood or face destruction of their homes. the man who deals with the refugee program said some syrians probably did join street protests but that is no excuse for their treatment. >> it's simplistic, utterly wrong. we have contacts with syrians
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who refuse to engage in political debate. but unfortunately tv has a strong influence on the people's minds and mindsettings. >> reporter: it's estimated 250 to 300,000 is iran refugees have com300,000 syrian refugees have. hundreds have left egypt in the last few weeks. if he could only find the money, adman and his family would, too. in bangladeshs demonstration versus been held in a number of cities. these pictures are said to be from the southwest of the country. the protesters are angry about
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the deat death sentence handed n for war crimes in the war with pakistan. the sixth senior opposition leader to be convicted this ye year. now for the latest news from europe. the german election finally looking balanced. >> that's right. the fate of merkel's campaign, campaign--we explain from berlin. >> the low tax, free enterprise, free democrats launched their campaign. they've long been the king make center german politics. small but switching alliances
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with big parties so often they've served more than any other group. their leader put on a brave face as polls show his parties supporters are dangerly low. even if as merkel government as a whole is popular. if you look at the satisfaction ratings of our government, then you'll notice how incredibly high these are in comparison to last years. this in turn shows the race is going to remain interesting, but it's realistic that we'll form this co-alation again in opinion polls suggest that is a far from a done deal. they may not get the 50% votes they need for representation in parliament. >> a big part of their problem has been the global economic crisis, and a period of
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increased government spending, for instance, to protect jobs in a steal industry. that prevented merkel's government from delivering the tax cuts the free democratic coalition partners promised in the last election. so many of the party's supporters are skeptical this time around. >> we now have to see if the politicians are sticking to their word. we in the business community expect promises to be kept. >> reporter: campaigning to abolish the tax created to pay for german reunification still in place. the hope is that and other free market promise also help the fdp to stay together where merkel and government and to stay in parliament the. but the next move is the german voters. >> let's speak to nick he's southeast of berlin where they
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have been holding the rally. what is the mood there? can you sense some worry among the ranks? >> reporter: definitely. the mood has been somber since last sunday when the regional election in the state of bavaria gave a devastating score, 3%. they were wiped out of parliament, and that led the leader of the party who just took to the stage behind me and spoke with us a little bit, to call on some of anglega merkel's party voters. to vote for him and his party. now here in germany you get two votes. once for the np, and secondly for a party list. they're trying to get votes for angela merkel's party. angela merkel is not happy about that eve. she wants both votes. so in this situation where the parties are at loggerheads, but stealing votes from the people
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they're sharing power with right now seems to be the only way to stay in parliament and form the next coalition government. >> perhaps a little desperate some may say. they didn't do that well in bavaria. what are their chances later this week? >> it's very hard to tell. they've been polling around 4% to 5%. it's a fatal cut-off point. if you don't get 5% you're not in parliament, zero seats. what that would lead to, it's what a majority of germans would like, it's called the grand coalition. angela merkel's party is certain to get a lion's share of the vote. but if the fdp disappears she might be forced in a coalition with the opposition which is something that many germans would like but not something that many think angela merkel will like herself. she said she would like to continue with the fdp but that
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it would an long shot at this point. >> southeast of berlin, thank you. >> authorities in italy are continuing to secure the recognize of the costa concordia a day after the ship was successfully righted. it sits on its new bench, which is on a false sea bed. it will be towed sometime next year. two environmentalists have been arrested on a russian oil platform in the arctic. activists tried to scale the rig in the barans sea. the art i can holds an estimated 13% of the world's undiscovered oil, and 30% of its undiscovered
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gas. >> it's a disaster waiting to happen. we can see the arctic sea eyes melting in front of our own eyes. instead of seeing that as a huge threat to mankind and the planet, oil companies are rushing to the arctic to drill for the oil that caused the climate change in the first place. >> now if you bought a lottery ticket in june last year you might want to get in touch with the local authority there. the search is on for on for someone who bought a ticket and is missing out on the prize. if no one comes forward the money will go to the shopkeeper who sold the winning ticket. but he said he has to try the find the real owner first. >> i thought if it happened to me, i would be terribly upset. i'm acting wit acting with a co. it was worth it. i wake up every night with a clear coverag conscience.
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nno one can buy that. >> to the u.s. federal reserve sending the new york stock exchange to an all-time hay after they will continue their massive cash inflatio infusion e time being. it said that the economy is growing at a moderate pace but its waiting for a sustained growth before pulling back just a bit. north korea has once again called for the resumption of talks on its nuclear program. it's foreign minister made the comments that there should be no pre-conditions. there have been two nuclear te tests. >> reporter: as the sixth party informal meeting got up way,
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china and north korea pushed for high level talks. those talks stopped four years ago after u.n. angelses following a failed missile test. >> all parties should be devoted to the six party talks. we should not only return to the talks but extend the talks and reach agreements and achieve peace. >> after the last meeting he vowed never to return. but now the south kore north kot wants to begin talks without conditions. >> reporter: the nuclear threat by the united states has become stronger and more real. as it stands now the idea of renewed talks is a non-starter for the u.s.-south korea and japan. they insisted talks won't start until north korea shows specific action that it's dismantling
2:45 pm
nuclear weapons program. it has been ten years since the first party attacks and it was through these same gates that wednesday's meeting took place. now over these years since that first meeting there have been many promises, many have been broken. the latest coming just last week. the release of these satellite images suggesting north korea's plutonium reactor might be starting. now that it has taken up the charge to resume the talks, china has a challenge, bringing everybody back to the table. >> we have this for for yo in jt a moment. preserving india's heritage. and in sport a whole new ballgame. the top footballer who has found a new career.
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>> the national assembly is going to take up a proposed amendment to violence against women illegal. it would include psychological and physical abuse. we have that story. >> reporter: she often takes her niece and nephew to visit their mother's tomb. her sister was shot dead by her husband after years of abuse. >> i can't believe my sister is underneath all that concrete. i would like to wake up and know that this is a nightmare but
2:48 pm
that's not the case. this is reality. >> reporter: nicaragua has high levels of domestic abuse against women. >> those pushing for reform are more concerned with nick agua's family. >> this seeks to neutralize to create a new family model in nickenicaragua.
2:49 pm
>> to amend the law is a death sentence for women. we demand the state fulfill its duties to protect human rights against th the aggressors. >> reporter: the mediation won't work. her sister was shot three times before going to mediation against her abusive husband. she went back home and the violence continued. fear is shared by many women across the country. but that may not be enough to stop the assembly from adopting the reform when it begins. >> time for sports. >> reporter: the group stages the champions league now under way, barcelona, chelsea all in action. here are the fixtures in full. it will be the first time aja boxer and barcelona have met.
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we go to correspondent lee wellings. >> they did so well so well, it will be difficult to reach that stage this year. even though they held off bundisliga. then you've got marsseillers versus arsenal. that's the one i'm really looking forward to. we have chelsea who won the cup in 2012. they're at home. we've got barcelona starting out. the second favorites. there could always be surprises in the champions league. i'm really interested in the progress of athletico madrid.
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>> the semifinals of the asian champions league. the south korean champions were taking on saudi arabia scoring ththe decisive score very late . 2-1 on aggregate. they will face champions in the semis. scoring a spectacular goal there in this win at high side. the semis after a 4-1 win. they have the 6-1 aggregate win. japan still 1-1 at the moment and that would mean extra time. the oldest rivalry will resume when united states takes
2:52 pm
on great britain in the group. more recently great britain has struggled to make any impact and this is the second time they qualified for the competition since 2008. 20 top champions will take on the netherlands. spain will be taking on germany. it's not just formula one race fans looking for the ferrari pairing mssa is to be replaced by 2007 world champion. right now they're in singapore for supplie sunday's grand prixy speculating whether the partnership really can work.
2:53 pm
>> fernando is not the quickest guy but as a package he's exceptional. does it make the team stronger? i personally don't think it do does. >> reporter: team new zealand will go after the cup. sunday saw team new zealand take a 7-1 lead over oracle team u.s.. weather conditions looking okay at the moment. now the international olympic committee is attempting to settle an internal split in pakistan that the olympic organization dividing in two factions. we have more from islamabad. >> reporter: even though many people aroun around the world mt do know this, pakistan's
2:54 pm
national sport is field hockey. however, the olympic association now means that the country's team will not be able to participate in the commonwealth games. however, the problem is even deeper and it is primarily because the country's hockey team has been neglected for several reasons. to discuss this issue we meet. we ask why they feel pakistan's hockey is in so much trouble today. >> the crisis is a result of politics. the fact that two groups are involved in a power struggle for position. because these two groups of fighting for their own egos and privileges. it has brought nothing but a bad name to hockey, and now they're out of the games. >> they mos boast three olympicd
2:55 pm
medals and won four world cups. they failed to qualify for nextier's event while this dispute is ongoing. 36-year-old retired from football and has made his professional golf debut. he did not get off to the best of starts. he missed a cut and was 40 strokes off the lead. plenty more on our website, you can check that out plenty for were me, but that is sports for new. >> thank you very much in deed. one of india's most famous monuments will be reopened after millions was spent on restoring.
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>> six years ago the prime minister urged indians to do more to protect some of the countries' most important historical sites. that call to action changed the fortune of one of new delhi's most famous monuments. >> i'm convinced that the effort to pro serve can be dovetailed through infrastructure improv improvement, community, boosti g environmental landscaping. >> craftsmen worked on this site. restoration work has been done on the exterior and interior,
2:57 pm
and they say the tomb is a testament of changing attitudes in modern india. >> if it leads to a better quality of life economic gainful communities. >> the tomb is one of many historical sites that can be found all over the india capital. while some are in better condition than others, in rece recent, groups have made effort to restorm them in their former friender. splendor. this tomb is nestled among a fast growing neighborhood once considered a burden by locals it is now the sparkling jewel of the block. al jazeera, new delhi. >> that's it for me. see you a little bit later.
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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. here are the top stories we're following. the mother of gunman aaron alexis speaks out about her son to the families of the victims of the navy yard shooting. >> my son has killed 12 people and wounded several others. his actions have had profound on the families of the victims. aaron is now in a place that he oh, no longer can do harm to anyone. for that i am glad. to the families of the victims


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