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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we'll see you next time. >> good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler in new york. investors pushed the markets to record highs after the federal reserve makes a surprise move and decides to keep its economic stimulus program in place. i am so, so very sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. >> the mother of the navy yard gunman apologies for her son's -- holings for her son's horrific crimes. desperation grows for thousands in mexico hit hard by flooding.
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>> we begin with surprise news from the federal reserve. it will maintain its bond bien stimulus program. it's encouraging news for many 401(k) holders. the decision could also mean lower mortgage rates. the fed's announcement triggered aa record day on wall street. before the announcement, it was down 40 points, and after the announcement it rallied to gain over 100 points. pathpatty cull hain reports. >> expected to impact the world economy but he changed course. >> had to make no change in either its asset purchase program. >> translation, the u.s. central bank will continue printing money to buy u.s. bonds and securities. they had been scaled back but
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said the u.s. isn't creating enough jobs and the continuing fight between the republicans and the dralts, the fed will wait. >> it is the case that a government shut down and perhaps even more so, failure to reach the debt limit could have very conventions, and the fed's policy is to do whatever we can to keep the economy on course. >> what that means, the dollar will stay weak and economists say that helps developing economies. >> right now near term, it is good news for developing markets, the u.s. will be like a lawn blower, borrowing the money towards the bricks. >> the bricks, brazil china
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russia, in a new poll, 900 investors would were asked to pick the worst countries,. >> 24% said brazil, 24% said russia, 23% said china. the developed countries did much better. the news out of washington could halt the destabilizing impact on the developing world. for now. >> thank you. >> but bernanke has made it clear, the policy is going ochange, it's just a question of when. patty culhane, ldgesz washington. >> earl -- al jazeera washington. >> earlier i talked to pedro de costa. >> for then who said the fed was out of bullets, they're actually not out of bullets. here they basically delivered
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stimulus through inact, by not acting to change the pace of its bond buying it rallied the markets and at least laid the groundwork for mortgages to fall a little bit from their recent uptick. this is a mess of its own making of course, the fed's own talk about the tapering of bond purchases that led to the spike in interest rates. the fed always talks about monetary policy as a balance of risks. and one of the concerns even within the fed is that by keeping interest rates low for very long andby continuing these unconventional policy measures by buying treasury bonds and mortgage bonds, the fed could lay the risk later on. but some of what you have been talking about in the program is actually very relevant because bernanke and the fed was very opiniopoignant in flagging the .
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in a way, it's congressional inact that's forcing the fed's hand. >> now to that congressional inact that pedro just mentioned, the president is bracing for yet another battle over the debt sealing with republicans in congress. they are offering a path for government shut down. they are wanting to take down the president's health care plan. mike viqueira last the story. the nation could default, all of it could happen in the next few weeks, with no compromise in sight, many are asking why is washington bringing the country to the brink again. tea party authorities, revolt from his rank and file, today house speaker john boehner quickly agreed. >> our goal is to protect the
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people from obamacare. as simple as that. >> that said president obama is a nonstarter. >> you have never seen the debt sealing or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a governing party. and trying to force issues that had nothing to do with the budget, and have nothing to do with the debt. >> two financial cliffs are coming up fast. the government runs out of money october 1st. unless government acts there will be a shut done. then sometime in late october the national debt will go over $16 trillion, its ceiling. if the government doesn't address it, it could go into default. the automatic indiscriminate cuts of over $1 trillion that many are facing the effects of.
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the compromise seem far from reach. tom nance says the country is far from broken. >> it is a matter of takings the country down of ideologic zealotry so dominating the motivatiomotivations of republin members. >> in a typical election almost 90% of house seats are safe, no chance of losing to the are opposite party, but funded by millions from outside groups like the club for growth. >> what's the point of having a republican in office if all they're going odo is vote to grow the size of government just a little slower than democrats. if the the democrats are driving the car off the cliff at 80 and the republicans slow it to 60,
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we're still going over the cliff. >> brian walsh worked for four years to get republicans elected to the congress. >> you should spend your time, doing nothing, when republicans had a great opportunity to win back the senate next year. >> and part of the problem for republicans is much more basic than that. it's costing them elections, these primaries featuring more quote unquote establishment candidates, the ultimate republican nominee too conservative for the general election. it's cost them seats in indiana, delaware and nevada and could cost them the senate in 2014. >> mike viqueira reporting. tomorrow, detroit will be determined whether it's entitlemented for chapter 9 bankruptcy.
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looks at how detroit got there and what's in stake. >> with growing expenses and tax revenue, detroit can't keep the street lights turned on let alone afford to pay its huge growing debt. that's why detroit filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy in july. >> i don't view this as a terrible answer in the sense that now's our opportunity to stop 60 years of decline. this is fundamental. >> race riots in the 1960s, the migration of milt class workers to the suburbs, financial mismanagement and the decline of the u.s. auto industry has all contributed to the city's downfall. the city is a wreck, half of the city's property owners don't pay their taxes and the state has cult its support to the city in
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half. >> the idea between chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy is to give the city a fresh financial start free from past bills and obligations. in detroit's case however much of that debt isn't to investors banks or big corporations. it's to retired workers who depend on those pensions after years of work. >> when you look at michigan and detroit this is no accident. this is purposeful. >> the city's public service unions are fighting detroit's bankruptcy filing in court saying it's unnecessary, illegal and most of all unfair. >> we have earned the right to our pensions, no one is giving us anything and no one should be taking anything from us. [applause] >> others here argue that detroit is just one of many places in america that are running in the red. >> michigan has a deficit, no emergency manager.
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california has deficit, chicago has deficit, atlanta has deficit. all these cities with deficits, no bankruptcy, no emergency manager. if it's good enough for them it doggone well should be good enough for city of detroit. >> how the judge rules on bankruptcy could set a legal standard that goes well beyond detroit. >> tensions are certainly a -- pensions are certainly a big part of it because there are so little of a track record, all the big cities that are struggling with the pension liabilities and how to restructure their debts are really watching detroit very closely. >> federal judge stephen rhodes is expected to move through these proceedings quickly and decide to declare detroit bankrupt as early as next month. a are service for the victims of the navy yard shooting, meanwhile the
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discretion is moving forward and there are new details about the shooter. randall pinkston reports. >> fbi and military investigators continue to gather evidence from monday's shooting at the washington navy yard. beyond the yellow tape in building 197 crime scene specialists are closely measuring the tra trajectory of every round. first rented a rifle at a gun store in virginia, he practiced then purchased an 870 shotgun and ammunition. alexis had a history of mental issues that prompted him to seek medical care still he was able to maintain his government clearance allowing him to work for a defense contractor with access to a military base. defense department officials want to know why. >> there are many questions that are going to be asked, need to be asked, many reviews, and the intensity of those reviews have
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to go down to every aspect. the security of the physical premises, the security clearance, standards of that security clearance are they strong enough why do we do certain things the way we do, we need answers and we will find those answers. >> today the gunman's mother expressed regret for her son's action he and apologized to the victims. >> aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, i am glad. to the families of victims i am so very, very sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. >> the navy yard remains closed, others are allowed to retrieve their cars and trucks left behind in the aftermast math of the gunman. building 197 the investigation will continue.
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the commanding officer says they are concentrating on helping navy yard glows and their families. >> i am surrounded by very professional people and we are trying to continue with the period of transition for the families. we are focused to make sure the employees and those family members get what they need individually. >> as investigators work to us how and why this shooting happened makeshift memorials at the navy yard show support for those devastated by monday's attack. >> randall pinkston, al jazeera washington. health care treatment aaron alexis received before monday's shootings, according to version, the department of veterans affairs says both times mr. alexis was alert and oriented and was asked by va doctors if he was struggling
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with anxiety or depression and thoughts of harming himself or others which he denied. mexico is battling with tropical storm, manuel and ingrid have already devastated large parts of central and southern mexico, at least 80 people have been killed and within the hour we have learned that 58 people are mission after a larnd slide. adam rainy is in acapulco. >> the mech can air force have been air lifting hundreds and bringing them here to the capital of mexico city, as they try to bring some of the thousands of people stranded in acapulco after tropical storm manuel devastated that area. we have seen people walking through chest-high water trying to evacuate their homes, the mexican military is there
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conducting rescue operation, trying to understand the full extent of the disaster. we think two storms hitting mexico at the same time, ingrid on the west coast and manuel on the equities, th east coast -- t coast, as they try to understand the damage to the area there. the highway from mexico city to acapulco is total reply cut off and not expected to be back in operation until friday. >> i'm meteorologist dave warren. we'll keep it there in mexico, and watch the tropical storm that are there, the first one is manuel, pacific coast of mexico it's right there the center of the storm really blew up today and slowly drifting north
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dumping a lot of rain over the same area. only a little further south now we have just rain and thunderstorms over southern mexico but this cluster here is what we're watching for next few days. this could show some intensification and could become a tropical storm. where it heads from here is very important to watch. the area can't take much more rain. as it best fiez, we will see the -- as it intensifies, it could either turn to the northeast or go south. if it goes back over the gulf here and stays just off the coast of mexico that could be a problem, putting more rain and leading to landslides. we'll watch as how this storm develops and we'll have a forecast in a little while.
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>> boston proceeds as it prepares for its first marathon since april's bombing.
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>> the new iranian president, hasan ruhani, says he has the full authority to negotiate with america about the nuclear program. ruhani's latest statement could be the loosening of relations between iran and the u.s. >> is iran trying to pursue a nuclear arsenal?
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>> we have never pursued a nuclear bomb and are not going to do so. >> would not be getting mixed signals in talks over the program. >> in its nuclear program this government enters with full power and its complete authority. i have given the nuclear negotiations portfolio to the foreign ministry. the problem won't be from our side. we have sufficient political latitude to solve there problem. >> the u.s. has long accused iran about lying about its intentions. that suspicious has driven washington to provide round after round of economic sanction he on iran, those have starved the economy which rahani is under pressure to rejuvenate. the previous government of.
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>> somebody who is looking to open dialogue with the west and with the united states. in a way that we hadn't seen in the past and so we should test it. >> obama sent rohani a letter of congratulations after his election which he welcomed. after the government released 11 political prisoners on wednesday, this reaction by the u.s. state department. we welcome the reports that the iranian government has released several prisoners of conscience. we hope he will keep his promises to the far eight say there are no plans for the two to meet but with both liters extending feelers it's starting to look at what was once unthinkable is verging into
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the realm of the responsible. rosalyn jordan? al jazeera. >> they remain ready to engage with the rohani government. the warehouse says it's hopeful that new talks will why achieve a diplomatic solution, after hearing from iran's nuclear program. one involves avaluable piece of new york real estate, a a high rise on fifth avenue. paul beban reports. >> fifth avenue, on the street level the 36-story tower is home to brand name stores like juice ideas couture or godiva
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chocolate. this building generated some $39 million in rent between 1999 and 2007 alone all of it funneled directly to a bank owned by the government iran. violating federal law against doing business with rawn. this week a federal judge ruled that the federal government can move to seize the building. the manhattan u.s. attorney's office says the business is a front for bank meli, the government of iran, the building's majority owner is a nonprofit called the alavi foundation. it says on its website that it plans to appeal. a lawyer for the foundation wouldn't provide any comment. comes a week after hasan ranhan are said to are visit the u.n.
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other signs of a tha thaw, the e is settle for a meeting. >> for the first time i would say in over a decade we are seeing the iran supreme leader lean being heffary on the conservative establishment, for u.s. dialogue. >> 6:55 fifth avenue is worth between five and seven million, even that kind of money is unlikely to change the tony of improves relations. >> from rain yawn point of view, we are finding out that the foreign reserves are depleted, that the oil income is very much vanished so the government wants to explicit the sanctions. >> the bhows says while there are no formal plans for a
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meeting it hasn't been ruled out either. paul bieben, al jazeera new york. in just one day, superstrong show of support for boston after the april twin marathon bombings that killed three and injured hundreds more. ftc >> mike eaves joins us in sports. sad news in boxing. >> former boxing champion ken norton has died, his manager says congestive heart failure is the cause. norton gained prominence when he defeated mohamed ali that same year, and he finished his career with a record of 42, seven and 1
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and 33 knockouts. ken norton was 70 years old. in the nfl a top 5 draft pick from just two years ago already has a new home. the cleveland browns traded trent richardson to the colts. giving two of the top three players on their current roster. enforcement of rules violations called in by television viewers. during which woods endorsed pension believe that, the tour championship this weekend in atlanta. i'll be back with more sports news coming up in about 20 minutes. >> michael, thank you. a difficult challenge for those flooded out of their homes in colorado. coming up a number of people without insurance to help restrrt their lives. the demand from the ceo of
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starbucks. where victoria azarenko on august 20th,
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>> whrosk to al jazeera i'm joh. here are the top stories. wall street opened into record
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territories. the federal reserve announced that it was keeping its multibillion dollar stimulus program in place. the dow closed up 147 points. defense officials concede, red flags were missed before monday's deadly shooting at the washington navy yard. an investigation is underway, as to how aaron alexis was granted security clearance after at least three arrests. the navy says it's conducting at least three reviews of security in its installations worldwide. mexico, already battered by landslides and flooding. 58 people have been swept away by landslides, 80 confirmed deaths and thousands are still without water and electricity. the president of the red cross mexico spoke earlier tonight and
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said conditions were dire. >> to talk to you, now it's very difficult for people, phone calls as you said there are lots of people there, we have a lot of water and it's raining now in acapulco so we have some problems. we have thousands, thousands of peoples. and we are taking them to shelters. and of course we have to feed them. so we are having a hard time in acapulco, it is a lot of people, they are having problems. we can say that. and in the north part of the country also, are in ver ah cruz and in oaxaca, we also have hurricane is coming back, manuel, and no sign of sinaloa and los cabos, and we have
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another climate prab. almost u.k. tan so w -- yucatan. working for the red cross and we are sending thousands of keel k, to people. >> now to colorado where damage caused by flooding could cost $900 million. according to the federal emergency management agency, fema, fewer than 6,000 people in those counties have flood insurance and with about 200 people still unaccounted for, crews are conducting dwoor to door searches for those. the flood ravaged community of lyes is beginning the daunting
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task of rebuilding. building owners have begun assessing the damage there. >> this is the east side of lyons colorado. this is where people will have to pass through before going back into the town. this is the golden ticket what they have to have the access pass that has been issued by the national guard. they have to have this before they are able to go home once again. >> damaged homes washed out roads, repair crews everywhere, this is alliance, criminally, one week after the flood damaged it. the current was so strong the riverbed visited course. >> the river is now back where mother nature had put it. >> its mayor was out of town on business in africa. a week later she is just getting
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back and seeing her town for the first time. >> it was just frustrating to get home and you just want to get home. the most difficult time for me and for anyone is when you don't have information. >> her first task and priority for all lyons individuals is find out who is still unaccounted for. >> that is the number one priority is to find those peoples and get them to safety. trying to assess our water and waste water systems and trying to figure out a trea way to get those back online. >> this gives you a really difficult picture how, this bridge completely wiped out, the people in that neighborhood completely separated from the rest of up to. what comes next is getting lyon's 2030 people back in town and get independent businesses
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back and running. >> we are not, much large businesses, we are small independent companies. >> the school will now service the town hall, the old town hall was severely damaged. >> they set up k-12 for the students. it is an amazing effort they've put together to be able to keep us all together. >> on wednesday residential will be allowed in. one or two have started to come in. >> it's devastating. >> it will be a time for them to see their homes and face the reality of rebuilding. they can't drink the water from
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the tap, they have to boil it first. and they can't flush the toilets. the sewer system has been compromised pretty much completely wiped out. >> james high school yeah. >> the news was a surprise traders on wallets were expecting the fed to start tapering its bond-buying but chairman ben bernanke won't say when the fed would stop buying bond assets. >> if we gain more confidence in that outlook and we believe that that the three parts test that i aimagined is indeed coming to pass then we could move later this year. >> until then, the fed is waiting. wallets can surged closing up
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more than one 47 points. new information is surfacing about the weapon aaron many pleax used, these words were carved? better off this way, and my elf weapon. elf may refer to communications efforts. men while the u.s. military wand to -- >> they know who did it but they still don't know why. u.s. investigators are still trying to figure out why aaron alexis shot and killed 12 people at the washington navy yard. his mother has apologized. >> his actions have had a profound and everlasting effect,
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i don't know why he did what he did and i'll never be able to ask him why. >> why his position didn't get him as a job as a security contractor and a security clearance. he called police not long ago and complained he was hearing voices. he was never convicted of a crime so passed background screening. they believe request more could be done. good. >> there were a lot of red flags as you know, why they didn't get picked up or incorporated into the process what he was doing those are all letting questions we will be dealing with. >> whether the pentagon cut corners on any contractors to save money. >> the budget issue did not degrade the security at the navy yard and in any way contributed to this a.
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>> while a number of gun control groups called for tougher screening laws to prevent people such as laix from purnsing firearms. and as the pentagon and navy officials made plans for a service on monday, they were urged not to forget the loved ones. >> my husband was a wonder wonder man, he was always happy. >> rosalyn jordan, al jazeera. >> following the shooting the gun control debate is heating up once again. new york city player michael have bloomberg says, background checks on about 600 potential buyers at the site. it says it found one in every 30
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had, everyyear. >> in the digital age convicted felons, domestic abusers and other dangerous people who are legally bard from buying guns can do so online. and as our investigation shows thousands of criminals of the proinprohibited, openly advertig that they want to buy them. >> under current law, private sellers are not required to conduct background checks. pro-gun are advocacy argue that it would hurt responsible buyers. starbucks is running adds in newspapers tomorrow asking customers to leave their guns at home. jonathan marnts has been talking with coffee growers in
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nashville. >> with 13,000 shops around the u.s., starbucks has to please the their customers. so they're hoping that asking customers not to bring guns,. >> it's also the right of the patron to go elsewhere. you know, shop somewhere where there is guns are allowed, if they so choose. they have a right not to go there anymore. >> this company has found itself in the debate over gunls. after a series of progun demonstrations at starbucks including an attempted rally, the chain says firearms are no longer welcome. superkerry howard schultz made the announcement in a video
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chattel with their employees. >> we feel it would be more are comfortable if, guns are not part of our procedure. >> there will be no outright ban or signs posted, we are hoping starbucks will comply. >> city leaders recently banned concealed weapons in all bars that plowed, concerned guns and alcohol don't mix, jonathan martin al jazeera, nashville-if tppedz. >> i'm. >> katy: execs is making i.t. harder for some people to attain their dream of owning a home.
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>> plus an early blockbuster trade, michael eeives has sports. eaves has sports.
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>>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. >> vectors in canada are trying to find why a double decker bus collided with a passenger strain today. it happened during morning rush hour at the capital of ottawa. dozens are injured, six are dead. >> it happened at the height of the morning rush hour. a double decker drove through a crossing barrier and onto a passing train. they tried to warn the driver. >> everyone said stop stop, the
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the bus was coming in contact with the train, everyone flew and there was dust everywhere. >> the collision tower off the front of the bus, 36 others injured many critically. >> i seen debris flying and wasn't much of a sound. but then the train started to slide to its right and black smoke was coming up. >> canada's transportation safety board says the moments leading to the crash have to be thoroughly investigated. >> well it certainly is a serious accident, there's loss of life and that elevates it and the fact that the train derailed. those are all factors that coming into determination when we decide whether or not we're going odo a full investigation. >> this is canada's second major rail accident this year. in july a train traveling through the province of question
11:47 pm
beck derailed. the bus plow intermediate the passing train leaving it -- plowed into the passing train. >> from what i can tell the bus driver did not notice the signals were down and the barriers, there were screams for him to stop, he might have braked i did not feel that and the bus actually lit the train, dead-on. >> the top priority for investigators now will be retrieving the black box recording device from the bus to determine what went wrong before the crash. and caused such a tragic morning in canada's capital city. kimberly helcutt, al jazeera. >> good evening, i'm michael eaves. former boxing champion ken
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norton who gained prominence by beating mohamed ali, died, now he lost the rematch to ali in 1973 but he would later earn the wbc heavy weight crown in 1978 and he finished his career with a record of 42, 7and 11 knockouts. ken norton was 70 years old. today the browns and colts pumentd off cleveland agreeing to send trent richardson to a first round draft pick. richardson rushed for 950 yards and a browns rookie record 11 tuppedz last year. this trade now gives the colts two of the top three draft picks, quarterback andrew luck
11:49 pm
and now richardson. the nfl has fined four players from end game hits. a clear indication that the nfl is trying to send a message. john madden and ronnie lott, being played and they're being coached properly and that is being seen by all the people watching the video and no one watches more video than john madden. i do believe this is a very positive shift in the culture, you're always going to have things that don't necessarily fit into that culture in a period of time but people are recognizing when these hits don't fit into the context of the game. as far as the actual wins and losses are concerned an 0 and 2 start by the buccaneer cots result in some early season
11:50 pm
changes. john shareen asked who would be likely to leave, head coach are greg schiano or freeman? >> he would ask for a trade before the trade deadline next month, whether that is true or not he is certainly playing his way out of town. he has four touchdowns and 11 interceptions, he has 335 passing yards, the 30th rated passer, there is no question, this is his last year in tampa bay. the only further question is this greg schiano's last year in tampa bay. there is a little bit of luck in there but i think they're getting an identity a little bit. two games, two fourth quarter
11:51 pm
come backs, i think that's the difference for bears this year, their offense is contributing, they're actually rated ahead of their defense. defense is 17th so the offense is actually contributing to the calls maybe more than in previous as soon as. this is a team remember 10 and 6 last season missed the playoffs and fired their head coach. they need to win more than ten to assure getting in a playoff berth. quarterback who would take the biggest glump his second season no question he's the guy who has passed for almost 600 yards. we have to remember this is guy who made only 19 starts as a quarterback. he actually made more starts as a wide receiver at a&m, he is growing and learning and comfortable in that position,
11:52 pm
and he's getting better and better. remember 60% of the teams that start 2 and 0 make the playoffs. they're well on the way. >> are his chiefs for real? >> i asked andy reed last week, if he felt lucky to inherent the team he inherit. he inherited, alex smith does not turn ball over that defense create turnovers. i think this is a team that is for real. they have a chance to may the makeoffs and do some damage in the playoffs. i don't think you're going to want to play them in the playoffs, they're awfully awfully good, do not turn the ball over.
11:53 pm
>> if that night was not significant, they are going to retire the number of quarterback donovan mcnabb. >> michael eaves thank you very much. the housing market has been bouncing back from a long slump but that does not mean buying a home is easy. natasha guinane is in miami. >> this is a glimpse of luxury miami style. this modern abode by the bay is ready for the taking if you have $35 million. whether you're a part of the 1% or the 99% buyers in miami dade county are facing fears competition. -- fierce competition. >> it is hot getting hotter and hopefully will get to a sizzle. >> alex and nicole had already been burned six times in the last year. they are getting married in the
11:54 pm
spring and look to buy their first home but they lost out to an all cash buyer. >> it is frustrating, here we are two young people trying to move on, move up on life start our life together, with you know, thinking about the future. and it's just like, a punch in the face. >> those cash buyers include private equity investors who are buying up homes to turn into rental properties. that means there aren't a lot of homes for sale. >> mr. in the last couple of years -- in the last couple of years in mime dade county, the prices have increased in 19 to 20%, that's just in two years and they're increasing still. >> some people are back into the house flipping again. annie sierra made a 200% profit on a condo she just owned for two years.
11:55 pm
then she shaved 46,000 off of the selling price because she had cash. >> it is a win win, i know my outcome and where i could be in a year. >> as for sardino and cano, they got a call from their realtor. they finally landed this new home. >> i guess i couldn't really feel the success of everything i have accomplished in my life until i was like okay open the doors this is my home, i own this. >> whether it is a starter or a luxury home people here are learning waiting can cost them. if they see a home they want, they better pounce before someone accommodation along with a better offer. >> coming up, dave warren is back with those storms over mexico. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere.
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why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. hi, my name is jonathan betz,
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>> i'm meteorologist dave warren. new information from the national hurricane center has hurricane manuel over the gulf of california, intensified but only five miles an hour, not much movement, that means it's dumping a lot of rain over the same area, a big problem there.
11:58 pm
southern part of mexico popup storms but this will be developing and that track could take it into the gulf of mexico before it goes north or south. could dump a lot of rain over areas that don't need it leading to more landslides there. flood warnings still in effect in the southwest, look at this little band of flood warnings throong platt river because o of -- along the platt river, this is south platt river flooding that's still occurring will not go back down below flood stage until saturday, that's in colorado. nebraska's forecasting the flooding to continue in the next 24 hours. all that rain has made it into larger rivers and continuing to push east. now a storm developing in the moobmontana and northern plains,
11:59 pm
showers and storms and cooler air, warmer temperatures climbing from denver minneapolis chicago and memphis, the warmup and the severe weather. showers and strong thunderstorms with severe thunderstorm watches developing in north and south dakota. areas of storms will move to the east, tomorrow, an area of showers and storms through the great lakes, oklahoma, kansas into texas. that's where the storms are tomorrow, also where the warm air will be. temperatures 80 close to 90 ahead of that band of showers and storms and followed by cooler air, chicago seem to warm up thursday and friday with strong storms then cooler weather comes in saturday, sunday and monday. temperatures are into the upper 50s, not nearly as cold tonight in the northeast only dropping into the 50s and
12:00 am
40s tomorrow morning. stay tuned, headlines are coming up. >> welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler here are tonight's top stories. manuel has strengthened into a hurricane threatening the west coast of mexico, the national weather service says the storm is moving at five miles per hour. the storm should bring more rain to a devastated area from ingrid. record day on wall street, the dow closed up 147 points, rally happened after the federal reserve said it was keeping its $85 billion per month stimulus in place.


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