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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> hello, i'm stephanie sy. these are some of the stories we're following. dozens dead and many more missing as two massive storms take aim at mexico. now that the floodwaters are receding in colorado, we'll look at the devastation thousands of homes damaged, and many without insurance. and a crackdown in egypt as government forces clash with armed groups. a popular coffee chain gets involved in the gun control debate. and a big day on wall street after a surprise from the federal reserve chairman even as the government faces another possible shutdown.
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[♪ music ] >> mexico is struggling with hits by back-to-back hurricanes. the second hurricanes manuel is now moving inward over central mexico. it has triggered massive landslides. some the of the images here, has left 58 people missing. the death toll from both hurricanes is up to 80, and there has been a large-scale evacuation. we have more from mexico city where evacuees from acapulco have been arriving. >> they've been bringing them in from acapulco to mexico city. they have been bringing thousands of people trapped in acapulco as the hurricane devastated the area.
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we've seen people walk through chest-high water. the mexican military is there conducting rescue operations, trying to understand the full extent of the disaster. we've seen two storms hitting mexico. manuel on the west coast and ingrid on the east coast. people dead and that death toll could still be rising. we're going to see military from mexico city continue to deploy into acapulco into the hardest hit area as they try to understand the fullest extent of the damage of the storm. many communities are cut off. the highways are cut off and are not expected to be back into operation until friday. >> adam raney reporting. for more on the bath of hurricane manuel, we'll go to dave warren. >> reporter: we'll keep it right there and look at mexico with both tropical systems. the first one, hurricane manuel. there is the baja california
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peninsula. right there in the center of the storm really blew up today and slowly drifting north dumping a lot of rain over the same area. going further south we have rain and thunderstorms over southern mexico, but this cluster here is what we're watching for the next few days. this could show some intens intensification and could become the next tropical depression or even tropical storm. now where it heads from here is very important to watch. the area cannot take much more rain. as it is intensifies we can certainly see more rain coming down and the tracks, they're all individual computer forecast showing the track. a lot of agreement that it will continue to drift to the northwest. but from there it could go northeast or south. as it stays off the gulf of mexico that could be a big problem dumping a lot of rain and leading to more landslides. we'll watch our this storm develops. >> another big weather story in
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colorado where damage from the floods could cost $9 million. according to fema, more than 72 homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. fewer than 6,000 people in those counties had flood insurance. and there are still some 200 people unaccounted for. rescue crews are now conducting door-to-door searches. the number of flood-related deaths stands at sixes plus two women missing and presumed dead. meanwhile the flood ravage community of lyons begins rebuilding. >> reporter: damaged homes, washed out roads. repair crews everywhere. this is lyons colorado, in the foothills of the rockies. the entire population was oh ordered out. the current was so strong the riverbed shifted course. >> the river is apparently now
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back where another nature had put it. >> reporter: while lyons was under siege its mayor was out of town on business in africa. a week later she's just getting back and seeing her town for the first time. >> it was just frustrating to get home. you just want to get home. the most difficult time for me was, and for anyone, is when you don't have information. >> reporter: her task and first priority for all lyons elected official is to find out what happened to the residents still unaccounted for. >> that's our number one priority above everything else. find those people and get them to safety. following that it's trying to assess our water and waste water system. and trying to figure out a temporary way to get those back online. >> reporter: this gives a really good picture how difficult it will be rebuilding and getting people back here to live. this bridge completely wiped out. the people in that neighborhood completely separated from the rest of town.
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what comes next is getting lion's residents back in town and get utilities, schools and businesses up and running. >> we're small town of independent businesses. we don't have any chain stores. everyone is mom and pop. those are businesses that are going to have a super hard time surviving. >> reporter: the lyons elementary school was the first evacuation center until everyone was ordered out. the school will now serve as the new town hall. the real town hall was badly damaged. and the kids will go to school 20 miles away. >> they set it up, k through 12 for all of lyons. it's an amazing effort to keep us all together. >> reporter: on thursday, residents will be allowed in for the first time. just to gather essential belongings, one or two have already trickled in. >> it's devastating. it's devastating. we're just starting to see. >> reporter: it will be a chance for them to see their homes,
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assess the damage, and face the reality of rebuilding. jim hooley. al jazeera, lyons, colorado. >> the wildfire that burned around yosemite national park is expected to leave terrain that looks like a moonscape. last month's rim fire consumed more than 400 square miles of forest land. it burned so intensely everything in it is likely dead. fire officials say once crews are able to enter the center of the burned area they expect to see a surface that does look like the moon. it was a banner day on wall street and the federal reserves says the economy is still not ready to go it alone. the fed announced that it will not pull the plug on the bond markets. the dow jones rallied to close at 147 points.
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we have more on the feds' surprise decision. >> a small desk, a setting of what was expected to be a big economic announcement from the claire man of the federal reserve ben he bernanke. it was expected to impact the world economy, but he changed course. >> there is to be no change. >> reporter: they will continue printing money to buy u.s. bonds and securities. they were expected to scale back but bernanke said the u.s. isn't creating enough jobs and with the continuing fight with the president and the republicans in congress and the possible consequences the feds will wait. >> it is the case, i think, that the government shutdown impressed even more so failure to raise the debt limit could have very serious consequences for the financial markets and for the economy. and the federal reserve policy is do whatever we can to keep the economy on course.
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>> what that means the dollar will stay weak and economists say that helps developing economies. >> right now this is near term good news for the developing markets because u.s. interest rates are staying low so the u.s. will continue to be like a lawn blower blowing cash towards the bricks. >> the bricks, brazil, india, russia and south africa are feeling the effects of talk of change. in a new poll 900 investors were asked to pick one or two countries worst investment possibility. brazil, russia, and india faired the worst of all. 23% said china. the developed countries did much better. the news out of washington could halt the destabilizing impact on the developing world. for now. >> thank you.
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>> ben bernanke has made it clear the policy is going to change. it's just a question of when. al jazeera, washington. >> democrats and republicans in congress are waging a budget battle one that threatens a government shutdown on october 1st. but there is a possibility that will not happen if lawmakers can reach a compromise on federal spending measure. >> reporter: the government is about to run out of money. the debt ceiling has to be raised or the nation could deat all times, and it could all happen in the next few weeks. with no compromise in site people are asking why washington is bringing the country to the brink once again. >> reporter: the demand to keep the government funded and running must also defund the new healthcare law. faced with the rank and file speaker john boehner agrees. >> our goal is to cut spending and protect people from
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obamacare. >> is a non-starter. >> you've never seen in the history of the united states the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a governing party, and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget, and have nothing to do with the debt. >> reporter: two financial clips are coming up fast. the government runs out of money on october 1st. unless congress acts there will be a shutdown. then sometime late in october, the debt will go over 16 trillion-dollar. and its raising. it's an annual game of chicken. the last time it resulted in sequester the automatic indiscriminate cut of a trillion dollars. but this time a compromise seems far from reach.
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tom manns says the system is broken and blames republicans. >> it's a matter of taking the country down. of ideological zealotry so dominating the motivations of republican members. >> reporter: in a typical congressional election 90% of house seats are safe. there is virtually no cans of losing to a member of the opposite party. but sitting republicans face an internal threat if they don't tow the conservative line, a primary challenge from the right funded by millions from outside groups like the club for growth. >> well, what's the point of having a republican in office if all they're going to do is vote to grow the size of office just a little bit slower than a democrat. if the democrat is driving the car to the cliff at 80 mph and the republicans slow it down to 65, well, we're still going off the cliff. >> reporter: brian walsh spent four years working to get
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republicans elected to the senate. >> well, this is the age-old story in washington about power and money. you should question your priorities when spending all of your time attacking republicans and not doing a thing about the democrats who were up for election next year particularly when republicans have a great opportunity to win back the senate. >> reporter: part of the problem for republicans is more basic than that. it's costing them elections. these primaries featuring conservative candidates defeating the establishment candidates but the ultimate republican nominee too conservative for the general election. it has cost them seats in indiana, delaware, and nevada. and it could cost them the senate in 2014. >> thank you. detroit's residents and retirees will tell a judge later today why the city's bankruptcy case should be rejected. 110 speakers each will be given three minutes to make their case. many are opposed to the plan to cut pension benefits. detroit is the largest city ever
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to file for chapter 9. egyptian state tv is reporting one police officer has been killed during an early morning military raid in the outskirts of cairo. we're getting these pictures from egypt's tv. they're reporting that the security forces are firing tear gas and exchanging gunfire with armed groups in the city. for more let's speak to our correspondent in cairo, who we're not going to name for security reasons. live ammunition is being shot from schools and mosques. what more can you tell us at this point. >> reporter: well, it's a large operation that is ongoing at the moment. stephanie. it began at about 3:00 a.m. local time this morning when police and the army went into this town on the outskirts of cairo, not far from the city
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center. it's on the western side of the city. now, they poured into this town with armored personnel carriers, and other heavy weaponry. they did encounter some push back from the fighters who are inside kadasa. they say they were shot back from the schools and mosques. a police officer, a fairly high ranking one a general, seems to be shot dead. a better context of what is going on, the police are trying to retake a town that they have lost control off in the after math of the clearing of the pro morsi sit-ins in cairo in the middle of august. the police station in kadasa was overrun by a mob and 11 police officers were killed there.
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it's been a no-go area for the police force ever since. the interim government and security forces trying to retake part of egypt that they had lost control of. a similar thing happened down in the south just a few days ago. so it's part of this ongoing u unrest at the tim at the moment. we heard two fighters were found on a cairo metro station this morning. both appear to have been defuse. it apews that the unrest is gradually increasing day by day. >> just to be clear is the operation ongoing and will it continue as far as you know until the police have been able to retake control? >> well, the police have controlled the roads going in and out of kadasa so they have
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essentially shot this town off from the rest 6 egypt, but there is fighting on going. yes, there is still gunfire happening on the street, we understand, that the police have made a number of arrests, and those people they've arrested have been taken out of kadasa. they really won't stop until they've taken it. it looks like they will take recontrol of the kadasa. it's just a matter of time. >> thank you. president obama is scheduled to attend a memorial service on sunday for the victims of the navy yard shooting. the investigation of what happened is moving forward, and randall pinkston reports new details about the shooter. >> reporter: fbi and military investigators continue to gather evidence from monday shooting from the monday navy yard. beyond the yellow tape and building 197 crime scene specialists are tracing every
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round that killed employees. aaron alexis first represented a rifle at a gun show in virginia. he practiced and then purchased a remington shotgun and ammunition. alexis has had a troubled history. reckless use of firearms, angry outbursts and issues that prompted him to seek medical care. still he was able to maintain his government clearance allowing him to work for a contractor with access to a military base. defense department officials want to know why. >> there are many questions that need to be asked, and reviews. and the intensity of those reviews has to go down to every aspect. the security clearance, standards of that security clearance. are they strong enough, why do we do certain things the way we do. we need answers. and we will find those answers. >> today the gunman's mother expressed regret for her son's
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actions and apologized to families of the murder victims. >> aaron is now in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone, so for that i am glad. to the families of the victims i am so, so very sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. >> reporter: the navy yard remains closed to all but essential person nell. others were allowed to retrieve their cars and trucks left behind monday in the rush to escape the gunman. tomorrow full operations resume throughout the washington navy yards sprawling facility but not in building 197 where the investigation will continue. the commanding officers says they're concentrating on helping navy yard employees and their families. >> i'm surrounded by very professional people. we as a came are working together to continue with this period of transition and healing for the family. we are focused to make sure is that the employees and those family members get what they need individually.
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>> reporter: as investigators work to understand how and why this shooting happened, makeshift memorials at the navy yard show support for those devastated by monday's attack. randall pinkston, al jazeera, washington. >> first, smoke-free. now begun free. starbucks' ceo makes an appeal for mont more guns in its store. and a lucky winner in the power ball jackpot.
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>> starbucks is now in the middle of a gun debate. the company is running ads in many major neighborhoods asking customers to leave their guns at home. jonathan martin spoke with
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people in nashville. >> reporter: with 13,000 stores across the u.s. starbucks has to please customers and make money no matter what the gun laws are. so hoping that asking customers not to bring guns has to satisfied english that's his gun. there is no need to have a gun inside of starbucks. >> but it's the right of the patron to go elsewhere, shop somewhere where guns are allowed if they so choose. they have the right not to go there any more. >> reporter: the $13 billion a year company is stuck in the middle in the debate of guns. until few it delivere deferred l laws. but in an attempted rally in newtown, connecticut, it said that firearms were no longer welcome. it was made in a video
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announcement to its employees. >> we just believe that our customers and our people will be much more comfortable if guns are not part of the starbucks experience. >> reporter: they said the timing of the move has nothing to do with the shooting at the navy yard. they're hoping that customers will honor the request. starbucks is not alone. whole foods bans guns in its grocery stores and in chicago city leaders banned concealed weapons in all bars and in restaurant that sell liquor. and in many states with laws allowing guns in restaurant, some business owners post signs barring firearms, concerned guns and alcohol don't mix. jonathan martin, al jazeera, nashville, tennessee. >> well, someone in south carolina, we don't know who yet, has hit the jackpot, $400 million. a single ticket matched the numbers to the winning power ball. the winning numbers.
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the take home after taxes a cash value of $223 million. the jackpot is the fourth largest in the multi state lottery. a new york city skyscraper believed to be owned and run by iranian government. and a beauty pageant for young girls.
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>> the owner of a valuable piece of new york city real estate is facing accusations of lan laundg money to the iranian government. >> reporter: 6 sixth 595 avenue midtown manhattan. on the street level the tower is home to brand named stores, but a case filed against the skyscraper's owners but the u.s. justice department said the building's real business is laundering money for iran. this building generated some $39 million in rent between 1999 and 2007 alone. all of it funneled directly to a
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bank owned by the government of iran. >> reporter: violating federal law against doing business with iran. this week federal judge ruled the u.s. government can move to seize the building. the manhattan u.s. attorney office said the owner was and is a front for bank, a front for the bank of iran and proceeds from the sell of the building would be used to compensate victims of iranian sponsored terrorism. the owner is a non-profit. it says on its website that it plans to appeal. a lawyer for the foundation would not provide comment. it comes just before iran's president hasan rouhani and president obama are set to meet. and after an unprecedented exchange of letters between the two, the stage is set for a meeting. >> for the first time in over a decade we are seeing iran's
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supreme leader leaning heavily on the conservative establishment to express forward move with u.s. dialogue. >> reporter: it is worth between $500 million and $700 million. the government said that would make it the largest terrorism-related seizure ever. but even that kind of money is unlikely to change the tone of improving relations. >> from the iranian government point of view their entire economy is on the line ever since hasan rouhani took over, the reserves are depleted. and the government wants to lift sanctions. >> reporter: the white house said while there are no former plans for a meeting it hasn't been ruled out, either. al jazeera, new york. >> and that will do it for this edition of al jazeera news. i'm stephanie sy.
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alabamali velshi is next with rl money and remember, we have news at the top of every hour. thanks for watching. >> the fed keeps its food on the accelerator. good news for investors. and more big name economies are changing their healthcare to private exchanges. we'll explain what this means for you and your healthcare cost. but the man who is putting his name on the debt crisis. this is david schuster for ali velshi, and this is "real money." [♪ music ] >> this is "real money," and you are the most important part of the show, so join our live conversation for the next half


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