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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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hello, welcome to al jazeera. live from new york. inside kenya's mall shooting. the new video of gunfire erupting and the move to stop the violence. >> our tears are not enough. our words and our prayers are not enough. >> speaking to victims and a nation, president obama's message after the navy shooting. coming -gt to, one of the pressing challenges for the world leaders as they prepare to meet at the united nations.
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tonight we have new video from nairobi's west gate mall. gunman continue to hold hostages. this cell phone video was shot yesterday by one of the dozens of people trapped in side the store. we want to show it to you raw. the blast lasted nearly a minute and a half. [ gunshots ]
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[ screaming ] [ gunshots ] >> you get a feeling what it's like inside that mall. the shooting killed 68 people and wounded 150 more.
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the sethe reb rebel group, al-ss responsible. he said:he added there will be no negotiation and no surrender. he said they will meet their.
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we understand the attempt to blast a hole in the wall of the building so the kenyan security force can access the troops inside and carry out the operations. we also saw quite a number of reenforcements and no carries. that was when we had good news. the operation has successfully managed to bring most of the hostages and clear most of the building. but, of course that doesn't mean all the hostages their left or the crisis is over yet. >> this is one of al-shabab's deadliest attacks. the group is trying to topple the government for years. they say this weekend's assault is clearly meant to send a signal. >> i think the group wanted to do two things. one, last year in february, al-shabab's leadership formerly joined al qaeda and pledged allegiance.
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since then it hasn't done anything of value to the al qaeda organization or movement. now, this is a demonstration that it is, if you will a member of that organization. it's a shocking matter in a place that attracted targets from around the world. members of the kenyan elite as far as westerners, this brought the type of attention that al al-shabab had been craving.
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he's currently a card kwro cardt based in nairobi. i understand some people you knew are hospitalized after that shooting? >> caller: yes. both were shot and both survived the injury. have you spoken to them? what did they tell you about what happened? a lot of them are sufferinging from probably post traumatic stress. they are very sickened.
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it was a horrible event. >> what are you hearing about some of the other patients at the hospital. are other patients with local gunshot wounds? >> well, yes. they have been admitted with gunshot wounds as well as shrapnel to injury from falling glass and debris and both have been treated. they will need counseling as well and most are doing well. >> since you worked at this hospital. you are obviously still
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they brought blood to help the agent. this is obviously more than what the patients need. this is the testament in kenyans and it's resolved to really come together to them in this unfortunate situation. >> well, that is a little bit good news and the people are coming together after a hor teubl tragedy. thinking of your friends there. thank you so much for your time tonight. >> caller: thank you.
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michael wells, arnold. [ bell chimes ] >> reporter: the names of the dead rang out. president obama were the among paying respects to the 12 victims of last monday's shooting. aaron alexi's motive for killing so many people is still unknown. the president said it's a stricter argument for stricter gun control. >> i will not accept that we cannot preserve our traditions including the second amendment freedom and the right for law-abideing gun owners while reducing the gun violence that releases so much ma mayhem on a regular basis. >> reporter: the president said it will not come from washington but from the american people.
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more gun control is thought the answer. he blames the killings here at the navy yard on poor security. and criminal justice and mental health systems that he says don't do enough to flag and hold people who pose a threat. >> they set up the red flags. it's cracked like a plane going down the beach with a sign behind it saying how dangerous and we leave them on the stree streets. but the navy yard service is not about politics, those who died and those who they left. hind. >> . president obama will be in new york for meetings ahead of the u.n. general assembly. iran's newly-elected president will also speak at the u.n. this week. he says it comes with hope of a possible break through in negotiations over iran's nuclear program. >> 68 years ago the u.n. u u.n.s was founded to find peace. it will grow to some 51 members
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to 193 today. many of those pherpls sa membere system isn't working. >> reporter: for 60 years, this is where world leaders made their speeches. the names of castro, arafat, mandela with were all. this is where this year' meet willing take place. a conference room converted to a u.n. chamber. they are likely to be called not for the u.n. buildings but of the whole system. from the united nations was first set up in the immediate after math of world war ii. the main power was given to oh the u.n. security council. it has 1 15 members but only fie are permanent.
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there is deadlock. over 100,000 people have died. it shows all the flaws that exist in the system. one of those voices is a form oher u.k. diplomate who now advices the syrian opposition. >> one of the very things i experienced when i was on the council was this. the one group of people you can guarantee would not be consulted is on what was being discussed in the security council were the most most effective.
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the northern part of the state the still reeling after days of tphaoding.. today was the last day of summer. heavy rain suddenly turned to snow in the sierra/nevada mountains.
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it quickly melted but not without causing a flash flood warning for that area. the mexican army is searching for missing people. more than a hundred people were killed after tropical storm "can manuel" hit the pacific coast. at least.
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coming behind it is another tropical storm. this particular one the track has been changing our forecast models but it will probably brush by portions of taiwan and bring you more heavy rain to an already saturated area. the other place, we just saw that snow and in the high elevation over 8500 feet for california. this is the one storm that's now bringing some cooler weather right behind it. so much cold weather, i will tell you about mountain snow coming up here in the u.s. also ahead, it's election
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night in germany. the changes in store for that country and the tim pact lit have on elations with the united states. plus twin bombings at a christian church in pakistan. group. hind the attacks are with survivors blame for letting it happen.
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joy and being the woman they all angie will lead her party to victory and the third term as
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chancellor. >> we have the city give us a peaceful party and we will do everything to be successful in next four years. we will have the final results tomorrow and now question celebrate. >> as the votes were counted it became clear that her famous partners with three democrats would not make it in to parliament. mrs. merkl will have to turn to the social democrat for help. >> the land coalition was during ankle and la merkel's first term. there are not many issues that divide the leading party. many germans would prefer the coalition anyway.
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>> translator: she's the one who had the sign the majority. >> the influence of the policies could stop germany in europe. >> it's less pressure on authority and maybe some countries will get more time. >> the shape of any government coalition the what he means for europe and the world could take weeks the decide. during the whole skwr* -- >> >> two suicide bombers struck the northwest city of parshawar
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this morning. this is the old saint's church in parshawar moments after. members of the congregation gathered for the free rice. when some went outside to get the food, the bombers detonated the explosives. there were in victims. two of the victims were lying on that side. i personally rescued some 70 victims and with the help of others put them in the ambulance. >> reporter: the initial evidence suggest the explosives were packed with ball bearings. >> caller: we were praying in church and in the middle of the prayer, too many people have lost their live us. it's mostly woman and children. >> reporter: christianity is a minority religion in pakistan with 4% of the population.
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in the mainly muslim country, many christians try keep a low prefile. churches have become targets in the resent past put this is the worst hit christian community in many years. some of the survivors have blamed the security forces for not taking strong enough action to protect them. >> translator: this was the last because during prayers they don't let christians enter. how do the suicide bombers come in so freely in this attack took place after prayers. this happened because of the negligence of security officials. >> reporter: the bishop -- three days of mourning for the victi victims. >> all right, a look at sports and an nfl player trying to trick the system?
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>> it took more than a month but now we know what led to the six-game suspension. he never tested positive for a drug test. he tried to use the urine to manipulate the nfl's the drug testing system. that's why it was increased to six games from the usual four games. in baseball, he made his final appearance in front of yankee fans today before his retirement becomes official next week. making him the first active player to be given a place in yankee stadium park. he was the last player to reject
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the number which was retired throughout baseball in 1997. we will have more sports news and nfl highlights in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, michael. >> military observeers to syria to help that country get rid of its chemical weapons. but security does remain a challenge. an order around rebels in the syrian capitol exploded in the ground hurting three workers. the united nations says more than 100,000 people have died in the two-year conflict. an estimated 5,000 people flee that country every day. we turn now to a journalists based in syria and on the phone with us now. for security reasons we cannot reveal her exact location or last name. rasha, thank you with us, we appreciate it. >> caller: thank you for having me. >> i'm curious to know since there's movement along the diplomatic lines between russia and the u.s. zhou that news being greeted in
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syria? >> caller: well, as with everything else in syria, it depends on who you can ask. people who are for the government are grateful for russia saying russia came in and saveed the day. the u.s. wanted to drive everyone in world war iii but russia came in and push for the diplomatic solution. when you ask people who are anti-regime they tell you this is complete nonsense. they take none of it seriously. one person compares syria to russia like israel to america. now, whatever syria does, whatever assad does, russia will come in to the rescue and the people are the ultimate victims. >> are you crieding th saying ts
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evenly split? >> caller: it depends where you go in the country. one of the biggest is that if you're in a government-controlled area like everyone there is the -- that's not the case at all it's not necessarily the case in rebel areas either. that tends to be for, if you live in the rebel health area you're most likely prorebels. if you happen to be in a government-controlled area you simply, it's very difficult to reveal your true sentiment. there's quiet in these areas. so, i don't know if it's equally split to be honest. i think the majority of people whether they are pro-government or anti--government are very exhausted with what's happening
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and they just want it to end. so is there hope with the government seemingly agreeing to these terms and are seemingly interested in giving up the supplies that there might be an end to the attack. they hit the' reliable? >> caller: i don't think a lot of people find comfort in this. especially those who are no longer trust this regime. i think a lot of people have been disappointed by the diplomatic initiative because they feel this stalling tactic is going to from long the suffering and the end of the day we talk about chemical weapons. a lot of people continue to get killed by conventional weapons. in fact, starting last week, it became clear that there would not be a u.s.-led strike any time soon. there's been a return to this
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daily normalcy of government shelling for example around the damascus suburbs and other parts of the country. i don't think it gives a lot of comfort. rasha, thank you for that insight from within syria. we thank you for your time night. >> still ahead, a political stand off in washington but members of congress want to see to avoid a government shut down. plus the help afghan that will gain from americans to grow grow grapes. . real money.
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victoria azarenko
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welcome back to al jazeera. here are the top stories. new video from inside the nairobi's west gate shopping mall moments after saturday's deadly attack. this cell phone video shows people running from gunfire. the kenyan army says those are the host stapblgs hav -- hostagn rescued. we are hearing that more
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gunshots are ringing out inside that mall. so far at least 68 people have been killed in the two-day siege. somali rebel group a al a al-shy they are responsibility for the attack. the on going war in syria will be the top issue with rebels. >> the government shut down is once again in washington. the republican-controlled house is facing off against democrats in the senate and the white house. house republicans said we moved funding for the affordable care act had set up the show down with the white house after it leads to a government shut down on october 1st. democratic-controlled senate said the house bill is dead on arrival. the president warned congress. >> wear running out of time to fix this but we could fix it tomorrow. both houses of congress can't take a simple look to pay our
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bills on time and work together top pass a budget on time. >> the political is the end preserve obama care act as it took center stage on the sunday news talk shows. >> a vote for closure is a vote for obama care and i think senate republicans will stand side by side with speaker boehner and house republicans listening to the people and trooping this train wreck that is obama care. >> the last thing that people want are people playing political games and threatening to shut the government down or default on our debt. >> the government closed its doors before. there were six shut downs between 1977 and 1980. last was during the clinton administration and also focused around issue of health care, pescally, medicare funding. that show down lasted 21 days. failure to fund the 201 2014 but that begins october 1st. the medicare payments to
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millions of americans will be delayed. they won't get paid so the government reopens and government workers will be forced. the house version is to stop that bill that will keep the government open until december 15th. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obama care. >> reporter: policies is driveing thidriveing this battl. democrats in the senate say they won't let that happen. expect high stakes poker game with conservatives in the house taking on moderate in their own party. senate an the white house. >> it turns out in a lighter story. the farming industry is no mor more -- than for wine. >> reporter: it's almost time to harvest. and this year there's crop thanks to a group called roots for peace which brought california grapes to
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afghanistan. >> this the probably what we do. get farmers to grow higher value crops and double and it's a pretty good deal. >> the group came here ten years go, afghans were growing grapes on the ground and dragging them to market. >> it's good for us. -- the grapes are safe from the rain and from resting on the ground. >> before anything could be planted here, the ground had to be cleared of land mines. this whole area used to be the taliban's front line. there used to to be a giant front crater right here. >> the organization has cleared all over the world. by are moving the land mines, you are literally turning swords in to plow shares and shears in to praoupb pruning ho.
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it's a cold storage unit and packing facilities. >> with is this market center and with the -- and with the system, it will have the k karai mar can ket. >> reporter: a nearby school was built after his daughter collected 50 million u.s. pennies to afghan children wouldn't have to study under a tree. the organization works with 50,000 farmers and all of afghanistan's 234 provinces and these people are the lucky ones. only 1% of afghan farmers have access to cold storage. most are in low prices were dropped before it gets to market. the 300 afghans who work with there were the season hope they are planting here to flourish and spread. jennifer glass,in, afghanistan.
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we're hearing heavy and sustained gunfire that can be heard from inside the kenyan shopping mall that is under siege by the somali rebel group al zsa boalgroup-shabob. most of the hostages were freed earlier this morning. but the siege has lasted now for more than two days it's armed gunmen went in to that mall and killed at least 68 people and injured more than 150. and then launched the attack against incoming police offers. you will watch that story and bring you more as soon as you learn it. up next, the creatures that zoo keepers in dallas use to help wild cheetah. later, sweden's top tkpofler
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did what no other european player has ever done.
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welcome back to al jazeera. a special friendship is growing at the dallas zoo. three amigos, a labrador pup and two cheetah cubs are proving they cannot only get along but they can see each other as family. good morning, everyone! hi, welcome. here to the dallas zoo wild encounter stage. now, for those of you that don't know cheetah are found in africa. >> reporter: this trio is the toast of the dallas zoo.
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the paeurg of this dog and the cheetah du oh o come with the cheetah officials here. >> we don't know if they think are with other dogs or if the cheetah is with another cheetah. >> vently the three will spend all their time together. for band direct to, chris johnson says he this sees the cheetahs natural instincts for comcompanionships. within the next couple of weeks, the dog and the cheetahs will be tot all the time and they'll recognize each other as family. so, they'll actually. able to stay with each other their entire lives. we will put these two species together. it's more for the cuteness. we have an important job.
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he teaches the cheetah brothers how to chill out. >> if you are with your friend use are a little high strung. when you're around your nice, cool calm friends you might have the same feeling. >> the trio will eventually make appearances at schools and other public events. the sphrapb to have them grow old together as brothers and best friends while spreading a message of conservation. heidi decastro, al jazeera, dallas. >> we will see if they are still friendly when they grow up. >> actt2013 could be a record f.
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a unique message to save south the africa's wh rhino. a pink dye is sin skwrebgted and normally used to control ticks on animals. they are removing it and putting it back in the live animal. unfortunately, the state control is with more than the live rhino so when he want to change this. >> reporter: the dye can be detected to a fine powder.
11:43 pm
>> that because it's dangerous. anyone who can feel this with suffering nausea, stomach ache and diarrhea. in the best half of this year, almost 400 rivals were killed in south africa. then after 1,000 could die. it's only a temporaryer solution to bye time and hopefully save some animals. the idea with behind it is that it's contaminated and less likely the idea.
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we want to go back to our breaking news. the stand off at the kenyan mall. heavy and sustained gunfire heard from inside that shopping mall was under siege by the somali rebel group. peter is joining us on the phone. >> caller: there's the troops and it's that way. o*fbly it is to contact -- obviously it's to con tagt outside the shopping center and also heard very loud cracks and heavy gunfire.
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it's a situation and it will have the operations and they able to at least have the hostages and be able to control most of the shopping center. i heard that they are the very extreme to try and close this gap as quickly as possible. >> earlier the leader, they said that most of the hostages have been freed but any indication of how in people were still trapped in side that mall? >> caller: no. it's the complex and its that actually inside there. it's possible and it's exactly how many people. >> peter live for us on the
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phone in nairobi. thank you. . . >> okay, now talking sports. we are talking with that reunion in the nfl. a couple guys successful in college both on the nfl but on opposite sides of the field. as they stand five years go. little did they know at the time that they will not only turn stanford in for level but also makes themselves to the nfl's hot test cannot teus. today the coach and quarterback united again. now we will jump all over the ball. the colts are up and then on the
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bootleg. seal the victory over the former mentor and the minors. 20-7 was the final. in new york a meeting of two rookie kw*bs hoping djmanu hr e and the bills. they gut 28-yard draw. now it's 2012. manuel takes for 33-yard touchdown. the billless go to a two-point conversion and looking to tie the score. they will make it 2-0. on the jet's next possession. they take two plays to respond. smith delivered a beautiful pass to antonio holmes and 69-yards later. jets are pack on top. they will win 27-20. in miami the surprising miami dolphinless have a 10-0 lead before they have the dolphins on
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the board with a five-yard touchdown run. in the second end zone pass of the day. the dolphins will improve the start and hooked up with brian in the corner to tie the game at 20-20 and then 43 seconds for the one-yard touchdown pass. he proved # 3-0 to 27-23 victory. the panthers were leaving this game 0-3. carolina made sure it's not taking the panthers. the two-yard touchdown and then it became the show. a 16 of yard connection with phil and put the pa panthers at 17-0. that combination works so well. this time from 20-yards out and will also score a rushing
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touchdown. it will have four touchdowns. panthers show up and shy 0-3 to start the season and head coach. >> it is to build up. didn't do a good job. getting ourselves a chance to get in a position to take advantage. 11 years, ed will have the ravens second and it will have opposeing offenses an did so well that he earned nine trips to the probowl and a super bowl last season. he said good-bye to baltimore as he made his way to continue his career as texas. he was back in baltimore to face his former team for the first time and the ravens jump up to
11:50 pm
the early lead behind their defense. they are taking off and returning it, 37-yards for this touchdown. palt more goes up 10-6. after that houston offense goes three and out. he feels the punt and turns on the jets and through the defense. then it is on its way on the ground. pierce from one yard out. it's a 30-9 victory. the bengels hosting the packers and the hometown lead jumps up for the early lead. a tremendous effort to get in to the corner of the end zone worthy of another look. lead and body control and just inchs to break the play. cincinnati will go to a 1 14-0 lead.
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packers are in control and four minutes left to try run out the clock. they are going four in inches but franklin calls the ball and it will pick around before terrence newman scoops it and fakes it. to the end zone, 58-yards in the touchdown and the bangles stun the packers, 34-30. now to golf and they will start the day just 18 holes away from an $11 million-dollar pay date. they have a four-shot lead. that's a striking distance. the eagle finished the tournament at 10 under par.
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but he was way to too good all weekend long in atlanta. he was trying to be the first european to win the championships sent us began in 1981987. it certainly helped him. his fourth straight round and 60 on his way to score 13 under par in a three-stroke victory. with the win, they cleansing the fed-ex cup with a $10 million-dollar bonus and picked up $1.4 million. they lead in the finish and standings all week and finished well off the pack and still picked up the test and finishing second in the standing. >> even when you lose they win. that's right. china's richest man is set to even up a motion picture theme park and could be the movie's industry single biggest investment ever. the $8 billion-dollar china is
11:53 pm
built in the china's eastern city. >> reporter: it's seldom a ministry or a red carpet event. but this is hollywood chinese style. the star power alone in the coastal city may very well be the future of cinema. >> the dream of china's richest man wants to build a motion of the city. it's entertainment complex would host $to,00 $20,000 and the thet studio and a string of hotels among others all to a tune of $8 p-lds.
11:54 pm
$8 billion-dollars the biggest single investment. >> translator: the development slowed down but in china it's an industry that just started. so we have great hope. >> reporter: the stroubl it's set to up in 2017. developed by the wonder group and it's a source of pride for china's a-listers. >> translator: she is very beautiful. there will be more people coming here make films and attend the film festival. >> it's silkscreen as china begins its very own golden taeupblagecinema. and finally tonight, we want to go back to my row wit nairobh
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gunfire heard in that shopping mall. there are hostages still inside. there's new sraoft initial attack from inside the mall. >> the cell phone video shows people running from gunfire and hiding in stores. tonight's kenya's army says most of the hostages have been rescued but as we mentioned some are still trapped in side. he says 68 people have been killed and more than 150 people have been hurt in the crisis. is t somalian rebel group a al al-shabob are claiming responsible. . .
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my name is jonathan betz.
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after wind gusts, some class of disappointment. this storm continues to move inland. boy, did it bring a lot of different weather to us. were seeing wind gusts in this particular storm track its way across the west and we got wind gusts in portland t oregon up to
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40 miles per hour and then we were getting 40-45 miles per hour gusts in parts of southwest. now we are seeing those winds start to ease off. now as these winds are east and cooler air is sneaking in behind this front that move through and we are going to have some clearing outside. for parts of the southwest it will let temperatures drop test. right where you are thinking, the winds die off and get ready far chilly night. we have some soft advisorys in place for northeast nevada. we have a freeze warning in place for the higher elevations parts of new mexico and up towards new york, too. it will be chilly overnight. now, you probably thought that we do have some flood concerns around new mexico. the storm system or one of them initially brought four inches of snow and granite it was above 8600 feet in california. it's starting to cool things
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down for the central rock kiss. in th the central rock kiss of n colorado we don't need anymore rain. it's right at 5,000 feet. after all this cold air powers in to the west through the force of wednesday. there's a big cool down on the way far lot of you on the west. we will stay cool and pleasant in the northeast. in the west, temperatures will dip down. a few spots and the 40s and it's early wednesday morning where we feel the chill. high temperatures throughout the day are going to stay in the cool side. here it is, the start offal and we are getting fall weather. in alaska, fair banks, you're getting some snow right now and we have some winter weather advisories in parts of eastern
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