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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> good morning. i'm morgan radford. these are some of the stories we are following right now. standoff at a shopping mall. government forces are trying to end a deadly siege on an upscale kenyan mall where 68 have been killed and as many as 10 hostages may remain. leaders from around the globe, including president obama, meet in new york city this week for the u.n. general assembly. in a speech on tuesday president obama is expected to address syria, iran and other matters. a congress divided. democrats and republicans say they expect congress to avoid a
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u.s. government shutdown in eight days. it's unclear how they'll do it. remembering the fallen. an emotional memorial service at the washington navy yard for the 12 killed in a mass shooting last week. >> kenyan's military says most of the hostages held by al qaeda-linked militants have been rescued. gunfire could still be heard from the mall this morning. before sundown this sunday the military launched an assault, freeing most of the hostages held during the 2-day siege. at least 68 have been killed and 175 injured since the standoff began. as peter greste, al jazeera reporter, tells us - for the gunmen surrender is not an option. >> from the moment the gunmen
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launched a raid on the westgate mall, shocking images of the attack filtered out. now these images have emerged of shoppers trying to find cover among the aisles. >> panicked families called out to one another as shots echoed through the halls. they dashed to the exit as gun fire grew louder and more frequent. elsewhere a mother and her children lay on the floor, pretending to be dead, unsure whether the man on the other side of the screen wants to kill or rescue them. he convinces them that he's a police officer and guides them to safety. in another part of the mall police move from shop to shop, searching for others in hiding - constantly watching for attackers. they guide the survivors out, checking to see that none are fighters right to escape. on day two of the crisis, with
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68 dead, kenya's president, uhuru kenyetta stood with the former prime minister and told the nation justice will be done. >> they will not get away with despicable and beastly acts like the cowardly perpetrators cornered in the building, we'll punish the masterminds swiftly and, indeed, pain fully. >> soon after the appearance activity at the mall increased. military helicopters circled the building, and reinforcements moved into place - all part of what the kenyan military described as a major operation. >> most of the hostages have been rescued and taken to safety. they are in the process of taking control of most parts of the building. >> the somali group, al-shabab, says it carried out the attack in retri beautive justice,
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retaliation of the kenyan military's occupation of parts of somalia. >> our people suffered for two years, unspeakable horrors at the hands of them. there'll be no confusion and surrender. they have gone in and achieved aims and objectives that they wanted. >> outside the security cordon surrounding the mall, a desperate man confronts the police. his wife and child are inside. he tries to break through to find them, before the police drag him back. >> this crisis may have a long time to go before it can truly be declared over. once the kenyan military caught all the attackers and freed the survivors, it will take time to clear the building and confirm that it is, indeed, over. only then will kenya face hard questions about the preparations for an attack that al-shabab long warned them to expect. >> that was peter greste
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reporting. >> president obama will be in new york for meetings ahead of the u.n. general assembly. iran's newly elected president, hassan rouhani, will speak at the gathering, attended by leaders across the globe. it comes at the time of a possible breakthrough with iran. the united nations has grown from 51 member nations in 1945 to 193 today. some say the system is not working. >> for 60 years, this is where world leaders made their speeches. the words of figures like kennedy, christof, castro, regan, arafat and others. this is a temporary building where the meeting takes place - a conference room converted into
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an un chamber. once again there'll be calls for modernisation of the buildings and the system. when the united nations was set up in the aftermath of world war ii, the main decisive power was given to the un security council. it has 15 members, but only five permanent, only five with the veto, they are the countries on the wins side when the war ended. >> the world should be dynamic. things are changing and we should rise to the occasion. the system developed at the time was a good one. over the years, things have changed. those realities should be incorporated. >> the u.n. system works when the five major powers are in agreement. when they disagree there's deadlock. for 2.5 years there has been no progress on syria, and 100,000 people have died. observers say it shows the flaws that exist in the system - one of those voices a former u.k.
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diplomat who advises the syrian opposition. >> one of the very odd things that i experienced when i was on the council was the one group of people you could guarantee would not be consulted on what was being discussed in the security council were the people most affected - whether it's iraqies, koso vas or syrians, legitimate representatives never had a chance to have a say on what they thought the world or council should do. >> world leaders have been arriving in new york. there'll be much talk over the next week-about reform of the un system. there's little chance of concrete progress in what many say are much-needed changes. >> vice president joe biden will be in colorado to tour massive flood damage. it's been two weeks since torrential rain led to flash flooding in colorado's front range.
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60 people remain unaccounted for and 18,000 homes damaged or destroyed. at least 50 bridges are gone, hundreds of miles of highway need to be prepared. the flooding caused nearly $2 bi billion in damages. >> the world's powerful typhoon slammed into china, causing flight cancellations and slammed into a power station. >> this is the community that bore the brunt when severe typhoon usagi came ashore. 20 were killed, that was despite 250,000 being evacuated, including 8,000 fishing vessels being brought onshore when they heard the typhoon was coming ashore. there is devastation north and east. this was the biggest, with 13 dead. the storm tracks west through
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china. the concern is less devastation like we see in this community, and it's more about flooding and mudslides because of the infrastructure in the interior of china, there's a lot of concern about that because it's a massive storm, 1,000km wide. there's some concern about that. in communities like this in eastern china, it's about the clean-up. >> i'm metrologist rebecca stevenson. earlier we had landfall for a typhoon in china - one of 20 this season so far. in fact, when we look at the tracks, the majority moved into the area of china, bringing in so much rainfall that in the last month we had several reports in north-east china saying this is the most rain they have had - significant rain in 50 years or so with all the flooding, landslides.
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the last thing we want to see is another typhoon making land fall. see the tracks of these to. three were typhoon, the rest tropical storms - still packing a punch with the rain. looking at the satellite picture of the storm, hong kong international airport reported 2 inches of rainfall, wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. scattered around the coast there's higher amounts and stronger wind gusts. mo moving to the radar and clouds - for the first day of fall there was snow in the mountains, high elevation, above 1800 feet. there's a bit of snow above 9,000 feet in colorado rockies. it will come down as snow up high in the mountains and not heavily rain fall going into the streams and creeks. >> we are dealing with flooding areas through colorado and nebraska overnight.
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once the wind settles, we'll have a freeze and frost advisory because of the cold air focussing in behind the western storm. our first of the season. it will be chilly overnight, especially the higher elevations, north-eastern nevada. you have a profit advisory. high temperatures, warming up for the south. comfortable for the north. >> the mexican army searches for dozens of missing people after a pair of devastating storms crushed the country. more than 100 were killed after tropical storm hit the pacific coast while hurricane ingrid pounded the gulf coast. 60 are missing. mud slides destroyed homes and roads across the country and mexican president enrique pena nieto promised to help survivors rebuild in safer areas. >> the republican controlled house in washington is facing against the democrats in the senate and the white house.
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president obama's landmark affordable care act, known as obamacare is at the center. >> house republicans who passed a budget removing funding for the affordable care act set up a fiscal showdown with the white house, that could lead to a government shutdown on 1 october. a democratically controlled senate says the house vote is dead on arrival. >> we are running out of time to fix this. we could fix it tomorrow. both houses of congress can vote to pay our bills on type and work together to pass a budget on time. >> the political drum beating to defeat and preserve obamacare as the affordable care act is known, took center stage on the sunday morning talk shows. >> a vote for closure is vote for obamacare. i think senate republicans will stand with speaker boehner and house republicans listening to the people and stopping the train wreck that is obamacare.
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>> the last thing the american people want is people plays political games, putting in poison pills and threatening to default on the debt. >> there were six shutdowns between 1977 and 1980 - the last during the clinton administration and focused around health care, medicare funding. that lasted two days. failure to fund the 2013 budget, 1 october, will be felt quickly. social care payments will be delayed. military personnel will not get paid until the government reopens and government workers will be forced to take unpaid vacations. the house version is a stop gap bill that keeps the government opening until november 15th. >> the men people don't want the government to shut and don't want obamacare. >> politics is driving the
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battle. the democrat will veto any bill. democrats won't let that happen. expect a high-stakes poker game, with conservatives taking on moderates in their own party. >> a navy yard memorial. president obama and family members of the victims remember the lives cut short in the latest mass shooting. >> will she or won't she - hillary clinton talks about the possibility of paying another run at the white house in 2016. >> a politician convicted of corruption in china learns his fate. a stiff sentence handed down to former leader bo xilai.
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>> on sunday president obama led
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a memorial service in washington to honour those killed in the navy yard shooting a week ago. 12 died in the mass shooting in the nation's capital. we have this report from washington. >> michael wells arnold. >> the names of the dead, not gunshots, rang out in south-east washington. president and mrs obama were among those paying respects to the 12 victims of last monday's shooting. aaron alexis's motive for killing so many is not known, but the president said it was another argument for stricter gun control. >> i do not accept that we cannot find a commonsense way to preserve our tradition, including basic second amendment freed oms and the rights of law-abiding gun owners, and at
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the same time reducing gun violence that unleashes so much mayhem. >> the president said the change won't come from washington, but the american people. the head of the influential national rifle association says gun control is not the answer, and blames the killings at the navy yard on poor security. and criminal justice and mental health systems that he says don't do enough to flag and hold people who pose a threat. >> they send up the red flags. it's like a plane going down the beach with a sign saying, "i'm dangerous", and we leave them on the streets. >> the navy yard service was not just about politics - it was about people - those who died and those they left behind. >> a search is underway for crew members of a navy helicopter that crashed in the red sea on sunday. navy officials say the
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night-hawk helicopter conducted routine flight operations before crashing. a search is underway for five crew members. some reports say three may ven rescued. the chopper is part of a naval group moved to the region during the syria crisis. >> time for germany's chancellor to get down to business. angela merkel and her party may have to form a coalition government with their opponents. observers expect days and weeks of tough negotiations. >> in the u.s. former secretary of state hillary clinton is considering another white house run in 2016. in an interview with new york magazine clinton says she's aware of political and governmental challenges if she win, the the former first lady is in no hurry to make a decision. clinton ran for the democratic nomination in 2008, but lost to barack obama. >> chinese politician bo xilai
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has been sentenced to life in prison for bribery and corruption. he's the most senior commaerty member to be convicted under the anticorruption campaign. he was a top leader of the party's leadership. >> in pakistan a pair of suicide bombers targeted a christian search, killing 78 as they left for sunday mass. the attack took place in peshawar, near tribal areas. more than 100 were injured in the attack. christians make up 4% of pakistan's population. a group affiliated with the taliban claimed responsibility. >> theme park - check. huge film studio - check. china's richest man is opening an $8 billion megaentertainment complex. the area may be home to hollywood 2.0. >> it's seldom to have military
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at a red carpet movie event - but this is hollywood chinese style. the star power alone suggests that the coastal city may be the future of cinema. . >> vi travelled here. it's good. >> this vision that you have in your home-town, it's great to be an ak tore to see the dream. >> the dream of china's richest man - to build a city, a sprawling entertainment complex that would host 20 sound stages, the world's first underwater studio and a chain of resort hotels among others - all to the tune of $8 billion. the biggest single investment in the film business. >> the cultural industry, called the entertainment industry is a
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higher level industrial model. in the west development slowed down. in china it's an industry that has just started. we have great hope. >> the oriental movie metropolis is set to open in 2017. developed by the wonder group, it's a source of pride for china's a listers. >> i'm happy that this city has been chosen. it is very beautiful. there'll be more people coming here to make films and attend film festivals. >> a launch event filled with the glitter and glamour of the silver screen, as china begins its own golden age of cinema. >> so apparently someone already took a bite out of this apple. how hackers got past the new iphone's latest security system. relaxing the rules when it comes to electronic devices on
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airplanes. the changes that may come for you when you take to the skies. >> an unlikely friendship. redefining the relationship between cat and dog.
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welcome back to al jazeera. i'm morgan radford - here are the top stories we are following now. you are looking at live pictures out of nairobi, where the nation's military says most of the hostages held by al qaeda-linked militants in a shopping mall have been rescued. there has been a number of bursts of gunfire in the last few hours. before sundown sunday the military launched a major assault, freeing most of the hostages held during the 2-day siege. at least 68 have been killed and 175 injured since the standoff began. the 68th regular session of the u.n. general assembly kicks off. high level meetings will take place among 193 member states and the ongoing war in syria is top of the agenda. >> netflix making history at the emmys in los angeles. a popular cable show ends a 5-year run with a win.
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"breaking bad" won. "house of cards" won, it's only available netflix. >> hakers claim to have cracked a code to the iphone fingerprint scanner days after it was launch. a video was posted showing someone accessing the i phone 5 s with a fake fingerprint. it was photographed, printed on to a sheet and it was used to create a mould for a fake finger. apple has not responded to the claim. it may be easier to use electronic devices on airplanes. the faa meets to recommend changes. it allows passengers to read
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ebooks, watch video - as long as they are not connected to wi-fi. new guidelines will go into effect on flights next year. >> nike's cofounder phil knight is offering half a billion for cancer research. there's a big catch. he wants others to match his offer in two years. the money could go to oregon's health and science university, knight gave the school $100 million to fund a cancer center with his name. there'll be no consolation prize if the university does not raise the other $500,000. >> an unlikely friendship is growing at the dallas zoo. two cheetah cubs and a puppy are proving that cat and dog can get along. >> welcome to the dallas zoo wild encounter stage.
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for those of you that don't know, cheetahs are found in africa. >> the trio is the toast of the dallas zoo. twin brothers are 2.5-year-old chooetas. they meat aman ni three weeks ago. the pairing comes at the behest of officials. >> we don't know if the chooetas think he's a cheetah, or the dog thinks they are dogs. >> it's been playdates. the three will eventually spend their time together. >> >> chris johnson says it taps into the cheetah's companionship. >> brothers stay together. we are mimicking that with the dog. within the next couple of weeks the dog and the cheetahs will be together all the time, and they'll recognise each other as family. they'll be able to stay with
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each other their entire lives. >> why put the two species together? >> it's more than for the cuteness. the natured amani has to teach his cheetah brothers how to chill out. >> when you are around friends you may be high strung. when you are around cool, calm friends you may have a relaxed feeling. it's that same idea. >> less than 10,000 cheat areas are left in the african -- cheetahs are left in the african wild. farmers sometimes kill them to protect herds. this is part of awareness to protect the endangered species. >> i can never imagine anyone killing these for sport. >> the trio will make appearances at schools and other public event. the plan is to have them grow old as brothers and best friends, whilst spreading a
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message of conservation. >> i'm morgan radford. that will do it for this edition of al jazeera. [[voiceover]] in today's technological age, is heavy manual labor disappearing, or is it just becoming invisible? physical work was once celebrated with hymns of praise. but workers today must be content that their hard work is better than no work at all. this series looks at the state of physi


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