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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> good morning. i'm morgan radford and these are some of the stories we're following right now. in kenya, a standoff at a shopping mall. this is a live look. thick black smoke has been billowing for more than an hour now. government officials say militants who stormed the mall over the weekend, killing dozens are now burning malt stresses inside. soldiers are trying to regain control and free any remaining hostages. >> world leaders gather for the u.n. general assembly meeting. topping the agenda, getting chemical weapons out of syria and the new iranian penalty's outreach to the west. >> key democrats and republicans are saying they expect a
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bitterly divided congress to avoid a u.s. government shut down, but how they're going to do it remains unclear. >> typhoon usagi slams into southeastern china, leaving death and destruction and bringing a major economy to a standstill. >> kenyon military officials say they've taken control of most of the nairobi mall that's been under siege by a group linked to al-qaeda. security forces say they've already rescued more than a thousand hostages held since saturday. it's not clear how many hostages still are inside the mall. images from this dramatic cell phone video show people inside scrambling for cover, as shots are being fired inside the mall. the group claiming
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responsibility, al shabab, said they staged the attack in retaliation for kenya's military prince in somalia. ninety minutes ago, there were sounds that sounded like four large explosions, followed by a hail of gunfire from inside the mall. black smoke can now be seen billowing from the top of the mall and government officials say militants are lighting mattresses on fire. 62 people have been killed since the siege began. >> from the moment the government launched their raid on the mall, shocking images of the attack have filtered out. this footage has emerged of shoppers trying to find cover among the aisles. >> george! >> panicked families called out to one another as shots echoed through the holes. >> george familiar. >> they dashed to the exits, as gunfire grew louder and more
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frequent. elsewhere, a mother and her children lion the floor, pretending to be dead, unsure whether the man on the other side of the screen wants to kill them or rescue them. eventually, he convinces them that he's a police officer and guides them to safety. in another part of the mall, police who have from shop to shop, searched for others in hiding, constantly watching for attackers. they guide the hostages out, swiftly checking to see that none of fighters trying to escape. the kenya president stood with the former prime minister and told the nation that justice would be done. >> they shall not get away with their dispickable and beastly aces like the cowardly perpetrators now cornered in the building, we will punish the master minds swiftly and indeed
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very painfully. >> activity at the mall increased. military helicopters circled the building and reinforcements moved into place, all part of what the kenyan military described as a major operation. >> most of the hostages have been rescued and have been taken to safety. >> al shabab said it carried out the attack in retaggation for the kenyon's military presence in southern somalia. outside, the security cordon surrounding the mall, a desperate man confronts the
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police. his wife and child are still inside. he tries to break through to go and find them before the police drag him back. >> this crisis may still have a long time to go before it can be declared over. even once the kenyan military has caught the tackers and freed the survivors, it will take time to free the building and confirm that it is indeed over. >> only then will kenya face hard questions about the preparations for an attack al shabab has long warned them to expect. >> aljazeera will be covering this story throughout the day, bringing you the very latest developments. world leaders are arriving this morning at the united nations in new york, ahead of the 68t 68th general assembly. two men will be in attendance, barack obama and newly elected iranian pretty husani. james bays is at the u.n.
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james, we just got this very interesting picture from twitter showing ar rahani getting off te plane saying he's ready for talks. >> everyone will be watching closely. yes, all those world leaders gathering in new york, but one man, is giving media interviews, also been on social media, and he's had his foreign minister in new york ahead of him. people looking very closely at the readout of meetings with the british foreign minister and italian foreign ministers, being used to speak to the new iranian administration to see whether not just the words have changed, but whether the actions are likely to change, too. >> that's what i want to ask
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you. there's all this buzz about it, but is this a legitimate gesture? is this real? >> there are some good at saying he's just trying to take the pressure or, because iran is suffering under sanctions. some are saying he's trying to get the western pressure out of the way so quietly, he can get on with his nuclear program. others say this is a real overture and that the west and u.s. should seize this opportunity to build a new future after 34 years since the fall of the shaw of really torturous relations between the u.s. and iran. >> here to discuss the potential for talks between the u.s. and iran is a professor of iranian middle east history and politics. professor, thanks for being with us this morning. >> good morning. >> if the u.s. and iran sit down for talks, what could be the deal breaker? is there anything that could
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prevent this deal from going through? >> i think both sides are eager to have an agreement. what iran has to provide the u.s. is specific guarantees that its nuclear program is not intended for hill military nuclear bomb. >> how can they guarantee that? >> it would be quite easy, actually. there's already u.n. observers, monitors and all that needs to be continued, maybe tightened up, and i think the new president of iran is cute willing to do that. >> you mentioned the new president. how is he different? in the last eight years, ahmadinejad has stolen the stage. he doubted the holocaust, suggested the u.s. maybe involved in the september 11 attacks, hinted israel shouldn't even exist. is this president likely to sing a different tune? >> very much. he would be no different than the reform president that existed about ahmadinejad came. i think what he is doing
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actually is going to the previous policy of having an olive branch to the united states, which the reform presidents did in iran before ahmadinejad. at that time, it was actually the bush administration that rejected the peace offerings, so i think he's just going back to a policy that iran has had before. >> so, professor, you mentioned this olive branch which raises the question of israel. are they likely to have a place in the talks? >> not israel, but if there is agreement about the nuclear appeals, this would give assurances to israel that iran is not eminently producing weapons, and of course, israel has been for years claiming that iran is on the verge of having a nuclear bomb. >> what about syria? how could syria's civil war affect e goes with iran? >> that should be september separate. once the syrian issue is brought in with iranian issue, it could
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complicate the iranian issue. for years, the united states has been very eager to solve the nuclear iranian issue. i think this is an opportunity to do that. if syria's brought in, and then things don't work well in syria, iran could be very well be blamed for it. i think it would be wise for the iranians to keep actually the syrian issue separate from the nuclear issue. >> is it possible that israel could worry that the u.s. is going to go light on iran, for example, after watching how we backed out of a u.s. strike against syria? >> there's always a paranoid fear in israel that somehow the u.s. is going to double cross israel, but that's not in the books. >> you describe it as paranoia, why paranoia? >> because there is overly exaggerated fear of iran in israel. there's always this notion to somehow iran is out to get israel. of course, ahmadinejad, with his
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rhetoric, didn't help, but really, iran's foreign policy is not really concerned about israel. it's much more concerned about ires interest in the gulf and actually even further east, rather than israel. >> professor, thank you so much for joining us, professor of politics. >> vice president biden and his wife, dr. jill biden are heading to colorado today to why the damage. the floodwaters destroyed ail tanks, causing thousands of gallons to spill and deadly ecoally has been found in the water supply. search teams are still looking for stranded victim and about 60 people are in fact still missing. meanwhile, typhoon usagi has been downgraded to a tropical storm but not before wreaking havoc in the western pacific. it slammed the philippines and taiwan over the weekend with heavy rain and very strong winds. it weakened sharply sunday and
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missed hong kong and then headed northwest to mainland china. that was before being gown graded. you kathy became the strongest storm to hit the western pacific this year, killing more than 30 people in asia. it is just one of 20 of these times of storms we've seen so far this typhoon season. for more on that and the national forecast here in the u, let's bring in our meteorologist. >> right now, usagi a tropical depression. we'll continue to watch the storm dissipate. >> it was considered a severe typhoon when it made landfall, equivalent to a category two hurricane. right now, it's very hard to determine where the eye of the storm is. it's dissipated making its way
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across the mountainous terrain. heavy rain will continue to be a threat and also some gusty winds. looking across the atlantic, it's quiet. it's been a quiet season, and i don't know if you'll argue, you could argue that's a good thing across portions of the east coast. as you look to the east coast, it's a quiet day with high pressure in control. nothing but sunshine from new york city all the way down into atlanta, georgia. we cannot say the same across portion of colorado where we're actually looking at a bit of snow in the rocky mountains and light rain fouling across denver could lead to some additional flooding across the region. because of the cloud cover in denver, we're only going to reach a high of 68. here, slightly warmer inial bekerr kerr key. on the east coast in new york city, it's a comfortable, beautiful day.
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we'll see nothing but sunny skies. back to you, morgan. >> right now, we have breaking news out of egypt, where a cairo court banned all activities of the muslim brother hood, the group that supports ousted president morsi. some fear the decision could fuel more violence. we are joined from an aljazeera correspondent in cairo. we are withholding her name for her own safety. what's happening there right now? >> this is a very significant ruling for the muslim brotherhood group. it's fortunate note that its ruling does not ban the group itself. it only bans its activities.
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saying it disrupted public safety and harmony. the court accepted that it had banned its activities, banned any known government organizations, the muslim brotherhood or any institution. any association funded by the group and any association that includes any muslim brotherhood board members, quite a widespread ruling. this could well mean that demonstrations and protest with charity work of the group... the interesting thing will be how this is enforced. protests have been going on for
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weeks now across the country. people have been arrested for attending these rallies. the egyptian process can be long and complicated and likely that this ruling could be appealed in other courts. >> thank you so much for joining us. you can follow the latest on >> the u.s. government is on the verge of shutting down. which services will continue and which will be cut, if congress can't reach a budget deal by october 1. >> will she or won't she? hillary clinton attacks openly about the possibility of making another run at the white house in 2016. >> it was a big day in the bronx as the yankees honored one of the greatest to ever play the game. that and more coming up later on.
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>> once again, a government shutdown is looming in washington. congress has until october 1 to reach a deal. medicare, medicaid and social security would likely be unaffected and t.s.a. and border patrol remain in place. however, 800,000 federal employees could be furloughed, passport and visa applications could go unprocessed. the c.d.c. could stop watching outbreaks of illness and military veterans could see delays. national parks and museums could close. we have much more. >> house republicans who passed a budget friday that removes funding for the affordable care act have set up a fiscal
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showdown with the white house that could lead to a government shutdown october 1. the democratic controlled senate said the house bill is dead on arrival. the president warned congress. >> we're running out of time to fix this but we could fix it tomorrow. both houses of congress can take a simple vote to pay our bills on time, then work together to pass a budget on time. >> the political drum beating to defeat and preserve obamacare as the affordable care act is known took center stage on the sunday talk shows. >> a vote for closure is a vote for obamacare. republicans are going to stand side by side, listening to the people and stopping this train wreck that is obamacare. >> the last thing that the american people want right now is people playing political games, putting in poison pills and threatening to shut the government down or fee fault on our debt. >> the government has closed its doors before. there were six shutdowns between
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1977 and 1980, the last during the clinton administration and also focused around the issue of health care, specifically medicare funding. failure will be felt quickly, payments to millions of americans delayed. military won't get paid. government workers would be forced to take vacation. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare. >> politics is driving this battle. the president won't veto any such bill and democrats in the senate say they won't let that happen, so expect a high stakes poker game with conservatives in the house taking on mod receipts in their own party, the senate and the white house. aljazeera. >> republican house members have voted to repeal the health care
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allow more than 40 times since it was signed in march of 2010. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is talking about another possible run for the white house, saying she's not in a hurry to make a decision. she says: >> week three of the nfl had plenty of highs and lows and jessica taft is here with the latest. >> it's been fun to watch this season. what we've learned early on in the nfl season is that there are plenty of surprises, mainly having to do with which teams unbeaten and others yet to get a win. jay cutler and the bears, part of the former group, big ben roethlisberger and company part of the latter.
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this may be why steelers with the turnover and then bears wasted no time taking advantage of the short field, matt forte running it in to oh give chicago a 10-0 lead. the steelers' woes continue. here comes big ben, up the gut, over the middle, picked off by major wright, taking it 38 yards the other way to the house. bears up 24-3. the steel curtain wouldn't bow out so early, big ben cutting into the deficit. he gets this bomb all the way out to antonio brown who makes a great grab there and able to keep his two feet in. the steelers back within seven, but it's all the closer they would get. cutler and the bears continue to put points on the board, this time courtesy of earl bennett. chicago wins 40-23, goes on to improve to 3-0 on the season. >> moving to baseball, emotional day in the bronx where the yankees honor the greatest closer in the history of the
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game, mariano rivera. yankees retired the number 42 for good. jacki robinson's widow, rachel and their daughter were there to honor the last number without two in baseball. metallica on hand to play mariano's entrance "enter the sand man." andy pettitte making his last start after announcing his retirement. he had a no-hitter going on, but gave up this home run in the sixth. his first in the majors in thies, and thies go on to lose 2-1. >> the staineddings,ies essentially lost a must-win game on a day they were honoring president obama and andy pettitte making his last start. that means that they sit four games back of the indians who are in the second wildcard spot at the moment.
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rangers one and a half games behind them. royals are also ahead of the bombers, but have a tough hill to climb to make the postseason, however have clinched their first winning season since 2003. >> 18 holes away from a $10 million payday, a win for stinson would give him the win. starting a final round with a four stroke lead. he's within striking distance. he had the putter working today, made the turn and then would add another dirty. finishing the tournament at 10 under par. there was no catching him in atlanta. he was trying to become the first european to win the tour championship since it began in
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1987. twenty birdies for the week certainly helped the cause. his two under par 68, his fourth straight round in the 60's, and what a way, he had a score 13 under par and a three stroke victory. that that is a look at sports this hour. >> thanks so much. apparently someone already took a bite out of this apple. how hackers were able to get past the iphone's latest security system.
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>> the family of a florida man released a shocking police dash cam video showing him being run down and killed during a wild chase. 38-year-old marlon brown can be seen running in a field last may when a police car that you see there driven by a rookie officer ran him down. the officer was fired, but a grand jury chose not to file charges. brown's family is now calling for an independent investigation. they say you can see brown holding up his hands as if to surrender. he is running from police after being pulled over from not wearing a seatbelt. >> hackers claim they cracked the code to the i-phone fingerprint scanner just a few
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days after apple launched the phone that showcase that is security feature. the group posted a video showing someone accessing the iphone 5s. with a fake fingerprint. they say they photographed an iphone users fingerprint, which they used to create a mold for a fake finger. apple has not responded to the claim. >> speaking of tech toys, power up those ipods and flag in those lap taps. it looks like the federal aviation addition may relax it's restriction honest planes. a panel will recommend changes to the policy, including allowing passengers to read he books, listen to podcasts and watch videos so long as the devices are not connected to wi-fi. >> that will do it for this edition of aljazeera news. because of the breaking news this morning in kenya at the scene of a deadly shooting and
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hostage scene as well as breaking news out of egypt, we'll go now to doh ax. doha.


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