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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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we'll see you next time. >> hello, i'm stephanie sy. these are some of the stories we're following. a deal could prevent u.s. government shutdown moves forward. despite efforts by senator ted cruz the senate unanimously approved the funding measure as the clock ticks closer to the deadline. for the first time in more than 30 years there will be high level talks at the united nations. the main talks, iran's nuclear program. and new video of the navy yard gunman. plus possible reason why aaron alexis killed 12 people.
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>> a critical piece of legislation is getting traction in the senate. congress has until next tuesday to pass a spending measure that would avert a government shutdown. texas senator ted cruz tried to hold up the legislation but the bill passed after cruz staged a 21-hour protest of sorts. mike viqueira has more. >> well, it wasn't technically a filibuster, but whatever you call it was one very long speech. in the end many are asking just what did texas senator ted cruz accomplish? >> skipping rest and nature's call, ted cruz's time was up. >> i would ask for my friends in
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the democratic aisle to listen to this. >> they have arrived pursuant to the order. the senate will be-- >> cruz held court for more than 21 hours. the fifth longest speech in senate history. he railed against the healthcare law. >> are we going to say let's break the pattern of empty show gloats i do not like them, sam i am. >> at times it looked like an audition change for 2016. >> the reason she worked there is for the healthcare that it offered. >> with you others chiming in, including cruz' rivals. but a tea party old guard split was on display when he compared them to appeasers. >> nazi germany. we saw it in. britain.
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nevel chamberlain who said to accept the nazis. >> that brought rebuke from senator john mccain. >> i do not agree with that comparison. i think it's wrong and i think it's a disservice for those who stood up and shouted at the top of their lungs that we cannot a piece, and that we must act, and we did act. >> when today's vote was procedure. >> on this vote the yays are 100, the nays are 0. >> it was unanimous even cruz voted yes. more votes come at the end of the week when democrats are likely to restore funding for the healthcare law. then with hours left to avert a shutdown it goes back to the house. jay carney warned the speaker to leave the healthcare law alone. >> we don't have a lot of time. we can't run congress all by ourselves. that process, that choice that speaker boehner made is still playing out this week as we inch
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closer and closer to october 1st. >> al jazeera has learned tonight that the senate will finish its work on this bill on friday. they'll send it to the house, which is expected to be in this weekend. the question is what will john boehner and the house republicans do to avert a shoutdown, al jazeera, mike viqueira. >> the u.s. said progress is being made on a draft resolution but cautions there is still work to be done. john kerry has details from the u.n. in new york. >> we understand that the five permanent members of the security council are not tantalizingly close to draft a resolution to bring the agreement between united states and russia to an u.n. resolution. the americans are talking about it happening quite soon. the russians are talking about wishful thinking.
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i understand that a lot of what the russians didn't like about it has been removed. a reference to the international criminal court for whoever is determined carried out that attack on august 21st. that's removed as well. i understand there is a reference in the end to the use of force if syria fails to live up to its promises and getting rid of its stock pile. the other big story of the day involves iran and the historic meeting involving john kerry and his iranian counterpart to talk about iran's nuclear uranium enrichment program. this will be the highest level meeting ever between a member of the u.s. administration and the
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uraniuiranian government. the iranian foreign minister said he hopes the negotiations will lead to an end to the deadlock in the decades-old dispute involving iran's nuclear program. >> john terrett at the u.n. and as john mentioned leaders from the u.s. and iran will sit down and discuss that country's nuclear program. we have more on what is the highest level meeting between the two countries since 1979. >> reporter: it's been more than three decades since the leaders of the u.s. and iran shared a smile. much less a kind word. this once cosy relationship the u.s. now admits was because a c.i.a. plot kept the shah in power. when he was overthrown the u.s. embassy was stormed and there were hostages held for 44 days. the cold war began that would occasionally turn hot.
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hezbollah was blamed for bombing the u.s. e embassy. and in 1988 the u.s. said it mistakenly shut down, killing is 88 people. >> states like these and their terrorist allies constitute the axis of evil. since then it's been threats, sanctions and sabotage of iran's nuclear program. now a new push for talks. diplomat john linbert they're out of touch. >> they have not practiced diplomacy with the other side. instead careers in both capitals
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seems to have been built on the ability to bash the other side. >> reporter: the first issue they disagree on is why iran is doing this. enriching uranium. they say it's for nuclear energy and research. the u.s. worries that it may be to build a nuclear bomb. >> many of the nuclear activities that iran has been pursuing do not make sense for nuclear energy program. i think what the iaea has said for many years there are not definitive evidence that iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, but they also cannot say for sure that nuclear isn't pursu iran ir weapons. >> reporter: they sit down to talk for the first time in a long time they can focus on the future and not their past. al jazeera washington.
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>> iran, united nations ambassador held a dinner party for iran's president hassan rouhani. a guest said that he spoke about the handshake that never happened with president obama. an said the decision was mutual. >> he said tonight that it wasn't just his decision, that president obama also at the end decided that this was not a good idea. that was a shocking statement, that they both together some how decided that this was not a good idea. >> that's interesting. >> that's not what the u.s. government is saying. the u.s. government is saying they would prefer, and then there were--it was the iranian side that complicated it. meaning that iran some how didn't like the idea.
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they didn't like the idea. mr. rouhani himself said that i thought it was not a good enough because there was not enough time to discuss anything substantive. and that the handshake wouldn't do much except that it will have raised eyebrows back in tehran and elsewhere. it would achieve nothing but create a lot of enemies. >> the white house says a meeting between president obama and president rouhani would have been too complicated. a year after the attack in bengahzi the government said that they are still not doing enough to protect embassies around the cold. the audit did suggest that progress has been made since ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the attack.
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new details about the gunman who open fired at the washington navy yard last week. the investigators still don't know why aaron alexis shot 12 people and wounded several others, but they have a clue. >> there are multiple indicators that alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled by extremely low frequency or elf electromagnetic waves. the etching, quote, my mlf weapon is pleased to reference these electromagnetic waves. >> the fbi released this surveillance videos. he went into building 197 with a shotgun, the one that he used to carry out the massacre. the death toll in the pakistani earthquake is now 348.
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many were hurt in the quake that wiped out entire villages. it was so strong that it caused a small island to rise from the arabian sea. hundreds were forced from their homes after super storm sandy may be looking for a new place to stay. nearly a year after the storm people are still staying in hotels. but lawyers for the city said that it has to end when fema stops reimbursing the city for the hotel stays. >> those families are trying desperately to find permanent housing. they've just been given a housing coupon which will allow them to rent housing in the private market. but as anyone who has tried to rent an apartment in new york city knows that's not happening quickly, and they need time to rent an apartment and find a permanent place to live. these are families who have already been made homeless. we don't need to make them
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homeless again. >> lawyers for the city say if the program ends evacuees without other housing arrangement can apply for space in the city's homeless shelter. >> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist rebecca stevenson. we've had snow coming down in the mountains heavy at times especially in central idaho and western montana. where we've got plenty of warnings going on right now. early yesterday morning we had the snow come down around mount rainier. this is a sunrise mountaineer mount rainier up above 6,000 feet. the snow level has got to be fairly high to get snow to stick like this. any lower mountain passes and the snow was pretty quick to melt because the roads are still warm from summertime. as we look at u.s. 93 this is the pass in idaho. the snow levels tonight are down falling to 5,000 feet, and that is where we're going start to
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see snow accumulating. the valleys in western montana, butte, anaconda, georgetown lake, you're going to get a couple of inches of snow overnight. our concern is its wet snow and wet snow is heavy and can pull down power lines pretty easy. we'll watch for that and warn truckers, hunters, campers, you're going to have wet snow and it will be cold in the mountains tonight. we have impacts with winter weather advisories down in central idaho mountains. we'll continue to see this winter weather tracking its way farther than south southeast as the storm moves in that direction. while we have freeze warnings in nevada, we have the higher hills and higher mountain tops of northeast nevada and winds die down in the southeast. the cold air is moving in behind the storm and hitting montana eventually getting in the dakotas but it doesn't go too
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far until we get to the weekend. in the meantime, florida getting relief from the rainfall. you're going to dry out slowly but surely especially friday and into the weekend. but the temperatures for florida are going to stay quite mild and warm. >> rebecca, thank you. american investigators in kenya. we'll go to nairobi to see how the fbi is helping. and jp morgan may settle with the government over questionable mortgages. the price tag that the bank will have to pay to make the problem go away. >> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs.
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will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay the face. >> joining me now is jen mishory, deputy director of young invincibles, she's in washington d.c. and yevgeniy feyman, a research assistant at the manhattan institute. thank you for being with us. i want to start with you yevgeniy feyman. the young people are crucial to the success of obamacare. >> absolutely. they'll balance out the risk pool, they'll keep premiums that need the insurance, and the administration is reaching out to them. >> jen, the young invincibles are in the 18-34 group.
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there's more to financial news than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, can fracking change what you pay for water each month? have you thought about how climate change can affect your grocery bill? can rare minerals in china affect your cell phone bill? or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >> the fbi is helping look for
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answers in the deadly kenyan mall attack. forensic teams are combing through the rubble of the collapsed building right now. we'll take to you nairobi in a moment, but first al jazeera's andrew simmons looks at the challenges ahead for the international team of investigators. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of the final assault of the special forces on the attackers of the westgate mall. the rear of the building has collapsed. three floors beneath it caved in, crushing everyone below. the attack came on monday when military helicopters flew close by the building, explosions and gunfire followed. this former army officer now a defense analyst believes the special forces came under such fierce resistence that they resorted to heavier weaponry. >> there may have been more firepower used to subdue the terrorists that would have led to the collapse of the building.
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>> reporter: whatever happens an unknown number of bodies remain buried under the rubble and the government believes the remaining hostage takers are dead. israel, britain, germany and canada, and the kenyan foreign minister also spoke as to why the building collapse collapsed. >> we spoke about why the building caved in. that's a matter for engineers who have moved to the site. once we get information on whether it is the action of the excessive fire or otherwise, we'll come back to you. >> reporter: he made no reference to main bombs detonated by the attackers. it isn't known how many bodies will be found in the debris. the special forces that rescued many people from the attack and the former army officers said
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there could have been military logic in using heavy weaponry. >> you get to the point, but you must deal with them. in the process they might have booby trapped other people. they were holding hostage, and we would have damage. >> what was a place where the middle classes would spend money on fashion, food and entertainment now stands as a symbol of horror. that horror is playing out on the faces of those still coming to the city's mortuary searching for family and friends. the total number of dead could rise to beyond 100. al-shabab had picked its target carefully. but the victims were from all faiths and many nationalities. this is the funeral of a sikh woman and her grandson with many questions of ho how the westgate
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mall siege came and how it was handled. the answers could be a long time coming. >> for more now on the scene, we're live from nairobi, kenya. are we getting details of how many bodies might be buried in that mountain of republic? >> no, we are not. the government is tight-lipped on how many people were in there at the time of the collapse, or how many bodies are still trapped under the rubble of the three floors that collapsed at the site. what we know is that they are also saying that the minister of interior that the death toll is an official toll of 72 and the number is not going to be
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significant. however, sources are telling us that the government has asked the red cross to reserve 100 body bags to be used when they get to the rubble. so macabre mission of removing bodies from the site we know there are people who are missing and unaccounted for. and their relatives are looking for them in mortuaries and hospitals across the city. >> thank you, mohammed. the war in syria is now in its 31st month and there is a major shortage of medical supplies in a region that was hit by last month's chemical attack. >> reporter: for those trapped inside surviving has become a match of adaptation. so flower bags are used to treat
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the wounds of war. it's an alte an alternative usee hospital. their needs are great and the means scarce. we're making pace from wallpaper. he won't show his face for security reasons. the international aid organization says the public healthcare system has collapsed. with hospitals and doctors often under attack by both sides of the conflict. >> our own organization has had to work out a number of different ways of working. in some structures we've had to make very serious reinforcement from the structures in order for them to remain safe. but in otherwis others we've hao clandestine, a cave a house, and other locations in order to help protect them. >> often the medical facilitiess are in remote areas and patients
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have to travel several hours on dangerous roads before being treated. that's what makes facilities like the hospital so vital. it's here that patients need to be stabilized first before seeking further medical care elsewhere. the doctors use industrial pipes on broken limbs. it's not perfect but it's better than amputation. it remains under seen and as medical supplies run out there are fierce that what little alternatives doctors have will soon not be available. >> california's minimum wage is now one of the highest in the nation. yesterday governor jerry brown signed a bill that raises the current minimum wage from $8 to $9 by july 1st of next year and then $9 in july 1, 2016. governor brown said he's trying to close the pay gap.
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in business news jp morgan is close to settling several government cases looking into the sales of questionable mortgages. according to router reuters thek could pay $11 million. $4 billion would go to consumers. jay monday die monday already paid $11 billion for the london whale trading. coming up later we'll tell you how much extra you'll have to pay at the post office. that's all i have an real money.
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victoria azarenko
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>> the price of postage may be going up again. the u.s. posal service wants to raise the price for mailing a first class lettered by $0.03 to $0.49. the agency is expected to lose $6 billion this year. if approved by the postal regulatory commission the higher rate will take affec effect in e january. families torn apart by the korean war in the 1950s were going to be reunited for the first time in decades. but as we have reports from
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seoul the reunion fell apart after north carolin north koreaf the agreement. >> getting ready for the famil family's festivities. but then she was getting ready for another family event. one that had been more than 60 years in the making. >> all this waiting is finally bearing fruit. i feel honored to be able to see their faces. some people never got to see their family's faces. and in some cases their family members are no longer alive. but i have nephews and i would love to meet them. >> their mother was stranded north of the board at the end of the korean war. she discovered that her sister is now dead. she was hoping to find out more about her life. hopes dashed with this statement on north korea television. they said they were canceling the reunions, accusing the south of using dialogue for
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confrontation. it is now being replaced by deep disappointment as she looked at gifts that she had ready for her family. >> i was eating and i saw the news on tv. all of a sudden i felt powerless and i dropped my spoon. it's been 63 years since he was separated from my sister. i don't know the details of what's going on on both sides. i just feel so sad. >> south koreaens minister was meeting with another family member and offering apologies. it's a set back in recent with pyongyang. >> trust remains in short supply and caused new pain to nearly 200 families who were waiting for a respite from their long
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separation. >> that will do it for this edition of al jazeera news. i'm stephanie sy. thanks for watching. >> the stock market recent run yo up. is it too late to get in on that action. and i'll show what you options your insurance agent might be able to offer you under boom obamacare, this is "real money." [♪ music ] >> this is real money. you are the most important part of the show. so join our live conversation for the next half hour using


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