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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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dozens die in the latest string of bomb attacks in iran. hello, i'm daren in doha and the top stories and refugee crisis and goes to indonesia days after a boat sinks and the clock is ticking on a shut down and less than a day to pass a budget plus. >> we keep kinding caccas poisoned with cyanide and we will show you what is happening
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in the national game park in zimbawee. >> reporter: 48 people are killed and almost 190 wounded in a series of bomb attacks across the capitol of iraq baghdad and the city has been targeted and the past two days have been bloody and sunday 25 people were killed in a suicide bombing at a funeral and dozens were also killed in the northern kurdish city. i'm joined by a political analyst from the iraq foundation for development and democracy, what can you tell us about the attacks in baghdad? >> this is the new raid on
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baghdad and the state of iraq and what happened today kurdish sources emphasized that also islamic state for iraq and what is happening. the way the iraqi feels now is the iraqi government failed to address this issue and by resorting to force only this will not solve the other problem. however, there is the need for new political approach to win over especially those people in the area they feel are marginalized and the government has not done enough in this field. also now what is happening in
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kazistan and in the kurdish area and it is so much inter linked that whatever was happening in syria would happen in iraq. >> reporter: do you think it's a combination of a spill over war in syria and the ongoing secretary tensions between shia and iraq? >> yes, no doubt. as i said, the government needs to address the issue of security not nearly under lying on force by political approach whereby try to incorporate and reach out and failing to do that, this area will be sort of easy environment for terrorists.
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when the people fail to have faith in elections and all these things. just recently all they would think, okay, there is no other way than resorting to force. this is the guide of the iraq solution and i don't think the situation would change, hopefully something will happen. i'm not sure. >> reporter: we have to leave it there, thank you for talking to al jazeera. now u.s. drones carried out an air strike on a residential compound in pakistan in north waziristan on the border of afghanistan and three people killed and another injured. more than 140,000 people are being evacuated from central vietnam as the typhoon nears the coast and it sunk two chinese fishing boats and 75 fishermen are missing and the waves are pounding the vietnam shoreline.
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it's what politicians believe is the biggest challenge facing the country, 13,000 refugees arrived this year in search of a better life and that number is growing all the time but leaders cannot cope and that is an issue that the prime minister will discuss on monday and tony is meeting and is days after 28 people died after a boat sank off indonesia and he is turning boats around when they head for australia and we will join al jazeera in west java. we understand you are there where a number of the survivors of that boat tragedy were taken, what more can you tell us? >> okay, apologies for that, we have sound problems, if we can we will try and come back to her
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a little bit later in the problem and let's move on because nigeria's president had 50 students dead as creation of the devil and he opened fire saturday evening and the military blamed a group fighting for an islamic state in the north of the country. [chanting] protests against measures are continuing in the capitol and more than a week they are denying bashir resign and they are protesting outside of the embassy in cairo. the u.s. and iraq are moving closer to the tehran nuclear program but israel is sticking to the hard line starts.
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politicians in the u.s. have less than a day to come up with a deal before government services start to shut down. democrats and republicans are wrangling over a new budget and the appearances say they are no closer. >> reporter: the democrats and republicans are playing the blame game. >> reporter: this is totally unnecessary. >> the president is saying i will shut down government if you don't give me everything i want on obamacare. >> sunday morning the republican-controlled house of representatives did pass legislation funding the government. >> i say it on the floor and i will say it again, this is it. >> reporter: the democratically controlled senate promised to reject it because of two amendments tacked on in the house, one delays for a year implementation of the affordable
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care act, obamacare and a tax on devices such as wheelchairs that would personally fund the healthcare law. obama east healthcare law is a bone of contention and conservative republicans tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to repeal it and democrats say that is the goal here. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff and then say give us what we want and the affordable care act or we will shut down the government. >> reporter: republicans say the measure needs changes and democrats have not been willing to address them. >> so far majority leader harry reid said go jump in a lake and not willing to compromise and not willing to even talk. >> reporter: a member of the house leadership said we will not shut down the government but there is no clear way to avoid it. >> senate where art thou.
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>> reporter: there is no sign that either party is softening the position and i'm al jazeera from washington. >> reporter: let's go to a main story, the new australian prime minister is meeting the president days after 28 people died after boat carrying sank off indonesia and we are in west java and we had a slight technical problem with you earlier. we understand where you are steph are where survivors of the boat tragedy were taken. what more can you tell us? >> what i'm hearing here all day is the death toll of this boat accident is probably much higher than the number 28 we are hearing now and say 80 people were on the small boat with no equipment and the captain had no
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clue where australia was and have been circling around the sea for five days until they ran out of gas and everything and the boat started sinking and they called and asked for help up to three times and the australian navy said they were on the way but never arrived. they are in a very traumatic condition now, many of them lost relatives and one man lost his wife and eight children and all say they are deceived and paid $10,000 for this trip to australia and promised an easy ride, they would arrive in three day and they are stuck in indonesia for to months and they want to go home and most live in lebanon as soon as possible. >> reporter: there is a meeting with the president and the top of the meeting is immigration and there are controversial issues there, aren't there?
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>> yeah, exactly and this accident a few days before this high-profile visit is not in the favor of australia because they didn't really want this to be on the top of the agenda but of course they have no choice and a lot of criticism in the last couple of days from navy and government officials about a plan to talk both back to the international waters because not only from a humanitarian aspect because the boats are in dangerous condition and people can drown and they are worried about the boats roaming in indonesia and another at test is australia will buy fishing boats in indonesia to make sure the boats cannot be used for people smuggling and they thought it was an interesting deal and will sell their boat to australia and make a new one and sell it again and again and they said it was
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simply not a very feasible plan. so of course but on the other hand indonesia has a lot to account for too. so far australia criticized indonesia for not doing enough and they are not taking responsibility at all for what is happening now and a lot to be discussed at the moment in the palace. >> steph, thank you. now more questions are being asked about the kenya government's handling of last week's seize of westgate shopping mall and they suggest the government was alerted a year ago to the possibility of an attack, suspected members of al shabaab stormed the center and at least 67 people were killed and al jazeera has more in the capitol of nairobi and let's talk about the head of intelligence because she being grilled today by mps, what is the latest on that?
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>> we have just spoken to the committee that has been formed to investigate what went on and michael, the head of the nis, the national intelligence service, won't be giving evidence on monday and the reason is this, the committee wants to see the mall, it wants to go on site before it starts its investigation. there is an old party committee and joint committee effectively of defense and foreign relations and administration in national security all parties there and they want to get on the ground because no one independently has seen what is going on there, the massive forensic operation and what you cannot see behind me is the area that is effectively destroyed, we are not sure if it's by security forces or by the attackers, but three floors the collapsed and that is the situation now and they want to get in there and see for themselves and then they want to put -- grill him but the defense
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minister and anyone involved in national security in kenya. >> reporter: and many questions remain over the siege because the government is not yet anyway saying much. two big issues of course, two big questions, many people want to know are the attackers still out there and how many civilians are lying dead under the three floors that collapsed that you just mentioned? >> the honest truth i can't answer that accurately. no one it seems other than the government is putting out figures that people actually understand right now. there is a big question mark about the number of bodies under that rubble. just as there are question marks about whether or not the attackers escaped. i can tell you that joseph, the interior minister, the only face for information for anyone in kenya right now, he is the only one getting briefings seemed to be on a daily basis he said on
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sunday the five terrorists were killed, that he was convinced the rest would be found in the rubble, it hasn't changed and he denied point blank the fact that a tunnel may have been used for some of the attackers to escape and al jazeera traced the tunnel, it goes behind me through this area here. it was wetlands and they built on top of it. it seems feasible that the exit a short distance away could have been used and they said no way, no how, the entire security perimeter was booked there and all exits blocked and this is really interesting and after the press briefing he was grilled by citizen television and he said that he let slip it seemed the fact that the security forces did not have a full detailed blueprint map of the building until monday, that was when the storming of the building started. now, there is a big difference
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between the attack being mounted on a saturday and monday when the defense forces went in because we know from our sources and indeed other media organizations have the same information from their sources that there was a situation whereby a shop was rented out by al shabaab or their affiliates a long time, several months it seems before the attack. this was a thoroughly planned operation. we all know that. and we do know that the attackers had detailed plans of the building. the question mark is whether or not the attackers got out. as far as the bodies are concerned there is a little bit of confusion because the kenya red cross said they reported people missing but it could be a case of confusion, somebody going missing somewhere else in the country. so no one is sure how many bodies will be found under this rubble. and if the attackers will be
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among them. >> reporter: andrew simmons in the kenya capitol and thank you. still to come on al jazeera, a growing health crisis in mexico, getting serious about sugar and salt, stay with us. ♪ than the ups and downs
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♪ welcome back, and the top stories on al jazeera, there have been a series of bomb blasts and the capitol of baghdad and 48 killed and more
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wounded on monday. and they charged a funeral killing at least 25 people. australia's prime minister is meeting the indonesia president and focus on the refugee policy and stopping people making the journey from indonesia to australia and deadlocked democrats and republicans have one day to agree on a budget before a partial government shut down. more than 800,000 jobs in the public sector could be affected. and turkey's prime minister has reforms in an effort to reenergize the workers or pkk. the exact details of the reforms are not clear but it's expected that kurdish will be reinstated and the teaching will be allowed in school and that is a day before the withdraw of pkk fighters and we will explain why he is pushing for changes. >> translator: we will announce
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and declare today a set of procedures, these procedures will never be the last. and will be followed by other procedures and to agree and freedom and democracy in turkey and we need also to support the steps taken by people in turkey to be a modern country and a developed country. >> reporter: for al jazeera we are on the turkey, iraq border and is live from there now. omar, what more did the prime minister have to say about these reforms? >> reporter: well, he did mention details of the much awaited reforms and i will review some of what he had to say with regards to lowering the election threshold, this is a
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key demand by kurdish and we are open to them if the opposition accepts them and can embark to discuss lowering the ten% threshold and kurdish and the language will be taught in private schools, before kurdish language was only taught in private courses. so this is again another gain, i think, trying to appease the kurdish population in the country. thirdly, when it comes to the changes on kurdish names now in 1980 there was a coup in the country and they band all kurdish names and now the names will be introduced and people can call what they want using their own language. again, i think this is a step to appease the kurdish population. when it comes to hate crimes
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anyone who insults any one in the country based on political view will be in prison. again, this is aimed at appealing to the kurdish population. >> reporter: the big question is are these reforms likely to satisfy the population generally and pkk and what effect these will have on the peace process with the pkk? >> yes, i think they are now analyzing what the prime minister has said and i am hearing from a number of sources though not official yet they are a bit concerned and they are not really happy at all with what the prime minister had to say. now remember the demands of the kurds in turkey as well as the pk k-based in the north region they want full recognition of the wives in the constitution
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because the turkish constitution stands there is no mention of other ethnicitys apart from being turks. however, some officials within the pkk as well as the peace and democracy party, the biggest kurdish party in turkey mentioned where the reforms will say it will not effect the cease fire declared between the pkk, agreed on between the pkk and the kurdish and turkish state. so we won't see an escalation of violence. now, i think they are trying to speak with the government because they are speaking -- there are talks between them with representatives of the turkey government that is ongoing and i think they will only continue. finally, very briefly, i would like to tell you that i read in his speech that he is trying to reach out to the pkk officials as well as kurdish politicians
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saying it will be irrational to think the reforms will solve all of the problems in turkey in one go. >> reporter: all right, and omar, thank you. now zimbombwi and we go to the largest game park and talking about killing the animals. >> reporter: this is the worst incident of poaching in zimbabwe and they were killed using cyanide and more carcasses in the national game park and police found cyanide stationed in villages and ten poachers have been arrested. >> we will not allow these poachers to get away with it and we are jailing some of the criminals, for 16 years and anybody involved in this
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industry, this particular exercise will send them to prison. >> reporter: 90 dead elephants are found and the tusks are sold where ivory is in high demand. it's possible to know where the cyanide contamination started and it's difficult and huge and more than 400 square kilometers and dealing with animals and you cannot put up a sign that says please don't drink the water. government officials are struggling to deal with poaching because of targeted sanctions imposed by western countries more than ten years ago and that is why there is no money to protect these animals. animal rights groups fear more will day. >> the effect of all the other animals that probably will die, perish because of this is
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alarming and i think the parks are doing their best, yes, but they are constrained because of the financial position at the moment. >> reporter: this is home to africa's largest elephant herds and no way of knowing when or where poachers using cyanide will strike next, al jazeera the national game park zimbobwe. >> reporter: they are kicking a dangerous salt habit and meks continues love it but with diabetes and high blood pressure and they say it's time to make some changes. >> like millions of mexicans they are facing a health crisis, he has high blood pressure and diabetic and so bad he continue work anymore and he hopes this clinic will help him get back to good health. >> translator: i'm not eating salt. and it has not been hard. food tastes different but you
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can eat it. and people who are healthy should not eat too much salt. >> reporter: the head of the clinic sees countless patients ever struggling with weight or blood pressure. >> translator: we are seeing an increasing problem, it's a health issue because we don't have the proper infrastructure so we practice prevention medicine and early detection. >> reporter: nearly a third of mexicans have high blood pressure and around 70,000 mexicans die every year from diabetes. now mexico city launched a campaign to bring down levels of salt consumption and encourages restaurants to take shakers off the table and people have to go through the hassle of asking for salt and delivered to the table and this restaurant was the first to put the shakers away. >> translator: everyday fewer people are asking for salt
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shakers and if you are eating a certain type of mexican food r a shot of taquilla add lemon with salt and they will ask for it but considering that the program is dead on. >> reporter: but the fact is millions of more mexicans eat in the street than up scale restaurants. this food and tacos and greasy sandwiches is salty and what people eaton the street in mexico and if it were not salty enough people add a dash or two before digging in. it's not just street salt, processed food is found everywhere and packed with salt and fat. and critics say the government should regulate junk food to attack the problem, something unlikely to happen any time soon. but in many restaurants the shakers are off the table and that is a start. al jazeera mexico city. >> reporter: finally the olympic flame is lifted in greece, four months ahead of the
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winter olympics and it was the birth place of the olympics and the torch is set to cover 65,000 kilometers before the games and it will make it by dog sled and a trip into space and this is our website at al jazeera. >> believe it or not, an increase in bonuses may be part of the problem. this is real money.


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