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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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i'm stephanie sy. "the stream" is next. have a good morning. ♪
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>> lisa: welcome back. ware talking about non-violent peace efforts between palestinians and israelis. before the break we asked for your thoughts. what are people saying?
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>> a lot of critcism. here is shareef. how can you expect honest dialogue when palestinians face obstacles just getting to the take. we don't kne and then tristen says dialogue normalizes injustice. there can't be any middle ground for dialogue while structures of injusticebejustice persist. >> lisa: how do you agree with this. i a i gre agree with them. >> non-violence resistance doesn't mean to be enacted to be passive to runaway. on the contrary. it means when you you are meetg the violent entity, which can be the settlers or the army, you confront them. you get bitten but you don't respond with violence. we know from our experience and from india and from south africa
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and even here from the martin luther king. it's not passiveness, it's on the contrary you have to be very brave in order to confront someone that bit you and not hit back. >> lisa: since the first inat that f indfadaand the berlin wall. things have really changed. people have had to rely on the stereotypes of each other because there is no interaction. some say the groups like yours are the only ones out there to humanize it for each other. >> before the . >> i was so disappointed from the second
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enfada. i think the rule that separated not just between the lands also accepseparated between us. even palestinian, palestinian, palestinian-jewish and. it's making our jobs so difficult. so much more difficult. but while we are choosing between non-violent way or violent way, and what we can make for our generation. >> i think that after the first intifada the thing changed for our freedom. here is our liberty and here is our state. but if you will ask me about the
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smirt an short and most bad tims in our live it was the second intifada. >> lisa: yonltd that, talk about the importance of humanizing each other. like in groups like combat apartments for peace you humanize palestinians and israelis for each other. it opens the di dialogue. you can relate on a human level rather thandie mondayizeing each other. >> the first meeting is through the check points. he is 1 18 years old and he is having the gun and i am the one that wants to go to work with my family. i want you to think what you are meeting between these two persons. we want to show both sides not all the israelis are soldiers and not all palestinians are terrorists. and we make a lot
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of when speak about a human. a mother that lost three young sons that is the same thought in her head is the same in my head. the same pain. i think we can make us closer to each other and to understand that what is between us in the end is just one word. like i said in the gij. eginning and live. >> there is an international solidarity most right now. and o you our community has chimed in. >> we are not silent actors. we give israel $3.1 billion a year in military aid.
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how can we support peace as an american. by cutting our own lines to the agression against palestinians. and non-violent call for boycott and sanctions. adam the sanctions from israel it's growing. but is that going to be an effective move with non-violent resistance and do you support is i whole heartedly support it and i am trying to do my part in engaging in bbs. i do think it's effective an at this point one of the most effective tac tactic that is beg used by the palestinian civil society and support communities around the world to target israel for it's actions. for it's actions of occupation and it's actions and what all -- occupations including is whether the settlements and the way people are being treated and the
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prisoners including children. and i think that you know, from the people who are acting on the ground, the village where there is active resistance to the wall as you showed in the video earlier. to this kind of support internationally is a tangible support. when we created the solidarity movement we thought this was a tangible manifestation of solitairety. we have forke foreigners on thed confronting . bds takes it to an international level. it's movin proving to be effect. we are seeing companies around the world to disinvest in projects inside of israel and the west bearchg. bank. and we are seeing things happen that have never happened before.
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it's only bds that has brought these issues to the floor and forced people to make decisions. >> lisa: critics of groups like youring yours say your activities make things look better than they actually are. you say there is symmetry between palestinian and israel. how do you make people believe that non-violence can work. at the same time not giving the impression that both sides are equal? >> nothing in our activity suggest that there is equaldy between the -- equality between the two sides. the palestinians are the people that leave there without basic human rights. i don't think what we do suggests even a tiny suggestion that there is equality, on the contrary. we are ther there with our palestinian brothers in order to reach an agreement. in order to improve their status
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in order to have a palestinian state. if there was an equality we didn't need to be there. i want to address also the issue of bds which i am personally debating, myself about the effectiveness or ineffeceffectis of bds. we have no formal position about it. every activist has his own right to his own opinion. i think if we want to win the heart of the israelis of the mainstream it's too early to have these harsh measures. because we are giving up the poinpossibility of reconcilliatn of a settlement. on the other end, i must admit from months to months, i'm getting more dissatisfied with the response of the mainstream in israel. and i think that if the current peace talks fail, then by all
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means there will be a need for a more harsh america measures like bds. i don't think until now that the bds has any effect on israel because it's effect? general, is very, very limited. >> lisa: i'm going to stop you there we have to take a break. when we come back we'll explore how non-violent peace moments in the u.s. translate to the middle east. >> if you are tweeting us right now check this out. you may see your o avatar. that's all i have an
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real money. victoria azarenko
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>> hi i'm henry campaign managers and i'm in "the"the stream"." it's amazing how many people can tweet in two minutes. george says the only way out of the present impasse is to develop the economy and
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reconcilliation. jasmine says we have to support bds because at that creates infrastructure of steadfastness. and maybe because i'm an israeli arab my views are optimistic it can happen if we educate the views between each. talk to us about moving forward and high brit hybrid identities that can really make some peace here. >> thank you. one way to bring my thesis on hybrid identities and the question about peace an justice in this particular instance between israel and palestinian. like adam and everybody on the program is sympathetic b to the organizing. i don't think that effectiveness
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should be interpret changes in the context of the israel-palestinian. it should rather a protest of a variety of movements and some fact finding and various cultural activities and so part and so fh that create the effectiveness of the bds. overall it's not going to act constricconstructively when talg about peace building and change. it can shame israel and put israel in a very complicated position. but the heart of the issue from my perspective is a real need to debate, to contest and to rethink how really questions of citizenship and identity in the context of israel. my work i look at sub nationally. you
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mentioned palestinian israelis. >> i need you to wrap up and the hybrid eye identities and how they help. >> the hybrid identities are the group that occupy a challenge of the israeli expwrvmen jews are not one group. >> lisa: we are getting people to think there is mor more thano sides to this. combatants for peace have been doing this work for more than two years now. how is this organization going to evolve and it's relevance and impact. >> we are going to continue our work. and i think we are going to evolve in terms of numbers. there isn't a great increase in the numbers of the exodus of combatants for peace over the past few years.
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and we are really pushing this forward to be a greater movement with thousands of people all around, palestinians and israelis. and do our daily work of resisting occupation and promoting the two state solution. >> lisa: erez talk about the influence and how groups like yours can influence change compolitics. >> you mean in politics. >> lisa: when we see change from grassroots movements you get a thoughtful and powerful politician in place or things get to a tipping point. there is an uprising from the grass roots movement. and sometimes those movement can move politicians or lawmakers in a different direction. do you think your group or a combination of groups like yours has the ability to influence politics. >> i think we have. years ago we have realized we have to have contact with
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politicians on both sides. and to convey to them the realities on ground. we have taken the politicians from palestinian a and israel to tours of the west bank. the politicians don't need our assistances to see the wrong doing in the west bank and the expansion of the settlements the impact of the israeli members, especially the mainstream from the center. >> lisa: i'm going to have to wrap you up there we are out of time. we are done. i want to thank all of our guests fortis paition tonight. fofor participationtonight. no one group can solve the problem. we will see yo see you all again on-line. ♪
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