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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera america. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. gunfire on capitol hill. it happened after a driver tried to ram through security. plus -- >> this whole thing is about one thing, denies health insurance to millions of americans. >> and the president is running out of patience as the blame game reaches critical mass. ♪
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there was chaos on capitol hill earlier today. officers shot and killed a woman after a chase through washington, d.c. she tried to ram her car through a white house barricade. a young child was in the car. the chase ended near the capitol. a witness described the scene. >> i started looking at it, and going wow, i can't believe this is happening, and the next thing you know the shooting started. >> so you saw them shoot going the car -- >> yeah, we seen some shooting. once the shooting started i got behind a tree, and he got on the ground. >> libby casey joins us live from washington. libby what is the latest? >> as you said, tony, high drama in washington today. this woman was trying to ram her
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car over some barriers. she drove all the way down to capitol hill and that's where she was finally stopped. and witnesses said police were basically able to lock in her car, cordon her in and stop her. and many witnesses came out when they heard the shooting, not always the best idea when you hear shots, but their curiosity overcame them. and we talked to one young man who said i heard this commotion, i came out, and i ah police swarming the car, and one of the officers grab a child wrap the child up and take them away. earlier we heard from capitol police chief.
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>> at about 2:18 this afternoon, there was a vehicle in the vicinity of the white house that apparently attempted to pass a barricade. that vehicle was attempted to be stopped by secret service uniform division. shots were potentially fired. they pursued the vehicle. the vehicle struck one of our vehicles here at 2nd and maryland -- 2nd -- 1st and [ inaudible ], and ultimately ended up at 2nd and maryland northeast. >> there were multiple crime scenes as a result of the vehicle fleeing. there were multiple shots fired at several different locations. this case is under investigation by the metropolitan police department the secret service, and federal bureau of investigation.
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i'll take a few questions. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> this insid accident under investigation, but at this point an ut rised vehicle attempted to gain access at a very outer perimeter check point. i want to stress that, an outer perimeter check point of the white house. beyond that there were multiple other check points that someone would have to go through. but this unauthorized vehicle approached the check point. our officers acted appropriately, the vehicle fled at struck one of our officers. >> what is the ethnicity of the deceased? >> i don't think that is being released. >> reporter: can terrorism be ruled out? >> that is also under investigation. >> reporter: where the shots fired? >> there were no shots fired at the white house. these other locations are where
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shots were fired at it is all under investigation. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> i'll let the chief of capitol police talk about that? >> reporter: has terrorism been ruled out? >> can you id yourself again? >> ed donovan from secret service. >> good evening, kim dine, chief of the united states capitol police. you have heard the preliminary information regarding what hand at the white house. subsequent to that, our officers attempted to make a stop and the vehicle eluded them. our officer in an attempt to pursue the vehicle, struck a barricade. ultimately the vehicle stopped at 2nd and we were able to
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apprehend the suspect. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> the officer is doing very well. thank you for asking? >> reporter: is he at the hospital? >> he was at the hospital when i spoke with him. but he is going to be fine. >> reporter: who was the injured? who was the injured? >> i don't have the specific injuries? >> reporter: how was he injured? >> his vehicle apparently struck the barricade behind us. all around the capitol the security worked exceptionally well. we had a brief lockdown of the capitol, and we were able to lock things down and clear the event extremely quickly. keeping everybody safe, notifying everybody of what was going on and cleared the scene rather quickly, as you know, we had a briefing probably within the hour. we obviously are investigating the incident.
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multiple law enforcement agencies. this appears to be an isolated singular manner with at this point no nexus to terrorism? >> reporter: how can you rule out terrorism? >> from the facts and circumstances that we have thus far -- >> reporter: it is true the suspect was of somali decent? >> are you asking me or telling me? >> reporter: yes. >> we're not releasing that information at this point. >> reporter: where were the plates from? >> reporter: can you talk about the child in the car and where the child is now? >> my understanding is there was a one-year-old child in the car. i believe one of our officers initially rescued the child and took the child to ininitial medical care in the vicinity
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here and the child was taken to the hospital. >> reporter: boy or girl? >> pardon me? >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> we're obviously still investigating that. let me turn it over to chief lanier. >> can you describe the child, boy or girl, what kind of ethnicity? >> i don't have that information. >> let me try to answer a couple of questions real quick. there are certain questions we're not going to answer. we're not going to answer any question about the suspect at this point. there is some video that has been released. i would caution you that that video only captures the incident -- a small part of this incident. as of right now, we do know that there were shots fired in at least two locations during this pursuit. the pursuit was from 15th and e down to the 100-block of
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maryland avenue. it involved both united states secret service, and united states capitol police. right now the suspect in the vehicle we do know was struck by gunfire and at this point has been pronounced. the child is approximately one year old, and is in good condition and in protective custody. right now it is all very preliminary, we don't know which officers fired. how many rounds were fired. i will say at both the white house and the capitol the security perimeters worked. and they stopped a suspect from breaching the security location in a vehicle at both locations. both the united states secret service and capitol police officers from what i have seen so far in this investigation acted heroically in trying to stop this suspect from entering the security perimeters at both locations.
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we have two officers that are injured. one from capitol and one from secret service. fortunately both will be okay. so i will take a few questions but i'm not going to answer any questions that pertains to the investigation. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> the suspect -- the last gunfire was in the 100 block of maryland avenue. and the suspect was pronounced some time later. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> all of the information we have right now is this does not appear to be in any way an accident. there was a lengthy pursuit, two officers were struck, and two perimeters were breached. >> reporter: was the child related to the deceased? >> we don't know that yet. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]?
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>> we would first make next of kin notifications. >> reporter: was she armed? >> we're not going to comment on any information regarding evidence at this point. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] from the white house where was the car going, where were the different places where the shots were fired? >> i can tell you there were two places where shots were fired at this point. the pursuit started at 15th and e street, came out pennsylvania avenue. entered garfield circle. there were shots fired after he is suspect rammed into a secret service vehicle, and the vehicle continued on 1st street up to constitution avenue, around the barriers, and on to 100 block of maryland avenue where the vehicle crashed and additional shots were fired there. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> there was contact made with the barriers by at least one vehicle.
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but we know the barriers did go up, and at least one vehicle struck the barriers. >> reporter: was gunfire exchanged? >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> what now the information is two departments released fire. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> i can't comment on that. i'll take one more question. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> the crash was at the 100 block of maryland avenue, and there was another round of gunfire at this point. >> reporter: if all of this is preliminary how can terrorism be ruled out? >> all we're giving you have just the facts we know. i can tell you i am pretty confident this was not an
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accident. >> not an accident, terrorism? >> i just want to reiterate it does not appear to be. the officers acted very her -- heroically. and locked the scene now. >> boy there is a lot to sort there. a lot of information to chew on there. just watched a briefing from kim dyne, the chief of capitol police, and the chief of metro police, washington's metro police force, kathy lanier. here is what we know about this incident that unfolded at about 2:18. apparently the suspect tried to gain access to an outer perimeter check point of the house. failing that, there was a chase.
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no shots were fired at the white house. were multiple vehicles struck in the course of this chase. a 23-year-old veteran of the capitol police department was injured and not as the result of an accident -- and you are taking a look at a critical piece of video here, and cathy lanier warned us away from drawing too many conclusions based on what we're seeing here. and part of what you heard there were gunshots, and i think there will be questions raised about that. a 23-year-old veteran of the capitol police department was injured when his vehicle actually struck a barricade. it was not as a result of a collision with that vehicle there. a one-year-old child, and this
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sounds amazing -- but a one-year-old child was extricated -- [ technical difficulties ] -- dyne chief of capitol police. is no apparent nexus at this point to terrorism. j.j. green is on the line with us -- oh, is not on the phone with us. okay. we're working to get j.j. on the phone with us. but we're going to go to david shuster, who has been following the story all afternoon. to you, david. >> yeah, just to set this up, so people have a better idea why this was so dramatic. let's start with this dramatic piece of video. we're looking at the west front of the u.s. capitol building, this first circle right here, this is garfield circle, this is where you pick up the video where the tourist saw something going on, and saw police with guns drawn. here is the video, you see the black sedan, this is looking
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rest. she starts to pull out in reverse, rams a police car there, and starts to pull away. now, again, this is halfway through the chase. and we hear shots fired right there by capitol hill police. and i want to stop it right there again, again, this is halfway through the chase. it has already happened near the white house. so we saw the incident halfway through, but this is where it began. here we are, white house grounds. washington monument, according to police, the driver was going westbound on pennsylvania avenue at 15th street. there is a white house secret service barrier here. she ran into it, there was an altercation and continued along constitutional avenue. she goes along constitution avenue, and ends up right here, and let's pick up the video
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again. she is about to head around the second round about, towards constitution avenue, and you will see her circle around -- i think once or twice -- and again, this was shot by tourists who were on the lawn of the capitol, and then she continues and she is going to go out of view -- so where she is continuing is at this point -- and again, she is right near where this blew pen is. and this blue pen is going to be significant for another reason i'll show you in a second. she goes here, makes a right, goes on 1st street and along constitution. while this is going on, starting here on 1st street, and over here, there are electronic barricades that go up when police say there is some sort of emergency. she already passed this particular barricade, but the
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barricade went up just in time just before a capitol hill police car was giving chase. so here it is in real time, the barricade goes up, boom. no connection between the capitol police car and the woman it is just because the barricade went up. the police officer is goes too fast. the barricade goes up, and it wrecks the car. that's where the capitol police car was wrecked. here is the capitol building. this continues and the police talked about it ending on this side of capitol hill. here is union station. here is the united states supreme court. somewhere around in here, and it's not exactly clear how the woman drove around back here, but she tried to crash into another barrier. again there you see the black sedan. but this is one block from the united states supreme court, a
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couple of blocks from union station, the hart senate office building, so you can understand why there is such security concerns -- >> absolutely. >> -- you have more police between supreme court police, the capitol hill police, the secret service, the metro police department, you have more police officers here than you will find anywhere else in the country. that's why it is such a big deal because who would dare try to do something like this. >> a terrific look at that, and a great way to parse it out for us, and give us a look at the video, and particularly of that officer ramming that barricade. now we know exactly what happened. david thank you. and of course all of this activity interrupted
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congressional action on the government shutdown where 64 hours into it, the war of wores heats up today. president obama placed the blame on house speaker john boehner. >> the only thing that is preventing that from happening, right now, today, in the next five minutes is that speaker john boehner won't let the bill get a yes or no vote because he doesn't want to anger the extremists in his party. that's -- that's all. that's what this whole thing is about. >> and boehner shot back. he said the president could end the shutdown if he would negotiate over the health care reform law. wall street is still worried about the shutdown. stocks fell for the second straight day. the dow was down just under 137 points. all right. let's talk to mike viqueira? mike is with us? okay. great. great.
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sorry, mike. i didn't know you were there. i'm glad that you are as always. mike you have been doing double duty today. you have been helping us with our coverage around washington, d.c. and the high drama there, but if you would bring us up to speed on the latest on the government shutdown. >> sure. there was a lockdown at the white house for sometime when there was question about the nature of what was happening, but meantime the government shutdown goes on. and the fear and almost expectation is that this will bleed in and last until 14 days, and the next big deadline really does look like armageddon, and that is raising the debt ceiling, and if it isn't done, a
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whole list of ills will happen. the president warned about a ripple effect throughout the economy if this government shutdown continues. >> it should be that simple, but as i said, the problem we have got is that there is one faction of up with party in one-half of one branch of government that so far has refused to allow that yes or no vote unless they get some passive partisan concessions in exchange for doing what they are supposed to be doing anyway. >> that is the theme from the president and democrats on capitol hill as well. they are trying to isolate john boehner, put him on the spot, because this is probably true, if he were to put the bill on the floor with no strings attached, it likely has the votes to pass, and the white
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house thinks that's a winning hand. so far it's a stalemate. >> all right. mike viqueira for us in washington, d.c. on a busy, busy, day there. let's take a closer look at how the shutdown is affecting some federal agencies. the national transportation safety says it is unable to send people to tennessee to investigate yesterday's deadly bus crash. they will not be able to release the september jobs report because of lack of money. but it is all hands on deck at the national hurricane agency and fema. some employees were told to come back to work after tropical storm formed in the gulf of mexico. david warren joins us with more. >> yeah, the hurricane hunters
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are still flying and sending back vital information. the circulation here is not where the strongest convection of the storm is, so it's not all that organized. it's still a tropical storm, and just a little intense indication and this could become a minimal hurricane. there is the hurricane hunter flying through the center of the storm. they are currently out surveying the storm. the latest observation winds 65 miles an hour, so just below hurricane strength. it is tropical storm. this shows exactly where the computers are trying to take this thing, and they definitely turn this storm as it continues to go north through the gulf, but there is a cluster here right at the mouth of the mississippi and mobile, alabama, and that's how the track is
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updated from the national hurricane center. by 1:00 saturday winds at 70 miles an hour, so just below hurricane strength, but it will turn this storm and move it anywhere in this area, and as we get closer and closer to the weekend, this area gets tighter and tighter. by 1:00 sunday it is over left-hand weakening, but wind and flood will be a big problem. >> all right. david thank you. you can soon buy a stake in twitter. they are filing a $1 billion initial public offering. it will be the biggest coming out party for a tech company since facebook. it has not made a penny in
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profit since 2010. in biz america's energy boom is going from strength to strength. ali velshi will be taking a much more in-depth look at this story at the top of the hour, but we get to talk to him right now. alley this is one of the biggest storied in the country and world right now? >> yeah, it is. both president obama and mitt romney were trying to take credit for this. it has been going on entirely separately. and it has to do with two particular things, one is horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, which we know as frac-ing. these two technologies allow us to get ahold of natural gas. and america is, let's call it the saudi arabia of natural gas. right now america produces 60%
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of the oil that it uses, and natural gas is used to create electricity, so this is a big energy boom for america. >> what is the potential here for jobs? >> well, it affects people really two ways. particularly with natural gas, the prices of natural gas have come down, so you pay less for energy and wind up having more money to spend. we're frac-ing and drilling, and you go to a place like north dakota north dakota, it's like texas now. so it's actually a very, very big deal. i will say one thing, tony, there is a lot of controversy, a lot of chemicals that go in the ground to frac, and a lot of places where they are getting natural gas out of the ground are having earthquakes that they have never had before. >> all right. i can't wait to see your show.
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thanks, ali. more on our top story, a chaotic scene unfolds on camera, wow, look at this. a woman leads police on a chase before being shot to death. millions of single mothers are being effected by the government shutdown, why they may soon struggle to feed their children. that's straight ahead. ♪ millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. ç]
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welcome back to al jazeera america here is a look at our top stories. the gulf coast is gearing up for tropical storm karen. >> take a vote, stop this farce, and end this shutdown right now! >> president obama calls out the house speaker for holding up the vote in congress. he says that john boehner is the only thing preventing
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[ technical difficulties ] [ technical difficulties ] >> that is not business as usual. that's a big difference. we have world renown scientists who can't answer the call right now. >> reporter: so tony, you could tell by her -- her tone, and you
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can tell by what she was saying that these are people that are very committed to take the pulse of the health of america, and right now they are unable to do that. she -- she mentioned the fact that they can't check their blackberries or talk about what they are doing. she also told me that some of the scientist researchers on tuesday when they came in avenue they were going to be let go temporarily, any research they were working on, they had to just stop. so you can imagine if the quarterback is about to throw a football, and the lights go out in the stadium, and you can't repeat it. every day this goes on, they can't save lives or protect america. >> even before the shutdown, the cdc was already dealing with a significant budget crunch, wasn't it? >> you got it.
6:34 pm
sequestration took 5% of their budget, which was about $285 million giver or take, and across the line every section of the cdc, whether it be fighting influenza, or whatever it is, they are running on slim resources already, so you take this -- not only -- no resources but then they have no people to jump into the occasion, tony. >> yeah, so what do you do? >> people's lives are at risk. >> all right. robert appreciate it. rabbit ray for us. now back to our top story, a woman is dead after leading police on a chase here capitol hill. >> sirens whaling, and then barricades came up, i was like what is going on right now, and it's just shocking to me that so
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many things happened like the navy shootings, yeah, and now -- and now this, i'm just like wondering what is with these people? >> what is with these people? let's get the latest from washington, d.c. now. libby casey is there for us. libby? >> hi, tony, as you heard this dramatic chase today in washington. the driver of the black vehicle shot and killed. was a child in the car. the incident took place both on the steps -- not literally the steps, but in the area of the capitol, so very dramatic from washington, d.c. and we heard from witnesses that after things calmed down police were swarming the vehicle and pulled out this small child. that child is now in protective custody. kathy lanier spokes to reporters
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just a few moments ago. >> reporter: the security perimeters worked, and did exactly what they were supposed to do, and stopped the suspect in a vehicle at both locations. >> you get a sense of the high security already in place here at the nation's capitol but also how the police say they were able to keep this from being a worse situation. who officers are injured, we hear that both, though, are expected to do okay, but really a dramatic turn of events here in washington. >> okay. libby thank you. more than 100 people have drowned after a boat sank off of southern italy. it was traveling from libya when it capsized and caught fire. it is believed that hundreds of migrants were on board.
6:37 pm
katherine stansell with more. >> reporter: a grim scene on an island where many hoped to start a new life. a boat sank as it tried to reach the italian island. italy's coast guard said the boat ran into trouble and set off flairs which was likely to set the fire. >> translator: because of the fire everyone started to panic. they pushed forward and caused the boat to capsize. >> reporter: rescuers arrived and more than a hundred people were pulled from the waters and taken to shore, but it is believed that 500 were on board including pregnant women and children. it is one of the deadliest accidents involving migrant, and the second this week. >> behind this tragedy and many other tragedies, there are
6:38 pm
criminals and criminal networks who are exploiting human beings in despair. the reality is smuggling is a crime that is generating huge profits for these networks, so we really have to step up our efforts in order to fight these criminal networks. >> reporter: thousands arrive in italy and malta every year on unsafe and overcrowded vessels. hundreds are dead are missing, but boat loads will still make the journey despite the risks. international inspectors say they are making encouraging progress on syria's stockpiles. they say they hope to begin disarmament next week. this first phase has a november 1st deadline. and total disarmament must be completed by the middle of next year. it has been 20 years since
6:39 pm
the failed u.s. intervention in somalia and still effects u.s. policy. a warning, this story contains graphic images. >> reporter: it start as a mission to save lives, it ended in the worst fire fight since the vietnam wars. 18 solders killed. >> the lesson that most people took away from the battle of mogadishu was the american public was casualty averse, and you couldn't do an operation that resulted in dead american soldiers. >> reporter: the troops were am established while trying to capture the war load. his fighters shot down two blackhawk helicopters and captured one of the pilots. americas were shocked.
6:40 pm
osama bin laden mocked u.s. soldiers calling them paper takers. participate bill clinton called for a slow withdraw from somalia, as a show of u.s. power. >> all around the world aggress source thugs, and terrorists will conclude the best way to get us to change our policies was to kill our people. >> reporter: the clinton administration decided not to intervene in rwanda in 1984. the u.s. reluctance persists 20 years on with the obama administration now criticized for not responding to the syrian regimes chemical weapons attack on its citizens. the president's response -- >> the united states is kras tiezed for medaling in the region, accused in having a hand in all manner of conspiracy, at the same time the united states is blamed for failing to do
6:41 pm
enough to solve the nation's problems. >> reporter: can the u.s. every regain the will to intervene overseas. >> i think it's more war weariness. >> it's a conundrum of the highest order. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera, washington. japan's crippled nuclear power plant has another new leak. a storage tank overflowed and poured 100 gallons of radioactive water into the pacific. it is the second breach in the last two months. they contain water that is used to cool reactors and fuel rods. still to come on al jazeera
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america, furloughed government workers are living in limbo these days, but some are getting a free lunch. more on one business owner's offer. baseball post season is really heating up quickly this year. michael eaves will have more in a moment. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. consider this. unconventional wisdom.
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on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories. the government shutdown is drying up money for millions of single mothers who need help to buy food for their children. we go to the health department in newark, new jersey. >> reporter: this is a single worker mother with two children. she counts on food vouchers from wick. >> i rely on the milk a lot
6:45 pm
because it is really expensive. >> reporter: when she walked in to the center they couldn't give her any vouchers. >> it's kind of hard being a single parent and you depend on those just to feed them and stuff that way. but it's a shame i can't do anything until all of this is resolved. >> reporter: other states like virginia are faring better. michael welsh says single moms there should haven't to worry. >> we are monitoring every day, we have funds left over from federal fiscal year '13 that we're continuing to use. >> reporter: that's good news for this mom. >> it makes me relieved that at least somebody in the government somewhere is thinking of people that rely on these benefits. >> reporter: the wick program has a $125 million contingency
6:46 pm
fund but if the shutdown goes keep into the month, even that will be gone. a big celebration down under. tall ships from around the world are sailing into sydney harbor for the international fleet review. it is the 100th anniversary of the royal australian navy's arrival for the first time in sydney, and several nations will participate in naval exercises. fireworks and a light show all overseen by britains -- ♪ >> look, the playoffs are off to a great start. >> they are. and all of that extra drama is just drawing people in, because when it comes to drama, it's really hard to beat the win or go home scenario in sports. and we another example last
6:47 pm
night as the tampa bay rays played their next straight elimination game. the rays earned their way into this game by beating the rangers in texas. they jumped out to an early 2-0 lead. and that was more than enough run support for alex kolb who missed 50 games earlier this season after taking a line drive off of his head. the rays, blanked the indians, 4-0. they move on to face the boston red sox in a best of five series starting friday. >> i'm proud of our guys. our guys were flying from the very first pitch. there was nothing going on except focus and let's go. it was outstanding to watch. as a manager to stand there and see your guys react to a moment
6:48 pm
like that, you have got to be very proud. >> reporter: would you speak to your defense and how many plays you made. >> yeah, those infielders man, james can throw the baseball. i mean that's -- that's the thing about james everybody always talks about fielding, which you have to be a good fielder and handy around the bag, but this guy throws extremely well, and he's not afraid to throw. there are some first basemen that would not make the throws that he makes. >> now to the nfl, the top story has been the record setting by peyton manning. but he may be the one person lease impressed by his torrid start. >> that's a really good question. i talked to him yesterday, and he doesn't seem all that impressed.
6:49 pm
but it has been pretty remarkable what he has done. and he does play a lot of defenses, including one this week that he might be able to take advantage of. so it will be fun to watch. they are on record pace scoring almost 45 points a game with almost 500 yards a game. >> russell wilsons and the seahawks, against the colts, who has the edge between the two quarterbacks? >> russell wilson has kind of come out of nowhere compared with andrew luck. andrew luck likes sitting in the pocket and he has thrown five touchdown passes and two interceptions. russell wilson has not been on the throwing end, but he has gotten it done with his legs and the running game. he has been a great quarterback for what seattle does, so that's a pretty even matchup, two
6:50 pm
different styles but pretty even matchup. >> of the five unbeatens in the nfl who do you see possibly losing this weekend? >> i think the patriots have gotten it done with smoke and mirrors, but the bengals probably should be better than their 2-2 record. they had a chance to be 4-0. they are a good team. we know that. i think the bengals have a really good shot this week to beat the patriots at home. >> after that gut-wrenching loss to the seahawks, how do the texans -- [ technical difficulties ] -- >> and he has deleted his twitter count and for good reason. their defense has only given up four touchdowns? the last three games. so he has not played very well. it's a tough task of the 49ers
6:51 pm
to try to bounce back. they have a tough task ahead of them to get this turned around and back on the right track. >> now the eagles have a chance to force a tie in the nfc east if they beat the giants and the cowboys lose to the broncos. what has happened to that division? >> we remember back to when it used to be the best division in football. now it's sitting there at 4-12, the cowboys lead the division at 2-2. so every team in this division, including the giants have a chance to get back in this thing. the eagles have a very favorable schedule coming up. i think their opponents are 3-17. so they have a very favorable schedule coming up, have a chance to get back in this thing and actually get the lead if they can just win a game.
6:52 pm
and the head of the fifa says the world cup will not be taken away from qatar. he says there is no time limit for fifa to decide which months are best to play in. >> as hot as 40 celsiuses in the summer, 115 or so degrees. >> that's hot. >> that's pretty hot. thank you, michael. whoever said there's no such thing as a free guest has not met our next guest. his restaurants are giving away free burgers to government furloughed workers. peter can you hear me okay? >> yes, i do. >> all right. peter when did you come up with this idea to give away free bug
6:53 pm
burgers to furloughed workers? >> i came up with the idea last thursday, because a lot of my customers -- [ technical difficulties ] -- talking to each other, saying that they might not be going to work, and i thought this would be a nice gesture to do something nice for a lot of my customers. >> peter everyone would love to have a free lunch, did you bother to a verify if the people you were feeding were actually furloughed workers? >> yes, the rule is they have to show a federal id, and we want to show the people that z burger cares more about the federal workers than the politicians do. >> yeah. yeah. how many burgers, peter do you think you have given away over the last few days? >> the last three days we gave
6:54 pm
out over 18,000 burgers which translated into $90,000 if we would have sold those burgers. >> wow. how frustrated are the people that are coming to see you in the store? >> they don't show that side of it to me. but they -- they are very happy that somebody does care for them. >> how frustrated are you? i mean you make your living in washington, d.c. how frustrated are you that the government can't seem to get its act together? >> i want to invite the congressmen, the senator, the republicans and democrats over to z burger tonight and we can put these people back to work by tomorrow -- or by monday actually. >> that's good peter. have you heard that some of your fellow restaurant owners are actually charging members of
6:55 pm
congress extra for food as a protest? did you lose me? >> yeah, go ahead, please one more time. >> have you heard the story that some of your fellow restaurant owners are actually charging members of congress extra for food as a protest? >> oh, i don't want to comment on that, but it's -- we started this, and everybody -- we're a trend setter for giving burgers out, and i'm not sure if i even want the congressmen to come over to z burger at all. >> all right. we'll leave it there. peter we appreciate the gesture, and i i'm sure the furloughed workers appreciate it as well. thank you. >> i'm losing you sure. >> that's okay. i'm kind of losing you too. peter thank you. now david warren has karen's
6:56 pm
track when we come back. coming up on "real money" security in the capitol and beyond. who is still on the job and who is not getting paid to protect america during the shutdown. plus how fracing is creating jobs and controversy in america. all of that and more coming up on "real money." ♪ that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
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hi, my name is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and
6:58 pm
♪ i'm meteorologist dave warren, we're talking about tropics and wizards just over 2,000 miles away. so a lot going on here. first off this storm developing in the midwest. this is really going to become a powerful storm. there is snow in wyoming and montana, and it will start to spread that snow to the east. these are blizzard warnings for south dakota. a foot of snow coming down in wyoming and north and south dakota as the storm develops. it will bring warm air ahead of
6:59 pm
it, but as the storm moves east it will stay south of indianapolis with a steady rain friday, saturday, and sunday. looks like a wet weekend there. chicago 80s with thunderstorms, and then as that front moves through, 60s on sunday and monday. temperature there will be 66 degrees. now the other storm. this is tropical storm karen right there in the gulf. here is the circulation. a lot of storms to the east of it. it could intensify to a minimal hurricane, impacting land between 1:00 saturday, and 1:00 sunday in this area. it looks like it will be moving over mobile, alabama late saturday and into sunday. monday could be a day of very heavy rain in new york with a temperature of 77 degrees. we'll have updates throughout the evening. ♪
7:00 pm
this is al jazeera america live from new york city, i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. take a look at this video with a chase here the capitol in washington, d.c. that ended in a woman dead. the driver did a sharpu turn and sped away. it all started when she tried to ram her car through a security check point. officers shot and killed the women when she hit a barrier. a 1-year-old child was in the car and


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