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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. >> feeling the pressure. house speaker john boehner is calling for negotiations as the government shut down drags into the fifth day. president obama says he is standing ground. >> and under repair, glitches to the new health care website. >> and tropical storm karen bears down on the gulf coast.
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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richell richelle carey. lawmakers to bring the stalemate to an end. we'll get more from mike viqueira at the white house. >> basically we are at the shouting stage now. as a matter of fact, there were several dozen protestors on the capitol steps today, coupling defunding, put people back to work pass the spending bill, that's what they were shouting. the president, the speaker of the house, both engaged in a
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public relations war, trying to get the public to put pressure on the other to cave, to essentially come to the negotiating table and make a deal. the president says he will not negotiate with the threat of a shut down or with a gun to his head. the president and joe biden left the white house, stopped at a swimp shop that is giving -- sandwich shop that was giving 10% discount to furloughed workers. >> the problem is right now this establishment is providing a 10% discount to all federal workers who are on furlough. and that, i think, is an indication of how ordinary americans look out for each other. and aren't obsessed with politics and aren't trying to
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extract concessions out of each other. they just try to make sure that everybody's doing their job. and that we're doing what's best for the country. >> and now both sides are seizing on any small comment, any toe hold they can get. republican is quoted of saying they're not going to giverring in unless they get something back. a quote from an administration potential saying they are winning this war and they don't care how long the shut down goes. you can imagine that republicans were jumping all over that today including the house speaker john boehner. >> i listened to the president explaining to me about 20 times why he wasn't going to negotiate. listened to the majority leader in the united states senate describe to me that he wasn't going to talk until we surrender. then this morning i get the wall
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street journal out and it says we don't care how long this lasts, because we are winning. this isn't some damn game! >> the president will be here over the weekend. the pacific rim nations, he's not going, no movement expected out of that probably not going to be here on sunday and what that means is come monday morning yes, the 800,000 federal workers who are furloughed will likely remain so as this drags on. one thing the senate did pass before they left friday evening is, a resolution designating next week as federal chess week. >> libby casey has a report from the capitol.
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>> congress comes in to work this weekend in a rare saturday session. the bill on the table: one that would give federal workers back pay. those also president obama, however, democrats and the president say it doesn't get to the heart of the problem which is getting federal workers back on the job and overcoming the government shutdown. on friday house republicans pa passed slivers of the government and funded those. they tackled disaster relief funding also the program that helps low income women and children. but that doesn't get to the bigger budget picture. so as we watch the weekend and head into another week still no sign of compromise or change in the republican stance and the democrats say we're still waiting for you to come to the table.
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>> libby casey reporting. closing of the recycl rocky moun national park. >> 1700 miles from washington, herds of elk, a imagines tick and moving photo open. entering rocky mountain national park, this year, main street is practically desserted. that's why right around the corner the gates to the national park are locked. this is what the government shut down looks like 8,000 feet above sea level. >> i don't think i'm ever going to be back to colorado, this is my one chance to see it. >> tourists are make a u-turn out of town. tina owns mountain shadows
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resort. this time of year she should be full, 16 guests. >> how many are here now. >> well, three. >> this has all the makings of a man made natural disaster. it comes on the heels of another disaster. crippling floods. >> we thought we had lost the infrastructure under our main street. >> the area has been scrambling to recover. what's harder to see is the economic damage. >> about 15 feet higher, you can see across there. >> gary and his family sandba sandbagged, the timing of the shutdown continue be worse. >> we're about 70% down from normal this time of year. the fall is really our profit time.
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it kind of paid for everything with the summer. >> just one long winding way in from the south. with winter coming and no signs of progress in washington estes park is feeling cut off. >> no park, no people? >> no park, no people, yeah. if people in washington don't find a way to work together, i don't know what will come of this country. >> that's the question on everyone's mineeveryone's mind . will washington get its act together before it's too late? paul beban, estes, colorado. >> center place of the affordable care act, it's had glitches ever since. frustrating millions of consumers. the repairs taking place now mean the enrollment function on
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the site will be unavailable during off peak hours. it will be open for general information. extreme conditions threatened much of the u.s. in gulf coast prepares for tropical storm are karen. >> we have no guests. the park is shut down. so we're in effect shut down. >> and the huge impact the government shut down is having on one small business owner. [[voiceover]] gripping films from the world the world's top documentary directors. >>banging your head over and over again can be a bad thing. >>every time i would do heading i would see stars. [[voiceover]] it's all fun and games until tragedy strikes. >>a former player kills himself. >>we have to stop playing the game, or we have to find a solution.
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[[voiceover]] from al jazeera media network comes a new voice of journalism in the u.s. >>the delta is a microcosm of america. [[voiceover]] we tell the human story, from around the block, across the country, with more points of view. >>if joe can't find work, his family will go from living in a motel to living in their car. [[voiceover]] connected, inspired, bold. >>about a thousand protestors have occupied ... >> welcome back. emergency shelters are in place in wayne, nebraska, leaving behind millions of dollars in damage, authorities say no one was killed but more than a dozen people were injured. tornadoes swept through south
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dakota and iowa also. tropical storm karen seems to be losing strength as it makes its way through the gulf coast. expected center is near the southeast louisiana coast and there's a slight chance of its strengthening tonight. >> i'm meteorologist dave warren. showing the slrgs with karen but the thunderstorms not right with the circulation. not intensifying, but 50 miles an hour, latest observation that came in friday evening, 250 miles southeast of new orleans. passing by south of louisiana. this time seems to be saturday and sunday impacting louisiana with wind and rain, then sunday afternoon and evening going up in alabama and florida.
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could be anywhere in this area, focusing on alabama and the panhandle of florida. it will eventually move across land but by honorable is near south carolina and georgia and could cause flooding problems in the mid atlantic, could be absorbed by a storm in the midwest. it is the wind as the storm moves south of louisiana this wind direction will ploo ill piel a lot of water in the low lying areas of louisiana and that could be the biggest threat for a storm surge in that region. now, there's blizzard warnings in south dakota and severe thunderstorm effects in iowa, as storms move through. it is a large storm system that will push to the east and as the remnants of karen move up the coast, look what happens on monday. heavy rain from philadelphia to new york and new england monday and tuesday. temperatures will be a little
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bit cooler but that rain could change to flooding. , as the remnants of karen move across the northeastern parts of the country. that's your national forecast. helping, new york stop paying hotel bills for nearly 300 stormless storm victims who have been housed in new york city hotels. now the red cross will add $1 million to the fund, for those who have a more permanent housing solution off the work. shipwreck off the italian coast. so far, 127 people are confirmed dead. that number of expected to rise. sonia galego reports. >> rescue continues in the water
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off lampedusa. >> well continue all day and all night until we're able to bury these bodies. >> the bodies that were recovered from the water were brought to the hangar on the island's air base. a basic shelter which is now so crowded some are forced to sleep out in the open air. many of the people are syrian. many escaping the warren gulfing their country. one man describes the experience. >> there is no stability, you can't stand up. you can't sit down. huge amount of people, okay? next to each other. but we were about more than 400 people. >> the treacherous journey on unsafe boats is a risk that many are willing to take. they pay thousands of dollars to
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smugglers, some leave families behind with the hope of escaping the misery and starting a new life. this boat arrived in lampedusa shortly before the tragedy took place. the belongings are still here, life jackets, clothes, telling a story of lives forced to flee in hurry. brus lbrussels knead to step in. >> it's an urgent matter. no one has shed a tear here, no one wants to make a decision to change something. it is the most shameful and our faults. >> a chance to have a new life in europe is for many, worth crossing these seas. while the island takes the strain, many hope the eu will change the system omembership those in need.
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>> sonia galego reporting there. st. francis renounced his worldly possessions and lived a life dedicated to the poor. the pope talked about the release of the 13th century priest, he said it leads to vanity, arrogance and pride. a small school is cultivating some big time talent. alaska are pacific are university. >> in the hills above anchorage, in the mud and the mist, there is suffering going on. up up up up up up! >> this is ski training on dirt. a workout designed to hurt and to help. >> as soon as we tip it uphill, we put more stress on the heart
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and you put a pair of poles on the hands and that jumps it up a notch. >> closer to the winter olympics. >> it is not any ski race. it is the ski race. >> these mornings when it's tough training, bears in the woosdz, or it's raining, you're thinking, what am i doing training doing something that's never been done. >> their likely home base, alaska pacific university, 500 students and only one sports team: the cross country skiers. the coach estimates six to eight members of his squad to make the -- could make the u.s. olympic team. >> the right people, the right places, the right time, can come together. >> they just fly to the snow on the eagle glacier nearby. just a short helicopter ride from campus.
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the snow conditions here mimic those of sochi. also it's a club sport. a nonprofit organization supported financially by the school, membership fees and private fund raisers. and as a club it's not bound by ncaa rules. that means athletes like world sprint champion kekan rafn daly can get money from sponsors. train 51 weeks a year. >> this is not all about olympic glory. these deletes commitment to sport no, sir disrupt their education. c.dc.d. bjornsen. >> the misery of year round mud running, roller training and glacier skiing, these athletes
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claim they are having fun. >> this amazing body you can do things with, travel over the world and now we have a chance to go into the olympic games and make history. >> history will have to wait while the suffering continues. alan shafler, al jazeera america. >> in the 21 olympics, the u.s. has won only one medal, a silver. the women have never medalled. more than glitz and glam, we will take you there.
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>> small businesses in the yosemite park area are being hit hard by the government shut down. they rely on hundreds of millions of dollars the park generates every year. one park resident.
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>> open this beautiful park. there is no reason it should be closed. there's no reason why this budget bill should even be introduced like this. open the government, please. there is a lot of people around here who depend on that park. and it's not just businesses like me, it's individuals, it's workers, it's small businesses, even the county is losing money because of taxes that i collect for them from our visitors. they could lose a million a month. that affects everybody. they're looking at a 20% cut in their staff! >> pretty compelling what he is saying there. there are about three dozen small businesses outside of yosemite national park. more information about the shooting in our nation's capital this week. miriam carey had her one-year-old in the car with
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her. the woman tried to drive through white house barriers before the pg officials shot her. secretary of state john kerry is filling in for president obama on a trip to asia this weekend. president cancelled the trip because of the shut down. kerry was already planning to attend but only in a supporting role. several major u.s. countries are rethinking their cheap labor tactics. g.e, motorola, bringing their workers back to america. a trend other companies may soon follow, putting america back to work. >> lost livelihood, shattered communities, images of u.s. manufacturing jobs migrating overseas. that picture is slowly changing.
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more than half of executives polled at u.s. manufacturers are planning to bring production back to the u.s. from china or considering it. >> what we've seen over the last ten years are the costs in china which were extremely low have been rising 15 to 20% per year. >> not just proximity cost, since 2010, more than 200 u.s. manufacturers have returned 80,000 jobs to u.s. shores and as those jobs come home, services spring up around them, creating even more jobs. >> we believe it will have a significant impact on job growth. we believe by the year 2020 we'll see two and a half to 5 million jobs being created because of these incremental changes in manufacturing in the u.s. and that's very significant. that could move the unemployment rate down by one and a half to 2 points. >> no one knows for sure how many u.s. manufacturing jobs are
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moving overseas. some argue, many of the jobs that go to china are unlikely to return. >> the chinese have real capabilities of manufacturing and good at getting new products to market rapidly. >> susan berg say, it's not the ones that trickle back from overseas. >> in company over company that we visited, their people are not only making goods but they're attaching valuable services to them. >> berger says u.s. manufacturers need capital to ramp up production but with foreign shores looking less appealing, imtion like these will -- images like these will hopefully become less common. >> you may have to stop looking at those foodie pictures online. a new study suggests those that
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look at food on social media sites can maybe lose their appetite. those who looked at pictures of salty foods were less likely to enjoy a salty snack. scientists say it's a classic example of sensory boredom. 300 movies will be screened during this ten day period. harry faucett applied. >> the stars of south korean tv and movies arrived, a intreas of this country's prodigious success. it acts as an undertow, nurturing film makers and show caitsing their work. 2013, vara, directed by a
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boutanise monk and shot in sri lanka. >> first time a no nonkorean, nonchinese film is opening the festival. great honor for both of us. >> a number of films on the program show just how much this festival has grown over the last 18 years and it also demonstrates how important this area of the country has become. >> grew by 15% last year, faster than anywhere else. china is now the biggest market for movies outside the united states. has this become too big? not according to one long time attendee. >> as soon as you've been to the festival once you're family. though festival gets big are and bigger and bigger, they have kept that kind of mindset all the way through and i think
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that's what keeps the festival rich. >> the range is vast. among all the new there is a retrospeck tiferetrospective. >> i find some of the films a little bit embarrassing. i made them with the passion of my youth. so there was some films i'd rather not show. but this is a great opportunity to look back and also to show some more recent work. >> the organizers have decided to close the festival with a small indy film. well and truly saited for another year add least. harry faucett, al jazeera. >> i'm richelle carey. you can follow us 24 hours a day at up next, the stream.
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we flock to the movies and turn on your tvs to gawk at an imaginary world. it's now big business off screen. so, here's the el t-plt o element of pop culture . the. >> so, are you ready for the apocalypse? millions of americans are spending half


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