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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> as african union troops call for more resources in somalia, a report that al shabaab base is attacked by western military force. hello i'm adrian finnegan in doha. the other top stories on al jazeera. more than 200 migrants are still missing after their boat sinks off the shores of the italian island lampedusa. plus. >> wanted debt or alive. i'm stephanie skoun, in koala m
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t lumpur. >> in somalia. a nighttime raid has been carried out on a base of the al shabaab group. at least one was killed, in bawari, a port city three miles south of mog mogadishu. no rg group has claimed responsibility. peter what more do we know? >> well, knowledge al shabaab has confirmed that there was a raid, i've just been speak to an al shabaab spokesman and said the raid took place about 2:00 a.m. exactly how many raiders were involved in the attack he said perhaps between ten to 15,
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nothing more. he said the attack was on a house was close to the beach, the attackers approached the beach in boats. he said they thought there was a gun blast between 20 minutes and half an hour. he said only one vessel was killed but speaking to another western source, a security source, told me that the attack took place, that he understood it was, quote, successful. the chair was killed. we're going oneed to wait for more details to come out but it certainly seems that this attack did happen. clearly, it's very significant development, the belaway is al shabaab's main base, very, very important strategically for them and mill tailor. >> peter gresta in moag mogadis.
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difficulties they are facing. >> this is what a road side bomb does to an armored military carrier. al shabaab punched a hole through, the soldiers survived but the vehicle is a wreck. after six years of constant grinding work their equipment is wearing out. >> the operation we are working on -- >> inside a briefing room a group of senior officers explained their problem. >> we will go from mogadishu to sector 3. >> if the african union decides to advance against al shabaab these men will have to work out how to do it. the commanders have just over 17,000 troops to cover over half
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a million kilometers of scrub land. they can defend a half a million key towns but the country side belongs to al shabaab. >> if we had bigger number of troops and neighbors to continue our operations on ground, that would be better. and that is what we are asking today not international community. >> this is sharp end of that problem. bravo company from sierra leon is into the al shabaab territory. the sierra lienians have plenty of experience but they can barely hold security around the town. holding anything into the country side is impossible. the problem for these troops is that they don't have the number
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of resources to take the fight to al shabaab. so the battles are taking place very much at the time and the place that al shabaab chooses. >> eventually we find a cave that al shabaab uses to launch attacks against the sierra lienian base. there is nothing they can do to stop the rebels from returning. >> we don't see them except when they are on the defense, we do they do tend to attack us. >> even though the african union couldn't do it without extra message or equipment. they don't even have a single helicopter. peter gresta, al jazeera in southern somalia. >> in kenya the murder of a
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muslim clearic has sparked riots. cracking down on muslims because of al shabaab's recent attack on a shopping mall in nairobi. meanwhile a new video has been released as andrew simmons reports. >> for the first time, images that identify some of the westgate mall attackers. one gunman walks through what appears to be a store of a supermarket, join by a second and then a third man. the closed circuit video gives this as 10 past 5:00, five hours after the attack. the men appear almost casual. another clip shows the checkout on the ground floor. some signs of the commotion earlier with one attacker not appearing to be on his guard, strolling towards the cash desk. and there are still images in the clips, unofficially released and passed on to kenyan media. but while they may identify some
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of the attackers they don't give any insight into what happened to remaining civilians or how the siege came to an end with the collapse of this part of the building. the video emerged after a day of rioting after kenya's port city of mombasa, and police used live rounds as demonstration at a mosque turned into a riot. protestors hurling stones. some casualty have been shot while others took to hospital with stab wounds. the protest followed an attack on a muslim cleric. sheik ibrahim of having links to al shabaab, the somali group that said it carried out the
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westgate mall attack. but the police deny having any hand in his murder. that's dismissed by the onlookers here. >> sherbrahim used to give lectures. sheik abrudogo was killed just a few kilometers that way. >> the security forces say they have a situation under control. but many community leaders are still accusing the police of extra judicial killings. there is anger in the air. andrew simmons al jazeera mombasa. >> egypt's religious leaders have been in public in cairo. the army chief interim prime minister and president all attended the ceremony. the president is expected to
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give a speech later on saturday. egyptian security forces prevented protesters from gathering in tahrir square on saturday. the coup toppled mohamed morsi on july 3rd. rescuers have resumed their search for are victims, vessel packed with over 500 african migrants capsized. sunny gallego reports from lampedusa. >> the people of the island held a vigil for those whose journey came to a tragic end. many of the dead are still trapped in the wreckage after bad weather prevented rescue workers from pulling out bodies
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from the wreckage of the boat. the footage showed the aftermath. bodies lay in the hangar of the island's air base. behind these gates are those who are considered lucky enough to reach lampedusa. a basic structure so crowd they'd many of the people are forced to sleep in the open air, many are from syria. one who didn't want to be identified described his experience reaching here by boat. >> there is no room for your legs, you can't stand up, you can't sit down. a huge amount of people, okay? next to each other. but we were about more than 400 people. >> the stretch russ journey on unsafe boats is a risk that many are willing to take.
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they pay thousands of dollars to smugglers. some leave families behind or with the hope of escaping the misery an starting a new life. well, this boat arrived in lampedusa shortly before the tragedy took place. it was full of migrants as you can see here, the life jackets, belongings, of people who are forced to leave in a hurry. needs to step in and provide a solution. for lampedusa's mayor it is an urgent matter. >> no one has shed a tear for the dead here. no one wanted to take a decision to change something. it is the most shameful expression of our faults. >> the boat accident won't stop others are from coming. while the island takes the strain many hope that the eu will change its system to help them help those in need.
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sonia galego, al jazeera lampedusa, italy. >> more migrants have arrived on the shores of lampedusa. most of the boats come from the north african coast including tunisia. from the surgeon part of the country, there are boats leaving every other day but we don't hear about them unless something goes wrong as is the case with this boat off the coast of lampedusa. but most migrants are deciding to move from libya because it's a lot easier there. there is a breakdown of law and order and the militia is in control, now i think the priority for the european union is to coordinate with the libyan and tunisian authorities.
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certainly libya from the eu border patrol organization which patrols the area of the mediterranean wants to get a deal going with libya, hasn't happened so far. many of the migrants i've spoken to in tunisia and malt malta, pe are making millions of dollars out of their misery, basically. here in tunisia people are leaving for economic reasons. there are 60% unemployment in many parts of the country, they will go to italy and try to get to france. but i have spoken the a new wave of syrian refugees who have managed to make it to lamplesdz lampedusa,. >> italy's form he prime minister faces expulsion from
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parliament. will it be bye-bye berlusconi?
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[[voiceover]] when people need to be heard, stories need to be told, al jazeera is there. >> hello again, i'm fuli batibol with the main stories on al jazeera. since 1996, we've told the human story. from the ground up. >> this is an unsafe place to be. >> with a new point of view.
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>>this river is their road to freedom. [[voiceover]] committed, inspired, bold. >>we're on the frontline, but it's under attack. al jazeera media network, the global, award-winning news organization. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >> hello again the top stories here on al jazeera. al shabaab says one of its coastal bases have been attacked. at least one was killed in the
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attack. egypt leaders are marking the start of the arab israeli war. lathest clashes between security forces and protesting the coup. divers are unable to resume their search for bodies due to rough seas. believe to be 100 bodies trapped in and around the wreck. 111 people are already confirmed dead. more than 60 syrian wh syrio want to claim asylum. the french government has offered them temporary shelter but their long term future is uncertain. in the port of calais in northern france. >> after two days this protest here at the port of calais does seem to be coming the an end, protesters passing out what little belongings they have,
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many determined they say to reach the u.k. what makes this group different is where they are from. many of them say they have fled the violence in places like aleppo and damascus. there are more and more syrians coming to the port of calais. the french authorities say they will give these people the chance to apply for asylum now. >> their country is at war. the statutory response is asylum. we encourage them apply for asylum because that is the best framework for their situation. >> what many of these people wanted to get 30 kilometers there the united kingdom where they feel they would be treated better than here in france. this does highlight just how many syrian refugees there are. france is under a great deal of
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pressure to say how many people it will take. the unithcr, the number of syrian refugees around the world is over 2 million. the family of a woman shot dead by police after attempting to preach a barrier near the white house said they was suffering from post-natal depression. >> why was my sister shot and killed with her one-year-old daughter in the car and she was unarmed? why? my mother deserves to know why. we deserve to know why. and we deserve a proper notification, the carey sisters ask and demand for it. my mother demands it, and respects that. >> in italy a cross-party senate panel has recommended the expulsion of former prime minister silvio berlusconi.
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as phil lovell reports. >> he is used to getting his own way but silvio berlusconi couldn't stop this. >> the election of senator sil silvio berlusconi. >> with those words, that was it. his career in parliament is now approaching its finale. barring an intervention by the european court of human rights, mr. berlusconi is most certain to be out of the senate within weeks. he's unlikely to be back again at least in any official capacity. outside, life continues for people of italy but people in rome feel little sympathy for their former prime minister.
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>> i hope this is the end. but it's authored perceive it. >> i think the end of berlusconi should have been quite a while ago. >> we got tired of him. we stress him too much now we should turn the page. >> this was the beginning of the end for berlusconi. i.t. was a year since he was convicted of tax evasion. anybody sentenced for more than two years for any offense cannot hold public office. there was nowhere else for him to go. this was the fight of his career for his career. earlier this week he threatened to use his influence to bring down the fragile coalition government but faced an unexpected mutiny from his own people. berlusconi scion had no weapons left and everybody knew it. >> well, i think with the approval of the confidence vote
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to the al esksppo government he withdrew his cartridges and his bullets and this is what needs to be done. >> once that vote has better than ratified by the full senate that is it, he is gone but not forgotten. remember this is a man who's never afraid to say what he thinks. he's not afraid to appear in front of cameras, in fact he owns lot of them. this is not the last they will hear from sylvio berlusconi. angela merkel says europe and the world are watching as she tries to form astable coalition. as 96 spicer reports from berlin. >> they may not like it but they need each other. chancellor angela merkel led talks with germany's main
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opposition party, discussion behind closed doors but area of disagreement with the public, a single national minimum wage. more talks lay ahead. >> it makes sense, and it seems necessary, to continue with more discussions. we will do this on the 14th of october. >> merkel's center right party will meet with the opposition greens next week, making this a three way coalition poker game that could last weeks. the coalition said they would consult some 470,000 party faithful about a possible coalition with merkel mid november. a majority of members are for now opposed. >> the social democrats have the problem that they say no on the one side, it could be helpful for them to go into the government.
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but it could harm their image, and could harm the chances for the next elections. >> the parliamentary elections had to postpone lot of important decisions talking about bailout for greece and portugal. a majority of germans say they would prefer merkel joining up with the social democrats. knolnoel spicer. berlin. fifa executives in zurich announced they would set up a task force on the summer are heat of qatar. >> i want to cease a discussion on summer or winter. and i do not expect that we go and make a decision now.
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we cannot make a decision without having consulted our partners. it is impossible. it is impossible. you have to make a difference between political diplomatic approach when you impress something, and then the reality of facts. and i do not know what will be the outcome of this consultation. i don't know what will be the decision, which we will take, probably, end of 2014. let us work on that, and then we will see. thank you, we have plenty of time. thank you. >> fifa president also said he couldn't turn a blind eye to the death of construction workers in qatar. he told that migrant laborers willing protected. >> our discussions with fifa has not only started today on workers welfare, we have been
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working with them since 2010 when we decided we wanted to host the world cup. , we have already established a workers charter. we have worked on contractual language that will go into all our contracts to ensure that the minimum standards will be lived up to and above the internationally resktd minimum standards. to be sure we are going to be taking this issue very seriously. there is a lot of examples in qatar in the oil and gas industry where the standards are extremely high and we are looking for standards similar to those. >> china chee jinping, joint investment opportunities during chee's two day visit.
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trade between, eight rats for every human in the world. that makes malaysia's rap population in excess of 220 million. the government has launched a campaign to contain rodent numbers, after an outbreak of a rodent borne disease killed 20 people. >> setting a trap to catch a rattle, the rat population lives with paren apparent impunity. growing up in a rural village rodents hold no fear for him. he'd rather be doing this than trying to rid the city of other pests. his team sets several traps around the area. >> i've probably caught 30,000
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rats in the past 15 years. i love my job. i'm helping to reduce the amount of rats and the disease. >> that's a good thing too because malaysia has launched a campaign to try to reduce the population. they'll pay for any rat brought to government disposal centers. there's been a spike in l lepto leptosporosis, a disease which creates a number of symptoms like fever. part of the problem lies in poor street hygiene from unlicensed stores. makes the perfect lar de lardere vermin. >> food base on the floor that
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attracts the rats. if you can keep the place clean they'll get rid of the rad. they only go to a place that there's food. >> checking the traps to see if we've caught any rats. we're in luck. the bait left in the catches has snared three rodents. it is a small victory. >> the local rat catchers say they snare about 20 rats a week, that has little impact on the 7 million rat population. even the catchers themselves say they can never eradicate every animal. >> this year's nobel peace prize, some of the names the other namings being discussed inclusion wikileaks leader
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julian asang, and former u.s. president bill clinton are also being seen as possible contenders. more on all the stories we've covered in this bulletin at our website, this. >> can the two sides find accord? we'll examine that with people who know the process intimately. plus the is a tirist mark russell, his take on the are capital in shut down. >> we are there when the government was shut down. >> you're watching night story from washington.


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