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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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that is our show for this week. i'm ali veshi thanks for joining us. i will see you nix time on "real money." zplonchts uses chemical weapons. and the capture of the top al-qaeda suspect on the soil and air bus lands a major order in
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japan as boeing loses one of it's most loyal customers and in the rat holes we go to the cole mine to see the dangers faced by child workers. and multiple attacks on security targets across egypt and gunmen killed at least five soldiers near suez canal and it was north of the city of izmalia and explosion at a security headquarters at south sinai and in cairo we are getting reports of a rocket-propelled grenade attack used by the egyptian army and we have more from correspondent who joins us on the line from cairo and not naming her for security reasons. what more can you tell us about this? >> we have spoken to the general in charge of the security headquarters in the south sinai where there was a massive
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explosion and he has been tells us there are two dead and at least 28 injured. this is on the south sinai area called al-tour and an unusual place for something like this to happen, in there are attacks it's usually north sinai and people don't recognize the south sinai for tourism and it's bad news for tourism in the country now because since august, since the crack down in august tourism dropped 80% in this country. and the tourism and traveling around in europe and russia really trying to get countries to start promoting tourism again in egypt saying the troubles are over and have nothing to fear and in places like al-shake and got 15 countries to waive it in egypt and officially they will look back at the decision now. one of the areas that you talked
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about was where we confirmed that four army officers and one soldier were killed in another attack, again, tight security in this area on the suez canal and threats to attack the suez canal to try and stop commercial traffic but it seemed the armed men, we don't have confirmed who they were managed to kill some of the officers and the third one an area in cairo the satellite communication center, something was fired and we have no information yet of any casualties. >> it's early days yet and attacks recent and is there a suggestion they could be coordinated and are they part of some sort of campaign? >> well, there have been a campaign of sorts since august on various targets inside cairo and further to the east and one we have in clue and nobody taking responsibility for any of these incidents.
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we do know a campaign has been launched by the authorities here for weeks and weeks now to take out certain they believe are the hot beds or central places for some of the groups who see what the regime is doing in egypt and today we hear of various places where there has been an attack of military and helicopters but we is no clue and until we have information who is behind the attacks we cannot really say if this is anything that has coordination. >> 51 protesters died in egypt on sunday during nationwide demonstrations. what was supposed to be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the 1973 arab israeli war and fighting began on sunday when they marched in the square in support of more
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see and they used tear gas and what some say live ammunition against them and speaking of the bombs between the military and the people. >> translator: do you think someone can break the relationship between us and the egyptian people, don't you know that you are the light of our eyes? this is the truth. we don't forget. we learn to never forget and we will never forget you standing with us and before anyone hurts you we would die first and ensure you are never hurt. >> reporter: the united states says it's working closely with russia to find a peaceful settlement in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry met the foreign minister at the apec summit and they praised the government for starting the process of destroying the chemical weapons. in syria on sunday government forces began destroying war heads, bombs and mixing equipment. they were observed by u.n.
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backed weapons experts and they will plan to visit 50 sites as part of their mission. >> i think it's also credit to the assad regime for complying rapidly as they are supposed to. now, we hope that will continue. i'm not going to vouch today for what happens months down the road, but it's a good beginning and we should welcome a good beginning. >> reporter: syria's willingness to come rate with weapons inspectors surprised many and some believe the strategy could actually strengthen bashir's grip on power and we have more. >> translator: president bashir and destroying the chemical weapons seems to have given him breathing space and john kerry offered cautious words. >> i think it's credit to the assad regime for complying rapidly as they are supposed to.
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now, we hope that will continue. i'm not going to vouch today for what happens months down the road, but it's a good beginning. and we should welcome a good beginning. >> but it's not yet clear if these good beginnings can translate into a political victory for the president. certainly there are signs of what is going on on the political offensive and appeared on several international networks to push the message that the syrian president is the only man to lead syria out of the crisis. >> he is engaging with countries of interest like turkey and the west and u.s. and parts of europe where he feels there is opposition to the government support of the rebels. >> reporter: allies russia and iran have publically moves with the russian foreign minister saying. >> translator: we hope resolution of the council adopted ten days ago will be fulfilled by all parties as well
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as the countries which are neighbors of syria. >> reporter: but the syrian rebels appear to be in disarray and the opposition is deeply divided and not able to sprent present a front and they admitted the challenges they were facing. >> and he recognizes the coalition and don't want recognition from this and the front follows al-qaeda and not with us and does not provide cover for us. >> reporter: some say with discordant the rebel groums the president is using political kills with the cooperation of the west over chemical weapons to strengthen his position and possibly make it more difficult to end the crisis soon, al jazeera. >> reporter: a bomb exploded in pakistan killing at least two people who were helping a vaccination program. the explosion was near a hospital in the northern city of bashowa and a police officer and volunteer and a peace committee died. and pakistan is one of three
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countries in the world that polio is still an epidemic. the wife of al-qaeda member captured in libya has been speaking to al jazeera. and she says this, libby was kidnapped from outside his home in tripoli and the libyan government wants an explanation from washington and carolyn malone reports. >> this is where the family saw an operation to capture him outside their home in tripoli. two cars were waiting for him when he returned from the mosque on saturday morning. >> translator: masked men came out of the car but the driver wasn't masked and one adjusted it as he came out. from the features they were libyan and at least ten of them and all armed with silenced weapons and told him to get in the car, close the door and drove off. they broke the window on my husband's car and it seems like they had drugged him. >> reporter: libya is wanted
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for 15 years by the f.b.i. but the way he was detained angered the government who want to know more about his wehereabouts and john kerry said it was a legal operation. >> he is a key al-qaeda figure and he is a legal and an appropriate target for the u.s. military under the authorization of the use of military force task in september of 2001. >> reporter: libya suspected involvement in the twin attacks on u.s. embassys in kenya and tanzania in 1998 which 200 people were killed and returned to libya after the fall of gadhafi and his brother says he deserves to be tried at home. >> this is the work trying to kidnap my brother and were supposed to produce documents to
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the government. >> reporter: and they have been ceased by u.s. commanders and is now reportedly being interrogated on a u.s. navel ship, carolyn malone, al jazeera. >> three rebel groups in mali say they are willing to rejoin peace talks with the new government. the groups pulled out of negotiations weeks ago and more. >> translator: the rebels back at the negotiating table but with a caveat. >> translator: this is the last chance for peace. the fact the outside world is here to help us should be a clear factor to find agree solution to a conflict that has been going on for 60 years. >> reporter: the rebels agreed to do rounds team rarly after a cease fire with the government. fighting broke out last week and responded by pulling out of peace talks and decided to rejoin but not without miss
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givings. >> translator: the final opportunity has no substitute, peace solution now means we have all one. failure to find it will render the problem more dangerous than ever before. >> reporter: it was made at the time of heightened tension across the country and on wednesday the officers will be near the capitol demanding promotion. and the day before locals in timbucktoo said they killed more. >> translator: they were watering the animals at a well when an aircraft came and hit them. and 12 died instantly among whom two relatives of mine. >> reporter: the french military spoke to al jazeera said they deny being responsible of deaths in mali as of late and they will not confirm or deny the conducting of air raids in
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the area and they are in pursuit of al-qaeda and adds to the security in the poor nation. >> reporter: still to come on the news hour, soldiers on parade in somalia and are they ready to stop al shabaab fighters. in lebanon they are looking for a better life and end in disaster. rough and tumble in the baseball playoffs as la took on the atlanta braves and find out if the dodgers can pick themselves up for a win a little later on in the sport. ♪ police in kenya say the last month's attack on west gate shopping center was planned several weeks this advance. new surveillance video shows two suspects entering the mall on
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september 6 to lay the ground work for the eventually siege and they are seen entering a bank and which they used to pay for a car and that vehicle was used to block the mall's main entrance on september 21 preventing security forces from getting inside and al jazeera discovered the police in kenya could big nearing evidence connected to the killing of a muslim person last week and could have been one in a series of extra judicial killings and allegations denied by the police and andrew simmons has our report. >> reporter: uncovered what should be part of the investigation into the murders of four men, one of them a muslim clerc with connections to the group. it was on the outskirts when it was ambushed by gunmen last thursday and killed with three
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fr friends who attend his mosque and human rights activists say it's the latest in the string of extra judicial killings by police. this car with bulleting would be in the center and the police have no interest in retrieving it yet and actually do agree forensic examination of the vehicle. but the police chief initially suggested his men were examining the car. >> translator: in your custody, i'm afraid that is not correct and i just seen the car, why aren't you examining it with forensic forensics? >> it was brought down so we did our initial investigation. >> reporter: after friday's riots which people died police are on high alert and two people were arrested on sunday and the
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police chief said they are not connected to the west gate mall attack. there is fear among people like this man who says he was arrested, beaten an ordered to become a police informer on muslims connected to al shabaab and refused and now he is on his way to a safe house. >> what can i do to protect myself? >> reporter: it's a minority of muslims who say they are under threat here, but one human rights group has 20 people they believe could be targeted by undercover police. this is what we are telling the government, when such acts are seen or are under taken within the community it's only sympathy for al shabaab and terrorism. >> reporter: at the church attack during friday rioting preachers were not able to have the normal service on sunday, this was their message.
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>> stop before we find ourselves in a full religious confrontation. >> reporter: there was a call for muslims to cooperate with the police but they don't trust the police, in the wake of west gate mall the tension persists in this part of kenya's port city. and andrew simmons al jazeera. >> somalia minister is calling for help in the fight against the fighters and working with local militias to help find them and peter reports now. >> reporter: this is the tip of somalia against al shabaab. the militia snaps to attention on parade and the men had a checkered history and at times fighting with the government, sometimes with al shabaab. for now they are the government's defense here. and they served alongside kenya forces to drive al shabaab out of the hometown a year ago.
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the kenya troops are in the key installations like the airport and have the equipment to hold attackers back but they don't have the local knowledge needed for the much more complex task of managing internal security. and that says the defense minister is the heart of the problem. >> this is a wake-up call for international community and the countries in the region really. the only solution and best solution is to support the samalia government to help fight al shabaab. >> reporter: they are struggling from constant war and camps are everywhere and no way of tracking people in this kind of environment so it's relatively easy for al shabaab to move about undetected and they are trying to control the town but we were warned that
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members of the islam group are everywhere. unsurprising me the local security services say the solution to defeating al shabaab is to have the training, capacity and equipment so they can take on the enemy. they say that they are the ones that know the language, that understand the culture, that really understand what they are dealing with. they have a reputation for discipline. and the commander says that things are not perfect but he says there is a solution. >> translator: we can do this job. we can fight the enemy. the biggest problem we have is we don't get help from the outside and it's important for them to understand they can't beat al shabaab if they don't work with us, the samalies. >> reporter: sponsors face the difficult choice, turn away from the local militias and give military resources to the african union leaving the statement weakened or create an effective fighting force out of
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men with questionable loyalties. peter with al jazeera in southern somalia. >> they recovered the bodies of 83 migrants on sunday, 194 people are known to have died in last week's boat accident. over 100 more believes to be missing and italy immigration minister will improve conditions at a migrant center where survivors are being housed and they will arrive back home in lebanon after their boat sank off of indonesia and we have been to meet them in northern lebanon. >> reporter: and he left lebanon with his family and returns a few months later without them. he is still in shock. more than a week after surviving a boat accident off the indonesia coast and he doesn't know if the bodies of his family
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were among those recovered until dna tests are completed. all he knows is he wanted to give them a better life in australia. >> translator: i decided to seek asylum because we were already dead in lebanon and we survived and were dying but it was over there where we died. >> reporter: the exact number of migrants on the boat is not known. but a significant number were lebanese, officials say more than 60. the lebanese who were on board the ill-fated vessel from the poorest areas of the north of the country many lived and worked in these neighborhoods and this used to be his shop before he sold it to pay for the journey to australia. it is easy for smuggling networks to lure those in poverty and easier to convince those who live on a front line. and he is one of them and here liberty nice supporters and opponent's of syria government
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turned guns on each other and injuries and killing in the past two years. >> translator: my brother was a victim of lebanon security problems and left to escape it. >> reporter: the family is just as angry at the authorities. they are waiting for any news about their 23-year-old son who is also on the boat. this is a country with deep political divisions that have been worse worsened by the war in syria and effected the job market. >> translator: he had no hope and he was ambitious and determined to find a better life. i begged him not to go. he had no future here with the bombings, kidnappings and killings. >> reporter: and in many ways he is a victim of the political and security crisis, officials here called the boat sinking a national tragedy. but his father blames them for
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his own tragedy. >> translator: stop fighting each other for power and e night for the sake of our children. this father had one more request for the government to know if his son is dead or alive and bring him back either way. >> reporter: al jazeera tripoli, north of lebanon. >> reporter: typhoon made landfall in eastern china and hit two provinces forcing hundreds of thousands of people and waves 20 meters high are battering the coastline and more rain is expected in the coming days and craig reports now from hong kong. >> reporter: it came at the end of national week in china and everybody was away on holiday and some 7,000 tourists were evacuated where the typhoon came ashore and tracked across the pacific and went directly north and turned left at the top of taiwan before slamming into southeast china and causing a
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lot of damage there to crops, trees, and several of the village's and many were moved before it reached the area and 70,000 fishing boats were returned to port before it did the damage we are seeing there right now. self people are missing, no reports of deaths yet but there is another typhoon on the way, typhoon donna has started to gather steam in the pacific and is also heading north. its track is heading toward japan and we should see that typhoon reaching japan in several days if it continues on its predicted track. >> reporter: this is an update now from metrologist richard. >> reporter: thanks. the good news is that it's weakening but bad news is the next system is continuing to strengthen and as i run the sequence you see it's becoming a
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mass and this is retaining a beautiful eye wall there as you can see. so this is the main feature we are now watching and where does it go? it looks like it will track here and through the korea straight before moving along the coast of hong-chu and the winds as it reaches the straight and 12 g on tuesday and gusts over 200 and makes a category two hurricane on the scale. so what does that mean in terms of south korea and japan? and rain is likely, 200-250 millimeters of rain in south korea could get hammered by the rainfall and there is a landslide issue for both areas but the countries are sophisticated and warning system so people will be evacuated as required and the system is running through and by wednesday it will be a much, much weaker affair and we will have winds below hurricane force but heavy
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rains and still flooding and it will be gone. >> reporter: known as rat holes, india dangerous and unstable mines where children squeeze down to dig for cole and tens of thousands are exploited in the northeastern state and from there al jazeera reports. >> reporter: descending in the depths of danger and he starts another day by crawling into this mine to dig for cole. but just a few minutes in he realizes there is something wrong. a heavy rock has collapsed on another miner crushing his legs. the workers manage to free him, but he is clearly shaken. >> translator: every time i go to work i think the roof is collapsing on top of me. sometimes i have work alone so that is when i'm really scared.
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i just feel like getting out of there. >> reporter: and he has been working in the cole pits since he was 15. and local activists believe 70,000 children like him work in these so-called rat holes because adults are usually too big. the conditions in the mines are horrific and i'm standing on a temporary wooden platform and there is a drop of about 40 feet beneath me. as you see around me there are caverns and what the children crawl into to mine for cole and they go on their stomachs to fit in the holes. accidents are not uncommon here. and when they occur the workers are sometimes buried alive. the miners have no training or safety equipment and live near the pits. and they have been lobbying the sat government to rescue them but nothing has been done because most are illegal
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migrants from nipole and bangladesh and they have been going in the rat holes and dead bodies are not being taken back because it's not possible and no way they can do it and they are not being reported because these are in the context of our state it's actually illegal migration. >> reporter: despite earning millions of dollars each year, landowners use manual methods to dig for cole. and she is trying to get them to use modern machines so children would though longer be needed. but cole exporters deny the use of child labor. >> under this there is no child labor at all. you can put me in the international news. >> reporter: what about cole mining? >> we are not concerned with that. >> reporter: she knows the children work in these mines because he is one of them. his only goal is to earn enough money to some day leave.
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and this is al jazeera in jentia hills. >> for more and stories related to india look at our website at al and still to come here on the news hour the push for a regional trade pact to account for 40% of global trade and we have the apec sum my in bali and in sport we have brilliant goals to show you from spain and joe will be here with details in just over 15 minutes. ♪
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and we are in doha with the top stories on al jazeera and attacks are reported on security targets in egypt and killed five soldiers on patrol but the suez canal and explosion at a headquarters in south sinai and in cairo we have reports of a rocket-propelled attack on a communication satellite station. >> i think it's also credit to the assad regime. >> reporter: united states praises syria government to starting to destroy the chemical weapons areasel and china is battered by a typhoon and a million people are evacuated and now it's a storm but another typhoon is threatening gusts of 160 kilometers an hour. world leaders gathered at the apec summit and high on the
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agenda is a huge potential trade deal. the term specific partnership or tpp, and trade between 12 countries and result is a massive free trade area accounting for more than 40% of the global economy. u.s. president barack obama says he wants to reach a deal by the end of the year and other members say it might take longer. china has not been invited to join the partnership and instead it's pursuing a rival deal involving 16 asian-pacific nations and let's take you live to ball lie where the chinese president is speaking at the summit right now and al jazeera is at the summit to tell us more and we heard earlier scott from secretary of state john kerry presenting the sales pitch for tpp. what is china saying about it? >> as you well pointed out china is not part of the tpp trans pacific partnership and the
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largest trade agreement in the world and he is letting the nations of this part of the world know that for their prosperity they need to have trade good trade relations with the nation of china because of the position within the region and also its out put and they are focusing on, he is focusing on reminding the partners at apec they need no work with china and not saying don't join tpp, the american-led trade pack but they will still need to have good trade relations and strong trade relations with china to really be prosperous in the region. >> reporter: john kerry was speaking is because president obama is not there and the chinese president and russia president is there. is obama being missed and his non-show or no show being taken as a sign that the u.s. isn't really that serious about its
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relations with asia? >> absolutely and i spoke with a former diplomate earlier and said it was a really bad signal to the nations of this region that obama didn't come. and again because of the ttp negotiation the united states is pushing this forward and want the negotiations done by the end of the year and said that will impact us directly and also sends a signal if there is an american pivot both economically and militarily and involvement in asia why can't the president come a couple of days and we know the reason is because the government is partially shut down but it's very -- sending a bad signal he was not able to come and john kerry filling in the role but really not having the weight obama would have if he were here and also giving the sales pitch for tpp in his speech to the ceo members today. so it's really a glaring omission that president obama is not here. >> and not envy of you being
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sent to bali to report, some people have all the luck, live in bali and as you see the president of china still talking at the apec summit and we will tell you what she has to say and bring you nothing newsworthy that comes out of the speech a little later on al jazeera. now it's a blow for boeing and a major coup for air bus. japan airlines says it's going to buy 31 jets from the european plane maker for the first time and jal has been a loyal boeing customer but they have problems with the 787 dream liner and we have more details. >> it's important for any company to be able to break the dominance of a rival in a major market and that is what french maker achieved and squeezed into japan and the home of american producer boeing. >> translator: we are confident we can offer comfortable travel in the air with the latest
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aircraft and they completed test flight last month and it's in progress for the launch in 2014. and no dice by 2019 it will be in fully prepared state. with 31 a-53 planes it's the biggest and japan has option of buying 25 and the deal follows resent successes elsewhere in asia and a contract in china, vietnam and singapore and worth $14 billion. it's the biggest market for all jet orders in the next 20 years and a 350 and direct competitor for the dream liner and the aircraft struggled since the launch two years ago. in january it was grounded after problems with fuel leaks and over heating batteries and july an ethiopian airlines caught fire at the airport. the a 350 is 25% less fuel and
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could explain why carriers are choosing the plane as they try to keep costs down and profits up. it hopes to deliver the first a 350 to customers by the end of next year. al jazeera. >> reporter: and a new business initiative will be launched in nigeria to make the internet accessible to more people across the world. the u.n. information technology estimates by the end of the year 2.7 billion people will be using the internet globally, that still leaves almost two thirds of the world's population without online access and accessibility varies greatly by eeg region and 75% of people in europe can log on and africa has seen the greatest rise in internet usage in four years and 16% of people across the african continent have access and we
6:38 am
have the director of the affordable internet that is about to be launched and she is on the internet and many people who lack access to the internet particularly in places like africa also lack basics light clean water, drainage and electricity so what is the priority here? >> thank you for having me on the program. hello. well, for us the internet, the priority is affordable internet but not at all disconnected with other priorities you mention and we very much see the internet as an engine and a tool that will be critical to facilitate development for factors including health, education, other industries and so it's very important as you know that at this day and age in our development that technology not only can see but provided at affordable rates so everyone in the world can benefit from the
6:39 am
technology and internet exactly to not only promote but increase the benefits and possibilities and opportunities that health and education can bring to the population in developing counties. >> what you are saying is internet access helps to lift people out of poverty? >> it's one of many pieces of a large puzzle in the development picture, as you can imagine, and we as part of the alliance and many of members we work in the technology sector and work in policy and regulation and while we see through research over the years has become very clear that information and communications technologies are critical to development and can, in fact, help people improve their lives, it can help reduce poverty so we are working from our angle, from the perspective that we bring exactly to make sure that we can
6:40 am
make the best use of the technology to reduce poverty and increase development opportunities. so, yes, it is a tool but it's not the only one. >> good to talk to you and many thanks and live in aboosia. courts for sexual offenders and hope they will deal with rape and sex attack cases and we report from johannesburg. >> they are happy the government is setting up special courts to convict more sexual offenders and rape and other sexual offenses often are not reported. to some people especially as a girl it's easy to go out there and tell somebody i got raped because my friend government raped and my other friend got raped at 14 but only told her parents when she was like 20 and couldn't say anything to anyone and she was quite it about it
6:41 am
and after she told her parents nothing was done. >> reporter: activists say africa is one of the highest rates of rape in the world. >> outside of a war zone this is the most dangerous country in the world to be a woman. however, having said that, we are pretty sure that most of the cases of rape are in fact not reported. that we don't have all the information about the extent of this particular type of violation. >> the murder of 17-year-old earlier this year made international headlines and she was raped, beaten and body disembowed and people and even babies are raped everyday. one man who was arrested recently for raping his daughter said he saw nothing wrong with having sex with her and took her to the bedroom and did not believe he was raping her and
6:42 am
thought it was his right to teach his daughter how to have sex. the courts will have special rooms where they will testify in private and get training how to deal with rape victims and they hope they are caught and will convict more perpetrators and encourage victims to report rape and sexual assault. al jazeera johannesburg. >> reporter: to southeast turkey where business is booming since a cease fire between the golf and the kurd workers but if a financial peace deal is not reached fighting and return to less prosperous times and we report. >> reporter: and he owns this shop in the town here. he says his income has increased by 45% compared to last year. >> translator: after the peace process started, everyone's business boomed. after that more tourists are
6:43 am
coming. >> reporter: a cease fire agreed between the kurd workers and pkk and government in march has created a period of relatives and that has brought more tourists and investments. the government says foreign and national investment projects have reached more than 400 million u.s. dollars since last year and it created thousands of jobs. officials also predict if the government and the kurd workers have pkk and sign a peace deal they will see more development and investment. the prekurd southeast has been hit by conflict for the past 30 years leaving many parts undeveloped and many here agree that turkey and party improved the economy and brought development. construction is underway to build this new airport at the cost of more than $100 million with a capacity of 5 million
6:44 am
passengers every year but they accuse the government of discrimination. >> translator: because they are kurd and this is the region they are not investing and keeping us under developing. >> translator: they talk about investments but why don't we see it? >> reporter: the government says it's giving priority to them and that it spent half a billion dollars on development projects and infrastructure over the past 12 months. >> translator: the investment here is the 5th biggest on a level and the conflict stopped with the start of the peace process and more than 300 foreign and turkish investors have come forward and if it is not started no one will invest and it has great potential. >> reporter: the peace process is fragile and could go either way and without a lasting peace many here fear the gains could easily be lost. and i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: riot police are ready on the border of argentina
6:45 am
and uraguay as pollution is talked about and a top indy car driver injured in a high-speed crash and we will have details in the sport. ♪
6:46 am
♪ help go again, police moved into shanty towns in rio to make the city safer ahead of the world cup and included an elite police and military police and the
6:47 am
navy. the operations part of a broader drive-by the authorities to get rid of drug traffickers. at least 19 people have been killed in a bus crash in peru and 18 injured and it ran off the road and plunged in an ravine and three children are among 8 dead and 80 injuries and they say the truck driver may have lost control after hitting his head in mexico. argentina and uraguay are locked in a dispute on the border and uraguay is taken to the court of pulp production at a paper mill and that causes pollution and they insist that environmental standards are being met and monica reports. >> reporter: waving the flags hundreds of people joined a protest caravan to uraguay but
6:48 am
special forces from the nation were deployed to the check point to prevent them going any further. argue argentina said they are younger brother but the paper mill is breaking family ties and two crossings to go there by car and this is one of them and the protesters that are here in the caravan have effectively managed to shut down this axis point. >> translator: pollution is a long-term problem and when we are all sick will we talk about contaminating the environment. >> translator: we want them out and if not then we stay. the paper mill is a symbol of a decade-long conflict and sits on the uraguay river and in 2006 it prompted the bridge linking the countries to close fore nearly a decade and argentina said it's a
6:49 am
major pollutant and they say it follows environmental standards and both presidents joined the dispute. >> translator: we have authorized the company to increase behalf what they requested, approximately 105,000 pounds. >> reporter: the president said she doesn't want the plant to increase production. and trees to produce paper are cut in both countries and people on both sides say they are paying a heavy price. and he has a restaurants and tourism in the summer doubles the size of the town. but when the border is closed, no people visit. >> translator: a small country but this is where it is. >> reporter: he wants good relations to resume and says the sister nation should put the
6:50 am
dispute over the paper mill behind them. monica with al jazeera al jazeera. >> reporter: the pirates are closer with a win over the cards in game three and did not go down easy and they reported three runs as they came from behind twice to the 8th inning and completing the come back would dash in the 8th and smashed two singles and arounding off and the score 5-3 pittsburgh. at dodgers stadium carl crawford was stealing the show as they beat the atlanta braves 13-6 and the perfect storm smashed a three run and a catch later on.
6:51 am
despite this crawford did not hit himself, maybe his pride and should be hit for game four on wednesday and 2-1 lead in 2. >> i did not think the ball was going to the stands. it kept floating it seemed like and i didn't see it coming. like i said next thing you know i felt my feet coming up, under me and felt myself flipping over so good thing i held on to the ball. that is all that matters. >> reporter: the broncos are in the season by beating the cowboys and won 51-38 and payeyn manning and his opposing tony romo up staged him with 506 passing yards and 5 touchdown to destroy the chances by tossing a fourth quarter interception and matt stole the win with a 28
6:52 am
yard field goal. and the visitors who were here made a stop and grabbing the lead after 22 minutes to emanuel and martinez came close to double the lead, 3 minutes in the second half and one-nil lifted them to third in the table. and they gained the top spot in the league after west and it was the site and they head in before the break and also in the mid field levelled things with his first goal since november 2010 and they have 16 points, equal with liver pool and lead the table having scored more goals. >> i believe what is important is that we continue to focus on
6:53 am
the way we want to play. we have a desire. we have a spirit. and after that for champ it's a bit early and october. in march, april, you can show that you have a mentality of champ but it's early. it's good to continue our run. >> reporter: but they dropped to 6 and beaten 3-nil by west ham and morrison had the first win since 1999 and andre said it's the second loss of the season. and they beach 3-1 to go third and south hamilton fourth after beating swansua 2-0. and they have vego on top of the spanish league table and they had a penalty and they put atletico ahead before the break
6:54 am
and the brazilians struck again and the top scorer in spain and he did go back and atletico held on for 2-1 win. three goals 11 first half minutes and decided the match against betas and this kick from leon and not sure if he meant it but amazing effort nonetheless for 40 yards or 36 meters out and going on to win 3-1 and result and moves him to 5th in the european place. and just below it in 6th, they needed this with rico goal with 15 minutes to go and salvage points against valencia as they are 7th. and they are rooted on the bottom of the table after losing to sophia and djokovic, 2-1 and
6:55 am
they are 11th. and ten men came from behind to beat them 2-1 in the match. and he is second behind monico and they kept up the pressure on roma and two points adrift after wins on sunday and they came from behind to beat milan 3-2. germany they scored 8-minute hat trick and they are on loan from berlin and clearly enjoying his time in ham burg with the fastist in history. and ham burg going on to win 5-nil. tiger woods in the united states a straight victory in the golf
6:56 am
cup and u.s. needed four points in the final day in ohio and woods did enough to get them over the line beating sterney in the single match and u.s. won 18 1/2 to 15 1/2 and won 8 half of the president's cup tournaments. three time 500 winner escaped serious injury after a huge crash at the grand prix of houston and franchitti went airborne and they said he fractured two vertebrae and right ankle and injured 13 fans at the site of the track and a sobering moment for other drivers. >> and it looked like he was moving around and looked like that so i hope all the fans out here are okay too. >> reporter: olympic flame is continuing on the tour of moscow this monday before moving on to 65,000 kilometer to russia and
6:57 am
it was lit and flew to z moscow on sunday with president vladimir pootin and it took a turn in the relay through the kremlin the flame went out and quick thinking to a guard who had a cigarette lighter and the torch was relit. that is the sport for now. >> reporter: thanks indeed. that is this year's nobel prize for medicine is to three u.s.-based scientists. and they won the award on how cells work and discovery has helped the understanding of many of the bodies processes including how viruses infect cells and how the cells communicate. stay with us here on al jazeera, and we have more news straight
6:58 am
ahead and thanks for watching. good-bye. ♪ ;ñ
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organization. >> on the government shutdown standoff, house speaker john boehner draws a line in the sentenced. he warned the nation is headed for its first-ever debt default unless president obama starts negotiating with republicans. >> clashes in egypt between army security forces and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi leave dozens dead. >> u.s. special forces grab a suspected terrorist in tripoli. he's on the f.b.i.'s west wanted lift for the u.s. embass bombings in africa. why the libyan government is calling for him to be


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