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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> a warning for the global economy. asian powers tell the united states to sort its debt crisis out. more violence in brazil as teachers protest over better pay. north korea puts its military on alert after the united states moves ships into a south korean port. plus: >> i'm wayne hay in tokyo where we meet a man facing upheaval for the second time in his life, after this city's decision to
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host the olympic games. >> but first the world's second and third largest economies have warned the united states to sort out your debt crisis, and fast. both china and japan are predicting problems if the u.s. doesn't solve its budget deadlock by borrowing capacity soon. the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit in bali, apec, the u.s. president obama should have been there but instead decided to sort out his budget process. in bali. >> the united states situation because they're the biggest investors in debt in the united states. so obviously if this situation isn't resolved any time soon, this has -- both nations have a vested interest in the united
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states so that's why president barack obama is not in attendance at the summit, secretary of state john kerry came in his stead. attempted to reassure them that this political situation can be resolved but they're really trying to reassure that this debt situation in the united states isn't resolved very soon. >> u.s. government programs are running out of money and threatening to grind to a halt. the partial u.s. government shut down is now in its second week and doan loo doesn't look like g to be over soon. vulnerable people there may soon have nowhere to go. kimberly halcot reports. >> victims of domestic violence in washington, d.c, her program deals with government funding,
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already dealing with a shortage of funding because of budget cuts. but now with partial government shut down she fears that soon -- >> there's not going to be anyplace for survivors to run to and bottom line more survivors will end up on the streets or end up god only knows that as a result of domestic violence because they had no place to go. >> haskel estimates she can keep the shelter running for about another two weeks then the emergency money she receives from the government will run out. there is a way to end the fiscal deadlock that's closed the programs for a week. >> there's enough votes to end the shut down. >> but a top, brink manship that's about to get worse, on october 17th the u.s. faces defaulting on its debt payments
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for the first time in history if the u.s. congress does not lift its $16.7 trillion borrowing limit. >> the president had us all down to the white house last week only to remind me that he was not going to negotiate over keeping the government often or over the looming -- open or over the looming need to increase the debt limit. the president's refusal to negotiate is hurting the economy and putting our country at risk. >> but for now it is ordinary americans who are suffering with government services they counted on disappearing. the u.s. transportation safety board says it won't investigate some transportation accidents, this one over the weekend that killed a worker on the washington, d.c. transportation system. and the two-thirds of the staff has been staying home and
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familiar flu strains will go undetected, putting thousands of americans at risk, al jazeera, washington. >> the u.s. defense department has released the first deals that the man american forces tried capture in somalia this weekend, behind the group's expansion into neighboring kenya. ekrima has alleged to carry out major attacks in the region for a number of years. to brazil, riot police have confronted protestors support for striking teachers. monica has more from rio. >> over 43 million children go to school in brazil but here in rio, teachers are asking for a complete overhaul of the
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education system. these marchers are part of a wider movement that started days ago, and ended in violent confrontations with the police last week. so the numbers are fewer than expected but still thousands of people here in the street. these people belong to a wider social movement known as the brazilian spring that started in june and crit sides the president and her policies. they said that the money that brazil has should not be spent so much in sports events like the world cup and the olympics but should be spent in education, public transportation and they say they're still going to keep on taking to the streets until they see real changes here. >> the maldives supreme court has annulled the first round of voting in the elections, in september but the supreme court has ruled thousands of votes
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cast were tainted making it unclear which candidates qualify for a runoff. new voting will now take place on october the 20th. north korea is warning the united states of a horrible disaster as a giant u.s. aircraft carrier is sent to the region. the north has also put its forces on alert as a response to army drills. the presence of the u.s.s. george washington says that washington remains hostile. >> reacted to the statement of north korea that it seems to be acriticism of the fact that a u.s. aircraft carrier docked at a south korean port on friday in preparation of these trilateral movements in north korea and that they stand ready to respond to any provocation. as for north korean statement
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itself it isn't a warning of an imminent strike, it is making itself ready to respond, saying we should be ready to promptly launch operations at any time and there is a longer term message as well, saying the more frequently and more deeply that the so-called u.s. imperialist forces maneuver, then the more unpredictable disasters that their actions will cause. one thing to note though: at the moment these exercises haven't started thi. they were due to get underway today through thursday, but because of a strong typhoon making its way between korea and japan, it may be that they are cancelled altogether. >> china has calculated the damage done by typhoon fitow.
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the cost of the damage is being estimateat $2 billion. the retrial of a greek journalist, leeing the leguard list. he was acquitted of breaking privacy laws and the verdict lacked credibility. what is the la garde list? the list was originally given to greek authorities by french minister christine la garde. little action to prosecute the tax evaders on the list. let's get more from john siropolos who is in the capital
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athens. john, etrial, does that mean something has changed? it seems very much the same, same judges same case. >> it looks very much the same. acquitted in last year's case. the prosecution witnesses and the prosecution evidence unchanged. he was first supposed to be tried in june. he asked for postponement so he could prepare and this is now the final date set for that re-trial. the difference i suppose between last october and now is that vaxavanes himself is willing to go to jail. he would not appeal a condemnation, a guilty verdict because he wants he says to highlight the problem that exists with press freedom in greece and he's decide they'd he's going to make himself subject to what he would see as o, essentially, misuse of the
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privacy law in greece in order to victimize and silence him. >> this was john very patently a good scoop in the adjournistic tradition. that retrial sends a not very good message to the journalistic industry doesn't it? >> that sends a message on compromise aat least on certain issues. they would cite the closure of public television in june, which caused an outcry in the majority of the population here, and reopening in july a month later. apparently not with any great reduction in the payroll. 2700 people worked in the old state broadcaster, roughly 2,000 will be hired back the government has promised. that hasn't happened yet but hundreds are on the new payroll already. now the people who simple thighs
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with him would say that's clear evidence. but in order ting save a couple thousand jobs, it has to are shed 12 and a half thousand people from the state payroll. but protecting state television. vaxovanes cites the arrest of six golden dawn mps. he said up to a few days before that happened, media were talking about golden dawn as just another party. as soon as the government changed its view of golden dawn so did the mainstream media and now they are decrying them as nazis and fa fascists. >> john seropolos in athens. thanks john.
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an inquiry is ordered into sunday's violent street protests. and israeli police say it was the largest funeral procession, hundreds of thousands turn out to mourn a spiritual leader and a political cause. [[voiceover]] when people need
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to be heard, stories need to be told, al jazeera is there. >> hello again, i'm fuli batibol with the main stories on al jazeera. since 1996, we've told the human story. from the ground up. >> this is an unsafe place to be. >> with a new point of view. >>this river is their road to freedom. [[voiceover]] committed, inspired, bold. >>we're on the frontline, but it's under attack. al jazeera media network, the global, award-winning news organization.
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>> welcome back, top stories here on al jazeera. the apec summit has ended in bali with a warnings to the world's biggest economy. china and japan are urging the u.s. to settle its economic
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crisis to avoid serious complications. thousands rioted in sao palo. north korea has put its armed forces on high alert and it's warning the united states on what it calls a huge disaster after a giant air craft carrier docked in south korea. let's go back to the conclusion of that apec sum step vasson joins us from there. step there is no shortage of forums for international leaders to meet april. so why is apec important? >> yes, the apec summit here in bali has finally officially been wrapped up, the leaders are going home, the final statement has been released and we are now left with a question of how this
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apec summit will be remembered? it is funny that the the indonesian leader said, normally, they remember the food. it is the wine and dine summit, it is not an outcome of decisions but meetings and commitments and i think that's where the importance lies. the leaders that are here, chinese leaders, japan, russia all have committed to this region. this is the major region for growth in the world. they say this is major region that can make a global economic recovery so the commitment of these leaders to come here despite their domestic problems, economic problems in their own countries it's very important. i think that's what we're going home with and that's what we'll remember from this summit in
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bali. >> well also step the concluding message from apec is a warning to the united states, about the biggest economy in the world and probably the biggest debt in the world. so how serious was the message they're sending to washington in the absence of president obama, of course? >> yes, very serious of course. a lot has been said about the absence of this one person, president obama at this summit and of course officially it all has been down played. it wasn't crucial of course because the united states was represented here, there were no major decisions made here he wasn't really required here, but it doesn't seem like a very firm commitment for this very important region. it also shows to many people here especially the japanese and chinese, the u.s. doesn't have its house in order. if it doesn't have its own house in order how kit be committed to
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international imhiment for example for china and the whole region for asia pacific? that was a lot of concern and was something that came out in the last few days. >> step vasson in bali, thanks step (p) in order to destroy its chemical weapons stock, ban ki-moon described it as a mission of unprecedented danger. 35 experts are already there. they have started the process of dismantling the syrian arsenal, by agreement it will be done by the end of next year. killed up to 37 people more than 100 others are injured in the iraqi capital. four security officers are dead in a checkpoint in the town of mushada, a car repair shop and a bakery were also targeted in mostly shia muslim areas.
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an investigation into sunday's violence in which 53 people were killed and hundreds more were injured. that's when fighting erupted between antiq protestors and security forces, on the 40th anniversary of the bar. killed 9 security officials. our correspondent reports from cairo, we're not naming him for security reasons. >> this is what it looked like after the explosion at altur police headquarters. officers believe a suicide bomber drove his car up to the station and then detonated his device. they said it was made with around half a ton of explosives and killed several junior police officers and wounded dozens more. this is southern sinai. an area that has been stable throughout egypt's recent troubles. it's just an hour away from the major tourist destination of
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sharm el sheikh. second attack was on the suez canal. group of unidentified armed men committed the attack. no group has claimed it carried out either of monday's attacks but there's no suggestion the muslim brotherhood or the anticoup alliance had any involvement. this violence follows sunday's confrontations between police and protestors in cairo. on egypt's national day to remember the military achievements of the 1973 october war with israel, security forces used tear gas and fired into the air to stop anticoup alliance supporters from disrupting celebrations at tahrir square. more than 50 people died and hundreds more were wounded. funerals have now been head for some of the dead from sunday's
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violence. it was the worst death toll on a single day in egypt for two months. al jazeera, cairo. >> now to israel and what police say was the largest funeral procession, rabbi ivadia yousef, founded the ultraorthodox shas party. stephanie decker explains. >> it was their only chance for a final going. and so hundreds of thousands of predominantly sephardic jews, police say the funeral procession was the largest in israeli history. the announcement of the 93-year-old rabbi's death earlier monday was complete with an outpouring of grief. >> a feeling is like a father has just died and left us
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orphans without a tutor and without someone leading us. >> israel's leadership came to pay their respects for a man viewed as the rabbi for all jewish people. the rabbi was credited giving a voice to israel's sephardic jews who had previously been sidelines and made an impact on politics too. ultraorthodox shas party, coalition building in the israeli parliament. played the role of king maker in the israeli knesset. al jazeera. >> in mali there has been another attack on the city of gao. outside the city mortar rounds, gao was the first city freed from military intervention
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earlier in the year. it has been more than ten years since nigeria passed a law banning child labor but the international labor organization says there are 15 million children working in the country. al jazeera's afa midras went to meet some of them. >> millions of nigerian children forced to work in conditions like this. he dropped out of school when he was 8. he joined the ever-growing number of people working in mines across nigeria. for him the pay justifies the pain. >> with the little i earn here i support my family and take care of my needs. what options do i have? i'm happy with what i do. >> osama says his parents are happy with him working but he'd rather be in school with his mates. with support from a local
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musician, osama brush aside the danger of this work. some have been killed. or injured. this is a site where he and his neighbors come to labor for less than a dollar a day. this backbreaking job is the only viable option for getting through for their families. despite the dangers they feel lucky to be here. the stones dugd by osama and others are brought here to be crushed. these are the dealers who fund most of the operation. with these they make most of the profit. they reject the idea that using children like osama is exploitation. >> this is the opportunity of a lifetime. most of the people here are from
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poor families. they can hardly afford three meals a day. they are better off than the educated. >> back in the mine, osama's focus now is to make money. there are millions like him in nigeria who are out of school and out of luck at the moment. and unless the government finds a way of stopping their exploitation, millions more will never know the joy of childhood, mohamed dibris al jazeera. >> the bodies of 34 more victims have been recovered, more than 500 people from africa have been estimated to be aboard at the time. 155 survived. argentina's president is to have brain surgery, blood clot
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for christina kirchner, she is ordered to rest for a month the doctors have decided to operate after she complained of a tingling sensation in her left arm. a new prototype ma'a mall ma vaccine. glaxo smithkline say the risk of clinical malaria halved between children five to 17 months. for one man a decision means he will have to leave his home for a second time due to the international sporting event olympics. wayne hay was there to meet him. >> tokyo. >> in seven years the capital of japan will be in party mode. when it becomes the first asian city to host the olympics twice.
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a 79-year-old reluctant to show his face fully on camera. before tokyo's first olympics in 1964, he and his family were forced to move to make way for the main stadium to be built. >> my wife went to the tokyo government to voice her opposition, but because of was national policy we had to obey but we didn't want to leave. >> now it's said to open all over again. the building behind me is his apartment block and across the road is where he used to live until they decided to build the stadium here for the 1964 olympic games. unfortunately for him and many other people it's also where they'll build the main stadium for the 2020 games along with most of the other olympic facilities. he feels japan has more important things to deal with like reconstruction following 2011 earthquake and tsunami. ken can also remember 1964 very
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well. it was his first olympics working as a photographer. he's been to every summer and winter games since capturing some of the world's most memorable moments. the country came together following the devastation of world war ii. >> back then japan was rebuilding itself from the war, now it's the tsunami. there are many things people are concerned about, it posed many deaths and these are the harshest that they have to overcome. >> motivation for children all and the country. >> i want to be the japan king, and i want to be the ace. >> but for others, there is much more than sport to consider. >> when i think about how many people are going to be troubled, suffer and feel sad, it pains me even more. >> the local government says affected residents will be moved to existing city run complexes.
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according to games organizers this will be a compact olympics but not compact enough for some. wayne hay, al jazeera, tokyo. >> a reminder, that's our website and the outside lining of syria's chemical weapons pl plan.


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