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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a warning for the global economy, asia tells the united states to sort of the debt crisis and fast. hello and welcome, i'm steve in doha and the stop stories around the world on al jazeera. north korea has military on alert after united states moves ships in a south korea port. u.n. secretary says weapons experts may be needed to deal with the chemical stockpile.
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plus. >> i am in spain, people here are accusing the government of sabotaging years of progress in renewable energies and putting a tax on the sun. ♪ but first the world's second and third largest economies warned the united states sort out your debt crisis and do it fast and china and japan predict problems if they do not resolve the deadlock or borrowing capacity soon and this was the cooperation summit in bali and the president should have been there but he stayed home to try to sort out his problems and this is a report from bali. >> reporter: the apex summit has officially been wrapped up, the leaders are all going home and we are left with the question how is this apex summit going to be remembered if at all. it was interesting to hear from
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the indonesia president when he opened and he said what we normally remember and what leaders usually remember are the food and they have at the dinner and it was a joke and symbolizes the wine and dine content of this summit. but of course there is a lot more to it. of course it's not a summit won't constant decision and it's about commitment and meetings. so what has been come out of the meeting is people committed leaders in the region committed to this very important asia-pacific region that holds more than 50% of the gdp and that has been coming out of the meeting. of course we don't see any really concrete results but the economies are struggling nationally with their economies and of course it's very important that they actually come together here and as a forum and speak about speaking together and economic growth and
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also to doing it in other countries in the asia-pacific which is very important. >> reporter: china is counting the coast of typhoon fitow and it is a tropical storm after killing five people and affecting 3 million others and 1700 homes destroyed and the coast of the damage is being estimated at $2 billion. north korea is warning the united states of a horrible disaster as an aircraft carrier is sent to the region and high alert in response to navy drills by south korea and japan and north korea says the presence of uss washington shows washington remains hostile. here is harry. >> reporter: and they reacted to the statement from north korea saying it seems to be a criticism of the fact a u.s. air carrier at a port on friday in
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preparation for the tri-lateral exercises involving japan and korean and u.s. vessels and they are monitoring closely any military movements in north korea and stand ready to respond to any provocation. as for the north korean statement itself it's not a warning of an implement strike it's saying and making itself ready to respond itself saying we should be ready to launch operations at any time and there is a longer term message as well saying the frequently and deeply forces maneuver strike capabilities in the water and air surrounding the peninsula the more unpredictable disasters their actions will cause. one thing to note is the moment the exercises have not started they will get underway tuesday to thursday but because of the weather and because of a strong typhoon approaching and making its way from korea to japan and
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are delayed and they may be cancelled altogether. >> reporter: u.s. defense department released the first details about the man the special forces tried to capture in somalia this weekend and he is called akrina is said to be an al shabaab commander and behind the expansion into kenya and i'm joined by andrew who is in the capitol nairobi and they said it targeted the man who we just said a creamer. do we know anything about him? >> well, according to the pentagon this man has a long background in activity throughout east africa and is known. we have seen, in fact, in intelligence report, an intelligence service report that was leaked a week ago he was reported in a number of incidents and foiled at attacks within kenya itself.
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as far as this raid goes, late on friday night at faroway a small town to the south of mogadishu and a force landed on the beach and tried to attack a house, there was a fierce gun fight and creamer was the target. the u.s. is saying that they did not get him, an unknown number of people were killed, we've heard from our sources it could be up to two others were killed. the u.s. took no casualties. now they are describing this as an unparalleled precision operation. however, they didn't get their man and they are saying that they will continue to monitor al shabaab activities and that this attack was a demonstration of how it can exert direct pressure on al shabaab no matter what on
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somalia. >> reporter: it was retaliatory strike for what happened at the west gate shopping center. how much more do we know about the people or the situation surrounding the attack and siege? >> there is still a lot to come without a doubt stephen but we hear about piecing it together. there was one man that stands out omar neban and he is caught on cctv video and was named along with others by the kenya defense force. now, we know of him. but he is originally from mombasi and he is related to sala-neban who is now dead and he was connected to the attacks on the u.s. embassy in 1998 and also an attack on a hotel in mombassa in 2002.
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that is lined up with some information we received from our sources on mambassa that neban was, in fact, in a house in mombassa in 2003 when it was raided by antiterrorists police and he got away. now, he has lived it seems in baraway for more than ten years, baraway in somalia so it would appear the intelligence in u.s. and british and other agencies have been following closely the activities in barraway and how much information they received? it has not been in real time because otherwise they would have got this creamer person. and i also have to add that we hear in terms of creamer, i'm looking at reports the nis report that was leaked and he is listed here as being the master
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mind and coordinator of the jd plot in december of 2011 and the target force plot were the parliament buildings in kenya, u.n. office in nairobi and kdf force camps and an ethiopian restaurant. and the plot was foiled with some arrests, but many of them got away including someone we heard of politically in the british media and that is luthwate which is a british explosive expert and on the run and normally connected to the attack in west gate mall by some media. she is still on the run and highly dangerous person according to our sources. >> andrew in nairobi, thanks andrew. ten bomb explosions in baghdad killed 37 people and 100 others were hurt in the capitol. security officers were among the dead at a check point north of baghdad.
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and more than 6,000 iraqis are killed in sectarian attacks so far this year. u.n. secretary general proposed up to 100 weapons officials be sent to syria for a year to destroy the chemical weapons stock and it's a mission of unpresented danger and 35 experts already there and started the process of dismantling the areasel and must be completed by the middle of next year and al jazeera omar is on the turkish syrian border. >> reporter: the general moon has outlined plans to increase the number of chemical weapons inspector in syria and his plans involve around 100 experts, administrators as well as security offices to take a staging basin side this where they will work on dismantling syria's stockpile of chemical
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weapons. there are already 35 inspectors working in syria and there are plans that require approval from the united nations security council on a related subject with the war in syria. the u.n. body has warned that the number of syrian refugees would increase to up to 5 million people by the end of 2014 and the u.n. predicts by the end of 2014 more than half of syria's 23 million people would be either refugees or internally displaced. >> rescue crews are searching for bodies after the boat went down off italy coast last week and 232 have been recovered and all believes to be my grants from africa and the island is struggling to cope and we report. >> this is the backdoor of
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europe. the small land of lampedusa is close and it's a treacherous boat ride escaping war, famine and persecution every year. according to the agency 30,000 migrants reached the shores by boat this year. alongside somalia they escaped the conflict back home and marks a change from 2012 when 10,000 migrants crossed in italy and most africans esskating intervention in libya and when over 64,000 people left their homeland for italy and molta following the arab spring which toppled the country's president and many died trying but never so many at once. divers are still looking for bodies from thursday's shipwreck
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and may reach 350. and the island mayor said the island and italy cannot cope alone. >> translator: we felt abandoned in the past but after the visit of pope francis we feel solidarity nationally and internationally. what we expect now is europe go from verbal solidarity to concrete action. >> reporter: there is policy on illegal in the union and every one has issues to deal with it and when a migrant comes on it's italy rather than europe's problem. ministers across europe will meet in luxenberg will talk about sharing responsibility and one thousand leaving responsibility in the islands and reception center built for only 250 and speaking of that they told al jazeera he is forced to sleep outdoors.
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>> translator: all we think about is leaving and finding another country to get a new life and have been here ten days and we still don't know our destiny. >> reporter: the hundreds of mie grats in lampedusa and thousands expected to attend and the decision to be taken by the european union starting tuesday. al jazeera lampedusa. >> reporter: still to come on al jazeera ♪ earning less than a dollar a day child labor digs for gold in nigeria. ♪
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welcome back, the top stories on al jazeera, the apex summit is over in bali with a warning to the world's biggest economy america that china and japan said to resolve the dealt crisis quickly to avoid worldwide consequences and they tried to catch al shabaab and mohamed in the raid in somalia and the u.n. secretary general proposed about 100 initial officials go to syria to destroy the chemical arsenal and hundreds have started dismantling chemical weapons. a greek journalists who publicized the name of 2000 suspected tax evaders will face
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trial a second time and he is accused of breach of privacy for leaking the so-called la-guard list and broke laws after publication but said the verdict lacked credibility. the la-guard list has 2000 wealthy greeks with bank accounts in switzerland and given to authorities in 2010 and french prime minister to find tax offenders and accused the government of tampering with the list to remove names but there has been little action to prosecute anyone on the list. let's get more on this from john and john is in the capitol athens. has this trial, the second trial indeed, been politized? >> reporter: hanging over the trial is if the greek system has financial interests to give
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people favorable treatment when it comes to tax collection and tax audits and whether the weight, the burden of tax revenue has fallen disproportionately and unfairly on the shoulders of the middle class of greece or whether there is real political will to go to the end of the earth to find out who really does owe money to the greek state regardless of their financial and social status. that is how they frame the issue concerning his trial. now, there is a powerful new weapon in his defense attorney's arsenal, that is that a committed inquiry formed over the summer to look into why the la-guard list was not used by previous administrations over the last two years decided to indict former finance minister and two former heads of the financial crime squad responsible for conducting audits and stand to a special court that is to be formed
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inside parliament and further inquire as to whether they were guilty of criminal negligence in failing to use that list. that political import is being now summoned by defense attorneys to say there is a real question here, political question as well as a legal one over whether the list was properly used and should have been used earlier. >> briefly, if he is successfully prosecuted and if he is found guilty what is likely to happen after that verdict? >> well, the maximum sentence he faces is life in prison. but he said that he is going to willingly take that verdict if it arises at the end of the day and use his imprisonment to highlight the fact that there is not adequate press freedom in greece because he and other journalists as he says was punished, was targeted, for political end rather than on
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legal principle for publishing a list of names that were embarrassing to the government because among those names are various wealthy greeks and influential people and also politicians or family members of politicians. so he is going to and his associates of course make the most out an indictment or a condemnation and guilty verdict if that happens. >> reporter: all right, john, in athens, thank you. the supreme court is in the first round of voting in the presidential elections and he fell short of 50% needed of victory in september but the supreme court has ruled thousands of votes cast were tainted, making it unclear which candidates qualified for runoff and new voting will take place on november the 20th. it's been more than a decade now since nigeria passed a law banning child labor but the international labor organization says nevertheless there are still 15 million children
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currently working somewhere in the country, in the vast part of our series looking at child labor around the world we went to meet some of them. ♪ 11-year-old is one of millions of nigerian children forced to work in conditions like this. he dropped out of school when he was eight to join the ever-growing number of people working in mines across nigeria. for him the pay justifies the pain. >> translator: the little i earn here i support family and take care of my own needs and it's hard work but what options do i have? i'm happy with what i do. >> reporter: and he says his parents are happy with him working but admits he would rather be in school. with support from a local musician he brushes aside the dangers of this work. they dig for gold hundreds of meters below the surface with no
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protective equipment and some have been killed or injured. >> this is where he and his labors come for less than a dollar a day. like thousands of poor, unskilled miners this back [ing job is the only way to get food for the families and they feel lucky to be here. the stones dug are brought here to be crushed then the obstruction obstruction process begins and these are dealings who fund the operation and they make most of the profit. and they took the idea using children like osama is exploitation. >> translator: they have an opportunity of a lifetime. and they are here from poor families and can hardly afford three meals aday. these young men support themselves and their families are better off than the
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educated. >> reporter: back at the mine osama focus is to make money and be by himself there. are millions like him in nigeria out of school and out of luck at the moment. and unless the government finds a way of stopping the exploitation millions more will never know the joy of childhood. and i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: and a what leer yeah vaccine could help protect millions of children and glaxo-smith-kline said they help up to 17 months. they have a new tax on solar power and solar panels will be stopped from selling back to the grid and we report. >> reporter: it's a complete 180 degree about turn for spanish solar energy and complete 180 for those
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encouraged by government subsidies invested in it and mr. rodriguez was one person and he built this farm south of madrid and they are all facing financial ruin. >> translator: it's illogical and ask for support and leaves you in the gutter and we don't have heat in my house and it's sad. >> reporter: if this clears and in parliament which it is certain to do this farm and others like it will probably die. there are people here and abroad who are scratching their heads at the moment trying to workout what is the spanish government is doing. aside from ruining people like hulian the regulatory changes go against pretty much everything that is being done globally and particularly in europe to try to encourage the growth of renewable energies and say what it boils down to is a tax on the sun as well as a new levy the
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government will stop people producing solar power by forcing them to be hooked up to the grid and if they don't could face a $40 million fine. people won't be able to sell access energy and the representatives are shocked. >> after years to hear when solar energy will be competitive and now when we are competitive, the government don't want us to be competitive and they put a tax that is a barrier and don't allow us to be in the market. >> reporter: for years successive spanish government supported all sorts of technology with generous handouts but the current administration is trying to claw some of the money back. it did not make anyone available when we asked for an interview on the tax but they say spain's is a mess. >> reporter: they have a
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problem and the energy system has debts of 26 billion euros debt and it could contaminate spain's public finances. whether spain will still be able to meet its 2020 renewable energy targets is a question the eu is demanding an answer to but he and many other spanyards will never touch solar energy again. >> reporter: the announcement that tokyo will host the 2020 games was greeted by delight in japan and one man means he will have to leave his home for the second time due to the international sporting event and we went there. >> tokyo, yeah. the capitol of japan will be in party mode when it's the first asian city to host the olympics twice and bad things come in twos and he is a shy,
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79-year-old who is reluctant to show his face on camera. before the last olympics in 1964 he and his family were forced to move to make way for the main stadium to be built. >> translator: my wife went with everyone to lived around us to the government to voice opposition and because it was national policy we had to obey we didn't want to leave and it's set to happen all over again. >> reporter: the building behind me is his apartment block and just across the road here is where he used to live until they decided to build the stadium here for the 1964 olympic games. and fortunately for him and many other people it's also where they will build the main stadium for the 2020 games along with most of the other olympic facilities. and they feel that japan has more important things to deal with at the moment like reconstruction following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami and he can also remember 1964 very
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well. it was his first olympics working as a photographer and he has been to every summer and winter games capturing some of the most memorable moments and says the country came together in 1964 following the devastation of world war ii and hopes they can do it again. >> translator: and japan was trying to rebuild from the war and this time it's from the tsunami and people are concerned about things and it killed so many and these are the hardships people have to overcome. >> reporter: the decision to award tokyo the games has excitement and motivation for children around the whole country. >> i want to be the japan chain and to be the ace. >> reporter: but there are others and much more than sport to consider. >> translator: when i think about how many people are going to be troubled, suffer and feel sad it pains me more. >> reporter: the local government said residents will
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be moved to city-run complexes and according to organizers this will be a compact olympics but not compact enough for same and wayne hey, al jazeera tokyo. >> reporter: reminder keep up to date with all the news around the world on our website, all you have to do is click on al starting to burn just thinking what damage a default could do to their wealth. is buying gold the smart move or a fool'ser rand? we'll help you take emotion out of your approach to keeping your money safe. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show, so join our live conversation for the next half


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