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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. and here are our top stories. ending the government shutdown, there is plenty of talk, but will we see any real action. and with word of a possible deal to raise the debt ceiling, it is off to the races for investors on wall street. and gunmen kidnapped the libbian prime minister and then set him free hours later. ♪
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right now president obama is meeting with house republican leaders at the white house. they are discussing a plan to end the dead lock over the debt ceiling and the government shutdown. this is taking place shortly after the president met with senate democrats. wall street liked what it heard today and then some, the dow gained 323 points. we are hitting this from several fronts tonight. mike viqueira at the white house, and libby casey from capital hill. mike let's start with you. what is at steak in this meeting? >> one week from now the government could default, the first default in american history. we're all familiar with the rhetoric and the stances, but now a surprise initiative this morning. offering a relatively clean, in other words no strings attached no talk about obamacare it's
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only six weeks, but that's enough to satisfy a lot of people, including as you point out the financial markets. democrats are unhappy about some aspects of this, namely that it is too short. democrats are also unhappy about the fact that there is nothing in the republican proposal that would end the shutdown. and many assumed the president was going to stick to his guns on this. you remember all of the reck rhetoric the president used. the white house said we never said that, the debt ceiling extension will be fine. they can't imagine that the shutdown is going to last much longer anyway, tony. >> i want to get to libby casey in a second, but i want to have everyone listen to sound from earlier in the day from speaker boehner. >> what we want to do is offer the president today the ability
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to move, a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, in agreement to go to conference on the budget, for his willingness to sit down and discuss with us a way forward to reopen the government and to start to deal with america's pressing problems. sgloovrjs all right. let's bring in libby casey. libby, talk us through the process, particularly for house republicans that brings them to this moment and this meeting with the president. >> if you recall when this all started tony, it was over the federal health care law on obamacare. senate ted cruz holding that talkathon and saying we're going to shut the government down if we don't see changes to the federal health care plan. that got the ball continually rolling, then we brought in this concern about the debt ceiling limit, and there was a real pivot in the republican ranks, especially among leadership who had concerns about the fight over the health care law being really a lost cause.
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we see the pivot from the speaker's office moving towards talking about the financial picture. they started at one place, a whole bunch of issues got mixed together and now we have pivoted to what it means for the debt ceiling. if the president were to sign off on this, we would still be coping with the federal government being partially shuttered. but republicans have found it is more of a winning strategy to talk about fiscal issues, and if they are able to get this deal through, it buys them time to go to the table and figure out some of the grand bargain issues. issues that are more popular among americans in terms of actually finding an agreement, tony. >> libby, we're getting some news from our desk. mike, i wonder if you are hearing what i'm hearing from our desk, and that's speaker boehner has left the meeting at the president.
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and at this moment we have no comment. >> i can do more than hear it, i can look over to my left and see the steakout is breaking up. the members that were meeting with the president for about an hour perhaps a little more have left. we are going to have to wait a little while to see how that worked out. we do know there was an opening. jay carney said the president would fine that initiative if it came clean. >> let's get back to libby casey on this. libby was there ever going to be a clean bill on the debt ceiling, or was there going to be something attached it to -- you know, we could speculate about what it might be, but -- but was there ever going to be -- in your estimation from talking to people that you talk to on capitol hill, was there ever going to be a clean bill to raise the debt limit temporarily? >> until we see the actual legislation that speaker boehner
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has been talking about and we can get our hands on it, we don't even know what details that proposal that he is putting forth contain. think about what it means to raise the debt ceiling, just six weeks even if it is a clean issue, just six weeks is not very long, it takes us to around the thanksgiving time frame which means we could be doing this all over again in just about a month and a half time, so keep that in mind. but this is significant movement and what we're hearing about today, if republicans actually putting forth a so-called clean bill, that would be an advantage and something that the white house could possibly negotiate on. there are concerns from other quarters. the democrats would like to see a longer-term lift of the debt ceiling. get this off of the table for a while, and their legislation is still going forth. we are still seeing that move to the senate, and we'll see a vote on that in the next couple of days. that will be significant to
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watch, because we'll find out whether senate republicans are getting on board with this plan. because we are hearing some of the moderate republicans say not only do we have to raise the debt ceiling, we also have to get the federal government reopen for business. >> libby stay there, i have one more question for both of you. mike viqueira, look, you are there at the white house, at every point along the way, the optics have been important here, and whenever there has been a meeting with the white house, we saw it last week, both sides came out and made a statement. what are we to read from the fact that this is a meeting -- [ laughter ] >> i know i'm pushing on this, but i have to. this is a meeting that everyone was looking forward to. what does it suggest that speaker boehner comes out of this meeting with the white house and the president and makes no statement? >> that's a great point, because
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there's nothing obliging anyone to make a statement to the press. today we left. we know how it has gone after he has made those statements. perhaps there is something positive to read into the fact that the speaker did not come out -- perhaps he doesn't want to foul a deal, or perhaps there is a dowel. but this is is a little wiggle room, but there is a long way to go. however, we have talked about a lot of these super pacs on the right-hand side that fund and even threaten some members that they deem to be too moderate. they gave the conservatives a pass today. they said they are not going to hold it against any of these to gives if they vote for this
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six-week bill. if the government is shutdown, will there be negotiation around spending and taxes, harry reid said absolutely no way. the government is going to have to open first. >> terrific mike. libby last word to you on this. do you read anything to the fact now that the house speaker walks away from the microphones leaves the white house after meeting with the president and members of his caucus, they leave without making a statement at all. >> they may need to go back to capitol hill and talk things over. they may need to get back to their own game huddle. but if speaker boehner were to go to the podium, we would all be watching and taking notes, and people would basically be saying a deal is done or a deal is not done, so i think this is just a cool your jets moment we'll see what comes up and
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watch to see if we can get a glimpse of this legislation that speaker boehner has talked about, because then we'll find out about what is it in and will senate democrats sign on it. >> cooler heads prevailing on this program, because i want to stir it up, mike viqueira. all right. thank you both. as president obama and congress work to resolve the standoff over the debt ceiling, jack lou is sounding the alarm over what could happen if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. jack lew early this morning, what was he trying to achieve? >> he had about 15 minutes to make a point on behalf on the administration, and the point really was to bang heads together. quick history less son. i'm talking about raising the debt ceiling, not the government shutdown. the debt ceiling is what i'm talking about. all governments spend more than
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they take in. this one in particular has to borrow, and they do that by printing money and selling debt to countries around the world. now the problem is there are some politicians who say it really doesn't matter if the debt ceiling isn't raised because the government is still bringing in money anyway through our tax -- >> if they pick and choose. >> if they pick and choose, basically, then things will be fine. jack lew's job, treasury secretary is to go in and say this cannot happen. after next thursday i will have $30 billion in the bank and that's all. and that's not enough. the last 224 years no congress has ever failed to raise the debt ceiling, and then he quoted ronald reagan by saying, even though the u.s.'s credit rating was downgraded two years ago, even with that, losing the aaa
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rating, the full faith and credit of the united states is still even today one of its greatest aspects. take a listen to jack lew. >> if congress fails to meet it's a responsibility, it could deeply damage financial markets, the ongoing recovery and jobs and savings of millions of americans. i think it would be a grave mistake to discount or dismiss these concerns. for these reasons i have repeatedly urged congress to take action immediately. >> wow. >> yeah. yeah. so john, look, there is someone else important weighing in today, the managing director of the imf. >> so jack lew is going into to battle for the home team, and here comes the managing director of the international monetary fund based in washington, and
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designed to maintain stability in the financial institutions around the world. and she said look you have really cannot let this happen. i read a website who said she was living the united states a death stair. let's listen. >> it's critical that the exit from highly [ inaudible ] monetary policy be carefully managed, that the fiscal house of the united states of america be put in order, and obviously, we know and you know by now that failure to raise the debt ceiling would because serious damage to the u.s. economy but also to the global economy as a result of this spill-over effect. >> what she is talking to is not only will there be lots of people who won't get paid, but overseas, countries who have fully expect to get paid.
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and economists like christine and many, many others are phoning up the white house and the congress and saying don't do it. don't do it. >> not of pre -- lot of pressure. thank you. former pakistani president is back in custody. he faces charges connected to a 2007 raid on a mosque in the capitol. kamal has the latest. >> reporter: pakistan's former military ruler is rearrested at his farmhouse where he has been detained for over six months. the new case was registered just a month ago on the orders of a judge. it implicates him in ordering the attack on the red mosque in which a number of people were killed in 2007. the former military's lawyers
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were jubilant about the fact that their client was granted bail in three important cases against him, and he was able to move around the country as such, as well as go out of the count think. that of course will now be a difficult thing. the former ruler is likely to spend more time at his farmhouse where he had been under detention. his lawyers of course are saying that they will be appealing for bail, and there was anticipation that perhaps he may be granted bail, because he already has been granted bail in three more important cases against him. however, for the moment, it would end also speculation that the former military ruler was planning to leave the country. >> egypt's foreign ministry says the suspension of some u.s. military aid raises questions about america's commitment to egypt's security. the obama administration is freezing military aid as a rebuke of the violent crack down the egyptian military since
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mohammed morsi's ousting in july. but aid for counter terrorism measures and protection of the sinai region will remain in effect. the u.s. has been providing about $1.5 billion of aid every year to egypt. the government shutdown is effecting the food you put on your kitchen table and the farmers who grow it.
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millions of americans are feeling the impact of the government shutdown, including farmers. they depend on millions of dollars in federal subsidies. as robert ray reports now the money isn't getting to them. >> reporter: in central georgia, hundreds of miles from the partisan politics of washington, this man is tending to his farm and worrying about the gridlock in the nation's capitol. >> they can't come to a common ground.
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that's what i don't understand that is frustrating. >> he grows wheat and soybean and herds over 200 head of cattle. and he relies on reports to keep his farm viable. but now he sthees. >> the usda being closed has effected us, because we utilize that organization to get a lot of information to where we can make plans for whatever farming or crops that we are going to plant for the next year. there are many farmers awaiting checks from the department of agriculture, except the department is closed because of the shutdown, and that's a big problem for a lot of them looking for funds to finance their future. since local farm service offices have been shuttered farmers cannot apply for new loans, sign
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up for acreages for government programs or receive checks for programs they are ard -- already enrolled in. >> you have farmers who are waiting for loans right now. those loans cannot be processed. the republican party say it's a party that looks out for farmers. i happen to disagree. >> reporter: here rodney is getting ready to plant next year's wheat crop. but without government reports he is blind on exactly how much to put in the grown. the thinks the folks in washington just don't get it. >> i can only think of one word. that's shelfish, not considering other people. >> when you are trying to plant a crop, we're not just competing with our neighbors in agriculture, we are having to complete with farmers worldwide. >> as the winter hay grows so
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does his anger with compromise as close as a field of dreams he is ready to plant his winter wheat and says he is giving his republican congressman until next week before he calls him with an earful. wall street soared today with its strongest rally this year, but investors in other countries don't feel as optimistic. joining us now is a senior fellow at the center for strategic and international studies. asian stocks were mixed today in response to what is happening with the shutdown and the whole debate over raising the debt ceiling. what would a default mean to asia markets? >> obviously it would have a huge impact, asia markets are -- and factories and farmers are very dependent on the united states, and for -- for the u.s. to default, causing massive chaos here in the
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financial markets and the economy, it would have roughly the same impact over there. they look to sell their factory products to buy bonds here in the united states et cetera, and if suddenly the whole thank became discombobulated, they would be hit very hard. >> a couple of summits missed by the president. secretary of state was on hand. and the commerce secretary has been suggesting that all went well, and there was plenty of hand holding, back slapping, and -- and great diplomacy going on, but what -- what is the real story here? the government running by deadline here in the united states. what is that doing to u.s. credibility around the world? >> well there's obviously a lot of questions in asia about why the president couldn't attend. i think they understand.
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they are appreciative that secretary of commerce and secretary of state and others have gone to the summits, but in the end they were looking for the boss, the president to show up. and i think with him having said that we were -- the u.s. was doing a major rebalance towards asia, it has got to hurt temporarily at least be a setback for u.s. policy in the region. however, if the u.s. -- if the president does some things very quickly -- if he takes another trip to the region, rescheduled another trip, gives a speech, talking about the importance of asia, works on some of the trade agreements that the u.s. is negotiating with asia, i think the u.s. can move on. but temporarily the asians are wondering what is going on. >> what are your thoughts? you have been watching what has been going on between the president, house republicans and senate democrats, are we at a
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moment here -- it appears to me that the markets believe that there is a deal at hand. do you have a sense that there is a deal at hand and this will be a verdict? >> oh, gosh, that's a really complicated question. who knows. >> yeah. >> i think there has been the anticipation over the last two days that there is maybe going to be some movement. there is a lot of longing and hoping there is, particularly before the debt ceiling comes crashing down. >> murray appreciate your time. thank you. in business now, stocks, giving a huge thumbs up to progress in talks over the debt ceiling. the biggest point gain this year. the last time anything like that happened was in january when a deal was done over the fiscal cliff. david shuster will be talking about that in "real money" tonight. he is filling in for ali velshi.
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david get me in the heads of wall streeters. what are investors thinking? >> investors are thinking that republicans starting to pull back a little bit, and perhaps democrats and the white house will warm up to some kind of deal that are raise the debt ceiling and also essentially get the government to reopen. wall street doesn't care so much about the brood negotiation, they want the government to go back to normal, and let the economy be most influenced by housing, auto sales, the fed, all of that translates into an economy that is starting to rebound, and as soon as the government gets out of the way, investors are betting that that rebound will continue. >> david what might a debt deal look like? >> a debt deal if you go back to what president obama was talking about two years ago, this grand bargain to figure out ways to close the gap between what the
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government brings in and how much is going out. you might see the president infuriate his progressive base by suggesting perhaps slowing down the way that social security grows or going after other program, and you might also have this continuation of this sequester, the idea that the government has already cut back on programs spending, and that might continue. i am told when you were a little kid you played with legos. they are now being used by an inventor who is trying to make medical devices less expensive. for everybody who has ever played with legos you want to watch. >> all right. tonight at the top of the hour a rare brain-eating ameba is putting thousands at risk. we'll tell you how the town is
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trying to guard against the spread of the parasite. and a new smartphone on the market.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top store thinks hour, a day after being released on bail, former president of pakistan is back in custody. his lawyers says police arrested him on charges relate today a 2007 raid on a mosque in the capitol. more than 100 people were killed. wednesday a court granted him bail in another case. though u.s. is suspending hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid and equipment to egypt. the state department says egypt's interim government must show more progress towards democracy before aid resumes. republicans in the house are offering to temporarily raise the federal debt limit if the white house agrees to budget negotiations but the deal wouldn't end the shutdown.
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gop leaders met with the president but left the house with without speaking to reports. joining me now to discuss what is going on in washington is dave, the senior reporter for the sentence of public integrity. dave what is going on here? the president floats the idea of a short-term raising of the debt ceiling. republicans are proposing it. is this a way for republicans to get out of the box they are currently in. >> it is. but it is also putting the president in a bit of a box too. effectively the republicans are saying, okay, look, we're going to play ball with you on the debt ceiling issue, but you may not get everything you want on the government shutdown issue, and that's a bit of a pickle that the president is in, because he has wanted no strings attached when it comes to the debt ceiling and government shutdown, and he has a big decision to make right now, and
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this is far, far from over. >> what is the decision going to be here, he has essentially said what you just said that he wants a clean, continuing resolution, he wants to strings attached to a debt ceiling, we also know that speaker boehner and members of his caucus left the white house without making a statement what do you make of the dynamics going on here? >> this is a heck of a lot better than we were even 24 hours ago. and quite literally they were not talking to each other, no phone calls, no meetings of any substance, but -- but don't be mistaken, i grew up in buffalo, new york, where you get that one day in february and get 50 degrees, and you are thinking oh, winter is over, and then it snows three more feet. so we do some talks going on, but there's a heck of lot of
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road still to be traveled here, before they get to a point where they have to come to a conclusion on not one but two incredibly critical financial issues that face the country with so many things tied into this, making this not just a complicated but almost an impossibly complicated issue. >> dave what is in your view driving this moment? for days, weeks nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing -- hang on a second. let me offer a couple of thoughts and then give me yours. is it real concern over pensioners -- people on social security not getting their checks, or what happens if bondholders aren't paid? >> there -- well, i would go back to what i said just a moment ago, which is politics. both sides do not want to give any more ground than they absolutely have to. but the closer you get to critical, critical deadlines,
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which number one on the budget tear front would be as you just suggested people not getting checks in the mail for various payments that they are expecting from the government. workers who have been furloughed and out of work, contractors who have been furloughed and out of work, not getting paychecks. this is going to be incredibly political pressure from the electorate, constituents and members of congress. but also you have the issue of defaulting on debt which is something that would be in many people's minds unthinkable. the fact that the stock market was all in green and not in red, really made this -- kind of telegraphed what we have got here which is even that just the littlest sign or flicker of hope that this is going to be resolved was something that wall street just absolutely rejoiced in. >> dave, it says that the market, the bankers, the bond holders, those people have been on the phone with the lawmakers in washington saying you really,
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really don't want to do this, so what we have is a situation, your thought on this, that wall street appears to be driving this and winning again and since we're not talking about the shutdown at all, main street loses out again. >> wall street like it almost has been in washington, d.c., effectively wall street goes all the way to pennsylvania avenue, and that's because number one, they are such a political force. they donate effectively every campaign. they lobby the federal government to the tune of 10s and hundreds of millions of dollars per year. they are so well connected. they have the ear of every politician here in dc. it does make at it lot easier for them in a time of crisis, in a time of need to get their grievances aired and their voice heard, and that's what we have right now. we have them coming in, in a
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major, major fashion and lawmakers are hearing from them. >> and we're talking about as you say that -- i'm thinking we are talking about what better than 800,000 federal employees who have been furloughed and -- well, okay. dave that was terrific. dave appreciate it. dave has been joining us from washington, d.c. dave appreciate. thank you. >> hey, thank you very much. a new number is out about people who tried to sign up for the new health care coverage. 20 million americans have tried to sign up, three-quarters reported problems, one in ten americans have enrolled so far, and only 7%, though the launch -- think that the launch went pretty well, the initial enrollment is only the first
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phase of a six-month long rollout of the affordable care act. the white house says they have people working around the clock to improve the website. the libbian prime minister has returned to work hours after being abducted. >> reporter: the libbian prime minister released less than 24 hours after his abduction from a triply hotel. he appealed for calm. >> translator: we hope this matter will be treated with wisdom and rationality, far from any tension. there are many things that need dealing with. >> reporter: confusion remains, the prime minister was set free after two militia brigades threatened to use force against his capper tos, but what were the motives behind the kidnapping? last saturday's us-lead raid to capture an al-qaeda suspect, angered many libbians. they accused the government of
6:37 pm
colluding with washington by having advanced knowledge of the raid, though this was denied. unofficial reports suggested that he had been taken over bribery allegations. he is thought to have been issuing checks to guards who has been guarding an oil plant. up to 150 gunmen are said to have laid siege to the hotel at the time. he is said to have offered no resistance. raising speculation that as an arrest warrant had been issued. >> translator: people came with papers to arrest the prime minister. they are rebels. they came in and detained the prime minister without any damage or injury. >> reporter: however, the attorney general's office said that no arrest warrant had been issued. what has emerged is a disturbing picture of a weak central
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government and multiple armed militias operating at the ends. a government where no official appears to be safe. it is 28 years in prison for former detroit mayor, kwame k l kilpatri kilpatrick. he received a stiff sentence for creating a pay to play system set up for contractors who wanted to do business with the city. while his crimes didn't cause the city's bankruptcy, prosecutors say his extensive corruption made it far worse. a potentially lethal parasite has turned up in a water system in louisiana. now the water supply serves around 5,000 people in the northwest part of the state. ben lamoin visited some resid t
6:39 pm
residents. >> you have close neighbors, close -- everybody. >> reporter: but news of a dead i will ameba in the water system has her concerned. >> it's like don't let them drink from the water. >> reporter: after the august death of a little boy, tests found an ameba in that water supply, seance woman died in 2011 from the same ameba, state health officials conducted healths in her water district, they came back positive. >> it's a very difficult to get this infection of this ameba, unfortunately it is very, very fatal once you get it. >> reporter: the ameba with onliener through the nose. >> you have to like force the water up your nose. >> reporter: the water comes from a reservoir and is treated
6:40 pm
nearby. health officials say since the ameba can't cause harm if swallowed the water is completely safe to drink. they did however, hand out pamphlets with information on shower temperatures and other tips. and there are some chemical precautions being taken. for the next 60 days water officials will be streeting the system with straight chlorine to kill the ameba. and then they'll come back and test the water. >> i guess i'm just going to get them to take showers instead of baths, until we get an update. >> reporter: she says no matter what it won't be soon enough. weapons inspectors in syria say they have visited three sites across the country. members are working on a tight deadline to destroy syria's chemical arms stockpiles. the head of the team say syrian officials are cooperating. they expect to visit around 20
6:41 pm
locationser around the country. a 16-year-old received the european unions annual human rights award. she gained global attention and admiration for her bravery after she was shot in the head by the taliban. her name is among those being considered for this year's noble peace prize awar. a canadian writer has won the nobel prize for literature. they said alice monroe is a quote, mapser of the contemporary short story. >> reporter: announcing the world's most prestigious prize in literature. >> reporter: the nobel prize in literature for 2013 is awarded to the canadian author alice monroe.
6:42 pm
master of the contemporary short story. >> reporter: alice is best known for her stories of human frailty in small town canadian life. she was awarded this international prize for lifetime achievement. in june this year, following the 2012 publication of her latest collection, monroe announced her intention to retire. >> she couldn't be more unlike the winner last year who is chinese and who's writing is very political and swieching and magic realist, whereas monroe is a very provincial writer, a realist, most of who's stories take place in a rural corner of western ontario. >> she is an excellent author in a technical sense and she has the power of observation that is almost uncanny, and it could be
6:43 pm
intelligence and power of observation could be a bit problematic, because she sees through people. >> reporter: the annual prize keeps literary editors judges guessing. sports straight ahead on al jazeera america. >> that's right. i'm mark morgan, the new york giants season is teetering on the brink of collapse. a trip to the windy city to face a bears team may put the g-men over the edge. that story and more when we come back.
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♪ mark morgan is here with the day in sports. playoff baseball. it's good stuff. >> it is, and it is always good to see the teams embrace the moment. >> yes. . >> that's what experience does for you, right? who teams are left standing in the national league. the cardinals punched their ticket last night. in the american league it's a winner take all game five tonight in oakland. detroit senteds just continue verlander to the hill. he pitched a shutout last year. the a's will counter with rookie sonny grey. now in the national league the dodge verse had a few extra days of rest after closing out the braves and now l.a. is ready to begin the nlcs against the cardinals.
6:47 pm
and the cards are still wiping champagne out of their eyes from last night's victory. yeah, joe's -- joe's earned this. you know, he has started off this season and i have said it many times, he showed -- showed us so much, and earned our respect coming out of spring training in the fight for that fifth spot. and nothing that he did not do, but it worked out where he was going to be working out of the pen and getting very few opportunities. but when he got the opportunities he made the most of them and continued to come in here regardless of what his role was. those sort of things pay off in the long run, especially on a winning team. if you just stay the course and buy into an overall philosophy and realize that you are going to have your chance, and when he got his chance he -- he made the most of it. so when the starting opportunity
6:48 pm
became available it was obvious, and joe continued to push and work and -- and show us that he is ready for an opportunity like this one. a dallas man has filed a complaint with police aledging that former nfl star dion sanders assaulted him. he aledges that sanders grabbed him by the collar and pushed him into a wall during an argument. on twitter sanders denied an assault took place. the new york giants season has been like a bad dream and tonight it could become a nightmare. they will face the bears in chicago, and tom coughlin's guys hoping to avoid the giant's first 0-6 start in 37 years. >> the front is physical and tough, the corners are tough. they play hard. and they are very good ball
6:49 pm
strippers. so as a team they have that kind of a -- of a commitment. of course tillman is outstanding. >> just got to out there and obviously try to do your job and make good decisions and have a great plan, execute the plan, and then obviously there are some plays where -- whether a defense does something not expected or play doesn't develop how you want to, and you have to make good decisions and play start and do whatever you got to do to ensure you have the ball the next play. >> the bears started the season 3-0, and now have dropped two straight. so both teams trying to make something happen here. >> which one of these quarterbacks is actually going to perform tonight? >> would say his name rhymes with jay cutler. >> all right. thank you. the next big smartphone is here, samsung hopes. the price tag?
6:50 pm
a cool thousand dollars. >> reporter: here is it samsungs latest offering. if i hold it straight up it looks pretty much identicals to it predecessor, but at different angles you can see what is different about this. the curve to it allows it to feel different in the hand, and if you put it down it allows you to do some fairly gimmicky things with the phone. but samsung says this is the first time it has been able to use a flexible plastic screen in one of its smartphones. industry analysts say that open the door to a whole nephewture. >> translator: now that the key component is flexible, it means the future shape of smartphones will be even more flexible. creating new ways of connecting devices. >> reporter: for fou the device is just slightly curved, but enough to get enthusiasts excited. >> translator: i like the way it
6:51 pm
fits into the palm of my hand. >> translator: when my friends start buying them i think i'll probably have to get one as well. >> reporter: samsung isn't saying how many it is manufacturing or how many it hopes to cell, and for now it is only selling them here in the south korean market. endurance swimmer has finished her [ technical difficulties ] victims of superstorm sandy. she swam for 48 hours. last month the 64-year-old became the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark tank. paul mccartney gave a surprise performance in new york's time square today. ♪
6:52 pm
>> i clearly need to be following him on twitter. the former beatle tweeted he was giving the concert just before taking the stage. he actually was promoting his latest album called new yesterday. i don't know if it is out yet. the 71-year-old rocker had a small audience. can we listen to a little bit more of this? little bit more? [ cheers ] >> all right. he performed at the frank sinatra school of the arts in new york city. let's get you back to mike viqueira. mike we're starting to get a couple of readouts. >> yeah, tony i wanted to share with you, before we get to the top of the hour. the meeting lasted a little more than an hour. initial reports were rather gloomy. those turned out to be wrong. the white house saying no final determination has been made. the speaker's office put out a statement saying discussions are
6:53 pm
going to go on through the night including immediate discussions on how to reopen the government. eric cantor spoke with reporters. >> we had a very useful meeting. it was clarifying, i think for both sides as to where we are, and the take away from the meeting was our teams are going to be talking further tonight. we'll have more discussion. we'll -- we'll come back to have more discussion. the president said that he could go and consult with the administration folks, and hopefully we can see a way forward after that. >> tony not everybody is happy with the way this is working out. there are no guarantees that this will ultimately lead to a way out of the impasse even for just the six weeks on the table. a new poll shows republicans are getting creamed at this point.
6:54 pm
>> so i'm reading some of the information on this on the readouts. and i think that point is worth making. on the face of it you can look at this and say wow, what came out of this -- but look, the body language from eric cantor was good. we haven't seen the president or speaker boehner, but this is a far cry from where we were days ago when the language was so harsh. >> right. from where we were 24 hours ago. back to tuesday where the president left the door open for a deal such as what is on the tail. and we thought john boehner slammed it shut, but there has been an about face by house republicans. not everybody is happy including many democrats who think the president should maintain a hard line. evidently that might be what is happening at this moint.
6:55 pm
things are varying very quickly a lot of it is very vague and ambiguous at this point. but there's no question if you are looking for a way out of the impasse or the shutdown this might be positive. >> thank you very much, mike. india is bracing for a powerful cyclone. coming up on "real money" beyond the government shutdown and the debt ceiling a debate is coming over america's deficit spending. we'll explain what it is and how cutting it may be hard on the economy. and we'll introduce you to the inebb eventer who is using legos and other devises to make medical devices cheaper.
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6:57 pm
♪ hello, i'm meteorologist kevin corriveau. yesterday we were talking about a cyclone. this is an historical cyclone, because since 1999 there have been only there three cyclones
6:58 pm
that have made landfall in india. back to 1999 the cyclone was the equivalent to category 4 hurricane. this is the equivalent to a category 3 hurricane. when it made landfall in 1999 over 3,000 people died. so we are watching this extremely carefully. the size of the storm from the northeast to the southwest is about 800 miles wide, so it is a very big storm here. the track really hasn't changed, the intensity has changed. it has gotten stronger than what was forecasted to be. we think it is going to be making this track, but all of the land areas on the right are the ones that will be effected the most. we think we'll be seeing also storm surge over 6 feet here. and for bangladesh that's extremely bad because they have
6:59 pm
all of those inlets and delta regions. so the water gets pumped up. we think by friday still getting close to land. we're about 12 hours from seeing the rain showers making their way on the coast right now. friday afternoon to friday evening is when it will be making landfall and on superit will be inland. as it gets close to the himalayas, it is going to have all of that water go into the mountains, and that is going to be a major problem with flooding, mud slides as well as landslides. i did talk about the population density. how many people died in 1999. most of the people in india are located up here as well as towards though northeast. in some locations we have 800 people per square meter, and some 1600. we'll keep an eye on this. your headlines are up next.
7:00 pm
this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. president obama just rapped up his meeting with house republicans, there was no deal reached on the budget or debt limit. republicans were offering a short-term extension for the debt ceiling. eric cantor said talks will continue tonight. former pakistani president is back in custody. his lawyer says police arrested him on charges related to a 2007 raid on a mosque in the capitol. more than 100 people were killed. on wednesday a court granted him bail in another


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