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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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banned. >> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm thomas drayton with today's top stories. >> i say to my fellow republicans on this side of the senate, time is running out. >> the government shutdown and debt ceiling just days away. high winds, torrential rains and massive power outages as
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cyclone phailin slams into the indian peninsula. how long troops will stay in afghanistan good to have you with us. in washington president obama met with senate democrats today to try to reach an agreement over the shutdown and debt ceiling. meantime it is no, no and no from the white house, congress and the senate. john terrett joining us from washington. we're waiting to hear a yes john. what more can you tell us about president obama's meeting with the democratic congress -- caucus? >> no no and no. the meeting was in the oval office and present at the meeting were apart from the president of the united states himself, harry reid, dick durbin
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charles schumeer they put a lid on the day which means the president won't be speaking about it either. we have heard a resume that the meeting went rather well, a state of the union really, so the president could be on the same page as everybody in the democratic party in the senate and the reason for that is they had had a meeting earlier in the day with vr republican members in the senate. present were harry reid, chuck schumer and lamar alexander. after that harry reid said that meeting had gone well but he personalized his relationship with the majority leader, said he and mitch mcconnell had known each other for years and kind of hinted they would work it out. take a listen. >> senator mcconnell and i have been in this body for a
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long time, we have done things together, i know him, he knows me. we don't agree on everything that is as you know an understatement. but we were whips together, we did some good things together, we revamped government together, as whips. so this is what legislation is all about. if we have political scientists out there now, this is a classic case of what legislation is all about. the problem we've had in recent years is we've had too little of this. too little sitting down trying to work out problems. that's what we're doing now. >> harry reid earlier in the day they couldn't work it out between them though, because there was a vote in the senate at 12:00 which was designed to get everybody talking about raising the debt ceiling but 53 to 45, the democrats blocked it,
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there weren't any republicans who joined in. looks like he was right. >> susan collins led the charge and that seems to be quashed, right? >> susan collins is a very powerful republican from the state of maine, she crushed the opposition at the last election, people seem to really like her. she is considered to be by and large a moderate republican. she has a way out of this on the table she gave it to president obama when the republicans met with the president earlier this week. in a nutshell what the collins are program does is call for changes to the aca, otherwise known as obamacare. democrats rejected it out of hand so there was a glim are of of -- glimmer of hope. they've rejected it.
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it's still the only plan on the table. >> what's on the rest of weekend? >> no house, as there was no house last sunday, senate coming in later, we'll be here to monitor that. monday is a public holiday columbus day, there was a vote scheduled for the house around 6:30, what's going to happen on monday, it's a public hol today, they wouldn't be and under normal circumstances pretty much nobody's in. >> john terrett on capitol hill, certainly more to come. john thank you. as questions are raised about raising the debit seeing, on october 17th the government will no longer be able to borrow and have to use the cash it has on hand. that is $30 billion. that will run out sometime between october 22nd and the end of the month. benefits for social security medicare and veterans could be put on hold. by october 31st about government must pay $6 billion
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in debt interest or default. on november 1st $60 billion is due for benefit programs, with no increase those benefits could be delayed another two weeks. on november 15th another $29 billion in interest payment is due. if the economy slows and tax payments fall short a default could happen. about a does iconic federal parks will be able to reopen. 401 parks are closed and the average number of visitors that go to them per day is 715,000. the parks are losing $450,000 each day and the local communities have lost $76 million put together. take a look at these numbers. acadia national park in maine is losing over 5 million the
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everglades, 4 million, rocky mountain national park in colorado one of those parks set to reopen, al jazeera's jim hooley, i think this is good news for citizens and business owners alike. >> sits on the edge of estes park, north of denver, parks opening today, tomorrow or monday. grand canyon zion national park po mt. rushmore, again open to tourists. estes park, that rely on tourists coming here and spending money. this town is in a unique situation because just one month ago the devastating floods of colorado hit here closing off many of the main roads into this town, this town was almost
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isolated from tourists coming in. it has been a very devastating month, now governor hikenlooper has agreed to pay to reopen the parks. >> what about the individual sites? >> we know that other states south dakota and utah where parks are opening, they've made that agreement where the federal parks the national parks over the next week or so when they can reopen their parks. some other states still have to decide as you mentioned earlier decide whether it's worth the while to open the parks and get that tourist money back into the parks. it is a costly endeavor. >> jim hooley thank you. food stamps stopped working in a handful of states but
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apparently not because of the government shutdown. their food stamp debit cards stopped working. the vendor xerox corp says it was a system failure. the glitch is not related to the on going budget showrn shutdownn washington. eye of cyclone phailin is over odisha where hundreds of thousands of people live. those who haven't left must now stay in place until the storm passes. at time of impact phailin was half the size of france. >> the cyclone is on the ground. it is followed heavy and more
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intense rain. also the wind speed of 200 to 240 per hour, kilometer per hour. and it's already you know dark. >> al jazeera's feis shemeil is justouts the storm. >> we have a generator but we're hearing all along the coast of andhra pradesh near the coast, the rain came down a little bit much lighter than before, the rain is much more intense in odisha. several centimeters have already fell. now we're getting reports from the indian meteorological department is saying that winds
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up to 240 kilometers have hit odisha. if that is true that would make this a supercyclone. the authorities are prepared and insisted there will be zero casualties this time around. however, evacuating people into emergency shelters, one of the shelters we vistaed today was right by the coast and could only hold 200 people, when that was set to be evacuated. we'll find out at day break if those are hit, because those people could be in serious trouble. >> we have a lot to talk about weather wise. meteorologist rebecca stevenson. rebecca. >> this is the greatest satellite update, due to the government shutdown, we've had trouble getting right up to the minute pictures from nasa.
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the storm moved on shore, we know it brought significant storm surge at least five inches of water inland. as that inland area moved in these very low lying areas the particular eye of the storm did not go quite as far south as expected. so it didn't take in as many areas of shallow water as we'd expected it to. still we anticipate a lot of flooding, it is in the w wee hos in india. the winds over water had been 124 miles an hour so it made landfall as a category 3 and then it's just falling apart as it moves in because that wind runs to the ground causes friction slows things down so we get areas of very, very heavy rainfall. in fact we have places reporting
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well over seven inches of rain so far in parts of india and we expect the winds to continue and mudslides. so a lot of danger ahead here. another thing that we're watching is a particular typhoon nari coming out of the philippines. a lot of damage taking a hit towards danang. thomas. >> thank you rebecca. still no deal about how long u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan. after three rounds of negotiations, secretary of state john kerry and afghan presidential hamid karzai were unable to hammer out an agreement. jennifer glass has more. >> no final security agreements has been signed here in kabul. secretary kerry says the major issues that were blocking a security agreement between the two countries have been bypassed here.
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the two major sticking points where u.s. forces could carry out operations here independently has apparently been sofd in -- solved in that the u.s. forces will ask for afghan permission before they undertake any operations here. and the other sticking point, president karzai had asked for security agreement with the united states, in the event it had problems with its neighbors. the two gentlemen have come to agreement as to what attack means. agreement that president karzai can take to the national assembly that is scheduled to meet next month to approve the security agreement. president karzai would like the approval of the afghan people in this agreement that would take the relationship beyond 2014, when that durga meets, in
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virtually every country where the us has forces if a soldier commits a crime in that country he is subject to be punished under the law of the united states. that is what the united states would like to happen here in afghanistan. that has not been decided yet. that will be decided next month with the durga. secretary kerry says there will be no security agreement and without security agreement that means no forces here beyond 2014. >> jennifer glasse in kabul. dramatic video of survivors being rescued off the coast of italy. plus the first u.s. marathon since the terror bombing in boston. the effort to keep the chicago marathon safe.
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >> welcome back. malta's prime minister says the
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mediterranean sea is becoming a cemetery. karl stagnan-navarro has the latest. >> helped onto dry land and perhaps a new life. among them were shocked and cold but alive. it is thought many on board were syrian. the maltese prime minister appealed for help from the eu. he said the mediterranean was becoming a cemetery. >> we feel totally abandoned. there is no mincing words, abandoned. malta, lampedusa, we are not our own frontiers. we are european frontiers. these desperate people are looking for a future in thei and
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you cannot turn a blind face to this. >> malmaltese and italian rescue ships were quickly ton scene. filmed by the italian navy. people swimming for their lives. dozens floating in the water waiting to be picked up. here a toddler is quickly handed onto the ship. once board they sit wrapped in full blankets recovering from their ordeal. on the nearby italian ienld of lampedusa, he was brought in with his mother and father and his brother did not make it. >> doctors anesthesiologists, cardiologists, we're all here ready to take action. >> it is barely a week since the last migrant boat disaster, the
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worst yet claiming over 350 lives. on saturday the coffins began their journey back to the homes they had hoped to escape. there appears to be no end to this desperate human traffic, despite the obvious dangers thousands are still willing to risk everything including their lives in the search of a better future, al jazeera malta. >> 3 million people have gathered in the saudi arabian city of mecca. some are upset by the changes made to the site. many pilgrims wonder if style is getting in the way of sanctity. >> walking to the holy mosque the most sacred site in islam and this is what you see from above. the scwi 69 line of the holy cif
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mecca is filled with cranes. a multibillion dollar project is underway. state-of-the-art infrastructure and one of the best transport systems in the world. this 3d animation shows how mecca will look like in 2020. tall buildings, shopping malls bridges and high speed rail are the center of the new project, a massive expansion of the holy mosque to ease overcrowding during peak seasons. for the saudi government the mega-expansion projects are a necessity, skyscrapers and shopping centers might be at the expense of the city's traditional architect. they all agree mecca can modernize but should still
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retain its authenticity. >> unfortunately the whole area has been invaded by tall buildings. i understand the places for new buildings but one cannot bulldoze monuments. >> the whole terrain has been changed. the mountains are actually being leveled. and that's sad. are one of the -- these are the same mountains that the prophet mohamed used to herd goats on. and which was his training for prophethood. >> osam al ba is the mayor of mecca. he shows me the oldest picture of the city. it was taken 130 years ago. all the buildings neighboring the kaba have been locked down ever since. >> people are seeing the huge infrastructure projects and asking questions. they have to understand that we are laying down the foundations building roads modernizing electricity and water appliance
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but at the same time we are committed to maintaining the spiritual infrastructure of mecca. >> expanding will continue to be a huge challenge. this huge luxury hotel was built when a hu huge ottoman palace oe stood. al jazeera mecca. it is a big day in postseason baseball. darren hayes joining us in sports. darren. >> starts tonight as detroit tigers travel to boston to take on the red sox. the tigers are making the second straight alc record, easy 3-1 series win tampa bay rays,
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annibal sanchez gets the start for detroit and lesser red sox best of seven series. it is unusual to see the texas long horns unranked but took it to oklahoma and created the biggest upset of the weekend as the horns dominated it from the start. 36-20. with a little more than half oday to rest after game 1's 13 inning marathon the st. louis card nools and la dodgers are back at it. currently it is 1-0 cardinals. st. louis leads 1-0. thomas. >> thank you. organizers are stepping up security efforts to keep an estimated 45,000 runners and 1.5 million spectators safe in
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chicago. >> 45,000 people have signed up to run in this year's chicago marathon. police here are on high alert. >> we are going to have eyes on the ground in just about every foot of the marathon route and packages and suspicion behavior will be draft is probably -- suspicious behavior is possibly the best way to put it about. >> boston marathon 3 people died and more than 200 were injured. securing the 26 mile route through 29 chicago neighborhoods is a margin challenge since the marathon expects to draw 1.7 million spectators. >> what an urban marathon like chicago does is we transform into what is the marathon course so that transformation is security, we secure the roadways. >> chicago's grand park is no stranger to massive crowd control requiring a robust security detail.
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in june grant park was the site of a massive rally celebrating the chicago black hawks stanley cup victory, more than 200,000 people attended under the close eye of security. still this year no longer able to pick up participant bib packets on behalf of others, and these bags are the only bags allowed inside grand park on race day. access to staging areas inside the park, spectators will not have access to the start and finish lines. in addition to the tens of thousands of security cameras already around the city extra mobile surveillance cameras like this one will monitor the race. >> post-boston we will do our job so everybody can have fun. as a group an entire city, an entire country, entire world coming together to say we will not be deterred. >> offer cautions for what is
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the second largest marathon in the world and the first major marathon since boston. al jazeera chicago. what means for a republican party, also one of the largest transit systems in the country is on the brink of a strike. ahead on al jazeera america we get an update from san francisco. that's all i have an real money.
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victoria azarenko
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at the top stories we're following this hour. cologncyclone phailin reached landfall in india. stream rain and wind continue to pound the coast. we're also learning that a lot of the national parks are set to reopen, because of the shutdown, states are actually having to fund the reopening on their own,
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hoping to be reimbursed within 90 days. we'll have more on that coming up in a moment. and in washington, negotiations on a fiscal deal continue today. president obama met with senate democrats trying to reach an agreement but this afternoon they rejected a republican bill to temporarily raise the debt limit to fund the government. the senate says they'll resume talks tomorrow. for some perspective the impact is having on the political landscape we're joined by thomas frank, a columnist at harpers magazine. what's wrong with kansas is his book. flad to vo you with us. >> sure thing. it's changed a lot over the long term. these successive movements to the right you know ever since well my entire life ever since the 1960s. one of the things that's really interesting to me about the
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shutdown is that it -- and you know the debt ceiling nonsense, is that it's an active idealism. you saw the same thing happen, remember you had the gingrich revolution in 1974. these republicans very idealistic yo utopian vision for what america should be like and very quickly they managed to you know, steer the government into a shutdown and now they've done it again with the tea party group. again all these new members of congress very idealistic almost with a sort of yo utopian dreamr what america should be like. and this is what they sort of gravitate towards doing. >> so is using the crutch of obamacare a bad idea for the republican party, was that a bad move? >> well, everything they're doing just looks like a dreadful
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move right now. they're plummeting in the polls and the republican party looks worse than it has ever looked. you know, at the same time obamacare remains fairly unpopular, certain of the daylights of it. but other things that obama does are immessly popular. they have a -- immensely popular. they have a theory that if they let obamacare to get up and get going it will turn out to be very popular and it will win people over and people will discover they really like to have guaranteed health insurance. i suspect they're right about that. i suspect people would really like that. and so they're determined to stop it before it gets going. that's why they're doing this. >> so republicans took much of the blame for this. what about the other sides how have democrats changed over the years? >> democrats have not changed as much. you know you've seen this sort of regional sifting out. the -- the republicans have
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moved dramatically to the right especially in 2010. but the democrats haven't moved in a corresponding way haven't moved to the left anywhere near as much. but you do see this sort of geographic thing where you know there used to be lots of republicans from northern states and moderate republicans and both of those groups have largely disappeared. but i bet you -- you're wondering about the democrats and their responsibility for the shutdown. and i think they're really enjoying watching republicans make fools of themselves and so they're not really inclined to give them an easy way out of this. >> no one really gets out unscathed once this is all said and done right? >> it's a disaster, of course especially if they run through the debt ceiling. it's unthinkable. so i think they are -- i think they're inclined to let it run its course and i think that's
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probably a mistake. i think they should -- >> ultimately what do you think will happen with the debt ceiling this bargaining chip for republicans? >> i think they're going to have to change course. they can't use this as a bargaining chip. if they do and here is a scary thing crm if they do and get something for it, say obama and the democrats continue to give them something they will continue to do this down the road and who knows where it ends. it has to stop. >> thanks for joining us. i appreciate your time. >> sure, any time. >> thousands are gathering to protest genetically modified food. the march against monsanto, the leading manufacturer of genetically modified food. protesters showed up last year against the bioengineering giant.
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stephanie stanton is in los angeles. >> hundreds of protests are going on not only in the u.s. but worldwide. that includes right here in los angeles. back in may this group of activists had 2 or 3,000 people present for the march against monsanto. today, only two or 300 showed up, a much smaller group. among this group activists and concerned citizens who say they want to make the public aware of what they say are the dangers of gmos. >> they're destroying our beef, pretty much all the bees are being wiped off the planet because of the pesticides. not only that they are also the cause of cancers and tumors. basically who are born with disease inside of them obesity it is the cause of gmos. >> there hasn't been long term studies that's concerning to me and i want to make sure if something's introduced into the
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market it's actually safe and that the studies that are done are independently done not done by monsanto and the other companies just by themselves. >> in addition to educating the public about gmos and food safety these people want to read labels and boycott products that contain gmos. they are asking for labeling of g mferltos and want more scientific research on, as for today's march monsanto isn't commenting but they say that these have been tested more than any other crops and extensive scientific reviews and have frairmd thaffirmed the content s in 25 crops.
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>> take you to san francisco where a potential transit strike is looming after talks stalled today. two unions are demanding pay for workers who run the transit system known as bart. the five day strike stranded hundreds of thousands of workers, workers say they will walk out again on monday morning if transit and union negotiators can't reach a deal. in oil rich, it's said to be the state's largest around 20,000 barrels. a wheat farmer first found leak 11 days ago about nine miles northeast of tioga north dakota. a faulty pipeline is owned by tessora. workers are furious, they should have been told about the spill sooner. officials say tessoro's leak is
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much smaller. environmentalists on both sides of the border are concerned that waste could contaminate the great lakes. >> at the largest nuclear power plant in the world plans to store radioactive waste deep underground. nearby, homes and summer cottages line the beaches of lake huron, that's where opposition to bur burying the we begun. >> some of it is going to be radioactive for 100,000 years. we don't know, we can't guarantee what's going to happen in 100,000 years so we can't let that happen. >> ontario power generation a government owned utility wants to dig waste storage chambers 160 meters below the site. the thick limestone bedrock
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won't let radio activity to contaminate land or water. >> there is no risk to lake huron. we understand the geology under the site and we don't see any impact at all. >> storing radioactive waste anywhere is controversial, but putting it next to a lake that's shared with the united states and provides drinking water to tens of thousands of people is another challenge entirely. >> u.s. legislators came to express their objection. >> the great lakes are our livelihood. they matter to us in michigan as much as if not more than anybody. we are as a straight defined literally by the great lakes. >> but the polls show widespread support for the nuclear industry in the quiet country towns around the bruce plant. the community actively sought
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the construction of a waste storage facility. >> we wanted to be proactive, and stay a leadership position, as opposed to you know, taking the easy way and just saying no, we wouldn't even consider it. >> this is canada's first real attempt to deal with decades of accumulated waste and making a decision that satisfies all sides of the debate is probably going to be impossible. daniel lack, al jazeera. >> violence and arrests at a gay rights rally in st. petersburg, russia. 67 people were arrested when religious and conservative activists confronted the gay rights protestors. the gay rights issue has intensified in russia since a law was passed in june that bans homosexual propaganda, the law
6:41 pm
restricts gay rights. many circuses in russia are struggling to survive. amid allegations of animal cruelty. some images in this report may be disturbing. >> a risk side seat here in moscow where the worls intreas d celebration of circus art has begun. celebrated as an art form much like the ballet or the opera, dates back to the time of catherine the great in the 18th century.
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the artists were getting the same sort of perks at the political elite and the performancers were being watched by more than 70 million people a year. these days muscovites say it still has a big role. >> it's a big family occasion. the children love it. >> it's our pride. it's a level of professionalism unmatched by any other country. >> animal rights activists though have condemned the brutal methods used in training. but outside of moscow they said such misse methods would never . >> it's absurd to use violence to train animals. >> a circus crowd always hopes
6:43 pm
something dangerous would happen. it did to these performers from the u.s.a. in their static trapeze act. but no serious injuries resulted. it's been said every country gets the circus it deserves. spain the bullfighting, italy the church, america, hollywood. >> ahead on al jazeera america. a sport introduced to a modern generation, in the form of a video game and ross shimabuku is in boston. >> hey thomas we are loving life here at fenway park because this is the place to see and be seen. it is game 1 of the alcs between the red sox and tigers. we'll have a preview in just a bit. from lucrative denfense contracts, to behind the scenes lobbyists... >> did the egyptians ever think that aid would ever be cut? >> never >> fault lines explores the
6:44 pm
enduring relationship between the american and the egyptian militaries... >> i don't think we will suffer now, we have already airplanes...tanks... >> they haven't changed the nature of what they provide us...why would we want to change what we provide them? >> fault lines business as usual? egypt and the usa next on al jazeera america
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow -
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ideas, invention, life. >> welcome back. an ain gent mayan ballgame has been brought back to life. a 3d video game has helped young people reconnect to their ancestry. >> it is a game of life and death where two warriors are chosen to defeat the lords of the underworld and save the mayan people. the video game's creators hope their use of technology helps revive guatemala's ancestral character. >> we want people to know about the ballgame and how it was played there and that maya our ancestors and we are proud of the incredible things they did and this motivates us to try to do great things as well.
6:47 pm
>> juan manuel and his brother daniel got started by researching the ballgame. for months they studied mayan architectural sites. and based on stories from the popo vu known and the mayan bible. it is just because of this that about stimulated sofia to support the project. >> yes, people played the ballgame and this place existed and it motivates people to visit the sites. >> thousands of people have downloaded mayan pits, it is hoped that the game here will really take off. helping young people reconnect with their roots is one of the game's primarily -- primary
6:48 pm
goals. mayan pits could reach hundreds of countries. now it could be promoted for many awards. >> we are really excited about this. maybe we can bring some good news to guatemala. >> a video game that is bringing the past into the present and pride into the people. david mercer, al jazeera, guatemala city. >> virtual games to the real thing. david hayes, a great night in baseball. >> game 1 between the detroit tigers and boston red sox starts
6:49 pm
tonight. on the hill for the sox is john lester. still the red sox ace but tonight he has a big task at hand against a formidable tigers lineup. >> tough lineup. we've seen it kind of go both ways as far as them come in and score some runs, but at the same time, the games that they don't, they're still tough-outs. i think that's what makes them very similar to i think our offense, is you know, you know you're not going to have three pitchoutless, you know you don't have at-bats that they give away. >> the red sox have had a tough task of taking on a very experienced tigers team. in three championship series. the red sox lost in 2008, against the tampa bay rays.
6:50 pm
the american league's best team, their 97 wins were the best in the al but tied with the cardinals for the best in 2014. they finished last year in last place in the al east. in the last decade, the team has won two world series titles in 2004 and 2007 this after an 86 year championship drought that lasted from 1918 to the beginning part of this century. so for more on this alcs matchup between the tigers and red sox team, ross shimabuku, how did this first -- worst team get back into prominence? >> almost 30,000 fans will be going absolutely bananas in fenway park. when you think about it, it is
6:51 pm
really amazing that they are even in the postseason because from one year they went from the out house to the penthouse. >> doubt the right field line, it's fair, a home run! >> here's the beard. it's been a hair raising experience for the boston red sox. they were an absolutely disappointing tame under bobby valentine, under john farrell, high quality clubhouse leaders like shane victorino and johnny gomes. >> it's been when i say one of many it started with ben and reshaping this roster. it's been the attitude of the players that we brought in. so you know, whether you set a tone in spring training with how we want to go out and play, that might be where it starts but
6:52 pm
i've always said that the success of a team and particularly in this sport it's about the players first and foremost and in my mind it will always be about the players. >> the new blood with the core players david reed and dustin pedroya. >> the red sox are advancing. >> they are advancing and they are in position to be the favorites, based on everything they have done in this series. >> but the red sox are also playing for their community after the tragedy of the boston marathon bombings. >> it doesn't say red sox it say intoft. >> boston strong became a symbol for the city and the red sox. patches sewn into their jerseys.
6:53 pm
and cut into the outfield grass. it's going to be quite the sight to see because the boston strong b strong towels, 30,000 fans will be waving these rally towels tonight. 30,000 fans going absolutely nuts. john lester on the hill and for the tigers, anibal sanchez who led the al with the lowest era. darren. >> that fear the beard aspect how has the worst team completely changed from 2012 to now? >> you talked about the clubhouse character shane psychiatric or theino and johnny gomes, they kind of bonded together by growing out their beards, fear the beard. and it is one of those things that they kind of rally together, they go out to dinner, get along and it makes the way
6:54 pm
to clubhouse chemistry. rallying with the community after the boston marathon bombings. turned it around under manager john farrell. >> we talked earlier about the tigers unbelievable rotation. but the rid sox have baseball's best offense. does that robust lineup give the sox the advantage? >> you're right. the red sox scored the most runs and big poppy david ortiz. top two batters, jacoby and john ellis, they score a lot of runs. when you look at it it's almost like a national league team, where they manufacture runs, but they can manufacture runs with big poppy and pedroia.
6:55 pm
>> what does the effect at a does big poppy have on the team after all these years? >> he continues to get it done at 37 years young. in fact he hit two home runs in games against tampa bay, he invited players over to his house to watch game 5 of the tigers against a's so he's definitely the stirrer of the soup darren. nls two game series lead over the l.a. dodgers for the cardinals. >> exciting night, more highlights coming up. darren, thank you. meteorologist rebecca stevenson has the national forecast after this.
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>> large storms in several parts of the globe. we've been focusing on the cyclone hitting india but now let's turn to the philippines.
6:58 pm
exceptional damage is what we have been seeing from the typhoon nari. we got flooding exceptional rainfall amounts strong winds. now this storm moved in, on land, north of manila. so manila was somewhat saved from excessive flooding like we're seeing here. but now the storm since it's crossed the philippines is moving back out to warmer waters and it's going to intensify and get stronger and it has the potential of being equivalent to a category 2 hurricane. now this particular storm is heading direct on a westward track which puts it towards danang as we get towards tuesday and wednesday, more rain for vietnam. and vietnam just had a huge storm just this last week. so we've got problems with flooding here. again some problems with mudslides and we're going to see that continue off and on, track towards thailand as that storm
6:59 pm
heads towards vietnam. what we have here in the continent are disornls in the pacific northwest. all the way down towards louisiana texas and getting some of this rain also in parts of mississippi. this is intense rain with cool front moving in, it's going obring us chilly temperatures behind it. in fact we're seeing warnings pop up in parts of the midwest. closer look of the radar storms tracking through parts of missouri but the cold eggs air coming through here freeze warning for parts of the dakotas moving over to minnesota it is going to be chilly. into the 30s. nippy weather, it's fall feel definitely. and then we have a lot of moisture still rotating across del marva peninsula, packing parts of maryland. we'll keep you up to date on
7:00 pm
what's headed to the u.s. and overseas.


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