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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for. >> you this is far left than main of us have hoped for but far better than some had sought. >> a deal now on the table. the shutdown and debt ceiling drama coming to an end. now we're waiting for congress to vote. >> this debate will continue until collectively the american people can make these-- >> but the gentleman from texas does not get congress to go along with what he said, but ted cruz said he will not block the deal.
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the white house briefing now under way. white house press secretary saying the president congratulates congress on the deal that was just reached. it happened 11 years before the debt ceiling deadline. senate leaders unveiling a bipartisan plan to a void a default. wall street relieved that the situation is almost over. it's just off its high off 200-plus points. but the plan contains few specifics to address the the nation's nearly 17 trillion-dollar debt, once again kicking the can down the road. we have libby casey, but we'll go to jay carney talking about
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the deal that was just reached. >> again, applauds the leaders for the senate for coming together and working out a bipartisan solution. >> is there any concern even with this deal being made that a down grade from some of the rating agencies would be spending. >> i would refer you to the treasury for those kinds of assessments. we talk about the things that we can control which is calling on congress to quickly act on this compromise agreement and insure that the government reopens and the threat of default is removed. >> leading to additional budget talks this year once those talks are under way will the white house and president insist that revenue will be on the table? >> the president has insisted in these budget negotiations that he has been calling on all year everything has to be on the table.
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that will be his position going forward. what he believes is a fair approach to resolving our budget challenges is reflected in the budget he submitted. he knows even though that was a compromise proposition from the beginning and reflected the offer that he made to speaker boehner last year that he will not get in a budget negotiation everything that he wants, and neither will democrats, and neither will republicans. that's the nature of compromise. but he firmly believes the balance when it comes to further reducing our deficits and building on the work that has been done over the past four years in which we have reduced our deficits by half we need to continue to take a balanced approach so that no sector of society unfairly has to bear the brunt of that subject. that's always been his position, and it will be his position moving forward.
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>> thanks, jay. can you give us a little color how the president was informed of the deal, who told him, what his reaction was? >> no. >> none? >> right now we're looking to capitol hill for action to be taken. the president, as you know, has been in contact with leaders in congress, as have members of his team. we're encouraged by the congress we've seen, and we hope that it is fulfilled through votes both in the senate and the house. >> can you tell us how he was involved in the process? >> he has had meetings with leaders of congress, he has had phone calls with leaders of congress. he invited all members of both houses to the white house. it is also the case that we don't inform you of every phone call that he makes, either to members of congress or others.
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he has been engaged in this process, his team has been involved in this process. his position has been clear, therefore not that complicated to communicate to you, the public, or to congress. we've simply urged all sides to put down sort of--put aside the efforts to achieve partisan advantage and leverage, and instead to move forward with an agreement that opens the government and raises the debt ceiling so the threat of default does not hang over us at the time, you know, at this time. >> the president said yesterday basically once this whole mess was resolved, once that's done the day after i'm going to be pushing to call a vote on immigration reform. does he really think to deal with one divisive issue is to
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deal with another divisive issue? >> the decision comes to the floor that now needs approval of both houses of congress before moving on to the president for his signature. libby casey on capitol hill, tell us about the details of who won, who loss. >> senate majority leader harry reid went to the floor with what many were anticipating and members of congress were hoping for. it's never easy to reach consensus. it's really hard, sometimes harder than others, and this time was really hard. you expected him to throw a for a few more "really, really hards" in there. >> after weeks of facing off a partisan divide that often seemed too wide to cross our country came to the brink of
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disaster. but in the end political adversaries set aside their differences to meet that disaster. >> reporter: it would get the federal government back up and running through mid-january. it would lift the ceiling until february. we heard the other side of the senate represented by minority leader mitch mcconnell, now did he address the federal healthcare law known as obamacare. that's the fight that got this started a few weeks ago, but this is what else senator mcconnell had to say. >> republicans remain determined to repeal this terrible law. but for today, for today the relief we hope for is to reopen
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the government, avoid the fall, and protect a historic cuts we achieved under the budget control act. this is far less than many of us had hoped for, frankly. >> reporter: now the budget control act, the cuts known as sequester. you're getting the sense of the next big fight. mitch m mcconnell is talking about how he'll see that these sequester cuts stay in place, but you just heard jay carney talking about fighting against that. that's what the bicameral group will get together and hash that out. they were able to hold the line in the spending cuts in the budget control act or sequester. it's his way of saying that republicans had a victory here. but what's ironic republicans thought that was a line they should have had a month ago.
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a month ago they thought she should have been saying we go into this with our head held high with a victory. that was completely sidetracked because of senator ted cruz. here's what senator cruz told reporters this afternoon. >> i have no objections to the timing of this vote. the reason is simple, there is nothing to be gained by delaying this vote by one day or two days. the outcome will be the same. every senator, every member will have to decide where he or she stands. i had no intention of delaying the timing of this vote. >> reporter: senator cruz saying he will not delay the timing of the vote meaning they'll be able to move forward it much more quickly. he'll still vote no, but it won't hold things up. we'll wait to see who votes no, and that will bring a sense of how far this bill will get before tomorrow.
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>> this was all month ago about obamacare. yet after all this drama there is no language about obamacare. >> reporter: the only thing that we're seeing talked about at any point is this tightening of requirements for people to prove their income and their financial status as they go to get subsidies under the federal healthcare law. everything else off the table. everything else completely done away with. the arguments that senator cruz made a couple of weeks ago not making any track in the process. >> maybe you'll get rest now, thank you very much. the news is music to the ears of those at wall street. as you can see the dow pulling back from its highs earlier in the day but pulling in triple digit gains.
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we town to john terret who is standing by live, john, you're fismiling, and i'm sure they're smiling as well. >> reporter: well, we are. it stands at 170 points, and 15,338. that's not as good as it was earlier in the day. that's on the buy on the rumor and sell on the deal. my friend who is a market maker said that money is gold now in a way that it wasn't before this deal was announced because some investors were concerned perhaps there are strings attached to this deal, something that is not completely clear yet, and it is a short-term deal, as libby was saying, so gold is the way to go. this market has been bouyant from the moment that they came up here in new york at half past
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9:00 eastern time. well, no said alan valley disease. he said this debt ceiling business was bigger than all of us. >> we all knew a deal had to be done. it's just too critical not to have it. as you mentioned before. it seemed that it was positive news out of the white house. the senate passed the bill that went back to the congress, and john boehner, the speaker, said that he was definitely going to get the democrat vote and get this bill passed. all in all that was enough to move the market up. and if we could postpone default just past christmas or january we'll know the exact terms of the bill, but that's enough to keep the market running right now as far as default goes. >> you see the investors and economists who are here at the new york stock exchange were able to separate out the politics, take that element away which people in congress have not been able to do for obvious reasons, they were able to see that sooner or later common
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sense would have to prevail. >> john, you told me something earlier that i found fascinating. and that was you said wall street was really on the phones to washington saying hey, what are you doing down there? >> yes, they've been calling up over the last couple of days and over the weekend. that's another reason why the dow, the main indetective was so positive from the get go. but i want to make you absolutely aware, del, this has cost a lot of money, untold billions of dollars have not been spent in the u.s. economy, which is 70% service sector economy. that's something that they won't get back. it's a lost opportunity and it's gone. thanksgiving is coming up. christmas is coming up. people may feel less happy about spending knowing that those dates are coming up go into
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february, and beyond that, i think it's worth knowing that the world really is now watching, and they realize that this short-termism in washington, d.c. is here to stay. this is something that we'll see again and again and again. >> john terrett. i looked up that number. s $22 billion that's how much it has cost taxpayers. we'll continue our coverage of the default tonight. ali velshi live from washington, d.c. he's going to talk about the crisis, how close we came, and how it would have affected your wallet had no deal been struck. we're still waiting than vote to happen. speaking of votes. the special election will be held at issue just who is going to fill the seat of the late frank lottenberg.
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it is a microcosm of political tug-of-war in washington. >> it's a race the u.s. political world is watching closely. >> he's further trying to distract people from his extreme. >> 44-year-old cor corey bookers battling against the new jersey mayor and state director of the tea party group. >> it's a referendum of big government. >> lonegan has campaigned as a relentless booker critic. >> lonegon has endorsed tea party efforts to shut down the federal government and not raise the debt ceiling until the affordable care act gets de funded. his opponent has jumped on this at every opportunity. >> do we want to send more tea
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party down there? >> this week in a video endorsing booker president obama said the outcome of this campaign would have implications. >> about what kind of leadership we expect from our representatives in congress. we're better than the shutdown politics we've seen in washington. >> and sara pail inwho campaigned for lonagan described him as a tea party reinforcement. >> new jersey, just know that eyes of america are on you. >> there are other disputes that have cropped up in the race. lonagan has taken flack for racially charged comments. booker has been hit over hollywood fundraisers, his celebrity friends and tweets he sent to a stripper. but new jersey political analysts say the conflict over the crisis in washington is crucial. >> this has taken on larger than
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life proportions, and many new jersians are basing their vote on this one issue. >> reporter: polls showed booker with the lead loan lonagan has tightened it over the last months. however this seat has not gone republican in 41 years. and with republican sentiment sharply against the shutdown many are betting on the booker win. >> those polls show booker's high profile may have been a disadvantage. half of the voters in the state believe he's running for the senate to be on the national statiostage. only 20% say he is running to help new jersey. an agreement has been reached in washington that is making wall street smile. both houses have to vote then the measure that will end the
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debt ceiling debacle and open the government for business. we'll be right back.
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>> recapping our top story there is a deal in washington but lawmakers still have to vote on it. it would reopen the government and raise the debt limit to avoid default. 11 hours to go is when that deal was struck.
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the house still needs to sign off. wall street has been in triple digit territory, although it was in its highs earlier when that deal was reached. two girls aged had 21 and 14 were arrested after writing online about their alleged role in an alleged suicide. we have all the details. >> reporter: the sheriff office in poke county florida has charged a 12- and 14-year-old with felony aggravated stalking. the girls terrorized tara before she took her life. the sheriff said the girls charged as juveniles used words as weapons, tormenting sedgewick
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rerentlessly until she flew herself off the top of a factory tour. >> was this contributing to her jumping off the cement tower on that fateful day? we believe it certainly contributed. >> reporter: the last straw came when the police suspected that one of the suspects was still writing hurtful posts after her death. >> yes, i bullied rebecca, and she killed herself, but i don't give a--you can add the last word jurisdictions 2347 her mother said her daughter was tormented by as many 15 girls who picked on her for month in person and online. >> it was really rough. today it's bittersweet for me. there is some relief. there is some regret. there is some sadness because of her birthday being this weekend. >> reporter: the sheriff sending this message to would-be bullies and their parents. >> you don't discipline your children, and if it rises to the
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level of a violation of law, don't worry, we'll discipline them for you. >> reporter: both suspect versus been released to their parents and are on home detention. erica ferrari, al jazeera america. >> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist eboni deon tracking thundershowers all the way back to the plains where it has been very soggy. in texas you can see showers ongoing but the good news showers are starting to wind down right along the tail end of that frontal boundary as it has picked up steam and pushes off east. while we still have wet weather around, our flash floods watches have been dropped as we deal with flood warnings across the extreme southern tip, and that includes victoria. we'll watch for minor flooding
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there. clouds and wet weather holding temperatures down only into the mid 70s. that's at least six degrees below average for this time of year. as we get into the day on thursday and isolated showers, too, otherwise we're going to see unsettled weather conditions and temperatures all the way into the weekend. by son we'll get a chance to dry out completely. unfortunately, it looks like more soggy weather heading to georgia. we're seeing the clock of it now but the showers will increase and some of the heaviest rain will be falling in this area over the next 24 hours when we can see at least an inch or two in localized spots. do keep that in mind for any travel plans here as we head into the northeast it's mainly the cloud cover that we are seeing and spotty showers filtering across areas of up state new york, pennsylvania. the clouds will hold temperatures down. it will be a cool and damp day. >> thanks for watching
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al jazeera. i'm del walters. "techknow" is up next. and the dow smiling as washington and wall street are now on the same page. hello and welcome. i'm phil torres to talk about innovations that can change lives. we're going to explore hardware and humanity in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. let's check out our team of hard-core nerds. tonight she's on the front lines of a devastating wildfire as a drone takes command of the skies over yosemite. crystal is a molecular neuroscience. she goes to the streets of seattle and santa cruz for a look at how science might stop crime before it happens. lindsay is an ex-cia operator.


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