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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris is a look at the day's top stories. a deal is in place and a threat of a government default could be gone. at least for now. from wall street to main street, the country and the worl world s and the u.s. sit yous down with iran. ♪ >> a new deal sparks a new debate on capitol hill. the plan would prevent a default at least for now. the government could be back in
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business soon, and wall street welcomes news of an agreement. yet the big question remains. was anything accomplished? >> our country came to the brink of disaster. but in the end political adversaries set aside their differences and disagreements to prevent that disaster. >> every senator, every member of the house will have to make a decision where he or she stands but there is no benefit, i never had any intention to delay the timing of this vote. >> so we're covering this potential vote on many fronts. we're at the stock exchange and mike viqueira is at his post, but we go to libby casey, where do things stand at this moment? >> reporter: we're watching for the actual text of the bill, but we know the contours what both sides the house will vote on.
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it will open up the government, keep it running, and it's important to note that it existed in the law. this is doing fine tuning to it. it's the minor republican concession. we are watching to see the probably the senate vote first and then the house. the big news that we got recently was that speaker boehner put out the statement, and he said that they will not be blocking the bipartisan agreement reached today by members of the senate. that is not going to be a tactic for the house republicans. that was anticipated. we did believe throughout the day today that the house would be able to take this vote and it is expected to pass as long as speaker painer would let it go to the floor. that's what we're watching. we saw senate majority leader harry reed announce on the senate floor news of the deal. >> the eyes of the world have
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been on washington all this week. and that is a gross understatement. while they witnessed great deal of political discord, today they'll also see congress reaching historic bipartisan agreement to reopen the government and avert a default on the nation's bills. >> reporter: don't expect any waves tony. >> there have been so many false starts over the last few weeks. is this truly a done deal? >> reporter: well, i'm not going to say it's totally done until we see those final votes. this is going to be a late night. we could see votes nearing midnight but yes, it does look like even though we haven't seen the vote take place all the parties who had to come to the table and agree to things have agreed. speaker boehner met with republicans behind closed doors, and that meeting got out just moments ago. some are saying they're not going to support it. but there are no real surprises
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among those who are saying they plan to reject it. enough house republicans say they will vote for it, combine them with the house democrats and you've got passage. we're hearing from others in the senate who say they will not vote for it either, like mario rubio, also senator ted cruz is not going to vote for it, but most importantly he is not going to throw up a procedural roadblock. yes, we are going forward. there is still the degree of frustration on capitol hill even as things move forward. let's listen to senator john mccain for today. >> i think it's obvious that we are now seeing the end of this agonizing odyssey that this body has been put through, but far more important the american people have been put through. it's one of the more shameful chapters that i have seen in the years that i have spent here in the senate.
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>> reporter: congressman peter king of new york, a republican, he's been one who said there has got to be deal making here all along. al jazeera just caught up with him outside of the republican caucus meeting. he said there is one guy to blame for this. senator ted cruz, we could have targeted the man who caused it. you're seeing republican push back against the effort that began this all, tony. >> i'm told to move on but i'm going to ask one more question. are we going to go through this drama in a few months? >> reporter: you may. let's block out space at the capital to have presence, but we may. we are setting up for another battle come the new year and we got a hint of that today. as minority leader mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate, talked about this deal which he helped to broker, he talked about the sequester cuts, the budget control act, it's called. he talked about holding the line with spending cuts. that sort of sets us up for the
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next fight to come over spending issues and budget cuts. watch for that even in december we're going to get rolling into it right away. >> libby casey on capitol hill for us. let's get to mike viqueira at the white house. i can't imagine the answer will be yes to this, but is the white house claiming victory at this point? >> reporter: they're doing all the opposite. they're tiptoe around the good karma at this point. they don't want to do anything until it's signed, sealed, and delivered. an interview with a cincinnati radio station, speaker boehner saying we fought the good fight but we didn't win. but the speaker of the white house did not want to upset anything. jay carney the spokesman here really reinforced that earlier
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today. >> there are no winners here. we said that from the beginning, and we're going to say it right up to the end because it's true. the american people have paid a price for this. and nobody who is sent here to washington by the american people can call themselves a winner if the american people have paid a price for what has happened. >> reporter: tony, if you really are keeping score at home, it's clear that the white house stood in solidarity are harry reid, rejecting republican overtures ways to get around and crack that democratic unified response, the president with harry reid and nancy pelosi, they stood firm. there's no question that they won in terms of this short-term victory. it's a 90-day victory, and we could be standing here in 90 days talking about these same issues. >> could we give a moment to analyze the role the president played in all of this? >> reporter: right, it played the outside game, tony. he went to all these different
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venues around town. he gave the interviews at local areas. hammering home he was not going to negotiate. he said it was a mistake to enter into negotiations in 2011 around the debt ceiling. he didn't want get into that again going forward. they left it to harry reid in the senate, as we were just saying, to be the tough guy, to be the bad guy to stand up against what the house was trying to do, not to give them any wiggle room, standing united in what has to be considered a deeply divided republican conference. i'll give you unillustration where the republican party stands right now. the chamber of commerce has an kneanenormousing about across te street, they've been telling them to knock it off and get it
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passed. heritage action club for growth said this is a horrible capitulation on the part of republicans. >> thank you. joining me now from los angeles is michael shure. good to have you back with us. what has this whole drama been about? tell me it's been about more than a tightening of income verification to the affordable care act. >> reporter: right, yes, is it more than the republicans and conservatives trying to get some sort of registration. >> yes. >> reporter: when of course you remember the gun debate where registration was so at a beau. tabu. i find that ironic. what will be looked back on is the republican party finding their soul, what they want to be about. what this speakers wants to be about, what this caucus wants to
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be about. fee found out how divided they are. there is still a lot of work to be done whether it be on immigration, whether it be on sequestration, i imagine they'll try to run from this as quickly as they can, and get on things that resonate with independents. >> are we doing this all over again, in your opinion, and if not, why not? >> reporter: the easy answer is to say yes we are. we have no indication that we're not going to be doing this, but we have to take a look at the toll that has been taken on the republican party 60 days hence whether or not they want to fight this fight again. thomasy yes, a conservative congressman from kentucky, he has already said they lost a little bit of their mojo now in being able to talk about the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling once again. i think when you see that maybe they're going to steer clear of
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this learn a lesson. they haven't in the past and we're back here again. the easy answer like i said we'll be back here again. >> what is the future for the tea party? >> reporter: it's a great questi. they haven't had a national candidate who has resonated. i think what they've done is they've undermined themselves a little bit here. voters in primaries are not going to want to vote for tea partyers if this is going to happen. they had a buyers remorse endorsing ted cruz in the canada. they endorsed cruz to replace hutchison, so you're going to see buyer's remorse more than in the houston papers but you're going to see it in the country. they do have a tough hill to climb but they do feel emboldened by this. from the outside it looks like a sketchy thing that happened. but on the inside they're saying we put ourselves on the map, and
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ted cruz helped. >> give me a winner and a loser in this week-long drama. >> reporter: okay, i'm going to go with the dark horse winner. i think paul ryan is the winner because i think he steered clear of this entirely and he can step in now when it comes to talking about budget and things that are strong. he can distance himself from the conversation. if he wants to seize the opportunity in this budget conference, that's his ball ba bailiwick, and i think he's a winner. i think the republicans in the house are losers. >> you don't even have to explain it. if you were the president of the united states now do you hit the road as soon as this done, and do you grab the senate immigration bill, and do you take it on the road all over the country and say let's get this done? >> reporter: yeah, hit the road is a funny thing to do because congress is not going to be in
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session. finally open government the house is going back into their districts. apparently the senate will be in recess next week. now he has senatorred stage. absolutely i would get out there and start talking, keep doing what mike viqueira said he has been doing, speaking from the outside but going on to the inside. going out there and saying this is immigration reform and this is something we're going to fight. this is why we need to protect entitlements. he has taken the mojo out of it. >> he's a regular on the program now, michael shure from los angeles. john terrett has been at the stock exchange. walk us through this day i. >> they have never doubted there would be a deal. the dow joins at 205 points, 15,373.83, and the s&p market
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also hit 713% and nasdaq by 1.2%. it opened by roaring away by 80 points. climbed as high as 200 and fell to 145 and closed over 200. this was wall street saying look washington, d.c. we've had it with you. we don't care any more. we've been through this. we know what your shenanigans are all about. and basically this rally that you've seen is a message to washington to say this is what you should have done two weeks ago. >> sure, let's pick up on the idea of shenanigans. how has the u.s. economy been affected by the shenanigans? >> reporter: a lot, this has cost the economy $22 billion. think of all those who have been furloughed, they haven't been spending. when they get their back pay they'll spend in a different way. that's an opportunity lost. you've also got short-term
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interest rates very skyrocketed to their 2008 level recently, and of course the world is watching and it's depressed to see what happens in washington, d.c. >> terrific. >> reporter: the lack of decision. >> let's focus on global markets. phil ittner joins us from lond london. how are asia to react to this potential deal. >> reporter: they're going to react positively. we've seen how the markets have been acting all day today, and there was a general feeling that there would probably an deal. but particularly speaking with the asian markets, which closed before that deal or an indication that the deal was actually going to happen. the asian markets were pretty much closed by then. the tokyo the nikkei is up, but the both the hang sang and the shanghai ended their trading day down. here in europe it was a clear
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that by the end of the day that a deal was coming, and that the serge on wall street affected things here. the footsy in london ended its day up. the germany dax was also up. so a fixed bag, but it was interesting to see the volume of trading throughout the initial markets has been pretty--it will be interesting to see how that--assuming that the deal does happen, how that will affect things once it's a done deal. >> the markets are not the only ones reacting to washington, d.c. what do people generally overseas think about this? >> reporter: well, away from the
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economic situation it's been very interesting to see how the international community has responded to the dysfunction on the hill. you know, here in europe its been confusion and a lot of scratching the heads, very concerned about where america is heading and how things seem so screwed up. but generally a sympathetic view if a confused one. now where international interests diverge it's been very interesting to see. we've seen the chinese come out and say, if there was ever a time to talk about de -americanizing the globe this is it. what has been interesting to see is what has come out of the old cold war, russia. moscow has been very vocal about this with some glee, with rubbing of hands to see americans in such a situation, but also anger coming out of russia that the americans can put the global economy at risk apparently at a whim because of
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domestic issues. very mixed reaction on the americaamerica on the global st. we'll see how this goes in the next round of debt ceiling talks. >> boy oh, boy. phil ittner. be sure to stick with al jazeera america for full coverage of the government shutdown, and now ali velshi will host a special addition of "real money with ali velshi" tonight and talk about the financial implications of default, and how it direc direcy impacts your wallet. straightforward and candid. that is how an u.s. official is describing negotiations with iran. it's election day in new jersey and the government shutdown could have an impact on this special election for u.s. senate. together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always
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explore issues relevant to you.
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this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? >> candid and the most serious
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talks today. that's how negotiations between iran and global leaders are being described. yet as al jazeera james bays reports there is still a long way to go. >> reporter: i think it's clear that behind the scenes both the international community and the iranians are talking about possibly making concessions to the other. the international community is now considering the idea of letting iran enrich uranium to a certain level on its own soil. the iranians, i think, are peeping to accept the possibility of further inspections and further verification measures. let's listen to what both sides have to say. >> we have had the opportunity to talk, as i already indicated, in much greater detail than ever before to answer each other's questions, to have the opportunity to about 'do that, as i've already indicated in different formats. >> iran is interested in
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resolving this issue. we believe there is no reason for the continuation of this problem. there are more important issues that we need to deal with, and the right of iran to pursue nuclear technology for peaceful concerns, we'll move forward and achieve. >> reporter: western diplomats telling me there are still many hurdles, still potential sticking points but they're encouraged by the progress that has been made. by the clarity and candor in discussion with the iranians. one senior officials said i never had intense, detailed, straight-forward discussions with iranians before. a plane went down i in the
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mekong river. the passengers included passengers from ten other countries. typhoons destroying homes and 17 deaths reported and several still missing. the hardest hit area is an island south of tokyo enduring 31 inches of rainfall. it has grounded hundreds of flights in the country. >> and the weather has quieted down. the typhoon has left its mark. now it's pushing well to the north. it has weakened quite a bit significantly. you can even see that the shower and thunderstorms activity has waned with this. but here is the destruction left behind. landslides causing trees to go right into homes. you can barely make out the
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scene here but a number of appliances mangled in this home as mud and trees came crashing in. lots of destruction left behind. it does look like we could see mainly quiet conditions in this area for now. unfortunately, we're watching our newly form tropical storm francisco. it's gotten more organized since early this morning. lots of conduction along with this. it is expected to track off to the southwest as we go through the day and then curve northward and that will put it on track to get very close to japan within the next few days. it could approach as possibly a major hurricane. right now it remains a tropical storm getting its act together off to the south and west of guam. >> an earthquake killed 140 people and destroyed hundreds of homes and centuries old
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churches. we have more. >> reporter: he will lisa was born in this house. this is where she grew up and built her family with her husband. but all of that was destroyed in an instant. >> i don't know how to begin. i'm thinking, looking at our house. no, i have no mindset yet up to this moment. >> reporter: more than a hundred people were killed when earthquakes hit the province in cebu region. the epicenter of the 7.2 magnitude quake rescue operations are under way. the local government said it is not optimistic. the chances of finding survivors trapped in the rubble is becom becoming slim. it damaged vital infrastructures such as ports, hospitals, and public schools.
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the top tourist destination in the country. it provides thousands of jobs in the area, and those living on outside islands. this church was one of the very first built in the country. it's a major focal point in southeast asia. [♪ singing ] >> reporter: the world famous children choir say the destruction of their church does not mean that their culture has been obliterated, too. >> the church is just a symbol. the unity of the people here to be able to rise and recover, that is the real church. >> reporter: the philippine government said it is unable to assess the long-term cost of this strategy at the moment but the children keep singing, hoping their voices will inspire the many others to rise above
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the ruin. al jazeera, the philippines. >> world of a deal on capitol hill sends the dow up triple digits. reaction from wall street to main street coming up next on al jazeera america.
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>> here's what they had to say about their elected officials and how things get done in washington. >> i think that they're both to blame, but i blame congress more because wrong is supposed to be representative of the people and i don't see them representing
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the people because people don't want shutdown. >> the american people, they're tired of seeing their government just basically sitting on their hands doing nothing. >> you look at the latest shutdown, i actually support the effort to support the debt, and people who are trying to do that, i support them. we can't keep spending the way we're spending. >> the white house is divided. that's a problem that needs to be addressed. it seems that no one can make a decision any more. it's quite scary to be on the. >> at issue, who will fill the seat of the late frank ludenberg. the race is a microcosm of the political tug-of-war in washington. >> reporter: it's a race the u.s. political world is watching closely. >> he's further trying to distract people from extremism.
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>> reporter: 44-year-old cory booker, democratic mayor of newark, new jersey, is battling against steen lonagan former new jersey mayor and state director of the tea party group americans for prosper glit it's a referendum on the massive explosion on big government. >> reporter: lonagon has r campaigned as a relentless booker critic. >> i think there's bodies in the rivers of shooting victims of that city. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: they have supported the shutdown of the federal government and not raise the debt ceiling until the affordable care act gets de funded. his opponent has jumped on this at every opportunity. we can send the message directly to washington. do we want to send more tea party people down there. this week president obama said the outcome of this campaign would have implications. >> about what kind of leadership we expect from our representatives in congress. we're better than the shutdown
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politics in washington. >> and sarah palin who campaigned for lonagan described him as a tea party reinforcement. >> new jersey, just know that the eyes of america are on you right now. truly. >> reporter: there are other disputes that have cropped up in the race. lonagan has taken flack for racially charged comments and opposed hurricane sandy relief that helped new jersey. >> new jersey needs a leader, not a twitter. >> reporter: but bridget callahan says the conflict over washington is trucial. >> what we've seen this has taken oner larger than life proportions in this entire campaign, and many new jerseyens are basing their vote on this issue. >> booker tighten the lead, but still this seat held for decades
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by democrat frank lotenberg until his death last spring has not gone republican in 41 years and democrats are counting a cory booker win with blend of votes to spare. >> once again al jazeera will bring you the latest on the deal and vote. ali velshi is hosting a special edition of "real money" and he'll talk about the financial implications of the default and how it directly impacts your wallet. hundreds of mothers have no choice. they're moving away from their children. the effects of female inmates and their families. coming up. >> reporter: we'll talk about the championship series and is don mattingly's job safe win or lose this series, that's coming up next in al jazeera. innovation changes our lives.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news.
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>> sandy hook elementary school in connecticut will soon be demolished. it will be torn down completely before the anniversary of the shootings. residents accepted a grand to raze the building and build a new school. the new school is expected to open inc three year's time. pa oh three people are dead wn a boat capsized the survivors are hand jamaica nationals. authorities are determined if parents of two girls who
4:46 pm
bragged about bullying a girl who took her own life last month. the juveniles used words as weapons on their online posts weeks after the death. they are charged with stalking. the only women's federal prison in the northeast is in danbury, connecticut. it is in the process of being transferred as a prison for men. more than half of the women have children under 21, and the move will separate many of them from their children. >> jacob and david are growing up without their mom. while stacey serves four years in federal prison for mortgage fraud her boys are living with their aunt. the trip once a week to see their mom is only an hour away. >> them seeing her once a week is devastating enough and extremely detrimental to their
4:47 pm
development. >> it will be damaging for the boys if their mom is moved hundreds of miles away. >> reporter: the correctional institution up the road has housed female low security offenders for over 20 years. now they want to relocate those inmates to other areas around the country over the year. several democratic senators say it will cost more than $1 million to relocate these women to prisons from alabama to california. senator richard blumenthal of connecticut said this short-sighted move will cause severe hardship, pain for children of these women and will further hinder the bond that are critical for rehabilitation. having served 15 years for racketeering. >> i'm standing in solidarity
4:48 pm
for moot sisters behind the wall, and they have no voice. i'm speaking for them and i hope people are listening. i know what they're going through. i know, i know that i was torn from my family for 15 years. i had visits because i was close. >> tamara is trying to keep her family together juggling her own daughter and her sister's kids. every day she dreads receiving a phone call from her sister stacey saying the next visit will be more than an hour away. ♪ >> michael receives here with a day in sports. i am not ready to say good buy to the dodgers. they have been terrific for baseball this season. >> reporter: they have been fun, exciting, but they're in a must-win situation as we speak. trailing 3-1, entering game five against the cardinals. the dodgers found themselves
4:49 pm
from being eliminated from the postseason. even more so with their best player less than 100%. ramirez suffered a hairline fracture to his ribs that has progressively gotten worse even though the promise is that he's back in the lineup after striking out three times last night. ramirez felt better this morning and took pain medication to help minimum get through the bane. joining us now from detroit is yahoo sports jeff passen. we'll get to the american league championship in a minute, but first let me can yo ask you aboe dodgers and specifically ramirez. >> they're already missing their matt kemp, their $160 million man. you look at these guys who are expected to perform all of them have been doing so around
4:50 pm
ramirez. if you point to an mvp on that team, even though ramirez missed a significant amount of time with injury this season, he's been the guy who has been the most productive for them. not having him at 100% because joe kelly drilled him in the ribs with a fastball in game one, it's been an unforeseen circumstances and a really difficult one for the dodgers to deal with. >> coming into the series so much is made of the dodgers. going against the young guns of the cardinals, and are we witnessing right now, jeff, the beginning of a pitching powerhouse in st. louis with these young arms? >> i think the crazy thing is that shelby miller is not even in the rotation. this is a guy as a rookie had a 2-something era. they have six rookies on this cardinals roster pitching wise. you just don't see that many great arms come up in one organization at the same time. i think that depth is really important. with baseball you are going to
4:51 pm
have arm injuries. that's an inevitability. a couple of these guys probably ultimately will get picked off. you saw jaime garcia out of the rotation with an arm injury. it's going to happen. but having all that depth. not just the depth but the power arms that they've got. when you pair that with adam wainwright and other veterans they have a really good chance to be good for a long time. >> they could be compared to the basis in the 90s with maddox. has there been reaction following the hits. adam wainwright called the hit mickey mouse stuff. is there growing animosity between these dugouts. >> rep braves are the baseball police. because everyone knows that the the dodgers play a different brand of ball, and a lot of it goes back to puig.
4:52 pm
the way that puig ran out his triple, flipping the bat, accelerating around the bases. jumping into third base. it was pretty absurd but to me it was absurd in an amosing way and i wish baseball players wouldn't take themselves so seriously. it's interesting how in baseball it's not own accepted but encouraged to argue with umpir umpires, which no one likes to watch, whereas showing celebration is frowned upon. it seems backward. >> don mattingly, many thought he would lose his job, win or lose, is his job safe in l.a.? >> reporter: it is. i think if they lost in the first round there was going to be discussion about don mattingly's prospect with the dodgers but he earned himself an extension. but there is a lot of pressure
4:53 pm
on him. they spend $200 million on this team. the expectation is not just to make it to the nlcs not just to make it to the world series. they want rings on their fingers. if they don't get that, don mattingly will have a very quick hook even if he does have a contract going forward. >> red sox came in with a big home run. they built a 2-1 series lead with two straight wins and dramatic fashion as far as the red sox fans are a concern. did you get a sense that morale was good or bad with the detroit locker room? >> reporter: i think morale is better than what you would expect after two--the loss with david ortiz's grand slam, that was a crushing loss. last night it was disappointing. justin verlander picked so well. the tigers have two more home games and in the last three games they have sánchez who threw six no-hit innings, and
4:54 pm
matt scherzer who struck out 13, and verlander who is the most dominant pitcher on the planet right now. the tigers are in decent position. it will be curious to see what happens with their line up. jim lee hand has shifted things up. they dropped austin jackson all the way to eighth in that lineup trying to shake things up because as bad as the red sox hitters have been, detroit hitters simply have not been able to capitalize either. >> there are drastic changes for a lineup that has been set all season long. jeff, we appreciate the time. >> reporter: thank you. >> well now to the nfl. two weeks after getting released by tampa bay, josh free man will take his first start with the vikings monday night. the original plan was to give
4:55 pm
free man more time to get up to speed, he decided to much up the time schedule. freeman moved through two touchdown and three picks before getting benched. one of the best goalies of all time, patrick roy who won six strait game as head coach of the avalanche with the 3-2 over the dallas stars tying the consecutive victories and he shares that mark with marco tremble who set that mark when roy was a goalie on that team. he was the goalie when the guy set the record. >> all right, michael, appreciate it. thank you. boy, this is the kind of fishtail you have got to see to believe. a marine scientist spotted this
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18-foot serpent-like oarfish. it took 18 people to drag it to shore. they're calling the discovery one of a lifetime. oarfish are rarely seen dead or alive. woo. ebani is back with your forecast on al jazeera america. together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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>> it's been a quiet day for much of the nation triangling showers all the way down into the southern plains where the frontal boundary has not been moving over the last day or so. finally today it's off to the south and east, and that's helping to diminish that rain threat in parts of texas and arkansas. we still have parts of spotty showers and we're still dealing with the possibility of some flooding, but now just minor river flooding is expected here
4:59 pm
across south texas. so you'll need to watch out for that over the next couple of days in those very low lying areas. but at least the rain diminishing elsewhere. we're drying around the dallas area, houston will keep unsettled weather. expect heavy rain showers to move around the birmingham area as well as atlanta overnight tonight and into the day on thursday. but for now mainly just seeing a lot of that activity stretching over northern alabama, back over mississippi, the front is on the move bringing light showers over the northeast. we're drying out along the northwest and we'll see that cooling trend continue from west to east for sure.
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>> this is al jazeera america live for from new york city. this is tony harris with the day's top stories. congress is expected to end the government shutdown. the plan keeps the government running through january 15th. the white house said president obama supports the senate plan to end the standoff. the president urged congress to approve the measure quickly. around the talks aimed at iran's nuclear program wrapped up in geneva. six world powers including u.s. and russia took part. u.s. officials say the talks were candid and


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