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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top story. the deal is in place. now the first votes to end the government shutdown is just minutes away from wall street to main street. the country and the world react. and nuclear negotiations being called candid and straigh straightforward. the u.s. sits down with iran. >> what a difference a day makes. tonight we're two minutes away from the first two votes on capitol hill and progress. 24 hours ago it appeared the
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u.s. was on a brink of default. today it would prevent default and open government. wall street welcomed the news with a triple-digit gains one question remains: did this accomplish anything? >> how country came to the brink of disaster but in the end advosears came together and set aside their differences to prevent that disaster. >> every senator and every member of the house will have to decide where he or she stands. i have no intention of delaying this vote. >> reporter: mike viqueira is at the white house, but we begin with libby casey. libby, where do we stand right now? at this moment? >> reporter: we'll see the vote, and it may be in the next hour.
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staffers are pouring over it to make sure that there is nothing that unsettle the themselves. harry reed and his republican counterpart michellcountercountl announced they had brokered a deal. >> while they witnessed a great deal of political discord they will see congress reach agreement to reopen the government. >> reporter: we anticipate this bill to get through the senate and then get kicked over to the house where passage is also expected. that vote could come early in the season or dragged through the night. >> so libby, what, if anything,
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did republicans get out of this deal? >> reporter: that's a good question. if you look at what the bill contains there is only one minor change to the federal healthcare law which they call obamacare, and that would be to tighten these, and look at americans who qualify for subsidies. that's already in the healthcare law, and those tweaks could have been done without changing the law in any way. that's very minor which the white house is very willing to sign off on it. otherwise, all the things that senator ted cruz went to the mat for are not part of the bill. john boehner announced he's going to let the bill come to the floor for a vote. this is what he said, and its likely that he himself will vote for the bill. what did they get out of this?
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it caused a lot of strife within the republican party. >> i think it's obvious that we're seeing the end of agonizing event, it's one of the more shameable chapters that i have seen in the years that i've spent here in the senate. >> reporter: tony, the republican party left the presidential election and general elections of last year with a goal to improve their standings among different interest groups. instead the focus of some of their outreach has completely changed and taken over what has been going on the last few weeks. they're losing out on the approval ratings where everyone in washington has taken a tip by the american public, but republicans especially so. americans are scratching their head and wondering what it was about. >> libby casey for us. libby, thank you. let's go to mike viqueira, who is standing by the white house,
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and is the white house is claiming victory? is there a victory to be claimed? >> reporter: no question a victory is to be claimed. john boehner himself in an interview in a radio interview back home in cincinnati said we fought the good fight but didn't win. the white house is tiptoe on egg shells, they don't want to disrupt the good karma. they haven't voted yet, especially the house of representatives don't want to do any victory dances and spike that football in the end zone to antagonize everybody. an indication of white house attitude, they don't know when the federal employees will go back to work. john boehner expected that to be tomorrow but you can't get a straight answer out of the white house. why? they don't want to presume
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anything. jay carney, the white house spokesman, was asked the same thing. this is his response. >> there are no winners here. we said that at the beginning and we're going to say it to the end. it's true. the american people have paid a price for this, and nobody who was sent here to washington by the american people can call themselves a win for the american paid a price for what has happened. >> reporter: in 90 days we could go through all over again. remember all the celebration, all the high fiving behind the scenes on capitol hill is about a bill that extends the government funding only until january 15th and raises the departmendebtlimit increasing as borrowing authority until february 7th. we could be back here talking about the same things. talking about whether the white house is doing victory lap here. you don't have to be
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clairevoyant. >> the president said he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling, but did he? >> reporter: it's a semantic point. there was negotiation around the edges but you have to say all things considered especially when you consider the last go around in 2011 when there was a lot of back and forth, something that the president said he regrets raising the debt limit, there was relatively solid front whatever republicans including tea party conservatives tried against the disarray. you have to say a divided republican party which today is defeated. he said that they will rise to fight again. >> mike viqueira at the white house for us. thank you. a deal may not be far off but not everyone thinks it will solve everything for everyone. robert ray joins us in roswell,
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georgia, just north of atlanta, what are you hearing? >> reporter: yes, exactly, tony, main street america rush hour as you can see behind me. we spoke to people across the country. we spread our wings as al jazeera america likes to do , speaking to main street. some really interesting sound bytes and interesting reactions. here's what come of the people had to say around the country. >> i think that they are both to blame by the blame congress because they're support to be representative of the people. >> they just don't--they're tired of seeing their government sitting on their hands doing nothing. >> the latest shutdown i support the effort to control the debt,
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and people trying to do that i support them because we can't just keep spending the way we're spending. >> the white house is divided. i think that's a problem that needs to be addressed. no one can make an indication dy more and it's quite scary to be honest. >> now a new gallup poll out showing the biggest concerns americans have, it's not the economy, it's the dysfunction in washington. interesting enough perhaps that's the world's biggest concerns. earlier today i was walking around the street in roswell, georgia, and i ran into a woman in her 70s. owns an antique shop. she said, did the deal get gone? i said it appears we're getting closer to a deal. she said, i'm embarrassed. i'm embarrassed at what the world may think of us going forward. that's the sentiment on main street and we're cautiously await main of the restaurant behind me on their smart phones
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waiting to see what does occur in washington. >> you know what is interesting about where you are right now, you're in a red state. georgia hasn't gone for a democrat for president since i think jimmy carter. so you would find a lot of sport in that state if you traveled the length and breadth of it for the tea party approach, repealing and replacing the affordable care act. >> you definitely do get that response from a lot of people in the state of georgia. as you say, this is a republican state. republican governor. and but the thing is here in atlanta, metro atlanta around 6 million people right now, you sort of have a real integration of folks from around the country. this is obviously the center of the state as far as the population base so you have a lot of different opinions. it depends on who you talk to.
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the number one opinion here on the street, boy, we're kind of glad that washington has come up with something, but what's next? is it going to happen again? >> that's a great question. we're going to be asking that. just north of atlanta, g-a. the dow soaring by 200 points, ali velshi will be talking about this at the top of the hero. he's there in the museum, it's great to talk to you. look, this debt deal looks short term. we were just talking about it with robert ray, are we set to see more volatility from wall street in just a few months? >> yes, of course. look, we're going to be watching the body language now. discussions about where we're going. these guys have a budget. there hasn't been a budget passed in that congress since 2009. and this deal calls for there to
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be one by the middle of december. do you think that's likely to happen? i hope so, but wall street could be watching that very closely. then questions around the i sequester, then another debt ceiling coming due february 7th. you can sigh a little bit sigh of relief, but congress will coat wall streekeep wall streets on their toes. >> what has all this political drama on the hill cost americans? >> reporter: that's a good question. we got to add up what the shutdown cost and what the effect would have been to america. at the moment the interest rates did not go up because we didn't default. it has not cost anybody in terms of borrowing. there is that spending that has not been spent, people haven't been paid, and consumer
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confidence has taken a hit. we know that across the country. there are people now as we head to thal important spending season who are saying i don't know what the new year is going to look like. there is some hurt. we don't know what it is yet. we'll have to take time to quantify that. >> you're doing an hour. a whole hour. >> we're looking at the future. we're looking at your investments, how this works in the coming months. we're looking at housing and jobs. we want to put this behind us. how should you as a consumer feel about this? we'll cover this from all fron fronts. >> can't wait, ali velshi tonight for an hour at 7:00 p.m. eastern time right here on al jazeera america. joining me from washington to discuss the deal and the votes tonight, dave levi leventhal. we know there is a prospect of
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another shutdown early next year. what are we going to expect then? is there going to be the same? >> we don't have a shutdown but we have the three-headed monster coming up. you have december and then january the government shutdown issue to deal with, and then the debt ceiling all over again in february. if you're looking for peace and confidence, great, we've got peace an tranquility here in washington. >> tell me that lessons have been learned. the country will not go through this again in the next few months. >> there are signs on the right and on the left, several people on the democratic side who already are making conciliatory gestures to each other at this hour. we don't have a signed bill right now by president obama. it still has to go through the white houshouse, it still has te
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the white house. this is a congress at all-time lows in terms of its popularity. are they going to get together? are they going to try to make peace. they're tired. you have politicians on both side saying we can't do this again. we can't take it. >> how does congress break the cycle, break the gridlock. >> one interesting area will be to see what the tea party does. will it do, number one, among congressmen who subscribe to the tea party and are members to the tea party, are they going to be willing to negotiate not only with democrats but with members of their own party. this is going to be one of the big stories in the here and now and one of the big stories going into 2014. is the republican versus republican storyline. the issue at hand that really is going to dominate the conversation in a way in terms
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of politician and government. >> then you look at the congressional members who have to come back, and then you look back on the history of this notion, this idea, and it hasn't gone over well in the past. why should the american people believe that this time will be different? >> well, one thing to think about is that they shouldn't. history short-term history just over the past couple of years has been one of crisis to crisis to crisis. where the government never, the congress is never able to get together and pound something out with time to spare in a way that engendered confidence in the government, in congress so that they can make good decisions and wall street can be happy about it. that's just not going to happen. hope springs eternal. up be an optimist, and feel good
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about the situation right now but that recent history is not proceeding any realization that we're going to have anything new. >> good to have you back on the program. dave leventhal, still to come, world powers sit down with iran. 37 ahead on al jazeera, trying to get agreement on iran's nuclear program. plus buried alive the race to save those trapped by a deadly typhoon.
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>> so the reality is this shot, capitol hill, this is where all the action is right now. we're waiting for the senate votes on the from posed deal. this is senator mike lee, as you know, one of the senators, along with ted cruz, who was instrumental in--i don't know how to put this--who was instrumental in working against the plan that was on the table
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to keep the government open. some would say that mike lee and ted cruz are responsible for the shoutdown. they're expecting the senate vote coming up in the hour. we'll monitor the situation for you right here on al jazeera america. as they search for loved ones missing after a deadly earthquake, people in the philippines are running low on hope. elisa was born in this house. this is where she grew up and raised her family with her husband. but all that was destroyed in an instant. >> i don't know how to begin. i'm thinking, looking at our house. i have no mindset yet up to this moment. >> reporter: more than 100 people were killed when
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earthquakes shook the province of cebu. the town o was the epicenter of the 7.2 magnitude quake. rescue efforts are under way and the local government said it is not optimistic. the chances of finding survivors championetrapped in the rubble . one of the top tourist destination in the country, provides jobs to those living here and those in the outlying island, this church was one of the very first built in the country. it's a major focal point not just for the catholics in the philippines but also in southeast asia. [♪ singing ]
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>> reporter: the world famous children's choir sings i saying the church has not been ow obliterated here. >> the philippine government said it is unable to assess the long-term costs to this disaster, but still the children sing hoping that their voice also help the many others rise above the ruins. [♪ singing ] >> the typhoon in japan has caused deadly mudslides burying people and destroying arms. the typhoon dumped 31 inches of rain and the storm created mudslides that are blamed for 17 deaths. nearly 50 people are still missing. we have more. >> reporter: typhoon with winds up to 180 kilometers per hour.
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it tore up japan's east coast. what lay in its path did not stand a chance. a staggering 800 millimeters of rain fell here within 24 hours. that's more than twice the island usually gets for the entire month for october. it's lush hills with the scars of the mudslides that were created, and most buried in the deluge. >> they don't normally take this type of a toll, they're calling this typhoon an once in a decade typhoon and looking at the damage that it did on this one island, it does seem quite devastating. >> reporter: morning were able to get out of the capital. public transport were paralyzed and flights were grounded.
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the typhoon bass powerful but that energy saved the east coast from greater damage. it insured that the storm sped through around 24 hours avoiding prolonged bad weather. now they are concentrated on finding the many people who are still missing and cleaning up what the typhoon left behind. >> meteorologist: they're calling it an once in a decade storm because this the strongest typhoon that has made it this close to japan since 2004. 24 hours ago it was right here close to tokyo, and it is moving out quite quickly. tokyo is getting much better. a closer look at the coast of japan just south of tokyo, it the track would have been a little bit more towards the north we would have seen a lot more for the main island. we're not out of the woods yet because we have another weather
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system to talk about. that one is down here in the pacific. we're calling this storm francisco. this is the 26th storm in the west pacific this year. it is already tropical storm. it is expected to get very strong almost taking the same path as we it has taken. the joint typhoon warning center is only going to about here in the next five days. we'll watch it after this. right now it's packing 69 mph winds and it's expected to get to a category 4 equivalent storm. >> thank you. candid and the most serious talks to date. that's how negotiations between iran and international leaders are being describe. as james bays report there is still an along way to go. >> i think it's clear that behind the scenes both the international community and the iranians are talking about possibly making concessions to the other. i think they're now considering
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the idea of letting iran enrich uranium to a certain level on its own soil. the iranians, i think, are preparing to accept the possibility of further inspections and further verification measures. let's listen to what both sides have to say. >> reporter: we've had the opportunity to talk as i already indicated in much greater detail than before to answer each other questions to have the opportunity to do that as i indicated in different foremats. >> iran is interested in resol resolving this issue. we believe there is no reason for the continuation of this problem. there are more important issues, and the right of iran to pursue technology including enrichment can, in fact, be exercised without pr proliferation concer.
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we're going to move forward and achieve. >> western diplomats tell meg there are still many hurdles in this process, still potential sticking points, but they're encouraged by the progress that's been made, by the clarity and the candor in their discussions. one senior u.s. officials said i've never had such intense detailed straightforward discussions with the iranians before. >> michael eaves is here with the sports headlines. baseball day, still plenty going on in the nfl. >> reporter: yes, good news for one player and bad niece for another. josh freeman will play for the vikings, after seeing his comfort level with the offense last week, fraser moved up the timeline and freeman threw two
6:28 pm
touchdowns and three interceptions in his officer game with the buc nears before getting released an. the patriots linebacker jared mayo on the season-ending injury after he underwent surgery for a torn pectoral muscle. roy one more than 550 games as a hall of fame goalie gets a chance to break the record tomorrow night when denver plays the detroit red wings. those are your sports for this hour. more sports coming up in 20 minutes. >> it's deja vu in washington, d.c. lawmakers once again kicking the can down the road. a closer look at where we've been and where we're headed. plus decision day in new jersey. the voters head to the polls in
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a high profile senate race.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm tony harris. here is a look at your top stories. the senate is set to vote at any minminute to vote to end the government shutdown. the house is expected to vote later this evening. the measure keeps the government open, and extends the borrowing to february. wall street reacted positively to the news. the nasdaq and s&p 500 saw huge gains. the end to the en pass may be in sight but it is not over yet. let's go back to libby casey on capitol hill. how is it expected to play out tonight? >> reporter: we're expecting to see the senate vote within the hour. we'll see two votes
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back-to-back. one to invoke closure and to move forward and a final vote on the bill. mike lee, the republican of utah, was on the floor. he was railing against the federal healthcare law which he calls obamacare. if you recall that's what started this all. senator lee was right by the side of senator ted cruz a couple of weeks ago. they're the one who is said we're not going to let the american funding go forward unless we get some concessions on the healthcare law. that's all been given up by the majority, and so we expect to see a set of votes to go forward tonight. after it goes over in the senate it will get kicked over to the house. watch for that vote as well. well, speaking of mike lee, tony, we've been profiling the move to the house and senate over the last couple of days at this time who are the tea party conservatives. we talked about senator lee just last week. another tea party conservative is phil gingrey republican from
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georgia. he plans to vote no on this bill. here's what he had to say earlier this evening. >> i will not be able to vote for the bill. i would imagine that it will pass, but it will be--it will pass with democratic votes and some republican votes, but i personally will not be able to vote to it. >> the magic number in the house is 217. that's the number of votes you need to passage over there right now. with 200 democrats that means 20 republicans need to come over and get it through. one of those who plan to vote yes is congressman peter king. he talked with the camera today and spoke with what has been going on over the last couple of weeks. >> i think we have to make sure that we don't get in that position again and stop it early and not let it get to this again next people. >> any republican strategy? >> i was against it from the start. >> how do you stop it early?
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>> targeting the one guy who caused it all, ted cruz. >> ted cruz. so that's what congressman king is blaming, tony? >> well wait a minute. he didn't just blame him. he said by targeting. that's how you stop him. you target him. libby, i understand there is something that has to be done here. this work has to be done by midnight. explain the deadline. >> we're watching what happens tomorrow. treasure secretary lew has set tomorrow as the deadline for the default situation that could move on to a full blown crisis. the key is getting everything set up so the markets open they're not volatile. and the international community as well as the domestic community doesn't appear that the u.s. is going to not be able to pay its bills. the key is to get this wrapped up tonight, and the new day can start tomorrow with everything rolling forward. federal employees could be back on the job quite soon, and
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president will be able to talk to that as well at some point over the next day. so the key is for everyone to try to get this done tonight. what's going to be crazy, members of congress are going to get out of here. watch for that to happen. they'll vote and then leave town. you'll see a mass exodus from washington. federal employees will be coming back and then come back to work. >> i got to get out that have moment of peter king being asked how to stop this from getting this far down the road in the future? you start by targeting the guy who started it. he was talking about ted cruz. i have to ask you the question. what did the g.o.p. and maybe i asked this at the top of the newscast, what did the g.o.p. get out of all of this? >> reporter: i think a lot of them are scratching their heads and asking the question. one take away is this. it showed the tea party their place, in both good ways and bad
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ways. speaker boehner went with them. he went down the path with them. this is where he got. senator mitch m mcconnell was pretty quiet until a couple of days ago. he is a more moderate group in the senate. he has a much easier job of wrangling votes than speaker boehner. but speaker boehner gave them rein and this is what happened. they took a credibility hit. but among the tea party base they're enthused, and they like what senator lee and cruz have been doing. we're seeing more of those factions splitting off. now how the republican party moves forward is a huge question, and it begs the question on everything from does speaker boehner retain
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speakership? >> fascinating. just fascinating stuff. libby casey on capitol hill for us. thank you. earlier i spoke with al jazeera's political contributor michael shure. this is what he said the shutdown was all about. >> what will be looked back on is about the republican party sort of finding their soul, what they want to be about, what the speaker wants to be about, what their caucus wants to be about. one of the things that is problematic for them right now they find out how divided they are. there is still a lot of work to be done whether it be on immigration, sequestration, and he has a divided caucus, this speaker, and it will be a little difficult for him. i imagine they'll try to run from this as quickly as they can and get on things that resonate with independents like talking about we don't want tax heights if we're going to get a budget deal, things like that, i think that's what it's going to be about. >> in january and february are we doing this all over again, in your opinion, and if not, why
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not. >> we have no indication that we're not going to be doing this, but we have to see the toll that has been taken on the republican party 60 days hence as to whether or not they want to fight this fight against. we mentioned thomasy, conservative congress from kentucky, he's already said that they've lost a little bit of their mojo now in being able to talk about the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling once again. when you see that maybe they're going steer clear of this and learn a lesson. they haven't in the past and we're back here again now. the easy answers like i said yes, we're going to be back here again. >> you're the president of the united states now, do you hit the road as soon as this is done, and do you grab the senate immigration bill, and do you take it on the road all over the country saying let's get this done now? >> yeah, i think you do. hit the road is a funny thing to say. congress will not been in session. we now have an open government, the house will go back to their
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districts and the senate will be recessed for the week. >> is this agreement really a victory or simply a stall tactic? some can't help but feel that congress has been there, done that. jonathan betz is here with more. >> reporter: this does provide relief for now. critics worry that congress is just kicking had a can down the road. although we'll miss tomorrow's default deadline this agreement push it is back to a couple of months to early february. the government will be funded until mid-january, but then we can face another shutdown early again. we've seen it before. lawmakers have disagreed over spending, tax cuts and the new healthcare law. let's go back to 2010. u.s. faced another fight over the budget in december of that year. government again game coast to running out of money. congress voted several times to extend the budget by a couple of days at a time here until finally in late december lawmakers push it off. but just until march of 2011 when we had another showdown.
6:40 pm
this was a big one. it lasted for weeks. we had several budget extensions. deadlines avoided week after week by mid-april the 15th lawmakers were fed up, and we came within hours of a shutdown did, but a very last minute deal was struck and the budget was approved kicking it until december 28, 2012. then we came to march of this year another delay by just a couple of months. that brought us to the big showdown this month, except this time we had no deal. so the government did shutdown on october first. so the government could shut down again especially since we have a new deal. then we face the possibility that we could see this fight all over again. >> jonathan, thank you. in case there was a need for further proof that americans are fed up with the action in washington, three-quarters of voters want to see most members
6:41 pm
of congress booted out in 2014. but for many americans that doesn't apply to their own representatives. with 48% saying they want them re-elected. go figure. 38% said they want their representatives replaced. investors and traders watched nervously for weeks as the government shutdown and debt ceiling talks dragged on. earlier i spoke with todd wild manwildman who explain the turml in washington, d.c. >> as the shutdown happened, the markets, s&p an, they rose. you would expect the traders to be in the negative. i don't think anybody expected us to go past the debt limit or to default. they heard john boehner say that the country is not going to default. i think a lot of people believed him. i think they were going to see
6:42 pm
how much the republicans could get. they didn't get much. hopefully they learned a little bit and won't act so rash and foolish. capitol hill, senate floor, we probably have procedural business going on right now, but we're expecting that chamber to be packed soon. once the senate approves it as expected, this is a deal to reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling, that bill will go over to the house and the house will vote as well. the senate vote could happen very shorterly, and we'll monitor every twist and turn in this continuing saga, and we'll bring you the latest. you can watch it right here on al jazeera. and another reminder, to stay with al jazeera america as ali velshi as his program "real money" give you full coverage of the potential shutdown and ali
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velshi will host his program from washington, d.c. and he'll talk about the impact of the shutdown and narrowly averting default, the impact of all of this in the months ahead on your wallet. that's "real money" coming up at the top of the hour with ali velshi. a lot of people want nothing to do with the gridlock in washington. but not everyone. people in new jersey are choosing a new senator. the winner will assume the office held by democrat frank louttenberg who decide in john. the elementary school sandy hook elementary school will be demolished. the new school is expected to
6:44 pm
open in three years. hundreds of mothers have no choice. they're moving away from their children. more on the big changes affecting female inmates and their families coming up. and on a busy baseball day there is still plenty of football. michael eaves back with that later tonight. that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko my name's nicole deford and i'm
6:45 pm
this is the 900-page document we call obamacare.
6:46 pm
my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? >> the picture just outside of the capitol building. look how the capitol building is framed by the clouds. that's very nice. inside the debate continues as senators take to th to be "d"--e will be a motion for the debate to end and there will be a vote, a vote on the bill to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government. it will pass in the senate and then move over to the house where the debate will be more contentious, we expect, but we're expecting that measure to
6:47 pm
pass in the house as well. we'll continue to follow developments here. a laos airline crashed killing all on board. it was flying south in the capitol when it went down in the mekong river. it hit bad weather as it was attempting to weather and the passengers included passengers from ten different countries. the prison for women will soon become a prison for men and the women will be sent around the country. the move is a costly one but taxpayers, about the th the families of the women inmates will stand to pay a high price as well. >> in prison for mortgage fraud her boys are living with their aunt. the trip to see their mom is just an hour away.
6:48 pm
>> seeing her once week is difficult enough. >> reporter: their aunt tamara can't imagine how damaging it will be for the boys if their mom is moved hundreds of miles away. >> reporter: the correctional institution has housed female offenders for nearly 20 years. they want to relocate those inmates to other federal prisons around the country by the end 69 year. >> reporter: they say it will ease overcrowding and move some of the men closer to their homes. but some senators say it will cost $1 million to relocate these women from alabama to california. senator richard blumenthal said
6:49 pm
>> serving 15 years for racketeering. >> i'm standing in solidarity for my sisters from beyond the wall. who have no voice. i know what they're going through. i know that i was torn from my family for 15 years. i had visits because i was close. >> reporter: tamara is trying to keep her family together juggling her own daughter and her sister's kids. every day she dreads getting a phone call from stacey saying her next visit will be much more than an hour away. al jazeera, danbury, connecticut. >> michael eaves is here with a day in sports. will you catch us up on the baseball, please. >> reporter: there is one game that starts later tonight. we'll talk about that as the evening progresses. right now it's a national league and after four games, the
6:50 pm
dodgers found themselves with one loss, and the pitching match up was a repeat of game one. the cardinals won game one but right now the dodgers lead game five. it was tied at 2-2 until three separate home runs by the dodgers gave them that advantage. game six will be back in st. louis. well, in the nhl one of the best goalies of all time got off to an historical start with head coach. patrick roy with in his hall of fame season. roy shares the record with trembley in 1995 when roy was the team's starting goalie. now to the nfl, just lost
6:51 pm
another one, the patriots plays jerod mayo on season-ending reserve after surgery repairing a torn pectoral muscle. josh freeman will make his start with the vikings when minnesota visit the new york giants. once he saw how comfortable freeman was with the vikings offense last week in practice he decided to move up his time schedule. freeman threw for 572 yards and completed passes before being benched. for one new york giant his name represents a name of excellence that has nothing to do with football. we have the story.
6:52 pm
kiwanuka. >> he has been linebacker. >> was it natural? >> no. >> tackler and now defensive end. >> that's home. >> reporter: the thing that's always kept matthias kiwanuka. >> not a lot of people recognize my face. but if i'm in a situation where someone from uganda who sees my name, it's not if i play fable, it's if i'm related to benidito kiwanuka. he became the first elected prime minister in uganda's history. and then in 1971 he became the first chief justice. if there was a mount rushmore,
6:53 pm
then benidito kiwanuka's phrase woulfacewould be on it. >> it's a constant reminder that i should have a big expectation of myself because things are always possible. >> standing for the rule of fair and justice law in uganda, even if that meant countering edicts put forth by the man who placed him. >> more than just hearing about it. when you walk down the street and someone recognizes you and takes the time to say, usually an older person to say i appreciate what your grandfather did for our people and our country. it gives a sense of pride. >> reporter: that my was' grandfather paid a terrible price. in 1972 forces believed to won workingal amin's behest, publicly tortured him before murdering him by setting him on fire. he was just 50 years old. 41 years later matthias kiwanuka
6:54 pm
said he has taken important lessons from his grandfather's death as well as his life. >> it can do one of two things. one, it can scare you away from politics, foreign affairs or government in general. or it can inspire you to find a cause that you believe in so passionately that you're willing to give your life. this was not a situation where he wouldn't know what was coming down, but he chose to do what he did knowing the consequences, and he still did it. for that he's beloved by an entire nation and entire region, an entire continent. i feel like maybe politics isn't your thing. but whatever it is that you find, you have to be 100% bought into it to the point you're willing to give your life. >> john henry smith, al jazeera. >> you know, tony, fans often just see a number on the jersey and glance past the name. but that's a great story of an individual who comes from a long
6:55 pm
lineage that has nothing to do with fable. >> what an amazing story. well done. he ought to get the gold star again. michael, appreciate it. thank you. let's take you back to the senate chambers, and we want to give you another look at what is going on right now. this is republican senator saxbyer chandliss. and he is talking about legislation that would reopen the government and lift the debt ceiling. we'll bring you that vote as soon as it happens. let's get to a break. you're watching al jazeera america.
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>> so texas, are you tired of the rain yet? there is good news after five days of rain across texas we're finally seeing a break in the rain. you can see the rain taper off a little bit right there. let's go in a little closer in. the rain is pushing through the louisiana, mississippi and alabama. behind this you are seeing very cold temperatures. look at this, san antonio right now is 63 degrees up towards dallas it is 65 degrees. from yesterday for san antonio that is 22 degrees lower than what you saw. dallas actually you're warmer than yesterday. you have the brunt of the cold air settling over oklahoma city and corpus christi.
6:59 pm
it's at minus 5 right now. get out there and enjoy the sun it will be 72 dropping down to 69 on saturday. overnight lows getting down to the low 50s there. now up towards north we're seeing a break in the rain as well, that same weather system is pushing the east. kentucky down here towards part of louisville. you're going to be seeing rain showers beginning to end as well. the temperatures are dropping off for chicago. rain showers off and on. a little bit of a break on friday. temperatures are dropping all the way down to 30 degrees. as those rain showers are making their way through pennsylvania as well as parts of unstate new york. we're not seeing any that have rain. we're seeing the clouds and also into parts of new england. temperature-wise in new york, 72 degrees on tuesday and on friday we expect 70. have a great evening.
7:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at the day's top stories. you're looking at senator ted cruz on the floor of the senate now. we understand that a deal is in place. the debate continues. it will stop shortly and that there will be a vote that will bring us one step close for ending the government shutdown. the house is expected to vote later this even. if it passes, the measure will allow the nation to bore woe nun untiborrow moneyuntil 2014. there were gains in the financial and healthcare industry. the dow


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