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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. two men who walked out of a florida prison with forged papers have been caught. hit by a train while union workers are on strike. settlement with the justice department over sale of bad mortgages. >> tonight florida police say they have captured two convicted
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killers who escaped from prison using faked documents. both serving life sentences were let out of the franklin corrections institutional in north florida on september 27th and early october. they were found in a panama city beach motel. just hours after walker's mother pleaded for him to turn himself in. >> we know who you are. we want you to return home safely. we love you. we believe in you. we want you to surrender yourself to someone who you trust, who will bring you back into safety. we don't want any harm to come to you. i know you are a man of faith. you have a strong family bond, and strong family values and i know who you are. you know who you are. and i just want you home
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safely,son, please come home. thank you. >> and now those two men have been caught alive. joining us from miami over the phone. natasha guinane. >> the mother asked them to turn themselves in and that's exactly what happened. they were arrested together as you mentioned at a motel in panama city beach just after 6:30 this evening. police say it was without incident, meaning no resisting arrests. the fact that these men were
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arrested together, would make you believe that they coordinated together. >> talk about the escape. we don't know if it's coordinated but they used forged documents to get out of prison right? >> absolutely right. this is a huge source of embarrassment. both of them were released from prison one in late september one in early october. as a result of forged documents that were doesn't the county clerk's office. they don't know who forged the documents. the fornlgtd signatures went to went--forged signatures went to the same prosecutor's office and
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judge. they didn't know that the escapes were coordinated but since they were arrested together and since the documents obviously had similar signatures, it would definitely lend credence to the fact that these two men coordinated the escape, the only other thing that we're hearing jonathan from department of correction says that they're looking into this to see how this happened. what's really interesting is that these men even after they walked out of prison they went to an orlando jail and registered as felons, fingerprinted, and photographed, yet it took a victim for this to come to the attention of the department of corrections. >> it is a stunning case and now that manhunt is over tonight. natasha guinane in florida, thank you. two bay area rapid transit
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workers have been killed by a train, this in the middle of the transit strike. lisa do we have any knowledge of why these workers were on that track? >> yes, they do know. bart is releasing more information about this accident this afternoon. a train hit and killed two people who were working on the tracks. we now know that one was a bart employee and one was a bart contractor and they were performing maintenance on that track because there had been report of a zip in the track. now according to bart maintenance procedures have one person inspecting the, also tell us that it was an experienced person, at the controls of the train at the time, and they also tell us that the train was on automatic mode. it was being run by a computer program at the time of this accident. and we also do know that it could not have possibly been a
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bart union train driver because they of course are on strike. >> in the middle of those negotiations where strike, any idea of how this accident may impact those talks? >> well, as you can imagine now bart has to deal with questions on both topics. all day they have been scrambling to deal with this strike issue. this morning, the union announced a small development saying they will give their members the opportunity to vote on bart's latest proposal. the union says they expect those 920 members to vote a resounding no on the latest proposal but to talk about what the next move would be over the impact over these contract talks and now instead they had to switch gears literally move locations to a crime scene to answer reporters'
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questions to the scene where two of their employees were hit and killed by a train, jonathan. >> lisa bernard, thank you. j.p. morgan chase could pay a record fine. $9 billion to the federal government and $4 billion to struggling homeowners. bank still faces a criminal investigation. now live from washington, d.c, financial reporter from reuters. is this a good outcome for both employees here? >> it is in one sense for the justice department and the u.s. government, they get a huge figure, it is the largest number they have ever entered into for one company and j.p. morgan, a huge liability they faced but the government has faced a lot
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of criticism for not going after that many individuals who were potentially responsible for conduct that fueled the financial crisis and the settlement is not likely to include any charges against individuals. so they may still face that criticism. for j.p. morgan it still leaves them open to criminal liability. so that is obviously not the ideal situation for j.p. morgan. >> and j.p. morgan has resisted this deal for a long time so why the change? >> they didn't -- this was really only on the table for the past few weeks when the justice department was getting ready to sue them. and trying to head off that lawsuit, j.p. morgan said okay hey wait a minute, why don't we try to resolve this and also resolve all these other investigations at the same time that we're still facing. >> why would they agree to this if they could still face other investigations? >> criminal liability is something of a separate matter
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and the deposit's position is you can't buy your way out of jail. so i don't know that they really had any leverage on that, and they just had to accept that portion. >> it is a record settlement. as you mentioned $13 billion. what kind of message do you think this sends to the mortgage industry? >> well, it definitely does say that the government is still very much pursuing these kinds of cases in relation to sort of fueling the financial crisis. and it definitely is sending the message that they are on the lookout and they may still bring more cases like that. >> it is not a done deal but do you expect it to become one? >> it's not done deal yet but they are 90% on the way there. >> talking to us live from washington, d.c, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> portugal has been struggling with a harsh recession since 2008, new cutbacks were announced last week. civil salaries pensions in list
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bon and porto. 400 buses in the capital, since the government banned foot marches, across the april 20th bridge. protests against italy's spending cuts have turned violence in rome. sonia gallega reports from rome. >> a showdown against demonstrators and police in rome. charging at security officers and setting off smoke tboams and fireworks. -- bombs and fireworks. earlier in the day the march had started peacefully, came from all over the country. tens of thousands of protesters, many of them younger people, they came to show their anger at the government's continued austerity drive and increasing unemployment, conditions they say which are gaining fewer
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opportunities for future generations. >> we need a change, enough of this political theater. people can't stomach this crisis anymore. they want change. >> translator: it's so hard for us now. i have to sell my belongings. i don't even have my wedding ring anymore. i'm not complaining, there are worse situations but i can't live like this anymore. >> reporter: also present at the march, immigrant groups urging politicians, to protect their rights. all along the march was a heavy police presence. more than 4, 000 officers were deployed across central rome. >> this square in central rome was where the protest ended up saturday evening. now the protesters are trying to set up in the square but don't have permission to do this. it will stick to its plan to bring italy out of recession but
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many believe there is literal benefit for italians. the government has a fight on its hands to persuade people that it's on the right track. that could be a political battle that may yet cost it its arrival. sonia gallego, al jazeera, rome. >> november 1st is the end of the hurricane season for atlantic ocean. but the hurricane season was in fact more of a typhoon season as the western pacific had a lot of action. now as we look at the eastern pacific here it's very quiet. but you look out over the pacific ocean you can see a swirling area of low pressure here but let's go even further off to the west where we've been tracking all these typhoons. and typhoon francisco has become a supertyphoon. meaning it's so strong we could compare this to a category 5. and it's got a tropical
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depression right behind it. the concerns are that the track will take a very similar one to the last typhoon we saw. as we see the track of this thursday afternoon it's going to be moving just south of kyoto bringing a lot more rain to japan where they're still dealing with the problems from the last typhoon we saw. helping people clean out all the mud that slammed into their homes and businesses in japan. coming up we'll have more details about snow in the united states. jonathan. >> thanks rebecca. also coming up on al jazeera america. fan stadiums across the cub is being banned by at least one venue. i'll tell you why peanuts are getting the boot. a u.n. report on how many civilians have died in american drone strikes. al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded.
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>>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
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what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? it drives discussion across america. >> share your story on tv and online. >> the special investigator for the u.n. human rights council
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says that several hundred civilians have been killed by u.s. drone strikes since 2004. this comes from a report that will be presented to the u.n. general assembly next week. the numbers are far higher than the u.s. has confirmed. noreen shaw is from amnesty international u.s.a, the civilian impact of drones and counting drone strike deaths. so what is the big take away from this new report? >> well, the u.n. inspector is calling for an end to secrecy and accountability for u.s. drone strikes. for years we've seen human rights organizations and journalists present credible evidence that civilian credit casualties are occurring because of drone strikes. >> the numbers far lower than what's published now. why is there such a discrepancies? >> we know that u.n, had to take
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that pack and say they had been extremely rare. but what we are still not hearing from the u.s. government is how many people have died who they are and what the basis were for these strikes. >> so why is it so hard to calculate these kind of civilian casualties? >> we're talking about drone strikes occurring in parts of pakistan and yemen that are very inaccessible for why dangerous areas, we have found our best to find out what's happening on the ground. but the u.s. the onus is on them t show if they are being killed. >> a violation of international law, explain how so? >> we don't know what the basis is for the u.s. government to conduct these strikes. if we are outside of armed conflict, the use of lethal force is very restrictive. when you talk about a drone that can only kill, it can't capture, we have serious concerns about
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how that can be lawful under human rights law. >> what should happen especially since u.s. says these are critical tools for the war on terror. >> there are serious issues happening in the part of north pakistan where drone strikes are occurring and people there need security but there's a right way and owrong way, the right way is through protection, of international principles. now the main issue for u.s. government is it doesn't show how it's abiding by international law. we won't be able to tell how to move forward except that the u.s. government has to say it. >> let me ask you when you first heard that the numbers from this new report were close to 450 civilians killed this is in packets, afghanistan -- pakistan, afghanistan, yemen, you knew it would be several hundreds but did you know it was this number? >> the u.s. government has found that there is perhaps 35 strikes
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by drones, that raise concerns for him and civilian casualties. he got from the pakistani golf the number of 400 to 600 killed. and when he went to the u.s., the u.s. government gay him no data. the embassy is not in a position to verify them and no information whatsoever from the u.s. golf yet again. >> this goes before the u.n. in the next couple of days. what's next? >> the u.s. is going ohave to present an answer to in report, it's going to have to respond but this is an interim report. ben emerson hasn't presented evidence of deaths, president obama has to make good on his promises of transparency. about half a year ago he prompted increased transparency and more information about drone strikes. over the summer and into the
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fall we haven't seen anything new. >> noreen shaw from washington, thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, michael eaves is here for sports, sad news, nfl lost one of its most colorful coaches. >> the state of texas, where they love football so much. bum flips who after coaching at multiple high schools and colleges in texas led the houston oilers to titles as nfl coach, also responsible for hiring nfl quarterback, the motive behind the grambling football team's boy can cot. among the team's complaint mold and mildew in the locker room, subpar equipment, long bus rides
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for the team, and not happy about the firing of doug williams. this cost grambling $20,000. florida based biogenesis clinic which provided performance enhancing drugs, this comes from rodriguez' trial appealing his suspension. increasing number of americans especially kids who are allergic to peants to peanuy can be dangerous, sometimes fatal. eli lunday had never been able to watch his favorite team,
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his peanut allergy nearly killed him as an infant. >> i feel pretty safe about going oa football game. and i'm really happy that they were able to do it. >> why is the goal post at the goal line? >> i don't know. >> today, eli is going to his first wildcat game ever, because the university has banished peanuts, at least for this game. and they're making a big deal about it. they're calling it peanut-free day at the field, no peanuts sold and none allowed in. >> it's fantastic, otherwise you can't do it. if you go to wrigley field they have peanuts and peanuts an peanuts, they're all over the place and it's like playing russian roulette with your kid. >> the university hosed down
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everything. if it all seems extreme, doctors say it's not. >> if you were sitting in a seat where someone was eating peanuts, kids put their fingers in some orifice 40 times an hour. >> one in 13 kids now have some allergy, the most common being a peanut allergy. some kids have had some severe reaction. >> they can rapidly go into anaphylaxis, throat swelling, drop in blood pressure and can quickly lead to death. >> outside the stadium tailgaters mumped on pregame -- munched on pregame peanuts. >> just this one day, you don't accidentally take some in there with you. >> how has it come to this? why last the number of peanut allergies in kids tripled since
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1997? dr. gupta says there are plenty of theories, nobody knows for sure. we play have become too clean as a society, antibacteria, to prevent allergies. and at northwestern, the lost of a treat is actually a big gain for this fan. andy rosen, al jazeera. six months into his term, the new president of venezuela bands new powers. why that's a dangerous idea. plus rallying at the alamo. that's all i have an
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real money. victoria azarenko
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz and here are the top stories tonight. florida law enforcement says it's just captured two escaped
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killers. both serving life sentences, found in a motel in panama beach, florida, hours after walker's mothers pleaded for him to turn himself in. fatals connected with the bay area rapid transit strike. j.p. morgan and the department of justice have reached a tentative deal. the bank could pie close to $13 million to the federal government. a report from a consulting firm found that 58% of americans have no financial plan. and one reason is that people simply don't trust money managers. but now 130 online companies are trying to change the game. david shuster has more. >> jo han counts himself as tech
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savvy as he gets. but like many americans, he doesn't know the first thing about investing. >> i know that you shouldn't keep your money in a savings account. that's one thing that i do know. >> up until recently he paid a financial advisor to manage his savings. >> i was probably paying too much for the services that i didn't really need. and i looked at the online options and decided to make a switch. >> johan transferred his money to another advisor, part of a rapidly growing industry targeting an underserved american public. >> the average american doesn't have access to a financial advisor. what this will do is help them for a very low cost. >> that fee is driven by technology. here is how it works. once you sign up and answer some
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basic questions you then link your existing savings accounts including 401(k)s and iras and in minutes an algorithm based software will produce a plan to help you reach your retirement goals. >> our classic customer is someone who's anywhere between the early 30s and late 40s. someone who is accumulating wealthy wealth so they can rng eventually retire. we've designed future advisor from the ground up to be able to be something that you check in at a glance. >> but elliot wiseblooooth says the complexities of planning a person's financial future often demand a personal touch. >> it is difficult for technology today to replicate a thoughtful question about when does a person want to retire and
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what it means to retire. that's really more art and that's the skill that resides in a small group of financial advisors. >> still for an increasing number of consumers like johan, online makes more financial sense. >> the online world provides exactly what i need at a fraction of the cost. >> david shuster, al jazeera. as heidi can ask zhou-castro reports. >> the alamo is sacred ground for most texans. nowadays, some de texas texans e waiving guns as gun rights are being attacked. on a normal weekend the
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historic alamo would be swarming with tourists. but on this day, people carrying rifles, shotguns and assault weapons filled plaza. texas state law bars people from openly carrying handguns but there's no regulation of carrying a loaded long gun in public. >> we are not a civil disobedience organization. we obey the law. >> gun rights groups called the rally after san antonio police arrest evidence people from carrying long guns outside a coffee shop. protesters say this arrests conflicted with state law. san antonio police suspended its enforcement from this rally. leaving some with concerns. >> stomach turning, when i walk through crowd and see all these people with guns it scarce the heck out of me.
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>> meanwhile the pro-gun reform group, moms demand action, held its meeting blocks away. the membership has swelled since sandy hook. >> it's legal but i don't see it's decent, it's terrifying, absolutely terrifying. >> christina is a mother and a gun owner. >> i'm a single mother, by myself quite a bit, traveling from work to school, i do carry a weapon with me taught. >> she says she hasn't had to use her weapon in self defense but having one makes her feel safer and displaying it in public will help others feel the same. the protest began and ended peacefully, a man with a loaded rifle and a pistol in his holster that was viewable to the public. again that is illegal.
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the fact that you do have to have a license for a pistol and it needs to be concealed. protesters say that is unfair, they want all weapons to be carried openly, legally. >> syria, lebanon and turkey, nine hostages were released to lebanon and three to turkey. andrew simmons report. >> their homecoming was a chaotic emotional event. the men being pushed through crowds of security and some relatives trying to identify their loved ones. and then spontaneous embraces were occurring in the vip room and they found their way out, in a big crowd. it had been expected that this would be an orderly affair with some sort of news conference involving the care taker
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lebanese governments and also qatari lebanese delegation but that did not take place. that was in a separate room and the relatives were effectively spontaneously taking their loved ones out and they then left for southern beirut and celebrations there. there was concern about the medical condition of some of the men but they have been checked out in turkey ahead of the flight out of here and of course this was quite an extraordinary set of negotiations with turkey involved as well. and nothing could happen until there was an absolute clearance on the security of the turkish airline pilots and their safe from takeoff from this airport. so now after all this time the men are with their loved ones in southern beirut celebrating their homecoming. >> and in syria suicide bombers
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struck a military check pound outside of damascus. 16 soldiers were killed in the blast. 15 syrian rebels died in the fight that fold. this is not the first time that this has happened. meantime, the syrian refugee crisis is getting worst. lebanon has about 800,00 800,000 displaced syrians. iraq has 200,000, jordan last seen 500,000 refugees itself and another 500,000 in turkey. temporary housing to 5,000 syrians. roil canadian mounted police have responded to protests over fracking. where an energy company is
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planning to tap shale in the area. protesters determine to show up and at least five protesters were arrested. the chosen success to hugo can a chavez took office during a deepening crisis and questions about his legitimatcy. >> in venezuela baseball fields are sacred grounds, one of the few places where people can escape politics. news of rising inflation and worsening crime. "like" antonio who brought his twin boys to see their home team play for the first time. >> when we are in the stadium it's all about baseball. so the political difference just keep aside, and we all you know enjoy the game, we support or teams. >> but when these fans go home
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the political and economic crisis that's gripping venezuela is hard to ignore. are just six months in office, president nicholas maduro faces inflation running at nearly 50%, electricity cuts and grow protests. to deal with these crises he is now asking lawmakers to grant him special powers to pass laws unilaterally. but protesters are uncomfortable with the move like celia segovia who spends time going from market to market trying to find hard to locates ingredients. >> many supporters like celia are disenchanted with maduro.
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>> they forgave him almost anything but maduro doesn't have his charisma. so many are asking themselves where is this movement going? >> antonio is unsure what lies ahead for their country. >> we are worried about this country. this crisis is going deep and deep every day. venezuela is a great country. we will go, you know, we will move forward and we'll pass this very bad situation. >> reporter: a sentiment he hopes he and the rest of the country can hold on to. rachel levin, al jazeera, caracas venezuela. impact on the united states, sabatini is a senior director for the america society and editor in chief of americas quarterlily. >> became of they give away oil to a number of countries in south america and now, basically
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give chinese oil for loan that the chinese are giving them. but in addition in the united states we have had a long relationship with venezuela long before chavez, citgo has the infrastructure to distribute that gas. there is no way we could go to someone else. they have postponed elections before, that will be a good barometer of the president's popularity, the coherence of the opposition to take advantage which it has failed to do in the past. as far as the united states in difficult condition he has really made an effort to cut all ties with the united states, trying to blame it for everything. the u.s.'s ability to serve as a broker is very, very limited. we could displace him as a supplier but -- >> he wasn't done so they couldn't cut him off talking.
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overvalued exchange rate and a 49% inflation rate. sabatini says the country must diversify its economy. maldives island nation sits about 500 miles east of india in the indian ocean. police claim some of the presidential candidates had not approved the voter rolls and therefore, it could not occur. the results were disregarded after complaints of irregularities. mamaldives held its first democratic elections in 2008. the spray painted pictures worth big bucks, most of them have already been removed by city workers or painted over by taggers and that prompted the owner of a building to take
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extra precautions. work is now protected by a roll-down gate and 24 hour surveillance. and popularity inspire some new yorkers getting in on the action, to charge fans from seeing the artist's work. that has not gone down with everyone in the city. >> that wouldn't be right, because he drew it for i guess people to see what he can do. >> maybe he claimed i think it's plielike entrepreneurial. >> you are not going to stop the masses from doing what the masses want to do. >> i'm not sure, but they're still taking advantage of the situation. >> and banks is in new york city for a month with new work appearing in the streets every day. and still to come on al jazeera america. the competition to find the best bathroom in the country. check out the toilet with the view, ahead.
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>> and i'm michael eaves, coming up in sports johnny football leaves with an injury, will he be able to return? you'll get the answer next in sports. about 28 different instruments on the outside. >> it's one wild ride. we're flying at 300 feet over the gulf of mexico. come aboard nasa's laboratory in the sky.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global
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resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. for instance, could striking workers in greece delay your retirement? i'm here to make the connections to your money real. real money with ali velshi monday - 7 eastern on al jazeera america >> well, they've been nominated as one of the best bathrooms in the country. it's an odd honor but one that's actually been pretty well received. sulfur springs texas about 80 miles east of dallas. i'm pretty sure these toilets are pretty much different than anything you've ever seen. >> at first glance, you don't know what this is, other than a
8:45 pm
double sided mirror. inside, what else do you see? that would be everything around you inside and out. >> when i saw that and looked at everybody watching me, people was in there like looking and i was just like they couldn't see me so i used my restroom and left. it might be a little distracting, taking care of business in a restroom when it seems like someone is peering inside but rest assured, no one can see inside. sulfur springs officials wanted to put something on the square that didn't shout, restroom. it took a while that long term resident rita adams -- >> i thought, someone who designed it had lost their mind. but it's safe, secure and it's kind of fun.
8:46 pm
i didn't think a potty would be fun but it is. >> everything antique, sits across the street. over the summer the facilities were a tourist attraction that brought her shop some business. >> whatever brings the people to town. >> the mirrored bathrooms are a finalist, you can vote at best until the end of the month. tampa international airport, full wall graphic murals, and a loibl bathroom, at the wa wal f
8:47 pm
astoria. well not a fun day for johnny football today. >> the sec has long dominated football, the league used to hang its hat on defense. now the sec sports some of the country's most explosive offense, including texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel, marking the fifth-500 game of the year. the real story for manziel was a sore right shoulder, he suffered right at the beginning of the fourth quarter after a run towards a score. he stayed on the field quite some time in pain before he would eventually leave the game.
8:48 pm
he wanted to see if he could throw, clearly he could not so he went back to the locker room. however few minutes later he was back on the football field, sore arm and all, he would score, giving the aggies a lead in the game. trey mason capping the drive, on that reach, setting the stage for another dramatic come back for manziel right? it just wasn't to be. auburn pulls the upset over texas a&m 45-41. in knoxville tennessee, the vols looking for an upset, up and down day for connor shaw, that touched to damir bird, tens brought one of the its best efforts for the season,
8:49 pm
touchdown pass to pig howard, the ball racked up 151 yards on the ground as well including 137 for mike davis. but back to connor shaw, who scored a rushing touchdown, with five minutes to go, with a sprained knee. early losses kind of putting them in position to not challenge for the national championship. they would score there but it was michael palardi connecting on a19 yard field goal, upset 23-21 in knoxville. speaking about upsets, let's go to nashville, recovering from the disappointing loss to missouri last week, semore got the early lead, georgia would come back to take control of this game with a mix of its offense and its defense.
8:50 pm
aaron murray finished 16 for 28, 113 yards, still able to produce on the ground before shaq wiggins, makes the play of the day, pick 6, georgia would build a 27-14 lead. but vandy would rally, in the second half, capped by seymour's 13 yard scamper. 31-27. the surprise of the sec no doubt is 14 ranked missouri, tigers quarterback matty, led missouri for a 14-10 lead second half, 100 yards for the score. but this day would belong to mock who added a 17 yard run
8:51 pm
rushing to his effort today. and missouri wins it without its starting quarterback but the backup did pretty good, 36-17, tigers improve to 7-0. now to the nfl, biggest story of the weekend involve quarterbacks. peyton manning's return to indianapolis, and john stewart's first start with his team. >> the same offense he played in college, same in tampa. didn't become long to become the starting quarterback. he will replace matt castle who had two starts after replacing christian ponder. they decide that ponder obviously isn't their future so they kind him to a $3 million deal, if he's not they'll be back in that market for yet another quarterback. theach had 11 -- they've had 11
8:52 pm
starting quarterbacks since dante played his last game in 2005. what he's done in the sixth quarter replacing michael vick he's not ready to name him the permanent starter. foals did have, they played two winless teams so they're going oget a bigger test against dallas. this is as much about the future as it is about the season and about this game which is for the nfc east, because nick foals is a lot longer than michael vick who's 33. >> peyton manning returns to indy this week. >> what ursay meant, he backtracked by saying they built
8:53 pm
it differently than when they built it with peyton manning. 70% of their salary cap in offense. trying to get it done with defense, a trade for trent richardson. but the thing is what does peyton manning think about those comments? you'll see on sunl. he probably took them a little bit personally. you know he wants to win another super bowl and stick it to ursay a little bit. >> he'll let his sunday performance do the talk for him. jay ratliff, with him gone, who is left to rush the passer? >> it's a bunch of no-names out there right now. you know the projected starters four of them only one is left as that's jason hatcher. the guys they have left there
8:54 pm
including jason hatcher now and three no names have a total of 31 career sacks. so they might have a hard time getting to the quarterback this week without the blitz. they hope d da marcus has a shot term. he is a fast heeler as he says. they hope to get minimum back in there but this is not the defensive line they envisioned when they started the season. >> a big weekend in the nfc. peyton manning returned to the colts. >> thanks michael. a titanic sale, a violin went for a record of $1.7 million at auction. it is believed the owner, band leader wallace hartley, played that instrument on the deck to calm passengers.
8:55 pm
it took years to authenticate that instrument. spain's running of the bulls tradition. from atlanta hosted the great bull run. the event drew more than 3,000 people doing their best to dodge 18 angry bulls. there were reports of no injuries. days before the event an animal rights group tried to block the bull run from taking place. and we'll have more in just a moment. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america.
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on august 20th,
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>> early snow in parts of the united states, ski resorts starting to get ready to open up, we need some more snow before a lot of that happens across the states. but i can say that swiss alps, great skiing there. we are seeing snow develop in north dakota, higher in elevation, starting as a cool rain and then a rain snow mix
8:58 pm
and then overnight tonight it's changing to all snow. and in fact we're going to get snow tracking into parts of minnesota too. now it wasn't snow at all on the east coast. granted it felt a lot cooler for parts of the east, but rain showers have been relative light, skirted there pennsylvania and new york, and parts of maryland and d.c. this system is moving out pretty quickly, not going to dump a lot of rainfall, looks like we've got a couple of rounds of cold air as we get in the next week to two weeks. this is a beautiful shot, this is actually parts of an island, fall colors in mississippi. -- minnesota, it's right before we get to canada. i want to show you these fall colors, it will probably encourage these leaves to fall to the ground. it's an alberta clipper, dropping down from saskatchewan
8:59 pm
to minnesota. we've got some advisories and warnings to know you about. probably most of the cool air is going to be into canada, manitoba and saskatchewan. but by tomorrow morning at about 10:00 a.m. we're going to have some scattered snow showers across northern minnesota. doesn't look like it's going to be ahuge snowfall by any means, but it's doubtful you'll really get accumulations. the cold air has got to settle in and get the ground to cool off. once it does that's when snow will stick in the days ahead. winter weather advisors, in north dakota and minnesota. but a frost advisory for chilly areas, kentucky into ohio. so get out the jackets.
9:00 pm
jonathan betts. just captured two convicted killers. they'd been released from prison by mistake using fake documents. found in a motel in panama city beach florida. hours after walker's mother pleaded with him to turn himself in. two dead were a bart employee and contractor inspecting the tracks. it was believed that the train was not being run by regular operators as the transit strike continues.


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