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tv   Tech Know  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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one person may have been injured, a tsa agent, and there are reports that another person may have been injured this. the federal officials are now saying the incident is over. but we have heard nothing from tsa. there were report of a man opening fire inside of terminal three, which was evacuated. are also reports that a tsa agent ran through terminal three and said everybody get down. we want to go now live to a correspondent who has been monitoring the twitter accounts, and social media playing once again a role in another story. >> dell, we have two people that are there that have been tweeting this morning.
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check this out, this man has put out some pictures. he says people are still being shuttled into a secure location, nerves are starting to settle. and another picture he put on earlier, just 33 minutes ago. security has moved us to a safe location. we also have some other pictures that he has posted when everybody was leaving. he says we are being shuttled away from the terminal now. eyewitness said the shooter had an assault rifle. and he posted this one an hour ago. he said holy -- how the hell did guns get inside security. we're outside now. john has also been putting pictures up. we just tweeted still bringing more passengers into bradley terminal where we are sitting now. and he has some other pictures
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here. >> while we're seeing those pictures, and i'm going to come back to you, we actually have -- because you were talking about those passengers, we have a person who was on board a flight cj zoder, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> tell us what you saw. >> basically i'm a flight going to oakland, 27 -- it's a southwest flight. i don't know the number. there is a lot going on right now. they are going to be shuttling everybody out of here. and take us off of the plane, i'm hearing. >> have they indicated to you whether or not you would be held for questioning or taken to another location so you can catch your flight. >> just another location, apparently, they have told us. so yeah, it's kind of unnerving now, because i can see all of the terminals emptying out and
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bussing people away. >> did you know there might have been an active shooter situation inside the airport? >> i did. because right before our flight was about to go off, security was running through the airport. >> people have a tendency to see things and then see them later on. when you say security, are you talking about tsa -- >> no, it was l.a. police. >> guns drawn? >> yes. l.a. police. >> what were they saying? >> nothing. they were just running full speed. >> were they running toward a gate or an exit. >> they were running toward an exit. it happened i believe in a different terminal from where i'm at. >> so you think they might have been trying to get to where things were happening? >> yes. because i didn't see anybody run
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before. so i was guessing, probably responding. >> and i always have to ask this question, you are okay, correct? >> yes. yes. everybody on our plane is okay. >> it's a national broadcast, i want to make sure your loved ones realize you are fine. >> absolutely. >> jennifer are you still there? >> and by the way cj please hold on. >> i'm sorry del? >> i was telling cj to hold on. go ahead. >> nbc is reporting that at least three people have been injured in this shooting. they are saying that has been confirmed by the tsa. when we put out calls to the tsa, they are saying they are not confirming anything, but i wanted to put that out there as something being reported by the
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local media, and they are reporting the suspect has quote been neutralized and is in custody. the lapd department is in tactical alert. it is now the west and south bureau for lapd is on tactical alert. the roads in and out of the airport have been shutdown and the evacuation is still in place. >> cj you are still there, right? >> yes. >> your reaction? >> wow! wow! that's crazy. wow, mind blowing. >> and i would caution you, because this is live television as you use your adjectives to keep them to crazy and mind blowing. >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> but you must be feeling pretty lucky. >> yes, lucky, and a bit relieved that everyone has been apprehended. >> what are they doing with you
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now? >> as of now they are going plane by plane and evacuating them. i'm just sitting on a plane and they are giving us free peanuts and water. so nice. >> so you don't have to pay for the peanuts? >> yeah, right? that's correct. >> so tell me what they told you, and what you have been lead to expect? >> they have said they are going to evacuate the whole airport. they are going plane by plane as of now, so i'm just waiting, basically to be taken off of my plane and figuring out how i'm going to get to where i'm supposed to go. >> dr. curtis are you still there? okay. cj i want to ask you one more question, how are the passengers on the plane handling the situation? is all calm? >> yeah, well, everyone is on their phone. but it is calm. >> and thousands of cell phone pictures, i take it are being
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taken? >> oh, absolutely. everyone is up loading videos. but we're all calm now. >> and dr. curtis, what should we expect now? you our transportation expert. what is the tsa doing? >> it's unclear what the tsa has been instructed to do, because i haven't been able to get anything official coming out of them. but the faa has instituted a ground stop meaning any aircraft flying to los angeles that have not taken off yet should stay on the ground. there are several airports around the los angeles area. so far lax is the only one that has a ground stop in effect. and more locally according to google traffic indicators, there is very, very heavy traffic, possibly stopped traffic going into the airport, but this is a very good sign, the roads leading out of the airport seem
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to flowing relatively well. >> when you say a ground stop these are planes simple circling the airport or will they will redirected. >> well, specifically a ground stop would be airports that have not yet taken off from their origin airport. so anyone who is flying today -- not just in los angeles or flying too and from los angeles, but if you are flying on an airline that is supposed to go in and out of los angeles, your flight might be effected. so if you are not already at the airport, check with your airline to see if your flight has somehow been affected. and the air lines may be relatively free when it comes to their change. they may allow you to have a change without having a change fee attached to it.
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>> and jennifer what else? >> i'm looking at the twitter feed for lax and they are saying that other than arriving flight, flight operations have temporarily been held. they also say all upper departure level roadways are temporarily blocked, and again, there's the ground stop in effect at lax after the shooting. dell there are so many questions that we simply don't know the answer to at this point. the unconfirmed reports are that the suspect has been neutralized, that is the word that the police are using; that he -- he or she, the gunman, is in custody, and that at least two tsa agents have been wounded. we don't know the extent of those injuries, and those
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terminals two and three are still evacuated at lax. >> and [ inaudible ] you are monitoring twitter. cj we want you to send us your images. and what are they saying in the blog oh sphere. >> well, one man says passenger was barefoot. said she was in security, heard shooting, ran out of her shoes. also he says still bringing more passengers into bradley terminal where we are sitting. and we wanting to try to zoom in here, passenger just told us he saw person casually walk into terminal with rifle, just started shooting. 31 minutes ago we tweeted, we start running, and another tsa
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person yells there is someone shooting. so surreal. he says now at bradley terminal with a few hundred other passengers. all safe. and he tweeted now on bus to a new terminal after shooting. so these are just some of the accounts that we are seeing on twitter, del. >> thank you very much. we want to remind our audience that twitter accounts are just those. personal accounts of what may or may not have happened. the images are much easier to interpret. they are photos taken inside the airport. dr. curtis this new special media has added a wrinkle to everything in real time which is that authorities no longer control the flow of information. everybody with a cell phone now becomes a live witness on television, radio, telling the world what happened or what may
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not have happened, but what has that done to the official efforts to try to contain situations like this? >> well, in the very short-term it can have both positive and negative effects. the positive is that as soon as this hit any of the social media wires, it was known throughout the region, so if anyone is in the los angeles area, they would have known fairly quickly not to go near lax. on the negative side if this were a conspiracy that there were more people out there, perhaps with secondary attacks, and i'm just saying that in theory, this is not anything that has been suggested so far, they could also monitor the social media to gauge the response of law enforcement and other security personnel and change the attack accordingly.
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so it's positive. it's negative. so far, though, it looks like the effect has been very, very positive. >> dr. curtis stand by, because we are also joined by phone by james whetic, you are watching all of the events coming out of los angeles, tell us what you think. tell us what you know. >> well, good morning, it looks to me like things are starting to de-escalate if you will. the police set up a triage center. you could see initially they responded with an active shooter program -- >> are you on the ground right now? >> no, i'm watching it on my screen. >> okay. >> and it seems to me that they unofficially responded as i said with the active shooter program, but we don't see any follow-up with a large contingent of s.w.a.t. officers, but we seed a
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lot of medical operations. and so i think the next -- the real step is going to be an investigation as to who this individual was. i presume at this point he may have been shot. he may have been confronting the officers. someone responded and probably shot him, and so now it will be up to law enforcement to determine who he was. they will execute search warrants and find out who was in the airport, and they will go to his home, and do a complete investigation to determine what drove this person to come to the airport with his rifle and confront the tsa. >> i'm seeing passengers leaving right now, i'm seeing lots of cell phones, from an fbi standpoint, how many of those phones do you want?
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>> well, they will want them all. that's what their response will be, and then they will have to organize them. i'll just remind you -- i'll remind you of the boston incidence where initially cops asked everybody, send in your videos, and they have programs now to quickly go through and try to analyze what is good and what is not because they do want that evidence. >> so who has jurisdiction right now? the fbi? or tsa? >> well, the fbi will -- as the chief law enforcement agency charged with terrorism -- if they decide it was a terrorism incident they will grab the jurisdiction. if it turns out to be something of a domestic nature, then i'm sure the local authorities will end up with the large part of the investigation, if you will. >> today being november 1st, is there anything about this particular day in history that would cause authorities to be on
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high alert? and did you as an fbi agent receive any bulletins from officials higher up saying be on the lookout? >> i didn't see anything myself. and -- and so it appears to me that someone woke up today with an agenda, and had a rifle, and -- which he brought to the airport and decided to execute his agenda. >> fbi james wedic stand by, jennifer london what is the latest from the scene. >> we have heard from lax police that the ground stop is only for departing flights. so arriving flights we're told that is happening normally, if you will. so this ground stop according to lax police they have told us is only for departing flights. now this does raise the question of if they are allowing flights to land at lax once those people
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rife what are they going to do with them. because we know terminal three and two have been evacuated. so it's unclear at this time if they are allowing flights to arrive at lax, how they will handle those passengers. >> james wedic as you are looking at the scenes, they don't appear to be in a hurry. body language says a lot in an incident like this. is it your impression that the situation is at least contained? >> yes, it seems to me i saw a number of officers leaving that were stationed in the parking lot area in a fashion with weapons looking for a shooter. they -- it looks like they have departed, and so it looks like they are going to be falling back into the investigative mode, trying to find out exactly -- all of the areas
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where this individual was in the airport. who saw him. who came in contact with the person. so it looks like we're starting to get into more an investigative mode versus active shooter, s.w.a.t., evacuation, and medical response. >> and i should point out that federal officials tell al jazeera the incident has now ended. but i want to ask you a more practical question for the thousands watching right now, wondering when is my loved one going to make it home? are these people going to be allowed to board other flights or will they be taken off site and asked questions and detained? >> well, there will be some announcement in general who knew what and who was around when something happened, and they'll ask them to provide their names to area law enforcement that might be present.
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but they will let travelers start to -- as you can see on the screens now, depart. and if there are so many, they'll ask them to get their names and addresses and that's when the investigation will go about, i don't doubt that there will be some that will leave that will have the information and they will not have been interviewed, and they will be contacted later. but maybe 50, 60, 70%, they'll get that information and have those individuals that we saw something probably -- where the individual came in with the gun and there was some kind of confrontation, those folks will probably be there for a while. >> okay. mr. wedick i'm going to put you on hold and go live to the white house. >> he will be regularly updated on unfolding events there. at this point the lead is lapd,
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but we're obviously at the federal level in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground, and will -- the president will be updated as the afternoon progresses. >> and anything you can say about what he has been told, what the understanding is for officials on what happened there? >> no, i have no more information than what i think you are learning from reports out of l.a. right now to convey. >> on a separate topic, intelligence officials say the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed in a drone strike -- >> okay. that is the latest from the white house as you can hear -- or perhaps you didn't hear all of what he had to say. he said the white house is being kept abreast on what is happening at the scene. we know at approximately 9:30 this morning, gunmen went into
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lax and opened fire. there are reports that as many as three people may have been wounded. we saw visually two of those people being treated in that little triage area you are seeing at the top of your screen. their wounds did not appear to be life threatening. but that is only an observation. officially we have not been given any other information other than the fact that the terminal was evacuated, terminal three, that terminal two may have also been evacuated. we saw police going garage to garage looking for suspects, but it appears now the active shooter situation is now over. mr. suitor are you still with us? do we still have cj on the plane. we lost cj. he was on board a plane, from the passenger standpoint what he told us was that they were told
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to stay in place on board the plane. he was on board a southwest airlines flight. he jokingly indicated that he was giving out the peanuts for free, which is an indication of the changes timing in the airlines. also social media playing a huge role in this situation as well. what is the very latest that you are seeing now? >> we're seeing more tweets now. john says more buses, more people, now more than a thousand in holding terminal. we want to try and zoom in to some of these pictures. he says buses keep bringing more people to holding area at bradley terminal, and also he earlier said call -- colleague trying to help passenger from australia contact family, was in
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terminal with us, can't find husband. also torie has been tweeting. he just tweeted this one minute ago. take a look at this image. it's filling up inside the secured area. people are mostly calm now but very upset. del these are just some of the tweets we're seeing here. people still being shuttled to secure area, nerves are starting to settle. >> -- have been instructing us to receive official information --
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is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. ♪ welcome back i'm del walters in new york city. our continued coverage of the shooting this morning at los angeles international airport. the suspect now said to be in custody. jennifer london in los angeles. jennifer what is the latest you are hearing? >> we are hearing that lax is now confirming that there have been multiple victims and the suspect is in custody. the shooting incident occurred -- [ technical difficulties ]


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