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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the news hour. our top story for the next 60 monies. the pakistani taliban names a new leader hours after a suspected you ha u.s. drone stre killed it's former commander. >> plus,in, willing to fight unl the last bullet. an ex-clue sufficient report on the arabs that want independence from mali. >> at lam los angeles airport te police havoide have identified n
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that opened fire with a assault rifle. >> and who killed two members of the golden dawn party. we are live in athens for the investigation. >> our top story the pakistani taliban has named it's new leader hours after the former commander was killed in drone strikement he is khan said. he has taken over. furfursfirst this report. >> the pakistani taliban many he just finished meeting tribunal leaders when the compound was
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struck by four missiles fired from a drone. the united states has been pursuing masuud for years. in 2009 he was pictured by with a suicide bomberment ther. the way he was killed put pakistan in a difficult position. he was a great man of military and tactical skills. was a pass murder and he killed thousands of people. they will be pleased on another level and they will not be so pleased they was killed by a drone strike. >> as for peace talks these are meant to start on friday many it's unclear what this will mean for the group. they may retaliate by increasing attacks.
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>> he was one in the group that pushed for an aggressive violence campaign. what we could see is a lessening the violence that is being committed by the group as a consequence of us had death. hihis death.null the drone strie taken out one of a taliban's enemy. >> let's get more on this from islamabad. what else can you tell us about khan said? >> we understand he was a trusted lieutenant. he was in charge of pakistani taliban operations. we also that he was involved in fighting in afghanistan against u.s. and coalition forces.
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now he is about 35 years old. he is from the massoud tripe of thtribe ofthe tribal region. he is thought to be something of a moderate. i don't mean he will likely persue a track of non-violence. there is some something suggeste is more willing to negotiate with the pakistani government about the peace talks we have been talking about. an agreement had been reached with the pakistani taliban to start talks. with the death there is some question whether that will actually ever happen. there is a general feeling that these talks may not have been competely derailed. >> what has been the general feeling on the ground? the reaction on the ground to
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this killing? >> well let me start with the government and the military and the intelligence agencies. they have not said anything they are happy that massoud is dead. this is a year for several years that has out witted and out played pakistan's powerful military and knowledgeable intelligence agency. he has been able to carry out extraordinary attacks not only against the states but against the pakistani populous. what complicates things is how he died. he was killed in u.s. drone strikes. u.s. drone strikes are unpopular here in pakistan. and many pakistanis are not sad that he is dead. they are quite frankly with how he died and deed th indeed the f drone strikes is a big one. let's take a look at what people have to say.
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>> americans have no right to cause this type of destruction in these attacks. i believe this is totally criminal. >> the person killed in the drone attack was a muslim. he was our brother. this should not happen. this should not be any drone attacks in the first place. >> it makes the prey assess difficul -- processdifficult. dialogue can take place when this is only peace on both side and there is no drone strikes. >> big concern on the streets of pakistan that the killing of massoud may not result in peace talks that the government so desperately wages. wants. >> thank you so much for speaking to us. intaz speaking to us from islamabad. >> now we have another ex-chew sievexclusivereport from mali.
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where we saw men willing to fight to the death for independence. they want self fighters. they are willing to go to war with mali to get it. zplrntion aas part of the serief security concerns with the country. they were the first news organization to have us it sunse french forces intervened earlier this year of null it's a long drive deep into the desert to reach the rebels. soon they gathered to show their might. has to are the fighters of the movement. one of three groups that are waging in the capital. >> we have taken up arms only
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because of the wrong colonial has done to us. they signed an agreement with the mali government leading to a election. full trust has never situated. >> we are not war mongers but we have decided to defend ourselves and doug demand your rights. our rights. if we are not granted atonmy which is legitimate right we are going to fight to the last bullet. >> these fighters say their goal is to seek mit political autono. and they work in full coordination with the other groups. one thing that is bothering them is that they are criminals and row will i go ureligious fighte.
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some have been involved in trafficking. but for these senior commanders they have other free fre free g. >> we have suffered enough and he would have a right to the hand anland and return to it. put pu aside their rivalry and y together announced their collective from the peace talks last month. reversing the decision only under international pressure. now their patience with the somalian government is running out. there response will be to return to war. >> and we have more in our special series on mali's challenge. on sunday mohammad will report on the people who have been
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forced to flee the violence in northern mali. >> that too supporters of fries greece's far right golden dawn party has been shot and killed. another member is in hospital fighting for his life. it happened outside of their office. >> the men were victims of a terrorist attack. >> it was clearly a an executio. the perpetrato person that did a professional. they showed their face again to stop the rise of the golden dawn's numbers. a greek official says those involved will be punished. the murderers will be dealt with through democracy. >> john, do the police have any
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idea who has been behind the shooting. >> at the moment there is no claim of responsibility. when this is a ter terrorist atk that following follows a week . at the moment we still have a third victim who is in critical condition at the intensive care unit at the athen's hospital. he has been operated on but its not clear if he will surview. surview. survive. what we do know it turns out that of the two people that staged the attack only one did the actual shooting. using a nine millimetres pistol and and poe both of them made on a large motorcycle in which they had you a arrived. arrived. the police are looking for the motorcycle itself hoping to find
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details of when and where it was stolen. >> an and hoping to find dna evidence on it. >> this comes after a resent crack down on golden dawn. has there been any reaction from them? >> golden dawn has kept quiet. they have asked the miss to mak- police to make the greatest effort to find the perpetrators. they don't want act of violence to mar them furtherer. further. sisix werewhat we do know they n
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very ill that the police didn't take threats they received serious wilseriously. threats they say they conveyed to the authorities that went unheeded. >> that is john reporting for us live from athens. >> egypt's army chief was them to have immunity under the condition institution. institution -- constitution. we have obtained a copy of the recording that was not made public. the egypt's constitution was made public after he was deposed. it's not an immunity for fata it's for the institution. the military institution is the backbone of the state in light of the current circumstances. the current constitution should consider that. the military ininstitution should be protectedded in the
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constitution for the next 15 years. tunisia's new internal prime minister will be appointed. this is to end political disruption in tunisia. government workers protest against the tax. the unions want it scrapped. >> and security measures are underway for the new york city marathon. more work than usual is being carried out given the pos boston marathon bombings in april. helicopters and scuba divers
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will check for security. thousands of runners will take part. >> the pain of a former yes, yei child pride and why it's difficult to change attitude in a conservative society. >> to sell or not to sell. should a foreign company be automobile to take over one of australia's farming assets. >> barcelona will be on to tell you about how they took the lead. ♪ >> a man at los angeles airport has shot and killed a federal security agent and wounded several other people. now the gunman was shot and captured. the shooting caused panic at the crowded airport and hundreds of flight were cancelled. brian rooney reports. >> cell phone video caught the
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moment when panicked travelers at los angeles international airport ran for the doors to get away from the gunman. the police identified the gun man as paul cianca from new jersey. willing he pulled an assault rifle out o out of a bag and std shooting. >> probably 20-yard away from the he i escalators is looking n and shooting multiple shots. i want to say ten shots from the he is call later. escalator. >> the tsa followed him to terminal 3 where he was shot. >> the individual came into terminal 3 and pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal. >> local authorities say it could have been much worse. >> there was additional rounds that this gunman had.
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and the fact that these officers were able to neutralize the threat. this was hundreds of rounds that could have killed everyone in the terminal today. >> the it tsa officer was declad dead at ronald reagan ucla hospital where the wounded were taken. the police scoured the area. almost 75 750 flights were affected. passengers came streaming out of lax pulling their luggage and looking for transportation and hotels. we try to find a rental car place and when they let us go we'll go. >> there are reports that cianca told his family was not happy. the investigators have not determined a reason for the shooting that puts the focus on
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the safety of air travel. >> germany and brazil are fed up with electronic surveillance. the draft calls on u.n. members to declare that they were deeply concerned that human rights violations that may result from the conduct of surveillance of communications. the document does not note any country. >> the girls at the age of eight are forced to marry men twice their age. now this is hope. they want to end child marriage and make the minimum age 18. it won't be easy though. >> when laura was 11 years old she was forced to marry a man who was 35. she suffered years of physical and psychological apews.
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abuse. today she is a athleting being a at the visiathlete activistfigh. >> i was a little child and poorment whepoor. my husband was an alcoholic. when he first took off husband clothes you can imagine what happened to a child. child. >> laura fled many times but was always returned back to her husband. she has been taken anti-depressants for years. >> because all i have gone through i feel scared when you think of my daughter. i don't want her to maryy. marr. i want her to continue her studies. my daughter won't forget the beatings. >> laura has been granted a
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divorce and her determination to ban child marriages see seems to have finally paid off. members of the organization say the charter will set the minimum age of marriage at 18. some clerics and tribal leaders say they will block the motion expected next year. >> we don't have any problems related to child marriage. most of the cases are fabricated so the foreign institutions impose their agendas on yes, >> a wedding in the capital summer. a wedding of the bride pays tribute to her and her pride. and then a poet praising the groom. >> but weddings in yemen are not always this happy.
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>> we may never know the exact number of child prides because yemeni is private society. >> here, a story teller praises yes, ma'ayemen's past. it's the presence that will shape the country's future. a future where under aged marriage will finally be considered a crime. >> we have the minister of human rights in yemen. and she joins us live. thank you very much for making it on the show. the some parts of the world this is called child abuse or
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pedophilia. what is the difference. when we marry children that means we marry them at the age of 1. 18. any child that marries at this age they are still a child. and these should somebody in school and should be well educated and not going to the house. you are pushing for the banning of child marriages to be included in the amendment of the constitution. why is it important to do that? why not make it a legislation? >> that is very important. i have been for more than taken years before being a minister in the committee. and that was our mone pain conc. main concern. our mandate is to for women
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advancement. and one of the women a advantagesment in the country or make any development for women girls especially in the area did not get a chance to go to the school or if they started schooling. >> the question is why include it into the constitution? >> the social rights of women and the social rights of children and you know that yemen is a party to many conventions one of the conventions is the child convention. and we are convention to eliminate all sorts of abuse
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against wind. wind -- women. it will not be in the princple of the constitution. it will be. >> i do need to get in very quickly, there is a lot of objection to the sort of thinking shall we say in yemen. if i can remind you in 2009 you and activists tried pass a law to make 17 a minimum age of marriage. but the conservatives objected to it. how are you going to convince them? >> as you said in 200 2009 thers an initial approval to fix the minimum age of marriage in the law for 17 for boys and girls. but then few suspended to stop it from enforce. that is the case on that. but neanyway there are liberalsd
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it's discussed in the i d dialoe and human rights activists put this at the top of their agenda. we are defending this right, the child right and this is one of priority. >> i'm afraid we are running out of time i do apologize we are running out of time. we would love to have you on again to discuss furtherer the push to get child marriages banned. the minister of human right in yemen. >> queensland has seen their first heavy rain of the season. and just to the south of cannes it's the heaviest rainfall in over 30 years.
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it's tending to peter out. it doesn't look like too much actually. we have on shore wind and pushing showers further on and these are fading out in the next couple of days. by monday we are looking at little in the way of further rainfall. noand not much rainfall through the rest of australia. >> tropical downpours on the other side of the world as well. we have a clearly defined eye on the storm and a well organized feature and it's moving slowly. at the moment we have sustained winds at 185 kilometres-per-hourment and it's the equivalent of a ca category3 scale on th. we expect it to go into vietnam in the early part of next week. we could see rain in southern parts of china and as we go on
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through monday it makes it's way toward the central parts of vietnam. it's weakening and at this state we are looking at a tropical depression rather than a typhoon. with winds at 70 miles-per-hour. >> an international report says pirates hijacking ships off the horn of africa have earned a quarter of a billion dollars in money. the money was generated between 2000 and 2005 and 012. 2012. an international effort is needed to put a tighter controls on transfer and spending of money in the region. the pirates use the money to pay for crime around the world including human trafficking, wepons and funding armed groups 9groups. groups.
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>> the traffickers who transport people on their way to algeria will be severely punished. yemen hundreds of people have indi den endured fighting. >> they have discussed a national ceasefire. >> an explosion in a fireworks factory in southern china has killed 11 people and injured 177 others. most of the victims were assembly workers. it destroyed is the factory and shook nearby buildings. the cause is being investigated but two factory workers have been referred. still ahead on al jazeera we report from the democratic of congo where villagers say they were forced to fight against rebels. >> and why the mexican government is trying to prooetde
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new life into the day of the dead sell operation. >> and kim lik
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the top stories here on al jazeera. >> pakistani tal pa taliban hasd compankhan said as their new le. the rebels in northern mali have told al jazeera they are willing to fight to death for autonomy.
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the truce with the government was broken recently. >> and the greek government has said they will punish the killers of the supporters of the golden dawn party. >> and a look at more o more ofp story and the death of massoud and the name of his replacement. we are joined by a journalist and author of books about the rise of the tribal fighters in pakistan. thank you very much for making it on the show. let's look at it from a broader perspective. thmamassoud's death is a mission mished. mish -- accomplishessed what impact does this have in pakistan?
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>> they have been involved in various attacks on americans officals and forces. >> in pakistan there is a mixed feeling. therthere is a general feeling,d riddance. he was supposed to be involved or master minded most of the terrorist attacks including those against the coalitions. there is also some kind of feeling where his death by drone strike has disrupted the so-called pas peace process in e country. >> mummadodo you think the u.s.s scuffled the one chance they have for peace . >> i don't think this was any chance for peace.
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the taliban was not interested in any peace. the government has offered them an olive branch. but there is no discussion as such. there is talks that some contacts have been made with the taliban but no serious discussion in this direction. i don't think this was meant to scuffle the so-called peace process with the taliban. the u.s. have been targeting for quite sometime. they have tried to hit him several tiles i times in the pa. and i think they got their information at this point and that is how he whats killed. he. >> thank you for joining us. >> now an unofficial referendum to decide the future has done little to clarify the region.
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sudan and south saw dan have sue claims on the oil-rich territory. 44% voted in favor of joining the south. the ro rival group boycotted the vote. we report on the dusts are running abyei. this is what counts as abyei's new state government. a local committee meeting under a tree. these are the people who organized the unofficial referendum 6 among them they voted 99.9% to reject sudan and instead join south sudan. >> we want to govern themselves. we want to build a structure that is consistent with what we aspire to and consistent with the ability we have in abyei area.
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>> those capabilityings are limited. this used to be the regional headquarters. the government was opened in 2011 one month before the fighting errupted and destroyed it all. and the fighting over who would control aybei. they didn't take any responsibility for keeping government functioning here. what the community was trying to do in holding the referendum was to make somebody responsible for developing this region. >> even electricity is a dream. the sudanese withdrew services. >> the way now the classes. >> it was also newly built when suesudanese troops invaded the
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town. they took everything. the desks and win dos windows ae roof. he still lives over the border in south sudan but he will be back the moment his school is restored. >> we should cope and become like other countries that have developed. they developed than through edun and we need to give this to our children. >> the people argue that they can create exactly the kind of town and state they want. that's another way of saying, they are starting with nothing. >> venezuela's president has accused twitter of attacking his account as part of a right wing plot. maduro says more than 6000 of his 1.4 million followers mysteriously disappeared from his feed. he says it is a part of the plan
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to destabilize his government. we are investigating an attack from ththey took thousands of fs from my account like that. what are you trying to do. >> if they take away 10,000 followers and let's multiply but 20,000 or 30,000 or 40,000. >> a u.s. company wants to take over one of the australia's biggest agriculture groups. it's proving controversial with the new australian government and we explain why. >> you a long australia's east coast, the farmers are worried the huge grain industry is at a cross road. the company who has a huge monopoly is at a point of being sold to buyers in the united
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states. a large market share that the grain corp has to sell it off to a foreign industry is a big concern for growers. they have approved the sale saying it won't hurt the competition. the final say rests with the prime minister. a big part of tony abbott's message is that australia is open for business. the coalition an government andd jr. party are against the sale. they are worried that the costs will rise. they claim that australia's food stuart securitsecurity is at ru. it's a concern at the farmer's interest. >> we are essentially swapping one eye for another. the difference is adm is willing to bring more money to invest in
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dysfunctional up country facilities in new south wales. if the deal is opposed on political grounds we are sending a signal to investment globally that strah australia is not oper business. >> two huge cattle farms have been sold to indonesia of you block the sale and you scare off a big chunk of the market. >> to refuse this application would be devastating for the message that you en send to forn investors. >> the farmland and assets will remain in australia. the risks are overstated. >> unusual for the developed country agriculture is a big chunk of australia's economy. deals are screwe scrutinized ans hold a sway. >> will the government market
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prevail or will they refer to the junior partners. >> whelm of us are familiar with the mcdonalds happy meal which includinincludes a toy for ever. for the next two weeks they are planning to swap the toys for books across the american restaurants. >> you thin think that it's a gd move but some groups are not in favor of it. >> for some parents a book instead of a toy inside of mcdonald's happy meal sounds like a good idea. >> instead of wasting their time on a toy you don't use i think books will be more useful. >> it's a good idea. it tells kids it's not just about toys but it encourages lit fuliterature of.
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literature. >> critics and watchdog groups have been o after mcdonalds for years. >> it's about mcdonalds continuing to marc market junk d to kids and and in doing so associating their brand with healthfulness and it's clearly not. >> mcdonalds refused to the on camera interview. they referred us to the press release of their plan to deregulatiodistribute20 million. last week they made another announcement. that it would no longer bertuzzi advertise soda with their happy meals. instead pushing juice and milk. parents need to take ultimate
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control over their kid's eating habits. >> mothers and fathers need to be aware that things are not changing and it is what it is. zplngtand you should educate tho this is not the kind of food that should go into our child's bodies. in 2011 the company spent nearly $95 million compared to 57.4 million in 2012 and 23-pnt 23.7 million in 2013. mcdonalds can stop under mining pai parental authority. >> still ahead on al jazeera news hour. why it's almost impossible to grow old gracefully in afghanistan. that is the worst country in the world for the elderly. how one man's goal frenzy
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lifted his team to the top of the pile in germany. details coming up with joe in sports.
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>> washington. the congoal leasopt lese governs
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have been fighting with the remaining unit of the m-23 rebels up in the hills several kilometres in this direction. the hills have thick bush and it's too dangerous to fight in. the army has been consolidating the ground they already tock. this tank is perched on a hill top overlooking the territory the government took from the rebels a few days ago. down the hill there is a group of rebels that surrendered. >> we were obliged to fight for them. no one went with them voluntarily. >> when they came they had all of the power and so we had no chose. here in a nearby town that was taken by th from the rebels a wo things are slowly returning to normal. these women are selling on the streets and people are on top of a truck. this is a normal way to get
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around in congo. but it shows they feel safe to be on the road again. everyone is hoping that this region will remain stable. >> afghanistan has been ranked as the worst country in the world for the elderly. and most children are too poor to support their parents. in the first part of our series in the world of senior citizens we have this report from cab you will. kabul. >> afghanistan is the worst country to grow old in. kabul it's normal to see elderly work. this is where kabul's elderly come to find out how much they will get in their pension. if they worked for the say the for a set number of years they are entie entied old entitled t.
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>> few are lucky enough to get anything from the state. the culture innin in afghanistan leaves responsibility to their children. most are like this man. he is n not sure how old he is. perhaps 65. for him age doesn't matter. he has to keep working to survive. it's grueling labor choppying wood. choppy -- chopping wood. he deaths $2 for chopping logs. this is the 70 cents i made so far. this is today's pay. maybe by today i will make another 35 cents. with the rest i will pie pie ww kilos of food. >> the government cannot stand
6:48 am
on their own feet. today they are taking help from other countries. how can they help their people? if the government can't help themselves how can they help the population? can they do that. >> he lives in the out outskirtf the city in a poor district. today at home this is not much to eat beyond tea and bread. his wife knows there won't be that much if he ever can't work. to her it's a brutal reality she exception. >> if you don't have an income you must die. death comes early in afghanistan. for those that survive longer their final years are a struggle against conditions rarely seen elsewhere in the world. jane ferguson al jazeera kabul afghanistan. >> in part two we report from south korea where the population is aging faster than any other.
6:49 am
is that is senior times in south korea on al jazeera on sunday j now it's time for sport and here is joe. >> they have extended their lead at the top of the spanish table by four points. it was a far from vintage mother performance. sanchez scoring for the third time in three matches. 1-nil was the result. >> to germany the coach has celebrated the signing of a new five-year contract with a 6-1 thrashing of stuttgart. they came from behind to lead 2-1 at half time. after the break it was 3-1 and after that it became the show as the striker grabbed a hat trick and set up pierre. they romped to a 6-1. the victory sees them go two points clear in the league.
6:50 am
>> rivals could retake the top spot and equal the record for the longest run in history. all they have to do is avoid defeat on saturday. the record stands at 36 games which was set by hamburg by 1982 and 1983. >> so far i had three matches with the team. >> this record happened because they had unbelievable performances with these players. the secret is the ta talent of e players. each time they know they have to play a good match. >> arsenal host third place liverpool. they have lost their last two home fixture in the champions league and chelsea in the late cup. they are unpet unpete unbeaten. should the gunners lose on
6:51 am
saturday. they could move ahead of them in the table as well. the blues take on newcastle. >> it's important to go in the right direction and go in the right direction is to play the way we are playing. we are improving. we feel that we are improving. and the quality of our game is god. god. -- good and the results in this moment in the last months were fantastic because we won every match. >> in golf now, overnight leader johnson has his cut lowered to 3 shots at the wqc champions event in china. he has two double bogeys on the back 9 to finish 6-under for the round. that is three ahead of the second place champion colter.
6:52 am
the round of the day went to chimer he broke the record with a ten-under par 62 he moves into tie for 7th. >> the nba where the brooklyn nets confined the heat to losses for the second time since january. elsewhere the minnesota timber wolves stay unbeaten after winning their second game of the season. 100-8 fo 1 for their first 2-an0 start of the year. kevin love with 4 24 points. >> nadal is through to the finals. he will face defending champion ferre. after he won two sets to one.
6:53 am
>> earlier. jocjockjokovic took his place ie finals. he is going for his sixth title for 2013. he will try to unseed nadal. >> i was satisfied for the start of the match and of the match ae as aggressive as possible when i have a shorter ball. >> the serve was going a little up-and-down but aside of that i made a good match. djokovich. the 17 time champion broke the serve three times in a row. to steal the final set 6-3 and claim a hard fought win.
6:54 am
the formula one driver kimmi raikkonen has threatened to go on strike because he has not been paid. he is owed $23 million by the cash-strapped lotus team. as for the world champion vettel continued his dominance. he picked up his fourth world title on sunday was quicke quicn practice. he is going for his 7th victory in a row. mark weber was second quickest. >> and they are playing australia in a series decider. with a series tied at-2. 2-2. australia won the toss and put india up to bat.
6:55 am
>> pakistan beat south africa in the second one day international affair five game series. this match is taking place in dubai. pakistan won the top and chose the first. and they made the most of the opportunity scoring 58. one of the increasing rare contributions to the bat. pakistan tot total didn't seem e enough. they were in top form and each taking three wick et ceter wicky were bol pole bowled out for 14. >> and that is all the sports for now. >> thank you very much. >> well it's a haunting sell operation to remember the -- ceo remember the spirits of the
6:56 am
decreased. >> it's a legend that sends chills thank yo thank you mex t. a tale of what happened when this country was conquered by spain. it is resurrected on the banks where the empire once stood. one woman enslaved decide to kill her own children rather than give them up. frantic with guilt she drowns herself. she is an integral part of the mexican culture and we have all heard her stories se so she is t forgotten. when people hear her wail they are not frightened but try to understand her pain. >> condemned she spends the rest of eternity screaming and reminds the mexican of the pain
6:57 am
and suffering during the spanish conquest. a haunting tale performed in different versions around the day of the dead when mexicans honor loved ones no longer living. >> in mexico this is a lot of insecurity. the only certainty is death and that is why it's so important to preserve this tradition so future generations don't for get their roots. >> now the mexican government is trying to make it part of the country's cultural inheritance. a move many here welcome. >> the only way to preserve these traditions is culture. we can't see these traditions as ordinary. they are beautiful and need protecting. >> so for generations to come they'll hear the haunting cry. >> that is the al jazeera news hour. stay with us we have another full bulletin of news right at the top of the hour.
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>> the suspect behind the deadly shooting at lax - we are learning more about the man and his motives to open fire at the los angeles airport. >> the taliban names a new leader a day after pakistan's most wanted man was killed by a u.s. drone. >> when you're hungry, it's hard to learn if you don't have everything you need. >> a lesson from seattle - how students' test scores are rising despite poverty. >> day of the dead - paying homage to the past and preserving a legacy for the future.


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