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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america here is the stories we are following for you. secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise visited to egypt pushing for a new initiative for syria. >> a drone strike that killed a taliban leader. >> and a violent show of force in congo, but there is hope for peace. ♪ >> secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east. hidetour includes stops in egyp.
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he had an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis in egypt. egyp's foreign minister -- the first since the ousting of the president this. there. this morning he stressed the u.s. ties with egypt are vie al. i asked how the u.s. can reconcile the democracy in egypt. >> it comes down to two facts about u.s. foreign policy in the middle east. >> one the u.s. is committed to maintaining the peace treaty between egypt and israel and it can simply not end a relationship with egypt in order to maintain that peace treaty. that is where you see the material or the military parts that are still being given to
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the military to help preserve the security in the sinai peninsula, for example. there is also the matter of trying to enhance the u.s.' stature across the middle east. it would not due for the obama administration to cut off all ties with the country with who it's had a long standing political and military relationship because of these political problems. >> with that said one. points secon secretary kerry isg while he is in cairo, this interm government cannot exist in perpetuity. it needs to get on with the business of constitutional reforms and establishing elections for a new democratically elected president and parliament. and it need to take on has to steps much soonerrather than later. >> let's talk about this visit to ki cairo. we didn't know about is unti une landed. >> which makes you think iraq
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and afghanistan. extremely dangerous places. >> what are the security concerns and the relationship between the two countries is clearly not what was. >> it certainly was telling the u.s. state department did not want to announce or confirm this was even a possibility. and that sends a diplomatic signal. it says the u.s. is very much disapproving of how the interim egyptian government has been functioning in the last five months since july 3rd. when you don't make a big human cry it sends a message to the host country that it's not the behaving the way washington wants it to behave. >> as for the security situation, we have seen and heard newma numerous reports of political crack downs of muslim brotherhood members being
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arrested for demonstrating against morsi being ousted from power. the situation with the crack down on human rights organizations and the crack down on the media. you have all of these issues that run counter to american values. so it's important for the obama administration to remind the egyptians that this sort of behaviour can't continue. of course what is the biggest leverage that with shal washing? it's the ongoing military relationship. recently the u.s. decided they are not going to send a nea flef f-16's which has been bought the egyptian military they don't want to show they approve of the way the military situation is being conducted in egypt. >> pakistan's government says it is reviewing it's relationship with the united states after the killingkilling of a taliban leaa
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drone lik strike. hakimul lolah mehsud was killed last week. the ta taliban wants revenge. norm says he shouldn't have come to work today. but he can't afford to stay home. he tells us he fears reprisal attacks after the pakistani taliban after the u.s. killed it's heede heed leader in an und drone strike. >> people have stopped coming to market we are afraid that the taliban will attack us. i don't know what to do. >> mohammad's fears are based on personal basis. where he works has been attacked several times by the taliban. last month his uncle was killed in a bombing. all across pakistan security is on high alert after the
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pakistani taliban threatened to avenge mesud's death. saying every drop of it's former leaformerleaders blood will be d into a suicide bomber. in a meeting briefing on saturday the interior minister blamed the u.s. for destroying the peace process with the pakistani taliban. >> the efforts have been am ambushed. it was not a fire from the front. it was an ambush. and we see it as an ambush. >> other political party wand more than angry word with washington. he is demanding that nato fly sy routes to afghanistan be closed. i'm national aso mani will raisy in the national assembly. the nato supply line should be
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blocked until drone attacks stop. we will not allow nato supply lines until they stop the drone attacks. >> privately many people in the pakistani government and military and intelligence agency are pleased with mehsud's death. he was responsible for carrying out several major attacks claiming thousands of lives. he was open with peace talks with the government and now that ask undethatis under threat as i taliban threatening to avenge his death. >> well u.s. law maker is defend being last week's drone trike in pakistan. the chair of the house representative says the attack that killed the taliban leader will keep the american troops safe. >> this is the guy that is trying to create the problems for both pakistan and he relates with afghan taliban. and has to ar he is the guy thad
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the schools in afghanistan. he is part of the network that is a giant organized crime group operating in the tribe al areas of pakistan m who have been involved in supporting al qaeda and taliban and others. this was a bad guy. and by the way there is some information recently that concerned us about the safety of you'rour troops. >> i feel a li a little better r our troops today than i did before this happened. >> rogers said mehsud had ties to the failed bombing of times square in 2010. the m-23 re rebels retreat the troops have found pas pass grav. of the ththe fighting is not ot. >> the government troops have been fighting with the m-23
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rebels on three hills close to congoes border. which is just over there. you can hear the sounds of the fighting. if i hold up this microphone you can hear the sounds of the rockets and bombs landing. thit's one of the three hills where the rebels are. there are 300 of them left. the government has more men, they have tanks and helicopters and they are fighting uphill in this terrain is difficult. a short while ago the m-23 rebels political wing put out an communique saying the military wing should cease fire and they should stop fighting. there is no sign that the military wing is in agreement with that. they are still up this in these hills continuing with the battle. meanwhile over the last ten days after government troops have taken over positions in this area that were held by the m 23 rebels they found a few nasty
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surprises very close to here a number of dead bodies that looked like they were people that were executed. >> this patch of bush next to a former m-23 rebel base looks like any other in eastern congo. but something more sinister lies within. this soldier leads yo us to the body of a man lying in a shallow grave. he clearly died very recently, but the smell is already unpleasant and it looks like he was tied up with his arms behind his back and his legs tied together at the moment he died. and there is some blood coming from his head. it looks like he was executed. nearby soldiers in villages say thithere were four more body visible in this hole before heavy rain buried them in mud. and they say there are many more through out the surrounding bush. it's next to a barracks that the rebels took from the government a year ago. a few days ago the rebels fled and the army moved back in.
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the rebels that surrendered said the m-23 executed their prisoners before they left. we tried to contact the m-23, but they have not answered phone calls since the government forces fought them back in the last ten days. the people in the villages around the base are living under the m-23 rule was tough canned e rebels were cruel. >> they had prisoners there. we heard they killed the police injuries. they killed them all. >> they would beat people for nothing and they would east aret people and make them disappear. >> the world's largest u.n. peace keeping force in congo have been helping the government fight m-23. the government has not stopped the atrocitieses in the 14 years they have been here, but they say they'll foun find out what happened. >> we all know that bodies have been found in that area. the area had been controlled by
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m-23 for one year and had been taken by the army a few days ago. we are quickly forming a team that is going to investigate and from the results we'll tell you what was discovered. the government says it's investigating too. but the war crimes are common in congo conflict. and the full story may never be uncovered. malcolm webb in the democratic republic of congo. the fighting began last wednesday in yemen. renewed fighting has cast a shadow over rec conso man reconn efforts. >> murder charges have been filed against paul ciancia the man that opened fire inside of s angeles international airport. officals say the shooter was clearly inten intent on taking s
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rage on tsn agentses. >> the suspect paul ciancia is unresponsive and unable to talk according to the fbi. he was wounded in the face by police officers at the eastbound oeastbound -- end of friday's gn battle in lax's terminal three. a note inside of his bag gave insight to his frame of mind. he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds". he shot hernandez at the screening checkpoint and went up the elevateo are and came down and shot him again killing him. his widow spoke to reporters. >> he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son and friend. he would have been 40 next week.
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i'm truly devastated. and we are all heart broken and we'll miss him dearly. the federal criminal complaint says ciancia used a smith and wesson assault rifle and carried five high capacity magazines. the fbi says it will build a full profile of ciancia and what brought him to this point. the 23-year-old was raised in this new jersey house and lived in los angeles about 18 months. unanswered are questions about where he got the gun and why he targeted tsa officers and whether he was mentally stable. >> there are a host of surveillance video that we are going through. we are still examining that. there is a thre tremendous amouf evidence that we are continually examining. that will take time. >> if convicted he will face life in prison or the death penalty. brian rooney al jazeera los
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angeles. >> still ahead on al jazeera america. racing to victory at the new york marathon.
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go. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. >> let's look at the top stories. the leaders came up with an initiative on the crisis for the
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agaigeneva 2 conference. >> high level talks in pakistan. the country is reevaluating it's relationship with the united states after an american drone strike killed a top taliban official. >> and the fighting continues in the democratic republic of congo despite a call for a crease fire. ceasefire. >> the announcement raises hopes that peace talk between the two sides will advance. >> the winners have crossed the finish line in ing new york city marathon. 14,000 runners participated in that race. this years' marathon was under heightened security after april's bombing in boston. wowe spoke to one runner about this years' safety measures. >> up to 4000 runners are -- 480 runners are expected to cross the finish line at the new york
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city marathon. it's under two unique circumstances this year. last year it was cancelled in the wake of superstorm sandy and this year i is there is added security measures because of boston. one runner we caught up with has been training for the new york city marathon for four years. he was also a first responder to sandy victims. we caught up to him and he said the added security measures make him feel safe. >> i feel safer with the added security and i have family that will be watching near the finish line. that was a thought i had. do i want to potentially subject them to that. it took a lot longer to get in here this morning and i'm okay with that. the security around here is super tight and they are not leavinleaving anything to chanc. >> the nypd has ramped up their security efforts. the police commissioner ray kelly says this years' security is expected to be very tight.
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they have added 1400 security cameras in addition to the 6000 security cameras that are already surveilling around the city. there is going to be po bomb sniffing dogs at the finish line and helicopters monitoring from the air and boats in thea in thr borst to ensure that the runners are safe crossing those bridges. all of this is put in place to make sure that another boston document happen. doesn't happen. >> and it was a cloudy and cold start to the day for the new york city folks going out to enjoy the marathon or participate in it. the clouds have cleared and we are not seeing much in the pay owayof precipitation. we have enjoyed some breaks of sunshine throughout the day.
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just not much of a warm up as runners took to the streets this morning. the temperatures are still very cold. we are running from 1 10 to 20 degrees colder. in portland we are 19 degrees colder and we have temperatures around the 50-degree mark and 58 i50 in d.c. and 58 i 58 in atlanta. in the mid section it's been mostly clear as the high pressure continues to build in. we are seeing a little moisture moving into southern areas of texas that is thanks to tropical storm sonja in the south pacific it's bringing the moisture from mexico to the southern areas of texas. only a tropical storm and not expecting to see too many impact from that. showers are moving in from del rio and wind gusts on the orderr
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of 40 to 50 miles-per-hour. and with the dry and windy conditions there is that concern for fire danger. red flag warnings are up in colorado and including colorado springs early this evening. the winds will be exceptin whipd do watch out for that. in the western u.s. we are watching a winter storm. higher elevations that is where we have winter weather advisories in place. we could see upwards to a foot of snow and to those mountain passes generally above 4500 feet. keep that in mind. blowing snow will reduce the quitessibilitievisibility. >> richelle back to you. >> thank you very much. >> imagine sharing your next night with this little fellow. we'll tell you where he was found when al jazeera america continues. look at that.
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>> the leaders of serbia and kosovo are coming together in an effort to come closer to the european union. they are hoping to bridge ethnic division. but the historic event did not happen without incident. if polling site was forced to close early afternoo after the g was attacked by a group of people with masks. >> in india the festival of lights. this year foreign goods are making the festival a little less you authentic. >> prayers are an important tradition during the festival of light. but apart from prayers this is somewhat less traditional. lights made in chai china have
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flooded the ma ar market. these chinese ones are brighter and cheaper. in india they make one or two-pieces a day. in china production is much higher. >> a local business association says at least a third of consumers are buying chinese made decorations. but some have adapted by embracing chinese imports. the trading of the chinese products here and they feel that is much more profitable than manufacturing. >> although the country's biggest festival good prices or better quality is more important than a made in india label. ,'s not just the decorations that are losing their flavour during the festival of light. >> cupcakes and cookies and chocolates have become more
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popular each year thanks to a growing middle class with a taste for international treats. people pain contai maintain old. markets like this one selling hanhandmade decorations are stil busy. for some people if it's not indian it's not dibali. >> it's good enough. >> they celebrate the victory of good over evil. while for some foreign made products may take away from tradition, for others it's still the festival of height lights nr how it's lit or sounds. >> and cuba a new generation is asking for change in the island's 50-year-old system. and as al jazeera theresa bow reports they are making their voices heard in a uniquely american style.
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♪ he likes to rap about his life, his family and cuba. hisa artist take artistic name e potion man. he says here his music is perceived as a threat. >> i think that hip-hop is not convenient for the government because other society has had the same system for the last 50 years our songs can open the hearts and the mind of people. we represent here what people are silent about. ♪ if the land ofrou of rumb and ca cha hip-hop culture arrived in the 1980s through the radio stations of miami. it was only in the 1990s that the government authorized the first rap festival. this is the place where cuban rap was born. a housing project in havana.
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even though rap is not the most popular type of music in cuba. young people tell us they turn to it to express their frustrations of daily lives. >> he is a graphic designer that sings for change. he is also a government employee. and example that authorities are more open to criticism when it comes to music. >> hihip-hop is a culture of protest that is difficult to develop here for obvious reasons. even though there is a government agency and we get little help from them. i have to do everything myself. the big problem we face is the lack of information. there is almost no internet for example and that is a big problem for young people. >> inspite of the criticism in the lyrics, rap is hardly a threat to the government. mainly because it lacks promotion. he is trying to change that.
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>> in cuba everything is difficult. there are obstacles all the time. we built this studio with a lot of effort. i'm working so that rappers can get more promotion and rap can be heard all around the island. >> that is what people like would like to see so that young people here can use rap to get their message out. ♪ >> how about that. airport staff made an unusual discovery at chicago's o'hare airport terminal 3 on friday. keep watching. yes that is a gator. a small alligator that was hiding under an he is call lather. an escalator. puzzled authorities have no idea how it got there. it's being cared for at the chicago herptilogical society.
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>> thanks for watching i' i'm richelle carry. watch is up next. thanks for watching.


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