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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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"techknow." >> dive deep into these stories and go behind the scenes at follow contributors on google facebook, twitter and more. >> the group is now saying it won't take part in a second round of peace talks in geneva many. >> thousands of churches across the u.s. held orphan sunday. but the christian movement that encourages adoption is drawing critcism. >> two kenyan runners take top hon others ahonors at the new yy marathon out of a field of 50,000 strong. ♪
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>> secretarsecretary of state on kerrkerry is on a nine day tourf the middle east. his trip started with a quick stop th in egypt. during his six hour stay over kerry called for an end to the violence in egypt and for the country to move towards full democracy. >> the first stop u.s. secretary of state john kerry made on his latest trip to the middle east was to the to saudi arabia, but instead to cairo egypt. it's the first highest ranking official visit since july 3 n. that is the stay that the military removed mohammad morsi from his post as president of egypt and placed him under arrest. the us has been anxious about what has been happening in egypt everever since and it was john y
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to deliver a message from washington on what they want cairo to do in the weeks and months ahead. >> what can they do to support working with this government and also supporting their move toward democracy. let's put it this way. this trip was unannounced and that was denying egypt to say the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the past five months. so by havin having this unannoud trip the u.s. was able to send a message that it does disapprove of what has happened. that said, the u.s. also is making it gentleme very plain ae heard this from secretary of sea kerry on sunday. they looking to them as a security partner across the middle east. they have a long relationship and soldiers and generals train here in the u.s. and the u.s. looks to egypt to help maintain
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security, particularly, between the border with israel and with whom egypt has a peace treaty and the u.s. also looks to egypt to try to make certain that insurdon'insurgentgroups don't d inside of the country of the egypt has an out sized amount of influence in regional politics and the u.s. sees in it's long-term interest it's best to be an ally of egypt rather than have some sort of political and dip lodiplomatic rupture. >> and kerry also packing a visit to saudi arabia. how significant is at that visit? >> when you consider up until the past three months or so, the relationship between riad and washington it was unquestionably a strong one. this is an important visit for kerry to make. the saudis have been concerned that the obama sa obama adminisn
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has not done enough to bring the civil war in syria to an end. they have made their pleasure known. one by not taking one of the non-permanent seats on the u.n. security council and by deciding not to take part in the certainn diplomatic or military exercises with ou the u.s. this is a chance for the saudis to express their concerns to kerry and also about iran. iran is trying t to assume a greater roll in international politics. >> kerry has to listen to their concerns and try to placate them as best he can. >> pictures of mohammad morsi have come out for the first time since he was do pose deposed. morsi is to stand trial tomorrow
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for charges of insighting murder and violence. egyptians moved the location of the trial today to avoid a mass rally. >> earlier i spoke to a middle east analyst who said kerry's influence in egypt may be limited. well the road map that was put in place by the transitional government does lead to a democratically elected new government that is expected to happen over the next several months. so as we move along the map, we are headed toward democracy at least electoral democracy. what actually happens in terms of who is doing the governance in the country and who is making policy decisions i think for now, we don't really know, how that will develop. >> how can you say the country is moving towards democracy when we have seen hundreds of protestors killed, and basic rights that a lot of americans take for granted and like
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freedom of the press are not allowed in egypt. >> that has been a cause for a lot of concern, i think both in the u.s. and on the streets in egypt. egypt. the popular sentiment in egypt is pro military. they feel the muslim brotherhood hijacked the revolution and were exclusionary in their governance and supportive of violence. people are supportive of the military crack down and people are asking for more of a military crack down. >> in a way the military and interim government are caught between a rock and a hard place. even if they wanted to institute more open democracy they are being pressured to crack down harder and harder on demonstrators. >> ebeginegyptians maybe in favr offer all, but is is appropriate
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for the united states to be outwardly supporting the military? >> i think the united states has very few options right now. >> they don't have much leverage with the ruling government. they don't have much leve levere with the military anymore now national that the u.s. military aid has been put on hold. >> and i think the relationship has suffered between the military leaders and military and political leaders in the united states. the u.s. has to interact with whichever government is in power in egypt and right now that is the military government. >> and staying in cairo, the arab league has been holding their emergency meeting on syria. the main opposition group has announced they will not attend the second round of peace talks in geneva unless certain conditions are met. >> they don't want iran which supports the syrian government at the geneva meeting. the new head of the syrian
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national coalition said that there is no way that the syrian national coalition would attend the geneva two conference if iran was to attend. >> what we are clearly "from you is to support our regime region security and what remains of the international community conscious. first of all declare iran as an occupying force and demand -- >> he put other conditions as to whether h they would go or not. he said he expected iran's revolutionary guard to be pulled out of the conflict and the hezbolla m militia. and that makes the chances of them turning up to that conference very unlikely indeed. >> an update to breaking news we reported tonight. the terminal at birmingham
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national airport has been re-opened. the operations are resuming and a news conference has been scheduled. when we get more details we'll bring them to you. >> we are learning more about the. los angeles international shooting. paul ciancia. he mentioned killing tsa agents and how easy it is to get a gun. a tsa officer was killed and four others were hurt in that rarampage. paul ciancia has been charged with murder and could face the death penalty. >> the leader of the m-23 rebels declared a ceasefire. as they retreat the troops are finding mass graves chess t cloe uganda border. the fighting is not yet over.
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>> this patch of bush next to a former m-23 rebel base looks like any other in eastern congo. something more sinister lies within. this seale sowed soldier leads n that was buried in a shallow grave. he died recently and the smell is unpleasant. hhe died with his arms tied behind his back and his legs tied. it looks like he was executed. are there were four more bodies visible in this hole. before heavy rain buried them in mud. there are many more in the surrounding bush.
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it looks like he was executed. nearby soldiers in villages say there were four more body visible in this hole before heavy rain buried them in mud. and they say there are many more through out the surrounding bush. it's next to a barracks that the rebels took from the government a year ago. a few days ago the rebels fled and the army moved back in. the rebels that surrendered said the m-23 executed their prisoners before they left. we tried to contact the m-23, but they have not answered phone calls since the government forces fought them back in the last ten days. the people in the villages around the base are living under the m-23 rule was tough and the rebels were cruel. >> they had prisoners there.
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we heard they killed the prisoners. they killed them all. >> they would beat people for nothing and they would arrest people and make them disappear. >> the world's largest u.n. peace keeping force in congo have been helping the government fight m-23. the government has not stopped the atrocitieses in the 14 years they have been here, but they say they'll find out what happened. >> we all know that bodies have been found in that area. the area had been controlled by m-23 for one year and had been taken by the army a few days ago. we are quickly forming a team that is going to investigate and from the results we'll tell you what was discovered. the government says it's investigating too. but the war crimes are common in congo conflict. and the full story may never be uncovered. malcolm webb in the democratic republic of congo. mike rogers says the attack will protect the americans troops. this is the guy that is trying to create the problems for both pakistan he relates with afghanistan an taliban. these are the folks that cut closed 500 schools and most of them girls' schools in the
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eastern provinces of afghanistan. he is part of the network that is basically a giant organized crime group operating in the tribal areas of pakistan that have been involved in supporting al qaeda and taliban and others. this was a bad guy and by the way, there is some information recently that concerned us about the safety of our troops. >> i feel auto little better for our troops today than i did before this happened. >> rogers said mehsud had ties to the failed attempt to bomb new york's time square in 2010. >> edward snowden's plea for clemency has been denied. the whistle blower who has asylum in return yeah made a plea in a letter. the request has been defied by the white house and the congressional intelligence committee. he should return to the u.s. and face charges which would include leaking classified allegations. >> more allegations against the
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nsa. the "new york times" reports that intelligence saying see intercepted talking points with moon last november. the paper says it was an operational highlight and a weekly top secret report. the white house has not commented on that article. ♪ >> cold air is slowly working it's way southward from the north pole and as it does that it starts to wrap up our tropical storm season. most of that cold air as it pushes down towards the intertropicaat the tropical co convergence zon. it would be typhoons in the pacific. falling apart. ati typhoon off the shores of
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tiawan. it's going to head towards vietnam. it's going it move over cooling waters and there is an up well over the coast of vietnam. this storm is going to bring rainfall to the shores of hoe demen. and you will see we have a tropical te depression here in e u.s. and it's moving south of the baja and tracking toward the western mainland of mexico. the track of this will be by tomorrow night and moving into the mountains primarily. and weakening enough that rain is the primary threat here. it's stretching that moisture all the way up from mexico into texas which is what we are seeing tonight. most of our flood concerns are on the other side in the eastern texas, but the west getting quite a bit of rain in the next 24 hours. >> coming up i will show you how cold it will be getting for the rest of us. >> also ahea also aal jazeera
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america. churches celebrated orphan sunday. >> a mor a moroccan papemoroccaa chance to display his work in new york. >> and 50,000 take part in the new york city marathon. it seemed like a normal adoption >> do you think this family has a lot of secrets? >> it's like there's an open book as far as the family goes. >> (son - off screen) i fully believe that i was adopted by strangers. (vo) until one day ... >> (son - off screen) i found out everything i thought i knew, was a lie. (vo) al jazeera america presents open secret
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al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism -
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>> introduces america tonight. >> in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >> grounded. >> real. >> unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >> an escape from the expected. >> i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. america tonight 9 eastern on al jazeera america >> across the world more than 150 million children have lost one or both of their parents. many live in orphanages or group homes or on the street without caregivers or access to food, healthcare or education. for every three months they often lose one month of developmental skills. for the past five years the christian alliance for orphans have organize have organizationn sundays.
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it drew thousands to churches across the country today. we visited one church that participated in today's orphan sunday activities. >> church organizers told me that if one family in every church in the u.s. adopted one child this would be no need for orphanages. >> she faith fully attends church. on sunday she shared her personal journey of adopting two children while living in brazil. sheenens e encourages others toe same. >> we got thinking what might happen to the other kids that don't have the same situation that our children that are adopted now. >> she says that as many million children around the world have lost both of their parents. >> we bring awareness also for everybody that they need to be
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adopted. not only to be helped, but actually the main help we can do is to adopt them. >> her church also assists with foster children in florida. supporting a home for foster kids called "his house". >> to raise funds for his house and other orphanages to help them. to bring that awareness and bringing that love and bringing whatever they need that we can provide that god has given us. >> churches in more than 30 than states and 50 nations celebrated orphan sunday this year. some accused the evangelical movement of ignoring child trafficking or sexual exploitation. they have acknowledged those concerns, but a statement from the international organization christian alliance for o orphans say they miss the broader points.
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en a liaison for "his house" doesn't disputn't dispute those allegations, but says her organization has a thorough adoption vetting pre process. >> it's a sad story. and it's not the story ar for hs house. in their 25 years of minutes think theministrythey have nevee family accused of abuse. david is the director for the center of children and law and ethics in birmingham, hal hal. alabama. he shares his own experience of adopting two children in india. >> we went through a proper ayesterda acredited agency in india.
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we were told these precious girls were left by their mother and she wanted them placed. >> we found out that her mother had only placed them there for education and had come back for them and had been turned away. this turned out to be a systemic part of a scandal in india where orphanages took children to place them because of the amounts of money they received in fees from agencies. in many countries this has been a systemic problem because naive americans working with naive agencies offer too much money per child. and corrupt inarner in corruptin adoption systems. >> jed is the president of the christiaof the christian lines - aalliance for orphans. we need to always begin to listen to criticism. and any time people are seeking to address the world at it's
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most hurting there is most risk of error and unintended consequence. christians are the first to root those things out. the serious systems of looking at the case of each child and without the influence of the outside money distorting that process. local officals deciding can this child be reunited with their birth parents or their surviving relatives that take them in. if there are no willing families to take those o orphans in then you move to intercounty adoption. >> rob ford says he will not step down. ford says he need to make changes to his life. he apologized to the city, but did not specify what he had done. they reportedl have a video of g
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drugs six months ago. >> it's the largest that ever participated in the new york city marathon. fifty thousand ran through the bureaus othearea. >> after a year high eigh hiatuw york city marathon picked up where it left off. >> it was really great. last year it was supposed to be my first year and it canceled, obviously, and so making it up this year, was awesome. i did even better than expected. and i think i qualifiedfor boston. and so i did even better. >> isall along the 26.2-mile journey the experience was different. the nypd beefed up their security. adding more eyes and ears along the route.
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helicopters, boats and and ba sa divindivers and bomb sniffing d, we went to three different check points and we got checked three or four times and we opened our bags. >> i'm a new yorker. we have been through a lot and this is nothing. >> new york is not alone in learning lessons from boston. last month chicago's race was heavily guarded. both went off without a hitch. but it may be a sign that marathon racing has forever changed. and we are told that that extra security cost nearly a million dollars this year. ♪ >> darren haines is here about h the new york city marathon and more. govery mutai and priscahh jeptoo
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won the marathon. both runners earned $100,000 for winning the atmosphere o marath. >> blackman will enter a rehab facility. the first round draft pick was briewillbe able to apply for reinstatement prior to next season. >> johnathan martin has asked the n.f.l. to investigate the matter. martin left last week following a lunch-room problem with teammates. they got martin to contribute is
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a i$15,000 to finance a trip tos vegas last summer. >> up next on al jazeera america, secretary of state john kerry is hoping to ease disagreements with the u.s. after the break we'll talk to two experts in our "week ahead" segment about the possible out copcomes of his trip. >> thousands of people in germany had to be evacuated after an ariel photograph revealed something dangerous on the ground. other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america.
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a friend and he actedded a i loan. >> he killed one tsa officers and wounded four others others it's all for the proposed geneva two peace talks many, but they will not attend if iran there.
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secretary of state john kerry says the suspension of aid to eguesstimat e guesstimategypt is nota punishm. the former egyptian leader is accused of insighting the protestors back in 2012. >> these are the first pictures of morsi to emerge since he was deposed as president in july. leaked by an egyptian news paper they're thought to show him in a meeting with foreign dig any --n
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dignitaries. it's a illegal crime. >> it means a strike against the state institutions. this issue violates the basics of the institutions and the definitions of the institution. >> the contrast with histic okanagaokanaganhisinauguration . zplrntiothe arrival of a first y elected president both in a traditional government setting and more emotionally in the square. >> the crucible of the revolution itself. less than 18 months later he is out of office and in detention am and accused of insighting others to commit murder. on monday morning he is due to be brought to a courtroom for his trial to begin it's .
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the prosecution case relates to violence against his supporters and opponents last september outside of the presidential palace. >> morsi himself has indicated he doesn't recognize the court's right to prosecute him and he will not appoint a legal team. one lawyer that will be in court to observe has told al jazeera the charges are baseless. >> there is no oat evidence thas actions are a crime. >> twenty thousand members will be on the streets with metal detectors preventing the disruption of the trial. they are calling for mass demonstrations in protest. on streets of the capital the opinion is divided before the
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trial. >> i think it's a good thing. morsi was as bad in one year as what happened in the past 0 years. 30 years. he should be tried. morsi did not fulfill his promises and at the time this was no security. >> i believe this trial may lead to another wave of revolution and people will start taking to the streets again. >> mohammad morsi's family has been able to speak to him only once since he was detained. they will not be in court on monday, since like himthi they reject the court's right to try him. >> well it's time now for our regular sunday evening look at the week ahead. we start with mohammad morsi's trial which begins tomorrow in cairo. he has been in prison since july 3rd. he is accused you have insighting violence and murder last september. john kerry called for an end to
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violence and a move to full democracy. it's his first trip to egypt and it begins a nine day tour of the middle east and africa. tonight he is in saudi arabia. all of this raises questions of the state of american relations in that region. let's talk about it now. we have two guests on set right now. >> thank you gentlemen for coming in tonight. john kerry is in egypt. he says some interesting things. the withholding of military aid is not a punishment. is it though? >> he is trying to appeal to the public opinion. >> in egypt. in egypt, definitely, not in the u.s., of course. after what happened in june last june are i or in july, ousting president morsi and the american reactioamerican retoward what td
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and they thought the american government was siding with the muslim brotherhood which created a lot of hostility towards the u.s. i think john kerry is trying to restore the image of the u.s. and build the bridges with the egyptian government. >> should he be building a bridge with this government that has killed hundredses of protestors and it's repressing some basic rights like freedom of press. at the end of the day the united states is not trying to break off with kie re. cairo. >> in some ways there are things theneed from egypt. the intelligence cooperation and these things are very valuable. core interests in the middle east in their own way. when he says the aid suspension was not a punishment that is what the administration are
8:36 pm
thinking about. that they were trying to signal some kind of displeasure of what has happened in the last seven months in eguesstimate egypt. but they are not trying to rearrange their alliance with eyegypt. >> who stands more to gain the united states or egypt? >> i think inener inertia is a e thing. and the united states sees a lot of value in the intelligence sharing and the tangible benefit of the susuez canal. they don't need the united states. you have kuwait andmenthe the ue pledging millions of dollars. i think it's clear from the
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perspective you know what is more valuable. >> and you agree? >> i toldlto -- totally agree. the u.s. will give the whole package again and they will give money, but in exchange they will get more cooperation from the government of cairo with regard to sinai, the security of israel playing a bigger role in the middle east and with regard to the syrian conflict and they would have more cooperation from the egyptian and the u.s. needs that right now from the middle east with all of the tensions that are actually hindering their relationships with the other arab states. >> if you think of this trip as one that was meant to put out fires. ease tensions with allies, in some way egypt is the easiest fire to put out. has he done that with those statements? >> i'm not sure. the statements were very complimentary for egypt. tomorrow president morsi will go
8:38 pm
on trial and in proceedings and a lot of human rights rightsty visits hav -- activists that hae expressed res reservations abou. and today you have john kerry saying they are moving on to an open path. is there any debate that morsi was elected democratically. he may is no not have been popu, but he was moved in what was really a coup. is it fair to say that egypt is on the path to democracysy. what evidence does he have to say that is happening? >> they are drafting a resolution right now and they'll have elections you will not have a military government and the military does not want to be implicated again.
8:39 pm
but though will be i they will e background. the military will have it's own influence in the government one of the ironies is that morsi's opponents say he was elected democratically. he won the election, but he didn't govern in a democratic way. >> when they talk about moving back toward democracy, what they point to is this formal structure. we are righting a constitution and we are having a election and we are doing this. the things they point to as signs of a democratic revival. i think if we are talking about is the country moving back to democracy the key question is who will be able to contest those elections. will the muslim brotherhood be able to participate. and will it be a series of formal struc structures checkinf these boxes that only certain people will be allowed access
8:40 pm
to. >> let's talk about john kerry's nine day 2004. nine -- tour. what is the biggest priority and where does he have the most work ahead of ha him? >> i think saudi arabia. >> which is where he is tonight. they are unhappy about several things. >> iran and syria. >> they are a very infle a infll country. and it's evident that saudi arabia will go public? it's been really something that needs a lot of attention. and i think he has a lot of work to do in riad. what does he need to do, liam? >> as you said there are a number of issues that u.s. and saudi have agreed on. one is egypt as well. >> the saudis are very upset of every turn of th political condn
8:41 pm
in egypt. ening mummar barak to step down and encouraging morsi in supporting the country and very deep disdis. disagreements. moving forward i don't know what they need to do. i think they have their work workout for them. i think they will give the work to the saudis and you go back to the statement today it's between us and the saudis and i think he will stress on the differences that are minor. we have the same goal and we have the same goal. a lot of smoothing over to do. it sounds like. it's going to be a busy nine days for secretary kerry. thank you for coming in. for your time tonight, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and next in sports darren haines will have all of your
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sights and sounds from a very busy n.f.l. sunday. have. >> plus a soccer game turns vie violent when fans light fires in the stands. that story is next on al jazeera.
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>> and welcome back the mohammad morsi is due to come to trial on monday. >> what is happening there is not only being documented by historians, but also by by artist. one artist will be unveiling his work looking at those events. >> inside of a small gallery on the lower east side of manhattan
8:45 pm
big things are happening inexpired by politica by -- insy political events happening in the middle east. i don't think it's possible to stand by. impossible. we cannot separate material or language. >> thirty-year-old moroccan born artist uses relyin tis use relid chicagda will i gcalligraphy and politico art. after living in mor morocco for6 years it's long overdue for me it's like the idea of being here at that moment when other people of my age are here too and they have a desire for change. one of his biggest inspirations came during the egyptian revolution in 2011. he saw images flash across his
8:46 pm
television screen of egyptian military police beating who was known then as the blue bra girl. that is when he said he immediately went to work. >> i think it's again like a represenrepresentation of the il person and it's become automatically more powerful the subject is. isa woman. the famous image of december of 2011 became a simila a boll symf egyptian protest. showing her struggle against police brutality. it led to further protest in egypt. his work entitled "you are my
8:47 pm
only love" was set to debut in 2011 when they deemed it unacceptable. >> i think the censorship is directly connected to the power power existing in those countries. it's seen around the world and one of his recognizable work. he feels so powerful about the piece he is bringing it back in a new form. set to be shown this week. he will unveil his exhibit this wednesday at a new york art gallery. >> a soccer match turned into a makeshift bomb fire in serbia this weekend. fans set fires in the stand tweens twbetween two belgrade t. the referees stopped play for ten minutes to clear out the billowing smoke. the fans may have had fun, but it was the red star belgrade
8:48 pm
supporters that had the last laugh. they won the match defeating the champions and league leaders. >> well it's a good thing we don't see n.f.l. fans getting that stirred up quite frankly. >> there are some crazy fans out there. a lot of action in philadelphia. philadelphia quarterback controversy got a a bit interesting. with michael vick side lined with a hamstring injury. nick went off, off. having a game for the ages. he tied the n.f.l. record with seven touchdown passes in all. he competed 22 of 28 passes for 406 yards in the win over the oakland raiders. he became the 7th passer with 7 td tosses in a game. how about buffalo the bills have
8:49 pm
won five of th out of the last x against the chiefs. intercepted by shawn smith and watch him go 100 yards for the pick six. >> ththe fourth quarter now. the chiefs continue to prove why they have the best defense in the league. marcus cooper forces the fumble and watch the big fellow. on his 29th birthday he scoops and scores. they are 9-and-0 for the first time since 2003. >> every win you get in the national football league is a goodwin. is a good win. we rallied in the fourth quarter and did things better than we did early. the two touch doedownswere impo. >> roethlisberger dumps one in the end zone and a 24-24 ball game. tom brady 432 passing yard first
8:50 pm
time throwing for three or more touch downs this season. he had four today. with the patriots up and a five-yard touch down run and pats roll 55-31. >> the seattle se seahawks are f to their best start in history. wilson has never lost at home. wilson is 11-and-0 at home as a starter. third quarter action. and russe and russel son takes e keeper in for the score. >> wilson 213-yard and 2 touch downs and two int's and we are tied at 24 people. we go to overtime. and let's go home. the seahawks come from behind from 21 down. it was their biggest come from behind vicfrombehind victory ine
8:51 pm
history. >> the first and ten for new orleans. breeze avoids the rush and finds jimmy grant. watch the tight end drag the defender into the end zone for the the 151-year-old touchdown. jets take a 20--lead at the half. four and inches for the state and hands off to josh hill and access denied. and the jets come up with a big stop and the jets defeat the saints 27-20. >> all i know is that i got a team that will fight until the end and find away. that is what we did. it was a great team effort and a pride of this jet team and that is why we won. chargers at red skins. the san diego quarterback leads
8:52 pm
the n.f.l. for percentage. the chargers are still down three. with 30 seconds remaining. rivers hit danny woodhead in a flat. take take another look. woodhead did not get in. chargers settle for a nick know vac fielforfor a nicknovak fiel. second straight win at home. 30-24 in favor of the red skins. >> cowboys and vikings in dallas. tony romo the pass and whiten the snag. dallas up 13- 10 and dez bryant loves it. peterson takes the cowboys defense for a ride into the end zone. 140-yard and a score of 23-20 minnesota. under a minute to go tony romo
8:53 pm
threads the needle. he hits harris with the 27-yard touch down. and the cowboys win 27-23. >> facility conversatiofalcons . and take another look atlanta's defense, well not playing defense. panthers are up 14-34. 3. they through-for-two interceptions and two touch downs and one right there. and panthers there is matt ryan picked off who goes 38 yards to the crib of the that is the first pick six six asince 2010. 34-10 the final there. >> is that is a look at sports johnathan. >> busy n.f.l. sunday for you. >> actor george takei knows that
8:54 pm
he your attention. he has his star power to to learn a few lessons about social media. >> well you are not just on facebook and twitter, but you have a program on-line called takei's take, is that right? >> that is right. >> i saw one of them you are talking about google glass but you have all sorts of things that you discuss on that program. >> i do that in partnership with aarp. and the membership of aarp are now made up of a lot of star trek fans. we wanted to make sure that the demographics widen. star trek's children are now fast approaching aarp age and they have grandchildren. we play to that large audience. but, the star trek generation as visionary as they are, aren't
8:55 pm
quite into social media as their grandchildren are or their children are. and so, with that my hosting of this show called takei's take we can talk about google glass or as we discovered, on-line dating is not something that just the young people are into. because aarp members are now getting divorced, or widowed and are longevity is extended and they want a life with a partner or a spouse. and we tell them about on-line dating. and we are broadening the horwoohorizon for a larger democ of people. >> you can see the interview right here tonight on al jazeera america.
8:56 pm
>> and stay with us rebecca is back with the forecast. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >> audiences are intelligent
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>> now that halloween is over and we are into the 1st of november, a lot of us are waiting for when the first hit of snow is going to come. it does look like minnesota or even minneapolis could receive their first big snow as we get into the middle of this week. right now as we look across the states we have a storm system bringing snow showers into idaho and montana. and even stretching down to parts of wyoming. and in idaho and into the city of spokane, was washington we ae expecting icy road from cold temperatures sand we and wet cos on the roadways from the rain and snow. the a tropical storm to the south of texas. but we look up to alaska. a lot of things going on here. the primary one it's been very dry and warm. we started to rate alaska for this last month. and this is the fourth least
8:59 pm
snowy october. and that is in 104 years of record. pretty impressive. chinook winds are the wind coming down the mountains. we had a lot of those that warmed the alaska range. we had an average temperature that was 12 degrees mov 12 deabe normal. in the pacific north west we have been cooling off a bit. we have a break from the rain, but another storm is lining up to come in. this one that is leaving has freeze watches in effect for parts of the west. >> we get into temperatures a cool 49 degrees for seattle and 33-degree for spokane. we go to the north east and this is where the temperatures have plummeted. we are 20-degree cooler than last night at the same hour we have a freeze warning for new jersey and pennsylvania. we can expect highs to be cool tomorrow.
9:00 pm
. . welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with the top stories. the terminal at the birmingham shutless worth airport has reopened because of a threat left on a note in the bathroom. the terminal has been secured. a news conference has been scheduled. as we get details we'll bring them to you. the suspect in friday's shooting at los angeles international airport told authorities he was dropped off by a friend but acted alone. paul ciancia killed one t.s.a. officer and wounded four others. >>


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