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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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. searching for a shooter. a gunman dressed in black opens fire at a mall in new jersey, sending terrified shoppers fleeing and launching a massive police response which is continuing right now. >> voters across the country heading to the polls for election day. there are high profile races and referred ums to watch in a number of states. >> secretary of state john kerry travels to saudi arabia trying to mend fences with an important american ally. >> and a billion dollar art collection lost has been found. why authorities believe the paintings, including the works by masters may been looted by
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the nazis decades ago. >> welcome to al jazeera america. reports of panic and fear at a northern new jersey mall monday night. a state wide manhunt is underway for a gunman who police say opened fire at the west pleeld plaza mall in par am us new jersey. it is the big us mall in the state, located 20 miles west of new york city. the shooter fired a single shot. he was reportedly wearing a black leather jacket and bike helmet. there's no reports of injuries. juan-carlos molinas is there now. are there any further details at this point? >> they are not releasing a lot of information now.
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we've been waiting for the police and other officials to have a press conference, and we've been waiting a while. we have been speaking to some police who directed us here. they are really trying to lock down the mall, assess the situation, and get a hold of everything before they come out here. when we initially arrived here with the entrance to the mall - it was blocked off, they turned us around, kept us a safe distance. we saw some people evacuated out of the mall, out of the parking area. they were taking shelter. some people in the bank of america - we were moved next door. they are bringing some people - whether they were inside the mall or family members that had people in the mall. we heard people talking about relatives that were in the mall shopping or working, that were still in the mall when they arrived here. when the police locked down the
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mall, they still had quite a few people in there. it's a huge massive complex - largest mall in new jersey, so it's a task for these police to come out and secure the mall and make sure everything is safe before letting people in and out, doing door to door checks. they haven't given us much information about what went down. what you said about the officials saying there was a single shot. accounts from witnesses conflict with that a little bit. the police are supposed to be coming out and gathering up the information and giving us a clearer picture of what is going on down here. >> all right. juan-carlos molinas - clearly an active scene, i can hear the ascertain helicopters above you -- search helicopters above you. the scenes played out in front of shoppers, some hearing as juan-carlos molinas reported, anything from 10 to seven shots fired. here is what witnesses said
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after the shooting. >> i saw him walk in the mall in front of the apple store, wearing black and something on his black. looked like two gas balloons. he was walking with a big rifle, shooting to the air, to the top much basically walked very calmly. >> there was a bang, couple of seconds, another bang, third bang, then two more after about five minutes. >> i spoke with leon mcguire, a former sheriff from bergin country and we talked about training that local sheriff's do. >> they practice either tabletop or active drills where they bring to bear the resources - whether it's ambulance corp, fire department, bomb-sniffing dogs, robots. you name it all of the toys that we have quite frankly in law
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enforcement are brought to bear to make sure when an incident occurs - hopefully never. in this particular case the system or training worked or the preparation was for a good reason. >> the design of the mall gives greater opportunity for shoppers to hide, but it may make it hard to locate the shooter. we'll continue to follow that story. >> classes resume at connecticut university after a student walked around the school with a sword. the student whose father is a professor at the school was arrested and charged with breach of piece. the father said his sop was dressed as -- son was dressed as a nguyen ja for halloween. >> voters will be on the low side, but polls will open on the east coast in a few hours. there's a number of races to watch. in new jersey chris christie is
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expected to win re-election over democrat barbara wono. chris christie is considered a white house contender in 2016. he has garnered the support of unions and libberals in a democratic home state. virginia's race is taking on national significance as well. ken koouchinnely said a vote for him is a vote against the law. democrats say a vote for terry mccoll you have is a vote against the tea party. voters across the country will head to the polls to elect mayors. at the heart of detroit's race is the city's bankruptcy, and elections in houston, seattle and atlanta. a closely watched mayoral race is in new york city, where they'll elect a new mayor for the first time in two years.
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vying for michael bloomberg's seat is deb losio and hopes to be the first leader in two decades. both have been talking confidently during the final hours of campaigning. >> i'd like to introduce to you the next first lady of the city of new york shirley mcyeah. >> most yorkers are in sync where i am. >> as i mentioned voters in detroit are looking for a new mayor. as our reporter reports, it's not clear how much they'll be able to help. >> after decades of decline detroit is poised to elect a first white mayor since 1974. >> mike dougans. >> former hospital ceo mike duggan heads into the election
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with a strong lead over fellow democrat wayne county sheriff benny napoleon. the poll has duggan ahead by 24%. >> about the pole result i have a three letter word - wow. >> marketing professor martin bernaki says duggan's lead in an african-american city their support for new leadership. duggan's reputation as being a fix-it man is appealing to voters. he's touted his record at overhauling the urban bus system and rescuing eight hospitals within the detroit medical center. >> we are talking about a black city and a white guy - someone believes he can do something. there are those that believe the same about napoleon, a resident
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with history in law enforcement. whoever becomes mayor, their impact may be limited. an emergency manager is in charge of the city for another year. sheriff napoleon says his first order of business will be to change that. >> get rid of kech is my number one job. >> duggan took a conciliatory tone. >> i want to work with kevin orare and the government and i hope i get the authority to run the city. >> facing $18 billion in long-term debt, a federal judge's decision on bankruptcy may have more immediate impact an the city than who the voters pick. both candidates share a passion to fix what is broken, improve public services and the quality of life, and lead detroit into an uncertain future. >> the current mayor of detroit,
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dave bann did not seek re-election. he says kevin orhas not communicated well with the mayor's office. >> the senate is moving forward with a bill it end discrimination in the workplace. if approved it will affect businesses with 15 or more employees, it include exemptions for religious organizations and armed forces. it may have a tough time in the mouse where speaker john boehner opposes the measure. kilmeny duchardt talks to a man who says the measure could change his life. >> tig became a man a few years ago. >> on my bird certificate it says i'm female. it's just getting to know me, and now everyone stops and
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thinks. you know, i might be discriminated against. it's hurtful, hurtful to think that. >> that led him to rethink his career path from the music industry to lgdp advocacy. >> a lot had to do with the anxiety i had around being fired and not getting a job. i can work in this community and not do that but i had to limit options. >> leading him and others to lobby for the employment non-d discrimination act, known as enda. making it illegal to hire on the basis of sexual orientation and identity. in an email to supporters senator corey booker says:
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>> the obama administration along with 55 democratic senators support it. however, it would have many hurdles in the house where speak e-john boehner opposes the measure. a spokesperson for john boehner says he believes it is frivolous legislation and will cost jobs. john boehner and house republicans say existing measures provide protection from discrimination. >> if it doesn't pass we'll live to fight another day. it will pass eventually. the american people are changing. the country is challenging. >> the last time enda was put before the senate was 1996, when it lost by a vote. advocates say they are getting closer to its passage. >> current federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, race and national origin.
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it does not stop an employer from firing or refusing to hire workers because they are gay, bisexual or transgender or les bian. >> another chilly start to the northern part of the united states. this time we are going to head into snow. in fact, the first part of the snow is going to be the first of the season for parts of minnesota. first, this storm that's moving in brought big strong winds to parts of western washington as it tracked across saturday, saturday night. it hit idaho, and there were several incidents at loop-loop pass. we have a picture from silver mountain, and the clear waters in the central portion of the statement. we had several inches come down here. the storm system has been tracking east. as it does so there's plenty of rain coming from the south-west, some moisture streaming up. it's meeting up with the colder
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air, coming in with the low pressure, 3-5 inches of snow expected from nebraska, into parts of south dakota, that's where the rap will shift to -- rain will shift to snow. the advisories shift from here to southern minnesota, where we are specting a couple of inches of snow. note that it will avoid major cities as we head south. plenty of rain fall before colder air moves in, cools you off and dries you out. we have storm warnings in montana, and as we move over, winter weather advisories goes into effect for 3-5 inches. first developing in the dakota, nebraska, and miles per hour will receive -- and in minnesota they will receive it. tomorrow we'll wake up with a cold 21 for bellings.
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back into the mid-30s later. all eyes will be where the snow comes down in the midwest. >> egypt's former president appearing in court as his trial for in citing murder - charges he's making against the judicial system. >> kenyan authorities it charging for the deadly mall attack. >> tort tur used by doctors to get information from prisoners at guantanamo bay.
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a controversial trial in egypt for ousted president mohamed morsi has been pushed off until january. mohamed morsi and other members of muslim brotherhood have been charged with incitement on murder. mohamed morsi said he is the current president and the court doesn't have the authority to
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try him. secretary of state john kerry is downplaying tension between the midwest and saudi arabia. he met with king abdullah in re-ard. mike viqueira has more on the meeting. >> there's no question that things are tense between the allies - the united states and saudi arabia. secretary of state john kerry visiting re-ard earlier on monday, meeting with king abdullah and the foreign minister. the flashpoints - downplaying the issues. >> syria - that the united states did not go forward with it air strikes, going with a russian plan to take away the weapons. on iran - again the saudi arabia dismnts. a diplomatic opening, secretary
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kerry described it as a window opening, wanting to give iran a chance to demonstrate that their nuclear program is civilian, not military persons. here is john kerry with the saudi prime minister. >> nothing that we are doing with respect to this negotiation will alter or upset or get in the way of the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. and the relationship in this region. >> in addition to syria in iran, another point of disagreement - egypt. saudi arabia - the government led by abdul fatah al-sisi. weeks ago the united states curtailing aid to that very government. secretary kerry on the trip is going to make another run in middle east peace. many view this as a sideshow, with everything else going on - a quicksodic quest.
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he'll meet with benyamin netanyahu in jerusalem, and mahmoud abbas, the head of the palestine authority. he's in poland. secretary john kerry will go to morocco and algeria. mike viqueira reporting from the white house. >> a new report claims american physicians have been helping torture prisoners at guantanamo bay. if true it violates the doctors' hippocratic oath - to do no harm. >> this is how the head of the u.s. army medical command describes her group. >> an organization founded on army values, warrior ethos and the trust that exists between patients and providers. >> the military has fallen short of that standard according to a 2-year review of public records by an independent task force of american league and medical
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experts. in dealing with prisoniers they found: >> consulting on techniques to induce disorientation. used medical information for interrogation instances. >> detainees have been force-fed in violation of a been by the world medical association. >> this is one of our medical ethical principles that grounds what we do, respect the autonomy of the patient. that's not the case in guantanamo. >> the report accuses the defense department to fail to follow through on reform recommendations. >> there has been changes in enteringation practice, the rules are with us, undermining ethical practice. >> in response a spokesman said
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reports showed allegations were unsubstantiated. the department will not allow a detainee to commit suicide. as of now, says the military, 14 of the 164 prisoners at guantanamo are refusing to eat regularly. a u.s. appeals court is considering a legal challenge to the practice. >> it could not be determined how many military doctors were involved in unfit fremantle of prisoners. >> -- treatment of prisoners. >> four men have been charged with the mall attack in kenya. they are some ollie men. al-shabab claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed 67 people. a hedge fund client striking a deal - why the company is ordered to pay the largest
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insider trading penalty yip. a billion dollar discovery as an other treasure trove has been discovered.
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scc capital was known for bringing huge returns to investors. now it's facing the largest penalty in history for insider trading. we have more. >> it was a big day for u.s. attorney, who got an admission of guilt and a record-setting fine from a major wall street firm. >> no institution should rest easy in the belief that it is too big to gaol. that is a moral hazard that a just society can ill afford. law enforcement should not shy away from holding institutions responsible when it is justified and necessary for deterrence and
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accountability. >> sac capital advisors pleaded guilty to five charms, and agreed to pay $1.8 billon for on insider trading scheme. six former sac traders pleaded guilty and are cooperating. two others are fighting the charges. the agreement provide no imupty for any individual. including cowan, the owner, who faces a civil lawsuit from the securities and exchange commission. his firm will no longer be able to manage money. >> this comes amid reports that federal prosecutors are on the verge of a $13 billion agreement with jpmorgan chase. both change the notion that some wall street firms are too big, too powerful and important to the economy to pros kout.
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>> some analysts say criminal charge would be better. >> being too big to charge, like citibank, bank of america, jpmorgan et cetera. if you had one of those banks charged criminally, it would limit their ability to transact business - you'd have massive lay offs and a problem for the economy. >> the fines topped the 157 million that raj rockman was ordered to play. criminal charges against sac's cowan are still possible. >> cowan denied wrongdoing in the matter. the sac capital fund was not the
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only. johnson&johnson will pay $2 billion - accused of paying kickbacks to doctors and nursing homes and marketing jobs for incorrect usage. >> artwork has been discovered in germany, worth more than $1 billion, was believed to have been stolen by nazis. >> the story of the billion dollar art cache was broken by a german magazine. possibly the largest collection of art confiscated by the nazis, were found pop cans of food. works of pablo picasso, henri matisse, and emil nolde found in an 80-year-old, the son of an art collector. this is the building where the collection had been uncovered by german authorities, 1,500 masterpieces were located in the munich apartment.
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the collection is believed to be held in a safe at the customs office outside munich. authorities said little about the discovery, refusing to confirm the details. according to reports, m mr goerlach was interviewed by police. the scream, selling for $120 million was confiscated. the most expensive artwork sold at an auction. restitution is one that collections have been forced to front. some masterpieces have been at the heart of disputes of original owners, and those that were forced to give up to the nazis. that was the case with pablo picasso's "absence drinker." the works will result in a long process of figuring out who has claim to the masterpieces that
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have not been seen in public for decades. >> that will do it for this edition of al jazeera america. thank you for watching. >> san francisco from trendy restaurants to coffee shops and. a thriving city. there is search such a demand r housing it's not cheap. the average rent for a 2 bedroom is $1,900.


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