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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello, there, welcome to the news hour. i'm in doha. the world's top stories. >> celebrations in the eastern democratic republican of congo, 23 rebels say they are laying down their arms. more than 9 million syrians are now in need of urgent help. and lift off from india.
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hello, i'm in london with all of the latest from europe including more work still needs to be done, e-leaders admit the euro zone faces more uncertainty. and in the uk a somali money transfer service wins a court case against barclays bank. meaning it can stay open for now. ♪ a brutal 20-month conflict in the democratic republic of congo as finally come to an end. the political leader said it's fighters were laying down their guns. the regional commander is reported to have escaped across the border to rwanda. in a statement released, he said
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we have decided to pursue a solution of the problems that gave birth to our movement through purely political means. the army has been bombarding the group pushing it back to hill tops near the city of goha. the name m-23 comes from a peace agreement signed on march 23rd, 2009. the group formed in april last year, because the government hadn't kept it part of the deal. peace talks began in december last year, but they never got very far, so in march the un sent a special force to support the army. last month it stepped up its efforts to combat the rebels. malcolm webb is with us about 70 kilometers from the prove vin shall capital.
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what has been happening on the ground? and did any m-23 have any options but to day down their weapons? >> exactly the statement from the political leader sounds like they chose to, but that is not really what hand here on the ground. just a day ago the government groups were writing to fight this way, the rebels were up on a hill behind me. they held three hills along the border with rwanda, but early this morning they fled from those hills and the government troops went in. there is no sign of the m-23 now except for the vehicles they left behind and destroyed. there was a lot of documents and a few other items of property left but bases were largely destroyed. the solders say they fled into neighboring rwanda and uganda, and the leader is reported by in row wanda himself.
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here is some more information on the evolution of the m-23 rebel group. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the congo government have been fighting the rebels for over a year and a half. peace talks have failed time and time again. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the roots of the conflict are complex, for years rebel fighters have fought for control of this mineral-rich' gone in eastern democratic republic of congo. but analysts warn m-23 is just the latest example of anger. the group is widely believed to have received military and financial support from neighboring rwanda and uganda.
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the rwanda president is also a tootsy but denies the charge. finding an end to the violence has also been complicated by fighting within m-23. in november last year, the remembers attacked the regional capitol but later pulled back saying they were ready to start peace talks. one faction was lead by this man who turned himself in at the international criminal court early this year. the second section is lead by this man. he and many other rebels were integrated into the army in 2007 as part of a peace deal with another tootsy group. but he deflected leaving to join the m-23 rebels in may last year. the test now is whether they can sit ash the table and find a political solution. if the army has indeed defeated
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the rebels, then the government can try to deal with the numerous other armed groups battling for control of eastern congo. back to malcolm. malcolm you have flees to rwanda, and splits in the m-23. is any peace effort going to be more successful than the last one? >> well, i mean it is peaceful here now because the fighting stopped because the rebels have gone, so any -- any talk of political solutions or peace talks is -- is as i said before, slightly misleading because they have absolutely nothing to negotiate with now. the government i'm sure won't be willing to discuss or concede any political ground at all, because they are now in control of their territory. a few months ago when they held
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several key towns in this region and had guns pointed to the regional capitol, they were able to hold the government at ransom somewhat. but now they don't have any territory, and they have fled across resumably hiding in civilian clothes in neighboring countries, and seem to have destroyed all of their weapons. >> malcolm thanks very much indeed for that. malcolm webb. as the grim toll of dead and wounded in syria's civil war continues to climb so too does the number of people displaced from their homes. the united nations estimates that that number of syrian people in need of outside help has exceeded more than 9
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million. many are living in syrian but not in their homes. another 2 million have already fled the country. the un security council is to discuss progress in destroying syria's chemical weapons capability. they will be debating the interim report for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. meanwhile efforts to organize a so-called geneva 2 peace conference have proven even harder than expected. the un envoy has been meeting with all sides including the syrian president. we have got correspondent covering all of the angles of this complex story. first let's go to anita who is with us from istanbul. millions of refugees trying to
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cope with this flood of human misery is really stretching the aid agencies, isn't it? >> oh, absolutely. what the world needs to understand is we're watching before our eyes the dissolution of a country, now the true force isn't being health equally across syria. there are some areas that have been afored some level of protection by the syria army that have not felt the refugee crisis. and the associated humanitarian pressures to the same degree, but it is only a matter of time, and as refugees increasingly drown, it is being felt internationally here is erica woods with the big picture. >> reporter: more than 40% of syrias population now relies on outside help to survive. the refugees either inside their own country or seeking shelter
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elsewhere. and the situation is getting worse, the un estimates that figure will rise to half of the population in need of aid by year's end. >> it is not one single event. it is a gradual increase because the conflict continues to deteriorate day after day, hour by hour. >> reporter: the two and a half years of civil war have left many syrians without proper sanitation facilities, sufficient food, water, or access to medical help. the biggest numbers come from these lebanese areas. but more than 100,000 are seeking shelter in egypt. more than half a million are in jordan. lebanon has the most with more than 800,000 syrians, and turkey
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and iraq have around 700,000. the un says there is a will to help those in need from outside, but it is calls from both sides inside syria to allow aid in. an outbreak of polio in the northeast has made the matter even more urgent. a group of doctors has identified 35 cases of the disease. >> it is extremely important for us to be able to give any kind of aid, be it food, health services, medicine, vacations for children, and so on, that we can actually reach those in need. syria, and the people in syria, displaced or not, are going into winter. it is going to be very cold. they will need more aide, and we can't reach them. >> reporter: so as hundreds of thousands of syrians continue to leave their country, and those left behind struggle to stay alive and feed their families.
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this humanitarian crisis appears worse than ever. and anita, turkey of course one of those countries that has taken in as many refugees as it could. how it is coping? >> it is coping, but it doesn't like the situation it is in. health care, enormous pressure on the hospitals, despite what the turks have poured in in terms of resources there. we're seeing a spread of infectious diseases crossing the border, maternal mortality, infant mortality, those sorts of issues. they don't have to stay in the camps, but this is creating social pressures in turkey, especially when you find out as i was told that some are willing
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to work for 7 usd a day, and that is having a knock on how they are viewed by turks. and you have a whole generation being born and raised in a situation that is far from normal, and watching a country that they hope one day to return to being obliterated beyond use. and in istanbul, we're seeing syrians turn up in public parks, going through the rubbish, pulling out stale bread and old food and looking for scraps to live on. so the impact of syrians here in turkey is getting worse every single week. >> thank you. anita. let's give on to simon. this geneva 2 conference is proving incredibly difficult to
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get off of the ground. >> yes, that's right. there was a broodly accepted date, and that is looking increasingly unlikely. lakhdar brahimi engaged in frommet frommet frommetic diplomacy with the americans and russians. and we hope to hear from mr. lakhdar brahimi. he will give a press conference. other forces have been invited, including iran. iran is one of the sticking points because not everyone wants iran to be part of this process. the americans aren't keen on it, nor are many of syria's sunni neighbors. the russians, however, insist
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that iran should be invited and that position was reiterated very strongly by the russian prime minister. >> translator: although with influence on the situation must certainly be invited to the conference, this includes syria's neighbors as well as countries of the persian gulf and iran, and the other countries including turkey. >> and the other main sticking point of course that divides all of the different parties is the future role, if there is to be a future role of president assad himself. on monday very harsh words saying the opposition will not attend geneva 2 if there is not a strictly defined time line for removal of the assad government.
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that is a major sticking point. no tidbits released so far, but we do have a press conference in about an hour and 45 minutes by the envoy mr. lakhdar brahimi. a couple of news agencies are saying the 23rd of november is going to go by the board. we'll hear more from mr. brahimi in less than two years. >> okay. thank you for that. on to james bays in new york. the security council is set to discuss what progress there has been in destroying syria's chemical weapons. any news on that? >> that meeting is now underway, and the security council is being briefed by the joint special coordinator. she leads this mission. those weapons inspectors that have been inside syria trying to decommission its chemical
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weapons. and i think she has the only bit of good news to report at the moment and that's the news that syria's chemical weapons production seems now to be over forever, the inspectors believe they decommissioned the sites where the chemical weapons were being produced. the much bigger task is to deal with the stockpile, 1,000 metric tons of it, and try to deal with that, and the big problem there is where are they actually going to take all of this. earlier, al jazeera spoke to the head of the iraq inspectors and got his assessment of syria's compliance. >> i think they have every reason to cooperate with this, because the alternative would be nothing but disaster for them. so far so good is what i say. they seem to be providing the basic measure of cooperation that is essential as we discovered in iraq. you can get this sort of job
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done if the government cooperates. if it starts to implead progress then it will be very difficult. but easy syria has ever incentive to do this. >> as you say, james, this is one of the few bits of good news, as we were hearing from simon in geneva the efforts at diplomacy seem to be grinding to a halt. >> well, the dire humanitarian situation is on the table. some security council members possibly, iran, possibly saudi arabia, possibly qatar, to look at these instances where there is no humanitarian access. it looks like there will be no conference in november. but the americans and the russians want this to happen, and it is likely to happen, and
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one possibility is that soon we might see a date actually set by the russians and the americans for the peace talks and they'll tell everyone if you are not in these talks then you won't have a place in syria's future. >> james thank you very much for that. still to come here on this news hour. death sentences for more than 150 solders in bangladesh over a 2009 mutiny. and ghana calls for an urgent meeting with fifa over its up coming match with egypt. find out why they are so concerned about the game. ♪ now the european commission says there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the troubled euro zone economy, but warns that hardship will continue.
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let's get the details from miran. >> the commission's forecast shows several key areas of concern in the road ahead, the bad news is growth expectations have been put from 1.1 to 1.2%. and it sees more problems for spain, predicting that its debt will rise even further over the next two years. jacky roleland has more from paris. >> the europe commission says that there are clear signs that the economy both within the euro zone and within the eu has a whole has reached a turning point. this would appear to vindicate the kind of tough economic medicine which has been prescribed. but at the same time the commission is warning that growth will be slower to pick up, and it will only be very gradually that increased growth will lead to an improvement in
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the employment situation, so the commission is saying that this is not a time to be complaisant, certainly not a time to declare victory, but a time to keep working. and there are a couple of issues where there is still great concern, and that is of unemployment. particularly youth unemployment. and public spending and public indebtedness. we have seen countries across europe trying to cut spending, and cutting jobs, reducing benefits. all of this has lead to unrest in a number of european countries, and also to political problems. so it's quite clear while there may be some positive trends, there is reason still to be very cautious about the outlook in europe. >> a think tank ranks the uk as above average when it comes to
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jobs, earnings, and housing. but housing prices are going up so fast, it is increasingly difficult for people on the low end of the pay scale to afford to live there. >> reporter: living in a shipping container might not seem to bad. people like louise would have had no chance of affording anything much better. >> it depends on who you are personally. i think living on the streets would probably a bit more of a [ inaudible ] than living in a shipping container. >> the man's who's idea it was plans to put dozens up in east london. >> i am so angry that in london we have much enormous wealth there is enough to go around, many people shared if there was justice and fairness, you wouldn't require anything like
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this. but if we don't do this, there is nothing. >> reporter: driven by low interest rates, house prices in london have seen 10% growth and a boom for the construction agency. keen to make the dreams come true for london's young maddel families. but for many, many people the numbers simply don't work. say these people make $80,000 a year, which is above the average, the average price of a flat in london is more than 600,000. what it means is if they don't already own a property in london, they will never be able to afford one. this huge estate was due to be knocked down more than a decade ago. thousands of families were
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turned out. but a local council couldn't make it work, and in the end they turned it over to developers who will turn it in to more million dollars apartments. what is your best guess on what these will go for? >> i don't know the figures, but they are millions. they are expensive apartments. >> millions of pounds? >> millions of pounds each. this is london, and this is a -- a graveyard for social house, really. >> reporter: of course if you already own a property in london it will most likely mean you can pay for your own old age and probably leave something behind. but the young and less well off are being failed by the market. this housing bubble will have consequences for children yet to be born.
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officials in germany have unveiled images of some of the artworks found by tax investigators in a munich apartment last year. the discovery includes pieces i will artists like picasso and renoir. >> reporter: the true value of this treasure strove of stolen art is just coming to light. among the 1,400 works found some the world never new existed like this peace often called the quintessential jewish artist of the 20th century. german authorities evaded questions as to why it has taken more than a year to make the find public. >> translator: when you are standing in front of these works, which for a long time
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were believed to have disappeared or to have been destroyed, it is an incredible feeling of joy. that are in relatively good condition. some are dirty, but not damaged. discovered by custom officials in this munich apartment last march. the man inherited the collection from his father who was recruited by the nazis to sell so-called degenerate art. jewish checktors were forced to sell at reduced prices or have them confiscated. that was the case with the scream. a painting so valuable, it sold for nearly $120 million last year. but the discovery poses a moral and legal mine field for the authorities. >> translator: the next step will be to check the case from a legal point of view, then to publicize the known prove innocence of the works by the
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lost art database, and by that to build public pressure. >> reporter: some arts experts say this horde is just the tip of the iceberg judging by the number of descendants still trying to recovery that property. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due in jerusalem, but will new israeli settlements and the proposed new rules block the road to resolution. and we'll look at the melbourne cup. [ cheers ] ♪
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. welcome back here with al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories now. the congolese army has taken over the last areas held by the rebels.
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ending a long conflict. the united nations estimates the number of syrians who need help is now more than 9 million and is urging both sides to allow aid in immediately. the un is to discuss progress in destroying syria's chemical weapons arsenal. india has launched its mission to mars. the 300-day journey to probe the red planet will cost $73 million. >> reporter: it's not the traditional start to a space launch, but the day before the launch in a country steeped with tradition, nothing can be taken for granted to get to here. >> lift off. >> reporter: tuesday's launch of india's mars probe is the
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country's first attempt at reaching the red planet. if successful it will put the country in a group of three to have reached mars. >> space exploration is an area that the country can feel proud about. i think it will unite the people. >> reporter: this mission to mars from start to launch has taken just 15 months. officials insist that time frame is to accommodate the window when mars is closest to the earth. but some also feel it is so indy beats china to the red planet? 2011, china's mission failed to reach the red planet and was ultimately lost. >> we hope that it will be successful. they have the hope of the third world countries actually reaching this kind of level of
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technology which is very important to develop the country with high level technical jobs. >> reporter: inteeia's mars mission cost $83 million. a fraction of what mars mission cost including one scheduled for later this month. a low-cost model, which if successful could mean the country taking a load role in space exploration. fez jamiel. bangladesh has sentenced more than 300 soldiers to death or life in prison for a mutety. another 4,000 soldiers have been found guilty in separate mass trials. the proceed has been criticized
10:34 am
by human rights groups. >> this trial is perhaps the final chapter in a deeply destabilizing and disturbing event that occurred in bangladesh's capital in 2009. border guards seized control of the barracks and taking control from their officers. the siege lasted for about 30 hours, and when it was over 74 people were killed. many of the defendants in this trial were sentenced to long prison sentences, and many of them were also given the death penalty. but a quarter of them were cleared of all charges and found innocent. now this event, which came in the background of a new government being installed was as i say, very disturbing and
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destabilizing in a country that has seen multiple military coups and periods of emerge againsy rule in its short less than 50 years as an independent state. so it is hoped that this will be the final chapter in what was an extremely disturbing incident. pakistan's prime minister has hinted that peace talks with the taliban may continue. the government has said a us drone strike on friday was an attempt to derail the process. they underlined the importance of giving peace a chance. >> our government, ladies and gentlemen, [ inaudible ] bringing the cycle of bloodshed and violence to an end, but it cannot be done overnight, nor
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can it be done by unleashing senseless force against our citizens, without first making every effort to bring the misguided and confused elements of society back to main stream. you also have to ensure that the political party, military, and civil society are on the same page. a somali money transfer service in the uk is being allowed to stay open at least for now. >> that's right. they have been granted an injunction by the british high court. it is seen as a lifeline for millions of expatriot somalis so use it to send money back home. barclay says it wants to cut ties over risks of money
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laundering. >> reporter: manies of people rely on money sent by relatives living abroad. money transfer companies are an essential part of life. but that was put in jeopardy in may when barclay said it would cut ties with 250 money transfer agencies in the uk. the largest launched court action. the decision mean that sa mollians in the uk can continue to send money. and this is seen by many as a life or death verdict. >> a lot of people depend on the money that has been sent for food, for essentials, and medical reasons. it's not other attempted way of
10:38 am
sending money back to somalia. >> reporter: barclays released a statement saying . . . it says it has strict anti-money laundering systems in place. somalia's prime minister welcomes the decision. for more on this, i'm joined by the chief executive. thanks for being with us. so you must be relieved with this court ruling, but you only just bought yourself extra time,
10:39 am
haven't you? because this money transfer service could still be permanently shut down. >> well, no, because that's what the court decided it cannot be shut down. we're very hah my -- >> but it goes to a full trial next year? >> it might never go for a trial. we might find a better solution. and we're asking the uk government to find a solution here. these are good needs for the customers who rely on this service. >> you say that that risk has disappeared and yet barclays has made it absolutely clear that this money transfer system, they are concerned about it because it is vulnerable to money laundering, and funding armed groups. what assurances can you offer them that it wouldn't be exploited in this way? are you having discussions now? >> well, this has nothing to do with us.
10:40 am
they are talking about the entire industry. >> that's right. >> and money laundering is a risk to the entire financial institution. so that's why the judge decided on the competition ground this soot basis to close the accounts, and we're very happy with it. yes, we want to work with them, any concern they have, but the answer to work together, shutting down institutions and saying we cannot offer it to you, bank account. >> a lot of these banks are facing unserty in terms of regulation. last year, hfc was fined $1 billion. unfortunately for you this is effecting perhaps the way bank deal with transfer services, so what needs to happen here? because the banks say they are complying with regulation? is it the regulators that need to step in or the government
10:41 am
that needs to find a more permanent solution. >> we have the same legal responsibility that barclays and any other bank has. you have to comply with the regulations. so as far as [ inaudible ] concerned that has nothing to do with our sector. it was the money laundering -- >> yeah, obviously that has nothing to do with your sector, but the point is, the need for banks to comply is effecting the amount of risk they take, and that is having a knock-on impact, rightly or wrongly on your sector. so in terms of finding a more long-lasting solution, to ensure that somalis can keep relying on the system, what can be done more broodly to keep this system going. >> well, shutting [ inaudible ] number one. it's by working together. that's where you find a solution. the uk government has already
10:42 am
announced they will find a solution, and we are look forward to it. we are fully compliant with the regulations. they even said in writing the system and system you have has nothing to do with our decision. they are saying they want to get out of the sector. we're saying you can't keep certain company and shut down other companies. you have to be very fair to enshire companies. and we're very hah my that we will remain to continue to serve our community. >> thank you for speaking with us today. well germany's foreign ministry says it has asked britain to respond to the allegation that it is being used by a listening post. last month it was revealed that
10:43 am
angela merkels phone was allegedly tapped by the us. john kerry met with a polish prime minister in warsaw. these negotiations would be the world's biggest free trade deal. that wraps up all of the stories from europe. let's go back to doha. >> thank you very much for that. coming up here on the news hour -- >> crime here is sky high. am i going to raise two criminals? no. this is the time to leave. and how one nfl team is dealing with allegations with bullying that has left a player seeking help after the break. ♪ frlz
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♪ welcome back. now earlier, we heard about the u.s. secretary of state visit to pole lan. john kerry's next stop is jerusalem. but just ahead of his arrival. israel says it will be build a wall along its border with jordan. which would effectively lay claim to large portions of palestinian property. the move has prompted more skepticism for the hope for
10:46 am
peace. jerusalem has a separate legal state from israel. but according to the un secretary general, the precise nature can only be recognized through negotiation. it says the goal must be that jerusalem is the capitol of two states living side by side. it is this issue that is the most explosive as mike hannah reports. [ shouting ] >> reporter: even by the stormy standards of debate this meeting stood out as rowdy, and a discussion in an effort to a parliamently commitment, is whether jews should be allowed to pray on one of israel's holiest sites. it stands on the ruins of the
10:47 am
first and second temples. jewish prayer has also been aloud on the western wall, but not at the temple itself which is administers under an islamic trust. in the past this status quo was largely challenged only by an extreme fringe of the israeli religious right. fused together are members of the religious right and the secular movement who find common cause in gaining free access to what they call temple mount. >> translator: it is the most important place. to pray there is a 2,000-year dream. it's the holiest place in the jewish religion. >> reporter: but they insist to allow jewish prayer in the area
10:48 am
would be the most dangerous act. >> translator: we consider ourselves guardians of the mosque. if they go ahead with this crazy move there will be massive confrontation. >> reporter: the israeli high court has refused to rule on the claims that it is a religious site. 13 years ago, former prime minister insisted on walking on the site, and while he didn't even stop to pray, the action one of the factors that sparked the second [ inaudible ]. with those memories still fresh, the official police view is that changing the status quo now would spark massive religious and political unrest. but should these israeli prime minister continue to listen to his police, he could face collapse of the coalition government that keeps him in power. mike hannah, al jazeera, east
10:49 am
jerusalem. >> let's get to sport now. >> thank you very much. there is still plenty to play for. on tuesday manchester city hostst [ inaudible ] at the [ inaudible ] stadium. they are hoping that the coach can lead them to the last 16 after the previous manager failed to do so. >> reporter: it's manchester city versus csk moscow with the blues knowing that all three points would be just about enough to take them through to the makout stage for the first time in their history. joe hart misses out once again, quite simply the other goalie has done nothing wrong after
10:50 am
replacing hart last week. city will be without their captain tonight. he has a hamstring problem. and also with stephen up front, he has been a disappointment since [ inaudible ] as for cska without their influential striker, they know if they can somehow take three points here this evening, that will point them level on points with city and give them a real chance for qualification. you have to say, this evening it's opportunity knocks for manchester city. they want to be known as one of the biggest clubs in the world, and they want european success, that means they need three points tonight. >> madrid has a chance to book their place in the knockout phase. they will need to beat juventus
10:51 am
on tuesday. they have 9 points in 3 games, portugal's forecast has scored seven times in the competition and only needs one more to match the group stage record of eight in a season. gunner have asked an urgent meeting with fifa over their world cup playoff against egypt in cairo. they say they still have genuine security claims disfight fifa twice rejecting the request to hold the meeting at ghana. up to 30,000 fans could attend the game, and it will be the first international match held in cairo in two years. the sports minister has written an open letter to fie ta's secretary general, in which
10:52 am
he said . . . earlier i spoke to the sports editor in cairo, who said despite unrest, the fans want the match to go ahead. >> translator: still [ inaudible ] must be held in egypt and [ inaudible ] this is very important to stage the game in egypt so it show everybody that the country despite the political turmoil, is safe, so this is a message that we should send. that's why they insisted to play the game on egypt. the game will be played on 19th of november, and that will coincide with the infamous [ inaudible ] in which 40 people
10:53 am
were killed in egypt. so protesters are planning to commemorate that anniversary, so i think the security would be on high alert during that day, but actually choosing -- choosing that day to -- to hold the game, i think was a very bad choice because they had two other days to play the game, so that will add extra burden on the shoulder of the security forces to secure the game. at the same time demonstrations will be held in the capital. so ghanaians are worried about both. [ inaudible ] he taken strong action, so he fears his own side might be caught up in trouble. in tennis, the defender champion opens his campaign just roger federer. and djokshg -- nadal has never
10:54 am
won before. it feels as the race that stops a nation. australia's melbourne cup is the richest handicap in the world. it was a close finish, to win the $6.5 million race. the jockey had his third victory, and the trainer her first after 21 years in the business. on to some nfl now. the miami dolphins have suspended their guard over allegations he bullied a teammate. nine-year veteran is said to have sent racist and threatening text messages to the tackle who is in his second nfl season. martin has been absent from the
10:55 am
team since abruptly leaving in the middle of the training day. >> if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, i will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. i have that obligation to the players that i coach on a daily basis, and i will do that. >> that is it for me. >> thanks very much for that. now to puerto rico where islanders continue to leave because of chronic levels of crime austin employment. it is now been labeled the grief of the caribbean. >> reporter: this miami has sold just about everything they own. andy his wife and two sons are about to set off on a well-warn
10:56 am
path. tired of struggling to get by, they are moving to florida. >> translator: there are better schools, a better education. right now my sons don't have a social studies teacher. their teachers are missing. they will have a shot at a better education. crime here is sky high. am i going to raise two criminals? no, i don't think so. this is the time to leave. >> reporter: one look at the neighborhood and you can begin to understand why people are leaving. businesses, houses, and schools are boarded up. unemployment is at a two-year high and there is talk of default. one of the only businesses still open is owned by this man. he has lived here for 20 years but is thinking of going back to the dominican republic. >> the people running the country have us all bankrupt and it's going to stay that way. right now we're running the business ours, me, my brother
10:57 am
and mother, and we're not making any none money. >> reporter: officially the unemployment rate is 13%, and some economists say it is three times higher. >> the more inequality you have the less healthy this country. and that's where we're headed right now. if we don't stop this vicious cycle we're on a race for the bottom. >> reporter: puerto rico has been in and out of recession since 2006. the island is $70 billion in debt. it has lost 200,000 workers over the last couple of years, and could be headed for default. the u.s. is monitoring the situation, but life for the people here is about to get much bleaker. >> do say with us, i'll be straight back after this break
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with another full bulletin of news. ♪ ♪
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this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. it could change costs, coverage, and pretty much all of healthcare in america. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories that we are following for you. it is election day in america. chris christie up for reelection, but many say he is already looking past the state house. the nfl now taking a closer look at hazing after one player leaves the field and another is put on the sidelines. a mall shooting in new jersey terrorizes shoppers. ♪ vo> it is election day and


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