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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. >> me and my daughter will go all over the world to punish who did this crime. >> yasir air fault was poisoned. and kathleen sebelius testifying on capitol hill again. and the votes are in. we're going to take a look at the changing political landscape across the country.
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♪ we begin with stunning news concerning the death of plo leader yasir arafat. swiss scientists say the former palestinian leader was poisoned. they found high levels of poison in his ribs and pelvis, and the radioactive material was found in the soil where he was buried. clayton swisher has more from paris. >> reporter: first they found abnormally high amounts of the poison in his clothes. now they have discovered a high presence of the radioactive substance inside his bones. swiss scientists produced this 108 report after an exhume makes of his body last september.
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the data clearly favors poisoning of the leader with up to 83% confidence. the family received the results from their lawyer along with analysis from david bar -- barclay. for widow and daughter it is 100% proof. >> when they came with the results, they told me he just died. i will not stop. me and my daughter will go to all courts in all over the world to punish who did this crime. >> now that i have proof that he was poisoned, i feel a bit relieved. i feel relieved actually. final closure for me will be knowing who killed him, and the
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motive and ambition behind it. >> reporter: more than 40 year of research have given scientists the knowledge. but what was found in his ribs and hips was the highest every published. >> everybody has a tiny amount in their bones. the level of pelonium? arafat is about 900. that is 18 or 36 times the average depending on the literature. >> reporter: what is more the soil around his body has absorbed his decaying flesh and organs. the report rules out any external contamination, and confirms through dna testing that the skeleton was definitely arafat's, on a scale of confidence, the scientists
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report the poisoning at level 5. then the same swiss scientists found that his blood and urine stains were strongly contaminated. they were lifted from the stained clothes the leader wore in his final days, but this latest test was on arafaf's flesh and bones. his body was unearthed in november last year. three teams took 20 samples each. al jazeera has released the swiss team's results. a russian team also care rid out results. their results have not yet been made public. and there was a team in france. the french results remain a secret, but as they continue with the murder inquiry, they now have new evidence. and the looming question is whether the palestinian
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authority shifts the case to the international criminal court, perhaps then they will bring the suspects to trial and find out once and for who not just what killed him but who? he lead the palestine liberation organization for decades. he was viewed as a terrorist by israel and a lot of western nations and the u.s. refused to have any official ties with him for decades. but in 1993 the they recognized israel and shook hand on the white house lawn. but he relationship was never smooth particularly after the start of the second palestinian uprising in 2000. by the time of his death, the united states again saw him as a terrorist. secretary of state john kerry is visiting israel and the west bank in an attempt to
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revive negotiations there. both sides saying the other is to blame for the current state of non-talks. he bet with netenyahu in jerusalem and he said he was optimistic that tensions can be overcome. >> i hope that we will continue in the good faith that brought the parties together in the first place. this can be achieved with good faith, with a serious effort on both sides to make real compromises and hard decisions, this can be achieved. president obama sees the road ahead as a new line. kerry also met with the palestinian leader in bethlehem. >> reporter: -- the palestinian and israeli negotiators closer
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after direct talks were relaunched between the two sides. it is going to be a very difficult task was so far they have held 16 meetings without achieving any break through. one palestinian official described the israeli stance as the worst in 20 years. since these talks began at the end of july, israel has approved or announced tenders for building an additional 5,000 new housing units in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem, lands that belonged to palestinians under international law, and according to palestinian officials as well, the israelis are not willing to make any concessions they say they want jerusalem as the unified capitol of israel, and they want to continue to build settlements, and they want palestinians to recognize israel
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as a jewish state. the president is committed to the nine-month period of talks he agreed to initially. so if the talks fail, he won't be blamed for their failure. the obama administration says it is working to improve the affordable care website. the senate finance committing is grilling health and human secretary, kathleen sebelius. libby casey is in washington. and libby this time it is the senate. >> that's right, dell. it's really a moment for recrimination and concern. because democrats are frustrated at the rollout of there are some softball questions. the ones you would expect from democrats, we just heard debbie
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stabenow ask questions designed to give kathleen a moment off of the hot spot. but the secretary said there are no excuses for what has been a miserable five weeks since launched. the chairman asked the question on many people's minds. why not just fix it and relaunch. he is said that her team has been advised that shutting it down won't really help anything, that they can keep improving the site as it functions. and members of congress, particularly republicans, are talking about shutting down the whole law. the secretary predicted that question and cut it off herself. >> now some have asked why not just delay implementation of the new law until all of the
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problems are fixed? and there's a pretty straightforward answer. delaying the affordable care act wouldn't delay people's cancer or diabetes or parkinson's. didn't delay the need for mental services or cholesterol screenings. delaying doesn't delay the foreclosure notices for familiar list forced into bankruptcy by unpayable medical bills. >> you hear her trying to promight the law even as she is getting hammered. >> libby, new jersey governor -- >> no more spin. just give us the truth. answers lying we don't know, and we were wrong are perfectly acceptable as long as that is the truth. >> libby new jersey government, chris christie said yet the president should lance the boil admit his mistake, saying this has been dragging on for weeks
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out in. he blames the white house. does christie have a point? >> you just heard warrant hatch making that argument. christie's voice will really be listened to because of his success in the new jersey governor's race last night. however, they are saying the process should keep moving forward, and the open enrollment period is quite lengthy. usually when you start a new job, and you renew your insurance it is only a couple of weeks, and she say there is plenty of time to work out the kinks. terry mcauliffe will be the commonwealth's next governor. cuccinelli having strong backing from the tea party. the victory breaks a 30-year tradition of governors being
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from the opposing party in virginia. bill de blasio won a landslide victory. he will succeed three-term major michael bloomberg on january 1st. and while democrats are revels in their victories, republicans are celebrating as well. they are celebrating a big win in the traditional blue state of new jersey. chris christie knocking down big knobs for his bid for a second term. john this was one of the most talked about races anywhere, but they are not talking about christie's big win, they are talking about 2016 and christie clinton. >> yeah, well it was such a big
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win. the governor won by 60% in many areas. you look at these numbers and they are so good and tempting for the republican party. christie did well among african-americans. he got 20%. he got 50% of the hispanic vote. he won the women's vote against a female contender. and 30 or 31% of the democrats in the state, and he is a republican governor, so because of that, it is seems -- frankly nobody in jersey expects him to stay for the full four years, but i think he'll have to run in 2016, because those numbers are extraordinary and they set up a tantalizing contest with hillary clinton if she decides to run as well. >> and the early polls are showing that clinton would win, but christie didn't do too bad. >> exactly.
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i by the cbs poll shows that hillary clinton would win by about 4 percentage points. but governor christie in his acceptance speech last night here at the park convention center where bruce springsteen played many of his early concerts, he lambasted washington on a number of occasions, saying look if you want to see how you should really run things, turn on your tvs and look at how we do it in new jersey. and it's funny because a lot of the voters in jersey don't like him on tax, on minimum wage or gay marriage. but he is a very, very big character here. and he is bipartisan and he can reach across the isles. that's what they like about him here. and i think that's what the
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g.o.p. may like in 2016. >> john thank you very much. up next on al jazeera america, we'll tell you about an innovative approach to tackle the issue of unemployment. is this the future of air travel? i'm stephanie stanton in northern california, i'll show you the world's first flying car, as it gets ready to make its first official flight. impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours.
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>> the most important money stories of the day might affect
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your savings, your job or your retirement. whether its bail-outs or bond rates this stuff get complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. taking a look at business news, debt collectors who use text or social media to go after dead-beat borrowers are being put on notice. it is now considering new rules on how technology can be used to communicate with people who borrow money. regulators will be looking at potential privacy issues that
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could come into play. the most anticipated ipo since facebook is almost here. twitter is expected to set its share price after the closing bell. it will begin trading tomorrow. the current target is 23 to $25 a share. that would value twitter at $14 billion. and twitter has never yet made a profit. a good day is shaping up for the pulls on wall street. it has been rising up to triple-digit territory. it is now up 83 points, good for your 401k. some say rockford, ill sil one of america's most miserable cities. they point to a crime and jobless rate of 17%. today rockford is not taking it. they are fighting back. in our a week-long look at the
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champions of the economy, diane tells us how the tech sector is lending a helping hand. >> reporter: and 66 this man is crafting a new career to supplement his social security requirement. >> if i get it to places where they don't have things like this, i think that i have a really fair chance at selling it. he is peddling his wears on an internet marketplace for artists and craftsman. after completing an entrepreneurship training program, sponsored by rockford, illinois, and the website. they taught them how to market their products and run businesses online. this man hatched the idea to partner with them as a novel way to create jobs.
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>> this idea of hand made goodeding is that is in your history. >> reporter: rockford became a manufacturing hub after world war ii. but large employers have downsized. that has left rockford with an unemployment rate topping 15%. and a poverty rate of 25%. morsi says attracting new companies has been a challenge, so the city has to find other opportunities. >> even if we hand the opportunity, that is missing so many people in our community. we can't forget about those folks. >> reporter: his vision of 21st
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century rockford is reminiscent of preindustrial america a time when craftsmen like benson created wears by hand not machine. >> reporter: this jewelry designer thinks she has what it takes to run her own business. she has jumped from one low-paying job to another. but thinks her talent can lift her family out of poverty. >> i also sow. i have a whole plan in find and the jewelry is just the beginning. >> reporter: so far neither have sold anything on the site, but they are confident it will. morsi is expanding classes to a high school next year. he hopes one year many of the vacant stores will be filled with new businesses run by
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artisans like hughes and benson. the success of that pilot program in rockford is already being copied, among close launching spinoffs new york city. it sounds like something from the movie "back to the future," or "the jettisons." coming up on al jazeera america, a flying car.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines. after years of speculation, scientists have confirmed former palestinian leader was poisoned. a swiss team finding 18 times the normal levels of pelonium in his remains. and some of the largest cities were else elected majors and city council members, but
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all eyes went to thisman, chris christie. and in washington health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius once again before congress. this time it is the senate finance committee asking about the bumpy obamacare rollout. she still has a lot of tough questions there to answer. it is a dream he has had for more than 50 years. a california man has dreamed of building of all things a flying car. in that dream will soon become a reality. in june his sky car is scheduled to take flight. stephanie stanton has more. >> reporter: getting stuck in traffic may soon be a thing of the past if one california inventor has his way. >> i designed my first helicopter when i was 15. >> reporter: meet the creator of the sky car, a vehicle that can go from the street to the sky
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like the transporter in this famous space-age cartoon. but he says he was inspired by a humming bird in flight as a young boy. since then he has been on a mission to create the world's first flying car. this is the vehicle that started it all. the m200x is a flying saucer that made its first official fliekt back in 1989. now he is about to realize his dream. the administration has approved the first test flight in june of 2014. >> four computers talking to each other. >> with a top speed of more than 500 kilometers an hour, the sky car is made with eight rotary engines that work in tandem to help it lift off. >> you have all that you need to
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power something like there. >> reporter: but he still needs about a million dollars to pay for the test flight so he is turning to an online crowd funding service to raise capital. >> for a small investment they will get a number of incentives. >> reporter: sky cars would some day be able to use flying autopilot with gps-like technology. >> you are going to san francisco, you have a coded number, you code in san francisco and then it takes care of itself. >> reporter: initially sky cars will cost 2$250,000 or more. but over time he expects the price to come down to the cost of a normal automobile. he estimates that about
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100,000 of his sky cars are going to have to be built before it becomes affordable, give or take a car or two. ♪ i'm meteorologist dave warren, we are watching the tropics in the pacific now. the typhoon is really a super typhoon. and it is continuing to push towards the philippines, and that is where the track will take this storm. continuing its present motion. by about friday morning it will be approaching the philippines. storm surge a big problem along with wind which will be about 155 miles an hour and flooding rain as well. and they are certainly preparing there in the philippines. a lot of these boats have been moved to locations. impacted by some colder air in
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the souther planes. this is now south into texas. add some snow in minneapolis, and nebraska, south dakota yet, but now it has all cleared out and it is just rain. still some rain moving through texas as this front moves south. a big impact will be the temperatures. big temperature drop as this front moves through and it could get cold enough where we could see freezing temperatures through west texas and parts of oklahoma. by tomorrow morning the temperature dropping down below the freezing mark. at 5:00 we're at 31, but then climbing into the 50s and 60s by noon tomorrow. into the upper 60s in dallas and into the 70s for the weekend. some of the warm air could spread east ahead of some rain in new york we'll expect to see that tomorrow. dell. >> dave, thank you very much. i'm del walters, "inside
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story" is next. and check us out 24 hours a day on ♪ from washington. hello, i'm libby casey. it's gone on and on, and shows no clear end the war in syria between president bashar al-assad forces and a myriad of rebel groups and islamist fight whose want to see him out of power. there are talks while offering small help to rebels. many are expressing frustration over the situation on the ground, and they have their own political objective. as refugees suffer and the


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