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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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yasser ai arafat may have been murdered. the forme former palestinian ler was most certainly murdered. >> and preparations for the next dangerous step of fixing japan's
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crippled fukushima nuclear plant. ♪ >> be al jazeera has uncovered evidence that armed forces in the central african republic are committing atrocities againstselfians. againstcivi civilians of the conditions have deteriorated and the human rights investigating say newses thousands of people may have been killed. two of her children were murdered in front of her. >> she was shot in the back. she says she hasn't got the strength to look after the three children that survived. ail she can think about is that at the innight terrible night. >> everyone was sleeping accept me.
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they shined the torch in the hut and sprayed bullets. i shouted i have a baby in my hands anhands and why you are sg and they stopped shooting. >> the 16-year-old girl was also there that night. she lost the lower part of her leg. and this woman was shot in the back. the hospital says 18 people died. the youngest victim just two months old. the shooting happened here. we make our way there. witnesses say on the in and out of october 26th a local man brought soldiers to the hut. he told them amendment them antt rebels were inside. >> there is clear evidence of what happened here. he would found casings and
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bullets. there is dry blood all over the ground and a dead puppy and a bullet embedded in the wall and subursurrounded by blood. >> the continu stench of did ths incredible. it's incredible that anyone survoid. survoisurvived. there is a gray. -- grave. he watched helpless as his six-year-old son was killed. >> when they shot my little boy at thif hefell 'he felhe felled. i heard my wife screaming and crying. the central forces are out of control they have documented
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rapes and killings. on the president of the ro republicked a mittrerepublicker. i don't know who they are. it's hard for me to control them. >> most people here say they won't find justice with what happened, as long as the armed men committing these coined of crimes arealso responsible for the law and order. >> greek riot police have raided the headquarters of the former state broadcaster. the building hacks bee has beend by former employees since down. the former employees were told to leave, but they are now
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broadcasting over internet. >> you can see the taoue platoof riot police of they have barred the doors for reentry. and the police have taken position of the building. at 4:20 the 07 rac the on operay the police. once they filed in they gave the employees an hour to evacuate. the employees masked outside to where they were surrounded by police. most of them have not done so. there were 15 and most have
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remained outside of the compound until their union leaders arrived of the ra radical left party have safety dozen m.p.'s over here in morning. they are demanding access to the compound which is being denied by the police at the moment. >> we are told that the dismissed employees stayed on in the building and they have to been operating a rogue internet chapel. chap -- channel. >> do we expect to see a repeat of what happened in downto take ert off the air? >> at the moment the public opinion seems to be fairly divided of. >> some are saying it's not a democratic procedure and it's unseemingly and possibly a illegal. it doesn't appear to have been ordered by a prosecutor or
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court. it appears to be an executive decision. >> on the other him and hand af people no the public broadcaster is included in that grooming. it'grouping and it's high time r thithem to cut costs. >> albualmost all have come froe private sector. there is sympathy on both sides. there is going to be a political scuffle during the day as the opposition join mounts legal caw pressure t callwheel lengtchall. >> i expect the government will deepen it's position of the premises and rep rate th reoperh
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the new public broadcaster which was instated in july. >> the widow of palestinian leader yasser arafat has told al jazeera that she wants the killers to be found. after new evidence shows she was poisoned. the french scientists found pulonium 210, 18 times higher thanormal. >> first they found high amounts of plutonium 210 i in his cloths and now they found it inside of his bens. the--bones r the science.
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>> thif i was a judge and jury this is absolutely stone cold certain. this is beyond any down in my opinion it was pulonium that cased the death of yasser arafat. >> for widow and daughter it's 100% proof. when they came with the results. he told me he just died of i will not stop. me and my daughter will go to all courts in all over the world to punish who did this crime. >> now that i have proof he was poisoned, i have a little relief. >> the final closure will be knowing who killed him and the momotive and ambition behind it. >> mosh than 40 years of
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research gave scientists the average apartment of plutonium in the body. what was found in his hips and ribs is the highest ever pub liberalled. >> thpublished. the level in yasser arafat is thathatis 18 to 32 timings 3 t. the soil had decanadia decayed f confidence 1 to 6 the science tises say the data support poisoning at level five. these convaults a herry of
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plutonium. they sound arafats blood and urine was stained with the pure loan yum 210. >> but this latest test was on his flesh and bloans. buried since his dead in 2000ur. the sa samples were gathered whn his bodies with unearthed last year three teams took sam else. aure yan team carried are rout out carry a test.the french resa secret. but as three investigating 345g its though now have new evidence ant the looming question beyond you of that is whether the sale shifts the case to the national criminal court. pramentsdz then miss air adequate and her daughter will
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bring suspects to the trial and learn once and for all not what killed yasser heir fat, but who. engineers in japan are preparing to remove fuel rods from the puke sho bounding fuku. >> it's the most dangerous operation to decommission the plant as erica woods reports now. >> reportersnreporters and joure given a tour to the puk fukushia plan. if could be gist as at the just if it goes wrong of. >> wear the mass being makes the working against more challenging for us 6. >> i need to have no nieces easy moments only sense of tension. mremoving each rod contames
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uranium and a small amount of mummar tone yum. 23 they are exposed to air and they are allowed to heat it it could main radiation contamination. the worst case of kin narrow that would put tokyo at risk. the company that rinse the flat hasn't special fired when it will start the work, but it's expected to begin in the coming days. the bounding she taoues plants have suffered a series of disas ters following the melt down in narcotic of 20,368 thousands people have been unable to run foe 24reur homes. in jewel of this they are yo this rujtszs of tons of rayee active water has been leaking no the sigh anddown of removing the
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rod is one spend in the process of dedimensioning the plant. replacing it will take geck canadians. still to come here on al jazeera. your rain yam orchestra kweu rir plans to turn a run down discontradict 123,450 a metropolis. my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing. which is probably more than what
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andwrrnlings al jazeera has evidence that human rights violations have been happening. a building has been occupied by former employees since the government shutdown the station in june. >> and quite swiss science sciey palestinian leader yasser arafat was almospoisoned by pulonium 2. >> now ey iranian negoitators ae due to set down with western leaders in geneva to hammer out a deal with the country's nuclear program. they are looking for confir
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makes from iraq to scale back their activities. >> iran says it's only producing energy and helping with medical research. >> ba is up for the late o lated of talks. the powers want iran to scale back their program. the west would like to see iran sisissisuspend uranium all tocc. toccheting tyoururanium productionaltogeth. >> these talks are happening in a lighter vein that we are used to. does that give rise to hope, do
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you think? >> i think there is sometime opm here. there is a new atmosphere per >> we understand the new dole nw delegation. and they came and put a su substantivend serious friday prl on the table. these are the worked we heard at the meeting. >> we confirmed that it's a whole new atmosphere. there is a technical cit detail being discussed. and we are getting into the nitty gritty. and as far as this week is concern. of thin the short short term the international community is looking for a first step. what they want to sew tru do iso
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put freeze on the program in te short term. that priz freeze may last for sx months. and in return for that agreement to freeze the program, there wok some lift of sanctions the not the core ar architecture of sanctions, but there would be somsome relief. no specifics short on detail. the program seems to be going for a first step deal to stop the u a your uranium program any would continue to sort out of the grand bargain at the end of process. >> some optimistic you say there. and yet short on dough tail on . owe understand that things are kept under wraps and they don't
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want interfearance from lard hard-liners on the side is that your opinion. >> i think the that's good news. what they are talking about is the real stuff. they are not throwing rhetoric at each other. they are actually involved in sube serious sub stan stuff talks, yes. i think all of the delegations and particularly the american and are both aware of the hard-liners in those camps. it was interesting in this briefing from a u.s. officialed admitting that we have our own hard-liners. but wove to bear in mind their concerns. there are hard links in conbless biz that don't want in invitationalling or reporting
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bring eye ra iran and there are hard-liners in tehran that want to take to the streets with death to america chance. the president is final full of them this deal has to be sold 234 both places toso that's a come employed kateed. sit see. so they have is simon mcgregor wood live in geneva. to syria national elements inspectors have an inaccessible site inside of the country. they have use the footage of sealed camerasch acoveredding to the organization of pro decision of chemical weapons that means 21 of 23 sites have been insuspected. >> government tourses have ontario a new front in the rebel held north and making
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significant advances. but some rebel commanders are plameing their little in the rank for their successes. this is the airport. and if has been inonner able for months. >> now the army is trying to break the rebel overwhelm. after making rare advances why thmostly rebel held north. the government forces took control of the towns. >> they are on the highway linking government held central syria to the south east gates. >> from hire the army on difficult is to re-open the fly lines into government controlled areas in the city see r r see. some rebel tied earns are blaming the infighting for the battle field stead backs. this has had a negative effect on the battle the fighting among
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the rebels played a role and the regime is exploding the situation. >> the track furred armed on significance has turned smir guns against each other. and in some rebel aras it's a growing world. i'm not afraid of the reagreement's military advances. i'm mosh afraid of the feeting between the rubble offerses. rubble -- offices. >> they cut off all of the supply route west toft e. >> in june the army failed and rebels held their ground. this dpoim thear hi eas the re g
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trying to though it has an strength on the ground. some international communities blame the international are your r poor r error r are to seat willin ebb s a set back. there has not been a hav stratec shift for the battle, but for that not choo entertaining the opposition needs to point their guns in one direction. >> amnesty international is accusing oil company shelf covering up the true extent it's caused in the finance are top r done datach zblchb rch shop hag manufacture mash ofhag -- tensiy and it's al lieallies continuese is call laescalate that britaine
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operating a spy station in berlin. they've been holding a confidential meeting saying the british emel basy says i has see the united states. it came after the mobile phone and being a lamer kel. former plesehe is facing trial e deputy chief of the red moss beingch his lawyer says he is friday to move averaged the one. he has all right been grarvetted bail in auto o are off are. auto sewing local media in n distransit odistrict of the indf monemoney buy.
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mum bit. mumbi. not everyone is conins o connech schemes are a good idea. >> this is a rounded area of mumbai. annd home to the muslim community who make up the majority of it's 24 245,000 rest against. >> from this to this. a not everyone abled with high-rises and shopping platt st forms. we always talked this is something that need to be done. the head of the row object is prime objective is for improvement now out gnome the people that live hire. to provide them dad living conditions. and so they develop not only the
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infrastructure, but will spiritually. the condition of this area is similar to others in the city. ddilapidated buildings and close to collapsing and infrastructureon refire. re supreme is likely to begin. some people have been moved into these temporariy pars. >> the shop diaper will give you couple of meters not everyone is on board with the plan. everyone says the must limb community is favoring bora the final when it's complete. >> they've not given us a a keng esingle march coat. >> those against the project may not have a choice us a the government wants to encourage this kind of development.
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>> and when it's a situation where people themselves participate by putting in their money. they are going to take in more that be willing arand see if it. the hope for this project is to be an example for other parts of the see if it proves successful. something that the thief r thay here has fait faith? >> twitter is expected to sell their shares for 2 billion follow lars. they are ready to tar start trat $26 each. >> the olympic torch has blasted into space. ps he is just as part of the
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olympic movement as the athletes that will take part in nix nextt year's wick a winter games. you can stay up to up-to-dah all of the stories on our website. go to for more. that is al plus some californians are getting time to sort out their insurance options. i will talk to the man who made that at. and the search is on, why finding the next ceo to microsoft is a bigger deal than you think. i'm ail ail ali velshi, and this "real money." >> this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show. join us in the next half hour on


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