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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> welcome to aljazeera america. these are the stories we're following for you. the iran nuclear talks move forward, but no deal yet. in october, the employment rate still went up. death and damage in the aftermath of that typhoon that slammed into the philippines. we may be close, but no deal yet on iran's nuclear program.
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and secretary of state, john kerry, hopes to narrow the gap at geneva, switzerland, he'll be joined by three of his counterparts. this in exchange for easing the tough international sanctions. we're in egypt where john kerry arrived for the talks, and phil, are we expecting something to happen as soon as today? >> today may be a little optimistic. some of them may be continuing to tomorrow. but it's port to note that all of the big boys are in town. the foreign minister from the european union is here, and of course the secretary of state is here. so there's hope that there will be some movement, but as iran, secretary kerry did say that there's a lot of work to be done.
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>> it's important for those to be thoroughly and properly addressed, and i want to emphasize there's not an agreement at this point in time. we hope to try to narrow those differences, but i don't think that anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. >> so fill, that being said, what are those important gaps that need to be closed? >> well, del, there are an awful lot of things being discussed behind closed doors, and the options in this first phase in the beginning of an actual concrete process that will end in a resolution between conflicts in iran and the nuclear program. we have heard things like a reduction in sanctions, easing of sanctions on the
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petrochemical and the bank accounts of high ranking members of the iranian government. and on the iranian side of things, there are issues such as the amount of centrifuges that they use for uranium and the transparency of what the program is. all of these things are being discussed, but just what will be included in any perspective document, we'll have to wait and see as those folks come out of the meeting room. >> secretary of state met with benjamin netanyahu, add antly opposing a deal with iran. >> it's a very dangerous and bad deal for peace with the international community. >> we turn to aljazeera's mike
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hannah with more from jerusalem. >> well, this is a rocky visit for secretary of state, john kerry, ending with a breakfast meeting with prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. where he repeated his assertion that he will not accept any deal with the iranians in turn with relaxing sanctions in keeping their nuclear development a peaceful one. this follows days where there was a series of disputes between the secretary of state and the israelis, this culminating with the secretary of state saying on local television that if israel does not reach a peace deal, it faces a third -- sources saying that this is a language of violence and threat. and at the very end of his visit, john kerry held a meeting with benjamin netanyahu, about to get on his plane.
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and once again, iran was discussed and once again, the israeli prime minister emerged from the meeting saying that israel will not accept any circumstances accept the deal that may be made in geneva. >> when the new president was elected in june, there were a lot of people hopeful that it may improve relations with the west. and while there have been positive steps, there's a long way to go. how they view progress so far. >> reporter: it's iran's most conservative city. home to more than a million people. small, but powerful. and it's also here where the president himself studied to become a cleric. since he came to office, hassan rouhani has used the islam threeocracy that he helped to build. they have been watching closely,
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especially when it calms to sensitive foreign issues. >> iran's foreign policy is much more complicated. the power makeup in you're country in in a way. you and me about his performance over the past few months, and i'm satisfied. >> in that few months, iran has done what many thought was impossible. ending the silence with the u.s. and iran, but it must be on iran's terms. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the u.s. wants iran to be a member of the world. but we don't accept it. if our ties are going to be normal, the u.s. should change it's interactions with iran, and i don't think that society has
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reached a point where the government can accept a condescending or equal relationship. >> reporter: iran's policy has not shifted in regards to regional allies, such as with hezbollah. the u.s. and it's allies, and it has had an impact on iran's economy. the president's main policy goal to end them, but the sanctions have not eased. in the presidential election, rohan won the city, and he got more votes than any other candidate. and he has made his foreign policy clear in the campaign seen. many don't support rouhani and many have changed their mind and believe that he was the right man for the job, but there are
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many iranians in the city that are not convinced. we go 100 days into a four-year term. and rouhani will have many opportunities to win over his opponents. aljazeera. >> at this hour on wall street, stocks started the day in the green, after yesterday's big sell off. the dow right now, up 72 points, the october jobs report, despite concerns that the dow may cut back on its monetary stimulus program. the jobs report turned out to be the october surprise for some economists. they have been expecting a much weaker jobs report because of a government shut down. we have more on what those numbers mean. >> the 16 day government shutdown was expected to dent an already weak job market. but latest numbers show that u.s. businesses stuck to their hiring plan.
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adding 204,000 jobs in october. edging up 7.3%, but the working people participating in the labor force fell to 62.8%, signaling growing discouragement among the long-term unemployed. >> the best remedy to address labor force participation is to grow the economy. and that's why the president keeps talking about investing in our road infrastructure and our human capital infrastructure and immigration reform, because as we create those jobs that come from investments, you'll get more people back in the workforce. >> the job market is still suffering from the things that plague today last year, a lack of high paying jobs. >> the employment situation in the united states is extremely lackluster. we have a situation for most of this year, we saw enormous chretien of very low waged jobs, an average of -- .
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>> they come from three of the lowest paid groups. retail, administration and hospitality. discouraging news for the economy, especially with the shopping season around the corner. >> if americans had more income, spending would take care of itself. and we have record numbers of underemployment and unemployment. and you're not going to put more under the tree. >> they are expecting a less than merry christmas. and this could be the worst holiday shopping season in five years. aljazeera, new york. >> later today, "real money" with al ali belshi is going to e more with the secretary of labor. if. >> president obama is on his way to the gulf coast, talking at the port of new orleans
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there. >> the secretary of health and human services, kathleen sebelius said that assurers have to cover addiction just as they do physical illnesses. >> later this morning. >> later this morning, we'll post the final parity rule. it will expand and protect behavioral health benefits for more than 62 million americans. this is the largest expansion of behavioral health coverage in a generation. >> the announcement of good news for the affordable care act law, but they're dealing with glitches, stopping americans from signing up for insurance coverage on the website.
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it's one of the largest storms ever reported and it's battering the philippines and now moving to vietnam. landfall expected to reach 190 miles an hour. craig is live in hong kong, and what's the latest you're hearing from there? >> well, as you mentioned, it's completely devastated parts of the philippines. the strongest storm ever on the planet arguably at this stage. it hit the east coast, creating storm surges of 15 feet. this is in an area where there were many islands that a 3-foot storm surge would take over the beach completely. and anything larger than that, it would flood villages. 740,000 people have been moved out of their homes ahead of the storm. and 15 people were rescued in an island in central philippines
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where a barge was caught in the storm, and these people had to be taken from that amidst 5-meter waves. so far, four people are reported killed, two people electrocuted. one hit by a tree, and another electrocuted -- story, hit by lightning. and the storm is now moved across the philippines, and it's heading towards vietnam. a great deal of damage done so far. and the cleanup has yet to be assessed. >> craig, this was a bad storm at the worst possible time. a lot of people in the philippines are still recovering from the earthquake that hit just three weeks ago, and what are you hearing about how bad the devastation could be on top of that devastation? >> well, that,. and in fact, in burhol where the rescue took place of the barge. more than 100 people were killed in the earthquake, and villages
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completely leveled. people have been left and were still up until this storm living in tents. and rescue centers, gymnasiums, wherever they could be how had. they had to be moved out ahead of this storm, and of course the damage, it's a double whammy, a double blow to their lives. across the passage, 1 million people living there, and people were killed in the earthquake and they're in the path of the storm. they will be counting the cost of not only 24 typhoons that have hit the philippines during this season. but also that devastating 7 magnitude earthquake. >> thank you very much. and dave warren is tracking the path of the storm, and where is it now? >> it's moved past the philippines and it will move to vietnam. buff watching the satellite, this is an indication of the
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strength of the storm. this was the satellite picture that came in. when you have a solid area of thunderstorms clearly around this eye, that's why the reports came in that it was estimated at 190 miles per hour wind. that was the satellite picture before it hit. and now term nothing like it was before making landfall. but you can certainly see the center moving away from the philippines, and past manila at 1:55. it's still equivalent to a category 5. and it's still packing quite a punch, moving west at 23 miles per hour. it will move across the south china sea and move toward vietnam. the timing, this will be local time. that will be 8:00 saturday morning, local time, saturday night here. and wind expected to be 20 miles per hour. but with the center of the storm forecast, it will be right along the coast. and you can get incredible storm
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surges as it's feeding off of the ocean there, not directly over land. so this is a concern where it's across the south china sea. and right now, the estimated winds at landfall is close to 190 miles per hour. certainly not as intense, but it's a chance to re-intensify there as it moves back over water. >> still ahead on aljazeera, america reviving detroit. how one woman is trying to bring back business to motown.
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>> blackberry is paying millions in the hopes that the interim ceo can get them back on their feet. a base salary of $1 million, but that's not all. a bonus on top of that could twice or double that amount.
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stock options could bring his income to $180 million. they have lost market share to samsung and apple. and disappointing sales report from mcdonald's. sales went up 5/10 of a percent last month, and the increase was just 2 cents of a percent in the u.s., and in the u.s., higher. they fell just about every place else, in japan. all this week, aljazeera has been focusing on americans finding innovative solutions during these tough economic times. and they're calling them the champions of the committee. nowhere is that mere evident than detroit. a woman is helping the comeback in the motor city. >> located just north of downtown detroit. an area in the past five years, it has become known as midtown. it's detroit's cultural center. a culmination of art, music,
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higher education and new business. in a city on the verge of bankruptcy, new town is an urban neighborhood on the rebound. but it hasn't always been this way. >> there are many like me in this neighborhood that have always seen potential here. >> for over 20 years, susan, the mayor of midtown, has run an agency solely focused on revitalizing this community. she and her team have sealed the deal on multi-housing and business projects, which includes this whole foods, which opened it's first detroit supermarket in midtown this past june. >> every week, we get serious retailers, ininvestors. >> mosey heard from scott
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rudderbush five years ago. >> artists, and young professionals. >> mosey helped her open this coffee shop, which is thriving today. >> it's important for us to be in midtown. mainly because of sue's influence, and the vision that she has. >> we're claiming the rainwater, and we're going to flush all of our pilots with that. >> when scott lowell saw potential in midtown years ago, he turned to mosey. >> she's a powerhouse, and she's absolutely somebody that i want on your side of the table when you're trying to put a real estate deal together. >> he owns three restaurants, and he's in the process of renovating this apartment building that was slated for demolition. >> i see midtown as something that has momentum, and it's great it see. >> midtown is pushing ahead. mosey has been the catalyst, and her work here isn't done. >> 26. that's the number of new
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businesses mosey says will open here within the year. commercial real estate taxes can produce over 50% of much-needed revenue for the city. it shows that's what's good for business can also be good for detroit. aljazeera, detroit. >> unveiling a different type of super hero. up next on aljazeera america, a super team from new jersey who happens to be a muslim.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm del walters, the labor department giving out good news today. though picked. the jobs today, the unemployment rate grew in october. but the u.s. companies added 204,000 workers to the payroll
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during the month. it's far more than a lot of economists were expecting. and in the philippines, many feared dead after the typhoon hit. many had to be evacuated and some of the low-lying islands have been devastated? e. >> secretary of state, john kerry, in geneva working on a possible deal in the iran nuclear talks. he will join the goings. you probably know them for characters like spiderman, wolverine and ironman, but the next big super hero coming out of marvel economics will be miss marvel. and this time, it's a difference. she's a teen from new jersey who happens to be a muslim. roxanna reports. >> economic books heroes are typically white men, and she's hoping to change that. >> i grew up as a muslim woman.
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but it's about being a young girl and maneuvering the pathways to adulthood. >> meet the new miss marvel. she's also known as kamala kahn, a 16-year-old with the power to change shape. she's pakistani american, and she's muslim. she said that she often felt disconnected growing up as a muslim in america. >> we don't have as many strong female leads as we should. and we don't have as many diverse characters in the media. >> reporter: the new character will live here in one of the country's most diverse cities. jersey city, new jersey. as the city's only comic bookstore, manager, herbert jackson, said that the new super hero sounds cool. >> being muslim is a huge step. and being a teenage girl, there are no super heroes out there really. >> reporter: in comic booktivity, characters that seem novel at first often become
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normal. take wonder woman. she made her debut in the 1940s in a male dominated super hero world. in the years, gay and lesbian super heroes, and a muslim green lantern, but she's the first muslim female in comic book history. and fans are looking forward to her debut. >> everybody wants to be a super hero. it's good to be in that type of genre. >> it's good in races and religions to finally get a knew spotlight. >> those are the messages that miss marvel's creators hope that it will bring. >> the world isn't just one identity. it's versions of that. trying to embrace all of those identities at the same time. >> diverse comic book characters haven't always sold well.
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but they hope that the buzz from the teenage heroin will turn that around. >> i'm meteorologist, dave warren talking about the weather, and the big news is the cool weather, the air has come down from canada and pushed east. much cooler out west. 50 in seattle and 52 in san francisco. wind and rain and know is developing here. and this white area is a winter weather advisory. a little bit of snow expecting with the gusty wind. now, the satellite across the country, the snow moves over the rockies.
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gusty winds in the plains. 62 on saturday and sunday, and dallas, breezy. cooler in the northeast, temperatures into the upper 40s, off to a chilly start with the breeze out there. light snow coming off of the great lakes, and "the streamers" with cooler air over the warmer water, and the temperatures will try to climb a bit today. in new york, into the 50s, and by the weekend, upper 50s, shy of 60° with a light breeze. del. >> here's a story that's music to my ears. you see people are dusting off their record players. that's what the british music industry is saying as album sales have doubled over the last years. the indy rock bands made records cool again, and it's still a miss market, but they love the new technology.
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it makes things sound warmer. i'm del walters and inside story is next. inside story. hello. when the opening bell rang on wall street today, twitter insiders became multimillionaires in an instant. there are 230 active users so the offering price each tweeter is worth $78 but of course that's not how it works. tonight, we will explore the high stakes high profile world of the i.p.o., but first, this background. >> twitter is the web's


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