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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. >> this is a bad deal. a very, very bad deal. >> could a deal with iran damage u.s.'s relationship with israel? the president in the big easy, but job growth has been anything but that has plans to fix it. and the jobs report is out, we'll have the unemployment numbers for you. ♪ there is still no deal at this hour on iran's nuclear program, but iran and six world
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powers are going to spend yet another day talking in geneva. secretary of state john kerry is there right now adding his wait to the negotiations. iran is believed to have five nuclear sights. the west wants to reduce them or stop completely in exchange for ending crippling sanctions. phil we're hearing that the russian prime minister may join those negotiations what are you learning about that? >> well, dell, not 15 minutes ago, i made a phone call to the foreign ministry in moscow as they told me as yet there are no plans for him to fly to geneva to
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[ technical difficulties ] frozen foreign bank accounts. now that's what the iranians want, but we have also heard just in the last little while that there will be an iaea going to tehran next week to inspect
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or at least talk about increasing transparency on the iranian nuclear program. so there is obviously some movement going on on the ground here in geneva. we have not heard anything definitive and there is still an awful lot of question as to whether or not the narrow gaps that secretary of state kerry mentioned when he arrived here, whether or not those narrow gaps are getting any narrower at all. >> phil thank you very much. before heading to geneva, secretary of state john kerry met with israeli prime minister netenyahu. >> it's the deal of the century for iran. it's a very dangerous and bad deal for peace in the international community. >> for the latest we turn to mike hannah who is in jerusalem. >> well, it has been a rocky visit for the u.s. secretary of
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state john kerry, ending with a breakfast meeting with israeli prime minister in which netenyahu repeated his assertion that he would not accept any deal reached with the iranians in terms of relaxing sanctions in exchange for them making guarantees about them keeping their nuclear development a peaceful one. this follows days in which there were a series of dispute between the u.s. secretary of state and the israelis, this culminating in the u.s. secretary of state saying they must reach a peace deal. and john kerry held a meeting at netenyahu at the airport, and once again iran was discussed and once again the israeli prime minister emerged from that
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meeting making absolutely clear that israel would not under any circumstances accept the deal that may be made in geneva. when iran's president was elected in june, there was hope that relations with the west would improve. and while progress has been made there is still a long way to go. >> reporter: it's iran's most conservative city. it's home to more than a million people, small but powerful. and it's also here where the president himself studied to become a clairic. since he came to office, he has used the world stage to represent the islamic theocracy he helped build. the critics have been watching him closely. >> translator: iran's foreign policy is much more complicated than count twris their president's have the authority
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to change foreign policy. the power makeup in your country is set up in a way that the president is the executer of the strategies. if you are asking me about his performance over the last few months, then i'm satisfied. >> reporter: he has already done what many thought impossible. ended 34 years of official silence between washington and tehran. others warn foreign policy must be on iran's terms. >> translator: the u.s. wants iran to be a member of the world which it designed, but we don't accept it. if our ties are going to be normal, the u.s. should change its interactions with iran, and i don't think the political atmosphere of society has reached the point where people or the government will accept a condescending or unequal relationship. >> reporter: the foreign policy has not shifted with respect to
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how it relates to its allies. while the nuclear issue has dominated the first days of the president's time in office. international sanctions have had age pact on iran's economy. the president's main foreign policy goal is to end them. but the sanctions have not eased. in the presidential election, rouhani won this city. he got more votes than any other candidate, and made his foreign policy intennings clear during the campaign season. many iranians who do not support him nor voted for him, have now changed their minds, but many remain unconvinced. and with only 100 days into a four-year term he will have many opportunities to try to win over his opponents.
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president obama is in new orleans today. he is highlighting the need for the government to put money into infrastructure projects as a way to boost the economy. he says it is a perfect example of how a more modern infrastructure leads to much-needed jobs. >> this port is representative of what ports all around the country do. they help to keep our economy going. moving products, moving people, making sure that businesses are working. growing our economy, creating new jobs, helping middle class families regain a sense of stability and security. >> and the president got some good news on the jobs front that caused the bulls to come roaring back today. stocks as you can see up 95 points, higher than expected. that october jobs report is what fuelled the rise. investors showing more confidence that the economy can
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grow even if the federal reserve pulls back on its stimulus programs. and the october report caught a lot of economists off guard today. many were expecting the number of jobs to be lower. patricia sabga send the day crunching the numbers. >> reporter: the 16-day government shutdown was expected to dent an already weak job market. but the latest report showed that u.s. businesses stuck to their hiring plans. the unemployment rate edged up slightly to 7.3%, but more worrying the percentage of working-age people participating in the labor force fell to 62.8%. signalling growing discouragement. >> the best remedy to address labor force participation is to grow the economy, and that's why the president keeps talking about investing in our road infrastructure. in vesting in our human capital
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infrastructure. because as we create those jobs that will come from those investments then you'll get more people back in the work force. >> reporter: the job market is still suffering from the same biggish dwlus have plagued it, the lack of high-paying jobs. >> we have a situation right now, where for most of this year we saw enormous creation of very low-wage jobs. >> reporter: more than 50% of all new jobs created in the private sector this year have come from three of the lowest paid groups, retail, administration, and hospitality. discouraging news for the economy, especially with the key holiday shopping season around the corner. >> we have record numbers of unemployment and under employment, and, you know, that's a huge problem if you are taking home less you are not going to put more under the tree. >> reporter: analysts are
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already expecting a less than merry christmas, but some day this would be the worst holiday shopping season in five years. and this evening "real money" will have complete coverage on the jobs report including ali velshi's interview with the secretary of labor. it airs at 7:00 tonight. aid agencies are struggling to cope with the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in the republic of africa. >> reporter: what you can't see from the sky is an almost all of these huts are empty. some people have run into the bush. others have made it to these blue and white tents. this man was shot on his way here. he says armed men burned his house, killing his brother and
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father. >> translator: what they did was senseless. there was no reason for them to do this to me. the children were hungry, so i went to get potatoes for them in the farm, that's when they shot at me. >> reporter: there are now more than 40,000 [ technical difficulties ] >> reporter: four out of ten people in this camp do not have the basic necessities. people keep coming because they are afraid of revenge attacks by former rebels known as celica. they are mainly muslims. they backed a coup in the country eight months ago.
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in september they were attacked by a group. on the other side of town, muslims are hiding in a school. they accuse men from anti-balica of targeting him. this man says they killed his father. he is now looking after his family of 20. >> translator: my message to these people is they may want to retake power, but they need to spare civilian lives. >> reporter: this has become a complicated conflict with armed groups killing for political and sometimes religious reasons. the un said nor workers on the ground could help reassure people could go home. but it needs more resources. >> i think certainly the united nations stands for the right of children and women, and we have
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an obligation not to abandon this country. >> reporter: there is a sense that the world is take notice of pictures like these. the un security council is expected to agree to a new un-lead peace-keeping mission, but it's unclear how much power it will have to end this cycle of fighting and running. at least two people were killed in an explosion in the capitol of somalia. the explosion happened after a bombing at a restaurant. no one so far has claimed responsibility for any of the attacks, but al shabab frequently carrying out attacks in the region. up next on al jazeera america what may be the world's biggest display of pot products anywhere. at 9 pm with an encore at midnight, go deeper on the
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nations top stories with america tonight >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you... >> investigative journalism that's engaging, powerful, thought provoking... >> there's nothing but hopelessness... >> it's either kill or be killed... >> america tonight, right after live news at 8 and 11 eastern. >> welcome to al jazeera america i'm john seigenthaler, and here's a look at the headlines... >> al jazeera america, there's more to it.
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it is one of the largest and most powerful storms on record, typhoon haiyan already battered the philippines and is now moving towards vietnam. dave this has been a monster. >> sure has. you look at all of the satellite pictures, and rarely have you seen a satellite picture like that. that's why the intensity was pushed up to about 195 mile an hour winds. still seeing the center of circulation there as it moved over the philippines. it could intensify just a somebody, the intensity is still fairly high but it will continue to track across the sea. the timing, local time looks like sunday morning, but with this track going fairly parallel
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to the coast we could still be getting a lot of moisture from the storm. and with this wind direction just pounding the coast there, at least it will be moving quickly so the rain won't be dumping over the same area, but by sunday night, focus will be on vietnam. we'll look at that, and have an in-depth look at our national forecast coming up a little bit later. dell? >> dave warren thank you very much. ♪ the american industry is growing across the united states. business leaders from around the world are gathering in fact just outside of see at. it could be the biggest showcase of pot products anywhere. alan quite the gathering. >> afternoon, dell. it is quite gathering.
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this is the second annual national marijuana business expo. all of these folks have very high expectations. in fact their outlook going forward for the business of marijuana, the expectations are sky high. throw a marijuana business conference and expo, and they will come. 700 attendees here at 6 to $900 a head. >> these business people are coming in from all walks of life and all sorts of industries to take advantage of that. >> you didn't have any trouble selling out this conference? >> none whatsoever. >> reporter: 30-plus exhibitors have everything here. including the pipe of the future. >> this is your average vapor
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pipe. this is a $64,000 unit. in a perfect situation we have seen them pay for themselves in five days. >> reporter: that's a super critical fluid exact for. he says he can't keep up with demand. so the business is good? >> it's very good. >> reporter: you can talk to insurers, certified public accountants and bankers willing to bet on the business future of medical marijuana and legalized pot. >> we serve a market of discreet adults who like to medicate for whatever reason whether it be physical pain -- >> with sparkling pom gan net soda. >> absolutely. it's one of sour most popular
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products. these jars in seven smoking sizes. at cool jars they are trying to pioneer the ultimate secure stash. >> we can hold two popcorn seeds up to 32 ounce of power or plant. >> reporter: it's an export for the expanding world of legal weed. >> they get you wonderfully high. >> reporter: next year this show place vegas with organizers expecting 2,000 people to attend. this is the agenda for the conference, some of the sessions of people here attending include navigating the mind field avoiding raids, audits and injections and edibles and infused products part one, beyond the plastic baggy and the
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home kitchen. this show plays vegas next year, and they are expecting more than 2,000 attend dees. marvel comics unveiling a different kind of superhero.
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and to contact the centers and the luzo
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines. the key players are now in geneva talking over iran's nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry has joined those negotiations in geneva and the un's nuclear chief is headed there on monday. president obama in new orleans pushing for more country and funding in the job infrastructure program. he said the port of new orleans is a great example of how improved infrastructure helps the economy. the department of labor said
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the employment rate climbed a .1 of a percent. however 240,000 jobs were added. that is far more than most economists had predicted. you probably know them for characters like spiderman, and iranman, but the next big super hero could be miss marvel. she is a superhero, but she also a teenager from new jersey who happens to be a muslim. al jazee al jazeera rocks san has more. >> reporter: some of it is because i grew up as a muslim and as a pakistani. but it's really about just being a young girl and maneuvering the pathways to adulthood. >> reporter: meet the new miss marvel. a 16-year-old with the power to
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change shape. she is a pakistani american and she is muslim. >> the reality is we don't have as many strong female leads as we should. we don't have as many diverse characters in the media. >> reporter: the new character will live here in one of the country's most diverse cities, jersey city, new jersey. herbert jackson says the new superhero sounds cool. >> being muslim is a huge step, and being a teenage girl there are no teenage girl superheroes out there really. >> reporter: take wonder woman she made her debut in the 1940s in a male dominated super hero world, since then she has become an icon. comic book companies have
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created gay and lesbian superheroes. but miss marvel is the first muslim title character in marvel comic's history, and many comic book fans are looking forward to her big debut. >> everyone wants to be saup hero, and it is great to be included in the genre. >> reporter: those are the messages miss marvel's creators hope the world will bring. >> reporter: she is trying to embrace all of the identities at the same time. >> reporter: diversion comic book characters haven't always sold well, but they are hoping to turn that around.
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it's dave warren fast-moving storm bringing rain and snow to this dakotas and minneapolis. it will move quickly through. it is pulling up a lot of warm air from the south. many wind advisories being issued from oklahoma kansas. there is some light snow still coming down, but that storm has moved out. just a few isolated snow flakes and maybe a rain shower. not a lot or widespread and it is moving. over the oregon area, washington, idaho, and montana. the searchtures in seattle will stay down, we'll keep the rain in the forecast saturday and sunday, but by monday and tuesday it is drying out. there is a warmup in denver as that wind goes over the mountains, it sinks on the eastern side. the temperatures climb, but
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there is that cold air with that rain and snow coming down. you see it on the radar plus the clouds. just light snow and rain. this will quickly move through throughout the afternoon aevening. the wind picks up though. there is wind advisory in nebraska and iowa. temperatures across the northeast have dropped. we're chilly this morning and this evening. the wind goes over the warmer waters of the great lakes and you have lake-effect snow coming down. this story should be music to your ears. the british music industry says album sales have doubled in the past year. i only say can 8 tracks be far
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behind? thanks for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters. "techknow" is next. they are talking about concussion technology. ♪ change laughs. we'll look at hardware. this is a show about science by scin histories. kyle hill is an engineer, and he's investigating head-to-head combat and cutting edge technology that can help to detect a concussion before it's too late. >> lindsay moran is an ex-c.i.a. operative. she was packaging that can one day replace


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