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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera my. i am jonathan betz live in new york. cut-off, rusk u workers struggling to reach the survivors of typhoon haiyan. >> john kerry says the u.s. is neither blind nor stupid in negotiating with iran. now, hopes for peace. a different version of the olympics for thousands of tribesmen showing off their skills. tonight, philippine leaders had
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pleading for help. the world is rushing to answer the call. 10 million people have been affected by typhoon haiyan. the american military is helping with search and rescues. europe is sending food and water. president barack obama called the philippine people riz he willient and said the spirit of cooperation will prevail. mr. obama promised more help if needed. the pope led prayer. the philippines is one of the largest catholic populations. rescuers are struggle to go reach townsraphiaged by the typhoon. roads are impassable. wayne hey has more on the relief efforts underway >> reporter: we have so many people at the airport what is left of it anyway. the thing you can see behind me is what is left of the main terminal building at the airport.
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luckily, the tarmac remains largely undamaged. the runway is okay. crucially, the military has been able to fly in here at regular enter vans bringing in aid supplies to the people here who were so badly affected by their storm. then bringing in food, water, some shelter, medical supplies as well so all day long, we are seeing a steady stream of people coming to the airport. so many people want to leave here because their houses have been so badly damaged. there is nothing in taglob a. n for them so they are trying to get out of this area, get back to the capital city manilla for example to safer parts of the philippines. a lot of people you may see at the moment, raining, getting fairly regular showers coming through over the last few days. a lot of people concerned about reports of another storm on its way and what effect that may have on this area again. >> that makes recovery so much
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more difficult. i know. wayne, can you tell us, do you get the impression the aid and the help that's arriving at that airport, is it getting to the victims who need some of these hard hit areas? >> we are hearing regular complaints from people from tacloban city and that they are not seeing any aid any help in the form of soldiers, search and recovery workers or people drivening some food of and water or shelter to them. like i say, many people coming here to the airport to try to get their hands on a small back of supplies people in the areas that have been so badbly affected saying they are not hearing people. bodies on the streets uncovered. there are bodies in some cases still floating in the water. we are hearing a lot of bodies are being taken, also, to some of the makeshift evacuation centers that have been set up in areas like schools or some of these sports facilities but those areas were also so badly
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damaged. it's a pretty grim situation around the town 578d one thing they are calling for as well as the basic necessities is body bags. they need more body bags to be brought in so they can begin at least to start processing the dead in a proper way. >> what about all of the people left homeless by this? what are the conditions like for this them? >> most buildings have beneath completely destroyed or have suffered a fair amount of damage. so, nighttime obviously is the hardest. that seems to be when we are getting most of the rainfall in the very early hours of the morning, so it's a very difficult situation. a lot of people are still very scared as you can imagine about what occurred here the wind, storm surge was so intention that obviously it has killed a lot of people, injured a lot more. those who have survived are still tormented about what happened. when night falls, there is no electricity. the place plunges into complete darkness. there is no communication so
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they cannot call friends and family to tell them that they are okay. it's a daunting prospect as each day passes. and they are hoping some improvement will come their way soon. >> a hope many people have tonight, wayne hay in the fill 15s. jamellea arendoa was preparing to report live. suddenly she found herself fighting for her life. >> a vicious force that paralyzed the entire process. typhoon haiyan swept through the philippines early friday morning. paralyzed roads, also vidal, wiped out in an instance. the typhoon arrived three hours earlier than expected. thousands of people were trapped when water rose as high as five meters. >> we were one of them. right at the eye of haiyan's wrath. this is a little over three hours of the wrath brought into
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this town. this place has become a ghost town. just a few hours ago, we were, ourselves caught up in the middle of what is the most powerful typhoon in the world this year. it was hard because at some point we were preparing and the water started going up. before we knew it, we were by the ceiling, clinging for our lives. it's a miracle that we survived and what we really need to do now is to make our way out of here because there is nothing left. only destruction and death. >> it was the world's most powerful typhoon on record. the damage for a small province for a small town like lata is unprecedented. the governor says he fears 20,000 people are dead. those who survived will face more difficult ahead. the entire process is isolated.
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thousands have been left homeless unsure where to go, searching for shelter in the few structures that remain standing. almost everyone here has a family member or friend who has died. the reality, too hard for many to grasp. >> we almost drowned. it's so difficult. we have nothing left. no place to sleep. not even dry clothes to wear. >> we were in the gymnizium, which is supposed to be our evacuation center, but it just suddenly collapsed. everyone started to run everywhere to save their own lives. >> this hospital is one of the few establishments still operating after the typhoon. >> but doctors here are working under strained conditions. operating on the injured without electricity and clean water. short supply of medicine is running out. >> most of the areas remain
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unreachable. the dead, those who survived cut out from the rest of the world. atnize falls people become more des-pratt. the devastation is staggering. the true exat the present time remains unknown. >> you can hear jamala talk about how quickly that water rose. now i understand the typhoon has hit vietnam a couple of hours ago. >> it has. it has brought over 10 inches of rainfall to the china coast. even after it moved across the south china sea and weakened. as it made landfall earlier this afternoon, it was this afternoon eastern standard time. it started to track in all of that rainfall into north vietnam stretching up into china and then made a northern track. so, it is continuing to bring excessive amounts of rain into not only that northern portion
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of vietnam but stretching forth farther to the north. the philippines is bracing for a second hit as you may have heard them talking about. they are concerned about how much rainfall is headed back into the philippines because we have a cluster of thunderstorms developing a little bit of a cyclone spin. this particular system is going to be tracking towards the philippines as we get into the day monday and mont need. we are expecting to get quite a bit of rainfall but it could strengthen and bring wind as well. we will monitor these changing conditions over the course of the next 12 to 24 hours as this cluster of thunderstorms continues also, as we continue to see the rainfall totals go up for parts of southern china who has already been hit by several typhoons earlier this year. jonathan? >> thanks, rebecca. after three days of talks, no deal with iran over its nuclear program. at the last minute, france objected, worried an agreement would not do enough to stall iran. meetings will resume on november 20th. the extra 10 days could have con
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sequences. white house correspondent patty colhane explains. >> they talked for days. in the end, couldn't agree on what's next for iran's nuclear program as the four ministers headed back to their respectiveka capitols, they went public with their positions for iran's leader broadcasting his bottom line. >> national interests are the a red line. among those rights are nuclear rights within the framework of international law, including the right to enrich uranium. >> it is not sitting well with the long time ally israel who says the goal should be the wholesale sdmajtszing of iran's nuclear program. israel's prime minister took to the american air waveslthsing o nuclear program. israel's prime minister took to the american air waves he is not alone. >> it's not only my concern. there are many arab leaders who are saying this is a very bad
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deal for the region and for the world. when you have the arabs and israelis speaking in one voice, doesn't happen very often. i think it's worth paying attention to us. >> he has backers in the u.s. congress who say they might vote to increase sanctions on iran this week. >> it's an insurance, an insurance for the united states to make sure that iran complies with an agreement, that we would want to see, which is, of course, desirable. >> secretary of state john kerry is warning new seconds could end the discussion, publically lobbying congress to trust the administration and give them more time. >> we are not going in to a full deal and giving away something. we are talking about stopping their program where it is to know it is in fact stopped where it is white we then negotiate the full measure of the deal. >> that may not be enough for the u.s. congress. we could find out this week if
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they will listen to their president or the israel lobby. how they decide could determine if the talks get another chance to succeed. patty colhane, al jazeera washington. >> syria's largest opposition group has agreed to a frank work. the national coalition outlined several conditions which must be met before the talks begin, a guarantee that relife agencies already allowed in and political prisoners to be released. the group said atritional body should be put in place from damascus before the start of talks. thousands of women and children are the victims of domestic violence every year. it takes a physical and emotional toll. as jonathan martin reports, that's not the only cost of domestic violence. >> cathy walsh is a have you evervivor of domestic abuse and the director of the tennessee coalition to and domestic and sexual violence. she says crimes against women are not a private matter. >> domestic violence is an issue that impacts every level of our
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community from law enforcement to courts to social service agencies. >> it's very important. >> the tends economic council on women examined the cost connected to violence against women including human trafficking and sexual assault. they found the cost to the state just last year alone was sta stackering. >> when you deal with the areas that we researched, whether it's in healthcare, the judicial system, law enforcement, we came up with nearly a billion dollars, $886 million. and that is what we could count. >> the latest f.b.i. crime data shows tennessee has the highest per capita violent crime rate of anywhere in the u.s. researchers work closely with state officials trying to understand all of the factors involved. >> reported domestic violence incidents make over half of the crimes against persons reported in our state. it's really kind of a driving force behind our violent crime problem. >> broken down, tennessee spent more than $438 million for
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medical and mental health services, more than 200 million in lost wages and workplace productivity, another 200 million from social service providers and 27 million on law enforcement. the cost for children's services was too high to accurately calculate according to council sub sill's executive director because of the special needs of young survivors. >> children who views their mother being beaten and the kinds of services they need once they become wards of the state and the cost of those services are $900 tests every week because the child was so traumatized. and we have to pay for that. >> the council offered several key recommendations including better documenting domestic violence related injuries and more money to help survivors become independent. they also want more programs that focus on prevention. >> if we want to end violence against women, we must have more resources available for victims
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at the local level. we must work on prevention of violence including working with men, involving men in the movement to change the culture of violence against women. wimust also continue to hold perpetrators accountable. >> state leaders hope understanding real world costs for tennessee will help achieve the most important goal, breaking the cycle of violence, jonathan martin, al jazeera nashville. >> still ahead on al jazeera, over decades of fighting around the land surrounding a temple, the hague will decide the rightful owner. >> i think they should go out to lunch or something and talk about their problems and stuff. >> yeah, wise words from a miami dolphins fan as new details emerge about the team's bullying scandal. "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you.
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>>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
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>> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. >> for 100 years, sty land and
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c cambodia have been fighting over a temple that dates back to the 7th century. it's a extremely significant world heritage site. the u.n. is stepping in. scott hideler has the story from the thai side of the border. >> with words and bullets people have been fighting over the temple for over 100 years. the last bullet was fired just two years ago. but there is hope for clarity on monday. the u.s.'s international court of justice is expected to rule on who owes the land around the term. cambodia controls the temple, itself, established by the icj back in 1962. what's in question now is a 4.6 square kilometer every next to the term. previously thai merchants set up shop there and there was was at this in this disputed zone. after this most recent exchange of begun fire, it was sought 51
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years ago. this school just inside the tie border, artillery shells fell after the student had left an hour. we sat down in a bunker reserved for his 4th grade class. >> when we were told the icj would make a ruling, half of the students were absent. after the ruling, they will not be able to come back for a week. >> prayer is huge in both countries. nationalists have taken it up as a call. >> meeting here on the tie side of the border just hours before the court ruling is due. the governments have said relations are good. there is coordination between the armed forces. >> the thai government is already on edge with thousands of opposition protesters on the streets. if the ruling goes in cambodia's favor, the obviouszition could use it to its advantage. >> if the court made the
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decision of half a verdict, i think it's going to be a big crisis in thai politics. >> the road that leads to the border was sealed last week. it goes through the thai national park. we have been in the area. we have to accept the verdict because we are a member of the u.n. >> no matter which way the individualict falls, both nations say they will work to avoid further cross border conflict. it's the political conflicts that could be their biggest challenge. scott hideler, al jazeera on the thai-cambodia border. >> pakistan private school association says the 16-year-old's book does not represent pakistan and does not respect islam. it's been banned from 40,000
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private schools across country. the teenager has advocated educating girls in pakistan after she was shot in the head by the taliban last year. the school official says she was a role model for children but says this book makes her controversi controversial. okay. time for sports but we are finally, hearing from richie inc incognito about the bullying scandal. >> clarity. he went on the offensive as he opened up about his relationship with dolphin teammate jonathan martin. said martin was his best friend on the team and he regrets those slurs. he said the text messages and voice males were taken out of context and it was just part of the locker room culture. incognito was suspended last week while martin led the team two weeks ago. the league continues to conduct their own investigation. this scandal has definitely been a hot topic, especially for the
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fans. some tailgating fans in miami's take. >> so fans feel this controversy is much ado about nothing. >> if you ask me, it was two grown men that should have been hashed out. it's not bullying because it's a fraternity. we don't understand what goes on in the locker room. >> people make fun of each other and all of that but he is a 300 pound guy. if it was maybe, unj you know, 100 and something, and a 300, but 300 and 300, stand up for yourself. >> other opinions varied. younger fans were disappointed. >> i was kind of shocked because they are grown men. they shouldn't be doing that. they are on the same team. >> in 1972, the miami dolphins had what was referred as the perfect -- revered as their perfect season. the recent turn of events have made this season far from perfect. >> some fans feel this controversy has stained their legacy and tainted the season.
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>> obviously it's going to affect the team in a bad way, i believe, because it's not only one or two people that is going on the whole situation. it's going to affect the whole team because everybody has to deal with it. >> my louis played college football. he thinks what happened is more common than most people think. >> this happens all the time. it's just something that has to be worked out with the coaching and also the players themingsdz. >> one fan says the bullying controversyselves. >> one fan says the bullying controversy gave her an opportunity to talk to her son about bullying. >> it allows us to take it and when they are young and vulnerable so it doesn't create the monster it creates now in adults like in the n.f.l. team. >> while the n.f.l. has appointed legal counsel, one young man offered a simpler solution. >> i think they should go out to lunch or something and talk about their problems and stuff. >> c itina puegue, al jazeera, miami. >> that kid said it best.
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go to lunch. houston, you have a problem. arian foster has decided today have season-ended back surgery for instance his bulging disk in his back. the 27-year-old foster was going to try to play through the pain but he decided to shut it down. remember the two cosmo naughts? today, the torch came back down to planet earth. we are just 88 days away into the 2014 winter olympic games. it's a tradition for the torch to take a trip around the world. >> the final destination will be in sochi, that. the big story, incognito speaks out. >> gotten so many people fired up. >> a riveting story. >> that locker room culture takes you back to high school days? >> we need to here from jonathan martin. >> that's it. thanks, ross.
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>>. >> the story for the united states is snow, and boy are we getting snow in montana, but also around the great lakes, lake superior getting north winds that's caused a la lake-effect snow advisory put into effect. as we look at the wider view, see the moisture coming straight out of the west and that's what's bumping into the cold air over northern montana and two to five inches snow total out of this particular system. what it's going to do is make for slippery roads and bring pour visibility through the passes and mountains in montana, through north dakota, northern portion of south dakota getting snow tonight. what we are watching is up to the north/northeast, high temperatures cooling off. a shot of arctic air. i say a shot because it's going to push down quickly for the north interior. we are also going to get cold air pushing farther south. when that happens, we are all going to start to feel it as the
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temperatures, the highs will be hit and continue to plumbing throughout the rest of the day. this mark is 21 degrees now. you are going to continue to get colder as that air moves to the south. it is air that's not -- just doesn't have a lot of moisture to it. with don't expect to see a tong of snow all over the place but we will see some spots of snow develop. cold air is bringing wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour in m manhattan tonight so we are going to feel the temperatures dropping lower and lower. i will time that out for you and let you know when you could see snow in the air even near the atlantic ocean. jonathan? >> getting cold out there. thanks rebecca. european space agency satellite has now entered earth atmosphere. most has burned up. many remaining pieces could fall. space crafts ran out of fuel last no has been falling towards earth ever since. typhoon haiyan is moving towards
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china after hitting vietnam and the philippines. where the president could declare a state of emergency or even march arecial law. a toxic waste mess, a cancer cluster and the connection to the mafia. >> that's ahead.
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and to contact the centers and th
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sglvenlings. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i am jonathan betz with a look at the headlines tonight. typhoon haiyan is causing problems in china. new video of rescuers to save 12 crew members off several chips off the south coast of china. one sailor was hurt. super typhoon caused damage in vietnam. it weakened when it rolled into the tourist area. several people though were killed there and property damage is expected to be high. the world is answering the call for help in the philippines, the country worst affected by the typhoon. europe is rushing food and water to the region. president obama has ordered the
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u.s. military to help in search and rescue. the typhoon has affected nearly 10 million people. there was a feeling of helplessness for filipino americans in new york city. much of the devastated areas are without power and they have no way of communicating with those abroad. kin henkilhenny dukehardt says waiting for word is almost unbearable. a mer here at the filipino american united church of christ in the richmond hills section of new york. her brother and relatives live on the island of late in the southern philippines, one of the main areas hardest hit by typhoon haiyan. >> i am anxious because i haven't heard for them for two nights. i have been trying to call them for two days, two nights. sometimes, the phones would ring but nobody would pick up. it would say i can't get through
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or it's unattended or sometimes just no connection at all. it's dead. >> widespread power how theages from the -- outages from made communication nearly impossible. milake says her faith fwifz her something to hold on to. >> what can we hold on togives something to hold on to. >> what can we hold on to. >> the past or says the church has raised funds for an earthquake that rocked the philippines weeks ago. now this, as one friend said, we cannot change the path of the tie fudge, but we can have a good attitude in facing this typhoon. so as a pastor, i want to speak about the hope that the resource in our faith to rise up from death to life. >> faith, he says, they will need as information of the scope of the disaster unvomits. >> parishioners say they plan to
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raise money for friends and family but their biggest fear with damaged roads and bridges is that the aid won't get there. kilmeny dukehardt, al jazeera, richmond hill new york. >> with more on the massive typhoon, we want to go to manilla where craig leaseon is life there. i was hoping to get an idea of the scale of the revenge use. are cruise having any luck finding survivors trapped in that debris? >> they are still trying to get into many of these remote areas particularly long the coastline of late island which cost the worst of this typhoon. we are still hearing stories, terrible stories of the survivors and what they are enduring and that is spending night without shelter, looking and searching for food amongest
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the debris. a local news organization is reporting now that some people are actually raiding the dead in order to try to get some sort of sus 10 answer to keep them going. it's three days since this typhoon hit. food is scarce. water is either not there or what is there is contaminated. so a situation of desperation certainly across the worst hit area. >> desperation clearly setting in as you mentioned there, craig. give us a sense. we are hearing about the did international aid heading towards the philippines. is the government overwhelmed? is anything making its way to hard hit areas as the people desperately need this help? there is plenty of aid coming in and more on the way. 200 tons are on the way in cargo
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planes as we speak from due by. there is 40 tons of high energy basic it's coming through the world food program. a lot is reaching sabu and teclobin, the city that was devastated on late island but the problem is coordinating the and getting this aid out to the areas that need it most because mary officials and government officials that are supposed to do that job have, themselves become victims. they can't get the aid to where it's needed most. >> that's the prime problem that the government here in the philippines is having and it's causing a sense of frustration that we are getting certainly from the president and from his cabinet ministers. >> craig, i understand we had video of a baby being born on the floor of an abandoned building after the storm. can you give us an idea of what the medical conditions like are there? i know hospitals are damaged. do people have access to
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doctors, to nurses, to medicine? >> there are some medical staff there. the problem, though, as you mentioned, is that all of the buildings have been damaged, very few are even standing. that includes the hospital. there is also no power and limited communications there. so the hospitals have been operating overnight without lights, without power, trying to assist the wounded and there was that one of good news story as you mentioned of the baby being born in the tower at the airport. at teklobin, of medical officer there, military officer hipping with that birth. those sorts are stories are few and far between. >> at least the there was a little bit of good news amongst minutes re. craig leaseon reporting live. thank you for your time. >> already controversy around this year's u.s. climates talks. the meetings begin to try to solve global warming.
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it's being held in poland where cold is king. >> that's irritating environmentally analysts. >> the 10th can largest consumer of coal and relies on it for all of its electricity and playing host to the u.n. climate change talks. activists say it's no surprise then which companies the organizers have chosen to sponsor the event. >> they include aslar mital, the world's largest steel and mining company. it's activities produced over 190 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. >> that's more than the entire c 02 output for oil producing venzuela. >> also a partner, poland's largest electric company. it rungs this power station, one of the largest fossil power fuel plans in the world?
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>> it's dangerous and we have to insure this conference is for the interests of people in the planet. and these companies add their bottom line is to ensure they continue to maximize. it's akin to having cigarette company sponsoring a conference on lung cancer and being surprised when the conference says smoking is acceptable and should be encouraged. >> others say the involvement of business and some of the dirtiest is welcome and necessary. >> business, you know, is really world about climate change. it's a big issue for many companies. business has to be part of the solutions to climate change as well. we can't do it without engaging into business. >> how to help the world's most vulnerable populations will also be on the agenda as will a new plan to replace the key oyoto protocol. there is a growing awareness any new emissions agreement must include developing nations, in
11:38 pm
particular india and china. >> since 1990, cashbon dioxide emissions from the united states have remained more or less constant. add the emissions of other industrialized countries and you even see a decline mirroring the recent down turn. look at china's emissions. see where the real increases line. more than 10% between 2009 and between. add the other companies and you get a sense of where the greatest challenges lie in reducing emissions. >> the warsaw meeting is not expected to result in any breakthrough agreements. those taking part say they hope it will lay important groundwork for a future pack pact. with so many competing voices and interests, common ground, as always, will be hard to find. climate change is the focus of our regular sunday night look at the week ahead.
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the warsaw meetings, there is fear we will see more powerful storms. this week's meetings follow years of attempts to get the world to agree on how to fight global warming but none have put much of a dent in the problem. the next big meeting will be in paris in 2015. warsaw is just a stop language the way, to explore new approaches to the problem and how to get the largest polluters like china and the u.s. on board. we talked about earlier with scott barrett with columbia university and andrew friedman, a writer at climate sashed tral. >> it's not about reducing emissions here and there which is what the talks have been about in the past. it's about a fundamental change, basically you need a technological revolution to bring net emissions worldwide down to zero glenn. >> what they could talk about doesn't make a difference because the problem is so big and the solution is so enormous that you can't agree to something like this in these talks? >> no. the talks are important for the
11:40 pm
following reason: no country wants to go very far on its own unless it knows they will go with it. the u.s. when it progressed with legislation that eventually did pass the house. >> at first, to be clear, the united states was reluctant to go along with a lot of these proposals. >> the united states has been am bif leapt, i would say. i mean the united states. the senate was never going to ratify that agreement. the treaty requires 2 thirds majority of the u.s. senate. >> not easy on any topic. >> yeah. >> much less global warming. your thoughts on the typhoon. it was a major topic or expected to be a major topic when those talks began. do you think those talks with maybe change the dialogue, give negotiators a little bit more agency? >> the problem with the typhoon is the science so farso is
11:41 pm
rather uncertain about direct better between typhoons and climate change we know several things. we know that the occasions are warming, that the air is holding more water vapor, that that gives more power to storms. we know sea levels are rising. when a storm hits, you are going to get more damage. so these eyelant stands, the philippines is a large developing country. a lot of the small island nations are, you know their existence is on the line. >> when you look at the big picture here, the green house gasses reached record levels last year, since 1901, global temperatures have risen almost two degrees. that may not sound like type of but scientists fear by the middle of the next century, it could leave the arctic ocean ice free during the summers and since 1992, see levels have risen about a 10th of an inch per year, astounld to go think about because at that rate, many low lying coastal cities could be under water in a few decades. why is it so hard to get people to really embrace this idea that this needs to be taken
11:42 pm
seriously? >> it's a very -- couple of things. it is a slow process if it required very little to change this whole system, we would do it. >> but we are going to have to he restructure the global energy system. >> the u.s. has a lot more credibility with epa regularlations, obama's climate action plan, with what we are doing on adaptation. china has taken a number of steps recently to try to rein in admissions due to public health problems. >> you are hopeful? >> i am hopeful some of the key players,pushed further. scott is right. as he has written, this is a classic prisoner's dilemma where everybody agrees on the broader goal here that the insentative for each party is not necessarily to act towards that. >> how to fix the problem is still the big met re. okay. scott barrett, andrew friedman, thank you for coming in tonight. we appreciate it.
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again, talks begin tomorrow in warsaw. three big problems are am coming to a head in southern italy, the mafia, toxic waste, and cancer. cloud i can't reports from italy. >> this is a land where grass barely grows. in the countryside around naples, tons of toxic rubbish has been polluting the soil for decades. local residents, fran ches 0 and rommer 0 say the waste is killing the environment and also killing them. >> first my husband was diagnosed with cancer. then me. my neighbor and six colleagues all got cancer, too. >> that's when i started suspecting it had something to do with the nearby landfill. >> they are among hundreds of residents who say the mountains of toxic waste illegally dumped by the mafia for decades has led to a dramatic rise in cancer rates in the area.
11:44 pm
>> back in 1997, a former mafia boss admitted organized crime buried millions of tons of toxic waste a lucrative dirty bids. >> in a statement made recently public, the people living near the landfills are all at risk of dying from cancer within 20 years. i don't think they will survive. 16 years later, a local oncologist says with cancer rates in the area three times higher than the national average, the prediction is now coming true. >> what really hurts is not only discovering the criminals have been poisoning us for 20 years but discovering that the state knew about it and hasn't warned us. >> it's not obviously toxic industrial waste that the rules the ecosystem and the health of residents around here all kind of unsorted january eric waste
11:45 pm
lands in landfills like this one, turning this region into italy's unofficial dumping site. >> now residents are calling for the authorities to clean up their act so that these toxic dumps won't pollute the area for general rests to come. >> just ahead on al jazeera america, the man who has been at the center of the n.f.l. hazing scandal speaks out. that's ahead in sports. plus tribal gangs, dozens of brazilian tribe members compete in their own version of the olympi olympics. and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> what do you think? >> stories that matter to you
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consider this unconventional wisdom. weeknights 10 eastern on al jazeera america
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united nations has issued a critical account of work conditions for my grants in
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qatar. a special human rights envoy says there are positive reforms taking place but more needs to be done. in particular, he highlighted the housing standards of laborers working construction projects. >> i have seen dwellings by my grant workers. this is a stain in the reputation of qatar, the richest country. they should not. >> u.s. representatives qatar should allow workers to union eyes and stronger productitectir labor rights. all right. back here with sports. denver marketing a statement today? >> very impressive, jonathan,
11:49 pm
peyton manning and the broncos were playing without john fox who underwent surgery. sot broncos decided to send out a get well present from sackiago. peyton runs the show on offense. broncos against the chargers, it was a showdown. thomas tippy toes into the end zone. the chargers could not stop. again with damarious. could they score the trifecta? chargers not playing much defense today. holding on for the 28-20 correct occur. pay to the gets leveled chief shot. we will find out. mapping says an mri tomorrow shows a lower body injury. >> somebody around my feet.
11:50 pm
so, i have to see the play. i don't know what happened tblth. they are near my lower limbs. >> pretty sore. pretty sore. they got me. they kind of got me twice in kind of that lower area. so, i felt better coming in. pretty sore. an mri tomorrow. so, probably. >> know a little more then. >> let's go streaking in san francisco because the panners have won four straight games, d'angelo williams down the sideline. in the fourth. a 40 yard field go in the day redeems himself. 53 yarder. 10 to 9. they are some kind of special. they were harassing kapernick
11:51 pm
all day long. san francisco had one last shot. could kapernick come back? not happening. floren seals the deal. 10-9 victory to improve the 6 and 3 on the season. early on, looks great. cutler finds the favorite target, brandon marshal but would later leave. he was not 100%. that ties up at 7. in the fourth detroit nursing a 14-13 leave with stafford, throwing it up to calvin johnson. 6' 5", same as jonathan betz. lions would hold off bears. all alone, first place in the nfc north.
11:52 pm
breese was on. saints gain their booggy, 28 point. brees would hit suppose and shorty takes 28 yards. he is like my height. 5' 7" with a lot more skill. going to page. incognito says he is misunderstood and told fox that jonathan martin was his best friend on the team and the textmentals and voicemails were taken out of context. first time of his alleged scanlux. incognito says he regrets using the slurs and the situation is not a bullying issue. he said it's an accepted part of the team's locker room culture. >> put in the context, i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised. people don't know how jong and i communicate to one another. for instance, a week before this
11:53 pm
went down, jonathan martin texted me on my phone: i will murder your whole f'ing family. now, do i think jonathan martin was going to murder my family? not one bit. i knew it was coming from a brother. i knew it was coming from a friend. i knew it was coming from a teammate. that just puts in context how we communicate with one another. i am not a racist, and to judge me by that one word is wrong. in no way, shape, or form is it ever acceptable for me to use that word, even if it's friend to friend on a voicemail. >> now at least we have some clarity. we have one side. now we need to hear from jonathan martin as well as the develop ins. >> spoofeding story. it's funny how that has so much attention? >> front page national headlines. >> tabloids, too. keeping the sports thing going as preparing for the world cup in olympics, another kind of game is getting attention, the indigenous games where blowing darts is valued more than kicking a goal. al jazeera gay bre yell lazonta
11:54 pm
has more. >> one of the highlights here in brazil was certainly the bow and arrow event. is he saw more than 20 different indigenous people partake in this from more than 10 different dribs, shooting the arrow trying to score points. the person who got the most points ended up winning. it was a color phil event. indid i knowous people were concentrating very intensely. it's interesting that not every indigenous tribe uses bow and arrows in their community but they participated anyway. as it is a sporting event. today was very good for us. our main objective was not only to hit the target but also change the way people view us and break any misconceptions they have that create theirs between the pitet white man and indigenous people.
11:55 pm
>> for us, it was wondish things to do. i am a tribal leader and it's an honor for the potoxo youth to be part of this, to be proud of our culture and traditions to striant en our people. >> this arena was built specially for these indigenous games and it was filled with spectators today enjoying this. many it was the first time they h had encountered face to face indigenous people. >> this is what they had to say. >> besides the games, what i find the most beautiful is to see so many different drives and all of their jewelry and body painting. that is for me very fascinating. all of the cultural wealth. >> these games will be going on all week. we expect to see more traditional games in the coming days, things such as blow darts, also something like a throw of a sphere kind of like the javelin. all of these will be going on as the week progresses here at the
11:56 pm
12th annual indigenous games at brad i will. >> athletes' fair. rebecca will be back next in a look at your weather.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> we had the typhoon moved in to china and did more than move. it dumped well over 10 inches of rainfall first through the china coach. they have evacuated in some places 133,000 people. >> that's according to the chinese media. they were reporting that and also saying that they moved this up to a red alert. there is a 4-color system that china uses to alert residents of the kind of storms that are moving in. we are going to continue to see plenty of rainfall from this storm. typhoon haiyan as it moved ashored, north of vietnam and took a north turn into china and it's going to continue to move north/northwest over the course of 12 hours. we are looking back to another development of a system, a tr tropical system that may very well become a tropical storm an
11:59 pm
alert to watch this. could bring rain and wind. we look at temperatures in the u.s. i wanted to note we've got 30s to the north of areas like toronto and 36 for cleveland dropping into the 40s, east coast. things are really changing fast as cold air moves in. we already had one to two inches of snow and pictures of northern new york earlier. as we look at the snow forecast, we can expect monday night, early tuesday morning we will start to see snow showers with minor accumulations for pittsburgh to philadelphia. the close ever to the atlantic ocean you are, the better chances of snow. temperatures are chilly. arctic air is heading south for all of us in the northern plains.
12:00 am
>> you are watching al jazeera america. here are tonight's headlines. the international community is rushing aid to the philippines tonight. the american military is in the reamingon helping with search and rescues. and europe is sending food and water. we now know an estimated 10 million people have been affected by typhoon haiyan. that super storm moved in to vietnam late this afternoon. it weakened considerably by then. property damage is expected to be high. secretary of state john kerry is on the defensive after talks that iran's nuclear program ended with no deal. world powers want to curb iran's program while iran wants relief from economic sections. more meetings are scheduled later this month. a european


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