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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> and warm welcome from me, david foster. these are the stories we're covering in detail. in the next 60 minutes. >> we need water and medicine. >> a major international relief effort underway to help millions in the philippines affected by the typhoon disaster. >> there is no question, on relaxing if pressure on sanctions in any way. >> the british prime minister says, if no deal is reached with
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world powers. >> hello i'm jillian mcdonald, all the world news including: running battles between rioters and police as poland's independence day celebrations again turn violent. also, emotionally climate. why -- emotional climate how this man was reduced to tears at a major negotiable conference plus. >> african migrants who pass through lampedusa say they're being let down by the european union. >> the philippines president has declared a state of that the calamity, following the typhoon haiyan. rescue works are struggling to reach some towns and villages
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which have been cut off since the storm. well, the u.n. is sending in a plane carrying 60 tons of aid, water purification aids, 55 tons of food, rescue boats marines and other military equipment. several european countries helping, germany says it has many troops on the ground. australia and new zealand are donating $12.5 million of food and temporary shell terse. we have reporters on the ground, we will hear from are wayne hay, in tacloban city. first marta ortigas on relief on the way to help survivors. >> relief is coming in, helping
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the victims of typhoon haiyan. because of the extent of the devastation much of the help can't get to where it's needed. please tell my family i'm alive. we need water and medicine because a lot of people we're with are wounded. some are suffering from diarrhea and dehydration due to shortages of food and water. >> many of those who 75 the strongest storm in history -- survive the strongest storm in history can't even let their families know how they are. the primary goal government officials say is to clear a path through the debris for help to get through. >> the roads are not yet accessible, okay? i myself already help, even the day after the storm we were retrieving bodies, at the same time clearing roads. and the problem is 90% to 95% of
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people in city hall are also casualties. >> it seems no one in haiyan's path was spared. in all more than 9.5 million people across 44 provinces in the philippines were affected and the feeling of desperation three days after the typhoon hit is easy to see. >> translator: my daughter's wounds are pop and they are bad. it needs to be operated on but she cannot be transferred to another hospital because there is no transportation. >> to help themselves many of the victims have taken to looting. not just damaged establishments but even taking what they can from the dead. >> you have to understand that the people here show some, some and just a few, some violent actions because they're hungry. because they're thirsty. it is not because they want to harm anybody. >> special force he have been brought in -- force he have been brought in to keep the peace.
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more importantly, battalions from manila. help is arriving now the challenge is to deliver it to the people who need it. mary ortigas, al jazeera, manila. >> first light brings many hope to people in the central philippines. each day signals flights from the military, taking people owflt a out of an area largely destroyed by typhoon haiyan. those who have lost everything. people walk for huge distances to get to the airport in the hope they may find some food or water given out by the military or a ticket out. etched on their face he the pain of what's becoming an increasingly desperate situation. many people who have chosen to stay for now are still struggling to come to terms with the disaster. >> we really want to get out of the house because the water is
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coming in. i have three kids. i don't know what to do. and then we transfer to the house of my mother. >> as the people walk they pass many bodies on the side of the road. in places, the stench is becoming unbearable. removing the bodies is a slow process. those that have been collected are taken to a makeshift morgue. after which they're being taken to mass graves. it is very early days but from what we see, there is very little crediting to be done, doesn't seem to be many picking through the rubble looking for missing. at the time people seem to be in survival mode. while there is security in some place he and a nighttime curfew in place looting is still a problem. here the remains of a supermarket were being picked through and taken away. small teams of medics are doing what they can to cover basic
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wounds suffered by the storm. with bodies lying around and no sanitation, other health problems may soon arrive. >> prevent diarrhea because we don't have rrm conditions around,. >> there is little people can do for those issues, but fending for themselves in a city that has been torn apart. wayne hay? al jazeera. rebel held town, in an attempt to recapture it, activists say there have been many are casualties. the rebels only are control a few areas in the country side. on the ground in syria it's not just a artillery bombs raing down, also fire. cuban rights watch claims there have been 56 such attacks in the
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last year. a warning, some of thieves images -- some of these images are upsetting. >> aleppo syria. the victims were students and teachers at school. the group, human rights watch, said a syrian credit jet dropped 9nahanywawhynapaln. >> documented in the last year. the rights group, accuses the syrian air force much using being weapons in are residential areas. cause burns that are difficult to treat, and kill. >> what i saw in syria in august, stands alone, in terms
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of the cruelty, the athe extent of the devastation, the are severity of the injuries i saw. >> just as they did for the government's use of chemical weapons. >> because the red line, the red bar has been set too high and it has been set only on chemical weapons. implicitly saying anything below that is not such a big problem. it is a big problem. we've documented abuse after abuse, in syria. >> iincendiary weapons, which te government to have used on august 21, that was a major turning point in the conflict. utter pled to an international deal get rid of syria's chemical
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weapons stock pile. that hasn't stopped the war. many have criticized the deal, they feel removing chemical weapons from the battle field makes little difference. the international community gave syria permission ting use weapons. even so, human rights watch says the government has violated international law. are al jazeera beirut. >> well a thousand people who have fled syria to yeept have been told to get out. egypt had detained more than 1 1500 refugees from syria pf. thawsh only alternatively is to go to lebanon, around 300 syrian and palestinian refugees are
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still being held behind bars. jeff.stohl is reporting. >> we are talking about a subset of about 1500 people, including a lot of children, several hundred children who have been detained by egyptian authorities because they attempted to leave egypt by boat, to be smug smuggd into egypt. broken a law by leefg, attempting to leave egypt you know irregularly, but what we're we're complaining about is the fact that they're held without charge in are police stations, in terrible conditions, precisely in order to force them to, quote unquote, voluntarily go back to syria.
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>> agreed to cooperate with the international nuclear watchdog to allow greater monitoring of its nuclear sites. give you inspectors what has been described managed access to a uranium mine and a heavy water plant. the deal was signed by the iaea's chief, after talks between iran failed over the weekend in geneva, charles stratford has this report. >> the head of the nuclear watchdog iaea, an agreement break through that will give inspectors greater access to iran's nuclear program. >> under the program iran and iaea will cooper further with respect to their station activities to the undertake by the iaea to resolve all present and past issues.
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>> under the deal teheran has promised to provide information to u.n. inspectors about planned nuclear facilities and take steps to ensure greater trap transparency to its program. >> in order to solve our willingness to solve the problem, we were allowed by the iran's national security council to allow iaea inspectors into the iran heavy water plant and also the mine in abbas. >> world powers and iran on how to limit or suspend teheran's nuclear program. teheran is eager for a deal to ease years of international essential that have stopped much of its oil exports an credit crippled the economy. failed to broke are such an agreement, failing those talks u.s. secretary of state john
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kerry flew to arab emirates to ensure america's allies. >> the united states will, however long he is president, make sure we stand up and defend our allies in this region against any kind of external threat or attack. >> kerry denied that can diplomats have been denied in geneva. >> there is a gap still between what language may be appropriate that they're prepared to accept, but the concept that we are all working on we have absolute unity on. >> britain's foreign secretary says the opportunity for agreement with rawp should not be -- iran should not be lost. >> peace and security of the world. that is why we must build momentum behind the geneva negotiation and why we and iran must ensure that the opportunity of making progress does not slip
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away in the coming weeks. >> iran has always maintained its nuclear policeman is for peaceful purposes. there may be no agreement yet between iran and world powers over how to deal with teheran's nuclear plans but granting greater access to nuclear sites to united nations smerks last been a demand-- inspectors has been a demand for many years. coming up where an ancient temple, who has been determined to have won the dispute. a rape of somali woman by african union troops. >> and barcelona will gain, but at what cost. later on in sports.
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cars have been set on fires, during violence in poland's international day. julia mcdonald is in our european center. david, thank you. the third year running that these ra celebrations have turned nasty. two officers were injured and other people were hospitalized after, are joins me now on the phone. hi there phil. what's the latest, just how serious are the protests getting? >> at the moment things seem rather quiet but that is no indication of how things are going to develop, because every time it seems quieting down something else flares up. what's happening at the moment is a number of the more vocal nationanationalists, are involva standoff with police. an hour or so ago, riot police
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turned up. there must be about a thousand of them here forming three lines blocking this area. they announcinged that three would forcibly remove them if they wouldn't come out. one police officer have been set on fire and four injured, as they try to remove these protestors from the park. this one particular road, that's why there's these huge human barriers. official residence of the prime minister, to the right two minutes walk is the russian embassy. that building as you can imagine was incredibly heavily guarded today, nevertheless, these protesters managed to set fire to the blocks. the police they didn't want to get too involved in this process, the internationalists because they had reached a deal, and the deal went like this: the nationalists said to the
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police, your presence will only antagonize, it will make the situation worse so we will police the crowd ourselves. they had stewards in green uniforms who were trying to keep the police. at some point some of the more hard liners, those on the edge of the march, started to get a little bit angry. they started setting fire to cars, they started setting fire to an art installation, a huge rainbow, that stands for gay rights in this part of warsaw. that mass been set on fire in the fourth time in as many weeks and the police were very keen not to get involved, butter at some point they -- but at some point they thought they had to. that's whit got out of control -- that's when it got out of control. the protestors some of whom we believe were carrying weapons, they definitely are carrying fireworks and flares. they have been throwing them, threw one at us am 1st point, at one of -- at one point.
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>> phil, thank you. well, still in the polish capital where delegates from almost every country on earth are attending climate talks, trying to foorm pact to -- form a pact to avoid global warming. tearfully announced that he would until they would agree on a meaningful outcome. >> we can fix this. we can stop this madness right now right here in the middle of this football field and stop moving the goal posts, mr. president, your excellency, honorable minister my delegation calls on you most respectfully to lead us and let poland and warsaw be remembered forever as the place where we truly cared
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to stop this madness. >> italy has called for a wider european union to stop gangs from smuggling migrants across the mediterranean sea. malta's capital discussed the migration crisis which has seen tens of thousands of africans risk their lives to enter europe. on the island of lampedusa and most recently in malta itself. 2011 attack at the airport arrivals terminal, three of the accused received life sentences for providing the bomber with his explosives. the bomber's brother who claimed to know nothing about the attack was jailed for ten years. families five british activists and the journalist
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detained in russia say they are pr concerned with the slowness of 60 days after the so-called arctic 30 were arrested. lawrence v reports now from london. >> it's nearly eight weeks now since the greenpeace protesters were arrested in russian territorial waters. not been much in the way of progress towards getting them home. some have been through courts in preliminary hearings. their charges have been reduced from piracy to hooliganism. even that contains a seven year term. massive push to convince the russian authorities to show some leniency and just deport them instead. in the meantime they have moved from murmansk. government minister afterwards they have this gloomy assessment
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of progress so far. >> these guys are so far away, none of us have yet been able to visit. communication between lawyers and foreign office officials is incredibly important, and i think probably in the foreign office i got a glimpse and obit more of an understanding about how frustrating are that is for us today. >> they are working on our behalf. they have explained that. to some not enough. but there are other issues worldwide that they had to deal with. >> the russian view on all in is that d in all this that their territory had been breached. also argue that it is hypocritical for places like britain, where environmental protesters should not be are arrested. they would say this is where any comparison ends. there are genuine concerns here
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in government as well as among the relatives of the so-called arctic 30 as to what the long term psychological as well as physical effects would be of a long period in a russian jail. and on top of that, of course, there's no sign of the russian authorities being moved by the international frur. so the -- pressure. so the pressure goes on. lawrence lee, al jazeera, london. >> back to david in dna. >> thank you very much indeed. a senior leader has been shot dead in pakistan. riding a motorcycle near the capital isla islamabad. kamal hydir has more from coleman bad . >> famous commander was called on the outskirts of islamabad,
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one of the leading front pipeline commanders of the are taliban said to be are active in the region, while no one knows who carried out the attack, according to eyewitnesses, two people riding on ooh motorcycle are said to have approached him when he was found dead at a road side, then opened fire at an ument weapo,funeral prayers were was buried in that particular area. >> the u.n.'s highest court last ruled on a case of disputed territory around a 11th century tell bl. the court decided in favor of cambodia and said thailand must withdraw all soldiers from the area. >> watching with anticipation. thais and cambodians student in
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to witness what was history, the court was to decide which one can call 4.6 square kilometers next to the temple theirs. after reading the are ruling, the answer. >> cambodia had sovereigncy over the entire area. >> what sounded like a clear cut victory, wasn't. >> translator: thais and cambodians have a brother hood relationship with a common culture and history together. therefore it is necessary for both countries to cooperate with each other to the mutual benefit of the people of both countries. >> both countries want the little slip of land. it's important for good access tot temple but in thailand it has grown into one of the top political issues and has been taken on by nationalists who
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blame the ruling party for losing territory. for some it is a local issue and they are worried about a return to violence. >> i'm afraid that after the verdict people will start firing because they have experienced it before and they don't want to live in fear again. >> both sides have agreed to a peaceful resolution and the day of the verdict came to an end with no violence. local residents, this court ruling won't ease that tension any, but the politicians here will view it as a clear victory for cambodia. >> about the reaction for the cam bodians if they are not gaining what they ask for, they must accept the ruling. >> so now the two countries will have to work closely to move forward. overcoming the challenges from internal pressure to find a solution both nations can live with. and hopefully, prosper from. scott heidler al jazeera on the
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thai-cambodia border. still ahead, are preconditions for participating in talks. opposition parties in nepal calls for a transportation strike ahead of next week's election. and in credit sport, are felipe massa bids farewell.
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and to contact the centers and the luzo
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and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those
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conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories. >> this is david foster and this is the al jazeera news hour. the philippines president has declared a state of national calamity, after typhoon haiyan. it is estimated that 10,000 people may have died and that millions are in need of food and water. polish riot police have clashed with protest erst. taking place on poland's international independence day. iran has agreed to allow u.n. inspectors more access to its test fasts. joining us from washington is
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lawrence cole, fellow at the mr. center for american progress. with regard to israel in particular, it doesn't seem to be entirely happy and kerry doesn't seem to mind. >> i think at a that israel is not going to be happy unless iran completely gets rid of its flurbe be nuclear program. what's best for it regardless of anybody's concerns. >> we have to look at the fact that the administration can say whatever it likes but with regard to sanction he this has to get through congress and that is not a forgone conclusion. >> it's going to be difficult but i think if president obama throws his full weight behind it and shows that this is only a
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temporary deal, not the final deal, that if you don't make a temporary deal your other option he are terrible. nobody wants a military strike so i think he needs to sell it on that basis and i'm confident he will be able do it. nothing is easy in american politics these days. >> a particular phrase comes to mind, that is ronald reagan saying, mr. gorbachev tear down that wall. is barack obama here thinking that he might be able to find his place in history in his second term? are. >> yeah, there's no doubts about it. you know president reagan when he started negotiating with gorbachev after he made that statement was criticized by a lot of people even in his own party, called minimum neville chamberlain. as a chance to be transformal,
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transformational. where he ask make his mark. >> let's are come full circle in the conversation. and talk about the u.s.'s current attitude towards israel. there appears to be more hostility than many people might have expected to see from a nation that seems to be sometimes sort of in awe of the power that the jewish and israeli lobby holds over american politics. >> well, i think it's important to keep in mind we have an israeli loib lobby, we have an n lobby, that's the way our system works. there's no doubt of the fact that the prime minister netanyahu has a particular point of view, others feel he's overreacting, some of them basically disagree with his concerns about how close iran is to getting a nuclear weapon. >> we appreciate your time.
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thank you very much indeed, that's lawrence corb talking to us from washington, d.c. >> thank you. >> syria will take part in proposed talks in geneva but only if a number of conditions are met. they are not new conditions. anita mcnaught reports. >> there was a lot of pressure on delegates at the syrian opposition coalition to agree at least in theory to agree in part to the geneva 2 talks. where representatives of several european governments and the united states all pushing for a yes and in the end a yes wha was what they got. the conditions around the yes were so strict some noted they were impossible for the other side, the assad side to agree to. the statement said the syrian delegation will participate in the conference only if a
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traditional government was set up, including full military and security powers, that full access into syria was given to relief and humanitarian organization he, am release of all held by the regime including are women and children. >> note these conditions are not new. one syrian delegate told me they had arrived at this position by putting aall previous international agreements into a blender. references, u.n, syrian meeting in october and original kofe anan in october 2012. >> scirnltly rejected the idea of talks that insisted that the regime removes itself. another challenge is who enforces this opposition agenda for the talks, that lies with
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the russians according to the snc. the russianed, if they don't support it: >> that geneva 2 will lead nowhere. geneva is not the end. it's a means. aand if the russians are serious they will put forth their partner, the syrian government to go to geneva and to agree to geneva 1. >> despite the possibility that this is as far that peace talks can go for now, the international community is off the syrian opposition's backs and there was a rare consensus, opposed to going to geneva at all, anita mcnaught, al jazeera. >> after a tropical cyclone hit northeastern somalia swept away homes and livestock. hundreds of people still unaccounted for. a national disaster emergency is
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being declared. the alleged raich of a somali -- rape of a smali woman by african union forces was investigated so badly it made the situation worse. inquiry in the way security officials look into the incident are said to have intimidated the woman. there have been several rape allegations against several members of the african union peace keeping force. 18,000 soldiers deployed from the african union, protect somalia's government. the african union plans to increase the number of peace keepers to 26,000. lletitia benjamin netanyahu bada reports. >> straight away in august they set up a technical committee to investigate the allegation he.
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but very -- allegations. but very quickly, in terms of how the investigation was carried out at the technical level but also in terms of the lack of information about the investigation, by the government, has basically shown a lack, really, of of will to make sure that this investigation is carried out effectively transparently and we really get to the truth of these allegations. there needs ton strong political message -- to be strong political messaging, that harassment intimidation of individual who are coming forward and reporting on this very serious issue are not going to be intimidated during the investigations. >> police in nepal have arrested 80 people who have been are protesting ahead of next week's general election. calling for a nationwide are strike. sabrina strester reports.
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>> people come out tentatively to determine whether the strike is on. nationwide strike includes a hard line splinter group credit of the maoist group. elections held on the 19th of november, this is the second time nepal is going to the polls to elect an assembly. the last assembly was dissolved a year and a half ago and the process of writing a constitution has been in limbo ever since. >> the four main parties and opuppet government cannot give the people a people's constitution. an election faced under the shadow of 60,000 cannot be for a democracy. they are are going for an election that will guarantee a constitution. >> but as the day goes on the streets become busier. the american maoist party still
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campaigns door to door. security force he are seen out in large numbers and the dash-maoists are nowhere to be seen. direct violation of their right to protest but people here who are so tired of strike are taking comfort in the security forces and many have started coming out on the street carrying on the daily activities. >> the dash-maoists have called for a transportation strike starting on tuesday all the way to the elections. in the city a few vehicles have been set on fire. there are reports of small bombs in other parts of the country. >> they cannot ask or someone request people not to go to the police station, that would be against pleks laws and code of conduct. they come out like that then they will be taken into custody detension and will be appropriate reply booked. >> people here hope that elections will take place safely and that anyone alis wil nepaliy
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get the election they hoped for. 90% of the global supply 1 out offully people circulate is a drug addict, most of them receive no treatment whatsoever. jennifer gla glasse speaks to oe woman. >> they are the forgotten ones, addicts, open sewer getting high. one woman brings the promise of hope. this is leilla hideery. >> so leila tries to find them a place. she runs a private shelter where she helps the addicts to get
1:42 pm
clean. there aren't enough to treat these addicts and leila has only 25 beds. many of them will not make their way into treatment. but on this day there are four lucky ones. she takes them to a government hospital and pleads for them to be admitted. the doctors know her but it's the first time she's brought patients here. >> the cultivation of poppy and exphulg of drugs is increasing every day in afghanistan. naturally the number of drug users increase too. >> she's brought two addicts to her modest shelter where they will journey the others to stop using drugs through mutual counseling and a 12 step program. addicts stay here for a month then return for follow up. she has a 50% success rate. are. >> translator: i find that we're all the same here. no prejudice or language problem. we try to support each other. the first stage of quitting is very difficult. it's only been four days since
1:43 pm
i've stopped using drugs. >> zarif used drugs for most of his adult life. now he's just he happy cleaning in hidery asks'ry are's restaur. she isn't democraticking enough customers to take the bills yet but she's hopeful. it's a revolutionary model. hidery's husband divorced her when she started helping addicts. she hasn't seen her children since then. she says nothing will stop her from doing what she can for the rest of the world has forgotten. jennifer gleark glasse,-j al ja. >> in sport, we'll have detail often some of the world's top
1:44 pm
golfers, teeing off on a rather unusual course. after this.
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>> a lawyer representing the former prime minister is being questioned by prosecutors. we'll go to julie in london for more on that. >> david, thank you. officials say they're quizzing but insist he's not under arrest. however, sent text mechanisms to political allies fearing he will be detained. it's not immediately clear what
1:46 pm
he's being questioned about. are release from jail for medical treatment in jerm in. temeshenko is serving years in office for abuse while she was in office. prime minister says the care karpathian mountains, use of cyanide to extract the gold. john siropolous imr reports now. >> russia ploonrussia montana ia gold mine. the russia montana gold operation wants to mine it. it says it will are spend more than half the proceeds in the remaining economy or in direct taxes and royalties for the government. that should be music to the ears of zeno conia, a local, who is
1:47 pm
strongly opposed. >> translator: this project will destroy the environment. more than 250 hec hectares wille dumped into the valleys. when i worked in mining exploitation was ration april. what the company is proposing is a savage exploration. >> the company said it will dig up 12 square kilometers, a pinprick on the map but a world for the inhabitants. russia montana gold corporation plans to use cyanide to extract the gold from its ore, a highly are poison ousous material.
1:48 pm
the company says an environmental catastrophe is already underway here. open pits and rock dumps left when mining was abandoned seven years ago, is leeching minerals. >> we are talking about very high concentrations of cadmium and arsenic going straight into the river system. basically what we are proposing is the mining but also cleaning up the area and having a lot better environment by the end of the mining project. >> the company says that public opinion is divided last august prime minister tabled a fast track law for russia montana in parliament. the government is taking the bill back to the drawing board.meanwhile russia montana gold operation is growing
1:49 pm
restless. it hasn't extracted an ounce of gold since it was formed 16 years ago. its cash flow depends on shareholder faith. that faith and the value it brings are corroding. john siropolous, ldges in the western karpathian mountains in russia. trayeen describes how francesco are skatino didn't deliberate, tipped over near the island of gi giglio in the mediterranean. >> eu counterpart ignatio garcia
1:50 pm
are hoping to settle on a transatlantic deal by the end of next year. countries around europe have commemorated armistice day. whitehall while in france, 70 people were arrested, protestors in paris have been callings for are francois hollande to resign. argentine, four time world player of the year. raul patac has the action. >> it is a sight that has become
1:51 pm
worryingly familiar, 18 minutes into barcelona's game, following a stand on monday the club revealed the player would be out for up to six to eight weeks with a hamstring injury. however barcelona insists this previous injury is not linked to others this season. twice in the league this season, first half goal from namar and individual effort, aren't exactly short of individual brilliance. 2 more goals from sesk fabrigast, to record a 4-bun win. barcelona extended their win, dropped points for only the second time this season. this game against villa real,
1:52 pm
mario gaspar into his own net. final score 1-1,. >> villa real maintained their challenge for champions league next season. al jazeera. about 50 supporters of a southern italian football club are being negotiated, issuing death threats against opponents. be are supporters were band from the stadium, they responded by making sure the ma match was suspended by allegedly are, forcing credit to stop the match. egyptian site, won a are record eight, fifa club world club in september, stadium in cairo to see the side beat south
1:53 pm
africa's in in midfielder, second half when the victory was confirmed when ahmed abdul, four fingered salute a symbol for egyptian president mohamed morsi. >> i feel as though we are playing for all of egypt not for specific teams, god has blessed us by allowing us to intleat during the difficult period we are fighting through, another match itself because of the fans of the soul of egyptian football. >> meanwhile abdul why veheres, made headlines in january 2008 for reveeg revealing his suppor gaza.
1:54 pm
in february 2011 fans played a large role in the protests, that led to the downfall of hospital nehosnemubarak. >> defending champion are djokovic, against are rafael nadal. djokovic brushed past winning 6-3 kc 6-3. the final against rafa takes place on monday. >> for both of us for him it is the final match of the season, for me i have a davis cup final next week. but both of us want to finish up the season in style. >> roger federer, one mowr and
1:55 pm
90 minutes to win 7-5, 6-3 against seven time champion. gls all the fantastic things that happened this year, have the chance to finish the season playing the final last month of the year, you know, the toughest of race for me to play and against the best players of the world be able to win four matches in a row is an amazing feeling. so i'll remain last match hope to be ready for that. >> let's get caught up on the latest cricket news in south africa. one day international of this series, back first, skipper ab de bilius, smashed, 168 plus 7, only manage 151 in the tie.
1:56 pm
the miami dolphins player at the center of a bullying scandal is denied being a racist. richie incognito, against jonathan martin. prompted the nfl to launch an investigation. martin has left the team to receive counseling for emotional issues. the suspended player defended himself by saying, his action he come from a sense of brother hood and not from bullying. felipe will be racing, 52-year-old brazilian replayersed maldonado, world championship title by a single point in 2008, that's when britt ann's lewis hamilton was elected winner. european tour's final event and they warmed up for the world tour championship in rather an
1:57 pm
unusual way. form he race to dew bay, hit from the hotel patio to a floating green 210 meters away. are humbled in defeat, says he focused on winning the actual event in the united arab emirates. >> probably five or six guys have a chance to win it this week and of course i'm going to have to go out there and play well if i want to be the one who wins it. and it's a good place to be with a slight lead so the other guy is going to play better than i do. >> he's had a remarkable year haas hasn't he? a terrible time but anyway good to see him back. that's it from our are family. our family.
1:58 pm
our team.
1:59 pm
get them to lean where we want them to go but the us delegation that came in here, they told us that -- that quite the opposite could happen, that that could actually poison the well and make things worse, make the stress so unbearable that the iranians will see those sanctions as pure belligerence and then walk away. if that is to happen, it will be a dangerous situation because it means that the diplomatic path will have closed and what happens after that, well, you know, there have obviously been talks of a military option but the u.s.a. says that that should be the absolute last option on the table. they much prefer the idea of trying to talk to the iranians. they do not -- there has been no discussion of a complete lifting of sanctions. they say that possibly by easing some things, perhaps as the iranians would like to see an easing on the oil exports
2:00 pm
he. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the head appliance we're following for you. typhoon haiyan. some members of congress ready to take a hard line with iran,. >> we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. >> america pauses to remember the men and women who serve and served in the armed force he. force -- forces. typhoon


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