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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera harris. john kerry returns from the middle east with no agreement from iran and some allies are ready to take a hard line. honoring the and women who serve in the armed forces. >> there is anger and desperation in the central phil
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philippines, aid is on the way. but the storm washed out roads and bridges making it difficult to get help to those who desperately need it. the philippines military confirm nearly 950 people dead but the final death toll could top 10,000. al jazeera's wayne hay has more from the disaster zone. >> first line brings more hope to people in the philippines, much needed relief supplies and taking people out of an area largely destroyed by typhoon haiyan. getting on board are the injured and sick and those who have lost everything. people walk for huge distances to get to the airport in the hope they may find some food or water being given pout 50 military or -- out by the military. an increasingly dispris situation.
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many -- desperate situation. >> we really want to get out of the house because the water is really coming in. i have three kids. i don't know what to do. and then we transfer to the house of my mother. >> as the people walk they pass many bodies on the side of the road. in places the stench is becoming unbearable. removing the bodies is a slow process. those that are being collected are taken to a makeshift morgue. after which they are being taken to makeshift graves. very little recovery efforts going on. clearly there is still not enough food and water to go around and there doesn't seem to be then picking through the rubble looking for missing. at the moment people still seem to be in the survival mode. many challenges lay ahead for this place. looting is still a problem. here the remaims of a
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supermarket -- remains of a supermarket are being picked through and taken away. with so many bodies lying around and no sanitation, other health problems may soon arise. >> we want to prevent diarrhea because we don't have water. then also, from those who have fever and of course, maybe lepto spirosis. >> wayne hay, al jazeera, tacloban. >> donations are desperately needed. >> what's needed in the philippines right now is food, drinking water, temporary shelter and medicines, particularly antibiotics. it's easier to send money to the
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philippine national red cross or the national disaster risk reduction management council which is the agency that's overseeing the entire relief operations. >> a handful of countries have already sent money and supplies to the philippines. others have promised help for coming days. jonathan betz has a look at what's on the way and when it might arrive at those at a damaged areas. >> two big questions tony. more than 20 countries have offered assistance so far. the united states was one of the first to arrive. 90 marines and sailors are there for search and rescue. hundreds more are on the way. they have tilt aircraft on the way because the airport cannot handle regular airplanes.
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australia announced nearly $10 million in aid. sending doctors and mosquito nets. able to feed 120,000 people for one day. u.n. the is sending water purification tablets and medicine. much of the help is still on the way, far from enough. it's a very slow process. once it does arrive so much devastation tony is how to get it to the people who need it the most. >> jonathan appreciate it, thank you. nancy lindborg is with us, the assistant administrator for the u.s. agency for international development and she joins us now from washington, d.c. nancy good to see you. thank you for your time. i'm wondering if those c-130s, there is a u.s. base as i recall in the philippines. are those c-130s upon their way to those hard hit areas?
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>> well, in fact, we prepositioned some of our disaster assistance response team in the philippines, you know we monitor these storm systems and knew things were coming forward. we already have people on the ground who have been doing assessments for the last few days. we have mobilized military assets to help bring in early supplies as well to do the flyovers that help us understand really what is the extent of the damage. >> tacloban. tell us what you are hearing from your teams on the ground about how deaf stated that city is. -- dech state -- 27 stated that -- dpe. >> literally 80 to 90% devastated. this is one of the most fears storms to land and -- fierce storms to land and it has taken a huge and devastating toll.
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in response to this the united states government has released $20 million to assist people with urgent needs. and we are rushing supplies, 55 metric tons of food, plastic sheeting, hygiene supplies, the kinds of urgent things that people need in these peerl days to stay a-- early days to stay alive. >> and nancy i'm wondering about whether or not there will be a bigger effort in the days and weeks and months to come. talking about the initial effort that is so needed right now. i'm wondering will u.s. id are sending in equipment, the need to clear roads to clear brings to make sure that the -- bridges to make sure the supplies don't get to the immediate hard-hit areas but to some of those outlying areas as well. >> it is the big challenge right now, as you noted communication he are down, roads are watched out. so the urgent push at this point is just to get to people who
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need lifesaving aid. however there will be a need to move pretty quickly to helping people get back up on their feet. it is the case with niece natural disasters that -- these natural disasters that you need to move as quicialg as possible to get to looking at what is their future. >> and nancy, when you have to move that quickly logistics can become a real nightmare. talk to us about the logistical fairly of taking care of something like this? >> we saw this in the indian tsunami and there's been a lot of progress in coordination. the government in the philippines is first and foremost the coordinator. the u.s. has been work with the philippines in the last ten years on exactly how to prepare for these response he and how to be recipient. unfortunately we are seeing a pretty steady drum beat of
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typhoons to hit in the asia pacific region. the us is playing a major -- the u.s. is playing a major role an standing up human he taken hubs so there is -- humanitarian hubs. >> neanls appreciate it. nancy lind bor prd boring is the assistant director for agency for international development. joining us from washington, d.c. the storm has moved on to southeast asia. by the time it reached vietnam earlier today, it was much weaker, strong enough to still cause some flooding and to down some trees but nothing like what happened in the philippines. dave warren is here with the latest. dave. it really weakened, now that it's over land, no belonger being tracked as any type of tropical cyclone. here is vietnam and it was moving up towards southern
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china. you see how the satellite picture really clears out as soon as it goes over land. not much of left of the storm, still putting enough rain down, enough to cause flooding. there's about four to seven inches of rain predicted. much of it has already come down. northern vietnam and southern china. seems like this has been coming in, not wind damage or the the typhoon just all that rain causing all that damage prospect followed by the joint typhoon warning center but still putting down lot of rain in a lot of areas. i'll have the forecast in a little bit. >> thank you dave. iran's nuclear program, kerry is now trying odefend the proposed deal which has been criticized by some u.s. allies and members of congress.
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mike viqueria joins us from washington, d.c. mike good to see you. my understanding the secretary will be speaking to congress in the coming days. what kind of reception is he likely to receive there? >> yes, tony, he is on his way back from the region. we understand he will be briefing looks like a closed door briefing on wednesday to members of the senate banking committee. the reason that is significant is this is very committee that is talking about more sanctions on iran and it is not clear the administration wants that at this point. it is a very sensitive point in the negotiations about the iranian nuclear program. secretary kerry says we are not blind we are not stupid but some of the america's closest allies both at home and abrawz for example the french foreign minister, calls what was on the table over the weekend a sucker's deal. to say nothing of benjamin netanyahu the prime minister of are israel, you recall that
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kerry was traveling around the region he went to geneva, all of a sudden, the negotiators thought they were on the verge of something. it was time to call in the heavy-hitters. john kerry, left geneva, went to abu dhabi. this is what he had to say there >> there was unity, iran couldn't take it, at that particular moment they weren't able to accept that particular agreement. hard work was done, progress was made, the p-5 plus 1 was united, there is a gap between what language is appropriate that they're prepared to accept. but the concept that we are all working on, we have absolute unity on. >> remember this iranian nuclear program iran swears it is for
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civilian uses. most oartle suspect otherwise. they bs most oirts suspect -- os suspect otherwise. meanwhile we talk about those sanctions. the administration says it is crippling sanctions that brought iran to the table, for the first time in many, many years tony. >> mike viqueria thank you. a senior member are linked to al qaeda is dead. killed late open sun. the group is considered one of the most dangerous insurgent groups in are achgz afghanistan. funded in part by links to drug and gun smuggling rings as well as kidnapping and the hakani network ask said to operate
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easily in pakistan. >> the son of jalal hadin was killed on the outkids of islamabad, also the brother of. >> rick: one of the leading front runners, said to be active in the region, while no one knows who carried out the attack according to eyewitnesses two people riding on a motorcycle are said to have approached him when he was buying bread at a road side, they then opened fire with an automatic weapon, shooting him several times. his body was table to northern wwajiristan. >> wramazon partners with the u.
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postal service. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories. them to go but the us delegation that came in here, they told us that -- that quite the opposite could happen, that that could actually poison the well and make things worse, make the stress so unbearable that the iranians will see those sanctions as pure belligerence and then walk away. if that is to happen, it will be a dangerous situation because it means that the diplomatic path
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will have closed and what happens after that, well, you know, there have obviously been talks of a military option but the u.s.a. says that that should be the absolute last option on the table. they much prefer the idea of trying to talk to the iranians. they do not -- there has been no discussion of a complete lifting of sanctions. they say that possibly by easing some things, perhaps as the iranians would like to see an easing on the oil exports >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour.
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>> only on al jazeera america. >> you know, you might call it the antivalentine's day. singles day has morphed into the country's big isest excuse to really shop online. anes moray has more for us. >> boyfriend pillows to cars. now what you're seeing right now are journalists watching closely data from china's largest e-commerce company, ali baba. in 24 hours consumers spent, compared to last year's $3.1 billion for the same day, or $1.98 billion spent on cyber-monday in the united states. you want to know how singles day got started? some college students decide to
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start this in the 1990s. celebrating 11-11, you could buy for someone and maybe not be single anymore to aa day when everyone goes are shopping. clothing, electronics and t mall is one of the biggest online retailers selling brand names that you may recognize, brand names like we've got the gap, lee, and a adidas. t-mobile says in the first half hour of shopping people bought 2 million pieces of underwear. and this is le bought baby formal, half a million cans of baby formal and also some 50 million diapers. now, of this entire chinese population, nearly half are online. 242 million of those shop online
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and compare that to the u.s.'s 170 million people, that are online shopping, now the biggest challenge for retailers now is how these products will all be delivered in a timely manner. choppy's delivery companies -- china's cloifer companies had all working today, including temporary workers hired specifically for this holiday tony. >> boyfriend pillows, hmm? the women in the studio of nodding their heads yes, so that we can drool and you can just rip off the top of the sheet and there's another apply undernee from -- ply underneath. i eshew sproinls. thank you. violence. thank you. we really can't be that bad, can we?
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you know it's like déjà vu all over again on wall street. for the second straight session, the dow has set an all time high. the blue chips gaining just 21 points today, trading was light because of the veterans day holiday. shares are higher, after the company announced a partnership with the u.s. post office, the service started this past weekend in new york and los angeles. amazon says it hopes to have sunday delivery in many parts of the u.s. by early next year. is the desktop become a shopping dinosaur? online sales from pcs rose 13% in the third quarter. that is down from 16% in the previous three months, meantime mobile e-commerce sales jumped 27%. come score says internet devices
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account for more percentage of online purchases. zak's investment services thank you for being on the program. >> thanks tony. >> we have seen record highs and today a couple of days last week as well, is this a sign that people think the economy is actually pretty good? >> you know, this is very -- it's a question, it's more philosophical than anything. i always get a kick out of the analysts that come on and quote a bunch of numbers. you can't compare now to any time in the past. a lot of people say this economic recovery has been abusy plal, but i think rks -- abysmal. but they are up 4% year over year. revenues which means sales are
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increasing, but you know what tony at the end of the day when you sort of look around there really aren't any big 800 pound gorillas here. but this is the season for the market to move higher statistically and i think it will do so. >> jarrod, let me ask you a question based on that analysis. with companies performing well, generally, they're always going to be losers but with companies generally performing well, with what we're seeing with the stock prices, shouldn't this economy be producing more jobs? >> it should be. the other thing you need to remember is: the amount of companies that make up the s&p 500, so if you look at the biggest companies out there they're not just selling to americans, they're selling to canadians, to purps, across asia. -- to europeans. it's not rooted in jobs here in the u.s., unfortunately, so
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that's why we're not seeing that correlation, unfortunately and we play not because there's a shift from old school manufacturing jobs to these technological sort of online jobs which we're seeing proliferate around the world not really in u.s. >> so we may not? >> we may not. >> the news from the post office, working with amazon to ship packages during the thol dayholidays. >> i think it's genius. they have the logistics, just canned make money now rite? amazon has a ton of money and the sales. if you tell me amazon prime, i can deliver it on sunday, that's going to be great. it's going to cost amazon some money but i think this is a smart move both from amazon and
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the post office. if you are a buyer of amazon, amazon is trading at a high multiple, versus the money they really bring in. they need to put up or shut up. i would give it a couple of months at least six to see how things work out. >> jarrod, come back and see us again all right? for 100 years now thailand and cambodia have been fighting over a hindu temple. it gave the 900-year-old temple to cambodia. cord hideler-- why has the story. >> witness what many thought might be history. the international court's verdict on disputed territory on their border. which country can call the temple theirs. the answer:
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>> cambodia had sovereignty over the whole territory of the promontory, as defined in paragraph flay of the present judgment. >> what sounded like a clear cut victory for cambodia wasn't, according to thailand's prime minister. >> thais and cambodians have a brotherhood relationship. therefore it is necessary for both countries to cooperate with each other for the mutual benefit of the people of both countries. >> both countries want the little slip of land. it's important for good access to the temple but in thailand it has grown to one of the top political issues and has been taken over by nationalists about who blame the ruling government. >> i'm afraid people will start
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firing because i have experienced it before and i don't want to live in fear again. >> both sides want opeaceful resolution. access toot temple and access to it. this court ruling won't ease that tension any but the politicians don't view it as a clear victory for cambodia. >> if they don't get what they're aiming for there must be some reaction. but the cambodians plus accept the ruling. >> now -- must accept the ruling. >> finding a solution both nation can live with and hopefully prosper from. scott hideler on the thai border. >> michael eaves is here with a look at the sports headlines and the miami dolphins hazing story
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takes a significant alternative. >> we've heard from one side of this situation. richie incognito says his threatening text and pleal were anything but bullying. incognito made those remarks in an interview which aired sunday on fox sports. martin is expected to issue a video statement within the next few days. we've yet to hear his side of the story. and finally a special treat for some of our nation's armed services today, as the dodgers opened dodger stadium to about 100 service women and women, for army, air force, coast guard, navy, coming up a little bit later we'll talk to gleason about his time they army as well as his time in the major leagues and tony he also received the purple heart.
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>> that's strong. next on al jazeera america. a decade of war in the democratic republic of congo. >> i'm kimberly on board the aircraft carrier why u.s.s. theodore roosevelt. coming up high technical warfare. unconventional wisdom weeknights - 10 eastern on al jazeera america
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and to contact the centers and the luzon
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>> welcome back everyone to al jazeera america. here's a look at your top stories. emergency aid is pouring into the philippines after typhoon haiyan dea devastated the count. 41 difference provinces. america pays tribute to its veterans. president obama places a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. secretary of state john kerry says the united states and its allies were unified on a
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declaration for iran, reactor an a uranium mine. joining us now to discuss the talks is rutgers professor hussein are ahmadi. president of the iranian american council. professor good to talk to you. i was totally prepared to have a totally different conversation than the one i think we're about to have. you don't think that there is a deal, just cutting to the chase here. you don't think there is a deal that is going to come out of these talks. even the talks that are set to resume in seven to ten days, you don't think that they will ultimately yield an agreement. tell me why. >> if the positions, the two sides have taken in the last few days, to hold, then there will not be a -- >> what do you mean you understand? >> the understanding was this. in october, early october, the
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parties came to geneva. >> yes. >> they agreed on a framework. iran's understanding was that that agreement will leave iran with a civilian enrichment after everything is said and done, that is, that will be the end state of iran's nuclear program. i believe the united states at that time with others, given, had given iran the impression are that that would be the case. >> that it would be allowed to maintain a civilian nuclear program. >> plan of a lower grade enrichment. >> below 20%. >> at 3.some percent with some other restrictions, of course. but the problem developed in this last few days is this: that when iran went there it realized that that impression that it had or that understanding that it had has to
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do only with the first six months of this deal. that the first stage, that the united states is not prepared to sign an agreement with iran now, that will guarantee iran's right to enrich sifnlt enrichment beyond the six months. >> i see, so this was going to be -- >> for u.s., this was to be an interim, you know, rights. while iran was looking for the final rights. >> yes. >> all right. so the problem is this, still. as president rouhani after the collapse of the deal said in the iranian parliament, iran is not going to give up its rights to civilian enrichment. >> yes. >> if that is the position and the position of the united states is that beyond the six months you cannot have enrichment at your home then there is no deal.
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>> at all. is the ultimate goal from the p-5 plus 1 to have iran halt its entire program, not even to allow iran to have a nuclear program for civilian purposes? >> well, that's what just came out, from the discussions that secretary kerry is having around. to he force the first time -- >> that's not even consistent with the npt. >> that is right, obviously it is not. but it is consistent with the position you know prime minister netanyahu was taking. >> it is. it is. >> prime minister netanyahu's position is that iran cannot have any level of enrichment, anything. unfortunately i believe secretary kerry after he left with -- >> you're describing a bait and switch here, you're describing a
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classic bait and switch right? >> that's right. my understanding is the u.s. would have agreed to some level of enrichment beyond the six months, if it did not encounter a resistance, serious resistance are from netanyahu. >> you are saying that the u.s. is vetoing this deal? >> israel has. not that vetoing, has already done it. unfortunately, i don't think this is not good for israel's long term interest actually. i think they should not have -- prime minister netanyahu should have been a little bit more careful, should have given this chance to go through, i think he insisted, maybe in fact he convinced john kerry that in geneva he should not do anything but get iran sign an agreement that will not give iran the right to enrich. >> that would be shocking if that is, in fact, how things
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have played out here. and we're going to be listening very carefully to secretary kerry -- >> but yee has been saying this all around. the whole issue has fallen on the for french. the french become the fall guy here. the point is the the p-5 plus 1, the real issue was neither the reactor in iraq with everybody, anybody else, the real issue was whether iran will have the right to a civilian plan, enrichment at its home beyond the six months trial period. >> all right. professor, that's pretty provocative. let's follow up on this with you and others in the days to come, professor amir ahmadi from
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rutgers. thank you. democratic republic of congo, peace deal reached with the government in 2009 was not honored. and since then there has been heavy fighting in the region. since then, the government recently took back territory from the rebel group and many believed a final accord would be signed today. malcolm webb has more details from entebbe uganda. >> the political wing were here, ready to sign but after hours of waiting, the congolese didn't even enter the room. the signing ceremony has been adjourned until further notice. people will be waiting to see if anything will be signed in the coming days, but possibly the congolese government having had a decisive victory on the battle
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field may not want to sign anything at all. >> the first experimental drone made history in july when it became the first unmanned aircraft to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. but this high tech device still needs a lot of work. kimberly holcott reports. >> it's designed to make difficult takeoffs and landings on an aircraft carrier. an unmanned aerial drone made history in july when it completed its first landing at sea. technology is not yet perfected. >> it was behind the catapult, and towards the shuttle, they were unable to achieve enough residual thrust to make that transition. >> the navy is still modifying how the x-47 b electronically
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com communicates witelectronica. where million lines of software code allows the drone to fly without a human pilot. the u.s. navy insists this particular aircraft will never be able to kill anybody. that's because after testing it will be retired to a museum. but the science on display here is just the beginning of the navy's plan for unmanned flight. there may not be plans to weaponnize this navy drone but that doesn't rule out future models. the u.s. air force rolled out its predator drone in the '90s it was touted as a surveillance vehicle but the u.s. army armed the predators. today they conduct strikes in pakistan and yemen. on an aircraft carrier at sea the rules are different.
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>> where you are, you don't need to ask anybody's permission. you can bring fire power within many countries on earth and do it very matter of factually without any permission from any other government. >> it is one reason why the u.s. navy is determined to perfect its drone technology. allows the u.s. navy to operate with more autonomy. >> it allows what we call the dull, dirty and dangerous mission sets that afford themselves to unmanned capabilities more aptly. >> it is the future of u.s. high tech warfare, in hopes to be fully operating in the next three years. american conflict catholicsn have a new leader. the meeting comes as the church is going through a lot of big changes, most of those changes are coming straight from the vatican. al jazeera's lisa stark is with
4:41 pm
us. good to see you. let's start here. what are the main points being focused on today? >> well, tony, it was a broad agenda today. they started this morning calling for prayers and donations for the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. then moved open to calling on the u.s. house of representatives to pass comprehensive immigration reform. as you mentioned the pope is front and center here at least on people's minds. pope francis's representative to the u.s. spoke to the conference this morning and he urged the bishops to make sure that people feel welcome in the catholic church. we spoke with father timothy reese, with the catholic reporter and he says it is critical for the bishops to embrace the pope's message. >> the pope talks about the church as the mother. we walk in the door we want a hug. we don't want you know -- >> a lecture?
4:42 pm
>> a lecture from mom, why didn't you call more often or why did you dye your hair? we want a hug. and that's what people want from the church. >> they want a hug. well, the head of the u.s. conference of clique bishops right now is cardinal timothy doldolan. >> we don't have tanks on our door, we don't have people machetemacheted on the way homem mass. that seems rather apocalyptic. >> dolan is very charismatic. churches members say he will be a hard act to follow. but the bishops will elect a new
4:43 pm
leader for u.s. catholics. tony. >> lisa who can we expect? who are the top contenders? >> the top contenders have to be the current archbishop joseph kurtz of louisville. he has spoken strongly against gay marriage. he lives in a simple life in a walkup apartment. says he would follow in francis's foot tips. he is if odds-on favorite. anis ferey, back with us. >> inez. >> after three months egypt's curfew and state of emergency will be lifted. after more than a thousand people died in the days that followed the unrest. the country's interior minister
4:44 pm
says he will boost security forces once the curfew is lifted. almodelal is the first woman to hold the position. warning labels have significantly decreased the number of health emergencies among babies. the markers were created in 2007 to warn parents not to give cough and cold medicine to kids under the age of 4. a government study says more than half of infants and toddlers get rushed to the hospital since they added labels. a warning the medicine may be dangerous for children under sciks. up for sale, a pair of classroom detention sheets from when john lennon was six years
4:45 pm
old. reasons he was punished was sab sabotage, fighting, and showing no interest at all. >> rebel, rebel, he was too busy listening to muddy waters and chuck berry. that's appreciated. thank you. on this veterans day we will meet the only major league baseball player to have served during the vietnam war.
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weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america
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>> meaivels imichael eaves is h. catch us up. >> despite more than a year and a half of harassment including threatening text and voice pleals, richie incognito says he and jonathan martin were the best of friends. he made that assertion during an interview with fox sports sunday. how anyone from the outside could perceive his are messages as offensive or even racist although he is anything but racist. he will meet with nfl investigators this week in los angeles. joining me now from detroit is 13 year nfl veteran lomis brown. i wonder from your reaction, when you heard richie incognito give his version in miami. >> everybody is back up now, everybody is trying to control the situation.
4:49 pm
which is a bad situation. it really can be no positive spin put on that situation, but everybody's trying to do that. so it's just a bad situation, it's a bad situation that has come to light and now it's out there, the public knows about it and the dolphins have to deal with it. >> i guess you can make the argument one man's bullying is the other man's banter. this was not bullying, according to him, just two good friends speaking the way they speak and from other people it could be offensive fm from your time in locker rooms could you see that being the case? >> i could see some of that, but again there's other things that went across the line you know. you know him using the n word, just other things that richie has done. i heard it was physical things had a were done to martin. so it's just other things had a you don't cries the line, and the things to me, if you know
4:50 pm
which you got to know how a person is feeling. look, i play in the league 18 years. i was the offensive lineman. we are the closest guys. you know if something else is going on personally with the guy you play next to or the guy you're in the locker room with or the guy you're in that close meeting room with eight hours out of the day. you should know. they should have known that maybe we're over the line with what we're doing with this young man. i don't think he can handle this. but for them to keep doing it and doing it i think they went to the point where they wasn't to see him break, and did he. >> you have been a captain absence -- and he did. >> from a leadership standpoint, did you know that it would get othis point where a guy would have to leave the team? >> absolutely. that should have never took place. in a locker room that's controlled with true veterans,
4:51 pm
veterans that have the pulse of their team, veterans that have the pulse of their players, then that wouldn't have took place. martin would have known to come to one of his leaders or he would have known the leader that he could have came to, to get this problem resolved. but it should have never come to this don't have one person that can be that big of a bully in the locker room where you can't get three or four other guys to stand up to that guy? i refuse to believe that. but you can see the culture that the dolphins locker room has, the culture that a they're going to turn and look the other way or b they are going to turn the other way. it shouldn't have gotten that far. shouldn't have gotten to the point where the young man left the team. >> lomis we certainly appreciate the time and the insight. >> thanks. >> all across the country today we continue to celebrate our nation's armed service members. a celebration that is not lost
4:52 pm
on the sports world. swapped game uniforms for military fatigues to serve their country. in vietnam, 9 million served on active duty but only one played major league baseball. roy gleason about thank you mr. gleason for your time and your service in the vietnam war. your military career versus your sports career, the emotion he you may feel on this -- emotions you may feel on this day. >> it brings back a lot of good memories both my careers from the military and from my times playing baseball. the times out here i can't replace, it was my boyhood dream to make it to the major leagues which did i, although very short but i did get here. and when i was asked to perform i was only in eight games. but i did everything perfectly. consequently i was drafted, and
4:53 pm
shipped out to vietnam in 1967. and you know you never know what's going to happen when something lapse in that situation. but i'm honored and proud to have served my country and go through and be here today is a blessing for me. because believe me i'm very happy just to be breathing air right now. >> as you said like so many men during this time, you're taken off to war just when your life starts, you were 20, 21 when you had to serve for your country. you played in the minor leagues but never gok bat to the major league level. how did your injuries that you sustained in vietnam affect your major league career? >> i was 24 when i got drafted. and going on 25. i was 25 in '68. '68 was the year i was in vietnam. most much '68 before i got hit. and my wounds were to the point
4:54 pm
where i lost that extra step. i got hit in the left calf and through left wrist which hit the ul nurse-practitioner nerve and it numbed my feeling on the left index finger. so consequently hitting right handed sometimes the bat would go flying out of my right hand. as far as speed goes when you lose that extra step you lose that edge to play in the majors. in '66 i had just come off my best year in the minors and i thought i was really going to come back and be in the majors to stay because time was getting short. the military kind of used up those two years. i came back tried to play but it just wasn't there like it was previously. it did injure me to the point where again i coant play to that major league -- couldn't play just to that major league caliber. to be there was an honor and to serve my country was a big are
4:55 pm
honor and i'd do it again. >> roy gleason, recipient of the purple heart, the only major league player to serve in the war and to come back again. hope you have a wonderful veterans day. >> thank you for having me and it's an honor to be here today. >> an interesting side bar, mr. gleason lost his world series championship ring but the dodgers gave him one. >> thank you. president obama paused to honor the sacrifice of the men and women in the military. president obama went to arlington national cemetery to place a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. >> today we gather once more to honor patriots, to honor the
4:56 pm
highest, those who fought for our free done and stood sentry for our security. on this hillside of solemn remembrance and in veterans halls and in proud parades across america we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. >> two of the original tuskegee airmen will be honored also. dave warren with a check of this, al jazeera america.
4:57 pm
on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced
4:58 pm
>> i'm dave warren.introduced first to start in the philippines. another tropical storm, not expected to intensify. south of where haiyan was, but additional rain is forecast there. not the best news for recovery operation. much colder weather is coming in rapid city from yesterday and the front moves south, actually warmer in tulsa but dropping in
4:59 pm
kansas city. the front will move south. you'll notice a big drop in temperatures, took you a long time to warm you in the northwest but now this moves south, coating of snow, maybe slippery on untreated surfaces. right through kansas right now but moving south and eventually will be moving across the mid atlantic states and in the mid east. as the cold air pass he south, lake effect snow, that's shown here with the computer forecast. the front south here comes the lake effect snow by monday evening and early tuesday. by tuesday even it's off the coast. a drop in temperature happenings in the midwest. we'll see the colder air arrive in the northeast on wednesday and thursday.
5:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with today's top stories. today is veteran's day. americans pause to honor the american service men and women in uniform. had. typhoon haiyan leaving an estimated 2,000 people dead. the united states, united states, united states, and the united nations are working to get aid to the battered region as soon as possible. secretary of state john kerry is trying to reassure some


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