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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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gls live from new york city, i'm tony harris and this is al jazeera america. coming up. the international efforts to help the struggling survivors of supertyphoon are haiyan. the nuclear negotiations for iran are not over yet. and honorrings the are sacrifices of if americans. we begin with the horrific event of super-typhoon haiyan, who one can imagine how much the
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damage will take to repair. the toll on the survivors is unimaginable. let's put this into perspective here. we knew this was going to be a devastating typhoon. when it came on shore it was already enormous. the winds were 195 miles an hour, the storm surge was 45 feet. that's nine times taller than a normal human being. >> first light brings new hope for many people in the central philippines. each day it signals arrival of flights from the military bringing in much needed supplies and taking people out of an area largely destroyed by typhoon haiyan. getting on board are the injured and sick and those who have lost everything. people walk for huge distances to get to the airport in the hope that they might find some food or water given out by the
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military or a ticket out. on their face the etched expression. still struggling to come to terms with the disaster. >> we really want to get out of the house because the water is really coming in. i have three kids. i don't know what to do. we transferred to the house of my mother. >> as the people walk they pass many bodies on the side of the road. in many places the stench is becoming unbearable. removing the bodies is a slow process. those that are collected are taken to a makeshift morgue where local officials attempt to identify them after which they are taken to mass graves. it is very early but from what we have seen there is very little recovery effort going upon.still there is not enough food and water going around, and nobody picking through the rubble looking through missing. at the moment people still seem to be in survival mode.
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many challenges are are in front of these people. looting is still a problem. here the remains of a supermarket were being picked through and taken away. small teams of medics are doing the best they can to take care of small wounds suffered during the storm. but because there's no sanitation, other problems may arise. >> we want to prevent diarrhea, and also from those who are fever, maybe a leptospirosis. >> those who are fending for themselves by a city torn poord. tatactacloban.
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thousands of people lack bear necessities, the essentials and are aid is desperately needed. >> what's needed in the philippines now is food, drinking water, temporary shelter and medicines, particularly antibiotics. it is easiest to send money to the philippine national red cross or the riskt reduction management council which is the agency that is overseeing the entire relief operation he. >> as margo ortiz reports, getting pr aid to those who need it is proven to be an enormous challenge. >> people across the globe are rallying to help the victims of the typhoon high nan. problem is because of the extent of the devastation much of the help can't get to where it's most needed. >> please tell my family i'm
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alive. we need water and medicine because a lot of the people we're with are wounded. some are suffering from die reand dehydration due to shortages of food around water. >> many haven't even been able to let their families know how they are. communication lines are damaged and power cut off tom areas. the primary goal is to clear a path through debris for help to get through. >> our problem is getting more relief in because the roads are not yet accessible. okay? i myself already help even the day after the storm we wesh -- were retrieving bodies at the same time clearing roads. the problem is, 90 to 95% of people in city hall are casualties. >> in all 9.5 million people across flour provinces in the philippines were affected and
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the feeling of desperation three days after the typhoon hit is easy to see. >> my daughter's wounds are open and they are bad. she needs to be operated on, but she can't be transferred to another hospital because there is no transportation. >> to help themselves many of the victims have stain to looting not just damaged establishments but also from the dead. >> you have to understand that the people here saw some and in just a few, some violent actions because they're hungry, because they're thirsty. it's not because they want to harm anybody. >> special forces have been brought in to keep the peace. more importantly, battalions have been flown in from manila. the challenge is to deliver it to the people who need it.
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margo ortiz, al jazeera manila. >> jonathan betz has a look at what's on the way and when it might get to those terribly damaged areas. >> it's going to take a couple of days to be honest with you tony. more than 20 countries have offered assistance so far. the united states though was one of the first to arrive there. more than 200 marines and say legislators doing search and -- sailors doing search and rescue. soldiers are using tilt-rotor planes, that's important since the ta tacloban airport is in ruins. sending doctors from australia like mosquito nets and
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sleeping tents. the u.n. children's fund is sending more than $1 million in water purification tablets and medicine. much of the help is on the way and far from enough. it's taking days to mobilize this aid, and once it does rierve, the problem is getting it to the people who need it the most. >> loijtlogistics to get it to e people who need it. aircraft leading the way. jonathan appreciate it, thank you. there is more bad news if you can believe it in the forecast for philippines. kevin joings us with more of -- joins us with more of that. kevin. >> that's right, township. just a moment, i want to take you back 24 hours, this is what was left of haiyan, as it made landfall around the border area, how quickly it is beginning to
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dissipate right there. its track of the storm, really a lot of thunderstorms right now. we do expect to see three to four inches of rain coming out of parts of china. the bad news for are philippines, taking a little bit lower track to the south going over parts of minut mindinau ? the area that is affected is more rain showers across this region. of course these are the most badly affected islands, we're going osee three to five inches and of course this is not where you want to see rain, this close after a typhoon makes its way across the country. rescue and recovery efforts, once it's passed through, there will be better weather but probably not for the next 24 to 48 hours.
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kevin. >> thank you. there was hope that the long term talks, in geneva had a last week did not end in a deal. all sides said there was progress. iran's new president insists his country cannot be pushed into giving up pr yeurm. >> the head of the watchdog iaea, an agreement signed to give are inspectors more access to iran's nuclear program. >> iran and iaea will cooperate further. with regard to activities to be undertaken by iaea.
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>> iran is promised to provide information to u.n. agency, for steps in its nuclear program. >> in order to show our willingness to solve the problem we were allowed by iran's supreme national security council to let iaea inspectors into the irak heavy water plant. >> it is hoped that the agreement will boost wide are negotiation among world powers and iran on how to limit or suspend teheran's nuclear program. teheran is eager to ease sacks that have crippled the economy. but the talks failed to broker such agreement. following those talks u.s. searkt john kerry flew to the united arab emirates and assured
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his there arab allies. >> united states of america will into the future will assure as long as he is president, against any kind of external threat or attack. >> kerry denied that diplomats had been divided in geneva. >> there is a gap still between what language that they are prepared to accept. but the concept that we are all working on we have absolute eunt unity on. >> britain's foreign second says the opportunity for agreement on iran should not be lost. >> the threat of nuclear proliferation in the middle east, that is why we must build momentum behind the geneva negotiation and why we and iran must assure that the opportunity to make progress does not slip
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away in the coming weeks. >> iran has always maintainits nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. there may not be disagreement yet how to deal with iran's nuclear plans but gaining more access to neucialg sites ting united nations inspectors has been a are requirement for many years. >> mike viqueria joins us with more words on the factual. secretary of state john kerry is due i don't know if it's today or tomorrow. once he's back in the states is he going to be briefing congress on his negotiations? >> yes, the secretary was on from the middle east on one of the talk shows. he says we are not blind, talking about the administration, he says we're not stupid either. they're aware of the criticism, they're aware that the charge that the united states and its allies across the table, some people believe they are being deub duped.
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look no further than the french foreign minister who called it a sucker's deal that was on the table. secretary kerry was in the middle of travel, he broke it open. when they bring in the heavy hitters secretary kerry among them. obviously it didn't happen. secretary kerry says it will take a number of months. they do expect a deal in the coming month. the saudis and israelis are on the same side. they don't think the deal being struck with iran this potential deal is strong enough. it plows them to get away with far too much and continuing to operate and having that nuclear exairpt, awl bheet not having weapons grade plutonium but they can turn that corner at virtually any second. prime minister netanyahu having a very strong exchange with kerry over the weekend, that solicited a call from president obama to benjamin netanyahu over
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the weekend, you're absolutely right, tony. >> we had a conversation with an analyst over the last hour that suggested that israel had discuss led this deal. but there are a lot of entities that don't like the way this deal is taking shape. mike viqueria, thank you. nasir hakani of the hakani network was killed on sunday, one of the most danger use insurgent groups, was shot on the outskirts of islamabad in 2010. haz launched attacks on afghanistanand pakistan. for first time israel has a female are spokesperson, educated in britain, modala was born in egypt and is a pool tinnan national and currently
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live in southern gaza. hamas hopes she dches service of men and women of the women in uniform. president obama traveled to the arlington national cemetery this morning to lay a wreath to the tomb of the unknowns. president obama then paid tribute to those who were called to serve. >> today we offer tribute to notices who have fought for our freedom and stood sentry for our security. are on this hillside, of solemn remembrance and in veterans halls and in proud parades across america we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. >> and who of the original
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tuskegee airmen will also be honored in a ceremony in washington, d.c. still on al jazeera america, putting americans to work, the cries they face leaving where military service. and good news from ali velshi about the cost of driving. get them to lean where we want them to go but the us delegation that came in here, they told us that -- that quite the opposite could happen, that that could actually poison the well and make things worse, make the stress so unbearable that the iranians will see those sanctions as pure belligerence and then walk away. if that is to happen, it will be a dangerous situation because it means that the diplomatic path
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will have closed and what happens after that, well, you know, there have obviously been talks of a military option but the u.s.a. says that that should be the absolute last option on the table. they much prefer the idea of trying to talk to the iranians. they do not -- there has been no discussion of a complete lifting of sanctions. they say that possibly by easing some things, perhaps as the iranians would like to see an easing on the oil exports what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories.
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>> welcome back everyone. american catholics will soon have a new leader. nearly 300 bishop leaders are in baltimore for the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. over the next few days they will elect a new president and vice president. many of the changes come straight in the vatican. got to tell you it's been kind of a difficult time with consumers of late with the tepid economy and uncertainty from the government shutdown, but we can all be in relief thanks to falling gas prices. ali velshi will be talking about
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it but we get him are for a few minutes. you brought back the drum. i remember the drum from years ago. >> and the can. this is a brear barrel of lightt crude in it. if there was oil in it, i would get $95.14 for it. gas price are down 40 cents a gallon nationwide since the beginning of september. and the relationship between gas and oil is solid. because oil peaked in september and has been going down since. so that's why you're seeing lower gas prices. six states tony already have gas below $3 a gallon. i think there are about ten or 11 states that are within ten cents of $3 a gallon. so i'm going to talk a lot about that tonight. the relationship between oil and gas and where you can see gas
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going with an expert who knows about this. >> ali why is this happening sir? >> probably for a few reasons president in september we were at the height of discussion he about who's going on with syria. and iran, and every month we make more oil in the united states. in north dakota we're make oil out of shail. our domestic production of oil is going up. as we produce more oil our price he go down. i will tell you there are some people who say this is a bad thing. because when we had oil at $4 and higher, that's whether people wanted alternatives. and that's where you could get why financing for alternatives. and oil and gas now are isn't conserved. >> and cars get bigger. >> it is slimming.
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i could disappear behind the can and you wouldn't know it. >> light sweet crude oil, ali thank you. you may call it the anti-valentine's day. singles day has morphed in china on the greatest aring excuse to shop on. inez credit is here. >> boyfriend pill lows all the way to cars. we want to show you video. what you are seeing are journalists, are watching, alibaba, 5.7 billion on ali baba's stores. $198 billion spend on cybermonday in the united states. you may wonder how singles day got started, college students
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came up with the day 11-11, symbolizing bare branches. everything from clothing all the way to electronics. and tmil is one of the biggest online retailers selling brand names you may recognize. brand names such as the gap and adidas, and t-mall said in the first half hour of selling this morning they sold two million pieces of underwear as well as half a million cans of baby formula, along with 66 million diapers. nearly half comoins are online, and 242 million of them shop online, compared to america's 170 million online shoppers. how these products will all be delivered in a timely manner?
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china's delivery companies had 800,000 employees work today including 65,000 temporary workers hired specifically this holiday just to deliver all of these products. >> all those products. are the boyfriend pillow also if slobber pillow. can we be somewhere honest? all right inez appreciate it, thank you. hazing scandal. michael eaves is here with spots. >> and incognito says it wasn't that way of course. richie said his e-mails and text messages were anything but bullying. just good natured comments that
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went too far. also expected to issue a video statement within the next few days to give his side of the story. on the injury front, good news for denver broncos. an m arera on peyton manning's he says he will start sunday's division show the down against the undefeatkansas city chiefs. finally a special treat, dodgers open dodger stadium up to about 100 service men and women from the army cp, navy, ae air force, marines and national guard. .roy gleason received the purple
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heart. more later. >> thank you michael. nashville is synonymous with american music, right? an old fashioned printing shop that gave life to are musical acts is enjoying a bit of a why renaissance. >> you are walk into the oldest letter-print shops in the country. >> hatch is an iconic place that has been around for 130 years. >> i know that we saw led zeppelin earlier in 1971 playing the municipal auditorium. >> hatch is a living breathing functioning museum of letter presses, still turning out why posters. >> the layman's dechtion of letter press is letters are pressed into paper with ink. >> this kind of genuine tfnl arr
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technology is retro. >> we are proud when the new band comes in and asks us to help define their presentation into the public. >> and with their unique style, that's not always perfect, these hatch-show prints mark a right of passage. >> it could be mumford and sons. guys traveling everywhere, hatch fans i'm proud to 68. >> preserving history is their business. it's a museum within a museum but nothing sits on the shelves and gets dusty. the designs are always up and running. >> part of the interest is preserving. this is an important part of the city's culture and important part of america's culture. we had an opportunity to save it and we think we've been good
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stewards. >> our personal mantra is preservation through production. >> every piece of letter type is a piece of history some dating back to the 1800s. >> it ain't sleeping here. we want bill monroe's mandolin to rest, we want hank williams guitar to rest, we don't want these presses to rest. despite being a digitally advanced world, these hand-printed images continue to capture defining moments of our lives. jonathan martin, abc news, nachville. how we treat the millions of men and women who treat this country and we will take a look at how the u.s. military may fight the next conflict.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here are your top stories. emergency aid is pouring into the philippines after typhoon haiyan devastated the country. 41 provinces. secretary of state john kerry says are countries were united, watchdog agency says iran is willing to let inspectors take a look at a number of sites. america pays tribute to its veterans. president obama lays a wreath at the arlington national the cemetery in remembrance to those
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who have served the country. towns and cities across the country are honoring veterans. one of the largest veterans day parades are, erica pitze has the story. >> turn out for america's day parade because this is the largest veterans day celebration in the country is really in part what they expected. nearly 27,000 people marching up fifth avenue here. yes, many military service men and women not to mention the thousands of people along the sidelines mere who are cheering their veterans on, as well as their military service personnel. this is truly a huge sphwreation. of the -- celebration. of the 21 million, more than half live t in the trisedate area. are particularly are honoring women in the military.
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one of the grand marshals of the parade is retired general, four star general ann dunwiddie. back to you. >> an annual event of surviving is a day-to-day issue. usher kareshi takes us to where those veterans are are desperately looking for work. >> being veterans far from the honors of service are transfer from the military to the civilian workforce. >> what were you looking for? >> looping the lines of computer science. >> dame yon mendez serves in the army national guard. he has been warned that finding work outside the military is going to be tough. >> they said it would be hard to find anything, if anything we
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recommend you stay in school, get your educational degrees and then look for work after that. >> last year mendez came here, look for full or part time work. >> too often the narrative is that our veterans come back from war, they come back from service and they're damaged goods. >> right now unemployment for veterans sits at 6.5%, compared to 7.2 as a whole. the highest rate hits ages 18 to 34. the federal government is trying to change this by focus being on the challenges vets face in a complex and evolving job market and they want to help them experience the value of their skills and experience in the workplace. >> somebody who walks in and says that they've been an infantry squad leader for the past four years that doesn't readily translate into the corporate world or the manufacturing world and we need to help educate them through
6:34 pm
training programs through hiring fairs through game engagement with the individual where veteran to engage with employers. >> illinois is one of six states to help get state level credentials for health care careers. it also allows service members with military vehicle are experience to bypass. >> the leadership experience and knowledge they have the self-motivation, they have obviously the honor, and they understand chain of command, they understand leadership. >> acknowledging the sacrifices to end their service as veterans is not only a reminder of their past but a promise for their future. usher kareshi, al jazeera
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chicago. the first veterans commemoration was 95 years ago, the last surviving american veteran was frank buchholz. exurs bcaptured by the japanesee spent three years in a japanese priz nor of war camp. he died in 2011 at the age of 101. bran done freed plawn is a retired infantry officer and served in the u.s. department of veterans affairs communication he office. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me on. >> you penned an opinion piece in march argue that veteran unemployment is not a crisis.
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for those who didn't get a chance to read the piece, make your argument. >> well, the premise of the argument ask that veteran unemployment is much -- it's a bit lower than the national rate, right now veteran unemployment is run going 6.9% versus 7.3% for national unemployment. where we're seeing the real issue as you mentioned earlier with younger veterans. veterans aged 18 to 24. those veterans have an unemployment rate that is actually about 10%. the last few months it has averaged 9.2% so it is a bit higher. part of the reason is not because people don't appreciate veterans. first of all, young people often have trouble finding jobs. they don't have the same level of education, they don't have the experience and this is often exacerbated if you have just spent three ofour years overseas. you are a bit behind. we have to make a concerted effort to get those veterans separated from the service,
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we've got get them why -- >> this is what's interesting. brandon should an extra effort be made to mire veterans? young or older -- hire veterans younger or older veterans? >> well, it depends. in our economic system, it is not this idea of charity. we're not giving veterans jobs just because they served in the military. what we want to tell companies is you need to hire veterans because they are going to help you drive the bottom line, they have a certain skill set and they can offer your company quite a lot. but we have to get these companies to understand what exactly veterans bring to the table. because sometimes it doesn't come to the table. if the veteran wasn't necessarily serving in a job that translates easily. >> on the general question of
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whether the u.s. is doing enough for its veterans how do you come down open that question? >> well, it's -- on that question? >> well it's a complicated question. historically there have been issues. for decades especially following vet nam war. in the last decade when we went into these two wars in iraq and afghanistan the u.s. government did not lay the groundwork to prepare for this influx of veterans coming back, and for two wars that would last a decade. that said, in the last four or five years the department of veterans affairs, the nation as a whole really has really improved by leaps and bounds in getting veterans the services they need. >> brandon let me ask wit one me question. you wrote a well thought of book, taughted, the war i always wanted the illusion of glory and the reality of war. so on this day, what was your
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illusion of war and what was your reality? >> well, that's a long story. but i'll keep it short. >> sure. >> when i joined the military, when i first joined rotc in college in 1996, you know, i think like a lot of americans, i had sort of a false impression of what war was all about. i watched a lot of movies and thought that it would be you know a great time and i would follow in the footsteps of my family members, and get to travel the world, and, you know, do a lot of hard training and get tough and all that. and of course i did get to do those things. but once you are actually in war and in combat it becomes very real, very quickly and you suddenly understand the gravity of the situation and you understand that it is not necessarily the way that you were sort of led to believe. and it's much more brutal than a lot of people probably imagine.
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>> brandon, appreciate it. brandon freedman. >> thanks for having me on. >> thank you. the need for newer better weapons have always required newer better technology. drones, for example, have been a staple of the american military conflict for next decade. now next generation of drone technology is being tested. kimberly hulkett went board an aircraft carrier to see. >> this is an x 47b an unmanned aerial drone. made history in july when it completed its fishes landing at sea. on this day the drone wasn't able to atake off on its first run. >> it came up on the power, to the aircraft towards the shuttle, they were unable to
6:41 pm
achieve enough residual throws make that transition. >> the navy is fill modifying how the x-47b electronically ely dmks witelectronicallycommunicae carrier. 3.4 million lines of software code allows the drone to fly without a human pilot. the u.s. navy insists this particular aircraft will never be able to kill anybody. that's because after testing it will be retired to a museum. the science on display here is just the beginning of the navy's are quest for unmanned flight. there may not be plans to weaponnize this somewhere drone but that doesn't rule out future models. when the u.s. unveiled its predator drone, they armed the predators. they conduct strikes in pakistan
6:42 pm
and yemen, on an aircraft carrier at sea the rules are different. >> you don't need to ask anybody's position, you can bring american fire power within range of many countries on earth and do it very matter of factually without permission from any government. >> the u.s. government is determined to perfect its drone technology. allows the u.s. navy to operate with more autonomy. >> it allows what we call the dull dirty and dangerous mission sets that afford themselves to up manned capabilities more aptly. >> it is the future of u.s. high tech warfare, one that the military hopes to be fully in force in the next three years. kimberly hullkitt.
6:43 pm
al jazeera. >> basic necessities food water and shelter, earlier i talked with john ginge, i asked him about the challenges of delivering supplies to thousands of people. >> it's a massive logistical challenge. we are very acutely aware. it's about the result on the ground. already, we have a lot of staff out there, since saturday morning, on the ground doing what they have to do. and we're mobilizing the supplies and more staff. this is of course carefully coordinated with the government who are ultimately in the lead in terms of the overall response and as you also pointed out all the other bilateral assistance that comes in. this is a big logistical
6:44 pm
operation in terms of the transport. most of the transport has been knocked out airports are out and roads are damaged and so on. we rely heavily on air assets and again there has toob good te good coordination between everybody. that's where we send the u.n. and ngo staff to do that coordination to make sure you identify who's most in need and get the aid to them as quickly as possible. >> how bad is the situation? >> the situation is appalling. i think images show very clearly. this was a supertyphoon and it just wreaked incredible havoc across a whole swayed of the fill -- suede of the philippine islands. wiping out so much of the landscape and the infrastructure that was there. killing we now estimate tragically over 10,000 people maybe 660,000 people we estimate
6:45 pm
displaced. and nearly 10 million, 9.8 million people we're estimating are affected by this storm. >> initially people as you mentioned a moment ago need the bare essentials, but you are needing help to clear roads and bridges. walk me through the next few days and how you're hoping the rescue and recovery effort plays out. >> absolutely. it's about clean drink water. it's about medicine for those who are injured. it's about food, you know, those who are lucky enough to have survived the storm we have to help them survive these next days and weeks. it's a very slow, initially, because getting there, getting out to people, in the places that are most affected is a very big transport challenge. we have to navigate a lot of roads that are blocked. getting in and this is where the philippine military and other
6:46 pm
militaries in support of them getting in the heavy construction equipment to clear those roads is absolutely essential. they're on that already. they've been on it since the day after, since saturday morning. but it is slow progress. and -- but every day is -- and every hour is an hour better and a day better. and that's what we face over the coming days and weeks. this is what we have to -- we have to try to navigate our way, our way through and all the time pushing the boundaries knowing that there's so many people who are right now today waiting for rescue and that we have to get to them as quickly as we possibly can. >> coming up next the latest from the nfl including an update in the ongoing drama of richie incognito and the miami dolphins.
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>> you know the beatles sang the song, "can't buy me love". but letters from lennon's law school, serving detention, sab sabotage, where fighting in class and showing just no interest whatsoever. the trouble was he was busy living the kind of life that would be reflective of the music we have come to love. wouldn't you say? why so let's get the latest on events on miami, the hazing
6:50 pm
scandal. michael eaves here with the latest. >> more and more people start to talk about it in public. for the first time since he was suspended, for bullying jonathan martin, are richie incognito gives his side of the story. incognito says he and martin were the best of friends. he wasn't a racist and this was a case of locker room banter going too far. martin was engaged in the same why are that incognito has been accused of. >> i didn't intend to hurt him. what i was going know for, i haven't seen my buddy, i wanted to shock him, call me back. when the words are put in the context i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised. but people don't know how jon and i communicate with one
6:51 pm
another. for instance, a week before this went down, jonathan martin texted me, on my phone, "i will murder your whole if-ing family". >> he texted that to you? >> i knew it was coming from a brother. a family member. >> jonathan martin is yet to answer any part of this, but before or after he meets with the nfl lead vector about the hazing, martin's attorneys david cornwell sent out a tweet which included this image. cornwell says when incognito sent him a message, this is what he actually sent him. joining me now to dive even
6:52 pm
deeper into this controversy, is nfl analyst anita martin. it's a lot of he said, he said. what's really going on in miami? >> there's always three sides to every story and in this situation i believe there's incognito's side there's jonathan martin's side and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. will we ever find it out? i'm not sure. ted wells is the attorney hired by the nfl to conduct this investigation and once that investigation is completed all his findings will be revealed and made public. at that point in time we'll have a better idea what went on in the dolphins locker room. >> we'll be shocked where it got to the point where someone in the locker room or someone in the organization didn't step in and stop this type of are situation getting out of control.
6:53 pm
>> a number of the players across the nfl that's their reaction. this would never happen in our locker room because we have got great leaders in our locker room. great question then. where are those leaders in the dolphins locker room and all the ttalk and conversation i'm hearing from the media in miami who cover the miami dolphins say there is a reason why are reggie bush is not there, devion best and carlos dansby. those leaders are gone. joe phil bin,bin wanted to control all that went down in that locker room and the council that richie incognito was a part of that was pretty much he was appointed, these are joe philbin's guys that were the leaders inside that locker room. seems kind of fishy mike. >> are martin and incognito will noll not be at their game. how do you think they will go
6:54 pm
into this game against tampa? >> i really believe, a lot of times we see instances where teams and players they come together. hearing from ryan tannehill, the quarterback, and the wide receiver, it's us against the world, i think the miami dolphins are going to come out and put on a show. it's going to be a beat-dowsh of the tampa bay bucks. finally, getting the running game going with lamar miller, i think they come out and make a statement and i think they man handle the tampa bay bucs. >> no one wants to win the nfl east and what's up for peyton manning's ankle. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right, you always
6:55 pm
give us great flals on the nfl. >> all right michael thank you. kevin is up next with news of some cold weather for northeast. then it's "real money" with ali velshi.
6:56 pm
on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced
6:57 pm
>> welcome back. a satellite barreled back to earth today, moving over siberia, the indian ocean and antarctica. mapping earth's gravity before it rap out of fuel in october. -- ran out of fuel in october. >> hello again well, haiyan is
6:58 pm
now a massive thunderstorm across china but we are watching this tropical disturbance now making its way over the area that was mostly impacted by the typhoon. you can see rain showers passing over. no wind damage just rain showers coming down. three to five inches of rain across this region as it makes its way north northwest. the heaviest rain over the islands in the next 24 and pass into the south china sea. you can see the showers of snow pushing through parts of chicago right now, take a look at the current temperatures. minneapolis is at 24°. let's go close are in and see fargo, 17° there. this has been a major change in the last 24 hours. you can see fargo is 11° colder than what we saw yesterday. rapid city 26° colder and denver
6:59 pm
is 32° colder pushing south and east. we have loot of problems with the cold air as we -- a lot of problems with the cold air. that's where you factor in those winds on -- temperatures on the skin. it doesn't affect inanimate objects but does affect animals. omaha feels like 9°. 34° on tuesday, are it's going to stay quite cold, temperatures come up to 50°. down towards the south, oklaho oklahoma, arkansas and louisiana, hard freeze warnings in effect. if you have animals bring them in, if you have plants bring them in as well. temperatures are going to get down there. that the your national weather. pr headlines with tony is up next.
7:00 pm
this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. emergency aid pours into taiwan after typhoon haiyan devastated the country. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. and other international powers were united on a nuclear deal with iran even though iran failed to accept the proposal. and the nuclear watchdog agency said iran is willing to let inspectors take a look at a number of sites. and the curfew in


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