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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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on al jazeera america this is it athis is al jaze. hello and welcome to the news hour i'm in doha. thousands in the philippines trying to escape after the typhoon. >> the president insists the government is doing all it can. pre-election violence in the street. as mozambique's settlement givinggivesaway to instablity. divided about politics. how childhood friends are turned into presidential rivals. and the sky is the limit.
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we are live in dubai with the biggest order in aviation history has been announced. aid is getting throug throue philippines. nine days after the typhoon haiyan struck. the carolin cathedral was not sy the storm. hthe dead were remembered on sun's mass. many areas are cut off by the devastation. the helicopters are being swarmed by people. the president of the philippines is visiting areas that are affected by the storm. and the government is facing harsh criticism of their
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handling of crisis. they are thanking everyone for helping with the aid. because you are working voluntarily it's encouraging no matter how upset i am i have to stomach it. what else can i do. >> is the presidential tour a disaster zone restoring some hope there, margot. >> the president is actually expected to be here for a few days is what we understand. he has not been just speaking to the volunteers who are helping but also getting updates from local officials and they are detailed updates. he is expecting him to give them an assessment of how many of their villages are destroyed and how many people are missing or killed in those villages and how much relief aid has gotten through to them and why it hasn't gotten through if it has
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not gotten through. as far as the people on the ground are concerned they see that the national government is working and though understand that this is completely overwhelming and prim many say y are willing to be patient and to give the government the ben bent of the doubt. and a lot of people are angry and they are directing that to local government officals. the national government gets the aid to the local government unit and the local government has to give it to the village chiefs and they are responsible for giving it to the people in need. those we spoke to say local politics are getting involved. in who gets what relief. the local government is aware of this. but at the end of the day they have to to trust the people on the ground to know how to best deal with the situation. >> now that the president is there, margot, is there a feeling that there is more national government supervision
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and involvement in what local officals are doing. yes and no. it's a split sentiment here. there are people that felt the national government was in charge. but a th at the sim same time ts confusion. the fact that he is here has not spread across the province. there is no power or radio stations or tv. it's not like they can get news from anywhere. a lot of what is going on is based on rumor. when the state of national carolincalamity was declared ane curcurfew was put in placement t thatthat this was the return of martial rule. they heard national emergency. they goes to show you the amount of confusion despite the fact that the president is here.
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it doesn't make much of a difference to the majority of the people who are not aware of his presents. presence. >> margot thank you from there. >> let's continue with the philippines. we are live at a cathedral with ververonica. is the church giving hope that 345ethatmay not be coming from government officials. >> it sure is the church is a key position in this catholic country. it's seen as a place where people can turn for uncorrupt assistance. there is a morale impetus for people that work at the church. they come here and ask for help. we have been here at the local cathedral all day and we have seen deliveries of rice that have been going out from the church. we have seen people coming and
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telling the staff here about the various problems and various needs. they have come here because there is a generator and they are charging their phones and their torches or flash lights to make sure that they have that kind of back up system. the church is very sophistocated and it has a lot of money. earlier on we saw a mass that was celebrated by the mis bishop here as well as a car cardinal m america who is very high in the catholic church. who is in charge of relief service and has po potential moy to give to help people get back on their feet. >> you are familiar with the area give us the scale of the destruction and the stories that are coming out. >> everybody and that means everybody has been affected by this. in a country of 92 million
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around 11 million people have been affected. >> i happen to be one of 11 million people and i'm told that i have distant relatives who lived in a neighborhood along here most of them have been killed i'm told. the caretaker of our ancestorial home here, his entire family has been killed. there is only one person left in that person's family. that ancestral home i was talking about was completely destroyed. my grandparents donated to this church an enormous mahogany door the major door to the church that has been completely destroyed. that is one of 11 million stories of people who have been affected. you can get a sense of how kilometre after kilometre this
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island is just ribboned with trees that have no leaves, that have lost their pla branches. sugar fields who have the cane completely fallen down and that is a major source of income. >> a bibig institutions and big buildings and colleges have been destroyed across the island. it's going to take a lot to come back from this. but ever everywhere, what i'm hg from people is a fatalism and a determination to get back as soon as they can. a lot of heart aching stories there. our condolences to you and everybody's losses, thanks so much. filipinos who are living around the world are showing their support for victims of typhoon haiyan. in hong kong that was hundreds of people attending a churcher
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service to pray for those affected by the storm. it's home of 15,00 15,000 15,00s who are dough mis domestic work. the libyan government has declared a state of emergency. it follows a second day of fighting the authorities have strucstruggledded to bring themr control. from ti tripoli here is sebastin walker. >> they come to hor honored dea. mourners carry the body of those shot by ma lis militia groups. >> now there are militia 245 were doin24524thatare tuning tht quadaffi did before. we don't want that we want them to go home e. >> dozens of protestors were
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killed on friday as they marched toward the headquarters of the brigade. they stormed the base of that ma militia on saturday ruttin resun more deaths. they are in a shi'a area and it's a military zone until a mechanism is put in place to hand it over to the state. we ensure that everyone is stabilized and secure. we ask the residents of tripoli to cooperate to ensure that the area remains secure. >> check points have been set up to stop fighters from flooding in as the prime minister called for a special meeting to deal with the issue. >> we will contact our brothers from armed groups based in tripoli an as and ask them to le
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tripoli. >> the entry of any armed groups into tripoli could have a cat catastrophic effect that could lead to a massacre. the rival groups have grown in influence avenue over throwing carolinquadaffi two years ago. the government is too weak to stop them. many liberallians are staying, enough and taking th matters ino their own hands. with the violence on a rise it's hard to se see a peaceful end to this crisis any time soon. as they jostle for position and consider their next he is bass n walker tripoli. leaders have signed a agreement covering poverty and government. the meeting has been over shadowed by civil right abuses during theshir the sri lanka wa.
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i would be sensitive to preferences made to any particular country. we relay these human rights or any other. that you must remember that we also have our system, we have our legal system, we have our donconstitution. we have to oblige and we have to respect our constitution. so we are doing it. the time we have already started this. >> well we are live in the capital. so is this managing to crawl out of the sad to sad toe shadow ofs civil war or is it not. >> it's ending very much the way it started with these questions
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of alleged human rights violations carried out by the sri lanka government. as we have been saying a lot of pressure is being put on the president to carry out an independent investigation as the british prime minister put it so that sri lanka can move forward. but it sounds like the president of sri lanka is saying that he is not going to heed the call to have this independent investigation carried out and completed by march of next year. which is what david cameron is calling for. saying that sri lanka needs more time. these questions are not going to go away. we are talking about 40,000 people who were killed in the closing stage of the sh sha shan dsrilanka war. they need to answer for that for
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any reconcilliation process to begin with. >> we are hearing from the members of the cabinet they are saying they are not going to have any kind of investigation or inquiry because frankly the civil war is over and that is all that needs to be said. >> thank very much from columbo. coming up on the al jazeera news hour. i'm in central mozambique, where soldiers have to have he is doorhe ishe i escorts along the roads. and we will tell you why nigeria football fans doused the night away in the rain. details coming up in sports. ♪ let's find out what typhoon survivors in the philippines have to tackle in the next few
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days. here is ric richard. >> the good news is not much in this regionment there are showers around. you can see in the satellite imagery that things are looking quiet. a stark contrast to vietnam where they have had 140 millimetres in 24 hours. sand we have seen in tot totalsn excess of 0 500 millimetres. we have had more than 30 deaths reported and 70,000 people evacuated and some of the river levels in the region are at the highest since 1 1999, we are gog to see the flooding easing over the next 24 hours to 48 hours. parts of vietnam do get large amounts of rain. the showers are wide spread across the philippines, i think it's isolated in terms of the
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amounts of rain coming down. we have seen rain coming down in southern parts of india and it's been the same across this area. the rain will push away towards the west and it should turn dry here too. 11 people are dead after an attack on a police station in china. it happened in the northwest of the country. two police officers and nine attackers were killed in the incidents. according to the regional government there. >> well there i this is the latf several incidents of unrest in the area this year. it's not surprising that territorial disputes were among the topics discussed last week of the we have more from beijing. >> it has the world's biggest pill trianandmilitary and a civw enforcement operation that tops other countries. now china is setting up t to
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oversee both. the threat is foreign and domestic. a national security committee was one of the big announcements following china's communist party's third me plenum meeting. it's responsible for handling foreign security issues. they have the ability to grow as the united states pivots toward asia. and they are growing too and the perceived threats to cyber attacks. there have been riots by ethnic minority groups in zing jang. the a growing number of disgruntled individuals are mounting attacks.
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>> these are domestic and international threats but at the same time it allows the senior leadership of the ccp to increase the strength and grip on power. this is a move that they previously tried to make. they tried to institute a similar body but were rebuffed but they weren't able to push it through because of the resistance from fro the defense establish. ment. establishment. the other announcement following the meeting the reform of the one child policy and the be a bow list oanalystbe be aaboliti. the syrian government is reportedly gone on the offensive against rebel fighters.
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it's causing thousands of people to flee across the border. the main crossing point is the village in eastern lebanon. >> these are the lebanon's newest re refugees. almost 1,000 syrian families had have escaped in the last few days. many of them were internally displaced by the conflict. i'm from homes but i had to flee to cara and now i have to flee from there. >> the town of cara is under going intense shelling. cara is along the it is da dass highway. the rebels want to push them out of this territory near the capital. the refugees use illegal
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smuggling root routes. local officals here expect more sisyrians arrive in the coming days as the fighting intensifies. >> outhis is not just a place of refuge. but it's the only life line along the lebanon syrian border. the border town supports the opposition and hezbolla has sent fighters to support the syrian regime. hezbolla la has joined the batte in syria. the problem is if the syrian opposition te decides to retalie this will have negative reperson repercussions in the cub. >> the officialar officals are y
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have more pressure that and they capacity cope with the crisis. it may only get worse now the battle in this region has begun. a former rebel group has threatened to disrupt elections in mozambique. they have had violent battles. the army is he is sortin escorte motorists because the roads are too dangerous too travel. we have this exclusive report. it's time to get back on the road. many slept in their vehicles because it's not safe to use the road at night in the central part of the mozambique.
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a former rebel group signed a peace deal with the government in 1992 but last month they said the deal was off after soldiers captured a base of. >> we are looking for the government to solve this problem. i i think we are suffering too much. >> it's not known why he is hiding or what his move will be. as the soldiers walk on the road for extra security. the convoy goes as fast as it can of the. >> no one is allowed to stop. >> we have been traveling for more than two hours and it's not been comfortable. these soldiers are escorting a convoy of vehicles. they have to do this because the road isn't safe. motorists are often attacked of. >> civilians using the road have been a ambushed, robbed and kil. we pass another convoy going into the opposite direction.
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more soldiers he i escorting pee trying to get them to their destdestination safely. we cross one more bridge and today everyone makes it through. that doesn't always happen. from here to the capital is safe. there is no need for an escort. that does not make some people feel better. local elections will take place on november 20th and they have threatened to disrupt things. >> to solve this problem and then election. but i don't see the president election for what? for what? because the country is bad. it's not othe now other people'o be he i escorted back. it's been like this since june in this part of the country. >> for decades mozambique has been considered one of africa's most stable countries. the ruling party fought a bloody
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civil war for independence in 1975 that war ended in 1992 with a peace agreement in roam hom re followed by elections of. >> the former guerrilla group declared the truce is over. we have a lecture youer at e school in london. she joins us live. the opposition group says the truce is over does that mean the country is heading back to full scale civil war again? >> i think that is highly unlikely. what we have are two different issues going on here. they say the truce is over. what this means in practice is that they have to extracted themselves from the political process and they are now back in
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the bush where they fought the war. what has happened since the attacks in october they have gone into total disorganizational array. the leadership is in hiding in one central part of the country his former soldiers are probably the people carrying out the attacks on the roads and he spoke to people in the capital and frankly they have no idea where he is or what he is up to. i think they have established communication recently but frankly the organization as a whole is all over the place. that is why we are seeing so much confusion. they have not withdrawn ow entirely. they still have seats in parliament. do they want full scale war or is this a pressure tactic to get concessions from the government. >> i think calling it a strategy as a whole would be a stretch. the people sitting in parliament intend to stay there and they have not intended to resign
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their seats of their leader has in a way withdrawn from that process. he has been fairly disconnected from parliamentary affairs for a while. he is sort of the old figure head, the icon of the situation. his personal safety will affect what he does. he will remain in force in parliament in terms of participating in the process. the issue is about his personal safety. a lot of his fears in terms of returning to the capital and returning to any dialogue he fears himself being executed. he has accused the government in the past of trying to asass n.a.i.tassassinate him effectiv. does he have the age to launch another war? absolutely not. what we are talking about he has command between tens and a couple of hundred men who have able to destabilize the main road and may be able to lobe of
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an attack on the electoral process on wednesday he is not anything like in a position to launch a war. >> weakened and disarray can they disrupt next week's election? can they disrupt the process? >> i think this i there is someg else goingen a going on as well. they may be able to disrupt a few polling stations in the north of the country and in the central. what they haven't done is what is going on now. in terms of the protest that you saw that was supressed by riot police this is associated with mdm they were a smaller third party but they are a main opposition due to the withdrawal from the elections. so in terms of whether the elections will go ahead i think
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the government will try to push on with wednesday's election. too much has happened now in a way to draw back from that. there wilthey may be able to upt polling in some parts of the country. >> thanks so much for your thoughts. still ahead on al jazeera. loathed or loved. we look at the legacy of georgia's out going president and the state he is leaving behind. and the dutch tradition that has raised a race debate. and in sports the lone star of the formula one. joe will have the details of that story and more in not too long. ♪
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they've signe signed agreementsr abuse. and mozambique's former rebel group is threatening to disrupt wednesday's local elections. the army is h escorting motoriss because the roads are too dangerous for travel. returning to the top story
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from the philippines. sunday service is being held to remember the victims of the typhoon. margot spoke to the worshippers at the church in tacloban. >> this house of god in tacloban is far from full for sunday's mass. she has made a special trip even if she is not a regular church goer. >> we came to pray she said. to give thanks to the lord that we survived to see my daughter's 10th birthday. they are one of the few families that have received aid. hundreds of others affected by typhoon haiyan are still waiting. the government has been criticized by poor management and officials meant to be proactive taking preemptive measures by ordering evacuations an setting aside the relief
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goods ahead of time the extent of the devastation far excited their ecpec ec expectations. the president is on the island to check on the condition and those that are displaced. you are not neglected and the government will provide everything you need of the and because you are working voluntarily it's encouraging no matter how upset i am i have to some knack it stomach it. what else can i do. the aid agencies say things are improving. >> it takes a week or ten days to get things going. things will work some more i wo. >> the rains continue over tacloban and they gather in god's house trusting that someone is listening.
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pakistani officals have extended a curfew due to the sectarian fighting that killed ten people on friday. the deaths occurred while shi'a protestors burned a mosque and a market. the taliban is threatening revenge now. a suicide bomber has targeted the govenor of one of afghanistan's provinces he walked up to the convoy and detonated a bomb and killing a civilian four others were wounded and the govenor survived though. voting will get underway in the chile's presidential election in the next hour. coultwo childhood friends have turned political rivals they drefreefregrew up together and d themselves on opposite sides >> at the fish market it's
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overwhelming. there are nine of them say this voter. they include three women. independents candidates from the far left to the far right. in the lead two women with a shared history. michelle and evelyn grew up together. their fathers were close friends. both air force generals. the military coup divided chile. one headed the dic dictatorshipe other died from it. >> we had a childhood we shared queewe are different products oe country's society. the own candidate that believes
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chile doesn't need major reforms. the new tax reform my adversary is proposing will ruin us she told business lea leaders. >> the demands on the street dramatically change the agane da. >> chile's constitution does not allow the government to unilaterally call a referendum. >> to prove that the country does support a constitution a unprecedented movement is underway calling on the voters to mark the top right hand portion of their ballot with ca. they will propose a new constitution and higher corporate taxes to support free education and pension funds but another candidate who came in a
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close third in the last election says the generation of politician won't deliver. >> when she was president she and her team blocked a vast majority of the reform she proposes today. why? because the generation was traumtrauma advertised bytrauma. the biggest uncertainty is how many people will actually participate in this president yamaguchpresidentialelection. in which the first time voting is not mandatory. that lots glet's go to danio is live in santiago. it's about 20 minutes before the boxes get busy. tell us what the mood is like there. >> i say it's a mood of
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expectation rather than great excitement. we have the boxes behind me where the people will vote for the local politician and the deputies and the senators and the one that interests us the president of chile taking over next year. it's a great expectation and soon the block boxs will be fulf voting slips and the gates open in less than 20 minutes on the edge of santiago. can she get an out right majority given the voting system there she needs to win 50% plus one on the voting register. the big question in many ways if
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she doesn't get that 50% plus one who will be her candidate or opponent in the run off election on december 15th? the opinion polls have matte with about 20% of the vote. there are a couple of other candidates pushing for that second place and that will be the secon question that most chs are asking. >> what is driving support for her this time? she has been in office before well there is it a great call for fundamental change. it's been 20 years that chile has returned to democracy. >> and many laws that pinoc e
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test put itare still in place. chile has the worst wealth distribution of anywhere in the world. they are calling for change and a change to the constituent assembly and that is what is driving people. them. people feel that michelle has promised that change and they'll be looking to her to fulfill her promises that she la has made to the run up to these elections. thanks very much. we are getting reports of an earthquake that is off the tip of south america. the 7.8 quake struck in an area known as scotia sea. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them here at al
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jazeera. georgia's president will be sworn n in on sunday. the man he is replacing led georgia into a revolution and into the mod i modern state it . >> his reforms have got results. a remarket economy and the elimination of petty corruptions. when the sun goes down the lights stay on. 2012 saw his government defeated out right in parliamentary elections. in his last address to the u.n. this september he was almost apology ethiapologetic about hi. we have cut corners and certainly made mistakes. we went sometimes too far and other times not far enough. a u.s. educated lawyer his embrace of the west earned him powerfulled added added ed apo.
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admireres. that xwrife never went down welh the russians. if he ever hoped the west would spring for his aid he miscalculated. today those territories are russian protectants. >> owhe had tarnished by many before the election started. georgia's bloodless revolution in 2003 saw him become one of the world's youngest head of state. in his mid 30s he had a plan
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to drag a impoverished republic into the 21st century. because he has left behind a leg citlegacy the building projectse an integr integral part of transforming. he is more loathed than loved. he put georgia on the map and saw a democratic hand over of of power in the caucus he is. cauc. to the netherlandss now. the arrival of father christmas has drawn protest g about his assistant known as black pete. he is painted with a back face and sports red lips and an afro. he is described as someone that
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brings cookies to children. some say he is a racist character and should be banned. >> we are joining from amsterdam now. what is spoiling the holiday season there. >> there are thousands people on the canal. to see black pete. >> hwho is that controversyial figure. sinister class himself a variation on the father christmas figure an black pete his hi mischievous helper one te children love as he throws candy at the children. every year peopl dress up like . people say he is a throw back to the slavery. and there is a campaign to get rid of black pete. peter, this campaign, 13,000 to
5:44 am
get rid of black pete. and 2 million to keep him. he is not going anywhere if the dutch people have their way. >> he has been in the dutch society for six centuries. all of the children are looking forward to black pete. it will be difficult. on the other hand i sta can sees children along the route are made plaque. made -- black. there is lr already a reaction o the discussion which is heated. again 2 million people against 13,000 it will be a societial discussion on how this will proceed. >> do you think that is because people don't want to be racist or don't want to be could be acf being racist. >> in amsterdam people feel uncomfortable with the discussion and maybe a little
5:45 am
afraid that it may raise a reaction from the public. and i think that many people also understand now because for decade they have seen this character of black pete but they didn't see thesstereotypical elements of the outside. >> the procession will move through amsterdam. this will continue until the 5 i5of december. and you can guarantee in 12 months time it will be back and so will the protestors. thanks so much fil phil duvl there. we head to golf next. and plus. they are going over. surely they are going over this is a disaster for the danish team. the extreme sailing series lives up to it's name. details coming up
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>> audiences are intelligent and they know that their
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>> welcome back the biggest order in aviation history has been announced in 2 in this yea' air show in t dubai. they have ordered the newest aircraft the 7 7 x. 7 x. we will go straight to maria who is at the air show in dubai. all of this showin showing the s
5:48 am
is booming. >> i will speak quietly about the emirates deal. $99 billion is what emirates has spent on the first day of the air show on the 777 x and the affiliata380s. and it's been a gate day for the emirates and a better day for boeing. and i have randy here from bow boeing. thank you for being here. great to be here. is there money spilling out of your pockets. 342 order and a big mil milestoe for the 787. >> but it all doesn't happen in one day. of course not. >> how long does it take to get
5:49 am
here. >> months and months and month. and with the 777 x we have been working with customers to ensure we get the design right of the the right range and the right size to deliver a great value for them. >> you have another 50 order fro50 order.when you think of ty aircraft. over the next 20 years the world worldwide demand for wide bodies is here in the middle east and the gulf car carriers are the biggest part of that. >> how important is one particular air show not just for boeing but in your battle. >> when you think about it it's up to our customers when they want to make these
5:50 am
aannouncements. we come to air shows to connect with the customers and with the suppliers and to feature the capability of our airplanes. one thing i wanted to find out from you is the numbers. when does a customers see those plains anplanes and how does thg affect you. >> the backlog we have at boeing today is 4800 airplanes. how many? >> 4800 and that runs into the middle of the next deck alberta decade. our customers have patience and they are making these huge investless primments because the going to fly those planes for a long time. the 777 x won't make it's first flight until 2019. >> even though we are talking
5:51 am
about 200 boeing planes ordered today it's 5000 on outer. order. it's a long term deal. and especially for the gill carf carriers. a very, very big first day here in dubai. >> thank you very much. and it's a good day for boeing and not such a great day for the organizers of the winter olympics is it joe? >> absolutely. they are heading into trouble. the world anti-doping agency has suspended the doping lab that is to be used by the athletes. moscow has until december 1s december 1st to prove it's operations after it found that the testing is not rye liable. reliable. if things don't improve testing may have to take place in another country. on to football a african champion of my gear yea my diert
5:52 am
open yeah. open -- ethiopia. they made certain of their place in the world cup finals for a seasecond straight time. the fans are dancing the night away in the rain. i don't mind if they play badly and qualify. and today whatever comes up as long as they qualify and the flag is flying in brazil that is it. we'll make it up. >> well ivory coast fans had reasons to celebrate. they're team reached a third straight world cup tournament by beating senegal. it sparked wild he i celebratios cameroon hosts to yo tunisia.
5:53 am
tunisia only need a draw to qualify. for cameroon to progress they need to win and with a certain man in their ranks the goals shouldn't be a problem. samuel is expected to start and the host to reach the finals for a sea second time in a row. it's sure that we can win. but it's not certain that we can go on and all out attack for the first 20 minutes. after we will be tired. i don't think it's a good way. even if we score a goal in the 90 the90 them minute. on sunday he could be the first player to win the pga tour fedex cup and the race to dubai in the same season. >> another hot day in the uae
5:54 am
and another cool performance from the ice man henrik stenson. a third round of 67 helped him retain his lead at 17-under. >> on 12 i had to make a good five-footer coming back for par on 12. and then i got on a good run in the end and that is the way it goes. you never know when you will get own a birdie train and i stayed patient and i got rewarded for it and finished off with a nice style with four birdies in the last five holes. >> he is a shot ahead o of last week's fur turkish airline winn. cool at thcolter is winless thit remains in contention in the final round. he is 13 yum. 13-under. six shots behind the leader will be tough for justin rose.
5:55 am
so now win the title atop the season ending money list so it looks like polter can challenge stenson to top the money list. the two have had a gamble over this. that they will finish over polter. >> he has to come in third an see if it pays off on sun. adam scott is mittsin mittse line up in to you buy. he claimed a back t back-to-bacn the australia senior on summed. sunday. it's the second tournament in a row having won the pga in perth last week. >> obviously things were tight all day. the guys started well and i was plodding along an made my fair share of mistakes. romeo played a little tricky
5:56 am
today and the mistakes were eatsy to make especially under the pressure. happy to hang in there. >> bebasson has claimed his theth pole seeing after going fasthest in qualifying for the grant preigrand prix in texas. >> they confirm the teams' dome fantastic this season. weber completed the front row. and lotus driver continued in his good form aubin qualifying in third. it's a good result. and it was a tricky session and the wind picked up quite a lot from this monk a? and, yeah, it does inline influence the car especially around the high speed cornersen i was not happy with the first run but i think i had a solid run. >> the pacers have suffered their first loss of the season
5:57 am
they went down to the chicago bulls with the 2013 m. vp. derek rose for 20 points. the star of the night notched up 23 points an serve rebound to help chicago grab a 110-94 win. >> the extreme sail series has lived up to it's name. >> they are going over. sure they are going over. the team capsized off the coast of brazil as their boat was hit by a sudden gust of wind. st. ap had been working up to third before the innings dent. the wave must have aylingy going into the final day. not a good day for them. stay with us on al jazeera we have another full hour of news in a couple of minutes
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don't go to too far. ♪ live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. homeland security instituteebu. homeland
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prayers from the rubble. filipinos are keeping the faith despite death and destruction. an attack in afghanistan - a suicide bombing before elders meet to decide how long american troops should stay. >> and election day in chile as two women compete for the highest office in the land. speaking of tough love - a rutgers university football player quits - calling his coach a big


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