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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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philly is you're watching al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with the top stories. >> intense fast-moving storms affecting 53 million people across ten midwestern states. one tornado caused damage. at least 19 have been hurt. >> massive systems force fans from soldier field, postponing the bears game. 50 killed when a boeing 737 explodes during landing in central russia. . >> we begin with the storms
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across the midwest. dozens are hurt. a powerful system spawned several systems across illinois. ashar quraishi joins us from chicago. it looks like it has calmed down. a different scene from what we saw earlier. >> absolutely. as you see behind me the sun has peaked out. the tornado watches and warnings are no longer in effect. the bears game with the reavens was delayed. there was half hour into the game when people were sold to take cover at soldier field, preparing for a rainfall, downpour. the wind picked up. they were prepared. moving tens of thousands to the lower concourse. we spoke to people coming out. a lot of people waited for a while. there was talk for the game to resume.
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there was a question was to whether it was safe. a lot of people left the area. they said it was chaotic - some jumping over others to get out. minor injuries - cuts and bruises. it took 45 minutes for those in the upper levels to get to the lower levels. the storm passed through. we didn't see much, some heavy rain an our ago. south, central illinois, tornados touch downs in washington, illinois, we hear reports of 19 injured. emergency responders are racing to the area. some described the area as being levelled. there's no reports of death. this was a fast-moving storm, 55 to 60 miles per hour. a lot of people in chicago bracing for the possibility that there may be touchdowns. >> do you get the impression that the threat passed in
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chicago? will the fans be allowed back in the stadium? what happens next? >> yes, you can here the fans. they resumed half hour ago when the sun peaked out. wet inside the stadium, but safe. >> an update also on the towns in central illinois. we are hearing damage in the town of washington. do you understand the scale of the damage that we are talking about there? >> that's exactly what first responders are trying to ascertain at this point. it's early. it's been a couple of hours since the storms moved through. we are hearing, as you mentioned 19 injured in central illinois, we don't know about deaths. people came out, who can get out, say they are stunned by the damn on the ground. phone service is spotty, which is why a lot of information is not coming out as quickly as possible. first responders are on the way, assessing the damage. a lot of people are saying they
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are stunned by the damage they are seeing. >> ashar quraishi live in chicago. thank you. >> we go now to on the phone from peakin, illinois. joined by detective mike eeten, a public information officer for the peekan information office. what damage are you seeing there? >> we have extensive damage from one side of our city to the other, on the north side of the city. the damn ranges from broken windows to roofs gone, to partial collapses to trees that have fallen through houses and apartment buildings, and things like that. we have been fortunate not to have major injuries or fatalities in the city. we've been fortunate with that. the community is coming together, helping out. the police and fire-department - we have every officer and
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fireman in the city working hard. >> are you sending officers and crews to the other towns around there that may have been harder hit by the storm? >> we will be probably doing that once we fully are in control of our situation in our community. we want to help other communities out as well. we have produced extensive damage, and we are trying to make sure sit zens are safe. >> you mentioned some of the damage. do you have a count of how many homes sustained damage? >> i don't have a number, but if you look down the street some streets you look down where homes are, you know, completely with roofs missing, partially collapsed to some houses with busted out windows and shingles and things like that, for as far
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as you can see. i don't have an idea of how many homes but it's a few. there are displaced people, as you can imagine. we are working with them to make sure they have a place to go. the salvation army opened the doors. we've activated city buses. >> is it dozens or hundreds? i'm trying to get a grasp of the scale of damage. >> i would say we are in the dozens, probably closer to the 100 range, i'm guessing. >> we are hearing and seeing photos from washington, illinois, which i believe is not terribly far from you. have you heard anything about what is happening there? >> only sporadic reports. i know they have pretty substantial damage there. but i don't have any first-hand reports. i know they have been very busy, and their cell phone service and that kind of thing has been
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spotty. so... >> detective mike eeten from the peakin police department. thank you for your time today. >> the storm exact many outside illinois and st. louis county, high winds leaving 34,000 without electricity. spokesperson kent martin joins us on the phone. thousands of people without power, any idea if that number will grow? >> right now i can't tell you. we do know from our own forecasting service that the high winds could remain into the early evening hours. we are prepared for outage numbers to go up. now they are holding. at this moment we are in the period of assessment. we are trying to get out, assess the damage so we now how to best turn on power. >> what are the crews seeing when they go out and assess the
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damage? >> a lot of limbs, a lot of trees blown over, a lot of strewn branches here and there. i have not heard of houses necessarily damaged by the high wind. we know that vehicles on interstates have been blown over to the side. those are eyewitness reports, i don't have anything further. unusual system to say the left. earlier this morning, within a span of 5 to 10 minutes you could look up and around and you'd feel high winds, sunshine, clouds, hail, in 5 or 10 minute periods. it's a very fast-moving storm. >> any idea when you guys may be able to restore the power to 34,000 people. >> we don't have a good fix on that. like i said, we are in the stage of assessing the damage, trying to figure how quickly we can turn on power by redirecting around the grid. other parts, where damage is
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caused by tree limbs falling on powerlines, that will take time. obviously we try to be prepared for cases like this, even in the middle of november when this is unusual weather. we go into the assessment mode and figure out how quickly we can turn the power on. i can't give estimates now. >> kent martin, thank you for your time. >> now for the latest on the strength of the storm, let's bring in eboni dean. where is the storm? >> it's southward from michigan to indiana. we are watching an area of low pressure moving out of the iowa. a cold front is in advance of that. and there's warm moist air. the right ingredients, a warm unstable air mass. this is the area at risk of the we have seen actions around chicago. it's shifting eastwards.
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showers moving from west to east. some of the impacts felt, in parts of illinois - that is exactly what we'll be in line for in parts of indiana and southern michigan. i've been watching the expanse of tornado, we are on tornado watch from michoacan to parts of kentucky and western tennessee. we'll watch through the even. the main threat the possibility of tornados and hail and blinding rain as everything moves to the east. the areas in red, that's active tornado warnings, along a line of storms racing off to the north and east. we are talking moving swiftly, around 75 miles per hour. the storms once they move through will not be high lasting. it's important to take preparation and stages to prepare for storms, because they are moving quickly.
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you can see a break in this radar. drier conditions, but behind it we have strong winds. winds have been gusting up to 75 miles per hour. now winds are gusting up to 40 miles per hour. we'll see the winds winding down. still, the winds will be an issue behind the rain. here is a look at the damage reports we have seen. there has been a number. only two confirmed tornados. into indiana and boom county there was a tornado on the ground. we'll continue to watch the storms track to the north and east. here is a look at the winds. 35 mile windgusts. winds are high. we have winds gusting up to 33 miles per hour in indianapolis, where there's a severe thunderstorm warning. here is a look at the radar scheme. we'll see the storms move into
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the direction and overnight on monday. monday, here in the north-east we'll have to deal with it. it's been spring like with the warm moist air in place. temperatures climbed throughout the afternoon. temperatures are at 73. temperatures warmed. definitely above average. the rain air has us closer to the 60 degree mark. >> we'll follow the story and have coverage later. now we'll go to another developing story. a boeing 737 crashed while attempting to land at kazan airport in central russia. it's believed 50 died. peter sharp has the latest. >> the shaky footage taken on a mobile phone shows what is left of the wrecked plane, 44 passengers and six crew members were on board the boeing 737 when it crashed and burst into flames. all were killed.
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there are reports the plane was making a second attempt to land when it went down, and the pilot was new to the aircraft. there were high winds, cloudy sky, but temperatures were above zero. there's no immediate indication of what caused the crash. the tata significant aircraft had come from moscow. there has been a number of deadly plane crashes in russia in recent years. the last in december saw a russian mid tipalov slamming into a highway. five were killed. the year before a yax plane ran off a run way. 45 were killed. the crash was blamed on pilot area. others are blamed on poor crew training, lax government controls and crumbling airports. russian authorityies in kazan
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will now start searching for clues as to what caused the crash. >> aid is pouring in to the philippines. 4,000 people have been killed by typhoon haiyan. only now, nine days after the storm, is help reaching the storm-battered cities. in cebu, the hub of the relief effort, paul beban hitched a ride on one of those aid flights. >> there's not a second to lose as australian air force troops pack the c130 with equipment d and -- supplies. it's full of aid workers, police and supply, and a woman. as the plane descends, she's overwhelmed. her name is delia pagatpatan. hundreds here are desperate to
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leave. delia pagatpatan is desperate to get in. she has not heard from her family in more than a week. she's terrified of what she may find in her home down of taytay. what is your reaction, seeing this? >> devastating. >> heading east to the ocean, a panorama of destruction scrolls by. we arrive in a wasteland - rubble and splinters. all that is left of taytay. once a bustling seaside ham the of 500 families, it's hard to imagine anyone could have lived through this. then a shout. that's your brother? it's her older brother fausto.
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amazingly somehow everyone is here. delia pagatpatan's entire family is alive. >> this is my brother, my youngest brother. >> tears of relief and joy. the struggle is far from over. fausto's house is barely standing. delia pagatpatan wants her sister-in-law, who needs medicine, to evacuate. >> i'm worried, there's no hospital or anything, wherever will happen to her. >> dell delia pagatpatan's family and others want to reveal hospital and lives. there's no job and money, food and fresh water is running low. in the aftermath of the typhoon, the only thing people have is each other. >> in other news france's president francis hollande is in
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israel for talks with the prime minister. iran's controversial program is top of the agenda, france assured it would fight easing of economic sanctions against iran until the country ended nuclear weapons programs. mike hanna is in israel. >> it's a large delegation in israel. there are nine ministers and the p-there's a lot of economic ties between israel and france and strong ties. central to the discussions in the course of the day and evening is the issue of iran. benyamin netanyahu thanked the french president for his intervention in the negotiations in geneva, where france objected to a deal on the table. many believe stopping the deal. benyamin netanyahu continues to insist that not only should sanctions not be lifted, but should be intensified against iran, and he'll look for support from the french president on
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this issue. it's a beginning of an international campaign. later in the week benyamin netanyahu will travel to russia for a meeting with the rush scrn president. once again, expressing sentiments to the russian president, and then on friday a critical meeting with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry, who will return to the region after what was akron own mouse visit. central to those discussions will be the issue of iran. >> mike hanna in jerusalem. still ahead - it is the talk of washington and the nation. who is to blame for the affordable care act debacle. watching the storms in the midwest for tornados and storms are destroying dozens of homes.
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of >> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm jonathan betz. white house officials worked through the week to come up with
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a plan to fix president obama has been promised a solution, but is facing defections and criticism by his own party. >> 39 house democrats joined rup cans voting for a plan allowing for the renewal of hundreds of policies to not be cancelled. it will allow plans that don't meet the guidelines to be sold for a year. house leader nancy pelosi says the democrats have not loft confident. >> democrats are tall in support of the affordable care act. >> still the problems with obamacare are worrying democrats who feel it's leaving them politically vulnerable and suggest incompetence with the administration. >> some heads will roll. >> on abc a senator expressed anger with the, and the false presidential
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promise that people can keep their plans. >> he should have been specific. if you are offered a terrible health care plan that when you are sick, you'll have to go into bankruptcy. >> were you misled. >> he should have been specific. >> they'll discuss plans to fix, the affordable care act website. >> it was a good discussion. all the ceos felt that way. we had an opportunity to discuss marketplace challenges. we have the same goals. we'll work together to get people into affordable coverage, that's what americans want. >> with weeks until a deadline the president is promising to get it done. >> we are working 24/7 to get it fixed. >> there's a huge task ahead for the barack obama administration. >> we want to go back to the top story - the serious storms raking the midwest, including central illinois. on the phone is jeremy mitchell,
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with the emergency management office in champagne. what are you seeing? >> all i can give is old information. 45 minutes ago the -- in 45 minutes the county command team will give a briefing. the giffard flatville area was struck by a tornado this after noon. the village of giffard sustained substantial and widespread damage. now we have various county fire departments assisting in search and rescue. there's widespread reports of power outings, utility emergencies and structural damage. >> what damage are you seeing? are you seeing homes levelled, roof damage, powerlines, what exactly? >> that's correct. homes are destroyed. roads leading into and around the giffard area are impassable.
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cell phone coverage is spotty. in this corner of our country, we have seen several homes destroyed. damage to farm buildings as such. right now we are trying to get a handle on the incident, but it's serious, and we are also getting some additional assets from the state of illinois to help us manage the emergency. >> reports of injuries there? >> we have not - one of our local ambulance services sent up a strike team to assist as soon as we heard reports that giffard was struck. local hospitals were notified to expect casualty chriecasualties we don't have information about that. we are trying to account for everyone in the give ard area. >> can you give us an idea - are crews search for debris, looking
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for survivors? >> they are. the technical rescue team is assisting the local fire department in their efforts, and we have a mobile command post now, which is helping us coordinate the different agencies coming in. >> this is early, but can you give us an idea of the scale. are we talking neighbourhoods, homes. what are we talking about here? >> giffard is a small farming community of not more than 2,000. the damage is widespread throughout the village. >> jeremy mitchell with the champagne county talking about damage in giffard, 100 miles south of chicago. thank you for your time today.
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>> sports headlines is next. dolphins' saga is not going away, mark morgan is here with more. >> new developments to pass along. mohl fin's line coach jim turner is a focus. jim turner is known for his brash demeanour and would insult, bully and pile it on during interactions. details dom light. nfl officials think the investigation will take longer than expected and it may be weeks before findings are public. the severe weather affected one conference. play was suspended for the bears match. fans evacuated from the stadium. inner bull - heavy rain and win caused concern. the tornado area was under flash flood and tornado watching.
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a tornado touched town in peoria. the game did resume. ucs has a turn around under ed orgeron. the cardinal tie is up on 17. 18 guard run by tyler gaffney. then final seconds, drilled. a stunning upset. the trojans winning five of six since ed orgeron took over. they are the headlines. >> military families are breathing a sigh of relief. undocumented family members are not being deported. >> two sailors have been hurt in a drone sent off the coast of southern california. they were burned when a drone struck a ship north of los angeles. it was testing radar and combat
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weather. the sailors were not badly hurt. still ahead - more on the severe storms. they are leaving a trail of destruction across the midwest. stay with us perform
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welcome back to al jazeera america. we are live in new york. i'm jonathan betz with the top stories. intense fast-moving storms and tornados left 19 hurt. in illinois millions are facing threatening weather across 10 midwestern states. there are reports of damage from one tornado. emergency officials are trying to determine the extent of the damage. dozens of homes have been damaged. as the massive system approaches chicago, players and fans attending the bears-baltimore ravens came were forced to take cover. we begin with the latest on the storms. in chicago a powerful system. ashar quraishi is standing by on
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the phone. i believe you are in chicago outside the stadium game, and the game has resumed, you are live. has the threat largely passed? >> so it seems. the tornado warnings were suspended in the chicagoland area and game play started an hour ago. it was suspended for about two hours. fans had been moved down, players moved off the field. we heard from some of the fans that it was still raining, the wind was blowing hard and a lot of people decided to leave. we have heavy gusts, a lot of people left, hundreds stayed. we spoke to people earlier as they left the game and they told us what they saw inside. >> they told everybody to leave and the 400 level couldn't move. we couldn't go anywhere. there was no movement going down the exit. we were stuck out there in the
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weather. then we got down, there was nowhere to go. there was people everywhere, nowhere to go. we are wall to wall people. it took this long to get to this point. we wanted to get out and we couldn't. it was scary for people - there were young kids with nowhere to go, with parents. >> it was ridiculous, we were up in the 400. it took literally 45 minutes for us to get out. they told us to leave and it took 45 minutes for us to get inside, underneath cover. hence we were soaked. >> jonathan, for those that stayed in the concourse level until game play re-supreme courted, about an hour ago, they were able to go back into the stands. the game started and we saw the sun peak out. dark clouds, but no threat of tornados at this moment.
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it's a fast-moving storm. the temperature cooled quite a bit. >> at least the severe threat passed. can you talk about the damage in the central part of illinois, any update on injuries there? >> that is the big question. as we have been reporting heavy damage, extensive damage. we have been hering from officials who talked about some of the towns. it was hit with a tornado, a touchdown. 19 injured, and a lot of homes have been damaged. flattened. first responders are racing to the area to get people who have been trapped by debris in homes and buildings. of course, it will be hours. we are coming up on nightfall soon, it will be hours until first responders are able to assess the situation and see how extensive the damage is. >> it will be a long night for a lot of crews. >> ashar quraishi live in chicago.
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>> now to eboni dean with the latest on the strength and the path of the storm. it seems like it spawned a lot of tornados. >> there were a lot of warnings. several reports have been put out. it will take time to cyst through and see if there are multiple reports on the same tornado. as of now we are watching the rain. it's widespread anywhere from parts of the mid-mississippi valley, all the rain shifting to the east as we continue through the evening. that will be the trend, movement from west to east. the storms have been racing. we have been seeing storms moving off to the north and east around 60 upwards to 75 miles per hour. the storms are on the move. that's good news, it's not allowing for a lot of time to create the flash flooding that we saw around the chicago area. we caught a break in the rain. starting to see a bit of rain wrapping around the area of low pressure that's responsible for
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spawning some of the severe weather. behind it, we are in the clear. the winds are picking up. it will be the main issue. >> around st. louis, we didn't have the storms, but we felt the winds, gusting up to 75 miles per hour. it's a lot of wind energy with the storm system. we are seeing the rain into michigan and indiana. around indian appo lis there's a warning. tornado warns are up in indiana and western kentucky, not seeing the warnings lining up like earlier. we are seeing some storms weakening a bit. the tornado risk is sticking around through the evening. the tornado watch here and into indiana doesn't expire into 8:00 pm, extending east into ohio. we'll watch this closely and the wind energy is across missouri, kansas, and we have wind advisories in place.
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as far as the rain, it shifts to the east. look at the damage reports that we have seen. a lot of wind. the tornado, and reports of hail, upwards to an inch in size and diameter with storms that moved through illinois. there was a tornado around boom county, the threat is diminishing a bit. places in advance of indianapolis, around cincinnati. that's where you want to be onguard. as you look at the wind gust, they are gusting over 40 miles per hour, winds coming down around chicago. some of the those winds picking up. >> the north-east, scattered rain showers, but the threat heading into the area overnight. >> still ahead. we'll continue to watch the storm, especially since fans in chicago's soldier field got more than they bargained for at the game. they do see the game after all. the next mission to mars my
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unravel mysteries of the red planet. that is next. rain showers, but the threat planet.
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nasa's latest mission to mars is scheduled to launch tomorrow. the satellite is called "mayfen" and should arrive 10 months after leaving earth. the mission could explain how mars became a cold desert planet that it is. joining us to explain the mission is pam conrad, the deputy principal investigator at the morse science laboratory. how significant is this mission? >> it is a significant mission, not just because it tells us something about mars, but gives us a look at the weather that you don't see from the surface of the earth or even by
4:40 pm
curiosity by the surface of mars. it tells us about space whether and what is happening. >> how will this orbit of work - until not land on the planet; correct. ? >> maven will circle the planet, going closer and further away. it's trying to understand what is happening when the strong energetic particles of the sun react with the gases at the marr shan atmosphere, breaking them apart, turning them into ions, breaking the molecules, letting the atmosphere escape. >> and talking about whether mars had an ocean or water in the past; correct? >> that's right. for mars to maintain liquid on the surface it has to there had a thickness of atmosphere and be warmer. now on the surface of mars we cannot maintain liquid water because of the thin as moss
4:41 pm
fear. to understand where the water went and where, we have to look at the processes. that's the empty barn door through which the water escaped. >> that's the big question and point of maven, but are there theories about how the atmosphere escaped. >> there's a lot of nearies, gases could be trapped in the solid stuff on the surface and go into the interior or escape into space. we think that when mars lost its protective magnetic field - like the one we have on earth - this was billions of years ago, the energetic particles of the sun and cosmic rays - all of those things combined to do the atmosphere dirt, ionizing it, ripping it away from mars' gravity. >> i guess the implications are is how that could possibly in
4:42 pm
the long-term affect earth. >> when we look at mars we are looking like when we look at ourselves in a mirror under bad light. mars was made at the same time out of the same stuff, yet we are different places. so to understand the processes that happen to mars, it could be a clue to things that happened in our deep past or possibly our distant future. >> finally i want to get your thoughts on this. the rovers, "cur ofty" and "opportunity", i understand they will be rolling around down there and "maven" will work with them. it's exciting when you have a plan and they work together. the beauty of having rovers on the surface and satellites on the outside is that things you measure at the bottom of the atmosphere from the planet's surface can be ex-trapo lated to what you see at the top, and things apt the top, as it's escaping into space can inform you about where the stuff you
4:43 pm
measure at the base, at the planetary surface has gone. it helps you to extrapolate to a time when mars was warmer, wetter and perhaps could have hosted life. >> it's a fascinating story, pam conrad with the mars science laboratory. thank you for your time today. >> all righty, mark is back with sports. an nfl sunday. as we talked about weather causing concern. >> a lot of official stuff. weather in the midwest affected an nfl contest. play was suspended for two hours during the bears-braven match. fans evacuated from the stadium's inner bowl. heavy rain and wind caused concern. the chicago was under a flash
4:44 pm
flood-tornado watch of the a tornado touched bun near east peoria. the game resumed 3:25. the eagles have a pulse and then sum, philly hosting the eagles. nick foles stretching the boll. eagles 7-0. give are the third. gives popped. ball is loose, eagles recover. helmet off with the hit. philly takes over. third quarter, lesean mccoy gives the eagles a 24-0 lead with a 1-yard run. the redskins making a charge, eagles win 24-16, winning three straight, improving 6-5. the lions facing the steelers. the steelers in the ugly uniforms. ben roethlisberger, and antonio brown for a 34 yard touchdown, steelers up, bumblebees. the lions back from a 14-point
4:45 pm
effort. matt stafford to calvin johnson. lines up, 27-20 at the half. >> in the forth, detroit up 37-23, steelers driving, 16 play, 97 yards in eight min the, ben roethlisberger to calvin johnson, the steelers win in front of the fans. final 37-27. >> the jets amazingly in the play-off at 5 and 4 on the road in buffalo. 3-0 in the second, gino smith, an awful day, stripped in the second. recovered the ball, leading to this, frank summers, 3 yards out. the bills to a 20-0 lead. 27-7, zeno smith a pick 6 with the theft 32 yards later. 34-7 buffalo. backup matt sims on late. 37-14, bills crewing. cincinnati, andy daulton through the right. joe han picks it off. 29 yard interception, returning for a touchdown.
4:46 pm
browns lead early. bengals coming back, mohammed sanu with a 6-yard touchdown, bengals on top 14-13. jason campbell 56 times, looking for an open man. the ball is popped loose. and it is pick upped and that is that for the interception return. 13 yards from the score, the bangles win 41-20. cincinnati 6 and 4. miami dolphins offensive line coach jim turner has become a person of interest in the nfl's investigation of jonathan martin's harassment charges. that ordering to espf. he's known for a brash demeanour and would insult, bully and pile it on. new developments continue to come to light, nfl officials thinking the investigation will take longer than spected and it may be weeks before findings are made public. >> thank you mark. al jazeera conditions.
4:47 pm
eboni dean with the latest on the storms moving through the midwest.
4:48 pm
more reports are coming in of devastation across the midwest, especially in central illinois after a string of tornados reportedly touched down there. we are focussing on peoria illinois. a reporter for peoria's public radio is on the line. alex, what did you see, what are people telling you? >> the up to of washington illinois is north-east of peoria
4:49 pm
by about 10-15 miles. before authorities stopped part of the town and redirected traffic, wondered the neighbourhoods. many, many blocks were devastated bit the tornado. the homes were completely levelled. there were hundreds of people that were picking through the rubble of what remained of their homes. the town itself has about 15,000 people. as of right now, ambulances are continuing to race across town, and also traffic around washington illinois is backed up for miles. >> we heard reports earlier of maybe 19 people hurt in washington. are you hearing the same rom reports? are you hearing that? >> one hospital was 24 patients in the emergency room related to the tornado. but, you are right, the number of injuries has certainly varied, but as of right now the
4:50 pm
latest is about 24 people, at least at one hospital. >> no reports of fatalities - as of right now, the latest that we have is no reports of fatalityies, but, again, there's many, many homes that i think crews are going through. as of right now, no, but with any situation that could change. >> when the photos were seen - they are stunning. homes look like they were wiped from the foundations. have you been able to talk with people in, what they saw, what they heard - were they able to get out in time? >> you know, yes, i was wandering around the neighbourhoods and i was stopping to talk with a few residents. i was talking with one family they were out, being sunday morning, at church, and coming back from church they found their entire - one side of their neighbourhood was completely devastated, while some other homes were completely intact. it's interesting to see the path
4:51 pm
of the tornado and how it can cut through some homes and leave others remaining standing. yes, families were continuing to drive around, pick through the rubble and blocks were completely level. >> what about the warning - does the town have sirens. do they work? >> i have no reason to believe they weren't working but from what we hear, many were out and about at sunday service or they made to shelter when they found out about the tornado. it seems now there are injuries, we'll find out more as the situation develops. >> how much of a warning do people have. you live in the area. was there much warning? >> well, you know, it's a town of about 15,000, and i can say i was in the peoria area, 10-15
4:52 pm
miles away. from my perspective they came on fast for central illinois, it was almost no warning, they seemed to appear. after they came and went, that's when the reports came in about heavy damage in washington, but also in surrounding towns and the peoria area as well. >> we are hear reports of other towns, not just washington illinois hit; correct? >> correct. there's another town to the south, peekon. there were reports out there, there was damage out there, no reports of fatalities. significant damage, and also in the county that both of those towns, peakon and washington are in. - there is reports of damage. the local red cross is telling us they have set up water and hot coffee. they have prepared a team of
4:53 pm
volunteers to provide assistance as well. it's just can't standly developing. >> heartbreaking images coming out of there. devastation. alex from the peoria public radio. >> now to eboni dean with the weather. it is still causing threats across the midwest? >> it is. it will be with us, the threat of tornados through the evening. we are not done. we are finding clearing. we have the rain and the window. there's a lot of whipped energy with the system. it's back across kansas. winds are winning, winds gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour. a lot of wind energy, and allowing the storms to race to the east. we have a tornado watch for ohio. it includes cleve , cincinnati,
4:54 pm
you want to be on guard. consider this your warning. we will see conditions deteriorating. that's the case across parts of central illinois, through indiana, through the afternoon, and will be the issue as we head into the evening. once it gets dark, it's more difficult to spot the changing conditions. so you want to make sure you have the weather radio with you. with the winds, that's going to cause power outages as well. here is a look where we have tornado warnings in place. you can see the brighter red-shaded areas in indiana, stretching to western kentucky. we are watching everything shift to the east. michigan included. no tornado warnings in effect. the threat not as widespread. not at this time. the line moving to the east at 75 miles per hour. it will continue to bring that threat of strong to severe storms into ohio.
4:55 pm
it's shifting further east for the start of the monday in two parts of the north-east. philadelphia, down to dc and baltimore. it's been spring like, mild temperatures, warm, moist airmasses lifting northwards in advantages of the cold front that is moving to the east. you can see that counterclockwise spin. it's an area of low pressure lifting to the north-east. the cold front ex-tenneding -- expending out. we'll deal also with wind energy. the cold front to the east. illinois and indiana is a risk. now into ohio. chicago had a share of active weather, but it's calming down. the winds are gusty, something chicago is used to. with the wind there's a little rain. the area of low pressure
4:56 pm
wrapping behind it. the threat will expand eastwards. moderate risks to ohio, kentucky, pennsylvania through until monday. we'll watch the area. now it's the clouds and scattered rain showers, temperatures mild, soring into the '60s, and 70s. here is where we stand. temperatures into the low '60s around dc. we'll keep the warmth around and watch much of the midwest as we go through the day. >> let me ask you hear - we mainly associate tornados in the spring. is is it normal to see this activity in the fall. >> i guess i should say it's not not normal, but we don't typically see outbreaks. but we have a change of air mass. there's a colder air mass moving in, and a mass warming things up
4:57 pm
and there's a cold front moving through. here is look at the damage we have seen - tree limbs down, and this will be the issue across not just illinois, but indiana as well. there has been tornados confirmed on the ground in daboon and heading to delaware. here is a glimpse of what some saw. it will be a day where you want to stay on high alert - mainly eastern indiana and ohio much rapidly changing conditions. as the sun sets it will be difficult to see the changes in the sky as we head into the evening and overnight. >> there's a threat in indiana, it may be a good time for people to work out what to do if tarned approaches. in the midwest a lot of homes are equipped with a basement. it's not the case in all areas. you want to get to the lowest levelful building you are in. if there's no base. get to the most interior section of the room.
4:58 pm
start to think about what you might need in case the power goes out. not just the weather, but make sure you have cell phones powered up and charged well. make sure you have a manual can opener in the event that your refrigeration goes ou and you need a snack. >> indiana still has a threat, but for the most parts the storms have weakened. not really, but have weakened considerably. >> not as serious. >> we'll have to watch the threat. the tornado extends to 8 o'clock this evening in midnight in ohio. we are not down. >> in other new, some elections across the world. a revote was held in kosovo. national elections marred by violence in some sears between ethnic serbs and albanians. troops stood guard. >> in mozambique, campaigning for elections there - they suffered through a 15-year still war ending in 1992.
4:59 pm
local elections are set for wednesday. >> and more than 100 different political parties are on the ballot in nepal. the vote underscores a need for a new government and constitution rocked by political infighting. no clear majority or roadmap is spected. >> abdulla yamen is being sworn in in the maldives. he defeated mohamed nasheed, who resigned. he was the first democratically elected president. and abdulla yamen is the brother of the last president. >> and georgi margvelashvili was inaugusterated, and is expected to reconfirm georgia's commitment to nato and ties to the next. >> that's the latest. more news later on the tornados
5:00 pm
across the midwest. have a great sunday. you're watching al jazeera america live from new york city, i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. intense moving storms and tornados left at least 19 injured, according to media reports. in illinois millions face potentially threatening weather across so midwestern states. there are multiple reports of damage from one tornado in the central part of illinois, emergency officials are determining the extent of the damage. >> chicago players and fans attending the chicago bears baltimore ravens game at soldier field were forced to take cover. >> in russia a b


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