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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> you're watching al jazeera america, we are live in new york city. i'm jonathan betz with a look at the top stories. >> two are dead after a tornado strikes central illinois, cutting a wide path of destruction. the severe weather is not over. >> the philippine president pledges to sleep with survivors. >> a boeing 737 crashes and burns in russia, killing everyone on board. . >> the national weather service
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is reporting 50 tornados spreading across the state, leaving damage, especially in central illinois - there two death. it started in illinois, carry, past chicago. the system travelled over lake michigan and is moving through michigan and indiana. damage is extensive in washington, illinois. moments have been reduced to rubble and debris is scattered throughout the county. in wisconsin strong winds have topp toppled trees, shower lines and sheds were destroyed. >> in chicago, 60,000 fans were told to take cover at soldier field as a precaution. >> live reporters are covering every angle. we begin with al jazeera's juan
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carlos mill eena. >> it's a storm system stretching over the mid west. in washington, illinois, reports that tornados destroyed neighbourhoods. pictures surfaced online, showing homes levelled, vehicles flipped over, possessions of a lifetime buried in rubble. >> they are our two vehicles in the field. one was inside the garage. >> in chicago the threat of weather forced 60,000 football fans at soldier field to take cover. >> there's a lot of wind and people concerned about the conditions that are going on. >> in wisconsin, images of damage. impossible evidence of a suspected tornado. trees ripped from the roots, sheds and farm structures toppled. >> the strength of the winds can be seen in this video taken in st louis, missouri. weather officials say the system
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could affect 50 million people across 10 states. >> and our diane easter brook is on her way there. what are you seeing and hearing? >> we are in route. we are about 80 to 90 miles out. we are talking to oss st. francis medical center, a trauma center in central illinois. they have seen 37 people come through the emergency center. 24 were treated and release. 20 are treated. six are considered trauma patients. those are people that sustained head injuries, broken bones, cuts, bruises, that sort of thing. the red cross has set up a disaster response center in town. we know a church set up a shelter to take care of the
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people. i'm from that part of the illinois, i've been talking to family and friends. they texted me pictures. a friend of mine, a deputy, told me he has not seen anything like this. he said homes have been obliterated. tree down, power is out, traffic snarled. i spoke to a woman who was a friend of my niece. she told me her home in washington was not damaged or touched. she walked two streets over and the homes have been basically levelled. lots of destruction. this is the time of year we don't normally see tornados in this part of the country. we see them in the spring. this is unusual. this morning it was warm, it had been cold last week, and warmed up over the weekend. very unusual for this time of year. >> you mentioned the deputy you talked with. do we have an idea with how
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emergency workers are dealing with this? are they out searching the debris? >> they are. he said they were able to move some of the debris. i know there has been reports that there have been people trapped in their homes, and they've had some success getting to those people. >> as we look at the video - a lot is new to al jazeera - stunning pictures. entire neighbourhoods flattened and the homes wiped off their foundations. >> yes, yes. and that is exactly what i was seeing through the text pictures that i was sent. >> okay. we'll check-in with you later. >> diane easter brock on the way to ilare -- illinois. >> thousands of fans at soldier field were asked to leave their seats. things are underway at soldier
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field now. that's where ashar quraishi is standing by now. how did fans deal with the emergency weather? >> well, pretty good. i mean it's - about half hour after kick-off is when officials, referees decided it was getting too dangerous with wind gusts and lightening and players to be on the field and spectators to remain in the stands. players moved off the field, spectators moved to the lower concourses. some fans, rather, decided to leave because of the torrential down pours and the wind and temperatures dropped. we ran into a couple of folks. they described what the situation looked like as they tried to move to the exits and get to the lower concourse levels. we don't have that sound, but
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they described some of the chaos, taking 45 minutes for some of those in the upper concourse levels to get to the lower areas where it was deemed to be safe. they said there was a lot of pushing and - we have the sound, you can listen now. hang on a second, here you go. >> they told everyone to leave. we couldn't go anywhere. there was no movement down the exits. we were stuck out there in the weather. and then we got down, there was nowhere to go. people were peeing everywhere, there was nowhere to go. we were wall to wall people. it took us this long to get to the point. we wanted to get out and we couldn't. it was scary. people had young kids, with nowhere to go, with their parents. >> it was ridiculous. we were up in the 400 section. it took literally 45 minutes to get out.
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they told us to leave and it took 45 minutes to get inside. helps completely soaked. >> again, those storms moving very quickly through central illinois up to the north-east, about 55 to 60 miles per hour. and as you mentioned less than two hours before game play they are playing - the bears and the ravens in overtime. thousands stayed in the stadium, they took cover and shelter and waited for the game to start. a different situation here. thankfully in chicago, as compared to what is going on in central illinois. >> no reports of damage in the chicago area? >> we understand in the south-west suburbs there's damage. there had been reports of a touchdown in frankfurt, which is about 35 miles south-west of chicago. there are outages in the tens of thousands. possibly relating to downed trees and powerlines as a result
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of that, but not nearly devastation that we have been seeing and hearing from central illinois and in cole city. >> thank you ashar quraishi in chicago. >> now we'll check in with rebecca. we are watching the storm system. stormy ports began in illinois, and we saw that track across into indiana, where we had a number of hail reports and flooding reports, and tornado reports have been popping up as well. we have been watching this storm, this loop. it's turning into a counterclockwise rotation. now, if you think of low pressure like a low point, like a low cup, and if you were to pour water in it from a higher point. that water is going to move very fast from the high point to the low point. it's very much like low pressure and high pressure and wind. think of wind as the water.
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it will move fast from higher to lower pressure, which is sucking in the wind, making the whipped gust superfast. what we see here also is the indication of a jet stream, which is a very, very fast, rapid wind, high in the atmosphere. that helps to pull up lift. now we have the winds not only moving in the horizontal direction, but the vertical different directions, which is causing the spin and the tornados to develop. here at 1 o'clock, in illinois, you could see the line of thunder storms highlighted in red, the primary band spawning the first two confirmed tornado reports in illinois. as it tracked, you could see into the afternoon, it started to fall apart. then it continues to the east. we have symptom strong storms behind it. well wind gusts, as the storms track east, are up to as fast as 36 miles per hour. a 55 miles per hour gusts in the
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last hour for indianapolis. the winds are causing advisories, but we have severe thunderstorm warnings with tornado warnings in place for the storm stretching from michigan to kentucky. kentucky is where we see the dangerous levels, and it's moving to pennsylvania. expect the weather to translate away from tornados and move to powerful wind gusts causing damage. from this storm, this low pressure causing all the spin and sucking the air in fast. it will be moving to canada. but the winds around the great lakes will impact from indiana, kentucky, ohio, and tracking southern new england. we'll keep track of the storm and show you wind gusts and
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where the storm is headed coming up. >> we'll watch the storm as it moves to the north-east. we have another important story. a boeing 737 crashed while attempting to land in central russia. all 50 on board were killed. al jazeera's peter sharp has the latest. >> the shaky footage apparently taken on the mobile phone shows what is left of the plane. 44 passengers and six crew members were on board the boeing 737 when it crashed and burst into flames. all of them were killed. there are reports the plane was making a second attempt to land when it went down and the pilot was new to the aircraft. there were high winds and cloudy skies over the airport. temperatures were above zero. there's no immediate occasions of what caused the crash. the tata significant airlines plane had come from moscow.
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there has been a number of deadly plane crashes. the last in december saw a russian made tipalov career off a run way on to a highway. five were killed. the we are before is a yaks plane near the city of yaraslav crashed. others have been put down to poor crew training, crumbling airports and ageing aircraft. with the airport closed, russian authorities in kazan will search for clues as to what caused the crash. >> french president francis hollande is meeting with israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu, and they are focussing on iran. the french leader assured benyamin netanyahu he'd fight the easing of economic sanctions against iran. france and israel say they need to be certain that iran will end
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nuclear programs. mike hanna has more from jerusalem. >> it's a large french delegation that arrived in israel, including the president. there are nine minister, and a lot of economic ties there are betweeni between israel and france, and strong economic ties. central to the discussions is the issue of iran. benyamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister, thanked the french president for his intervention in negotiations in geneva where france objected to a deal on the table. many believe stopping that deal. benyamin netanyahu continues to insist that not only should sanctions not be lifted, but they should be intensified against iran. he'll be looking for support from the french president. it's the beginning of an international campaign in the week. benyamin netanyahu will travel to russia with the russian
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president putin, expressing sentiments to the russian president. on friday a critical meeting with the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, who will return to the region after an acrimonious visit. central to those discussions once again will be that issue of iran. >> at the white house is a headache that is not going away. president obama promised a solution by the end of the month. his own party is running out of patience. ashley jennings reports. >> on friday 39 house democrats joined republicans voting for a gop plan allowing the renewal of millions of policies required to be cancelled under the current lou and allows for -- law. and laws for plans to be sold that don't meet the act. leader nancy pelosi says democrats have not lost
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confidence. >> democrats stand tall and support of the affordable care act. >> the problems with obamacare are worrying democrats who feel it's leaving them politically vulnerable and suggest incompetence. >> senate democrats expressed anger and false presidential promises that people can keep their plans. you. >> he should have been specific. if you have been offered a plan and the minute you get sick you have to go to bankruptcy, they shouldn't be offered. >> the president met with insurance industry executives to discuss his plan to fix, the affordable care act website. >> it was a good discussion, all the ceos felt that way, we had an opportunity to discussion marketplace challenges. we have the same goals. we'll work to get people into affordable coverage. with weeks until the deadline
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the president is promising to get it doneful. >> we are working 24/7 to get it fixed. >> there's a huge task ahead. >> there's more ahead on - including international aid coming a week and a half after typhoon haiyan struck. the latest on those efforts next.
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is it
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>> welcome back. aid is pouring in from all over the world to the philippines. the death toll is 4,000. millions have been displaced. blocked roads and damaged communication networks made it difficult for help to reach the victims. paul beban hitched a ride from cebu, the hub of the relief effort to the village of taytay. >> there's not a second to lose as australian air force troops pack the c130 with supply, aid
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workers police and one woman. she is overwhelmed as the plane descends into this landscape. >> her name is delia pagatpatan. hundreds are straight to leave. delia pagatpatan is straight to get in. she has not heard from her family in more than a week. she's terified of what she might find in her home town. what's your reaction? >> devastating. >> heading east, the panorama of destruction scrolls by. we arrive in a wasteland - rubbles and splinters - all that is left of taytay. once a bustling hamlet of 500 families, it's hard to imagine
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that anyone could have lived through this. then, a shout. that's your brother. it's her older brother fausto. amazingly somehow everyone is here. delia pagatpatan's entire family is alive. >> this is my brother, youngest brother. >> tears of relief and joy. the struggle though is far from over of the the house is barely standing, delia pagatpatan wants her sister-in-law who needs evidence to evacuate. >> i'm worrying, there's no hospital. >> delia pagatpatan's family and other survivors say they want to rebuild the town and their lives.
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there are no jobs and money. food and fresh water are running low and the aid will not last forever. in the aftermath of the typhoon, the only thing they have is each other. >> and philippines president benigno aquino is policemeninging to stay in tacloban -- pledging to stay in tacloban. in the hard-hit city many are mourning friends and loved ones. marga ortigas spoke to worshippers of a church there >> this house of god in tacloban is far from full for sunday mass. people here having immediate, material concerns. aga they says she's made a special trip, even if she's not a regular church goer >> translation: we came to pray, to give thanks to the lord that we survived, survived to see my daughter's 10th birthday. >> this is one of the few families who received aid.
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hundreds of others affected by typhoon haiyan say they are waiting. the national government has been criticised for poor management and slow and inadequate response to the disaster. officials meant to be proactive, taking measures and setting aside relief goods ahead of time. by their own admission the extent of devastation exceeded expectations. >> president benigno aquino is back in the islands to get an update, sort through coordination problems and check on the condition of those displaced. >> translation: your government will not neglect in providing everything that you will need. because you are working voluntarily, it is encouraging. no matter how upset i am, i have to stomach it. what else can we do? >> there's so much to be done. aid agencies are hopeful things are improving. >> once those systems are up and running - it takes time, a week,
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10 days to get them going, things will work more smoothly. >> the rains fall over tacloban. the we aary, the tired trusting that someone is listening. >> nigerian rebels say that kidnapped americans for ransom. two were kidnapped and released on the coast of the niger delta. is a statement from the rebels say they received $2 million from the sailors. they were adducted in an attack on october the 23rd. >> all righty, mark is here with the sport. a dolphin story not going away. >> seems like the nfl narrowing its focus. miami dolphins offensive line
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coach jim turner is a person of interest in the nfl investigation into jonathan martin's harassment charges, according to espn. turner would insult, bully and pile it on martin. new details come to light, nfl officials thinking it will take weeks before findings are made public. >> on the field bucks and falco falcons, 2003 wins between them. reynie was the man, scooping through the line. he was on fire. later in the game reynie turns receiver grabbing a 4-yard tos from mike glenny. rushing and the td grab, 2 and 8. the bucks winning 41-28. eagles and redskins, lesean mccoy gives them a 24-0 lead. phillies on crews control.
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not so fast of the they are back. boy, that's an int, that's the ball game. eagles winning three strait. 24-6. redskins fall at 3 and 7. they are the headlines at this hour. >> of course, we are keeping our eyes on the midwest. two killed in illinois, when tornados swept through. severe weather. thousands of football fans running from cover. the latest after the break.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at the top stories this half hour. >> 50 are dead after a jet airplane crashed in russia, happening as the plane attempted a second landing in kazan, that's 450 miles east of the moscow. reports say the plane appeared to lose altitude, crash and cash fire. >> nearly 4,000 people were killed when typhoon haiyan hit nine days ago.
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millions have been displaced, aid is getting through. >> we'll follow a powerful storm system in the midwest. two are dead, dozens of homes destroyed. 50 tornados have been confirmed. one tornado in central illinois levelled a neighbourhood in washington. dia diane easterbrook is on the way. how close are you, and what are you hearing about the damage in washington? >> we are probably 60 or 70 miles out. i can tell you at this point we have not been able to confirm fatalities in the area. we talked to the major trauma center in central illinois, ohss st. francis medical center in peoria. they have treated patients, people with head injuries,
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broken bones, cuts. 13 were treated and released this afternoon. the red cross is setting up four shelters for displaced residents. i have been talking all afternoon. i have been talking all aftermoon with friends and family reporting damage. homes turned to rubble. trees down. power out. snarled traffic. people are told to stay away from the areas. there's a lot of people going in and gauking. they were will underway to clear up the debris. looking at the ex-tensive taj, it will probably be several weeks before all of that debris is cleared. this is a part of the state, a part of the country that is no stranger to tornados, they come through frequently in the spring, here and there. in fact, about 10 years ago a
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serious tornado levelled the sound of south peckin, and it was able to bounce back. it will take time to clean up in washington. >> talk about the rescue efforts, now that we have reached night time. any idea of what crews are doing, if they are still searching for victims and the debris. >> we are not down yet, but from what i understand earlier there were reports that people were trapped in their homes, and i know that the search for people like that is underway. a lot of work is done by local sheriff department. volunteers stepped in to help. it's probably going to be a long night, and maybe long days ahead for the town of washington illinois. >> i want to go back to the injuries, you've been on the phone to a hospital. did you get a sense of how severe the injuries were on the people that were hurt.
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>> well, as i mentioned, the more serious patients were people with head injuries and broken bones and cuts. there has been abrasions - that sort of things. the other - there were patients treated for minor injuries and released. another 24 still there. those were - the six patients had more serious injuries. they are looking at other patients with minor, you know, bumps, scrapes, that kind of thing. >> thank you for your time tonight. we have more - we want to go to paddy thompson, a spokesperson with the illinois department of the emergency management and joins us on the phone from the state capitol of springfield. thank you for being with us. if you can update us on the scale of damage and how many injuries you are seeing. >> well, you know, the damage is still being assessed at this
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time. so we don't have any kind of numbers yet on the number of homes or businesses that may have been impacted by this. we have seen reports through the media and on social media of severe damage in the washington area, which is up near the area damaged. and there are reports of damage from other parts of the state. and some of these areas have included people trapped in - in buildings. i know there has been search and rescue operations ongoing also. >> do we have an update on the number of injuries and fatalities. >> i haven't received any reports on injuries at the time. we have had reported to us three fatalities in the country of washington, illinois, and one in
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the city of washington. so all in the area. are you expecting the number to grow? >> i don't know at this time. >> do you know anything about the three killed, the circumstances around it. >> no, i don't. there's so much going on in the areas. i don't have the information. >> are rescuers out there going through debris, trying to find survivors, or is that work largely done? >> i am located in the state emergency center at springfield, so i'm not on the ground. i don't have current information to know if that is ongoing at this time. >> my apologies, i thought you guys were coordinating a lot of relief effort. >> no, the first responders are the local responders. what we are doing is coordinating state response to support the local responders.
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>> what has the state's response been so far? >> well, we sent some of our staff to washington to help coordinate with them on any needs that they have. we also sent some communication equipment because their emergency communications were severely disrupted by the storms. and that will enable emergency responders to be able to speak to each other during the response and recovery. we also are in constant contact with our partners at the local level, to check on what they need for any state assistance. >> have you guys heard back from them - what is the need for those areas tonight. ? >> i know there has been need for generators. red cross is here with us in the
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emergency center. i know they've been looking at opening shelters for people displaced by the storm. >> patty stringer with the department of memory si management in illinois. she gave us new information. three fatalities confirmed in washington county. that's slightly more than we reported earlier. three killed by the massive storm system going through central illinois. now to rebecca with more on the system. it's moving to the north-east. it looks like kentucky as well. >> the large supercell thunder storms - we have been looking at the pictures of them, that same storm, the pictures are coming from - it is in place. it is still moving, bringing the dark ominous clouds across places like kentucky. we are getting the storms stretching to indiana and ohio. these are the places we have got reports of tornado, golf-ball
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size hails around kentucky. jackson kentucky is bracing for winds moving into your area. in the panbands of rain where y see the bright red. we are getting rain from 1-2 inches coming in rapidly, causing flash flooding. there are a lot of worries with the storms as they move through parts of the central mid-atlantic, tracking to the mid north-east. as we look at one of the sform prediction center graphs, over time that blue line is showing how wind reports have been the number one storm report or damage report coming in today. our other reports with the area in red - that is the tornado reports, and that supercedes the amount of hail we have had. this is an impressive storm. for november, what is unique is the fact that we are getting intense potential for very strong tornados, it's not
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unusual to have them in november, but a high risk of damaging tornados, in november, that is unique. storm damage reports coming in - the highest are the wind reports. they have been strong winds up to 65 to 70 miles per hour. just a gust - we are not addressing the tornados. thunderstorm probability, it stays in place in the next 24 hours in the same areas hit hard. hitting michigan, virginia and the potential for storms getting to parts of northern alabama. mostly we expect the severe weather to stay further into the northern area. this particular radar is showing an area of low pressure developing over the great lakes. this is creating the powerful winds that we expect to come in overnight through the early morning hours to the north-east. yes, we are watching a potent storm system. tornados are one part of it. certainly we'll be on alert for
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the tornados for the next two to three hours through kentucky, ohio, and michigan. >> it's rare to see tornados this late in the season. >> we can get them in november, because of the cold air around the poles, trying to push down to the hot air around the equator. that, in itself will create spin and problems in weather. what we are seeing is a high risk of - for the powerful damning tornados, and that is added in. on top of the low pressure system developed, we have the temperature to extreme difference, and we have jett stream on top of all of it, and that gives it extra oomph and power. >> three killed in washington, illinois and central illinois after the massive storms. we'll follow that story. we have other news to talk about. the polls closed in chile where
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voters are electing a new president. former president michelle bachelet led, but she may full short of an outright victory. daniel schweimler reports from the capital santiago on this historic election. >> we are at the national statium in santiago, one of the largest polling stations. 13 million chillans are voting for politicians, senators and deputyies and new president. there's nine candidates. the former president michelle bachelet is ahead in opinion polls, but back from the right wing candidate is evelyn matthei. and franco parisi the ipp dependent. the big question is if the winning candidate receives 50%, avoiding a run-off. most candidates seek fundamental change. the chilean economy is thriving. more and more sectors of chilean
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societies demand that the votes transform into action. >> no president yet in chile. >> the pakistan council announced it would try to put pervez musharraf on trial for high treason, he would be the first to be tried in high treason in pakistan. it was for actions during his dictatorship from 1979 to 2008. he's accused of ordering the assassination of a former pakistan president. >> it is a big week in nfl. mark morgan has that and more in sport. wait until you see the challenges and risk these people are paying hundreds to take on.
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>> welcome back. nasa's latest mission to mars is due to launch tomorrow. mavin - mars atmosphere and volatile revolution. it will collect data explaining how the ocean and surface water that covered mars disappeared. mars may have once supported life and a warm wet atmosphere before turning into a cold desert. >> military style mud runs are a booming business. nearly 2 million people will pay hundreds each to punish themselves with extreme physical challenges. emily drew reports from the toughest mudder. >> mark holloway will run for 24 hours straight, competing
6:45 pm
against hundreds of other people. he'll climb these walls, make these jumps, and get electrocuted. this is the toughest event. billed at one of the hardest endurance obstacle courses in the world. the race would test everyone. for holloway being here is an achievement. until this year he had no use of the right arm. >> i will fatigue quicker. i have the heart and i'll push on through. >> holloway was wounded in an explosion in afghanistan where he served with the british army. after months of recovery, he's running for charity. there's more seriously injured people than myself. >> tough mudder has an obvious target customer, and it's part of what makes it a great business. all of these competitors are spending hundreds to run in the mud. it started a few years ago with
6:46 pm
$20,000. last year it made more than 75 million. despite the growing popularity and cult-like following safety is a concern. its biggest test is in june in west virginia, a 28-year-old died after jumping from an abisticle called walk the plank. the american college of physicians published a report calling for more information about injuries that occur. tough mudder is one of several, others like spartan dash and warrior race face the same conditions. tough mudder says it takes every precaution within its control. >> we design safety first and thing about how it will impact participants, what are the risks. danger is part of the draw. >> it's like a drug, to be
6:47 pm
honest. >> definitely dangerous. a lot of times i ask myself why do i do this. >> after 24 hours of this, 20% of the participants dropped out. holloway was not one of them. >> i set out to complete 50 miles. i did 60. >> he says he can't wait until the next mud run so he can do this, this and this all over again. >> i have to confess i did some of those tough mudder runs. >> you have not. >> i have. do you guys believe it, it's untrue. >> it's the truth. it's like, "why are you doing that?" >> you heard the guy in the story saying, "i ask why i'm doing it? ". can you confirm you did it. >> i have photos. that's why you do it. >> i want to see them later.
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>> i feel like an athlete when i do that. >> i see you in a different light. let's talk about the nfl. it was a big sunday. the league though not exempt from the weather that you heard about today. the storms in the midwest affecting the ravens bears game in chicago. soldier field was the site. we picked it up with the raviens, watch the scamper by ray rice. he took it in from the one yard line two plays later. ravens lead and the weather book over. rain, the threat of tornados. under two hours players left the field, fans evacuated. inner bowl, the high winds causing concern. this is robbie gold. a 38-yard field goal. the bears win 20-17, 23-20. improving to 6 and four. >> lions going to pittsburg. antonio brown from a 34 yard
6:49 pm
touchdown. the lions coming back from a 14-0 deficit. calvin johnson, 19 yards. lions up 27-20 at the half in the fourth. lions up 27-23, steelers driving. it's calvin johnson with a won yard strike. through the air, four dt, steelers winning 37-27. at the start of the season 1 and 3 the eagles have a pulse and then some. eagles rolling, lesean mccoy giving them a 24-0 lead. came over - not so fast. the redskins pulling within one. driving, r g3 throws off the back foot. that's the interception and the ball game. 24-16, the eagles winning three strait. the jets in the play-off 5 and 4 on the road in buffalo, a game to forget. 3-0 in the second. geno smith - an awful day. stripped. that leads to this. frank summers in the end zone
6:50 pm
from three out. the bills to a 20-0 lead. smith - boy, throws a pick 6. seriously with a 32 yard theft. smith 8 for 23. replaced by matt sims. bills win 24-13 - a lot to ponder. >> bingles and browns, andy daulton looking to his right. joe haden is there, it's a 29-pick six. 13-nothing. khieu samphan for the 6-yard strike, beingals on top. jason campbell finds chris ogbonnaya. got ahead of myself. vontaze burfict recovering the ball, taking it to the house. bengals winning 41-20. cinci 6 and 4. >> the mar key match up tonight
6:51 pm
in denver as peyton manning puts on a display against the chiefs. something has to give. we have a preview of the heavy wait bout. >> the denver broncos have mile-high expectation, which is why peyton manning will man up and play against the kansas city chiefs despite aggravating a high ankle sprain. den rer is 8 and 1, and game back of kc heading into the showdown. >> i made a lot of adjustments in the past two years, you know. at this point of time in my career - this is another one of them. i think it makes sense and i think i'll be better for it. >> the 37-year-old manning issuingest rated the highest scoring office, averaging 41 per game. kansas city has the stingiest defense giving up 12 for contest. they can get after the quarterback with a lead-high 36. peyton must go down, the chiefs
6:52 pm
under, and hard. >> we are playing football. people will get hit. we do as good a job as anyone out there in terms of protecting our gi. it's important, we'll continue to do that. >>. >> we have to put pocket on him and make him move. he's not a mobile guy. we will not be fulled by thinking he will not be 100". he knows what he needs to do. >> we have a tonne of respect for the offence, for peyton, for the things that they've accomplished. we understand all that. they've done a great job. it's important that we prepare ourselves. playing a good football team. statistically they are number one. i mean their ability to create points, so they are not giving up points. that's - i guess they are the two that jump out.
6:53 pm
>> despite a perfect letter the chiefs run into a string of losing teams. they are underdogs heading to denver. sunday night was a chance for kc soerb respect against one of the best quarter backs. the broncos under jack dellrio will hope to send john fox a get well as he recovers from heart surgery. a victory will pull denver into a top spot in the division and conference. >> it's a big game. it's the first time playing the chiefs in two out of three weeks, which is unique. >> we recognise this has play-off implication, it's a division game. all those things - it's exciting. i think we are all looking forward to it. thank you so much. that's it. >> thank you, mark. >> finally, aerospace companies are in dubi, expecting to close
6:54 pm
billions in deals. >> emirates the host airlain of the dubai show stole the show and the headlines with the biggest purchase of planes ever. if the weather is close - there's a dust storm coming through, from doha, through to us. we can't show you the planes. we'll try something different. emirates left this open. that's an a 380, double decker made by airbus. emirates bought 50 of them, paying $23 billion. it will bring its whole fleet of a 380s up to 140 when it takes delivery of all of those, more than any other airline. then the 777, the current one, boeing 777. emirates put orders in for the 777x and they brought 150 planes
6:55 pm
for $76 billion, all told, emirates on its own spend $99 billion. other gulf carriers spent a bit. etihat spent $29 billion for 80 planes, and qatar airlines. >> a lot of money and big business there. thank you for that from dubai. rebecca is next with a look at the weather.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> wind is gusting 60 miles per hour from colombus to cincinnati. and we are getting 60 to 65 mile gusts towards kentucky, and indianapolis still with gusts, 45 miles per hour. we'll continue with the power l winds. as you look at the maps you can see where the strongest winds are. on the storm system, on the radar, note the circular area, the center of low pressure tracking across michigan now.
6:58 pm
what we have in low pressure is winds are rushing in to replace what is being evacuated up into the sky. we have got this amazing energy system that is just sucking wind into it. it will be moving into canada. it's going to still pick up some powerful winds all the way over towards pennsylvania, pittsburg, further south and west virginia you'll have strong wind gusts as we get into monday. we have a line of strong thunder storms dumping rain, tracking across kentucky. this is called an mesoskill complex of storms, meaning they are so powerful they have the potential to produce a tornado, which could cause an exceptional amount of damage. we have seen reports come in throughout the day, across indiana, and we are seeing it
6:59 pm
continue. wisconsin is losing the threat. it will be incredible as we get through the course of the day. we see it dropping 10-20 degrees. we have a little pressure system. we have cold front and powerful jet stream and all of this together is bringing in a strong wind. here is the high risk area of tornados and thunder storms in the area of red. note the focus here has shifted to just the northern portion of kentucky up into ohio and southern michigan. it's tracking further to the east. we are seeing a moderate risk further towards parts of pennsylvania. tonight we'll monitor the storms, but get ready for the main threat to be powerful wind gusts in the north-east as we get overnight into tomorrow. we'll be here tracking it for you. see you in an hour for your news.
7:00 pm
. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york. i'm jonathan betz with today's headlines. the death toll climbs to three in central illinois, where powerful tornados touched down earlier. the tomorrow sent 60,000 football fans looking for cover at the bears game. close to 50 twisters have been report in the midwest. >> in the philippines president benigno aquino is about to spend his second day touring the region of typhoon haiyan. aid is beginning to reach remote areas. nearly 4,000 were killed when the storm hit nine days ago. millions have been displaced. >> all 50 peoplear


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