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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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talk to al jazeera.
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now is the tornado same through the area shortly before noon he has been chasing storms for 18 years and this is the worst storm he has ever seen. >> the devastation looks like a bomb went off there. there are homes that are leveled off their foundations an there is nothing left of the foundation itself. one person told me her daughter had a friend that was sucked out of the house. >> one of the issues they are facing is the cell towers are knocked down. people are having trouble getting ahold of people. hopefully the cell service will be restored come.
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>> that is diane he is at that n washington, illinois. >> , emergency roomemergency ron fewer people than expected. amy thanks for being with us if you can update us on the number of injuries you guys saw and how serious they were. we had new word that we saw 55 people today related to tornado injuries. we have self tha 16 that are n d and kept overnight. we have had three in from a ma. trauma. the kind of injuries are bone breaks and lacerations and what they are calling crushing injuries and rib fractures and pelvic and femur fractures.
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>> how many of those are critical? >> we are trying to get the conditions nailed down but we don't think there are any in critical right now. are you surprised to see this many injuries or were you prepared for more. >>. >> we were prepared for more. 55 over several hours is really nothing for us. we have a capacity of 60 something and we have a triage that could take more. we are glad 245 peopl that peopk heed to the media report. >> is this a war a part of the y that sees tornados? do you prepare for these mass casualties? we have one every five to seven years. >> it's not like you see out west. we have st. francis medical
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centre has a remerge team and it's a huge trailer that has everything you need for medical purpose. >> anand they have been at the seen since the tornado hit and thinthey will rye remain overni. i did hear that weav we have ind people trickling into the emergency center. amy paul oss isn't it st. franck you for your time tonight. >> the storm forced thousands of foot paufootball fans to take cy stopped the bears-ravens game. >> the play was si suspended for two hours. half hour into game play ow officials decided it was too
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dangerous for people to remain on the field. spectators were advised to move to interior areas to take cover. >> we got everybody in the safe area before the brunt 6 brunt oe storm came through. >> n.f.l. got the call and everyone was protected by that time. for some it became chaotic. >> there was fights and people peeing everywhere and there was no where to go we were wall-to-wall people. it took us this long to get th o this point. we just wanted to get out. >> some bears fans thee opted ot altogether. some two hours later the bears returned to the field. >> he woulwe were military and r first chance to come to game
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since we have been living here. >> despite the warnings and watches in the chicago area aera severe wind advisory was in effect. >> awesome especially because we won. rebecca has been tracking the storm all night long. you are saying it's not over yet we have the risk of tornados going on. the area of low pressure continues to move to the northicnorth east eu689 it's dragging a cod -- it'sdragging e united states. >> we have western new york and across western pennsylvania and down into west virginia. >> the potential of an isolated tornado is still there and large hail and powerful gusty winds. still there and in the areas of yellow it's a severe
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thunderstorm watch. >> you can see the low pressure system tracking across michigan. it's brought heavy showers to parts of northern michigan. and that will continue to tract east northeast. and that stretch of the tomorrow that is moving down into kentucky and tennessee wove a number of reports with the powerful wind gusts and you can soy thsee the cluster of storm s that moved into the mid atlantic. the storm prediction center got 77 tornado reports it went up to 80 and then they began to fill they arfilterthem at ththem down where they had 65 worst. the -- reports.these were the is that hit in illinois.
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it hit at 2:00 and moved to indiaindian floridaenindiana. and the storm prediction centre has two days prior to this year where they had high rise being tornado days in the month of november. now bother going t we are -- weo add a third one to this. a lot of damage out there. >> the polls are closed and the results are counted from chile's historic presidential election. michelle bachelet won the majority of the vote but it's not enough. >> michelle bachele it would be the number one choice in this election was never in doubt. she fell short of the 5 50% or more votes needed to win in the first round. >> in one momen month we'll havo
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choose someone who defends publicity education a and health to one that thinks they are a commodity. >> the candidate came into a distant second there was attempts to signe sound optimis. >> we defend the rights of chile chileans to live in peace. a more democratic constitution an free education and including university for all. better public health and pensions and steeper corporate taxes where a business with economic power has extraordinary political clout. bachelet knows she has bet albertbiggerproblems than gettin
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december 19. shshe is under pressure to deliver. the students occupied her lecavalier headquarters on lecavalier day. lecavalier -- election head quarts on election day. >> without the 3/5th's to push through her reforms bachelet is counting on the will of the people. >> france is promising to stand firm with israel over iran's nuclear program. france met with israeli prime minister benjamin ne net ne net. dollars arthere are a lot of ecc
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ties between israel and france and strong historical ties as well. >> central to the discussions in the course of the day and into the evening will be the issue of iran. the israel israeli prime minists thanked the french president for what he described as the intervention in the negotiations that took place in agai geneva recently where france objected to a deal that was on the table. many believe stopping that deal. nenetnethe israeli president wie looking for support from the french president. tease the beginning oit's the be national campaign. earlier in the he will travel to russia to have a meeting with vladimir putin. and on friday he will have a critical meeting with john kerry who will be returning to the region after an being a ro an as
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visit and central to the discussion will be the issue of iran. >> pakistan wa wants to try ther former president for high treason. if the judges agree he would be the first person in pakistan to face trial for treason. it stems from his dictator ship. if convicted he could face the death penalty. >> at the white house healthcare remains a humee head ache. president obama promises a fix at the end of this month and now even his own party is running out of patience. >> on friday 39 house democrats joined republicans and voted for a g.o.p. plan that would allow the renewal of millions of policies required to be cancelled under the healthcare law. the plan also allows insurance companies.
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nancy pelosi says democrats have not lost fend wit confidence wih obamacare. i can tell you this the democrats stand all and support the affordable care act. >> the problems with obamacare is saying it's leaving them vulnerable and income ten incomh the administration. on nbc this week they expressed anger with the website and the fast problefalse problems that p your plan. >> he should have been specific. if you are offered a terrible healthcare plan. those plan should have never ben offered. >> i think it was a very good discussion. all of the ceo's felt that way. we had an opportunity to discuss the market place challenges of
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we have the same goals and we are going to work tocchet to try to get people into affordable coverage. that is what americans want. we are working 24/7 to get it fixed. >> there is much more on al jazeera america. philippines president visits tack low ban an promises to stay until more aid get through. >> and investigators are searching why a p 3 p boeing crashed on landing killing everyone on board. a special edition of america tonight... next on al jazeera america
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consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government
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shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? is on the second day of touring the devastated area. his government has been sharply crazy kritcriticized for the haf the situation. the relief efforts are picking
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up a anbut water and food and or supplies are desperately needed in many areas it's been ten days since the storm hit. 4000 people were killed and 1200 remain missing an million and ae homeless. craig joins us from cebu. and has the gridlock eased and is the relief getting to washington it's needed the most. that is right. the u.n. says 30 million people were affected by the typhoon and 3 million displaced. some of them are coming in behind me now. these are refugees who just arrived on the 130-c hercules. they have being brought out of the area because they have no shelter and lost they're families they need medical attention and they'll be placed
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in a gym natio gym or sport cens the city. the philippines get is the typhoons a year. of course this one was exception. al. -- exceptional. in their defense a lot of the victims were plans drivers and police forces on the ground. peepeople that were the first responders and were unable to cart nate witcoordinate with thl the international relief arrived in the fil philippines. and what about, craig, the international aid. a lot has been promised but has it been delivered. have you seen it arrive there and get to the people that need it. >> , w we are seeing internatiol aid flooding in right now. to my right is the logistic's center at the cebu air force base and it's jam-packed with
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logistic ex-officers from australia and tiawan and the swiss and the british and of course the united states. and the united states has been one of the biggest contributors. there is a fleet led by the u.s. carrier the george washington and that has the ability t not only to provide 80 aircraft at it's disposal to send out relief aid to do ariel assessmen aeriak and to provide much noded water to the survivors because the ground water is contaminated and that provide the risk of digs de and the medical teams are trying to combat that before it becomes a major problem. >> dryingcraig, when you talk at the millions of people that are homeless in the philippines. are thi there there any longters
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for shelter for these people that lost their homes. they are looking to address that now. several tent cities are popping up around cebu. >> and sports centres and gymnasiums. and the first thing that happens is they are fed and given water and their medical field hospitals in each of these tent cities that address their wounds. aata lot of them have gashes and breaks and sprains and a lot of them have new phobia. pneumonia. they are handling newborn beakss aand some babies were born just before they were evacuated. >> many children have lost their entire families and have been found wandering aimlessly on their own. that 45 has become a major probm here. they are looking at setting up
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orphanages where they will be given special care an treatment. >> they face a v very long road ahead of them craig live in the fill phoenix, thank you fo euror time todayo in colorado a mine accident hurt two workers and and killed two more. the explosion was blamed on noxious casts. castgases all but two of of the workers have been released from hospital. officials are trying to figure out why a drone malfunctioned. two sailor suffered major burns off the california coast. >> they are using the drone to test the training system and it
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dakotaed the ship that is back at port for repairs. >> bronco's interim coach is on the move. >> including yesterday's stun you go ustunning upset win u. ufc have won five are o of six games he wille competition if he h would like o remove the tag. del rio is leading the problem keys while john foxx recovers from heart surgery he earned all america status as a line packer his senior year. >> the new bcs stand are out and as expected as we take a look. there is some movement. a.m. aalabama is notch one and d
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florida state announcement two and hoye yo state is third. and. >> at the final chase of the race in homestead, florida jimmy johnson won his sixth nascar championship. of he needed to finish no worse than 23ment i 23rd. null he finished theth. 9th. >> i will be back in 25 minutes or so. it's not a big street in thinking buchicago but some sayd class. devon avenue is the most diverse road in the country where you can fine a little bit of everything o. >> in the time it takes to drive one street in chicago you can travel half of the world. welcome to devon avenue.
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new immigrants do come here to e northern boundry of chicago to find housing and acceptance of the country. >> we look like india. old style. on a short ride you can have a bay gebagel breakfast and taco h and a currie dinner. it's more like a salad bowl. people are keeping their identities in act while being part of the larger american experience. the industries are the united nations of ethnicity. with the mingled aromas and being accents. all kinds of language in the is th1960s there was a jewish
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neighborhood. now portions of it have been renamed. wave after wave of imgrants have to be witch devon eve you can you can walk through one right after another just like on a map. the patel family has done well here. a short drive from the baghdad barbara shop and asia beauty salon. i think it's the american way of life, you know that people come here, we understand how america is m about if i think america is of tol tolerance and acceptance. those conflicts -- i'm not going to say they went away, but they were sop ho some how put on thek burner. in other word they may bring their culture but leave their old animosity in the rear view.
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>> the world on one street in chicago. >> well there is much more ahead on al jazeera america. my friend's dad yelled "get down" and we all got down and the roof caved in. first happened accounts of powerful tornado ri ripped throh the mid west today. nuclear plans this week. two experts weigh in our week ahead segment, next.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm johnathan betz with tonight's headlines philippines president is promising to stay in tacloban until conditions improve his government has been criticized for the slow response. some areas are in desperate need of supplies. >> the death toll remains at
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4000. >> there will be a run off in the chill la chile election. >> a rash of tornts tornados hie mid west there was widespread destruction in ohio an indiana. the national weather service conofficialconfirms that 65 twis touched down. >> a devastating day for people in illinois. in this home video a tornado touches down in the washington area near peoria. >> i go ou outside and i heard this, it's like a loud train. and it kept getting louder and i went into the basement and ten second later i heard the house shaking and waited probably a minute and i came back up.
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>> i went back to that end of the house and i heard some blasts. we don't have any windows in that end of the house. and my husband came back and i said i don't know what to do. >> we stood in the hallway where there were no windows and held each other. the destruction is extensive. the neighborhoods are flat o'ened flattened. residents are combing through the debris. >> dozens of tornados rippedded through the mid west. indiana was a hard hit state. we have 26 houses that were damaged and 7 have been deemed unliveable. so folks have to get out tonight. >> we have five people that have been displaced of the we believe that they will be sheltering with friends and family. >> we have a shelter but i'm not
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sure that anyone is using it at this point. >> young man says he is lucky to be alive. >> i went inside and shut the door and seconds later my present amyfriend's dade dad yet and second later it hit. now to russia where there were no survivors where a airlineairline crashed today al0 people were killed as it tried to land in central russia. >> the footage taken on a mobile phone shows what is left of the plane. 44 passengers and six crew members were on board of the boeing 73 73 when 737 when it n
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burst into flames. there were high winds and cloudy skies over the airport but the temperatures were above zero. >> so far no no immediate indications of what caused the crash. the plane had flown 720 clams 70 kilometres having come from moscow. there have been a number of deadly plane crashes over the years. the recent one five people were killed a year before a service plane ran off the runway leaving 45 people dead. >> the crash was blamed on pilot error. the other crashes have been attributed to poor crew training an lax government controls and crumbling airports and aging air aircraft. with the airport now closed the russian authorities will search for clues as to what caused this
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crash. >> well it's sunday night and it's time for our regular look at the week ahead. on wednesday talks resume in agaigeneva over iran's nuclear program. they want to stop the program for six months and use that time to come up with a long term deal. the goal is to ensure that the nuclear assets are only used for energy. they are lobbying congress to put more sanctions on iran. john kerry is urging for more time. >> he meisrael met with the freh president today. and earlier we weighed in on whether he woul we can expect a. >> they came awfully close in geneva and that is why the secretary state john kerry and minister arrived of the they thought they had a deal all of
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the foreign ministers are flying around this we'll. we could see a big push on both sides landing in washington and lobbying congress to do what they can to stop a an agreement. why is it significant to make a deal? a lot of people are thinking if this is not a long term agreement here to some how solve iran's nuclear program why all of the fuss? >> because i think to show the iranians if they make an interim deal they will get a small part of relief from the sanctions. inducement for them to go further. and for them to agrow to stop somethinto -- agree to stog that they previously demured on. >> the big question a lot of people had is it fair for iran
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to hold the line here and say we have the right to enrich uranium as a sovereign country. >> they say that was in the treaty that they signed and they have a point. why do you say that? >> if the quo is if you can -- can -- the question is if you can enrich uranium the treaty needs to be tweaked a little bit. iranians have indicated that given the right circumstances they would ship their 20% uranium elsewhere. do you think iran is hundred hun the fact that they wants a nuclear weapon. >> if they wanted a nuclear weapon they would have a nuclear weapon. people have been saying for six yeartheyare within six years ofa
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nuclear weapon. >> why all of the fighting. >> iran has increased their grow file by having a potential. pakistan has a reality and doesn't have the profile. attacking i ra iran has given tm better status. >> we have have said that iran shouldn't have a nuclear weapon but pakistan has one. >> sure and these are all outside of the non-poa lif non-n treaty. they testify year after year iran has acquired a basic cape ability because they know how to make a centrifuge. they don't have a nuclear program. that was haute halted in 2003.
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can all of the sides reassure eveveeach other a and work withe international community that iran is not moving in 000 that direction. this is about creating confidence. what we have had in the past 340e6340e69both side have imposn each other. >> and they have imposed costs on us. they havthey have built 19,000 0 centrifuges. both sides because they mis2ru689 eacmistrusteach othere animosity and they have been able to pau poke at each other. they have spent more time negotiating three days in geneva than the u.s. and rye ra iran he
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spoken in three decades. we are moving in the right direction and instead of both sides losing they can both win and get something they want. >> it seems they are getting closer to that. richard what do you think iran should do next. >> i think they should make a deal. by invading iraq in 2003 we put an end to the new clear program because we proved that saddam hussein didn't have one. >> that was one of the few benefits we got from that invasion. >> that is one way to look at that. >> we proved we weren't there. thanthank you both for echere. e appreciated it. the talks begin this week in geneva. >> we'll talk about a unique way that struggling artists are getting healthcare. they don't pay for it they play for t. it's week 11 in the nhl it's
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playoff time for teams with dreams. we have that and more i stay wih us.
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>> al jazeera america brings you live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. >> we have a problem with no homes to go back to. >> clean water, food, medicine, all vitally required. >> the australian medical team arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage.
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>> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can help, go to >> aero space request companiesn dubai for the international air show. they are expected to close a hundred billion dollars in deals. >> ththe biggest purchase of planes ever. the gus dust storm is coming thh and we can't show you the planes anymore. the people of emme of emrat paid
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$23 billion of the they mr. brinwillbring their fleet u. and more than any other airline in the world. >> you have the triple seven. the boeing he triple serve. seven and get this they bought 150 of them. 150 planes for $76 billion. all total they spent the $99 billion. the other gulf carriers. spent quite a bit. and it was up to 80 planes andr
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bought 80 planes. >> the mission to search for clues as to why mars oceans and atmosphere disappear. the planet may have supported life in a warm wet atmosphere before it turned into a cold desert. in california art and medicine are coming together in a unique way. artists perform at pop up clinics in exchange for healthcare. >> zabi is creating one of first murals a the one of san francisco's festivals he is to the getting money for his work. instead he is getting access to healthcare. going to the doctor is the saile category as a new car. >> i'm like wow wouldn't it be cool if i got to go to the doctor but i guess i don't. a survey found that 43% of
11:45 pm
artists and 53 musicians have no healthcare insurance. joe himself an artist dreamed up the idea in kingston, new york four years ago. but the concept is hundreds of years old. >> my tooth hurt here is a chicken. it's direct exchange. what we are doing is showing a value of culture to the community. and then the community gives back and says we value you. >> the doctors and nurses have volunteered to help george the e festival. more than 50,000 do dollars wort$50,000 worth of health and wellnes wellness areg exchanged. are you in pain right now? >> lower-back pain. >> maria performed at the festival in exchange for
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treatment. >> hotouring is tough and she is grateful on the help she got here. >> we have been in car accidents and i was trited to are tha trid for that. it's not just medical it's massage and chiropractic and being a prick 'punbeing aacupunt a mural your up lifted. >> the program is working. >> what treatment did you get? >> i got a chir chiropractic adjustment. >> how does it feel? >> great. it does feel better my neck was real messed up. >> so now he can rush t return .
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>> alrighty time for sports. as promised mark is back. >> was it a promise? >> you promised 25 minutes later. >> my timing ma may not be corrt but i always like too follow through. >> it's sunday and teams are jack albertjockeying for playofs the saints began the day with two losses and looking to go six and 0 at the super dol soup domh the 49ers in town. he was frustrated for much of the game drew brees was on his game. and later saints holding on to a 14-10 lead. watch collin looking for someone. it's thinks 'hi his favorite ta. with the 49ers up.
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the team exploded. at the 'hits dre drew brees if e throat. and the 9ers give the ball back. and late in the fourth they call for a fair catch and he tackles and another 15-yard penalty and that lead to this. garrett hartley a game winning fold goal saints win it 23-20 and new orleans are 6 and 0 at home. >> after starting the season 1-and-3 the eagleses have a run going. they give philly a 24-0 lead. game over, right? wrong. red since fight back and pulled within one position and they driving with a minute to go but he lost that interception into the end zone and that is that. the red skins chances go up in
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smoke. >> any time you win it's awesome. i thought our crowd was fantastic today. they probably deserved it as much as anybody they were into it the entire game. it was an awesome feeling and there was a lot of energy in that stadium and we needed every ounce of it it was awesome. i thought our guys fought extremely hard when their down not many people fight that hard. we made too many mistakes and credit to them. >> soldier filed in chicago the ravens-bears game suspended for under two hours. the threat of touched and that caused officals to clear the said yum. >> the teams left the field and once it passed the game resumed. and look at mat forte. he is going to break some tackles and the bears up 20-17. five catches and 83-yards rushing.
11:50 pm
the ravens put the game away inside of the five and we go to ot tied at 20. and in the extra period robbie gold is gold and the bears take it 23-20. >> we heard how long was going to be. we kind of laid down for a while an stretched and closed my eyes and try to think about the game and fish usualize the game a little bit. and kind of assess what happened the first two series. you know, what did we do wrong and why are we note moving the ball and what r are they going o do to us u. >> we came at the break there was a lot of energy in the locker room. that helped us get ourselves started in the second period so to speak after the delay. i thought that was huge. >> the nf sw. north leading alliance.
11:51 pm
ben hooked up with antonio brown i'm thinking bumble bees. the steelers came up with that play. they matched him up with his second score of the day. the lions are now 27-23. the steelers are driving an 97-year-old drive and capped off by this. big ben's 367 yards through the area and four testify d's. jim schwartz annoyed by the fact that his team was too aggressive. >> you can say whatever you want. you can say xwhar you want about me. dope say you are scared. this team is going to be aggressive but won did he play well enough to win this game. it's not because we are passing we didn't make enough plays to win this game offense an defense and special teams shifting the gear a the stats being for gymy
11:52 pm
johnson seems to be straight-forward sapped stay out of trouble and finish better than third. he would grab his six series championship trailing only richard petty and dale earnhardt each with seven. johnson the most dominate drive of his generation. the homestead speedway the site of the last race of the season. johnson in the 48 car and needing to be aggressive and not too aggressive. he avoided trouble today. menard's right back tire is on fire and then it explodes. a very carr scary moment in the. jimmy johnson celebrating his 6th title trailing only the king richard petty and dale earnhardt. >> the broncos are up 27-17 over
11:53 pm
the undefeated chiefs. that game is late in the fourth quarter. >> and finally tonight it's a dirty business that is booming these days. only two million people are paying understands peach to pubbish themselves for ex-treatment challenges. emilie drew worst on the toughest nutter. mark hallowawill run for 24 hours straight. he will climb these walls and make these jumps and get electrocuted. he is at the toughest mudder event in new jersey. build as one of the hardest obstacle courses in the word. the race will test anyone but for hallow way just being here is an achievement. until this year he had no use of his right arm. >> i had the heart and i will push on free. >> aloe way was wounded in
11:54 pm
afghanistan where her is of theed with the british aftermy after months of recovery you is now running for charity. >> there are more seriously injured people than myself. >> he had has an obvious customer and that is what makes it a great bits. >> all of these competitors are paying hundredses of dollars to run in the mud zpl.ts last year they made $5 million in revenue. despite the agreeing popularity and the cult like follow safety remains the biggest certain. the biggest test came in june in west virginia a 28-year-old died after jumping from an of or o oe others like spartan dash anwar
11:55 pm
error race face the same issues and there are no industry standards fo for safety or medil preparedness tough mudder takes every precaution in it's control. >> we design safety first and we that i about how it will impact the and what will the o obstacls >> and of course danger is the draw. >> definitely dangerous it's like a drug. >> often times why i do do this. >> after 24 hours two% of the tis faints have dropped out. aloe way was not one of them. >> i ended up beginning 60. he says he can't pate until the mex bud 4u7b so -- he want wail the next run. so he can do this, this and this again.
11:56 pm
>> they really are a lot of fun. rebecca is back with more on the storms after the break >> evey weeknight on al jazeera america change the way you look at news
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>> well the possibility of powerful tornado have diminished somewhat we have strong wind gusts from 30 to 50 miles-per-hour and we are seeing the primary focus of this in the scary areas that had powerful thunderstorms earlier today. there are two things that came together that created all of this active weather. one of the area of the low pressure system that is moving in to canada slowly and the other is a powerful cold front that is tracking eastward. behind the front and below the winds are gusting from 35 to 40 miles-per-hour and we head east there are stronger whipped there as well we are going to continue with severe thunderstorm warning and a high win advisory and warning as well for michigan especially. d that is where i really have the wind going. >> you cap see achieved 48 miles-per-hour whipped gusts here and moving up to toronto 28°. and toward the water it's been calm. we are starting to see the fog being mixed out by the winds around man.
11:59 pm
we have winds headed the way towards the coastal not as strong as we are getting near the great lakes. high wind warning continues foremichigan and even into parts of upper new york, pennsylvania, well virginia and ohio. so we have a blustery few hours ahead of us. hire is the low pressure you can see the low pressure that is a circular area and it's moving out of michigan into canada but still streaming the cold front behind it. that brought the storms in to parts of ken kept and tennessee. and we are getting heavy rape and showers. taking a closer look. you can see the reds and yellows. the intensity shows us that there are still hail reports coming in and with into stroke loin you will have winner gusts too. we have heavier rain for northern maine overnight but strollly but surely it will taperrive and the next storm is in the pacific northwest tuesday
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morning. ♪ >> welcome to al jazeera america i'm johnathan betz with tonight's headlines. at least five people are confirmed did and dozens more hurt after second tornado swept across several u.s. states today illinois was especially hit hard. give forward, illinois where 20 homes and businesses were torn apart. entire neighborhood were destroyed. >> relatives of the 50 people killed in the russian plane crash arrived at the crash scene. the pilot was reporting a second landing of the bowing 37 m when it wept down. >> in the philippines president keno unfire for the slow response is in hard hit


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