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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome to al jazeera, for the top news stories from right around the world. we won't allow iran to get nuclear weapons. that's the message from french president francois hollande. aid reaches survivors of the typhoon in the philippines. hello there i'm felicity bar from london for the news from
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europe. a lone gunman puts the world on high alert. moft and google join forces to make it harded to find child abuse information online. >> france's president has spoken in the last hour before the israeli knesset. he has yet to raise his opposition, saying his country will not allow teheran to arm armively of in nuclear weapons. >> translator: france won't allow iran to get hold of a nuclear weapon. we have nothing against iran which has a real history, nothing against its history to get reasonable energy.
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but neucialg energy is a danger to the-- but nuclear energy is a danger to the entire world as well. >> hollande was given a warm welcome in the knesset. what else did he have to say? >> music to israeli ears, since the french president has arrived here he has been fated by the israeli leaders as a man who is standing up to the threat as israel sees it from iran, that burst of applause there you heard in the knesset or parliament was repeated many times. there was a more muted response when once stage the french president criticized activity of the undermining the security of israel. there was a quiet in the parliament at that particular time. the only signs of applause
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coming from arab-israeli members of the parliament. all seemed forgotten again and once again the french president was feted warmly, for one reason, that is the fact that he and israel it is clear nor the past 48 hours share a common stance over that issue of iran. >> you mentioned the issue of jewish settlements. earlier hoan hollande met with . >> the particular case the warmth that president hollande received in the palestinian territory was the same kind of warmth that he's received here in israel and certainly he had very, very strong words of welcome from the palestinian
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president, mahmoud abbas. >> a gesture of friendship and respect for palestinian state. the french president lays a wreath on the tomb of yassir arafat. u.n. yen assembly last year. in palestinian eyes a fair inteinterlocotur. >> translator: the major threat to the peace process and that which might abort it is israeli activity in palestinian land, including an east jerusalem burning fields and attacking religious sites, including continuing with thousands of prisoners. >> both sides could make what he called gestures to push the
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negotiation process forward. >> translator: it's up to you to make peace. we can only encourage you and support you and tell you what are for us the principles. two states two people living side by side in peace and security with jerusalem capturing both states secure and recognized borders on the base you of those of 1967. yes, but with the possibility of land swaps, including an international mechanism for compensation. >> well, the french president continues his visit in the region tomorrow and still iran will be discussed. there have been subtle shades of difference in the stance of israel and of france on the iranian issue. >> mike, thank you for that. mike hannah, reporting for us from jerusalem. let's move on to other news and specifically to the philippines where we're getting a better picture of the extent of typhoon haiyan's destruction. the storm hit the country 11 days ago.
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according to the latest figures from the united nations around 13 million people have been affected 50 storm, around 12% of the philippines population. various prorts have put the -- reports have put the death toll at around 4,000 and millions of people are homeless. some countries are contributing more than others. let's look at that. more than 600 u.s. soldiers are now helping out on the ground and some 50 military aircraft and navy vessels are involved. australia has also been quick to contribute. it's not only sent a team of medical experts but also air force planes filled with complies. and hundreds -- supplies. and hundred of taiwanese are workers are helping. >> one is a country with the second biggest economy on earth.
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the other is a furniture store. but over the last week the two have been compared and it's ikea that's come out on top. said to be more generous to the philippines than china. when typhoon haiyan hit, more than 30 countries announced pangpackages of aid. the united states sent $20 million of aid and an aircraft carrier to help. private companies have also contributed fast. through the charity unicef,ikea gave more than 2.7 million. china's are help was $100,000. even the chinese run newspaper said it was a newspaper and called for snub and many -- it was a snub and called for
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extending about are aid. >> translator: the philippines reached out to its traditional allies which is america, japan, for hem after the disaster. -- help after the disaster. however they didn't proactively ask china for aid. >> but there's more to it than that. the philippines and china are not happy neighbors. though they say it's irrelevant to its contribution, many chinese are angry with the philippines for what they think was a mishandling of a hostages cries i. outside ikea's why headquarters, the reactions are mixed. >> i think china should give more. >> $2 million is more than enough. after all, the chinese government isn't that generous to its own people. >> giving aid is the railway
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countries win hearts and minds abroad with the exercise of soft power. that's what makes this apparent lack of generosity to the philippines deliberate, make its point, andrew thomas, al jazeera, beijing. now facing up with a conservative party rival for a second prownd last month. she won the first round of voting on sunday with more than 40% of the vote. and lucia newman is live for us. lucia bachale might have won the first round but is she guaranteed the second round? >> let me tell you on this very windy day as you can see in santiago, everyone says it is a
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forgone conclusion that she will win. she won with more than 46% of the vote. her .4rival is trying to put together a strategy to make her seem more sen truss candidate in the next round but that's something that's going to be a very hard sell. joining me to talk about what's in store for comoi for chilly ns political science robert funk. i'd like to ask you is there any chance at all that evelyn could exeal beat are michelle bachele in the next round? >> practically no chance. she has gained 25 points now, bachele is ahead of her, not to say all those votes will go to
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bachele. >> it is pretty sure that she will be the president of chile and sworn in in march. how important were these congressional elections precisely in order to do that? >> well, the bachele campaign and her appliance was hoping to get a sufficient majority in order to pass through a series of reforms which have higher thresholds to get past. particularly in the area of education, in the areas of some things regarding to the armed forces. they did not get that majority. they have a substantial majority, probably around 50%. but the thing is that kind of majority is a very heterogeneous combination of parties part of her coalition and independents who presented them as part of coalition morrises but it is not going to be a cohesive intlins majority and it is going to
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be -- credit disciplines. ,. >> some independents more to the left others more centric. but is she going to be able to keep her own coalition together? it's a very interesting mix isn't it? >> she came back from new york to win this election. she had a very good campaign she good team but it's because of her plairptd which she maintain -- popularity which she maibtsed, she is going to have to use that political capital. partly of that use is working with that coalition to push her agenda. it's not going to be easy. she's going to have to be willing to burn local capital, which in the past she's been reticent to do. >> thank you very much, howard funk. thank you. >> michelle will have her work
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cut out for her, where the people have become far more demanding when she was last president. back to you. >> lucia newman, pr reporting for us from the chilen capital. >> that didn't stop an attack on a military chief in benghazi. >> abdalla al sueti may have the military's disposal, across libya, al suati escaped but one of his guards was killed. >> translator: we were accompanying the military commander abdalla al suati and heading to the military court when a car came across and
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attacked mr. al suati and his guards. >> meanwhile, the military is on alert on the military capital of tripare tripoli. >> militias from misrata on friday. things turned violent and dozens of people were killed. but that didn't stop protestors coming out again on sunday. >> we will continue until all the militia leave stripoli. we want oof a state of civil society and we want development. >> some of the militias have moved out of tripoli. power they've demonstrated by
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holding the libyan prime minister ali zeidan and the intelligence chief for more than 24 hours. >> do anything they don't want to do. and the current crisis is developed largely because he's so weak. the government has been trying for the last six months to persuade them to lay down their arms, to retire down to their home towns and to allow it to reconstruct the libyan army under libyan police force. >> after tripoli's bloodiest weekend since the revolution, the government nounsed that the army had been deployed to secure the city and preefn prevent furr violence. may not be strong enough to keep the peace for long. sebastian walker, al jazeera, tripoli. >> still ahead, chevron says a
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multibillion dollar judgment for contamination in the amazon is frawj pleasant. plus. accused spying on a major ally. we will report on the diplomatic fallout and response. >> international football friend reply are going to victims of the th typhoon in the philippin. >> a man hunt is underway in paris for a gunman who opened fire at a newspaper office and headquarters and then briefly took a man hostage. let's get more from felicity. >> a malone gunman is believed to be behind all three as well as threats against the journalists at the tv network on
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friday. the gun fire broke out just after 10:00 near plas de la are republic. then a motorist was taken hostage by an armed man who ordered him to drive back towards central paris and the champs elysee. paris is a rather nervous city now i imagine paul. >> this has been a huge event throughout the day. two shootings a hostage taking and then somehow this gunman being able to melt away into the crowds. an operation which included checkpoints, roadblocks and even a helicopter in the air. there were questions tonight as to whether the police could have
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done more or perhaps could have done more. they believe the same man threatened staff at bfm tv on friday. why wasn't he apprehended last week and all of these issues avoided? the man every police officer in paris is hunting. this is last friday at the offices of the 24-hour news channel bfn tv. the gunman pulled out a shotgun type weapon out of a sports bag. he points it at the security guard and the senior editor at the desk. for some reason the security guard was unable to shoot. he fled. the gunman mass lost his iinhibition. he opened fire at a young photographer's assistant critically wounding his victim in the chest.
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the same team of detectives is working on both incidents. prosecutors say the links are overwhelming. >> translator: two 12 caliber bullets and one explode mu anything have been found by forensic investigators. it's important to are say that at the bfn tv we found why munitions. further analysis is underway. >> the gunman was able to elude police. at the office ef of a bank societe are jnle. societ ise are general e. ordering the driver to drop him on the examples elise rvetion. >> facing some very difficult questions. but just about the expheed and
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effectiveness of their response to monday's events but also if they could have done more after monday's frightening incidents at bfn tv. >> the police preeffect has taken the necessary measures. a patrol in front of all media outlets. as long as this person is still on the ploos and we don't know the motivates motive with motiv. >> urged anyone who might recognize the gunman to come forward. but for the moment a major alert is ongoing. >> and paul is anyone talking about a possible motive for all these different attacks? >> no. there was a mumbled threat when the gunman went ininto bfn tv
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monday morning. the security guard actually had his back to him and the senior editor standing at reception was too far away, it appears he said, "i won't miss you next time." but the if plirchtion between the two media outlets and one bank is certainly not clear. police have not given any indication what their thinking is yet. suffice to say a major police investigation is ongoing around they are trying to cast this man as quickly as possible. >> paul brennan with an update from paris. at the moment a 737 plummeted to earth in a nearly vertical crash. taken off from russia roughly an hour before it exploded at its final destination. all 50 on board were killed.
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>> the terrifying moment when the boeing 737 crushed in the russian city of kazan. suppose the plane hitting the ground nose first exploding in a ball of fire. it is inconceivable that anyone could have survived. the plane aborted its first landing and was attempting the a second one. it abrupt reply exploded mid air but authorities don't know why. >> it could have been weather conditions or bad quality fuel. >> insist the aircraft was in good condition but the company recently ran into financial difficulty. the airport authority was in talks with the airline over unpaid debts related to servicing its planes. if. >> translator: delivery safety of our flats are so poor. there are some where there are
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no crashes for half a century like australia, finland and some of the u.s. airlines. >> in 2008, all 88 passengers and crew were killed when a plane crashed near the ural mountains. 44 people were killed in september 2011 when a passenger plane went down shortly after takeoff and at least 31 died in april last year after a jet crashed shortly after takeoff in siberia. investigators have been sent from moscow to find out exactly what went wrong in kazan but they already face ochallenge. both black boxes have been found and even they have been badly damaged. katherine stansell al jazeera. are journalists jailed in september? medic on the arctic sunrise ship will be released on bail, paid
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over $60,000. exr maximum sentence of seven years. the court turned down a bail request by the australian activist. put to rest by the spying allegation. are. >> nasa is getting ready to launch a new spacecraft that will study the martian atmosphere. the mission is strapped to the atlasv rocket. it is nicknamed maven. the module will carry instruments to research the earth's upper atmosphere.
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scientists will find out if it was ever capable of supporting life. and julia yarborough is in cape canaveral. julia tell us a little bit more about what they're hoping to find on this mission. >> well, what scientists here at nora nasa are hoping to are launch of the maven, they want to near about what happened on the climate on mars. as you mentioned, scientists feel that water was once present upon the planet but currently it is a cold and dry planet. today they want to find out if there was water on the planet, what happened to it, what happened to the atmosphere that it does not support water anymore? so what's happening with aplaifn
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is, we are preparing for that launch. it will take ten months for maven to reach mars. at that point, it will spend a year of earth orbit around mars and it will basically do research within the atmosphere. it will help scientists determine what has happened with the gas useous are state of that planet. it will have eight specific are instruments on board, help scientists determine what is so critical about what happened, and then again, the maven will orbit about 125 kilometers above the surface of mars, so that is very close to the planet giving scientists hopefully a much clearer picture of what has happened on the red planet. >> i guess julia the whole point of the mission too is to
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mrs. determine what's going ohappen to earth. -- to happen to earth. >> and at some point, scientists could say that this will give them a window of if mars was very similar to earth 4 billion years ago, what types of things are they going to learn about our own climate? and again, we are now about a minute away from the launch of maven. this has been eight years in the making prospect nasa has worked extremely close with lockheed martin and university of colorado, boulder, the scientists work on it there. this is important for the scientists and the students. ie as we prepare for that plawmp therlaunchthere is a hush over h pad here. we are several miles from the
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launch site, but in this area we can see from a long distance. again it is a very exciting day for the engineers here but of course what we could learn because of this mission not only will tell us so much more about mars but it could tell us the future or how we can save the future of earth. >> t minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six, 95, four, owners-five, four, three, two, one, main engines start and liftoff of the athat the 5 with maven looking for clues about the evolution of mars through its atmosphere. >> everything looking good, still at 100% thrust on the rd 180. vertical rates are looking good.
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we do have roll program in right as expected. we're actively controlling, position looks good. plus regulator scraf regulator . now 126 nautical miles in altitude. traveling at other than -- >> you are watching the nasa's maven mission that's just launched. let's go back to julia, very exciting pictures. it must be very exciting to be there to witness it in life. >> it is indeed. the rocket virtually disappeared before our eyes. as it lifted off, you could feel
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the ground rumbling, you can feel it in your body, the entire area has a low grade rumble. within 50 seconds virtually disappeared in the heavens. not only for the scientists and the world, we watch what maven brings -- >> we've just lost julia there, although we still do have pictures of the maven pictures. that's julia yarborough there, speaking to us from cape canaveral. still to come on the al jazeera news hour. denying steelings from south africa. and a back hill beauty, joel will be here to tell us about this goal in sports, next. >> welcome jazeera head.
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let's get the top stories.
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francois hollande says france won't allow iran to acquire nuclear weapons. he spoke to the israeli knesset. entire neighborhoods in the french capitol of paris have been cordoned off. is. >> ignition and liftoff. >> nasa has just launched a new spacecraft that will study the martian are atmosphere. nicknamed the maven, it will carry instruments to measure the upper atmosphere. the new york stock exchange dow jones industrial average topping 16,000 for the first time. spurred by a wave of new boeing
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plane orders in dubai on saturday. lawyer in the united states can is to take the stand for alleged fraud after successfully suing the chevron oil company. stephen daumziger was acting on behalf of are ecuadorian companies. cat turner is in new york. now, it seems and correct me if i'm wrong, that chevron's case is based on the fact that danziger acted fraudulently. >> that is certainly, yes, they are alleging that the $19 billion damages given to the
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ecuadoran villages was given frafraudulently. they are saying that donziger got that award fraudulently and the award should be thrown out. one thing that happened last week an ecuadorian court held liability, therefore, halves punitive damages. it is now a $1.45 billion case. in just a half an hour i'll be going back into the court because donziger himself will be taking the stand. he submitted a 63 page written testimony and will be cross examined are on that. >> there has already been a lot
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of speculation over this case. there. >> yes, that's right. loot of people think they are not looking into a crystal ball really. judge kaplan himself in pretrial statement said that he thought athere was likely cause to believe that there had been some kind of fraud or corruption committed by donzinger and his legal team and ecuadorians have said that kaplan is biased against them. he has leaned heavily in their favor, they are not expecting an outcome in their favor, they are truly preparing for verdict to go against them. they say it is the ecuadorans w.h.o. need justice. it has been 19 years since the initial award and the completely team for donziger says it's time
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the ecuadorans receive at least one cent. their lives have been damaged extensively by the oil spill and the dumping in their neighborhoods. >> cat turner in new york. documents obtained by the abc news channel reveal australia has been listening in on the indonesiaian president's phone calls. wife and cabinet ministers are targeted. but they say it's nothing to worry about. >> all governments gather informs and all governments know that every other government gathers information. the australian government never comments on specific intelligence matters. this is been the long standing tradition of governments long standing traditions and i will not change that today.
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i should saw that awful uses all of is resources at its disposal to help our friends and our allies not to harm them. >> brian thompson is a local journalist in canbarra. >> we have known that they have used news agents for some time, what is also new is that they have tried also to listen in to the phone calls, to try and track down his wife's phone as well as members of the elite, this is new and this is really sent relations with dmees indona into a tailspin. the prime minister refusing to give much away tonight but relations are at a particularly low he b ebb. it was regard he as an
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overreaction, because of some west papua protestors. they were trying to get to his wife's phone as well as his own phone, it is regard he pretty seriously here and very seriously in indonesia. >> hacking of angela merkel's splefangela merkel'scell phone. >> how privacy can be better protected. merkel said trust needs to be rebuilt after the spying allegations put u.s.-german relations to the test. aal jazeera's mick spicer reports. >> in courtroom probes they rallied. they are saying germany is
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becoming a police state again with the united states as big brother. >> we think that this is not doing enough to compete here. she only reacted when her cell phone was monitored. and so we ought to send a message to mrs. merkel that she ought to seend really strong sign against mass civilians. >> now more at stake that be her own privacy. >> the transatlantic relationship and the negotiations for a transatlantic free trade agreement are without doubt currently being put to the test. because of the allegations against the u.s.a. if having collected millions of pieces of data. the allegations are serious, they must be explained and more importantly, new trust must be built up for the future. >> angela merkel says she won't stop mps from starting an
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inquiry. many parliamentians feel the mr. person who broke the scandal. edward snowden. >> i am of the opinion we all need to be grateful to mr. snowden and one reason to grant asylum to him would be a humanitarian one, that we say he can stay here. he has done us a great service by uncovering this world scandal. >> but merkel's office said asylum for snowden is out of question. that the transatlantic relationship is too important. so unless he is allowed to testify for moscow, finding a truth will largely depend on the cooperation of the german government and security agencies. nick spicer al jazeera, berlin. >> nick joins us live from berlin. what do the german people think
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about the spying issue do you think? >> the opinion polls show that mishad trust of the united states is increasing with only 30 -- mistrust of the united states is increasing only 30 trusting the united states, this of course is partly a product of history with east germany having gone through a communist dictatorship. joining me to help shed a little light on german public opinion and how it is resolution is uli bruckner. how is german politics likely to are exr evolve now that we have the court of public opinion. >> closing the file before elections and this case came up and said there's no reason to distrust the united states, and now with her phone being tapped and with the responses from the united states, things obviously look much more difficult.
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>> is opinion likely to improve let's say towards the united states as a consequence of this inquiry or is there a risk of revelations that will actually worns things? >> at the moment i don't think there's nothing to be expected to improve. because we are still in the process of reflecting what is actually the problem. and the problem is not so much whether we can trust each other as partners but what do we actually defend, and the values we are going odefend with investigations of that kind. >> okay, thank you very much. that was professor uli brukner of the u.s. in university in berlin. back to you felicity. >> thank you very much. the captain of the costa concordia said the jj wouldn't
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work. harder to find images of child abuse online. 100,000 search terms used to find parallel images will now be altered to return no prults. no results and alert authorities to a a series of strange behaviors. barnaby phillips has no details. >> they came to downing street, representatives of some of the world's biggest internet companies and the police. the challenge: to stop the spread of abusive images of children on the internet. google and microsoft said they have introduced important complaings to the way their -- changes to the way their search engines work. >> first of all, developing technology alongside microsoft the help identify and remove videos of child sexual abuse are
1:46 pm
now running warnings against terms that would lead to that abuse and we are now adding words to our search engine to remove bad content. >> should make it hard for people share are on regulated portion he of the internet. the problem is, much of this takes place in what's called the hidden knelt, and any such activity is much harder to monitor. the british government estimates some 20,000 people in this country use the hidden or dark net. the vast majority aren't looking for child pornography but some might be. >> we are never why going to be able to employ to uncover the dark bits on the internet, we're going to try as hard as we can, these nurse won't have much
1:47 pm
impact but they will impact on the lower level of criminal involvement. >> headlines in this country but this is a global problem that no one government can solve. in 2014, britain will host an international summit on child abuse on the internet. this is a long struggle and today was just the first step. barnaby phillips, pr al jazeera. >> to to croatia. age are over the government's efforts to put up signs in both the latin script used for croatian, and cyrillic scrip. >> during croatian war for independence over a government
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making bilingual signs, where more than athird of people belong to an ethnic pr minority. signs put up in cyrillic characters, vucovar was changed to credit exempted from this law. >> commute city so at this moinltd these two completely, procession that was led by the committee locked the way for the official below session with politicians to become one alarge possession and when it hpped the second time the officials decided not to impose themselves, they went on and paid their respect there. >> fully updated with the latest news.
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let's return to dna and flavia. >> thank you, felicity. sports news: >> we sit down with former indianaian batting star and tell us what his plans are after retirement. stay with us. >> audiences are intelligent and they know that their needs are not being met by american tv news today. >> entire media culture is driven by something that's very very fast... >> there has been a lack of fact based, in depth, serious journalism, and we fill that void... >> there is a huge opportunity for al jazeera america to change the way people look at news. >> we just don't parachute in on a story...quickly talk to a couple of experts and leave... >> one producer may spend 3 or 4 months, digging into a
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single story... >> at al jazeera, there are resources to alow us as journalists to go in depth and produce the kind of films... the people that you don't see anywhere else on television. >> we intend to reach out to the people who aren't being heard. >>we wanna see the people who are actually effected by the news of the day... >> it's digging deeper it's asking that second, that third question, finding that person no one spoken to yet... >> you can't tell the stories of the people if you don't get their voices out there, and al jazeera america is doing just that. >> welcome back. the trial of controversial south africa politician jewel y malame and others has been postponed. the form he youth leader is
1:51 pm
facing charges of fraud money laundering and racketeering. >> are if his trial for corruption goes ahead and it may not it won't be before next september. he is free to focus on the upcoming general election where he is going otake on the powerful african national congress that is controlling the country. >> they are accusing me from stealing from the poor because they fail to match my thinking capacity. they have no idea. they are fighting. they are fighting political peddlers in court. >> he was expelled from the party from bringing the anc into
1:52 pm
disrepute. he formed his only party the economic freedom fighters. >> a hit with young people, his policy like other in th entitie, without giving them compensation. many of malemma's supporters are angry that more than half of south africans 18 to 34 are out of work. malemma's policies many argue are dangerous. >> people don't have the capacity to reflect that because of low levels of education in south africa so they fall for such simple slogans. have huge implication for the stability of our economy. >> with the corruption trial postponed malemma's almost guaranteed a seat in parliament where it is almost certain he
1:53 pm
will not sit quietly. credit al jazeera, south aafrica. >> here is sana. >> thank you very much. nigeria and italy face each other in international friendly in london. this is a good chance to warm up before the finals in brazil next year and also the opportunity to raise money for charity. london has the details. >> while london is a are football friendlies, nigeria and italy have generatemore interest, because of the financial problems, their problems with the payments of their coach, stephen peshe, looks like that's close to being resolved it needs to be. completed on saturday with that 4-1 aggregate win against
1:54 pm
ethiopia, who are also safely through the world cup finals, brazil and argentina throughout had entire year. should be an interesting game and my mind goes back to 1994. a famous meeting between these nation when nigeria was two minutes away from making the quarter finals, they got through in that nigerian there squad. a chance for italy again this time. >> jason day mass revealed that eight of his relatives were killed by the typhoon in the philippines. his maternal grandmother and six of his cousins were among thousands who died when typhoon haiyan hit the country. he said, i'm deeply concerned that members of my family lost their life as victims of typhoon
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haiyan. my family are grateful for all who have reached out with their prayers and concern. we feel devastated for all who have been affected by this horrific traj. in the nba, the portland trailblazers have stopped their six win in a row by beating the toronto raptors, 110 to 108. they lost to the memphis grizzlies, and were on 19 points eight rebounds and 9 assist, 22 points at memphis, 97-86 winners. one of the greatest cricketers in history says he is still madly in love with the sport. indian batsman ended his career on sunday. he spoke to al jazeera about his
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plans for the future. >> i have spent 24 years away from family. and playing cricket for india which thorough reply enjoyed huge honor. at least for some time i think i should be giving all the attention to my family because there are various things that i have missed out on. >> does politics have no pull for you? i think there are any party that would do anything to have you on their ticket. >> i am a sports mairn at latter and will always be a sportsman. >> on your twitter page you describe yourself as a india. yind. indian. >> the kind of support i've gotten from various people,
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people have gone out of their way to help. >> you have always been known as a very dedicated focused contradicter. what i want to know when you walk out onto a pitch who or what are you competing against regardless of the team that you're playing? is there something higher that you're aiming for? >> i'm madly in love with the sport. i've never counted the number of hours that i've practiced. many are madly in love with the sport, then you just want to go out and give your best every time. you don't look at the watch. >> to leave you with a brilliant goal, the only drawback is it came in training. this is england under 21 player ravel, already a big hit on youtube. >> you know he won't be able do it in a real game. stay with us on al jazeera,
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another full bulletin of news right at the top of the hour.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. >> deadliest tornadoes we have ever had in the month of november in illinois history. >> states hardest hit by this month's tornadoes. and typhoon haiyan, trying to get aid to where it's needed. mission to mars, a mission to mars, arriving within the next ten months. you are looking at


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