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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. here are the stories we're covering for you. it's progress being made in geneva? we'll have a live update on the negotiation and iran. angry pakistanis protest drone attacks in their country. and still no word in north korea about the status of an elderly american. >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in geneva just this morning for negotiations of how
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to remove iran's nuclear program. the goal to remove iran's nuclear program. >> reporter: now there is a finite limit on these talks. it does indicate that in some way, shape, or form they are drawing to a close. the other interesting thing that we can report indicating again that there is some sort of wrapping up going on is here at the press center where we're located we are seeing preparations for some sort of previousing. we can expect a statement later this evening. the p 5 plus plus 1, the members of the u.n. supreme court council plus germany have been in a very lengthy meeting. we're told it is still ongoing. there was a state by the head of the iranian delegation, the
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foreign minister brought up a sticking point. >> we will continue with any agreement, and that is an inalienable right. >> the west does not like that term, inalienable right. they say a civilian nuclear program, sure, but not just any type of program, and that is a big issue here in geneva. >> what is the west's so-called red line? >> reporter: well, on the other side of the equation, two-fold. iran's already standing stock pile of enriched uranium. that might be manageable because
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there are procedures you can do to turn that into a benign substance. the other issue is a heavy water plant in iran called iraq that is still being constructed. the west, in particular the french are very concerned about it because as a by-product of that plant they produce plutonium used in dirty bombs and other nuclear weapon systems. so those two things are what the p5+1 say they're deeply concerned about. >> phil ittn er reporting in yes geneva. >> in pakistan thousands rally for anti-drone strikes rally. they have blocked a nato supply road, one of two used by nato.
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the egyptian government said that turkish government has under mind the egyptian government. the turkish president hopes their relations will get back on track. scandal and argument surround afghanistan decision makers. a gathering of representatives in the capitol is expected to decide on sunday if it will approve a security agreement with the u.s. president hamid karzai is sticking to his position. he won't sign the agreement until after presidential elections next year. >> karzai does not have the right to say these words. i am saying this ising amistake he's making. whatever karzai wants from them it has been accepted but he wants to delay the agreement. this is not for the benefit of afghanistan.
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this is in detriment to afghanistan. >> reporter: in the busy markets of the capitol people are worried about their future if the agreement isn't signed. >> pakistans are our enemy, if iran is our enemy, and if we make enemy our enemy, too, how do we make a living here? there should be support to make a living and develop a stable future. >> reporter: some believe karzai is worried about his legacy. he doesn't want to be remembered as a president intimidated by foreigners. they, however, point out the country should come first. >> even if karzai sacrifices, we should do an historic thing for the country in which the country and its record are stronger. he, too, should sacrifice himself. he should think about the interests of our country. >> reporter: there have been protests in some areas against
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the agreement. university students in jalalabad beat an effigy of president obama. >> we do not want them in our land. we want invaders from our country at the soonest condition. we consider anyone who signs this agreement as a traitor. >> reporter: they must wait to hear what decisions are being made on their behalf. decisions that could change the future of their country. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> another section of a supermarket collapsed today in latvia. you can see workers are inside
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when this happened. more than 50 people died in the original collapse that happened during peak shopping hours. the collapse happened in the capital of riga. the latvian president is call this disaster murder. a pipeline explosion in china that sprung a leak yesterday and soon after exploded. three pipelines in the area have been shut off until they can pass safety checks. local environmental protections say oil is flowing out and contaminating the nearby area. it's been two weeks since typhoon haiyan tore through the philippines and it has been a struggle oh getting people in need the things they need. >> there is barely a building left standing in this town about a quarter mile from the sea.
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inside town hall it is hot, dark, and dirty. water pours from above as the sick and injured stream in because this shell of a structure is the best they could do here for a hospital. >> one bright spot here is the town's vice mayor is also a pediatrician. he has been working around the clock since the storm. >> no matter how tiring it is, no, just considering at the moment i have provide service for my people. >> people are coming from miles around with fevers, diarrhea and infected wounds. this man, whose home was destroyed, told me it took him ten years to get here, but getting medical attention was more important than getting his house. >> they're still fining bodies in the rubble, and these trenches and mounds of dirt where they were burying bodies
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in mass graves. but now they'll stop because this is where they're putting up the new hospital. city hall where they set up the temporary hospital is far too damage. >> there is water falling everywhere, no electricity. we had the roof collapse. >> reporter: louise johnson is the coordinator. >> we have emergency room, we'll provide surgical and other intensive care. we'll have a ward here for child care and pregnant women. >> reporter: they can get a fully functioning hospital up and running in less than a day. in the court yard in downtown tacloban 12 miles up the coast, they will run an er and surgical intake center. >> we've been working all night with the filipinos to get this
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up as quickly as possible. >> reporter: they said they'll stay here until tacloban rebuilds hospitals like bethany, given the scale of the destruction here they probably won't be leaving any time soon. al jazeera, tacloban, the philippines. >> the north korean government has confirmed it is holding an american man but they won't say two. 85-year-old merle newman was picked up while he was in the country. his wife is asking for more information. this is the family statement. we have had no word on the state of his health, whether the medication sent to him through the swedish embassy in north korea has before delivered to him. the u.s. diplomat has been cold that they have held an american
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man but they have not confirmed that it is newman. new delays in enrollment in the affordable care act. >> there's probably about a hundred people living in the extreme tiny houses... >> is going small part of a big movement? >> part of the reason for moving into a tiny house is to get rid of all this "stuff"... >> what you gain by having less... >> let's think about giving up mcmasions... >> a tiny american dream, al jazeera america presents... tiny: a story about living small premiers tomorrow 9 eastern.
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>> now the syrian chemical weapons have been made inoperable. the next task is to destroyed the arsenal. that is something that is easier said than done. >> reporter: we will have that for you shortly. president obama used his weekly address to tell america how the economy is improving boost
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200,000 americans went back to work last month. the american auto industry came roaring back with 350,000 new jobs. jobs turning out and selling the high tech fuel efficient cars the world wants to buy. and they're leading the charge in a manufacturing sector that is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990's, a big reason why the u.s. is selling more good and services than ever before. >> he said for the first time in 20 years america's producing more oil than it buys from other countries. more delays for the affordable healthcare act. federal officials have extended the deadline for americans to sign up. >> reporter: americans have ex-try time to sign up online for government health insurance. consumers now have an additional
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eight days until december 23rd to sign up for coverage that takes affect january 1st. the enrollment period for the second year of obamacare also delayed. it was scheduled to begin october 15, 2014. now the federal health exchanges will offer enrollment beginning november 15, 2014, and will last until january 15, 2015. official say it will give people more time to evaluate their insurance options for the enrollment period and give insurance companies more time to set premiums after reviewing 2014 information. >> we're doing this because it makes sense for insurers to have a sense of the pool of insured in the market this year. >> reporter: critics now have a new round of ammunition. they released more documents claiming the white house and health and human services department knew the healthcar
2:16 pm site had more problems. but secretary kathleen sebelius is hdenyies she ignored the war. >> do you believe the system was delivered on october 1st? >> it was. >> it wasn't performed as well as we liked, and certainly had more glitches than we anticipated but we did deliver a system. >> do you think glitches is a proper to use to describe the roll out? >> i think there are problems. >> problems president obama obama admitted to. >> i think we under estimated building th the website to works it should. >> the president has hired
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outside help to fix it. erica ferrari, al jazeera. >> twitter says it now is going to be tougher to spy on its users. the micro blogging site said it has set up it's encryption standards. it's is enabling a technology for traffic that is going through its site. this is the latest effort to improve security after leaked nsa reports spying on digital content. >> meteorologist: well, if you stepped outside across the northeast you can see for yourself it's an absolutely beautiful day, brilliant high pressure meaning not many clouds in the skies, and plenty of sunshine to go around. however, between today and tomorrow we have an arctic air mass that is going to make its way across the great lakes, and into the northeast. as a result temperatures are
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going to plummet. we have lake affect snow following up state new york and lake erie, pennsylvania. if you're traveling there, keep that in mind. but overall across the coach and much of new england the sun is shining and it's an absolutely beautiful day. we want to you look at temperatures between today and tomorrow. take a look at new york city. we go from 50 degrees to 33, and it's going to feel absolutely like winter out there. now, we do have another area of low pleasure that will be pushing out of canada as we track it over the next couple of days. it's going to keep up on this system across the southwest. it wilnow today the system acroe southwest is producing wind, rain and snow. the rain continues to fall from las vegas, nevada, back towards phoenix, all the way down into tucson. if you're traveling along i-17 use precaution all the way towards flagstaff where the know is coming down lightly.
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right now the storm will push over to the east, but right now it's producing ice and snow across portions of texas and new mexico. lubbock an into abeline, not only do you have to deal with the ice but the wind and the snow continues to drive. that creates tricky travel conditions, and we think about tornadoes and tigers as being a major killer in the united states. but car accidents due to ice on the roadways is also a major concern. that effects anywhere the temperatures fall below 32 degrees. that's what is happening in new mexico and texas. if you're on the roadways take it easy for me, please. we'll track the next couple evef days. this is going to bring heavy range into phoenix, back into new mexico and then into the southeast. the temperatures are falling here today. it's a chilly day in albuquerque, h el paso, san
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antonio, and dallas, only 42 degrees. >> thank you so much. coming up on al jazeera america we'll journey to the great white north to immediat meet some of s best artists.
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power of the people until we restore our freedoms
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>> welcome back. inuit art work can fetch big
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bucks. in a small town in canada a nomad dick people now thrive as artists. [ drums ] >> up here a barren land. no trees. where winter lasts eight months and the wind blows all the time. the sparness of the life leads the imagination and inspires art. >> lives underneath the ice. once someone falls into the water, he will pick up that person and carry him back down to the ocean. >> cape dorset clings to the shores. in 1959 a government official started a cooperative society to
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encourage and pay local inuit to make art. for 54 years former nomads have made a living at artists. the art is sent south for sales in north america. >> i mostly work on my imagination. like, that, for example, i was trying to make it flying bird but it looked like it was walking. it was a walking bird. i enjoy drawing that one. very much. >> today's sculptures carve with power tools. their work is contemporary, not folk art. polar bears dance. fish sport human skulls and fish and machinery take on new forms. >> their work was always modern. when you see their art on the wall it does not smack of what
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art is in the reflectiveness of canada. it's new, edge, troubling sometimes. sometimes it's joyous. >> in canada's north a hunting and gathering lifestyle has given way to settlements and supermarkets. think of art, then, as a bridge from the past to the future. but also as a welcomed source of income and pride in a community in need of both. al jazeera, cape dorset. >> let's take a look at our top stories. thousands of pakistanis are calling to the end of drone strikes. they blocked one of the two main roads that nato uses to bring supplies to information. the government woul north kt would not name the person they have detained. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva to hammer out
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an agreement on iran's nuclear program. a resolution does not appear emanant. imminent. the state said kerry will travels to london tomorrow. san francisco has become the hip new hub for experimentation. melissa chan has more. >> reporter: you have a different type of tech start up. it begins production on its first thousand motorcycles next year. >> right now is a really exciting moment in hardware because there is a new hardware start up revolution going on in the bay area. >> reporter: the company caught the attention of investors including a former executive from chrysler. in its warehouse engineers and designers are challenging
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industry convention in design and electric development. this start up, only three years old, has come up with high tech innovations that will have real implication force the automotive industry as san francisco takes the lead in electric development. tesla has led the electric pack. sales have skyrocketed but it's innovations have come along with unexpected issues including reported battery fires and federal safety probe. sill there is no doubt that the company is among the electrical entrepreneurs. far from detroit's orbit, motor heads have came up creations. >> we're developing a balancing motorcycle or a two-wheel car.
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>> it drives like a car but balances with gyroscopes. it's creators hope to have the c-1 recognized as a separate vehicle class. such innovations have not only caught the attention of detroit, detroit has come out west. ford's lab opened last year. >> we needed to be in silicon valley to get access to the talent base, and software, but also to be able to partner with companies and really just experience i would say work in a very different way than we traditionally work in dearborn. >> reporter: electric scooter type would hardly appear to challenge traditional automakers but younger consumers have changing habits. many forever alternative forms of transportation over bumper to
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bumper commutes. that's where these might win. >> i feel that technologically san francisco is going to be the next electric detroit. >> from scrappy beginnings to setting the industry agenda will take time. for now companies here have more modest designs. but if the future is electric it looks bright in silicon valley. melissa chan, al jazeera, san francisco. >> the vatican is going to unveil an controversial exhibit of relics. the relics of bones said to be those of st. peter, founder of the catholic church. the vatican said the bones are genuine but scientists say facts are not conclusive. that's it for al jazeera. you can follow us on
2:30 pm keep it here throughout the day. about innovations that are going to change lives. we're testing the intersection of hardware and humanity. rax is a neuroscientist. she has the invocation of bamboo and carbon. mar inkta davidson is a biologist specializing in ecologist and evolution. and i'm phil torrez. i'm an entomologist. but i'm over america for a very bad ride. how bad is our air? that's our team.


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