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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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. >> we wish them blessings by god, patience for the families. may god bless them. the colleagues and elders - in my opening speech i mention t t that - that the afghan people would like to have friendship with the world.
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and our friendship with the world we see our development and prosperity, and in our independence we see our dignity. i also mention that in order to sign the bilateral security agreement between afghanistan and united states of america, if the loya jirga agrees, and the parliament approves it, then it comes to the implementation stages - we should take them into account, in preliminary stages in order to ensure security and peace in afghanistan and transparency of elections in the country. i am very happy to see a few great elders have taken into
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consideration the two key issues of security and peace, but when can we have peace and when can we have security? after your approval today, we can have security now or in 10 years or 15 years, but we need security today - just today. in the sense that starting from today when we express our friendship with the united states, giving basis to afghanistan to the united states or any other country is not just an easy decision. it's not a free thing, it's a
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hard decision. we cannot digest it very easily. but this is a necessity. we are doing this out of necessity and the problems that we have had over the last 30 years, and all the conspiracy that we've had over the last 30 years. security is our first condition, and starting from today, in the sense that the united states is starting from this moment, there should not be any raids in our homes. starting from this very moment. neither in daytime or night-time there should not be any raid into afghan homes. is that what you want? when you organise your first meeting four days ago, the americans killed a few of our people.
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is it going to happen tomorrow? are we going to allow the united states to do the same thing? no, we don't give you permission. so united states forces raids into our homes is coming to an end now. if this happens one more time, this agreement is going to be cancelled. the ambassador is sitting here, the u.s. ambassador, he hears us. if one more time there is going to be a raid into our homes this agreement is no more. once more - if this happens, that agreement is going to be done away with. you are going to be back to your bases. if terrorists - they should be
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left to us. the united states should not do anything with them - we will deal with them. we are moving away from afghanistan and going to iran where president hassan rouhani is speaking. let's listen to this. >>... there is conclusion and feeling that respecting the iranian nation who will bring about a positive result and threats cannot be - and the threats cannot bear any fruits. the second point is the government of hope and prudence seeks to create an atmosphere of trust between the islamic republic of iran and countries
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further interested in having friendly relations with this great nation. in order to - in order to create trust with respect to the negative propaganda they had created an image aimed at spreading iran-a-phobia amongst the public opinion. the logical negotiations and argumentations by the iranian diplomatic team, along with hundreds of other political
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situations created the atmosphere so as to create the right path towards confidence and trust as it has been said trust is a two-way path, and, in fact we should be also able to reach the point of trust with respect to other countries and, of course, there's a long way ahead in order to attain that full trust, but the initial steps have been taken in this regard. the third point is the issue of interaction with the world, constructive interactive with the world is the motive of the
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government. and constructive interaction can by achieved through trust. initial steps have been taken for this purpose. since the very first days of its operations, the government, in addition to economic social and political activities - it has also started - also started its activities in the field of foreign policy, and particularly since the start of autumn, the trips by political officials in august and also the trip to new york in september, and commencement of 5 + 1 negotiations with iran in the administrative level in new york
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and later in geneva. the outcome of these negotiations is that the five plus 1 or, in other words, or in other words the world powers have recognise the iran's nuclear rights. the islamic republic of iran innately enjoys this right and this right has been granted to all the signatories and for this reason more than 40 countries in the world carry out enrichment programs within the npt and in these places the iaea monitors
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the performance of most countries who produce nuclear fuel. at the statement the acknowledgment by world powers concern this right and the elimination of obstacles in the face of the iranian nation is of great value. the second achievement is the enrichment right by the iranian nature on you iranian soil. whatever interpretation this right has been stipulated by this agreement, stressing that iran will go on with its enrichment program and for this reason i announce to the iranian nation that iran's enrichment activities will proceed similar to the past as in the past, and
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during the 6 months of the agreement, the facilities will continue their activities. speaking of the third achievement of this agreement, is this very point that the world powers have announced that with the termination of the comprehensive task which will start from now on and the attainment of the comprehensive agreement, all sanctions will be lifted. the u.n. sanctions, the unilateral sanctions by the e.u., or the u.s. it has been
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announced within this agreement that all sanctions will be lifted step by step with the continuation of talks, and this is another point that has been besieged by this agreement. the fourth point is that the sanctions organization will be defeated and crushed whether others like it or not. in fact, since last night sanctions have started to - wrists have been created as far as the sanctions are concerned. so some of the sanctions will be
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lifted as a result of the agreement. the sanctions that were supposed to be intensified. they have to stop and some of the sanctions related to the banking sector will be lifted the six months mark a starting point for the european nation. if the 5 plus 1 side fulfils its commitments iran will fulfil its commitments and act on the basis of the agreement this will lead to the holding of negotiation, and the initial agreement, nuk
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lair agreement and we are pleased that after 10 years an agreement has been reached at this level even though assist an initial one for a period of six months. and this agreement has been reached between iran and the world powers. >> and talks about the comprehensive agreement will immediately start and the negotiations can be the final negotiations. there's a strong will on the iranian side for the commencement of these negotiations. and hopefully the other party will also enjoy such a serious as well when there's mutual respect, when there are reciprocal interests and when they speak to each other based on equal footing, there'll be a
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movement forward. we'll be able to move foord and hopefully we'll be able to proceed with negotiations on the basis of these principles. once again, i would like to repeat that the iranian nation does not seek nuclear weapons. after the comprehensive talks and final agreement a year from now no one should say that we hampered and now one should claim that we hampered the attainment of nuclear weapons. iran never sought to attain nuclear weapons. every time the iaea had inspections the agency said that
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iran's nuclear activities have had no diversion, and this means that iran has never and will never seek nuclear weapons. and, in fact, they should know iran never seeks nuclear weapons, and if any party seeks to hamper iran's concerns that's not possible. the technology has been localized for iran's development. and the nuclear technology has been attained and acquired with the efforts by the iranian young people and scholars and university provers -- prove
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source, and the trend will continue in the future and we are prepared to cooperate with the world and iaea in this regard in order to fully eliminate ambiguities that have been created. >> i deem it necessary to say the success obtained is offered by the guidelines of the islamic revolution, and also the full support by the iranian nation, and also the efforts made by the diplomats who shouldered the
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negotiations and also other organizations such as the security council and the parliament. and all the others that helped the government and hopefully their assistance will continue. i also wish to commemorate the late imam and - by following his path our nation treads the path of resistance and independence and they learned how to tread this path, and i also wish to appreciate the guidelines offered by the leader of the islamic revolution and his guidelines have been a source of enlightenment for all of us and allow me to commemorate all the
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martyrs and pay tribute to the families and let me pay tribe ute to other nuclear martyrs that - threw their efforts, they even dedicated their lives for the sake of the progress of nuclear technology, reaching the point of perfection. and today we can say that tehran is among countries that enjoys nuclear technology and enrichment technology and surgeon a technology will continue to grow in different sectors, and more peaceful nuclear sectors, and with the
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efforts of the atomic energy organization, and the head of this organization, and all the thinkers and scientists hopefully will be able to continue following this path and as soon as the nuclear negotiating team returns to iran, they will further elaborate on this issue and provide you with further details. all right that was the president of iran, hassan rouhani, speaking live. you were listening to the president of iran hassan rouhani, speaking from the iranian capital tehran on the deal that we know has been struck between iran as well as the p5+1 countries on iran's
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nuclear program. so hassan rouhani clearly talking about the achievements of that agreement. he's saying that some of the sanctions that will be lifted - some of the sanctions we must stress - that will be lifted as a result of the implementation of the agreement will benefit the iranian people saying the next six months - the time span of the agreement - is a new start for iranians, and iran will hold up its end of the bargain if the p5+1 hold up their end of the bargain. pleased with the agreement, as he says, and iran reiterating that the iranian nations do not seek nuclear weapons. that's the gift of what he said in the past 15, 20 minutes. let's remind you of what happened in geneva when the deal was struck. al jazeera's correspondent has more on that. >> at three in the morning
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geneva time a result - the six negotiating powers and rain struck what has been called an historic deal in talks described as intensive and complicated. it was met by an almost immediate response by the u.s. president. >> today that diplomacy opened a new path for the world that is secure. a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and cannot build a nuclear weapon. today's announcement is a first step. it achieves a great deal. for the first time in a decade we hauled the progress of its nuclear program. >> iran's foreign minister described new horizons. >> i believe it is important, all of us, that they see an
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opportunity to end an unnecessary crisis and open new hazons, based on respect for the rights of iranian people, and removal of any doubts about the exclusively peace of nature of the iran's nuclear program. >> as part of the deal rain agreed to stop all iranian enrichment above 5% and will neutralize its stockpile of 20%. iran agrees to halt process on enrichment capacity and to cap its stockpile of no enrichment. iran will allow increased inspections of its nuclear sites. in return iran will get limited sanctions relief. both sides stress the deal is a first step on building trust. it will last for six months and president obama made it clear that if iran doesn't comply the
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pressure will be ratcheted up. as congratulations go around on an enormous diplomatic breakthrough there is this to bear in mind. not everyone will be so pleased. elements in israel and elsewhere in the middle east, perhaps in the u.s. congress, may seek to undermine what has been achieved here. >> as they do the deal so hard-won now, it will have to be followed by deeper concessions in the months ahead. with so much at stake, the path to a peaceful resolution was never going to be easy. nor is it done yet. there is a chance that 30 years of political isolation for iran could be nearing an end. well, saudi arabia and other gulf countries have been critical of that deal from the start. let's get more on the regional perspective and the gulf perspective. saudi being a country that has
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been very critical of any sort of deal down with iran when it comes to its nuclear program. have we had a reaction? . >> there's no reaction so far from the main gulf countries, particularly saudi arabia. we definitely know he will feel betrayed. they'll be angry with the americans and international community because the perspective in this part of the world is this is not just going to be a deal about iran's nuclear capability, it will pave the way for iran to play a bigger role in the region. this is something that the saudis don't want to see in the future. they have had enough. iranians spreading ideology, undermining saudi arabia, playing a bigger role. they were confident a year ago when the americans provided support to the rebels in syria.
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they realise if you strip iran of the alliance with bashar al-assad, and in the future hezbollah, you will position them as the biggest player in the region. if you look at the papers it's described as an historic deal. that is not a sentiment of these countries. >> they've come out and said the united states and iran secretly engaged in high-level face to face-talks three times, this is what the ap is reporting. what do you think saudi arabia will make of this if it proves to be true and will the gulf countries do anything to stop the process from moving forward with iran?
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. >>... this deal will not be to the detriment of the country, the sentiment will be low about this development. this is going to be seen as a severe blow to the diplomacy of the countries. >> haas am, you focus on the americans, and their role in this part of the deal. you did have, also, foreign ministers from european countries attending talks in geneva and trying to broker a deal with iran. will that apiece the gulf countries in any way - the united front put forward by the p5+1, will it force saudi arabia and other gulf countries to change their stance and tactic. >> they were pleased with the french playing the tough game, but at the end of the day they know the americans call the shots and the americans who can
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bring about a change in the region. the problem is we are in an extremely awkward situation in this part of the world. for the first time. hassan rouhani striking a conceal atry tone, reaching out to the world reaching to the world and the program is peaceful purposes. this is something the saudi arabias are not used to. they have been framing foreign policy over the last 10 years in a way where they'd like to get closer to the americans. the iranians are going to emirate saying, "do you know what, part of the deal you have to recognise our regional role." the biggest fear is if the americans tell the iranians, "we are pleased with the development, you know what we accept your presence in every dealing," particularly when it comes to syria. this will be a nightmare.
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i expect tough maection from the gc 3 countries. >> we'll speak to throughout the day. al jazeera's correspondent joining us. check out the website for more news on the iranian deal, >> jpmorgan playing a hefty price for its part in the financial collapse, how the $13 billion can help some home owners. a small city makes a big promise, kids that graduate high school get free tuition: i'm ali velshi, that is "real money." of the show so join the conversation with the @aj real money. on


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