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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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change in the south china sea. the united states flies b 52 bombers over islands claimed by both china and japan. hello from me, david foster, live from doha. they want the thai prime minister to quit. thousands of protesters occupy government ministries. violence on the streets of honduras, protesters refusing to accept the presidential election result. >> and decision day for silvio berlusconi, the italian senator spended to bring the curtain
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down on the former prime minister's colourful career. . japan is backing the united states after it challenged the china's self-declared defense zone in the east china sea, flying two b 52 bombers over a disputed area claimed by both beijing and tokyo. the expanded zone was announced by china on saturday. it said it monitored the aircraft as it flew over. here is the latest reaction from japan, starting with the u.s. ambassador in tokyo. >> unilateral actions like those taken by china with the announcement of an east china sea defense zone undermines security, constituting an attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea, serving to increase tensions in the
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region. japan has shown great restraint. we urge them to continue to do so. >> translation: the publication of china's air defense identification zone was unilateral, and the backlash from the international community, including south korea and taiwan is strong. we'd like it retracted. we can't accept it. i believe the u.s. is working from the same standpoint. >> this is the china reaction: >> take a look at the territory involved in this - china, taiwan and japan, here is the line indicating china's territorial waters. china announced the airspace
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defense zone. it's close to japan. also takes in the senkakku islands as the japanese call them. the chinese call them diaoyu island. let us here from tony nash, managing director of ias cutting, specialist in strategic analysis. he says what the u.s. did was underpin president obama's opinion to prioritise his asia policy. >> it's a diplomatic issue between the chinese and the japanese. the american flight really is a show of support for the japanese. i think the questionable part of it is the flying combat aircraft over the airline, they could have chosen a benign aircraft to fly over the island. it's an interesting point from the last few hours. the japanese airliners said they'd comply with the chinese
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requirements. they said they would not comply and would align with the japanese requirements. if you look at the chinese side, after the third plenum, which finished last week. the defensive power was consolidated in a committee reporting to xi jinping. there's clarity and defense around the issues. the issue is how will outsiders intervene. the u.s. is trying to prove that it is pivoted to asia. the presence is trying to show it has a renewed interest in asia. >> beijing is involved in maritime disputes in the south china sea. >> china claims almost all of the area, in particular the islands next to huge oil and gas reserves, and offer rich fishing grounds.
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taiwan, malaysia, brunei, philippines - also claim part of the south china sea. >> china's first aircraft carrier is on its way to that area. the chinese navy says it's a training mission. it's the first time the aircraft carrier headed to the south chinese see, accompanied by two destroyers and two fridayingates. >> thousands of protesters in china are trying to force the prime minister yingluck shinawatra to step down. let's go to scott heidler. >> it's become a morning routine. antigovernment protesters prepare for the day as they receive prayers at their makeshift headquarters at the ministry of finance. it's the fourth day of huge protests. the protesters occupied a number of government compounds. they are led by this man.
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his followers fan out across bangkok to enter more ministries. he's leading this to the ministry of education and communication technology. >> we will fight them until they fail. i don't know how long, but until they fail. >> some police vehicles near the protest headquarters were vandalized. for the most part they are nonviolent and police have not yet used force. >> all sides are concerned about sparks that could lead to bloodshed. they have been accommodating. there is going to be a need to get those who worked in ministries back on the job. >> as the protesters worked, yingluck shinawatra suffered a second day of a no confidence debalt. >> i insist that there's one cabinet with me as prime minister. there's some accusations that i
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lack independence and intelligence scprti intelligence, and have to be controlled by pushing a button. have i not been independent when i headed the government and went through a series of crisis. >> it's a political process. she will survive, despite the uncertainty of what is playing up on the streets of her country. >> the volcano in yon eeshia has erupted 20 times in the last few days. the emergency alert has been escalated but many are refusing their homes. >> i'm 5km away from mount sinabung. this is on the edge. all the villages behind me should be cleared. there's a lot of activity, a lot
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of traffic going into the area. that's because people don't know what will happen. the volcano is raining ashes. it's been erupting over the weekend. the authorities raised the level of the volcano to the highest alert level. 16,000 people are in evacuation center and don't know when they'll return. everyone wants to go back to the villages. at the moment the ash ring is destroying their crops. it's mostly farmers in the area, and they have to have vij table. they can't. they'll lose a lot of income. this volcano had been sleeping for four centuries. it's become active until two years ago. now nobody knows what the pattern will be to the volcano. >> 37 people have been killed in predawn raids by armed men in
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central nigeria. it was in plateau state. gunmen attacked four villages. the air is rife with conflict between christian farmers and nomadic herdsman. the governing political parties are in trouble. several deflecting from the democratic people's party, it's a set back for the president on the right. he plans to run for a second term, goodluck jonathan. >> what caused the split. there has been a herbingualan battle over the leaderership of nigeria's ruling party, dating back to 2011 when nigeria last held election, president goodluck jonathan was the candidate. there were powerful politicians that were opposed to his leadership on the basis that the
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leadership of the party and the candidate of the presidency is supposed to rotate between candidates from the north and candidates from the south on a 4-year basis. jonathan is on the south. what prompted the walk out and the split of the the ruling party is information that these politicians, governs who left, believes that president jonathan will try to seek the party to run as president again in 2015. there's a belief that that could lead potentially to widespread unrest. as i say there's a feeling that the leader of nigeria, and the party's presidential candidate should be from the north. that has prompted the walk out. the government said that the president has a dick tat torial style, he's been influencing issues and they are happy about that. they obviously present a formidable challenge to the
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president if he decides to run for election in 2015. >> what do the people think about it, by and large? >> the news of the split has been received positively in some quarters. there's a lot of stuff on social media, people talking about the fact that the ruling party is good for democracy in nigeria. it has to be remembered that this country only game out of decades of military rule in 1999. democracy is new. there's a feeling that the routing party is too powerful. some call it a cartel of the rich and powerful. there are those that believe this split will demock rattize nigeria by stimulating proper opposition parties. i think the news has been received positively. >> thank you.
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we are receiving news out of iraq. 15 have been killed, 25 more at least have been hurt. three different attacks in iraq. two of them are suicide bombings. one was in ram ardy. the other was in the sunni neighbourhood of toorak, in southern baghdad. a family of five gunned down north of the capital in horia. >> the italian senate will debate whether or not to expel the former silvio berlusconi from parliament. we are live in iran. >> selling the iran nuclear deal the the u.s. secretary of state takes unusual measures to win over the critics at hotel. -- at home.
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hello. once again david foster with al jazeera. let's run through the headlines. japan is backing the united states. after a challenge china's self-declared air zone in the south china sea. the u.s. flew two b 52 bombers from its base over a disputed area claimed by beijing and tokyo. >> protesters in thailand are holding rallies on the treats of bangkok for a fourth straight day. wanting prime minister yingluck shinawatra to resign. currently in thai parliament we are seeing a low competence vote which is expected that she will pin. persons have occupied several
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government buildings since monday. as many as 20,000 people have been moved to evacuation centres in indonesia after the mount sinabung volcano erupted 20 times. the emergency alert has been raised to the highest level possible. >> silvio berlusconi says he has new evidence to present in connection with his conviction for tax fraud. he wants senators in italy to delay a vote on whether he should be kicked out of parliament. it is likely to take place in a few hours. >> silvio berlusconi once estimated he'd appeared in court 2,500 times in 106 trials spanning two decades. >> translation: i'm the most legally persecuted man of all times. in the whole history of mankind. >> since that statement in 2009 there has been no let up.
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his recent convictions threatened to finish what has been an extraordinary political career. the former cruise ship singer turned property tik on dominated politics for 20 years. immensely powerful, fen om family rich. prime minister three times, his easy charm often works. sometimes his behaviour has seemed at odds with the dignity expected of the statesman. >> translation: i had to bring you greetings from a man - what's his man - someone with a tan. barack obama. >> but silvio berlusconi's private life has proven more sensational than his diplomatic gaffs. his bunga bunga parties are infam use. earlier this year he was convicted of paying an underage girl for sex. there's the tax fraud. in august italy's highest court
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upheld a prison sentence which silvio berlusconi may be able to serve under house arrest. it was the eurozone debt crisis that contributed to his down fall. the economy was pushed to the brink, silvio berlusconi lost the parliamentary majority and he was forced from office in 2011. >> as long as he has voters ready to vote for him and the party, i would say he's a power in italian politics, not as powerful as he used to be. silvio berlusconi is a public figure with many enemies, few go as far as the man that threw something at him. many of his allies decided they can no longer support him. >> live in rome we join a professor of italian politics at the american university of roam.
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we'll talk about the reasons why this is happening in a moment. i'd like your thoughts on why a man who is a convicted fraudster, a fill anderer, a figure of fun in many circles - what has been the popularity of silvio berlusconi? >> he has enormous charisma and resources, and has had them for the last 20 years and 10 years before going into politics. for a lot of the time his message appealed strongly to a good proportion, somewhere around - between a quarter and a third of the italians. this is why he maintained his position in italian politics and will continue to maintain his position - decline, but he'll continue to maintain it out of the senate. even out of public life, when he is officially banned. >> is that because he's a
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puppetmaster. he is a puppetmaster. he has his own appeal. indeed, the clips which you show were not ones that appealed to certainly foreign politicians. he appeals to the italian or at least the center right italian every man who has - continues to have a fear of the left, whether it's the communist left or some post communist left, who continues to have a fear of taxes, who continues to have a fear of the state and silvio berlusconi sings a very good song. not just about votes, but his own televisions today. >> he was known as the cooner. disparagingly. what do you think makes him tick? >> himself. he is enormously self-centered. we have seen this over of the last few days as he becomes desperate, as the parliamentary
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loose tightens around his neck. he has tried everything, bringing out new witnesses for his trial. witnesses for a trial, by the way which has taken three trials, 10 years or most go through in what is - is it, indeed, a flawed system of justice. no one can take it into a kangaroo court. there was plenty of opportunity to produce all these people over the last 10 years. yet he is trying desperately to pull rabbits out of a hat. he said that he will please ple
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what you have. we cannot judge or make an opinion on allegations. that's in a democratic system.
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that shouldn't be the case. pressure is on castro's l. >> bre party to produce evidence. the vis presidential candidate will present their case soon. they can keep the missions here until we can present something that can - that shows that the electoral process has been sur planted by a national party. libre isn't the only party cries foul. the message of the anticorruption party is that politics must be cleaned up. the latest example is the vote count. he's filed a formal xom plaint at the tribunal. in honduras institutions are corrupt. we live in a
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dictatorship. the electoral tribunal doesn't have the final word. it's run by the government. >> we asked an official from the electoral tribunal if they were worried about giving legitimacy to juan orlando hernandez. a third of the votes are still to be counted. >> translation: juan orlando hernandez announced himself as the winner. >> we are outside the presidential palace where the next president will take office. high-ranging members of the xiomara castro's party tells us she'll be the one reporting to work here in january. >> more on that as soon as we get it here. turning to events in iran. hassan rouhani has gone on tv
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and told his people that iran will not stop its iranian enrichment program. that was after what many viewed as a significant deal. signed a few days ago with world power. led by the united states. in this deal iran said it would reduce its nuclear activity significantly, some said, in return for about $7 billion in sanctions relief. a lot of that frozen in u.s. bank acts. the news is welcomed by iranians, not so much saudi and israel. on the other side of the atlantic in an unusual move, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry sent a video lasting eight minutes long with a message to congress explaining the deal, trying to win over voters who said it was giving away too much too soon. kerry talks through nuclear energy basics. when thanksgiving recess is over
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the senate will look at possible new sanctions against iran. let's here him from washington d.c. >> in order to work nuclear weapons require highly enriched uranium or plutonium. uranium is found in nature. at times the video resembles an introduction to nuclear physics, explaining how uranium is enriched and what plutonium is, and why, as a result of the deal, iran will be unable to produce a wepan. he explained what the deal means for sanctions. let me tell you what the first step does not too. some are mutting out misinformation. i want to be clear. it does not lift the current architecture of our sanctions. >> some in congress are not
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persuaded. >> i do thing with my heart and soul that iran is a threat. >> occasions are that when they returned from the holiday members of congress will deliver bipartisan sanctions only if it does not live up to the deal. not an immediate tightening of restrictions. >> we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. tough talk may be easy to do politically. it's not the right thing to do for our security. >> the administration asked iran for help. finding an american that disappeared on an iranian island in 2007. the u.s. and iran say they have no knowledge about his whereabouts. the language in the statement is similar to previous appeals, but the white house says it's respectfully asking tehran for
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assistance. >> demonstrators in egypt will head on to the streets on wednesday. dominic kane is in cairo. >> a familiar scene of protest that since sunday, what the protesters are doing is illegal. now the police have sweeping powers to prevent, delay and reroute demonstrations. where they deem necessary the right to use force. on tuesday they put the powers into action. first with water cannon and when more force was needed, tear gas. the law has united political groups in opposition to it. >> translation: we are here to reject the implementation of the protest law. never has therein been a regime where we oppose or take permission from them first. >> the protestors were made up of the people who organised the first. >> there were few signs of the
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muslim brotherhood or the anti-coup alliance. it was a chance for these people to get their message across. chanting slogans of defines they head to the capital city. for these people the issue was not who governs them, but instead a law which they feel has taken away their rights. >> this new law and major breach leads others to speak their minds and return to the mubarak state security who doesn't want people to speak up. the authorities defended their new law saying it brings egypt into line with many of the western dem okay rahsies, that the law tries to ensure the right to protest and the security of the homeland and the citizen. as tuesday's scenes demonstrated, many here reject
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that. although the streets have been cleared the protesters promised they will be back. >> more on this story and the other headlines go to this is "real money." ♪ >> this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show. join our live conversation using the handle aj real money on twitter . home prices gaining a whop be


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